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Author Topic: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)  (Read 6893 times)

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Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« on: December 22, 2009, 07:26:42 PM »
Riley Walters made her way slowly onto platform 9 3/4 at King Cross station, blue eyes looking around as she would look for bright red locks which belonged to her best friend. They were in their seventh year now and it all seemed to good to be true. She had met Lily Evans in her first year and the two had been inseparable ever since then. She pushed a few brown locks away from her eyes as she finally caught sight of the ruby haired girl and she waved quickly.

"Lily! Over here!" She called, running with her luggage over to her best friend and hugging her tightly. Riley was also a muggle but unlike Lily's parents, her father really didn't approve of her magical nature. Since her family didn't approve of Hogwarts of her magical education, Riley never got to see her friends from Hogwarts over the summer.

"How was your summer Lily?" She asked with a bright smile, glad to be back at the platform and waiting anxiously for the train to arrive.


James Potter yawned as he moved onto the platform with his parents and he sighed. "Mum, dad do you really have to come to the platform with us?" He asked them, running a hand through his black locks and he looked to Sirius before hitting his best mate on the arm.

"Look, there's Evans" He said with a bright smile before kissing his mum on the cheek. "The train will be here any moment mum, please you two can go now" James said pleadingly glad when his parents finally decided to turn around and head off the platform. He grinned to Sirius and raised an eyebrow.

"Mind if we go see how her summer was?" James asked Sirius, sighing however when the Hogwarts expressed pulled up to the station. "Perhaps we'll be able to snag a seat with them" He mumbled kind of disappointed and started to load onto the train.

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2009, 08:32:16 PM »
Lily was perched on top of her trunk, red hair blowing in the slight summery breeze. She had left her mother and father on the other side of the barrier this year. Her sister, Petunia, had newly married and refused to come see her off, which, on the outside, Lily was perfectly pleased about, but on the inside, she was actually a bit put out. She did love her sister, even if they didn't show it much. The wedding had been a big to-do. Everything was Tuney, Tuney, Tuney, and Lily had been cast aside when it came to most things unless it was helping out. She laid back on her trunk the long way, happy that summer was ending and she could get back to school where she wouldn't be invisible completely.

"Lily! Over here!" Oh that voice! Lily sat up automatically at the sound of that familiar longed for voice. It'd been two months since she'd heard it. She rose up off of her trunk and bolted for her best friend, a beaming smile emerging on her face.

"Riley!" Her arms went out and she caught hold of the other girl tightly. "Oh! It's soooo good to see you! Summer.. bit of a bore really. How about your's?" She let go, still smiling, but left an arm around her best friend, giving her an extra squeeze before letting go completely. She was a hug junkie, Lily was.

Sirius was being much more welcoming about James's parents' presence than his best mate was. Partly because he adored them, and partly because it annoyed the snot out of James, the reaction was always hilarious. "It was a pleasure spending the summer with you again, Mrs. Potter." He put on his charming face and kissed her on the cheek and gave her a hug before shaking James's dad's hand. "Hope to see you soon, Mr. Potter." As soon as they were gone he turned on his heel and looked in the direction James had his eyes glued in and whistled. "That is one fine girl, Prongs."

Sirius spent the next five seconds admiring the brunette, looking very much like a nearly drooling dog before his eyeballs nearly fell out of his head when the girl turned. "Correction, it's just Walters." Truth was, he was rather taken with Riley, not that he'd ever admit that fact to anyone, even himself.

"Ha, sure. But you'll be lucky if we even get a compartment anywhere near them after that slime prank we pulled end of last year." He grinned, remembering how they had filled the entire common room with five feet of slime and then purposely screamed about fire before stepping on the girls' stairs to morph them into a slide so the girls would all tumble unexpectedly into the goo below.

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #2 on: December 22, 2009, 09:58:27 PM »
Riley was glad to see that Lily was just as happy to see her as she had been to see the red headed girl. She didn't mind that extra squeeze, needing it after the long summer which was now thankfully behind her.

"I am beyond glad that the end of summer is here! Can you believe we're going to be graduating soon?" She asked excitedly and giggled just so happy to see her friend again. Her heart jumped in her chest as the Hogwarts Express pulled up and she instantly picked up her bags and pulled Lily towards the train.

"Summer was horrid like always." Riley said with a roll of her eyes, never really explaining much about her summer. It was hell living with her father and all she wanted was to escape reality with her fantasy world of Hogwarts.

"Why was summer so boring? Usually you have an interesting summer." She said honestly moving onto the train and looking for an open compartment and she set her bags on the rack above the seats. She sat down on seat and took a deep breath as she looked out the window and saw Potter and Black boarding the train as well and she rolled her eyes.

"I'm always happy to come back to Hogwarts until I see them" She mumbled, pointing at the two boys as they boarded and she looked back to the red head.

"So tell me bout your summer! How was Petunia's wedding?" She said excitedly, bouncing in her seat a little. She highly doubted that Lily's summer was that bad, especially since Riley had been trapped in her house the whole three months. 

James raised an eyebrow when he heard Sirius whistling and he made sure he was looking at the right girl and he laughed instantly. "Pads! You do realize that the fine girl over there is Walters right? She'll hex you into oblivion harder than Evans ever would!" He said honestly patting Sirius on the back before picking up his bags and he moved towards the train.

"I think you forget that we are the Marauders, the sneakiest blokes in the wizarding world. I'm sure they would forgive us if we buy them some chocolates and charm the pants off them" He said with a smirk and quickly boarded the train. He found the closest compartment to the girls as possible, throwing his stuff up on the rack before looking to Sirius with a mischievous glint in his eye.

"Well are you up for it Pads? I want to try to at least talk to Evans sometime today and since you fancy Walters, this might be your best shot." He said with a laugh and grinned. Ah, he enjoyed hanging out with Sirius all summer but he was happy to be back at Hogwarts because that meant he got to see the red headed beauty daily.

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #3 on: December 22, 2009, 10:35:03 PM »
"I know, it's weird! It feels like just yesterday we were learning how to hold our wands, and now look at us." Lily grabbed her trunk, dragging it along behind her as Riley dragged her, onto the train.  "Nine more months and we'll be thrown out into the world to do whatever we can to scrape up enough to survive!" She placed a hand dramatically to her forehead, knowing the facts were that they would probably both do just fine. She lugged her trunk up and pressed it into the luggage hold above them, setting her messenger bag down on the seat before flopping down next to Riley and leaning her head back on her friend's shoulder. "We'll have to live paycheck to paycheck in a tinchy little flat where the beds fold out of the wall with only our friendship and spaghettios to keep us going!" She giggled and sat up, pulling her legs onto the seat, tucking them up to her body, and resting her back against the wall contently.

