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June 18, 2018, 01:11:45 AM

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Author Topic: Dreams & Nightmares {Phobeter's Plots & Ideas}  (Read 1453 times)

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Dreams & Nightmares {Phobeter's Plots & Ideas}
« on: January 10, 2016, 05:09:05 PM »
Basic Information:
  • Please read my O/O
  • My posting rate is about once a week or so. I TRY to post in my A/A when I'm going MIA.
  • I only write stories in the Forum.
  • I write Male or Female or Supernatural (Something you'd like to try? Send it my way!)
  • I write with Lord, Ladies, Lieges, etc.
  • If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to PM me.
  • While I do write in Fandoms, I do NOT write Canon Characters.
  • Please do not reply to this thread, send me a PM.

*He Chose Humanity*

The earth was in chaos, as the angels watched from above, society was crumbling and there was nothing that could be done for them. Their God had decided that He would rather they kill themselves, so that He could hit the reset button and start all over. The ones who survived the madness would have a chance at peace once it was all said and done...IF they survived. Humans found new ways to be cruel, selfish, far worse than anything even the Devil could imagine. All the Heavens could do was watch in horror as humanity was lost.

Except for one young woman who had the ability to bring peace to those that needed it, to soothe the hatred that burned in most. He was her Guardian Angel and even though no one around him knew it, he had learned the truth a long time ago. She was touched with divinity, she could not only save humanity...she could make it rise again. Their God had given up on them but he had not given up on his ward. The only thing he could do was fall from Heaven so that he could protect her and keep her safe.

The question was: What could one human and one angel do against the entirety of the world?

(Story can go dark, can go light, all depends on how the collaboration goes. Perhaps she has to be sacrificed. Perhaps he does. Maybe they have to come together but he's an Angel and each time he is with her, he loses a little bit of his divine self. Would love to see where this goes.)

*Not to be Seen*
- TAKEN, unless we can put a spin on it where it's different from what I'm writing currently -

She saw something she shouldn't have. At first it had been fun and games, she had enjoyed it...and she was pretty sure they knew they were being watched. But then she saw something she shouldn't have and now her world was changed forever.

She should have stayed indoors, should have remained silent. Should have done a lot of things that she didn't. This wasn't what she had in mind but you know what they say, Curiosity killed the cat...but satisfaction brought it back.

So this can be light hearted or it can go dark real fast. Maybe she got caught by a neighbor and they start an affair/relationship, or maybe she sees a murder and now she has to go on the run with said person/assassin. This can go many different ways and I'd love to collaborate with a partner on it!

*For Him*

Nothing makes a father prouder than watching his son marry the love of his life. Seeing the love in their eyes, the smile of complete and utter's a dream come true for any parent. Life has a way of wrapping itself in a neat and tidy bow. Nigel Overton had even gone so far as to gift his son and his new bride to be the estate that had been in their family for generations. The Overton name would continue to be carried down through generations. Or so they had thought. What they hadn't anticipated was the difficulties that the young couple would have in becoming pregnant, and how it would be revealed that his son just...didn't have the ability to. The chances were slim to none.

So when his daughter in law visits his office with a proposition to continue on the legacy...what choice did Nigel have? He was doing it for him, for his son and yet...there was no denying that his daughter in law was beautiful, her allure one that called to him. Was it simply for duty...or for something else?

This is not meant to be Non-Consensual but an agreement between F-I-L and D-I-L to keep it on the hush hush about impregnating her. As humans tend to do, feelings develop. I'd like to collaborate with my partner to see where we would like to take it. Are the feelings mutual? Is it one sided? Does it become an quiet affair that they have to keep from his son/her husband or is it only when she needs to become pregnant? Is it just for one child?...or maybe more?

*Good Girl / Bad Boy*
(Based on the Florida Georgia Line song)

Her car broke down and so the tow truck brought it to the only mechanic shop in the small town she grew up. A good Baptist girl,
 the Preacher's daughter well known and well liked around their small town. He was from the wrong side of the tracks, always hanging with the wrong crowd and while their paths never crossed they knew of each other. Until, she came into his shop.

What started as a simple meeting of chance became a relationship that was not meant to be. Everyone was opposed to it, even as he tried to right his wrongs and pull himself together. She believed in him, she knew he was good and for her, he wanted to be. But when trouble comes to town and he has no other choice but to revert back to his old ways, can she forgive him? Will she still be able to see the man she believes him to be, or will she realize that the whole town was right about him?

My thoughts on this is that they both fall in love, this isn't him trying to con her into anything. He really is trying to straighten himself up and be a better person, but all his life he has only know the crime life. It can be as simple as he owes people money and they come for him or he is an alcoholic/drug addict and is trying to be good but something happens to make him stumble. This can be as dark as you want it to be.)

