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Author Topic: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)  (Read 6892 times)

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #50 on: January 01, 2010, 12:04:13 PM »

Riley had been wandering the halls aimlessly, feeling almost lost without her best friend at her side. Not to mention, she just didn't know what to do to help Lily. She just wanted the red head to be alright but that was hard to expect especially since Lily and her parents had been so close. To loss them so suddenly, it must be devastating to her best friend. She blinked however hearing Sirius' calling after her and she turned around to see the dark haired boy. Instantly her slender body collided with his, needing to feel that familiar hug especially right now.

Her blue eyes widened hearing that James was pissed and she tried her best not to get too upset right now at the other boy. "She was excited! She woke me up bloody early to help her get ready and everything. But then McGonagall came in and then..." She paused and shook her head before grabbing the boys hand and making a run for the common room. Riley wanted to find James before he had a chance to yell at his friend. She didn't deserved to be yelled at. After all this wasn't even her fault. She said the password to the fat lady and her blue eyes watched as Lily ran up to the girls dormitory.

James felt guilt instantly fill his whole body when he noticed that Lily was crying and it didn't seem like she had just started crying either. "Oh merlin's beard..." He muttered not being able to apologize to the red head before she ran upstairs and instantly he was met by a very upset Walters.

"What the bloody hell were you thinking Potter? We could hear you yelling all the way down the hall! It wasn't even her fault that she didn't make it to Hogsmeade today! Don't you have any decency to ask before you get your knickers all up in a bunch?" She asked, her hands instantly moving to grab her wand from her cloak, ready to hex the boy for yelling at her best friend like that but then she stopped she knew that this wouldn't help the situation at all.

James wasn't expecting Riley to be as upset as she was, but he had acted the same way when Sirius had gotten hurt as well. He stopped her hand from moving towards her cloak and he shook his head. "I-I didn't realize she was crying... s-she had the curtain closed." He muttered and he blushed as he felt Walters arms wrapping around his slender body.

"Sorry...I didn't mean to get all upset." She said before pulling James and Sirius to the couch and she sat down on the floor in front of them. "Lily's parents... they're gone. The death eaters were looking for some distinigushed family is Surrey and well... they decided to tear the whole place apart. That's why she didn't make it to Hogsmeade today. She wasn't trying to stand you up, she was beyond excited before McGonagall came into the room." Riley said softly and nibbled on her bottom lip feeling tears coming to her own eyes.

James listened to what Walters had to say and instantly his head fell into his hands feeling the guilt fill him once again. He was such a bloody git. He didn't deserve Evans after what he did today. "I-I'll be back" He mumbled, making his way out of the common room feeling his whole chest become empty. He had lost his chance with her now for sure and she probably wouldn't even let him near again.
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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #51 on: January 01, 2010, 10:31:45 PM »
Sirius looked down at Riley sitting on the floor. He listened to her speak, not happy at all to hear about Evans's parents. "That's bloody awful!" He watched as James seemed torn with himself, got up, and left, and then, looking back at Riley, found her eyes brimming with tears. That killed him right there. He slipped off the couch and pulled her to him, awkwardly rubbing at her eyes with his sleeve and stroking her hair. "It'll be alright Ri-Ri." He brushed her hair away from her face with his hands, cupping her cheeks and planting a friendly little kiss on her forehead. "Sucks right now, but it'll be fine. I'm gonna go find James. You should probably go and..." A little hiccup from the bottom of the girls' stairs averted his attention and he looked up. A sad smile came onto his face as he saw Evans there, looking very much like a forlorn little creature, instead of the strong girl he knew her as.

Sirius rose from the floor, tugging a tissue from his pocket and wandering over to the red head. He offered it and she took it without a word. He gave her a small hug, awkward, but he didn't care. And then he patted her back and sent her off towards Riley before turning and heading out of the common room. He ran down the hallway again, skirting a corner to find James there, walking slowly. "Hey..." He caught up with him and placed a comforting hand on his best mate's shoulder.

Lily was glad for Sirius's hug, needing it. She dabbed at her face with the tissue and wandered over to Riley. She flopped on the floor and climbed into the other girl's lap, curling up and getting as close to Riley as she possibley could, as though she were trying to hide inside her almost. She gave a very small whimper, but made no other sound as she started crying again, pure anguish all over her. Her body wracked with silent, tearless sobs... her tear ducts had run dry at this point, she had no more left to shed until after she'd rested. All she wanted right then, was her parents to not be gone, and if they had to be gone, she wanted to snuggle with her best friend and not lose sight of her... ever.

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #52 on: January 01, 2010, 10:43:40 PM »

Riley was surprised when she saw Sirius sliding down on the floor and she couldn't help but snuggle into his warm body, feeling his fingers running through her hair. She closed her eyes for just a moment, knowing that she could get lost in this embrace for the rest of her life if she wanted too. But... she had to remember that it wasn't going to happen. Sirius deserved so much more than what she could give. Her blue eyes looked up at him after he placed the gentle kiss upon her forehead and she nodded her head. "James needs you, I can take care of Lily." She said softly before heading that sniffle coming from the other side of the room.

Her eyes instantly saw Lily and she was just about to stand up when she saw Lily coming towards her. Riley knew the routine, letting the red head crawl into her lap and she instantly wrapped her arms around that slender body. She kept the red head close and pressed a kiss to her soft hair. "I love you beansprout, you'll always be my sister." She whispered softly just holding Lily in a comforting manner as she closed her eyes. Riley just wanted her best friend back but she knew that would take some time.