"Oh Merlin, the wedding..." She rolled her head exasperatedly, banging her forehead on her knees repeatedly. "That horrid wedding. I was up to my eyeballs in tulle and frothy peachy..." She shuddered. "..frills. My mother insisted I be a bride's maid, and Tuney, of course, agreed, just to put me in peach and nearly force feed me salmon." She made a face that clearly stated she despised the fish. "I brought it along though, the dress. So we can burn it tonight. Who?" She perked up and peered out of the window.

"Ugh. You'd think he'd have stopped strutting after all the times he's been kicked in the nether regions, but no." Lily made a face of such distaste one might think something foul was in her mouth and she wasn't allowed to spit it out. "I just hope they don't try to join us like they did last year. But hey, it's our last year." She looked back at her friend with a smile now. "We can finally hang out outside school when it's done. Any chance of your parents letting you come for winter break this year?"

"So I'm aware." Sirius groaned and grabbed up his trunk. "She's such a pain in the arse, Walters is." He followed James up onto the train, letting him lead the way today, his mind a bit occupied. "Chocolate? Mate, they'd probably melt it til it was boiling and send it right back at us. Charming them is like trying to charm a bunch of Hungarian Horntails protecting their nests, it's not going to work."

Sirius was bad with rejection. He could have just about any girl he wanted (and oh how he had), yet, there was never any true satisfaction behind any of them when it came down to it. Most were just an easy snog, happy to get attention from Gryffindor's best Beater. He chucked his stuff up into the luggage rack as well.

"Fancy her!? Detest her is more like it! Honestly, Prongs, I'd much rather stay here than go in where that devil woman is unless of course..." He mimicked his best friend's grin. "It involves some chocolate filled water balloons?"   

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #4 on: December 22, 2009, 11:11:36 PM »
Riley laughed at Lily's dramatic display of their future and she nodded her head in agreement. "I think we should get a cat so that way we'll have a little kitty as well to hold us together!" She said excitedly, knowing that their future wouldn't be as horrible as the professor's liked to describe it. She knew that they would be just fine especially if they found rich wizards for husbands. She tried her best not to smile too brightly at that last thought of course. They didn't need boys to be competent women!They would be fine just by themselves!

She playfully rested her head on Lily's when the red head rested upon her shoulder and she listened to the stories about the wedding and her face contorted instantly at Petunia's color of dress. "Are you bloody kidding me. Peach?!" She asked, feeling as if her stomach was going to hurl out something unpleasant. "No wonder the wedding was horrid. I can't wait to set that thing on fire, after I laugh at it of course" Riley said with a bright grin and laughed at her friend.

" I wish you had pictures of yourself in that horrible dress so i could get a good laugh." She said with a playful laugh before their conversation changed back to the two boys and she smirked.

"You know... maybe he struts like that because he has been kicked so many times there." She said honestly and instantly her blue eyes would look towards the window when the red head brought up hanging out during Christmas break. "I'm not sure, I'll have to ask them and beg like I usually do." She said with a small smile. She highly doubt her father would allow her to go. But she was half tempted just to spend the break at Hogwarts anyway. It would be more pleasant being in a castle all by herself instead of going home for their break.

"But you never know, maybe I can convince my dad this time around!" She said trying to lift up both of their spirits and she grinned before running a hand through her brown hair. "Considering this is our last year, I hope that we find boyfriends. But our choices are kinda limited here at Hogwarts." She said honestly, being around the same boys for almost seven years, they knew exactly what their pick of the bunch was.

"You know Pads, the way to a girls heart isn't chucking chocolate filled water balloons at them" James said, even though it wasn't like he had won Evans over yet and it wasn't like he ever had a long term girlfriend technically. He too was more for the snogging short term relationships. However, when it came to Lily, he would be willing to give his life up for that girl.

"But then again, you're probably right. At least we were trying to be gentlemen by giving them chocolate in one shape or another. Shall we go find the trolly?" He asked with another mischievous grin before heading out of the compartment once he felt the train start to move. He knew that the trolley wouldn't have started moving yet which meant it was still in the first car. Once they found it, he bought three galleons worth of chocolate. Half of the chocolate being for the water balloon while the other half was for him.

"I wonder why girls are so difficult anyway. Especially Evans" He mumbled as he ran a hand through his messy hair and used his wand to melt some of the chocolate. He smirked watching as the dark liquid slid into the water balloon and he looked to Sirius signaling that he was ready. Ah, he really hated pulling pranks on Lily, but maybe this would get her attention at least.

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #5 on: December 22, 2009, 11:42:26 PM »
"Oh a cat! And we can name him something regal! Like, Sir Hamilton the fourth of Cambridge! And bring him to visit Tuney, so he can get hair all over her couch and make her sneeze for a month!" Lily beamed. The idea of a cat had always been very intriguing to her, though she had never been allowed one due to her sister's distaste for animals, especially the ones that made her sneeze. She would have adored to have had a pet, any type of pet, growing up. But it had just been one of those things that had always gone unnoticed every birthday that she had asked for one, because Petunia would always find a reason to dispell the idea.

"Yes. Peach. With my hair, at that." Lily tugged at one of her dark red locks, turned her body and flopped backwards to land her head in her friend's lap. "Appearently it's Tuney's new favorite color." She rolled off of the seat and climbed up, pressing her trunk open and digging into it. She brought out the dress, presenting it in all of it's hideous peachy, lacey, frilly glory. Now, Lily wasn't typically one to knock lace or frills, so long as they were used properly, but this thing was overkill. Even the lace had lace and the frills had more frills and the lace had frilly lace frills trimmed with lace. "Just look at these sleeves!" They were puffy sleeves... the kind that gave one's arms the appearence of bein full of air. She dropped the dress into her friend's lap and flopped back down.