*Marry Me*
(Based on the Thomas Rhett song)

Growing up they were inseparable, attached to the hip in every way possible. They were neighbors but more than that, they were best friends and they confided in one another over everything. They went to the same school, he was a football player and she was his cheerleader,
 when she had her dance recitals he was in the front row. Feelings were never shared but...they simply knew, didn't they? Time passed, they went their own ways but they remained in contact, they never lost touch. After his final tour, he was headed home and he was going to marry her.

Then he received the wedding invitation. To her someone else.

She hadn't told him and he was crushed but he couldn't ruin it for her, this was what she wanted. The feelings that he thought were shared were clearly one sided. And because he said nothing...she married the other man. She had waited as long as she could, but she wanted children, she wanted a husband and a house full of laughter and happiness and...clearly she was the only one who felt something. So she married someone else. But what if that someone else proved to be the worst decision possible? What about if that someone else envied the friendship she had with him and wanted to tear them apart?

We can make this as Light or as Dark as my partner wants. The husband could end up abusing her, and she doesn't tell her best friend of fear of upsetting him. The husband could be a cheater and the best friend could find out and have to tell the woman he loves. There are many different ways that this could go about but I don't want it to be a quick 'They break up and get back together'. If there is a divorce, then she has to mourn, she has to hurt, there has to be feelings and emotions that have to be handled. If the best friends decide to sleep together, how would it hurt their relationship knowing that she's cheating and he's the 'other man'?

Interested Pairings
When it come to these pairings, please come to me with an overall idea so we can collaborate together to create a plot.

  • Teacher / Student
  • Guardian / Charge
  • (Step) Father / (Step) Daughter/Son
  • Siblings
  • Boss / Employer
  • In Laws
  • Cop or Warden / Prisoner
  • Vampire / Mortal
  • Werewolf / Mate
  • I'm sure there are others, so please don't hesitate to bring me a particular pairing that you're desiring
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Re: Dreams & Nightmares {Phobeter's Plots & Ideas}
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2016, 05:43:06 PM »
Currently Not Interested
Real Life Fairy Tales

*I placed these in their own thread because I have a particular desire for these stories. I want to make them a running series. We begin with one fairy tales and slowly move on to the next one, and the next one. Now, I know that these might not all be with the same writing partner (or hell if we're up for the challenge and we want to bite off more than we can chew then they can all be with the same partner ;) ) but I WOULD like to make them all to connect in some form or another.*

The general idea is this:

The old college campus is being torn down to re-build it and make it more modern and more student friendly. A group of college students volunteer to help box up some of the books that are up in the attic because Mrs. Madrina - the librarian - is old in age and cannot do it herself.

As they are cleaning the attic and old book is found. The book is dusty, old and clearly has been tucked away in the attic for quite some time. One of the girl takes it with her and brings it down where the other volunteers are, and while they are taking a break, she pops be book open and blows the dust (magic/pixie dust) from the front of it.

There's a slight tremor.

A shift in the wind.

Mrs. Madrina rushes into the room and sees the book, her eyes widening in shock. "Please give me that one!"

She takes the book, tucks it close and goes back to her office, hoping that nothing happened just by opening it.

But magic often has a mind of its own.

(This can be mixed and matched. Meaning it can be M/M, M/F, F/F. They can be in modern day or they can be transported back to whatever genre/world we see fit. This is really open for discussion. I'd love to collaborate with someone on this story(ies) and to see what we can come up together. They can be close to the fairy tales OR they can touch on some of them but have a spin all on their own. I'm willing to be whichever character also!)

Snow White

Nightmare Before Christmas

Lion King
Option 1:

Option 2:

Peter Pan
Alice in Wonderland
Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

Sleeping Beauty
Beauty and the Beast
Option 1:

Option 2:

The Little Mermaid
Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

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Re: Dreams & Nightmares {Phobeter's Plots & Ideas}
« Reply #2 on: August 21, 2016, 07:27:10 PM »
08/20/2016: Added Say Something and The Special Ones.
08/21/2016: Added Real Life Fairy Tale thread.

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Re: Dreams & Nightmares {Phobeter's Plots & Ideas}
« Reply #3 on: July 03, 2017, 10:48:10 PM »
07/03/2017: Added The Sweetest Addiction, The Secrets that we Keep and Wild Child.

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Re: Dreams & Nightmares {Phobeter's Plots & Ideas}
« Reply #4 on: November 26, 2017, 11:40:57 AM »
11/26/2017: Added He Chose Humanity, Not to be Seen and For Him.

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Re: Dreams & Nightmares {Phobeter's Plots & Ideas}
« Reply #5 on: February 20, 2018, 09:18:09 PM »
02/20/2018: Added Good Girl/Bad Boy, and Marry Me.