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Author Topic: Miss Elain's Cravings & Ideas (F/F)  (Read 2423 times)

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Miss Elain's Cravings & Ideas (F/F)
« on: November 13, 2010, 01:13:51 pm »
At this time I will only accept requests for ideas/plots listed in my Current Cravings section.

About Me, and My Writing

Please read my ons and offs, which is linked in my signature.

Do not respond to this thread. If you are interested in writing with my please PM me.

I am only looking for F/F.

No chat speak, or one liners. Good grammar is lovely but I'm not going to be a nazi about it. I make mistakes all the times, so I don't expect perfection. I typically write three to five paragraphs per post, with longer intro posts. I try to match the post length of my partners, sometimes I write more and sometimes I write less. 

Communication is a biggie with me. If you have a problem or question please let me know. :) I'm really a friendly person, even if it doesn't seem like it right away. I also tend to be a pretty flexible partner to write with. If you don't like something or want to change something don't be afraid to ask. Usually I'll try to figure out a way to change things in a way that suits both parties. That being said please don't take advantage of my flexibility, nothing gets me pissed off faster than someone pushing for something that I have clearly said no to.

I do have a capricious muse who often decides to leave for no apparent reason. I am getting much better at keeping my partners updated on that fickle lady. Unless it is for a particular story I will post on my Apologies & Absences thread about her vacations (and my own).   

Note: I have many, many, ideas and plots that are not posted here. Usually because they are undeveloped, or works in process. So feel free to message me with a loose idea, even if I don't have anything we can try to come up with something together.
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Re: Miss Elain's ideas (F/F)
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2013, 07:18:36 pm »
Current Cravings

Bits and Pieces

Bites (Small tidbits looking to be expanded and given a plot of their own.)
Moulin Rouge rip off
Arthurian Lore
Fake/Pretend Relationship. Two friends for whatever reason have to pretend to be in relationship, but it turns into something more.
Alice in Wonderland. I actually have a few fuzzy ideas for this, primarily one that takes place in the future.


The Wanderer
She doesn't remember anything before the life she has now. Wondering the world alone and separate. She is lost and not quite real, an ethereal figure in the wilderness. A being who never drifts within the villages or towns, and never remains for long. Sometimes she kills the beasts that hurt people, but flickers away only moments after. No one knows who or what she is, and neither does she. She doesn't know how long she has been this way, or why she is. It is all she knows and all she is. (I don't have any real ideas for her, but if anyone does please message me.)

Settings & Worlds

The Magic Revolution - People have been born with magic since the dawn of time. In the beginning have magic meant little, the amount people were born with was so infinitesimal that it was hardly worth mentioning. Many born with magic never know of their birthright. Though as time progressed people with magic in their family began to take note of their children’s gifts. Over hundreds of generations understanding began to grow. A child would be born with around 70% of their parents total magic. This lead to belief that if you did have magic you shouldn’t marry someone else with magic, so as to dilute your offsprings abilities in magic. Though often people with magic were drawn to each other, unaware of their shared powers in many cases. Throughout history there have been riots, genocides and government coups because of magic users, it being a hot topic that only gets worse as time goes on and powers grow. We skip forward to the current year, 2027. Magic User, or the slang term sorcerers, are heavily regulated by the government, their movement’s followed and their right’s severely restricted. The dark truth is that there seems to be no limit to just how far people will go for their position in the fight as old as time.
I have several ideas for plots within this setting. I’m mostly looking for stories that focus around uncovering the government injustices upon the Magic User population, and the struggle for equality. I see a strong potential for a really interesting if difficult romance progressing. As far as what I am looking for in the character opposite mine; Non magic (or with little magic), someone who will struggle initially with my character for any number of reason, eventually willing and able to joint the Magic Rights cause.


Dreaming of Home - She’s had dreams of another life in an extremely different world for as long as she can remember. As a child her parents thought it was just fun and games, but the older she got the less accepting they were on the topic. By the time she was a teanager she’d learned not to talk about it, to pretend they didn’t happen anymore. Even though sometimes they happened when she wasn’t asleep. If anyone knew about her waking dreams they didn’t say anything. The dreams continued year in and year out, getting more vivid and more frequent. Until one day she doesn’t wake up, and this time she’s in control. Almost as if she’s really there.

This story’s basic premise is about a young woman who falls asleep and wakes up somewhere else, in a life she’d dreamed about since she was a child. She attempts to fit into this new world, a world she knows so much about. Slowly she begins to feel at home and begins to fall in love with the best friend of the person she now inhabits. All the while she struggles with the fear of never returning home, and of what is going on back home in her ‘real’ life. Will she be able to continue the act or will she be found out, and will she ever go home?