"Well, technically speaking, you're of age, so he can't tell you what to do, but I know how parents can be. Even though we're grown up basically, they still seem to have that strange parental power over us..." She gagged. "It would be nice though, to have you come. Mum and Dad would adore you and we could terrorize Tuney." She grinned at the very though of it before frowning. "Meh. You know, maybe having a boyfriend is over rated. I mean, boys grow up so much slower than girls, we're better off waiting until we get out of school and can find someone a bit older than us who is more level with our maturity than the schoolboys we know."

"If she's got a decent sense of humor it is." Sirius countered, grinning when his friend agreed to his plot. He gladly followed him out of the cart on a quest for the trolley. "Oh, if the trolley lady knew what we were going to do with the chocolate we're going to get, she'd refuse to give us any. But then, maybe she's the kind of woman with a sense of humor. Wouldn't know though, as we've never taken the chance to get to know her..." He pondered this for a second. "You'd think after seven years worth of train rides, we'd at least know her name, and yet, all we know is that she provides us with enough sugar to make it through until the feast."

Sirius grinned as they innocently bought the chocolate and retreated back to their compartment. He held gladly watched it melt, filling his water balloon as full as it would go before tying it off. "This is going to be great. We'd better get it on with, so the chocolate doesn't go solid before we can chuck it. I mean, getting them messy is one thing, bruising them is another." He tossed the balloon a few times in his hand, testing it out. "Still nice and warm." He laughed and snuck out of the compartment, quietly making his way towards the girls' and motioning for James to follow him.

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #6 on: December 23, 2009, 08:04:48 AM »
Riley tried her best not to giggle too much as she thought of their cat absolutely tormenting Lily's sister and she nodded her head in agreement. "Perhaps you like getting your revenge on your sister too much Lily dear. But I do say that would be a wonderful idea. Especially since your sister made you wear that horrid dress for her wedding!" Riley stated, not sure if she really wanted to see the peach frilly horror that the red head continued to mention. She hoped seeing the fabric wouldn't blind her in the long run.

When Lily flipped into her lap, Riley played with those fiery red locks and she smiled. "You do have a problem when it comes to your hair color clashing with a lot of a colors, but I highly doubt Petunia would take that into consideration" She said honestly raising an eyebrow when Lily would stand up quickly to dig out that dress and blue eyes widdened in complete fright.

"Bloody Hell! I think even my grandmother could pick a better looking dress than that ugly thing!" Riley said honestly putting her hands to her eyes and she screamed plafyully. "Ahh! It's blinding me Lily, put it away for godsakes!" She said with a giggle, looking at the fabric that was being placed in her lap and she sighed shaking her head. "Maybe we could try to do something with this ugly thing..." She mumbled honestly, picking up a few of the frills and trying to imagine if they weren't there.

The brown haired girl nodded when Lily mentioned she was of age now and she smiled softly. "Well we'll just have to see." She said honestly before blinking when she heard the compartment door start to open.

James started to follow behind Sirius with the chocolate filled balloon behind his back and he sighed. He was starting to rethink this whole idea. How many times had Lily yelled at him for not being mature enough and yet here they were about to throw a chocolate filled water balloon at the red head. He took in a deep breath. Maybe he could get away with one last prank on the red head before becoming the mature James Potter in which he wanted her to be.

He smirked, moving up right behind Sirius to peak into the girl's compartment window and he raised an eyebrow. "Ugh, that dress is ugly! Sure hope that isn't Evans dress." He muttered and playfully hit Sirius on the back. "And I sure hope you don't see Walters wearing that thing, cant say you would fancy her then now would you" He tried his best not to laugh, loving that he was giving his best mate a hard time about the girl. He just liked the whole idea that Sirius was in the same situation as he was, being in love with a girl whom could hex them into night fall.

"Alright on the count of three..."James mumbled getting his water balloon ready as he watched Lily plop herself back down. He put up each finger as he counted. 1. 2. 3. In just a moment after that third finger had been put up into the air, the compartment door had been flung open and his chocolate water balloon had been flung at Evans. Of course he hadn't put too much strength behind it, just enough so that it would actually hit the girl.

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #7 on: December 23, 2009, 09:08:14 AM »
Lily plucked at a frill and sighed. "My sister always takes it into account. When we were younger she would always pick a dress color that wouldn't work on me, just because she knew I'd get it as a hand me down and mum would chase me about the house to force me into it." Lily pondered this for a moment, knowing full well she and her sister had gotten along fairly well until she had started Hogwarts. "Or she just liked watching mum chase me, it was always a laugh."

"Perhaps you're right and something can be done with it. I mean, it would be pretty, if not for the too many frills and color. And the sleeves of course. One could make a matching dress for a toddler out of each of them they're so big." Lily hugged onto Riley's arm and rested her head down on her shoulder again, as was typical for her, and breathed in that scent that was so familiar and safe. "I missed you." There was nothing like a summer away from your best friend to make you appeciate their existance all the more. And then, it happened.

One second she was sitting there, being all content and cuddley, the next, she felt the hard splat against her shoulder, and then, the pop and splatter  that sent chocolate spraying all over the both of them. Her mouth moved, and it was an instant reaction. "POOOOTTERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!" And then she was up and running towards the door, her wand coming out. After that slime incident at the end of last year, she was not going to take any of his pranks lying down.

Sirius grinned. "Mate, if I liked her, I wouldn't be chucking a chocolate balloon at her, now would I?" He was slow in their journey to the door, slipping down into a crouch when they got there and peering over the edge of the glass. "Oh Merlin, that thing is hideous! When you two get married, you pick out the dress, because I can't stand next to something that looks like that for an hour."

Sirius handled the balloon lightly, not wanting to break it's heaping chocolatey mass open by mistake. If Walters took this well, he thouht he should kiss her... er... for being a good sport and all. Not because he liked her. He gulped as he spotted her plucking at the dress, and his face softened. Did he really want to do this. They were sitting there so nice like... It was the perfect moment... for some chocolate.

Grinning, Sirius looked at James and caught hold of the door with his free hand. He counted down with him in his head. One. Two. Three! He slide the door open quickly, rose, aimed, and chucked his balloon at Walters as hard as he could. He watched as James's hit Lily and quickly jumped into the compartment to get out of the way as she went after his best mate while he held his stomach and tumbled into one of the seats laughing.

