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June 26, 2017, 09:09:34 PM

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Author Topic: Dreams & Nightmares {Phobeter's Plots & Ideas}  (Read 592 times)

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Dreams & Nightmares {Phobeter's Plots & Ideas}
« on: January 10, 2016, 05:09:05 PM »
Basic Information:
  • Please read my O/O
  • My posting rate is about once a week or so. I TRY to post in my A/A when I'm going MIA.
  • I only write stories in the Forum.
  • I write Male or Female or Supernatural (Something you'd like to try? Send it my way!)
  • I write with Lord, Ladies, Lieges
  • If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to PM me.
  • While I do write in Fandoms, I do NOT write Canon Characters.
  • Please do not reply to this thread, send me a PM.

The Best of Friends

They had met in college and instantly clicked. Their friendship had been epic and throughout their college years, they had been constantly mistaken for boyfriend/girlfriend. But no, for him, she was his best friend, the girl that he could always count out to go to the movies, to take as a last minute date...and now, as his high school reunion date. His plan had been to skip it, he was busy with his career. But a few of his old football buddies were going to go and he didn't want to miss a chance of spending time with them.

So he asked his best friend to go with him. She would say yes, right?

Except...she didn't. Some commitment or other, but she had volunteered her sister to go with him instead. So here he was with the little sister of his best friend. And he hadn't realized how much different she was. Or how...attracted he was to her.

At one point or another, she had crushed on him, but she was 3 years younger than him and that would have been weird. Plus, he had made a pact with his best friend that family was OFF Limits. It was a pact he wasn't planning on breaking any time soon. No matter how tempting she was.

(Genders can be swapped. This story can be M/F, M/M or F/F. Supposed to be light-hearted and fun story.)

The Power of Money

His job was to find her, get her out and bring her back home to her parents unscathed. When he had been hired, her Father had told him that she had gone on a trip overseas with her friends and she hadn't returned with them. Once he had arrived in Europe, whispers of a trafficking ring made its way to him and he knew that's where she would be. What he hadn't counted on was what they had done to her and how she responded to him breaking her free and saying he would take her home. She refused, tried to run away from him, had nightmares that would wake him up to her screams in the middle of the night.

Something wasn't adding up. There was something wrong with the entire situation. Could he simply take her home and call it a job done? Or would he be lured into her desperate eyes, into the story that neither she...nor her family was telling him. There was more to this story and he had to make a choice on whether to return her home...or run off with her until he got to the bottom of it.

(Genders can be swapped. This story can be M/F, M/M or F/F. This can be as dark as we want or a simple case of college daughter gets in over her head.)

The Handler

Times were different now. What once was considered taboo and best to be kept behind closed doors had changed now. In this modern age, sex and BDSM were the new rave. Some would blame it on the films that had been brought forth to the public, others would blame it on the fall of men. Regardless, once his job was in the he was constantly sought after. He was in the business of breaking those and preparing them to be used by their owners. Humans owned humans. Sex trafficking was now considered the norm in today's society. And his job? His job was to mold the slaves brought before him to the specification of their Master/Mistress.

But nothing could have prepared him for the familiar face that he spotted in the crowd. For the one person that they thrust into his room and ordered him to break, to mold, to shape. How could he...? But if he didn't....if he wouldn't do it...then someone else would. And he knew his colleagues, he was well aware of the kind of cruelty they could inflict. He knew it because he had trained them himself.

Still. Could he do it to someone he had known before this life? To someone he cared about?

(Genders can be swapped. This story can be M/F, M/M or F/F. It can be a sibling, a friend, an old lover that he spots and he has to decide whether he can break them...or whether he sets them free. Or...whether he runs away with them. Setting is slightly futuristic but still relatively modern)

The God of the Underworld

Centuries upon centuries, Hades had tried to find Persephone's soul ever since it had been snatched from the Underworld. He had torn the world apart searching for the one that had kept Persephone from him...but to no avail. Finally bitter and alone, he lived in the modern world creating chaos where he saw fit, an organization surrounded in darkness. Contracts to steal souls, assassinations, the black market had been created by Hades himself.

He didn't care anymore. Persephone was gone and he simply wanted to let the world burn for the mistake of one.

A mistake. For that's what it had been. Apollo had seduced one of Persephone's handmaidens all those years ago and had asked her to take Persephone's necklace as a joke. How was she to know that it had Persephone's soul within it, encased in gold so that the Underworld would not steal it from its beautiful Goddess. And now...the joke had become bitter in everyone's mouth and no one knew where Apollo had ran off to with the necklace. No one knew where Persephone's soul was hidden.