James had only wandered a little away from the Gryffindor common room when he felt that hand on his shoulder and he paused his wandering steps. "Pads... I blew it." He mumbled not even bothering to look back at his friend. "How could I not notice how upset she was? I'm a selfish git. I don't deserve Lily Evans, that's for sure" He muttered as he would press his hands to his face once again trying his best not to get too emotional. But he had just lost his chance with the girl he had crushed on since their first year. It felt his like heart had been completely torn from his chest.

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #53 on: January 01, 2010, 11:04:33 PM »
It took a little while for Lily to calm back down. She rubbed at her now itchey, tired eyes. She was worn out and it showed. She slipped out of Riley's lap and stood up, grasping the other girl's hands as though scared to let go. She tugged and nodded towards the girls' stairs. Her question was clear in her eyes. Come upstairs with me... Her mouth, however, remained closed, as though she couldn't muster the strength to even speak at this point.

Lily felt as though her body were another being entirely. She was so out of it, it was like all of this was a dream. All she wanted to do at the moment, was cling to Riley and sleep. Torn between the two as she was, she needed the other girl to go up to the dorm with her, to stay with her.

"Mate..." Sirius sighed. "You know you never think straight when it comes to that girl. There's no way you could have known to ask first, what with your sometimes one track mind. Evans will probably forgive you. Riley said she was super excited, so she must at least like you a little... that and she's probably one of the kindest souls we know. Remember when she was even friends with Snivellus? She probably just needs some time to get over the shock first, and then a little more time to realise you were honestly hurt when she didn't show up."

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #54 on: January 01, 2010, 11:24:50 PM »

Riley stood up with Lily, allowing the red head to pull her up the stairs and into the girls dormitory. She wouldn't even think of leaving her best friend alone at a time like this. She yawned softly, feeling as if the day was long as well and she laid down on Lily's bed pulling the girl next to her. "Now try to sleep beansprout" She whispered softly and wrapped her arms around the red head, letting her fingers gently brush through those crimson locks until the girl fell asleep.

*~* One month Later *~*

James took a deep breath as he headed into the common room. It was a saturday evening after a Hogsmeade visit and he had bought a present for Lily. He just couldn't understand why the red head refused to talk to him. He was charming after all right? So was she still mourning? Was that why the girl continued to not talk to him?

He had been zoned out all during dinner and now that it was time to head back to the common room, he felt all jittery. It was almost like he was telling the girl his feelings again. Except this time he had more of a possibility of being hexed, especially if the red head hated him. He took a deep breath before heading into the common room, hazel eyes looking around for the red head. 

Riley sighed softly as he stretched her arms above her head and looked down at her potions book. She couldn't study anymore, and she knew that if she tried too, she would have a very furious red head coming to the library to find her. She closed her potions book and stood up slowly since she had been in the library for over five hours. Slowly she made her way out of the quiet room and into the hallways, knowing that she had missed dinner because their were many students heading back to their respected dorms.

"Oh bloody hell" She mumbled, trying to remember if she had any hidden treats in her trunk or not. She sure hoped she did.

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #55 on: January 02, 2010, 12:22:48 AM »
Lily had decided to give Riley a little time to herself, despite not wanting to be away from her. She'd become sort of an attatchment since that horrid day, never leaving the girl's side, typically found hanging off the back of her robes or onto her hand like a small lost child. She had stayed with Riley in the library for a few hours or so, but then had braved leaving to go to dinner, not that she every really ate much. Mostly she just pushed her food around on her plate, chewed enough to please the eyes of the worried professors who had been observing her, worried about her lack of appetite and falling asleep in class. She was taking the loss of her parents pretty rough, and she hadn't said a word in weeks. She'd whimper and scream in her sleep, but other than that, she only really communicated with Riley, and that was mainly through nods, shakes, tug, pushes, and her eyes.

After dinner, Lily had headed up to the common room and curled up on her windowsill. She never sat in the chairs anymore, and everyone knew to leave her be now, since she would normally just sit there staring blankly at the fire anyways.

Sirius had gone to dinner... and he had noticed there was a lack of Riley, since he usually sat with her when she was there. There was just something about that girl he couldn't get enough of, and he knew where to find her. Whenever she missed dinner, which wasn't too often with Lily clinging to her lately, she was in the library, so that's the direction Sirius went. He grinned when he spotted her, snuck up behind her, and caught her up, taking her from her feet and swooping her into the air over his shoulder.

"Ha! Gotcha!" He looked around. "No duckling tonight? Strange. All the more reason for me to tickle you to death." He grinned at her butt, reaching his free arm over to have a go at her stomach.

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #56 on: January 02, 2010, 08:52:46 AM »

Even though his hazel eyes had looked around for the red head, he had secretly wished that she would be chatting away with the other Gryffindors like she used too. Or at least sitting down with everyone else. But unfortunately his eyes caught a glimpse of her sitting in her usual spot. He nibbled on his bottom lip for just a moment before he would move over to the window sill, his present still behind his back. He stood up on the chair and pretended that he was looking out the window and he smiled softly at the girl.

"It's a beautiful day outside isn't it?" He asked the red head before pulling a bouquet of chocolate roses from behind his back. "But it's not more beautiful than you." He said softly holding the chocolate flavored roses out toward the girl with a light blush. James Potter had never been this corny but he just couldn't get his mind off of Lily when he had went to hogsmeade today.