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #8 on: December 23, 2009, 06:56:09 PM »
Riley tried her best not to laugh hearing Lily's story about Petunia and her mother and she smiled softly. She wished she had a family like that. She was an only child however and her parents rarely got a long unless they were fighting. She couldn't remember a time when her family was actually happy. "Well I think that was just Petunia's way of showing she cared for you" Riley said with a smirk before her blue eyes turned back towards that peach dress and she sighed softly.

"I think we can definitely make a whole new dress out of this. Keep it around and if it doesn't turn out to be a success, we can burn it!" She said with a grin quite excited about possibly making a whole new dress out the fabric. She really did love designing things since she barely got new clothes while she was at home. Her blue eyes shifted to the red head as she would rest upon her shoulder and she nodded.

"I missed you too Lily. A summer is way too long without hanging out with you" She said honestly resting her head upon Lily's before that door slid open and she glared at the two boys.

"What exactly do you two want?" She asked, gasping as she saw that flying balloon being flung at Lily and then herself. She growled instantly looking down at her outfit which was now stand with chocolate and her blue eyes glared at the boy was just laughing on the seat across from her. Within seconds her wand was out and pointing at the boy and she made sure to corner him.

"Won't you ever grow up Black? Really, you're bloody seventeen years old now aren't you?" She asked poking her wand into his shoulder gently and her blue eyes continued to glare down at him.

James eyes widened when he heard that instant reaction from the red head and he laughed instantly as he patted Sirius on the shoulder. "See you later Pads! Good luck!" He said playfully as he bolted out of the compartment dodging people left and right.

"Pardon me while I run away from Evans! Her cheeks are almost as red as her hair!" He said and laughed as he continued to run down the narrow aisle towards the back of the train. It only took him a few moments to realize that the train probably wasn't the best place to try to run away from Evans since there was no where else to go once he got to the end of the car.

James turned towards her, putting his hands up in the air and he pouted. "Come on Evans, you wouldn't hex me right?" He asked her with a charming smile, even though there was a desperate look in his eye.

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #9 on: December 23, 2009, 07:38:57 PM »
"Potter!" Lily bolted down the corridor after him, skirting students who knew all to well what might happen if they didn't get out of the way fast enough. Her red hair flew out behind her, legs moving fast, wand out, face furious, chocolate dripping down her face. "Potter!" She jumped a ducking first year and skidded to a stop when James came to a halt.

Staring at him, Lily kept her wand raised, glaring. "Why shouldn't I, Potter? Why shouldn't I send a whole flock of birds in your direction? Give me one good reason as to why I shouldn't cause your hair to fall out and your skin to turn green with a Slytherin serpent on your forehead and the words Slytherin Rocks? You are the most vile, lowsome being I have ever had the misfortune to meet. I would like nothing more than to hex you right now."

Sirius stopped laughing as soon as that wand was in his face. He reached a hand out and grabbed the end of Riley's wand, forcing the tip away from his body, grinning at her. "Not so fast miss poor sense of humor. I, was being a gentleman, and giving you some chocolate just like a gentleman should." He smirked up at her, rising to his feet upon the seat and towering over her. "Growing up has always been over rated. You'd be better off learning to have a little fun once in a while Walters, instead of putting me down. I hardly ever see you crack a smile."

Sirius kept a firm hold on her wand, tilting his head down to look her straight in the eye. "You don't want to be considered the girl who never smiles, now do you?"

((Sorry it's short... ))

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #10 on: December 23, 2009, 08:03:27 PM »

James was honestly afraid that Lily was going to hex him this time. He looked to the girl, his brown eyes showing a desperate attempt at trying to be charming.

"Convince you not to hex me? But Evans, I was just being nice and showing you some attention. I could have chosen any other girl to throw chocolate at but I chose the prettiest girl in the school and that was you" He said with a wink and grinned but then ran a hand through his black locks when he noticed that Lily wasn't impressed.

"Er- um... another reason why you wouldn't hex me is... ugh..." His hand quickly shuffled through his already messy locks, gasping suddenly as the train would jerk all of a sudden and Lily Evans was all of a sudden pressed up against him. His brown eyes were wide as he looked down at her, a pink color coming to his cheeks as he decided that this would be his escape. He leaned down quickly while she was still thrown off by the jerking of the train and pressed a gentle kiss to the corner of his lips.

However as soon as that kiss was placed on upon Evans' face, he would bolted once again. "Nice seeing you today Evans!" He yelled with a nervous laugh, sprinting as fast as he could and hiding in one of the random compartments.

Riley watched as Sirius gripped the edge of her wand and she continued to glare at the boy even though he was grinning at her. She didn't find any of this amusing especially when the chocolate started to drip down her cheek. She listened to Sirius' words however, watching as he smirked as he told her that she didn't have a sense of humor and that she would be better off learning how to have a little fun once in a while.

Riley stayed quiet, tears slowly starting to gaze over her blue eyes as he stared her straight in the eyes and slowly she pulled her wand away from his grasp. "Just leave Black." She mumbled, not really wanting to get into a conversation with him. But he was right. Riley barely smiled a true smile but she could blame her parents for that. She barely laughed or seemed happy when around her classmates. Heck, she was almost always fake when she was with Lily too. Or at least she thought. She really didn't know anymore until Sirius said those words.

"I'm sorry... for not having a sense of humor by the way" She said softly as she would turn away from the dark haired boy as she felt those tears start to fall down her cheeks. She closed her eyes quickly trying to keep the tears locked away.

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #11 on: December 23, 2009, 09:19:29 PM »
Lily's wand remained poised and ready. She was going over a list of hexes at that very moment, trying to determine whether she wanted to make him bald or cover his face with boils. At his comment, she blinked slightly. She knew she wasn't the prettiest girl in school, far from it. And she'd just been an easy target for the chocolate balloon because he always made her a target whenever he could. She wasn't exactly sure why. Maybe it was his own poor attempt at trying to get her to take more notice of him, or he just really disliked her and covered it up with a seemingly innocent boyish crush.

Lily raised her wand, finally deciding on the perfect hex, when the train lurched. This was normal. Trains lurched, people stumbled. She lost her balance and fell foreward into James in surprise. She blinked, staring up at him, her eyes shocked for a moment before turning into a glare as she went to pull away and instead, was given a kiss on the corner of her mouth that boggled her even further. She blinked and stared at him as his face filled with color and her own felt really hot all of a sudden. And then he was gone. She watched as he bolted down the corridor, his black hair visible above the students who got out of his way, knowing she might be coming after him at the pace he was going. Eyes stood there, watching, wide and curious. She shook her head, turned on her heel, and headed back the way she had come.

