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Behind the sun

Started by Chevalier des Poissons, January 19, 2010, 08:16:06 PM

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Chevalier des Poissons

And here goes the story
of a special place
with life, love and glory

All those things
are like we want

Behind the sun
we've got to be
it's always fun
just you and me



I found your smile
right by my side
I closed my eyes and wanted you

Special feelings
heart beatings
Dreams...what if we don't feel them?

Behind the sun
I found the place
Where there is nothing
but your face

Nothing there....for me


We'll go after the sun
A tale of you and me
sailing on the horizon
Baby, can you see?

We'll go after the sun
Like if it is meant to be
You said she doesn't love me
How can that ever be?


It's in your heart
Just right inside
Find that feeling
For me and you


And I found out (again)
Within your smile
The passion I once lost

I always needed you
My passion had you and
Dreams...always in mind

Behind the sun
I seek your smile
Forever fun
Stay by my side

You...and me.


We'll go after the sun
A tale of you and me
This isn't just fool love
I hope you can see

We'll go after the sun
Like it was meant to be
I wish she could love me
How can I let it be?


Behind the sun
We will stay
If you like this now
Read it upside down.


Oh, the dreams

January 20th, 2010
Based on a song by my friend, rewritten with his consent
-I have Maro's heart, and I promise to take good care of it-

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*Claps and Cheers*  That was brilliant!   *Smiles*
He looks at me and my heart starts skipping beats, my face starts to glow and my eyes start to twinkle.
Imagine what he would do to me if he smiled!

Smile... it's the second best thing to do with your lips.

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*applause* I really enjoyed it forward and back.

She led me to safety in a forest of green, and showed my stale eyes some sights never seen.
She spins magic and moonlight in her meadows and streams, and seeks deep inside me,
and touches my dreams. - Harry Chapin

Puppet D

That was amazing! You're so brilliant. I love it!  O:)
O/Os ~ A/As ~
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Chevalier des Poissons

Thank you all for the comments =D I am very glad and honored you enjoyed my words :3
-I have Maro's heart, and I promise to take good care of it-

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Thank you for inviting me to read more of your poems! This one is interesting, and definitely reads more like a lyric poem rather than just a poem, no matter what direction you read it. Though, I have to admit, it did make me rather sad and left with the sense of yearning. Still, very clever, I love the imagery of dreams and the sun...very beautiful. *applauds*
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Chevalier des Poissons

Oh, thank you very much ^^ I am glad that you enjoyed that poem :3 Thank you for the comment, I appreciate it.
-I have Maro's heart, and I promise to take good care of it-

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Amazing. Simply amazing.

I have a passion for beautifully constructed things, and this fits that bill.

You, sir, are brilliant.
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*sighs happily*

I'm just gonna take that with me and enjoy it for a while.
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Chevalier des Poissons

Oh, you too honor me with your comments.

Thank you both very much for that, hehe. I am very glad you both liked it ^^
-I have Maro's heart, and I promise to take good care of it-

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