"I'm sorry Lily... for being a complete and utter git." He mumbled and sighed before shaking his head. "I just want to see you smile again, or at least talk to Walters. Hell, i don't care if you don't talk to me as long as I hear your voice every now and then..." He ran a hand through his black locks waiting for her to hex him or something.

Riley let out a big gasp when someone picked her up from behind and she playfully pouted when she noticed it was Sirius. "Darn, i thought you were my knight in shining armor." She said with a soft laugh and shook her head. "Lily isn't with me right now... she was a few hours ago. Was she at dinner?" The brunette asked blinking however when she was placed on his shoulder.

"Sirius... what do you think your---" Her words were cut off by his fingers tickling at her stomach and she instantly started squirming as she laughed. "Sirius Black!" She panted out with a light growl as she continued to laugh. "'" She started to say between laughs but then stopped at her stomach growled.

A deep red blush came to her cheeks and her blue eyes looked down at her friend as she gave him a sheepish grin. "Guess I'm a little hungry." She mumbled, kind of embarrassed that her stomach picked that moment to be hungry.

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #57 on: January 02, 2010, 11:08:03 AM »
Lily, skittish as a doe these days, lost her balance and nearly went tumbling off the window sill when James approached her. She had been admiring the view again, glad the window was between her and the world beyond. The tower was ginormussly up there, and she wasn't that fond of heights, but she was fine so long as the window was there. Her mouth opened as though to let out a little yelp of surprise, but no sound came out, instead, her face said it all. She blinked and looked at him. Merlin's pants! Where'd he come from?

Face turning scarlet at his comment, Lily turned her face towards her lap, but her eyes, kept glancing up at him, more shyly than they'd ever been, frightened. She started shaking, as though scared he was going to start yelling again, but when he didn't, she calmed a little bit, only giving the occasional shake now. She opened her mouth, to say something, to make herself speak, but her mouth only moved, forming words that couldn't be heard, air rushing out of her lungs in an effort to make it into sound. She frowned, and tried again, and still again, and no luck. She hid her head in her arms,, peering up at him over them again. She was embarrassed... she couldn't speak... she wasn't sure as to why, but she just couldn't. Something about the trauma that day had had on her had silenced her.  And she'd kept her father's old green tie, tied around her head, the actual tie part hanging down and flopping against her cheek. She liked it best that way, to see it, to feel it's presence.

Spotting the flowers, Lily gaped at him and turned even read. Potter... She would have whimpered had she been able to do so out of sleep. Trust me Potter, I wish I could hear my voice too. But I can't... I just can't... Thank you though... She tried to tell him all of this, with her eyes. She reached a hand out and plucked a petal from a rose, knowing what they were. They were a confectionery miracle, chocolate that looked like real roses, but was delicious. She placed it in her mouth and sighed. She forced her head up, and gave him a very small, very sad little smile, forced and unhappy, but showing, that she forgave him.

Sirius laughed, spinning in a circle, but keeping a very good hold on her was he did so. "Whacha gonna do about it Riley? Huh?" He stopped spinning abruptly, purposely trying to make her dizzy. After years of amusedly chasing his own tail, it took a lot to make this dog dizzy. He tickled her again and again, until her felt and heard her stomach growl. He laughed harder then, and slid her back down to her feet gently, smiling at her.

"Yeah, I figured, you weren't at dinner." Sirius dug into his pocket and tugged out a very large tupperware container full of all of Riley's favorites. He would never tell, but he did watch what she liked to grab the most of at meal times.  "So I went to the kitchens and nicked some stuff for you. It's still hot... and it doesn't look like anythings mussed together too badly." He grinned at her, offering it to her as he dug his hand back into his pocket to retrieve a fork which he brandished after a few moments of searching. "You're sword, m'lady. I've got dessert in here when you're ready for it too. And I know, it's a lot..." His cheeks tinged a bit pink. "But you uh, don't have to eat all of it, I just wasn't sure what you'd be in the mood for." He rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, but still grinning.

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #58 on: January 02, 2010, 04:49:36 PM »

James felt guilt swarm through his whole body when he saw the red head start to shake and he shook his head for just a moment. He didn't mean to make her scared of him. He was just so upset that day... but now he was going to make up for it. And he sure hoped that Lily forgave him. He couldn't help but laugh when he saw her cheeks turning red and he smiled softly. He was going to do his best to make things better for the boy.

"I'm glad you like them." He said softly watching as she plucked a petal off of one of the roses and he decided to scoot himself onto that window sill with her. "I wasn't too sure what to get you honestly. I just couldn't get you out of my mind while Sirius and I were at Hogsmeade. So i figured some chocolate roses were the best when it came to you. Unique and sweet." He said with one of his charming grins as he would playfully pluck off one of the petals as well as eat it.

"I'm sorry again Evans, for being a complete and utter git." He mumbled even though he had seen her small smile and he gently wrapped his arms around her body. Maybe if he hadn't yelled at her, she would be talking right now. 

Riley closed her eyes as Sirius would start spinning around in a circle and she giggled instantly while trying her best to yell at the dark haired boy. "Sirius Black! You will regret this!" She said, even though there was no malice behind her words. The boy was way too cute to actually harm, or at least he was now. If someone were to ask Riley a few months ago, that definitely would not be the response they would have received.

She let out a sigh of relief when she was finally put down on the ground and she blinked as he reached into his pocket. She laughed seeing the large tupperware full of food and she playfully looked into his pocket. "How do you fit so much in there?" She asked him with a grin and took the food happily along with the fork.