Why had he kissed her, she wondered. What had prompted such behaviour from the boy who had always seemed to get such great joy out of pranking her and picking on her? Yes, he had asked her out many a time before, but she was sure that was just another joke. She figured as soon as she caved to one of those possible dates, she'd be covered in some sort of disgusting goop and stood up. Shaking her head again, Lily bit her lip and slowly, made her way back to the compartment.

Meanwhile, in said compartment, Sirius's grin had turned into a frown as he watched the pretty girl tug her wand from him. Yes, he had to admit, that especially that close up, Walters wasn't as bad looking as he always said she was. She was actually quite beautiful. And it shocked him, when all of a sudden, miss stone cold's pretty blue eyes brimmed with tears right before him before she turned away. "Walters?" He hopped down off of the seat.

"Bloody hell... Walters..." Sirius moved towards her, face gone from laughing to concern he didn't normally show, at least, not in public, and not around anyone but his very best mates who knew him well. "I didn't mean to make you cry, Walters. It was just a joke... the school house elves will get any stains out... they're good at that sort of thing. I just.. I just thought you might like some chocolate... girls like chocolate don't they?" He dug into his pocket, not good with this sort of thing, and pulled out the remaining bit of his chocolate, unmelted and still wrapped.

"Here..." Sirius moved up behind her, reaching an arm over her shoulder and offering up the candy as though it were some sort of peace offering and would make everything better.

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James was lucky enough to find the compartment which he and Sirius were sharing when he had went on his mad dash to get away from Lily. He plopped down on the seat and instantly ran a flustered hand through his black locks and took a deep breath.

"Bloody hell James, what did you just do?" He mumbled to himself as his hand moved to cover his face and he felt that his cheeks were still quite warm from the kiss he had planted upon Lily's cheek. He leaned back in the seat and looked up at the ceiling. Now Evans would never talk to him. He saw how red her face had gotten. It was either anger or.. maybe embarrassment? He really didn't know but he decided it would probably be best to let the red head cool off for a week or so before he decided to bother her again.

He blinked however realizing that Sirius wasn't back yet and he stuck his head outside the compartment with a raised eyebrow. Hopefully Padfoot hadn't been hexed by Walters. He was sure lucky enough to not get hexed by Evans!! In a way, he almost wished he was hexed, it would had stopped him from doing something stupid like he just did!

Riley heard those words coming from Sirius' mouth but none of them seemed to be sticking at the moment. How had she gone through life being so cold and fake like she had? A few more tears started to fall down her cheeks and she quickly wiped them away before she heard his comment about girls liking chocolate and she smirked softly.

"I like chocolate." She said honestly, slowly turning around to look at the piece of chocolate and then into Sirius' eyes for a moment. It was weird, never in her life did she think that she would be having a moment like this with Sirius Black.

"Well thank you... for the chocolate and... for showing me who I really am Black" She said and took the piece of chocolate from his hand with a gentle smile. It was probably the first real smile he had ever seen from Riley, but she would try her best not to make it the last.

She pulled her wand out again and mumbled a cleaning spell so that the melted chocolate disappeared from her clothes and face. "How are you always so... happy?" She asked him curiously but then shook her head before pushing him gently out of the compartment. She was not going to have a decent conversation with Sirius Black, that would just be absurd!

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Lily was wandering aimlessly at this point. She wasn't quite sure where she was going now, just that her feet were carrying her. Her mind was much too preoccupied. She was in a state of pure confusion, not knowing why he had done that. Why had Potter kissed her? Was he purposely trying to mess with her mind again? Yes, that had to be it. He had done it to confuse her as much as she was now, that made much more logical sense than anything else she thought of so far. No way it could be because he liked her that way, just no way.

A small hand reached and touched her cheek... his lips... they'd been so warm and inviting... if she had wanted she could have turned her head slightly and.. no. No. She mustn't think things like that. It'd been a joke. Thinking about those types of things would be playing right into Potter's hands. She must hex him next time she saw him. That would be the perfect way to get back at him... it had to be a really good hex though.. for both the chocolate and the kiss.

Sirius grinned, happy to have made her smile, even if it was just a small one. "Ah. See now, that one actually made your eyes kinda do that lighty uppy thing smiles are supposed to make people's eyes do. You should do it more often. And don't say you don't have anything to smile about. You've got a bunch of friends. Who cares what the rest of life is like so long as you've got a couple good friends to make everything worth it?" He dug into his pocket again, extracting another piece of chocolate, unwrapping it and popping it into his own mouth thoughtfully.

Sirius blinked as he was ushered out of the compartment all of a sudden, but he grinned, feeling she was acting a bit more normal now. "Don't think about the bad stuff, and you'll always be happy too... Oh! Heya Evans! How's Jamesey?"

Lily ignored Sirius blankly as she pressed into the compartment.

Sirus shrugged and made his way back to his own compartment, wondering what sort of state he'd find his best mate in. He tugged the door open and flopped down on a seat across from James. "Well, you don't seem any worse for wear. No pustules, unless she got you in the nether regions? I just had a decent conversation with Walters... strange huh?"

"Potter just cheek kissed me..... Have you been crying?" Lily's confusion broke into concern as she went to wrap her arms around Riley.

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Riley was really surprised that Sirius could be so...inspirational when he wanted to be. Perhaps he wasn't just an immature git who liked to pull pranks on people. There had to be some sort of wisdom in that knucklehead brain of his. She smiled softly as he was fully pushed out the compartment and she nodded her head.

"I'll make sure to do that Black. See you soon" She said honestly and looked to the red head who seemed a little bit out of it. "Lily are you okay?" She asked her friend and her blue eyes widened hearing what Potter had just done.

"What?!" She asked not sure what to think of what had just happened and she instantly shook her head when the red head asked her if she had been crying. "Tell me what happened with Potter and i'll tell you what happened with Black" She said quickly pulling out her wand and cleaning Lily up before she plopped down and waited for the red head to tell her story.

James sat on the seat, dark eyes staring off into space as Sirius came back into the compartment and slowly he looked at his friend. "Well Evans really didn't have time to hex me honestly." He mumbled but then shook his head and sighed. "I'm kinda worried about what's going to happen next time I see her though" He said honestly and he raised an eyebrow hearing that Sirius had a decent conversation with Riley and he smirked.