Settings are up to debate. This could be a world building piece, a period piece or even sci-fi. My initial idea is a modern US to iron age celtic Britain, if you request this plot I will assume that setting unless the topic is brought up. There is potential for doubling, but it is not necessary. As always there is a lot of room for negotiation. I am in particular looking for someone who is willing to add to this story, both in plot development and with an interesting dynamic character.
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Re: Miss Elain's ideas (F/F)
« Reply #2 on: August 22, 2013, 11:15:37 am »
Plots & Ideas


Nearly a thousand years ago humanity began to explore the stars. It was a slow journey that for many years led to few results. Until one day they ran into a fleet of ships wandering the black. The first meeting was difficult, the two parties finding each other so terribly different. It was discovered that the aliens, the M'r'ai, had to leave their planet and wandered the stars in search for a new home. Diplomacy was reached after many years of peace talks. From there the two peoples grow closer and closer as they wander the black. Together they find a planet that is hospitable for both the humans and the M'r'ai, and name it Katiya.

From there the two people evolve and grow together, going to new world and building new colonies across the sky. Katiya is the oldest, and richest of the colonies. It is home to many billions of humans, M'r'ai, and and M'ran (a name for the half human half M'r'ai people). It is the center of their shared culture, and shared government. (I have a few different ideas for the M'r'ai appearance so I didn't add any description. I am open to any and all ideas for plots as long as they take place primarily on Katiya.)


Dragon Witches - Dragons and humans have lived in harmony for generations, but it hasn’t always been that way. For generations dragons were hunted by human, and humans were slaughtered by dragons. Until about five hundred years ago a group of woman sought counsel with the dragon elders. They promised to devote their lives to creating and maintaining peace between the dragons and the humans. The woman forged the Dragon Human Peace Pact outlining the various rules and agreements both peoples must adhere to. The woman who forged the DHPP were gifted by the dragons magic tattoos that gave them many of the abilities of dragons; long live, good health and most importantly the ability to work magic. These women were forced to live away from humans and care for the dragon’s young in their first few years. As time past the Dragon Witches, as they came to be known among humans, grew closer to the dragons they protected, and away from the humans who did not understand them. Above all they became symbols of peace, being raised to believe that peace between the two races was their most important duty.

The human race has progressed rapidly with the help of the dragon’s gifted minds, and strong bodies. Most of human society lives in giant cities as most manual labor is done by machinery/robots. Many groups of humans believe that the DHPP should be done away with as they now possess the technology to easily destroy them, and they have little use for them now. The Dragon Witches catch wind of the discussions and decide to send two of their members to the city to try to convince the humans not to go down this path. Or if they can not to destroy the technology and all records of it. (I would be playing one of the dragon witches. In my original idea I was looking for a partner to play the other dragon witch going to the city, but I am open to other suggestions. This story could lead to the second dragon-human war. All up for negotiation.)

Friends in War - They’re descends from two powerful witch families, members of a coven going back hundreds of years. One the direct descendant of the founder of a Massachusetts based British coven. The other’s family a recent addition to the Massachusetts coven, their origins in a Louisiana based French (I’d be open to making it voodoo, but only to someone who actually is knowledgeable about Voodoo and/or Vudon and/or Yoruba.) coven. They grew up together, friends for as long as they can remember. Each powerful witches in their own right, believed to be the most powerful witches in many generations. Threat of war with another more powerful coven hangs over them and their coven, and from there everything around them changes. They’re expected to face this war, lead their coven into battle, but they are barely adults and by no means masters of their powers. Will they stay and face the threat head on, or flee to a safe life among normal people?

The Eleven Guard - On a day like any other a young woman’s life goes totally. She is a shapeshifter, and as far as she knows, the only one. When walking home she senses something, something not quite right in the air. Without thought or hesitation she takes off into the forest and shifts into her animal form. After several hours of running she slows and notices a wall, and beyond it a great city. The young woman (back in human form) curious and tired enters the city, a city the likes of which she has never seen. The people are dressed in odd clothing and they all seem to stare at her, as if it is unusual to receive visitors in such an enormous city. After only a few moments of wandering the city two men in suits of armor grab her and dragged her up to castle that stood above the city. (What happens next? Message me and find out.)

On the Run - A nun begins to have strange dreams about a mysterious woman coming to the monastery. The one rainy night the mysterious woman shows up injured and begging for sanctuary, the woman from the nun’s dream. The Mother Superior puts the young nun in charge of rehabilitating the foreign woman.  After a short period a group of (knights or government agents if modern setting) come to the monastery asking questions about a female fugitive that may have been in the area. As the nun and the woman grow closer (and maybe overcome a language barrier) it seems the older nuns know more then they are sharing with the young nun. As it turns out the woman’s arrival was foretold in ancient religious texts. A text that spoke of two guardians of an ancient artifact. The same artifact that the (knights/agent) were looking for, and the woman (An agent/knight for an opposing side) was tracking down to hide from them (having no real knowledge of what it was). Once the foreigner is rehabilitated the Mother Superior reveals some of the secrets and sets them out to the journey of their lives. (Setting is up for debate.)