"Thank you!! I'm actually starving...but i guess you could tell huh?" She asked him with a light blush before she would pull him over towards a nearby staircase and she sat down. She made sure Sirius was sitting beside her and she cuddled gently against the boy. Instantly the lid of the tupperware would be pried off and her fork would dig in.

"You picked all my favorites! Good guessing!" She said with a grin and then her eyes widened hearing about dessert as well. "Wow, I think someone has been watching me while I eat." She said with a soft laugh and winked at him.

"How was Hogsmeade today?" She asked him curiously and she continued to eat.

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #59 on: January 02, 2010, 09:24:51 PM »
Lily plucked another petal, popped it into her mouth, and let it melt. Being Lily, she woould have prefered a simple peice of mint salt water taffy. It was her absolute favorite flavor, mint was. Though she did adore chocolate too, and the roses were quite gorgeous, even if she did like tulips best. But she appreciated them anyways, because it was a thoughtful gesture and she snuggled up under James's arms, resting her head on his shoulder and cuddling up to him. She breathed him in, a strange mixture out outdoors, chocolate, and boy deodorant, and gave a content sigh.

Quite relaxed now, Lily took another decadent little petal and slipped it into her mouth. She smiled up at him, nuzzling her head under his chin, still forgiving all of his yelling a month ago. She was more than happy to forgive and forget, when she liked him this much. He smelt good, and he was a warm body to cuddle up to, who could ask for more than that?

Sirius grinned at her, tugging out a fork of his own and plucking up some mashed potatoes with it. He had been more concerned with getting her food, than feeding himself. And he, being a teenage boy, was almost always hungry anyways. "Actually, I just got most of what I like best." Of course, that was a lie within a truth. He did like most of the same foods Riley did, but he had watched her when she ate, wanting to know every little bit about this strange girl who intrigued him so very much.

"Besides..." He scooped another bit of potatoe into his mouth, chewed, and swallowed. "It's kind of nifty, just the two of us having dinner." He smiled at her, before continuing. "It was alright, would have been better if you'd have come along though. James was all in a frenzy. He got Evans some of those weird chocolate roses and is going to beg for forgiveness the first chance he gets... Think she'll like them? I mean, you would know right? You're a girl, do girls like chocolate roses? Or is that more of a mum thing?"

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #60 on: January 02, 2010, 09:43:53 PM »

James really had no idea what Lily would've liked from Hogsmeade, but at least he had gotten the girl something and it seemed to be getting him brownie points. He tried his best not to blush when he felt the red head snuggle up against him and he smirked as he pressed a gentle kiss to her red locks as she rested her head on his shoulder. Now... it was getting Lily to talk again. Hopefully she would find her voice, James surely did miss the girl.

"I'm glad you like the flowers. I thought Sirius was going to bloody kill me because I couldn't decide what you would like best. Next time you'll have to give me a hint on your favorite candies." He said with a soft smile and took another petal and stuck it into his mouth. He laughed softly feeling her nuzzling his recently shaven chin and rubbed his chin gently against her in a playful manner.

"Thank you for forgiving me lily." He said softly hugging her tightly to his body with a soft sigh. He felt a lot better knowing that the girl at least decided to forgive him.

Riley laughed softly seeing him pulling out another fork from his pocket and taking some of her mashed potatoes. "You never stop amazing me Black." She said playfully with a grin as she would take a bite of mashed potatoes as well as she blushed hearing him comment that it was just the two of them having dinner. It was cute...and very date like if she had to put a label on it. She allowed her dark locks fall against her cheeks to hide the very red color of her cheeks.

"I guess we're always surrounded by hundreds of other students huh?" Riley said, not even realizing it until now. It was so easy to get used to eatting in the great hall after all these years.

"I hope next time I can come with you to Hogsmeade. I haven't been there in a while." She said honestly, usually studying for tests and hanging out with Lily instead. She raised an eyebrow looking at the boy in disbelief.

"Potter got Lily chocolate roses?" She asked and then a bright smile came to her lips. "I think she would love them, even though her favorite candies are salt water taffies." She said with a nod and took another bite before grinning at the boy.

"And if I have to tell you all of the secrets towards winning a girls heart, chocolate roses are probably one of the most romantic things a boy can get a girl. The first would be real flowers of course." Riley said honestly, never receiving either of those things in her life. Her blue eyes noticed a few Slytherins making their way down the hallway and sending glares in their direction. She sighed softly and pulled away from Sirius just a little bit, managing to keep the food in between them.

She was off her rocker thinking that the two of them could actually be together at one point in time. But then again, she highly doubted that Sirius would want a girl like her anyway. Riley was dreaming when she thought about those things anyway.

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #61 on: January 02, 2010, 10:06:55 PM »
When they had completely depetaled one of the flowers, Lily took up the green stem and slipped the end into her mouth. If she knew where her voice was, she would have squealed in delight. It was mint, the stem was. The perfect combination... chocolate and mint. She beamed up at James with that candy stick in her mouth and hugged him round the middle tightly in pure thanks. As soon as she had nommed the stick into oblivion (aka: her stomach), she took up another rose, flipped it upside down, and popped the stem in her mouth as though she were addicted to it.

Snuggling and all together being generally Lily-ish, Lily shifted herself until she was in his lap. She cuddled up to him that way, resting her head on his chest and closing her eyes as though she found comfort in his presence. She nuzzled him further, yawning as she carefully held the rose so as not the drop it from her mouth.