Except...for the handmaiden. Who had never died. A horrible joke by the Sisters of Fate.

If she wanted to die, then she had to find the necklace and return it to Hades himself.

(This can go dark or light, depending on how we want to play it. There can be one character or multiple characters to include Apollo and some of the other Gods/Godesses.)

Say Something

They were high school sweethearts, had met when she had just been 15 and he had been 16. From the moment they had known one another, they had known that they were the ones for each other. They were their own happily ever after. So excited at the idea of living together that they got married right after high school graduation and then moved together so that he could begin college.

Everything was perfect.

It wasn't right.

The house they moved in to began to change them. Whispers during the night. Angry words. Fights. Abuse. What had happened? No! They still love one another. They still want to make this work! But do they? Can they? What had gone so terribly wrong? They had always loved one another and JESUS! She whines so much! He leaves his clothes everywhere! Why can't he?! Why can't she?!

Something was in the house. A spirit. Maybe one. Maybe two. Maybe it wasn't a spirit all but something...else?

Whatever it was, it was feeding off of their love and turning their love into hate. Could they survive it? Did they want to? What...was happening?

(So this can either go in a Supernatural light or it can be that she or he have multiple personalities. I'm thinking that it'll probably go into the extreme. Can be M/F and I can play either the male or the female!)

The Special Ones

The world had come to an end. Something happened, one was never sure anymore. Was it a virus? Who knew. The sun exploding? Hell if anyone knew anymore. The world was now underground. Before the world decided to crap in itself, someone had created an underground tunnel to help the world survive the worst of the damage. Those caught outside had been left for dead.

Some did die.

Others did not.

The ones who did not

Now the world was re-structuring itself and the government wanted to get rid of the ones with 'gifts'. They wanted to put them in labs so that the government could learn more about them. What were their special abilities, what could they do? Could they be used to assist the government...or do special ops that other normal humans couldn't do?

Were they a danger to others? To themselves? Should they be terminated? Who knew.

(I left this pretty open because it can be a "special" one and a normal human who develop a friendship or sorts. Or maybe it's two gifted ones. Maybe the Doctor and patient and he tries to help her escape. I'm willing to play whichever role and I can be male or female. I'd love to discuss this and bounce ideas around!)

Thank you for your interest. Please do not hesitate to PM me if you're interested in any of these. OR, if you'd like to slightly alter them! :)
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Re: Dreams & Nightmares {Phobeter's Plots & Ideas}
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2016, 05:43:06 PM »
Real Life Fairy Tales

*I placed these in their own thread because I have a particular desire for these stories. I want to make them a running series. We begin with one fairy tales and slowly move on to the next one, and the next one. Now, I know that these might not all be with the same writing partner (or hell if we're up for the challenge and we want to bite off more than we can chew then they can all be with the same partner ;) ) but I WOULD like to make them all to connect in some form or another.*

The general idea is this:

The old college campus is being torn down to re-build it and make it more modern and more student friendly. A group of college students volunteer to help box up some of the books that are up in the attic because Mrs. Madrina - the librarian - is old in age and cannot do it herself.

As they are cleaning the attic and old book is found. The book is dusty, old and clearly has been tucked away in the attic for quite some time. One of the girl takes it with her and brings it down where the other volunteers are, and while they are taking a break, she pops be book open and blows the dust (magic/pixie dust) from the front of it.

There's a slight tremor.

A shift in the wind.

Mrs. Madrina rushes into the room and sees the book, her eyes widening in shock. "Please give me that one!"

She takes the book, tucks it close and goes back to her office, hoping that nothing happened just by opening it.

But magic often has a mind of its own.

(This can be mixed and matched. Meaning it can be M/M, M/F, F/F. They can be in modern day or they can be transported back to whatever genre/world we see fit. This is really open for discussion. I'd love to collaborate with someone on this story(ies) and to see what we can come up together. They can be close to the fairy tales OR they can touch on some of them but have a spin all on their own. I'm willing to be whichever character also!)

Snow White

Nightmare Before Christmas

Lion King
Option 1:

Option 2:

Peter Pan
Alice in Wonderland
Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

Sleeping Beauty
Beauty and the Beast
Option 1:

Option 2:

The Little Mermaid
Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

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Re: Dreams & Nightmares {Phobeter's Plots & Ideas}
« Reply #2 on: August 21, 2016, 07:27:10 PM »
08/20/2016: Added Say Something and The Special Ones.
08/21/2016: Added Real Life Fairy Tale thread.