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Author Topic: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)  (Read 6816 times)

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #25 on: December 30, 2009, 12:35:01 AM »
Sirius was halfway to the library when he felt the tap on his shoulder. At first, he figured it was just James, but then he heard her voice. He jumped, her presence catching him completely off gaurd. He spun around, eyes wide in surpise, shaking his head as though to clear it. "Bloody hell Walters!" He stared at her... gosh she was gorgeous... he shook that thought from his head as he regained composure. He smiled at her, despite his nervousness, running a hand over the back of his head. "Hi. Yeah... I guess my best mate is a bit finicky about your best mate pouncing out and hexing him lately... so that's probably..."

Sirius blinked, staring at her. Was she smiling? And was that a giggle? "Did you just laugh?" He grinned at her then, glad to see a happy face instead of a somber one. "Quick! Somebody alert the Daily Prophet! Walters just laughed!" Nervous? Yes he was. But he was skillfully trying to cover up that fact with humor... bad humor. "And I do not have a big mouth... What are you doing out here anyway? Shouldn't you be with Evans, plotting James's demise?"

Lily sighed, pressing her face up against the glass. She hadn't told Riley, but she was thinking about that kiss again and what it meant. She still felt that it might be just a plot to confuse her, but what if Riley was right? What if Potter really did like her and wasn't trying to trick her? She sighed, banging her head gently against the window and letting her dangling leg sway, causing the curtains to move and her socked foot to show even more so. Truth be told, they weren't her socks. She had borrowed them from one of Gryffindor's chasers and her dorm mate, Molly Sinf. All of Lily's socks were in the mail... yeah, the red head had forgotten something important. She had been borrowing socks from her dorm mates all week, not that any of them minded. Lily's feet were typically clean, as were the insides of her shoes... she wasn't fond of the dirty feet smell, so she used a spell to keep her shoes and socks fresh.

Anyways, Lily had borrowed her socks today. Not such a big deal, except for the fact that this particular pair in question (not that Lily knew it) had been given to Molly (a great sock fan) as her secret santa gift last year when the Quidditch team had decided it would be fun to do a secret santa. Molly's secret Santa had been James (who would surely recognize the socks if he saw them), not that she was about to tell Lily that. She just thought it was going to be funny when she told her before bed later.

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #26 on: December 30, 2009, 12:50:07 AM »

Riley gasped when Sirius was caught off guard and she jumped as well, her blue eyes wide and she grinned seeing how surprised he was. "Well i'm glad I surprised you" She said playfully, walking next to the boy before she raised an eyebrow. "Finicky about Lily? Why is he being all finicky?" She asked curiously and then heard the part about Lily pouncing out and hexing him. She laughed softly and shook her head.

"Well, you can tell Potter that Lily isn't going to hex him anytime soon. I think she's been thinking about last week every single day. She hasn't said it, but I can read what she's thinking, it's a best friend thing." She said playfully, her cheeks becoming a bright red when he would call attention to her smile and giggle and she looked down at the floor instantly.

"That's not nice! Don't make fun of me" She said with a playful pout before playfully hitting him on the arm and glad that the subject was changed. She looked up at him, the crimson color fading from her cheeks and she looked down the hall. "Well i'm heading to the library to get some studying done. What about you? Usually you don't go anywhere without Potter" But then again, she didn't go anywhere without Lily either so this was actually a rare occurrence.

James was just about to sit down, feeling a little bit more relaxed when he came to the conclusion that it wasn't Lily. If it was the red head, she would've followed Walters by now. He blinked however seeing those snitch socks peaking out from behind the curtain and he raised an eyebrow. What was Molly doing all the way up there anyway? He smirked, deciding to go bother the chaser. He slowly moved over to the curtain, climbing up on the chair and pulling that curtain away quickly.

"Hey Mol--" He was just in the middle of his yell when he noticed that it was Evans and his eyes widened in shock. Oh dear lord... now he was really going to hexed. "Er.. sorry..." he mumbled, stuck in his current position as he continued to stare at the red head. The way the moon glistened on her red hair, it was just absolutely stunning.

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #27 on: December 30, 2009, 01:05:52 AM »
"Good. So he can stop hiding behind me then whenever we pass you two in the hall." Sirius laughed. "Or maybe I won't tell him and just keep watching to see what happens." He pondered this seriously, wondering what James would do if he found out Lily wasn't going to hex him and he hadn't told him. "It is pretty funny to watch... he gets all skitterish, kinda like a fly in a spider web..." He peeked sideways at her and continued to grin.