Sirius smiled at her, helping her eat away at the contents of the container for a while before he spoke again. "Well, next time there's a Hogsmeade trip, you and Lily should both come with. You guys could come to the Potter's for the holidays too, if you want. That way you're not stuck here by yourselves." He contemplated this seriously. He would love it for Riley to come meet Mr. and Mrs. Potter. He knew she'd love them as much as he did, and it might be nice for Lily to have a little parental doting upon. He watched the Slytherins, glaring right back at them with a look that said if they so much as said a word, he would kill them.

"Really? So, you'd like flowers best then... if someone were to get you something..." He pondered this over, storing it away in his list of what Riley liked and what she didn't. "And I hope you like chocolate, because I nicked a couple of these from James when he wasn't looking." He tugged two wrapped chocolate roses from his pocket and offered one to her. "Nothing like dessert before dinner's complete, huh? I think the stems are spearmint as well."

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #62 on: January 02, 2010, 10:33:45 PM »

James had seen how her green eyes had lit up when she put the stem of the candy into her mouth and he laughed softly as she looked up at him excitedly with the stem in her mouth. He could smell the mint aroma and he smirked.

"I'm guessing you like peppermint?" he asked her playfully and hugged her back just as tightly. He blushed lightly when the girl would crawl into his lap and he wrapped his arms around her waist with a light yawn as well.

"Next time i'll have to look for something mint... wait a minute! Are you the one who likes mint salt water taffies?" He asked her with a grin and then blushed a bit. "I mean... I didn't watch you in Hogsmeade almost every time you visited Honeydukes." he said with a soft laugh and rested his chin on her shoulder. It had been a long day, and all of his nervousness through out the day had actually made him quite tired. But just holding the girl in his arms like this made his dreams come true whether he was asleep or not!

Riley was still taken aback by the Slytherin's to even think about the holidays. Maybe she shouldn't be with Sirius right now? She was just getting him in trouble with the other pure blood wizards. She nibbled on her bottom lip trying to keep down the guilt that she felt before she'd look up at the dark haired boy when he invited her and Lily to the Potter's house.

"That would be nice as long as it's alright with James' parents. I think it would do Lily good." She said honestly, pushing around some of the food that was left on the plate and her blue eyes widened a bit when she heard him saying that she would like flowers and Riley instantly shook her head.

"I-I don't want anything! Really...I don't deserve it anyway" She mumbled the last part, not even catching on to how obvious Sirius was being. She was too caught up in her own insecurities. She placed the container of food down on the step and covered it up for now before her blue eyes looked to the boy once again and she nibbled on her bottom lip as he held that rose out to her. Why was Sirius doing this? Acting all cute and boyfriend like... it wasn't fair. It's not like the boy would ever like her in that way anyway.

"I... uh, thank you" She said with a small smile and took the rose as she would look at the flower and then giggled softly. "Well Lily will like the mint part at least." The brunette said honestly and slowly pulled away the wrapper. It felt so weird getting a chocolate rose from a boy she wasn't dating. But she didn't mind the chocolate, hopefully it would calm her emotions.

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #63 on: January 02, 2010, 11:09:55 PM »
Lily nodded and mowed down the rest of the candy stick and the flower petals before she yawned a chocolately minty yawn and snuggled up to him more so to the point where she was so cuddley and warm, she could probably have fallen asleep right there, wanting nothing more than the comfort of his arms and body at that moment. Somehow, she felt impossibly secure with his arms about her, like she always had with Riley or her parents, when they'd been alive. There was just something purely wonderful about the way they fit around her... as though they belonged around her. Lots of people hugged her, but she rarely found a person who's arms seemed to know the exact spot she liked them when being hugged, or which contoured around her body in the most absolute perfect, comfortable fashion imaginable.

This is how Lily Evans fell asleep, not restless, and not screaming, for the first time in a month.

Sirius smiled at her. "Good, because I've already asked them, and they're really excited about meeting both of you, if you guys can come." He beamed at her brightly, biting into his own chocolate rose happily before he heard her speak again. "Riley..." He stared at her sadly, as she said she didn't deserve things and he set his rose down in his lap, tugging her to him and hugging her tightly.

"Riley Walters, don't you dare ever say you don't deserve something like flowers or chocolate. Every nice, awesome, warm hearted girl deserves those things. You're brilliant. You've taken good care of Evans, you study way too much, and you're smile is a bit intoxicating to anyone who sees it. Of course you deserve some goddamn flowers." He cuddled her to him and kissed the top of her head. "And don't let those Slytherins' looks get to you. They're just jealous because you're way prettier than any of them."

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James' arms gently held Lily as she fixated herself in his lap and he smile softly as he saw her eye lids slowly closing. He rested back against the wall, his head resting gently upon hers as he too relaxed. He didn't fall asleep until the red head in his arms had done so. This was the first time in a while that he wouldn't have to go to sleep worrying about Lily. At least now he had her in his arms and knew that she would be fine.

Riley's eyes widened hearing that Sirius had already asked the Potters if they could visit and she smiled softly shaking her head. "You do move fast, don't you?" She asked him blushing however as he would tug her into his embrace and she instantly molded into the hug. Her cheeks instantly turned to a bright red when she heard his words and she didn't dare to look up at the boy. Why was he saying all these things to her? She wished he would just stop so that she wouldn't think there ever would be a chance for them to get together.

"I...uh, thank you I guess" She mumbled lightly not really sure what to say especially since she became utterly speechless feeling that kiss upon her dark locks and she tried her best to ignore the nice comments as well as she could. Slowly she pulled away and looked up at him.