Fay changeling - The queen of the faeries is at war with the king of the realm. In attempt to infiltrate the kingdom  she sends out changelings identical to human babies. For the first twenty years of their life they think they are human, but as they reach that age they reach twenty they begin to become aware of who they are and are drawn to the faerie home. Each changeling is taught of the war and their mission. This takes less than a day in the real world but in the realm of the faeries years can pass. These changeling possess the ability to move from human to fay effortlessly. When they return they are taught to slowly tear apart the town they are born in. One changeling though falls in love with her childhood friend. Though worse still her childhood friend has fallen for her. Confused and unsure as what to do she begs the woman to flee with her. In desperation the fay reveals her true state. (This is an old story of mine and I'm looking for someone interested in stepping back into the role of the changeling.)
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Re: Miss Elain's ideas (F/F)
« Reply #3 on: September 03, 2013, 03:00:01 pm »

Under Discussion
(Stories that I am currently discussing with someone. You may requests, but it isn't guarenteed to go anywhere.)
Magic in the Veins - (This is a strong, strong, craving. I really would love to work on it and would be willing to jump through some hoops for it.)

This is the story of a young female alpha werewolf starting her life over in a small college town. Slowly working to rebuild a pack for herself and a new territory to call her own. There she meets my character, a sophomore at the local university who she is inexplicably drawn to. Things go pear shaped when for one reason or another and my character gets dropped into the new reality of werewolves, hunters, witches, and so much more. Once more my character, a seemingly weak human, somehow ends up in the formation of a the new pack trying to control the craziness that has somehow been released on the unexpecting small town. 

I plan for this story to start out pretty light but for it to have some really dark periods later on. I don’t have any strong ideas about the alpha character, but I do picture her having a past that she is running from. It can be as dark as desired, and in just about any nature. My main inspiration for my character is Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (a nerdy girl who turns out to be so much more). The person to request this needs to be willing to control at least one or maybe two minor npc werewolves which can be incorporated as much or as little as desired. This is a long term story that has many twists and turns already ready to be thrown at our characters. The relationship between our characters can come together quickly or drawn out with sexual tension. There is tons of room for a partner who wants to collaborate, or has their own werewolf plot. It should be said that this doesn't have to be werewolves, I'd be open to changing things to fit other types of supernatural.

(I’d be open to turning this into a group game, if the person playing the character opposite me is willing to co-gm.)

(Stories that haven't been posted in much or haven't been posted in for a while. They are either in the process of going on hiatus or I'm simply not getting what I'm looking for from the active story. You can request them, but be prepared to jump through hoops.)

(These are stories that I am currently writing and are in active status. You may request one, but it is unlikely that I'd be willing to start a second thread from a story in this section.)

This is sort of like the disney movie in that an archaeologist team stumbles into the lost city, and finds a lot more than ruins. Except instead of finding a dying race of human, they find what appears to be a thriving utopian society of people who could be behind the ancient mythos of elves. At the first meeting there is no real communication until the party of Atlanteans quickly learn the new languages presented to them by the team. The party take them into their city and bring them to meet the Emperor who welcomes them to their city. After a few days touring the fantastic city it becomes apparent that all is not as it seems. One of the members of the party who found them took a member of the archaeology team aside and told her the truth of the Atlanteans. Now that the Atlanteans have a way to the surface they want to return to the surface, but their people fear how the humans will react. (This story isn’t that well thought out and could go in several different directions. I’m looking for the archaeologist/party member.)
No ones understands exactly what happened or why. Weird things began to happen to people after. The first thing people notice is the lack of needing to eat and drink. As time progresses more things become obvious, their hair and fingernails have stopped growing. Beyond that people with life threatening illnesses are suddenly almost healthy, and no one is getting sick. As if that isn’t frightening enough other things begin to happen. Things that cannot be described, or even understood. It’s been months since ‘it’ happened and society as we know it has come to a halt. Some people hide in their homes fearing for their lives while others roam the street crazed and murderous. The power went out ages ago no doubt because their workers just stopped coming in. The looting has slowed but the street gangs still prowl the large cities for what power and control they can. Time moves differently from how most people have spent their lives understanding. Having no obvious bodily needs, no entertainment, and fear keeping them isolated, life is different.