"Nah, it's good that you're smiling." And your whole face is lighting up and it's damn beautiful... he added in his head. He kept walking in the direction of the library, keeping beside her. "I'm heading for the library too... The fly spotted red earlier and dragged me out without my bag... which I need.. for er... homework." Now of course, this was stretching it a bit, but just a bit. Sirius didn't need to do any of his homework... at least not tonight. He could do it over the weekend. But no way did he want Madam Pince or anyone finding the Marauders' secret plans for prankings.

Lily blinked and tore herself from peering out the window as her quiet revere was broken. She had been perfectly happy sitting there by herself in the quiet of her own private little windowsill and he just had to come and ruin it didn't he? Especially when she had been thinking about him when he had done so. She was still so boggled. And she didn't know how to explain it to Riley about her being boggled until she figured out why she was so boggled in the first place.

Seeing Potter there, something in her head clicked, and she stared at him, not with rage or even the slightest bit of hatred. She didn't reach for her wand. She merely cocked her head to one side as she did when curious about something, and seemed to be pondering something for a moment before the words tumbled from her mouth without her even thinking them beforehand. "Why did you kiss me?"

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #28 on: December 30, 2009, 01:18:16 AM »

Riley took a deep breath as she felt her hands start to become clamy and her stomach start to turn in knots. What was going on? It was almost like she was getting nervous over walking with Black to the library. That didn't mind any sense at all! She nibbled on her bottom lip for just a moment almost completely missing what the dark haired boy was saying while she was thinking about him. She giggled softly and shook her head.

"That wouldn't be very nice... but I think you should do it!" She said with a grin, referring to Sirius hiding the fact about Lily from James. She blinked however hearing Sirius talk about homework and she looked at him in a surprised manner.

"I don't know you very well Black, but I heard you have more detentions then completed homework assignments. So what exactly is in your bag that you don't want Madam Pince to find?" She asked with a knowing grin, a mischievous twinkle in her eye. She definitely couldn't wait to hear what was in his bookbag that was so important, Riley was in Gryffindor after all!

James waited for what seemed like an eternity for his dark eyes to unlock from Lily's emerald ones. He also waited to see that flash of her wand coming towards him. However neither of those actions happened when she asked them question. He blinked for just a moment, being knocked back into reality and instantly his face flushed red. This was probably one of the first times that he had blushed, not wanting to ruin his reputation of course. But this time the action was kind of inevitable.

"Er... why did I kiss you?" He asked, his hand instantly moving to mess with those black locks and he took a deep breath before shrugging. "Well... it just kind of happened I guess. Sorry if it made you uncomfortable" He said with a nod. Ha! Like he was going to admit aloud to Evans that he liked her... he was a Gryffindor, but he wasn't that brave! Especially since he wasn't sure exactly where her wand was.

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #29 on: December 30, 2009, 01:35:33 AM »
"Well, f course it isn't very nice, but it's hilarious. Have you seen him get all jumpy?" Sirius laughed outwardly at his best friend's strange ways. He walked along, shoving his hands awkwardly into his pockets as they went along. He tugged a mini pie from his pocket and offered it to her, not sure really, what she would think of it.

"Or maybe I just have more detentions than homework assignments?" Sirius opted, trying to save himself, but looking into those beautiful eyes, he found himself unable to lie. "Some stuff that's detention worthy. I dunno as you'd be able to handle it though Walters. It's pretty extreme stuff." He grinned at her playfully, his tone slightly mocking, but outwardly joking in a way to show he didn't actually mean it. He didn't want her to think he didn't like her or anything, well no, he did, just... in a different way... He didn't want her to think he liked her in the way he did.

Lily remained still, eyes locked to those hazel ones she had never really taken the time to look into unless she was yelling. She was silent, turning his words and tone over in her head, the gears moving and pondering everything he had said and wondering, if he was tellig the truth or not. She tilted her head the other way, indicating that she had finished processing and was going to speak again.

"You... confuse me. Kisses don't just happen, at least, not like that. It was intentional. The question is though, why was it intentional?" Lily reached into her pocket and drew out her wand. She held it up, knowing full well it's presence was probably why he suddenly seemed to have a bit of fear in his eyes. She didn't like that. She raised her wand up, and then promptly dropped it. Or rather, she gave it a little flick as she dropped it, causing it to land and roll on a nearby table down below where it wouldn't be stepped on. She knew she could trust no one to take it. They were after all, in their own house.