"Shall we head back to the common room to make sure Potter is okay?" She asked him with a smirk, still a little out of it. But she definitely wasn't going to tell the boy what was on her mind.

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~*~One Week Later...

Lily was snuggled up between Riley and James on one of the benches of the long Gryffindor table in the Great Hall. She was contently chewing away at a piece of bacon and silently making James's plate into a masterpiece, her own empty and unused still. But she was eating, if still just little bites. So far, she'd turned his breakfast into a smiley face with toast for ears and a grape for a nose and was currently contemplating on whether or not to make it's mouth from bacon or the small rind of a piece of melon she'd eaten a few minutes ago. She looked at James questioningly, holding up both pieces wondering which to use and wanting his input.

In the past week, Lily had gone from being glued to Riley, to being glued to either Riley or James, something that had shocked the Hogwarts population a great deal. They weren't a couple of course, at the moment, he was just her friend, a very cuddley one at that. That night they had spent on the windowsill, despite cricks in the neck, had been the calmest night she had had in weeks.

Sirius was nomming happily away at his breakfast on the other side of Riley. He had a doggy biscuit on the side of his plate though, half eaten. He liked them, though he'd never say why. At the moment, he was deciphering the crossword in the newspaper. "Hey, anyone know a ten letter word for a flying object?" He looked up as the second rushof mail owls swooped in. Only so many could fly through the air at once inside here without hitting one another, so the came in waves.

"James! Your mum's sent us a package!" He grinned, holding up the paper wrapped box over the heads of the two girls between them for his best mate to see. "You want to open it, or should I? "

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James ate the food around the smiley face that Lily was making on his plate and he playfully took the melon from Lily's hand when she held them up to him. "Put the bacon down, I've had enough for today and it's most likely I wont eat that" He said honestly with a smirk as he would put the piece of melon into his mouth and he wrapped his arm around Lily's waist as she snuggled next to him.

"Ten letter word for a flying object?" He mumbled for just a moment his attention totally straying away from the crossword puzzle however when the second rush of owls came swooping down and he grinned seeing that they got a present from his mum.

"You can go ahead and open it mate. Probably just some chocolates." He said honestly and playfully pulled Lily close to his body and hugged her tightly. "Is your smiley face almost done? I may be having second thoughts about that piece of bacon..." He said with a laugh and then grinned innocently.

Riley watched as the red head happily made a smiley face on James plate and she smiled softly. It was nice to see that James and Lily were growing closer together. She knew that the boy was good for her friend, it just took Lily a little while to see that. Her blue eyes shifted towards the crossword puzzle that Sirius was working on and she giggled.

"Broomstick?" She said, wondering exactly why that didn't pop into Sirius' head at first and she playfully patted his dark locks. Her blue eyes didn't even bother to look up at the second wave of owls, knowing that she wouldn't ever get anything from her parents. However, a brown scrawny owl came flying down towards her, sitting on the table to drop off a letter and then flying off once again. She raised an eyebrow, seeing the envelope was addressed to her in her mothers handwriting and she rolled her eyes.

The white envelope was slipped into her book bag knowing it was something that she should read by herself. "Open your package" She said turning her attention back to Sirius and giving him a gentle smile. She was just as curious as he was since she never received an actual package before.

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Lily placed the bacon down on the plate, giving the smiley face a frown. She added a few drops of maple syrup for tears and sighed before takin a fork and smashing the face by swirling the for around on the plate. She did this sometimes now, one moment she'd be bright, the next, something would have reminded her of her parents and she'd go into a depressive mood. When this happened, she tended to get very clingy or very pushy.

Pressing closer to James, Lily slid herself up into his lap and stared down at his plate. She leaned back against him, closing her eyes and taking a few deep breaths, letting the bad feelings pass over now and going back to trying to smile. She reached down and began rearranging his plate again, this time though, she took his scrambled eggs and gathered more bacon to make a golden snitch, even though he was a Chaser... the snitch just happened to be her favorite ball. She looked up at him for approval before. She did notice Riley slipping something in her bag. She'd ask later. 

"Broomstick! It's perfect!" Sirius beamed and wrote it in before he set down his quill and took up the package. He grinned, ripping off the strings and wrappings. He then tugged open a cardboard box and peeked inside. He grinned and tugged out four brightly colored smaller little boxes tied with bows and a note which he read, his smile brightening. He handed a blue one to James, a purple one to Riley, a green one to Lily, and a red one he kept. "They're Christmas hints. Each year the Potters send us a box with a hint in it as to what they've gotten us this year... We used to spend hours trying to figure them out when we were kids, didn't we James? We're a bit old for them now, but it's still a cool tradition."

He tugged open his box and smiled, pulling out a swatch of cloth. "See? It could be damn near anything."

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James had a feeling that the package from his mum probably wouldn't be the best for Lily to see. But he would be there for the red head whenever she needed him. He wrapped his arms around her waist and watched as she started to the play with the food again and he grinned seeing the snitch. "Maybe you should become a culinary artist or something of the sort" He said with a chuckle and pressed a gentle kiss to her cheek as he would look down at the present that Sirius had passed to him.

"Would you like to open your hint together? Or would you like to wait a little while longer Lils?" He asked her softly, willing to wait to open his as well whenever she was ready. He looked to Sirius who already had his opened and he laughed softly.

"Someone's a bit excited huh Pads?" He teased his friend as he wrapped his arms tighter around the red head.