"Maybe you're the one that should be worried about Riley wearing that peach dress" He said honestly with a chuckle and then ran a hand through his hair once again looking really flustered.

"I kissed her Pads... well just on the cheek! Bloody hell i dont know what I was thinking but I know the next time I see her, she's going to hex me until the sun doesn't shine!" He said and plopped back against the seat. He just really didn't know what to do.

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Lily groaned and flopped down on the floor, laying flat on her back with her hands over her face. She was rather confused, but she did also want to make sure Riley was ok... She peeked up at her from between her fingers. She had definitly been crying, but it seemed to have passed. "Well... I chased him, and then he stopped running, and I told him I was going to hex him, and then the train lurched me into him and he just stared at me and then he kissed me, right here." She poked her cheek. "But I'm pretty sure he's just trying to confuse me."

Rolling up and schooching over, Lily rested back against Riley's legs, the solid presence calming her and clearing her mind. She tilted her head back to look up at her. "Are you ok though, I mean..." She dug a tissue from her pocket and offered it up. "I doubt those were tears of joy with Black in here and all. He can be pretty nasty sometimes. Tell me what happened now? If he invoked tears it's much more important than my little tiff with Potter, and I'm going to have to think up another good hex, because nobody makes my best friend cry and gets away with it."

"She's not so bad, Walters. She barely even threatened to murder me." Sirius pondered it, remembering how those blue eyes had filled with tears, making him frown. "Well, she went sort of weird and stuff, but I guess that might be just how girls are sometimes. Weird. Merlin knows none of their heads ever got screwed on properly." He sat there quietly for a few moments until James's outburst.

"You didn't! Oh, she's gonna kill you! I wouldn't be surprised if she was making her way here now, ready to set your arse on fire. Altough she did seem out of it when I was her... but I'm sure by now she's set her mind to do something horrible to you." He got up and peeked out the door. "Look! There she is! Oooh ad she looks pissed, mate! Hide! Quick!" Of course, Sirius was only joking. Lily wasn;t coming, he just wanted to see James's reaction.

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Riley knew that the red head was concerned but it really wasn't a big deal, she was feeling better now and half of her knew that it was because of Sirius. Just what he had said made her upset yet happy all in the same moment. It was almost like she was free from her lifeless shell that she used to hide to behind. But now twenty minutes later, it was like she was leading a new life. She smiled softly as Lily rested back against her legs and she playfully started to braid the red locks as she listened to the story unfold about how the two had almost kissed.

"Trying to confuse you? Lily... James adores you!" She said instantly as gently tapped the other girl on the head to wake her up. "He's only asked you on hundred dates by now. Ever since first year that boy has had his eyes on you. Haven't you considered taking him up on that offer?" Riley asked her curiously before the subject would be turned to her and she looked into those green eyes with a shake of her head and she smiled.

"No, Black didn't do anything to me." She said, her blue eyes looking away from those green ones and she sighed. "He just made me realize how serious I am. I don't want to be known as the girl who never smiled." She mumbled honestly and then petted Lily playfully on the head and giggled. "He gave me chocolate when I started to cry, I think it scared him a bit." She lifted Lily's head up again and undid the braid in which she made and pulled the red locks into a fancy pony tail.

James raised an eyebrow as Sirius continued to go on about Riley and he smirked shaking his head. "Oh Pads, you fancy Walters just as much as I fancy Lily" He said honestly playfully hitting the boy on the arm and then he laughed hearing the others explanation about a woman's head not being screwed on right. "I agree. I'm glad I don't have a girlfriend that I need to figure out" He mumbled and sighed when Sirius started to express his feelings on what had happened with Lily just moments ago.

"I know she's going to kill me! When I least expect it Pads! She's going to come out of no where and then she's going to hex me!" He said, a slight sense of fear filling his face and his eyes widened when Sirius looked out the door.

"Bloody hell mate! Are you kidding me?" He asked quickly jumping out of his seat and looked out the door and glared at Sirius when he realized that his friend was lying. "That wasn't very nice of you." He mumbled and playfully pushed the other boy. "Maybe i'll go and tell Walters that you're in love with her." He said with a smirk, wanting to get his revenge on his best friend now.

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Lily frowned, pondering what Riley was saying. She wasn't sure about Potter, she never had been. She couldn't tell when he was joking and when he was being serious sometimes, because she was so used to being the target of his jokes. "If he liked me he wouldn't be so grade schol about it. He picks on me constantly. I'm sure if I ever took him up on a date offer, he'd somehow have plotted a way to cover me in something sticky and gooey as well as standing me up and making me look like an absolute fool for thinking he'd been serious about wanting to go on a date with me in the first place." She stayed still, allowing the other girl to play with her hair, she liked when Riley did that. It was a safe and familiar, a strange kind of comfort that kept her calm at the moment.

"Black gave you chocolate? As in, unmelted and not in a balloon chocolate?" As soon as the ponytail was in, Lily climbed into Riley's lap as she tended to do sometimes. She was an overly cuddley being. She wrapped both her arms around the other girls neck and snuggled up to her comfortabley. "I'm glad he had the balls to tell you though. You smile... but for a while it's been this forced fake thing that doesn't make your eyes do that sparkley thing they do when you have a real smile. It's like... someone put a light out. You're there, but not fully. I know why, and I know you don't like talking about it, but you don't need to worry about your parents much anymore, because you're of age now, and while they'll always be your parents, you can make your own decisions on what you want to do. Don't think about what your parents want, think about what you want for once. Doesn't mean you love them any less, just that you're your own person. It's kinda strange how Black keyed into you... but then, I've heard the whole lot of his family sucks too, so maybe he understands."

Sirius frowned at his best friend, pondering over what he had said before gripping his hair. "I will not say that I have a thing for walters... but I also won't say that I don't. And if you tell anyone, even Moony, I will murder you in your sleep." He grinned jokingly, but there was a seriousness behind his words. He couldn't think what would happen if his brothe found out and r told their parents that he had a thing for a muggleborn. But then, he did enjoy seeing his parents freak out about things, like the bikini clad muggle girls he had put up on his bedroom walls and couldn't be taken down due to the pernament sticking charms he had placed upon them. He smiled at this thought and then laughed at ames's outburst.