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #30 on: December 30, 2009, 01:52:41 AM »

Riley shook her head when Sirius asked if she had ever seen James all jumpy. "No i haven't...but like you said, he does have a tendency to hide behind you when Lily and I come around" She said honestly and blinked when he pulled a pie from his pocket and smiled with a raised eyebrow.

"Are you a pie bandit?" She asked him playfully and grinned as she took the pie and took a bite from it. The brunette looked into his eyes as well, looking away after a few seconds and continuing to munch on that pie he had given her.

"Extreme stuff?" She laughed softly and shook her head. "I highly doubt anything you show me will be too extreme for me." She said honestly and poked at his arm playfully with her free hand. "Will you show me this extreme stuff? I'm kinda curious now" Her blue eyes were sparkling with that mischievous glint once again but it was also very apparent she was beyond happy being here with him.

James could tell that the wheels in her mind were turning and he took in a silent breath, hoping she would figure it out for herself. He really didn't want to say it a loud. Once again his eyes widened when she actually took out her wand, but the fear disappeared when the wand was actually away from Lily and he smirked softly.

"I think my biggest fear is that you're going to turn me into a ferret or something." He said with a soft chuckle, trying to ignore her question for a few more seconds before he would finally give in.

"Because Ev--Lily, I've liked you ever since first year. I thought it was pretty obvious." He mumbled lightly, hand once again playing with those black locks, thanking the heavens that her wand was far away at the moment. "I didn't mean to confuse you, I just thought my intentions were pretty obvious."

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #31 on: December 30, 2009, 02:09:07 AM »
"Not pie solely, no." Sirius grinned, waggling his eyebrows and tugging an eclair from his pocket and biting into it himself. He nommed away at it for a while, and didn't say another word until they reached the library door which he tugged open and held for her. "I'm more of a pastry badit, actually. Be careful, Pince hates it when food enters the library... it goes in... but it never comes out."

Grinning, Sirius waiting til she had gone through the door before following after her and heading for the table his bag was sitting under. "Are you sure about that Walters? Most girls wouldn't be able to handle such things... besides, they're top secret. I can't just go around showing anyone who asks. We'd have to hold a meeting first and dicuss whether you're trustworthy enough to let into out secrets, ya know?"

Lily stared at him for another moment and shook her head. "Oh yeah, because covering me in every possible sticky thing you can get your hands on just shouts 'I like you." She glared at him, almost wishing she hadn't put her wand down so quickly, but then she remembered the fear in his eyes and decided it was for the better that she wasn't armed right now. After all, she could always get him later once she had her wand back. "Honestly Potter, do you expect me to believe that?"

Sitting there, looking him dead in the eyes, Lily almost did believe him. But she wasn't going to let him off so easily about it. Because he did boggle her so, she figured it was only fair she get some answers and then boggle him right on back. Why? Because she could. The boy deserved it, as far as she was concerned. Some nice good boggling would be good for him for a change.

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #32 on: December 30, 2009, 12:50:51 PM »
Riley laughed instantly at those wiggling eyebrows and she blushed instantly. He hadn't expected to see him doing that but it made her think of him almost as a pervert. She continued to laugh as she saw that eclair being pulled out of his pocket and she grinned before shaking her head.

"You're just full of surprises aren't you Black?" She asked him playfully and quickly finished up her pie when he mentioned that the pie wouldn't make it out with her if Pince saw it and she nodded. "All taken care of" She said with a wink and grinned before heading into the library and raised an eyebrow. This time her blue eyes turned a little bit more serious and she smirked.

"Are you saying that because I'm a girl, I can't handle whatever is in your bookbag? I don't think you know me too well Black." She said with a smirk as she saw his bag and playfully picked it up and held it behind her back. "What would happen if I look in there now Black? Would something gross come shooting out at me?" She whispered noticing that Madam Pince heard their loud voices and she looked up into his eyes with a soft smile. Ah, she was going to give him a hard time just because he didn't believe she could be as mischevious as he could.

James sighed knowing that this wasn't going to be easy. If it was him in Lily's situation though he probably wouldn't believe it either. He had played some pranks and tricks on the girl... she probably just thought this was a trick as well.

"Well... I guess when your Sirius or I, you would know that pranking is our language of love." He mumbled honestly, running a hand through his messy black locks before he looked into her green eyes and took a deep breath and held her chin with his fingers gently so that she would continue to look at him.