Riley laughed softly seeing Sirius beaming and she playfully rolled her eyes, not sure what she was going to do with the dark haired boy. She looked down at the little box and nibbled on her bottom lip. Why had the Potters gone through all this trouble to get her and Lily a gift? Well of course the red head deserved it, but she really didn't. She hadn't received a Christmas present from her parents in her whole life. Yet now, she had James' family sending her a present and they never met her.

"Are you sure this is okay Sirius?" She asked the boy, nibbling on her bottom lip as she looked over to Sirius' swatch of cloth and she smiled softly. They seemed like a really caring family. Her attention turned to the red head however and she held Lily's hand for a moment until the girl started to play with James' food.

Slowly her fingers would untie the bow from the purple box and she nibbled on her bottom lip. She took over the cover and blinked when she saw a piece of parchment which had a certain aroma drifting from it. Her blue eyes looked to Sirius and raised an eyebrow. "Why do they make the hints so hard?" She asked him curiously, her eyes turning towards the clock however. They would have to get going soon if they wanted to get class on time. Or at least in Riley's mind. She liked to be to class a little bit earlier than everyone else. 

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Lily's fingers found the bow on the box and she gently untied it, looking up at James with a smile smile. She tied the ribbon into her hair, just above her ear, and took the cover off of the box, reaching in and taking out a small piece of cotton fluff. She blinked. What was it? Her body shook with silent laughter and she blew at the puff , letting it float off her fingers for a few moments before she caught it back up, placed it in the box, and then slipped it into her pocket.

She knew James was worried... knew he watched her out of the corner of his eye when he thought she wasn't looking. But she really was doing so much better, with his and Riley's support. She hadn't found her voice yet, she was't sure she ever would, but she was doing better. And that was what mattered.

Reaching down, she took the little blue box from him and tugged off the ribbon, placing it in her hair above her other ear and then offering him the box, wanting him to open it. The package had saddend her slightly, knowing she'd never get one from her parents ever again, but it had passed.

"The Potters are amazing. It's definitly ok." Sirius hugged her to him, wishing she wouldn't be so hard on herself. He hated that... she deserved so much more... more than he'd ever be able to give her... she'd never want him. "They love just about anyone who'll let them. I bet, if you come, first thing Mrs. Potter does is hug you so tight you can't breathe, but you don't want her to let go either. And Mr. Potter's hilarious. He jokes around all the time, so you have to be careful where you step, but they're always good natured."

Sirius stroked her hair gently. "Well, they're hard because they're hints and we're not really supposed to figure it out. Just do a lot of guessing, they're never what we think they'll be in the end."

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James watched as the red head tied the bow in her hair and he smiled softly, playfully pointing at the bow and then tapping Lily's nose. "You look absolutely adorable." He whispered softly in her ear watching as she would finish unwrapping that present and he raised an eyebrow seeing the cotton fluff.

He laughed softly when he saw how the girl interacted with it and he smirked. "Well at least if you don't like your present, you always have the fluff to keep you entertained." He said with a wink and he allowed her to take the bow off of his present before lifting off the cover. He laughed when he saw an empty box and he shook his head.

"I think that's my fathers doing, he always kids around that I shouldn't get anything for Christmas" He said with a grin but of course his father was only kidding around. He was surprised that his mother actually allowed the older man to do that though.

Riley snuggled into Sirius for just a moment listening to the description of the Potters and she smile softly. At least James had nice parents and it seemed like Sirius was even becoming their son now. She smiled softly looking up at Sirius as he ran his fingers through her hair and her blue eyes looked back at the clock.

"I should probably head to advanced potions now. Don't you all think you should head to class as well?" She asked them playfully, even though some days the other three usually stayed around a few more minutes in the great hall.

James looked to Walters and playfully rolled his eyes. "Always on time Walters." He said playfully and hugged the red head to his body with a soft sigh. He didn't want to go to class. He just wanted to spend the whole day snuggling up to Lily.

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Lily grinned and took up the last of James's bacon, nibbling at it before breaking it in half and offering part of it to him while the other hung out of her mouth. She still had not a single word to say, but she did speak, with her eyes. At the moment, she was trying to let him know how very much she liked having his friendship. When she couldn't have Riley, she could have James, and vice versa. It kept her more sane, balancing and leveling her emotions by having her friends around her. She beamed, laughing inside, her face lighting up when she saw how James's box was empty. It was perfectly hilarious. She turned and hugged him tightly, silently giggling.

Schooching out of James's lap at Riley's words, Lily then stood up, climbing off of the bench. She, too, had advanced potions. She excelled in that class, and in Charms. Transfiguartion, however, was a completely different story. Bright she may be in just about everything else, she had never quite managed to change her toothpicks into needles as fast as the rest of their classmates.

Sirius groaned and tugged at Riley, not wanting her to go to class just yet. "We have half an hour before classes even start, that's at least twenty more minutes to not be in there...." He sighed, grabbing her to him and giving her a good hug before pushing her away playfully. "Go on and get to class Walters." He grinned at him. He knew she liked getting there early.

Sirius hated being to class before the bell rang signaling they had all better be in their seats. He was always running in just in time, and e managed, somehow, to never receive a detention for being late, because he was always right on time.

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James laughed softly as she would take the piece of bacon into her mouth and he playfully bit the piece of bacon, taking half for himself. "Thank you" He said with a grin before he would pout when Riley said that it was time for them to go to class and he sighed. "I guess you should go to class as well huh?"