The story starts there. A well off business woman is isolated on the rooftop of her apartment, reasonably safe since she retreated there when her door was broken down a few days after ‘it’ happened. Below in the alley a computer programmer is trapped. Anytime one of the street gang members approach they die. From the roof the woman sees the display everyday in awe, until one day she can no longer just sit and watch. The two eventually team up and attempt to survive in this new and terrifying world, and work together to find out what happened and to what extent.
Day and Night
A young woman’s life gets turned upside down when an unusual family moves into the mansion that set empty since its construction over fifteen years ago. The young woman meets the daughter of the family in town and the two hit it off. As the two grow closer the young woman begins to notice all sorts of strange things about the family, and the daughter she is falling in love with. After a passionate night together everything changes. The newcomer reveals a dangerous secret. She, and her family are vampire. Not everything is as it seems though as they find something growing between them that is more than love, and unexplainable things begin to happen. Including the mysterious death of the newcomer’s father. When the daughter begins to research the couple finds out things are even more confusing and terrifying than they appear. (This story focuses heavily on the relationship between the two young women, and their struggle to deal with the new reality unfolding in front of them. Takes place in a modern Atlantic seaside village. It is fully developed and raring to go.)
Political Marriage
Political Marriage- Since the princess was young she’d known that she wouldn’t be able to marry for love.That she would have to marry for power, and to validate her claim to the throne. Her father’s kingdom was small, the capital sitting at the southernmost edge of the Great Sea, and has few allies. At age twenty under threat of war her father finally informs her that she is to be wed by the end of summer in hopes to fend off their enemies approach. Spring just beginning to warm the kingdom as the young princess resigns herself to her new prospects and the reality that she is about to become queen. It turns out though that things are even less simple than they appear.

Allies on the Isles
The Iwyom family, the family that hold the crown of the island country of Alria within the Great Sea. They are known for the strength of their knights and their soldiers. Though many suspect there is more to the Iwyom family, rumors both within Alria and the rest of the kingdoms.The family rarely communicate with people outside their kingdom, less so since a horrible incident with the king of Soirtan nearly ten years ago. Two of the many Iwyom children are close in age to the princess, a prince and a princess. The princess is to choose who between them she is going to wed. Upon their meeting the princess feels an immediate attraction to the Iwyom princess, who shows no interest in her. She quickly becomes friends with the Iwyom prince, all the while trying to ignore her unfading attraction to his sister.

Allies in the Forest
The Daimhin family, leaders of a druidic people that control the Ulmar forest that stretches along the west of the princess’s kingdom. The druid people are feared within most of the known world. Where some go to war in brash meeting of brawn, the druids take down their enemies silently from the shadows. While most people do not believe in magic, many believe that there is something more to the druid people than their secrecy and shadows. The Daimhin family is small, the leader’s wife long dead with only one daughter. He has several siblings, all of whom have children interested in becoming the princess’s partner. Upon meeting the family the princess is immediately drawn to the Daimhin daughter, a quiet young woman who seems to avoid all interactions like the plague. The princess makes attempt after attempt to speak with the daughter, each time the woman twists away with.

I’m looking for someone to play the first princess. The princess will have to manage the frigid waters of diplomacy, her own muddled and confused feelings, the secrets of the family she is going to marry into, and the pressure to make the right choice. I’m looking for a partner who will add color and depth to their character’s kingdom, family and friends. I will control all the members of the families mentioned in both plots. The two plots don’t necessarily take place in the same universe. As always I am open to negotiation on most details. Neither of these stories have to have any supernatural/fantastical elements, but it is prefered that they do.
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Re: Miss Elain's ideas (F/F)
« Reply #4 on: September 05, 2013, 08:25:00 pm »
3 Sept- Edits to Cravings
            Added plot Best Friends Forever?
            Added plot Atlantis
            Added plot Metal Dragons
            Added plot Fae Changeling

5 Sept- Major Revamp
            Added Bits and Pieces
            Added character The Wanderer
            Added character The Expelled Knight
            Added setting Katiya
            Added plot The Eleven Guard
            Minor edits to Dragon Witches
            Major edits to Magic in the Veins
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Re: Miss Elain's Cravings & Ideas (F/F)
« Reply #5 on: September 18, 2013, 11:19:37 pm »
10 Sept- Added new Bites

17 Sept- More Revamping
              Minor Edits
              Added section Currant Cravings
              Added section Other
              Added new Bites
              Added setting The Magic Revolution
              Edited plot Day and Night
              Edited plot Magic in the Veins

19 Sept- Added plot Dreaming of Home
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Re: Miss Elain's Cravings & Ideas (F/F)
« Reply #6 on: September 29, 2013, 08:09:53 pm »
25 Sept- Added plot Friends in War

29 Sept- Added new Bites
              Edit intro Political Marriage
              Edit plot Allies on the Isles
              Added plot Allies in the Forest