"I can still remember the first time I saw you our first year. You were the little red head girl bouncing around on the platform as you stood with your mum and dad waiting for the train. I remembered that they both kissed you on the cheek as the train pulled up and you had tears forming in your amazing green eyes but a smile was still on your face." His hazel eyes turned away from those green ones as he took a deep breath. How embarrassing... this is not how he wanted to tell Lily about his feelings, but it seemed that the red head wasn't going to let it go.

Ever since then... I just couldn't get you out of my head Evans. I don't know why... maybe it was because I knew that I would have an enormous crush on you for the rest of our Hogwarts years. Ever since that day I tried to win your attention but my pranks seem to only make you hate me." He mumbled this last part before looking in her eyes once again and he sighed shrugging his shoulders.

"If you don't believe that, then I don't know what to tell you."

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #33 on: December 30, 2009, 06:48:23 PM »
"Well, not because you're a girl persay..." Sirius pondered, sitting down at the table and staring up at her. He didn't even attempt to to take his bag from her. It wasn't that he actually believed she couldn't handle it, or that she was a girl, it was more a mark of friendship with his fellow Marauders, that he wasn't going to show her. He grinned, knowing that the Marauder's map, and the notebook itself, wouldn't show their information to just anyone, though it would be bad for Pince to fun the dozen dung bombs and other joke goodies in his back and have it confinscated with the map and the plans still in it. He didn't care much about the bag, just that notebook and bit of parchment. "By all means, have a go into my bag."

Sirius smiled at her, resting his head on his hand. "Of course, I won't be sharing with you what everything is for, you'll have to take that up with Prongsey."

Lily continued to contemplate James with that tilted head of her's, eyes purely curious. She listened intently, nodding along to his words to show she was doing so. She kept her attention focused to his eyes and his voice, drinking in both of them. Her head tilted the otherway suddenly, as though she had come to a conclusion while he was speaking, and then, it tilted again, as though unsure of whether she was sure about her conclusion or not.

When James had gone silent, Lily kept staring. She didn't say a word, however, instead, she scooted forward on the large windowsill and let her other leg fall over the edge, sitting sideways with her back to the window, letting both legs dangle. She tugged the curtains closed, blocking herself and his top half from the veiw of the others in the common room and then she leaned. She raised her hand, as though to hit him, but instead, it gently came to cup his cheek and she ever so hesitently and shyly, gave him the smallest of pecks on his cheek.

As soon as she had done it, she sat up, her face a brilliant scarlet and looked down at her lap, her hands twisting together there, long red locks falling to hide her face from him. She opened her mouth, and the sound of air minus words came tumbling out, as though she were trying to speak and couldn't quite get up the nerve to do so.

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #34 on: December 30, 2009, 07:25:19 PM »

Riley sat down at the table as well, waiting to hear his explanation as to why she couldn't be as mischievous as Sirius and his friends and she raised an eyebrow playfully. "You'll actually let me go into your bag?" She asked the dark haired boy once again feeling quite bad since he was going to allow her to do that. But he was an interesting boy and if he didn't care, then she might as well take a peak.

Slowly her hand dug into that bag, blinking when she felt a piece of parchment and a notebook. Riley also felt those familiar prank items but kept them in the bag so that Sirius wouldn't get in trouble. She giggled softly and shook her head. "I am not surprised about a few of those things but..." She pulled out the piece of parchment and examined it. "This is an interesting way to fold an ordinary sheet of parchment." She said playfully. Hopefully Sirius trusted her enough to know that she wouldn't snitch. If anything this was her way of flirting with the boy.

"Maybe I will ask Prongsey?" She asked and then raised an eyebrow. "Would that happen to be your pet name for Potter?" She asked and giggled once again. She loved learning about this side of Sirius.

James didn't know what to expect when the red head kept silent but for some reason he didn't really fear the hand that was coming towards his face. He took in a gentle breath as he felt those precious lips against his cheek and he closed his eyes for just a moment to savior the moment. He was in bloody heaven, and he wanted to jump off that chair and just start dancing. Was this the start of a relationship with Evans? He wasn't sure... but maybe it could be!

He watched as she pulled away and gently brushed those red locks away from her face and smiled softly. "You know... it's a Hogsmeade weekend in a few weeks. Would you like to go with me Evans?" He asked her, obviously not playing any type of joke. Even though he hadn't been playing a joke all the times he had asked her before either. But maybe, she would believe him this time and say yes.