He hugged the red head tightly before she got up to leave and smiled. "See you later Evans" He said with a playful wink and looked to Sirius once the girls were gone. "You know... we could learn from them and head to class early too" He said with a chuckle even though he made no intention to move

Riley blushed when Sirius would tug at her and then pull her close. She smiled softly and shook her head. "Lily and I need to set up our stuff for our experiments. I already told you that before silly." She said and playfully patted his head before hugging him tightly as well.

"Have fun being late to class" She said with a playful grin and made her way out of the great hall with the red head.

*~* After Potions Class *~*

Riley looked to Lily and raised an eyebrow. "Don't you have transfiguration now?" She asked the red head since they didn't have the same transfiguration class since the brunette was better at transfiguring than the red head.

"I'll walk you to class and then go to my own." She said with a smile and took the red head's hand and walked with her down the hall to her class and she hugged her tightly.

"I'll see you after class. Black and Potter should be joining you soon anyway. I need to hurry up and get to transfiguration" She said with a grin and left Lily in front of her transfiguration class. The brunette sighed as she ran a hand through those brown locks. She hated lying to Lily but she really wanted to read that letter in private. Riley really had no plans on going to her next class because they were only doing a review for the test.

The brunette made her way towards the Gryffindor common room, knowing that it was unlikely that anyone would actually be in their now since everyone should be in class. She crawled into Lily's usual hiding space and pulled the curtain so that no one would see her. Slowly her slender fingers slipped the envelope out of her book bag and undid the seal as well. She took a deep breath as the letter was unfolded and blue eyes started to read her mothers delicate hand writing.

Dear Riles,

It seems that not only has that wizarding school made you into someone your father and I barely know anymore, but it has also corrupted your mind and heart. We were both looking forward to seeing you this Christmas break but you would prefer to stay at that school and visit your wizarding friends. If that is what you prefer, then perhaps you should just find a permanent residence with your friends as well. Your father and I never really needed you in our lives anyway, you were a burden upon this family and I hope you cast the same burden upon your friends as well. They will see soon just how undeserving you are of their friendship just as your father and I have come to see that you are undeserving of our care. We are thoroughly disappointed in you as our offspring and plan on having all your belongings left at home sold. Please do not come back, or we will deny you as our child.

Riley didn't even want to continue reading feeling the tears slide down her face as she nibbled on her bottom lip. It's not like her parents had ever cared for her in the first place... so why were they so upset about her not coming home? She whimpered softly as she tore up the letter and screamed in a frustrated manner. She hated her family, she was glad that she didn't have to see them ever again.

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The bell rang not before long, and Sirius met up with the others. He, James, and Riley, were all in the same Transfiguration class, with the other seventh years who always passed with flying colors. "Where d'you think Riley went? She didn't show up. Maybe she went with E-..?" He paused as he saw the red head coming towards them down the hallway.

Transfiguration was the only class Lily didn't have with the others. She struggled so, McGonagall had decided to keep her back with the sixth years, just for this term, until she had caught up to where she could join the seventh years. She just needed a bit of practice. So, instead of Transfiguration, she'd been in the special advanced Charms class that she, and a couple others, had made it into. The red head had spotted James and Sirius not that far off from her and hurried to catch up with them. She came to a kind of bouncy stop and blinked, looking between them. Now, it was fairly easy to see the two boys over the heads of others and assume Riley wasn't tall enough to been seen, but she wasn't with them. Immediatly, Lily looked between the two boys again, stared at them inquiringly.

"She wasn't in class..." Sirius provided the silent girl, looking to James for confirmation as well. "Dunno where she went to."

Lily's head tilted, wheels turning for a moment. Then she remembered the letter Riley had gotten and put in her bag at breakfast. Her head tilted the other way and she slammed the palm of her hand to her forehead before turning around and bolting down the corridor. If Riley had received a letter from her parents, if might not exactly be a good thing, hell, it was never a good thing.

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James shook his head when he heard Sirius suggest that she was with Lily. "Walters has never missed a single class though. Maybe something happened?" He asked, not sure where the brunette had gone off too. He was even more confused when he saw the red head bouncing towards them without a brunette as well.

He watched Lily's inquisitive eyes, knowing well that something must've happened when the red head didn't even know where her best mate was. "No she definitely wasn't in class..." James didn't even have a chance to finish his sentence as Lily bolted down the hall. His brown eyes looked to Sirius and he patted his friend on the back.

"Maybe you should go with Lily as well mate, I'll let you know what happens in class. You won't miss a thing." He said with a smirk. Through out the semester they had both mastered each others voice in order to gain attendance points. It's not like the old muggle history professor noticed anyway.

Riley took a deep breath having sometime to calm down since her out burst and she nibbled on her bottom lip. Even though she had time to calm down, it still didn't help the thoughts that ran through her mind. She was worthless and undeserving of her friends. Why was she even at Hogwarts anyways? Even though she tried her hardest to help Lily, the red head still couldn't talk. Maybe it was all her fault for not going to her best friend right when she needed her.

She brushed away the tears that started to glaze over her blue eyes and shut her eyelids for just a moment. She had managed to come so far... to actually believe that her friends needed her in their lives and now it just all seemed to crumble around her. They would leave her soon, just like her mother had said. They were see how much of a burden she was and then they would leave her.

Even though her eyelids were closed tightly, the tears still slipped to her cheeks. She gripped her school uniform tightly taking a few deep breaths trying her best not to get too emotional again.