"Meh, I don't think she'd murder you. She's too nice. Probably just get you in the hospital wing for a couple weeks. Really, mate, I wouldn't worry about it too much." He grinned. "But if you do, I will give Evans your exact coordinates right on down to the last centimeter just to get it over wil and not have you hiding behind me for a month while she cools down.

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Riley laughed softly and shook her head with a sigh. "Lily, you really are naive sometimes" She said with a roll of her eyes and playfully patted the girls red locks as she crawled into her lap. Her arms wrapped around the other girl instantly and she smiled as she thought about how much teasing Potter did to his best friend.

"Teasing is how a boy expresses he likes you. It's just what they do... they're not very bright about it and they won't tell you straight out. It's just... a boy thing I guess" she said with a nod, not like Riley had much experience with boys or anything. She had read a ton of muggle romance books however and it seemed that a lot of the times, the girls figured out the boys feelings because he would constantly tease her. She raised an eyebrow hearing how so insecure Lily was about James and she shook her head.

"I highly doubt that's the case, especially since he kissed your cheek today. He may just be too scared of rejection if he asked you. Maybe you should try and talk to him on a more serious manner?" She asked the red head curiously and sighed when the subject changed to her and she closed her eyes as she rested her chin on Lily's head. She hadn't realized that Sirius' family was bad as well, perhaps he would understand. But why would she ever talk to Black about her family? It was bad enough he saw her emotional display of affection today anyway. Now she knew what she had to change about herself, that was the only reason why Sirius Black had come into her life for a brief moment.

"I know..." She mumbled softly and closed her eyes with a soft yawn. She was exhausted already and they had a long train ride ahead of them.

James knew how serious the situation could get if his mate did decide to pursue Walters. At least his family didn't have a problem with muggle borns, but the Black family did. He had no clue what would happen to Sirius if his family found out. "I don't think this could be any worse than those posters on your wall ya'know. At least you wouldn't post Walters to your family's wall with unremoveable sticky tack" He said with a soft laugh and he sighed when the subject came back to Lily.

"I hope you're right Pads... I'm just worried. I feel like I should be paranoid right now" He said and then laughed when the other boy said he would give out his hiding place. "Oh thanks mate" He said playfully and sat back down in his seat feeling a little bit more relaxed now that it didn't seem like Lily was going to pop out of no where and hex him.

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Lily laughed right on back, doubting and serious when she spoke next. "Maybe in grade school yeah, but honestly, I've seen better behaviour from a five year old. By now you'd think if he actually did like me, he would have shown it instead of outwardly covering me in some sort of gunk every other day. I think he honestly hates my guts to the point in which he feels to need to torment me." She made a face, laying her head down on Riley's shoulder. "I'm fairly certain he kissed me just to confuse me even more than he already does."

Letting out a big sigh, Lily watched her friend's expression carefully as she turned the subject to her. She didn't like what she saw, and her arms gripped tighter, trying to hug whatever bad feelings Riley was experiencing out of her, even though she knew you couldn't exactly hug away bad feelings anymore than you could get your tongue off a metal pole in the dead of winter without some hot water or a hair dryer. She snuggled up to her as close as possible, offering as much comfort as she could without saying another word about it. Mimicking Riley's yawn, she closed her eyes and let her mind rest for now, as the train headed off to that beloved castle.

"I wouldn't have to. Lovely Bella, Cissy, and Regulus would squeal as soon as they found out, and you know how mum would come barreling up to the school and withdraw me or threaten to do something hideous to Walters's family. I dun wanna see her cry again... it was awful..." He sighed, laying down across the benchlike seat and stretching out as far as he possibly could, resting down.

"Well, you should be paranoid. She's not going to be happy next time you see her, but it'd be better to just get it over with right?" He shrugged knowing full well that the rage of a female, especially of the red haired variety, was something quite scary. And Evans was especially red haired and rageful. Sirius rolled over, closing his eyes. No one knew why, but for their class, the Hogwarts Express always seemed to induce a sleepy state of naptime, ever since they were first years. He curled up, tugging his old bear like dog toy out of his robe's pocket and curling an arm around it. Hey, a guy liked to have something to hold onto as well on days like these and he'd had little Padfoot for ages. Not that he would ever admit it to anyone but James that he still enjoyed having a cuddle buddy when he slept, he was much too manly for that. No need for anyone to know he was a big old softy on the inside.

Sirius remained pretty much asleep until the train jerked to a stop and he fell out of his seat onto the floor. Noise erupted throughout the train. They had arrived.

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Riley took a deep breath as she looked around the Gryffindor common room a week later and she nibbled on her bottom lip. It seemed that she barely saw Black anywhere around except for in classes. It was almost like the boy was avoiding her or something. It's not like anything bad had happened, it could've been much worse. She could've hexed him and turned him into a clucking chicken or a scrawny ferret. But that didn't happen at all. She thought they had a good moment together. And it was a moment that the brown haired girl couldn't stop thinking about all week. It was the reason why her blue eyes continued to search for him every night in the common room.

She shook her head for just a moment, deciding that tonight probably was going to be another unsuccessful night when it came to finding the boy and she plopped down on the comfiest couch. A potions book was opened in her lap as she started to study one of the new spells she had learned in her advanced potions class and she mumbled to herself softly while making hand gestures if she read the words 'stirring' or 'pouring'. Riley was one of the top of their class along with Remus and she knew that her grades had to stay up if she wanted to continue attending Hogwarts.

The common room area was quite quiet and that surprised the girl. Usually it was bustling with students chatting or playing wizards chest. But she enjoyed the quiet, taking in the comfort of the couch and the heat of the fire which burned in front of her.

James felt beyond paranoid the last week. Every time he saw a streak of red, he would hide behind Sirius or behind a statue if one of his best mates weren't around. He just couldn't help it. He was worried that one moment he would be standing there and then the next he would be hexed and turning into some embarrassing creature. He was pretty sure that Evans had quite a few good spells up her sleeve. Especially if she really wanted to get her revenge.

He sighed softly as he moved out of the great hall with Sirius after dinner. "Well one week down of avoiding Walters and Evans, another week is a head of us though" He said to his best mate. Even though Sirius didn't say aloud he was avoiding Walters, James knew better . But he could understand in Sirius' case why it was probably a good idea.