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #35 on: December 30, 2009, 08:04:45 PM »
Sirius laughed as he watched her expressions change to represent so many emotions one by one. It made him curious, as to how one person could feel so much in the course of a minute, and yet, it didn't surprise him at all. Walters was an interesting girl, so strange and foreign to him in so many ways, and yet, also so very similar in ways he knew not of yet. So, when she pulled out the map, he continued to grin. He knew she'd be curious about that, it was after all, a strange bit of parchment. He also knew she would never figure it out or how to use it, without him telling her. "Oh, yeah, it is, isn't it? Too bad for you I'm not telling. That's top secret, and I can't share it with you without dicussing the matter with James and Sirius first... it'd be going against their trust to do so, ya know?" She was pretty yes, but he wasn't about to blow his friendships for a girl.

He slid his chair a little closer to her and took the parchment from her hand, pocketing it in his robes. "And yes. Prongs." He nodded, confirming her question. "Just like how sometimes you call Lily that weird name, what was it? Beansprout or some other weird plant? How the hell did that come about, I'd like to know." He rolled his eyes, playfully, leaning towards her. "And she calls you Rowdy doesn't she? Because it's another term for when a person is being riley or unruly, yes? But then, you look more like a Ri-Ri, than than a Rowdy..."

Lily kept her face down, biting at her lower nip ever so nervously. Her stomach was doing jerks and leaps and she couldn't understand it. Popular and seventeen she may be, but she'd always had terrible luck with boys, especially the cute ones. The pimple ridden, dorky boys were the ones she was more friends with, because of her charms and potions skills, and her taking to just about anyone who was human who'd let her. She loved people, so long as they weren't bad, mean and nasty.

Very slowly, she moved her eyes to glance at him as he asked her that question he had asked her so many times before in the past. And very slowly, she pondered it, and then, for the first time, nodded her head. Just once, but it was a very clear nod. She couldn't speak she was so very anxious. Her hands were all tangled up in the hem of her skirt and she purposely reached one up to remove the hair from behind her ear, letting the red curtain fall to hide her face again, too embarassed of her own blush to show it. 

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #36 on: December 30, 2009, 08:32:31 PM »

Riley playfully glared at the boy when he said he wouldn't tell her how to use it and she sighed playfully with a smile. "Alright, alright. Go ahead and ask Remus and James first. But let me know as soon as you do!" She said with a quick nod and continued to smile. It was nice being able to talk to the boy. This was one of the first times that she actually enjoyed hanging out with someone of the opposite sex. Usually she scared them away or they were just plain annoying. But Sirius had changed a bit so that he wasn't annoying anymore.

She blushed hearing that nickname that Lily called her and she nodded her head. "Yes, Lily calls me Rowdy and I call her beansprout. And if you want to know the answer, you'll just have to wait until I get my answer." She said with a wink and grinned before putting the piece of parchment back in the bag and pushed the bag along the table so that Sirius could take it back.

"What are you plans for the rest of the night?" She asked him curiously and smiled softly. She pulled out her potions book making it obvious that she was going to study but she wouldn't mind if he stayed of course.

James watched as Lily continued to stay quiet and he almost leaped off of the chair when he saw that head nod once and he smiled brightly.

"Are you bloody serious?!" He asked excitedly, continuing to smile as he wrapped his arms around her tightly in a hug and then stopped his actions before pulling back. "Er... sorry. Got a little excited." He said with a chuckle and he pressed a gentle kiss to her red locks.

"I promise, you won't regret saying yes." He said with a nod, wanting to plan the best first date. Of course he had many first dates before they hadn't been with Lily.

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #37 on: December 30, 2009, 08:52:13 PM »
"Or..." Sirius grinned right on back at her. "I could just as Evans." He stuck his tongue out at her and flicked a lock of her hair away from her face, not liking how it had blocked one of those pretty blue eyes. He stared at her, and got lost. He almost couldn't bring himself to look away from her, and it was very hard to do then, when he turned his head to look up at the clock on the wall. He heaved a great sigh and rose from his seat.

Clapping Riley on the back gently and in a very friendly, playful manner, Sirius looked back down at her, grabbing his bag up from the table. "I'd stay, but I really should get back and see if Prongs has discovered Evans on the windowsill. You'd think, the way he watches her, he would have noticed by now that that's where she hides. And I really want to see his face when she comes out, it's going to be priceless. But I'll see ya soon, aye Walters? You know...." He wandered for the door and then turned his head back to look at her. "You're not so bad... when you're not being somber. Keep smiling, it's pretty..." He let the words slip out before he could stop them and quickly retreated from the library before she could take them in. He promptly turned and banged his head on the wall a few times. "Stupid, stupid, stupid, now she's gonna think you're some sort of deranged bugger." He sighed, and started his way back to the common room.