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Lily had taken to her very most favorite spot in the common room. She had pressed a chair up against the wall beneath one of the higher windows, climbed up upon it, and then up onto the very wide windowsill. She adored this space the best, because she didn't have to deal with the ruckus that typically went on down below during these hours of the day.  She would lean her back against the side of the window, crook one leg, and typically let the other dangle from the knee down. Despite the quiet of today however, Lily had tugged the curtains shut, and the only indicator of her being there was the small bit of light blue covered in golden snitches of her socked foot peeking out from among the crimson drapes.

Six feet from the floor, Lily was content, to just sit and rest her head against the cool glass of the window and block out the rest of the world for a little while. It was here that she came after a long, hard day, or a fight with Potter that had her head reeling. She knew that Riley of course, would always be able to find her when she was here, as could most of the other Gryffindors, but they tended not to bother her unless they were seriously struggling with their charms work and needed the help she was more than willing to offer. When she wasn't trying to be alone, she left the curtains open. Not tonight though, tonight she needed a little time to get away. It had been a long week full of lots of work, and she just needed fifteen minutes to herself.

Sirius was happily nomming at one of the mini pies he had brought from dinner. He usually did this, hording snacks in his pockets in case they missed a meal and didn't have time to get down to the kitchens. Moony had had to line his pockets with plastic to keep things sanitary. Sirius did try to keep his doggy biscuts separate from the goodies, and those separate from his quills and ink and parchment. Right now he was packing pastries in the goodie pockets and dug into one to offer James a treacle tart. "It won't last. We're going to run into them at some point this weekend when we least expect it."

Sirius sighed. He wished avoiding Walters and Evans was an easier task, but it hadn't been. They had to actually avoid dinner times and the common room if the girls were in there. He would actually be willing to be in the same room with Walters, so long as he wasn't left alone with her, but those girls kind of came as a package deal. Where ever the pretty brown haired one was, the redhead was never far behind, sort of like him and James. He led the way up to the common room, said the password, and peeked in. "We're in luck! Walters is here and it's calm, but crowded. And I don't see any sign of Evans, so you're in the clear. She's probably already gone to bed."

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Riley noticed that more people were starting to pile into the common room just as she started to get into the most difficult part of her studying and she sighed softly. She hated how this always happened. At least however, she wasn't as popular as her best friend since she wasn't that social when it came to the other students. She liked to keep to herself, and that was probably why Sirius pointed it out to her.

She closed the book for just a moment, debating on if she wanted to head to the library instead and she stood up from her comfy couch and then over to the chair which was pressed up against the wall. She stood on the chair and tugged playfully at Lily's light blue sock. "I'm probably going to head to the library, just wanted to see if you wanted to join me" She said honestly  and stood on her tip toes to playfully look to see what the red head was up too.

James took the treat happily and then sighed. "I know it's not going to last forever. But I would like to stay human as long as possible" He mumbled as he took a bite of the food that had been handed to him and he nodded his head.

"We can go in... let's just go slow just incase she's hiding somewhere." James said after he swallowed the treat and took another bite. He didn't trust Evans, especially when she was seeking revenge. She always just popped out of nowhere before James could see her. He moved inside the portrait hole, stopping for just a moment as he peeked once again and then let out a sigh of relief.

"It seems Walters isn't even here anymore. One more day hexed free!" He said excitedly with his grin and then laughed at the happy thought.

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Lily was just getting cozy when she felt the tug on her foot. She peeked down at Riley and smiled brightly. "Actually, I think I'll stay here tonight if it's alright with you." She was in one of her solitary moods. She liked her Lily-time, and though she loved Riley, Lily-time couldn't be spent in the library. That, and she'd already been in the library all morning doing research. She also didn't mind the noisiness of the common room. It was normal at this hour. A lull and then bam, the storm would hit and it would be a nice lively, warm place to be. She could understand Riley's need to get away though, and normally she would opt to go with her, but tonight, tonight she felt like being in the common room.

"You go on and just remember to be back in before midnight, otherwise you'll get in trouble for being out past curfew." Lily stated this seriously, still grinning. "Or I'll come get you, in case you get caught up in your work or a book again, ok?"

Sirius grinned, grabbing another treat from his pocket and chewing away at it. "We're lucky tonight, for sure. And I don't see any sign of Evans so you're safe, mate. And Walters appears to be long gone for now." He flopped down into a chair and sighed contently before slamming his hand against his forrehead. "Bloody hell... I left my bag in the library before we went to dinner... because you thought you saw Evans coming and dragged me out, remember?" He regretfully stood up from the chair. "I'll be back."

Sirius dragged himself out of the common room and down the corridor, not wanting to go all the way back down to the library now, but he had to. If Madam Pince found his bag, well, it had the Marauder's map, and the book of pranking plans in it because most people would be to scared to stick their hand in there, afraid of finding something goopy and alive most likely.

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Riley could tell that Lily needed time to herself, knowing her best friend really well and she nodded her head with a smile. "Alrighty, I just thought I would ask." She said honestly stepping down from the chair and then laughed softly when she heard Lily's motherly voice and she playfully rolled her eyes. "Yes mum. Thank you mum." She said with a soft giggle and then moved out of the common room. She really had to get some studying done and tonight, the common room was just not working.

Riley usually preferred to be in the library because no one would really bother her. Everyone was so quiet in the library and it was the one place that she knew she could go in order to actually study in successful manner. Her blue eyes widened however when she noticed who was about a few feet ahead of her and she nibbled on her bottom lip. Should she go and talk to him? What if he had actually been ignoring her? She took a deep breath, trying to gain some courage before she started to jog towards Sirius. She grinned playfully as she would sneak up behind up and gently tap him on the shoulder once she caught up.

"Haven't seen you around lately Black. Quite surprised since you have such a big mouth" She said with a soft giggle. Obviously she had taken his advice on not being so serious all the time.

"Sorry about that mate. Not a lot of girls have red hair in this castle, could've sworn it was Evans" He said honestly watching as Sirius made his way out of the common room and his eyes widened when he saw Walters stepping down from the chair.

"Oh bloody hell!" He mumbled to himself, quickly standing up from his plopped seating position on the couch and he tried to act not so suspicious as Walters made her way out of the common room. He let out a deep breath before running a hand through his hair. That was close! But who was behind the curtain. She probably wasn't just looking out the window. He nibbled on his bottom lip. Was Evans in the common room as well? Oh dear lord... this may be the night he got hexed!