Lily let out a very small mixture of a squeal and yelp when he hugged her. She actually relished the feeling of his arms, strong and tight around her, and his scent.... it was lovely really. But then he let go and it was over almost before it had begun. She smiled at him shyly still, her mouth still shut, but her eyes said it all. They sparkled happily, showing that she wasn't just doing this because she wanted to get back at him for the kiss, but rather because the time had finally come, for her to at last, give him a chance.

Pondering it over, she'd never really had a date before, at least, not one that didn't involve going in a group with a bunch of others on their dates. Most of the boys were too scared that Potter would hex them into oblivion if he found out that they had chanced to ask out Lily Evans, the girl Potter had had an unspoken male claim of first dibs should any dating be done since the first feast of their first year was halfway through. Truth be told, she was actually kind of giddy and excited over it.

When his lips touched her hair, she just about melted as her instincts took over and told her she had turned into chocolate and his lips were adding fire to her. Her smile was bright, as she tugged back the curtains of the window, and slipped her bottom off the edge of the windowsill so she fell to land on her feet on the floor below. She crossed to the table and picked up her wand, turning her head to look back at him as she made her way to the portrait hole. Time had passed quickly, and she needed to get Riley before curfew hit.

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
« Reply #38 on: December 30, 2009, 09:08:02 PM »

Riley's blue eyes widened and she playfully glared at Sirius. "You wouldn't ask Lily... she wouldn't answer you anyway" She said in a playful snotty tone and then blushed lightly as he would flick that piece of hair away from her face. She wasn't expecting that but it seemed that everytime his eyes met hers, she just couldn't look away. A light frown came to her lips when Sirius would stand up from the table and she looked up at him.

"Yeah, I was wondering about that also. I'm pretty sure he spotted Lily when I was leaving the common room." She said honestly and then nodded her head. "I'll see you again soon. Don't try to hide from me this time Black!" She said with a light giggle but was totally caught off guard by his next statement. Had Sirius just called her pretty? Noo... she had to be hearing things right? Never would Sirius Black think she was pretty. He went out with one of the most beautiful girls in their year, there was no way that she could compare to that. She shook her head and opened her book, wanting to forget about what he had just said.

James didn't want any of this to end, afraid that all of the actions were just a dream. The smell of her hair under his nose, the kiss of her lips upon his cheek, god... he really didn't want any of this to go away. But he knew that it would have to eventually. They weren't dating yet! He would have to make a good impression on her if he wanted to keep her around.

Once she climbed down from the window, he would step down from the chair continuing to smile like a boy who had just gotten a lot of chocolate for Christmas. Oh dear lord... he really hoped he didn't mess this up! "See you soon Evans" He said with a smirk in her direction when she looked back at him and once she was out of the portrait hole he would jump up and dance around the common room.

"I'm going on a date with Evans!" he said in a sing song voice as he continued to sing and dance.

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Re: Mischief Managed (Xxbutterfiywings & JingleKaileiJangle)
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Lily could hear James singing and dancing in the common room even after the portrait hole had been closed. She leaned up against the wall and pressed her hands to her lips, stifling a giggle that threatened to escape and blow that fact that she had stopped in the hallway. She took a couple moments, to calm herself down, though she was still jittery. In order to try and calm herself, or at least get rid of some of the sudden energy she had, she started skipping down the corridor, hair bouncing behind her, a small smile on her face.

She skipped right on past Black, heard him as her a question, saw his face fill with sudden dread, but didn't respond to it as it didn't entirely click in her brain as to what she saw. She just continued her way to the library, bouncing in on through the door and over to the table where Riley sat. She climbed onto the table, sitting on it in front of Riley with her legs crossed. She reached foreward, grasped Riley's book, and slammed it shut know what she was about to say wold be more interesting than the book.. "I have a date with Potter."

Sirius went slowly down the corridor, pondering over his conversation with Riley. Now that he thought about it, had she been flirting with him? He had noticed the winks and the staring of course, but he'd been so caught up in her eyes and smile and conversation, that he hadn't really thought about it until now. He shook his head. Nah. That was stupid. No way would Riley flirt with him of all people, she was much too pretty and smart for him.

As he was passed by a bouncing redhead, Sirius's face got confused. Why was Evans so happy? Oh Merlin... "Evans? What's got you smiling like that?... Evans...?" But she didn't appear to hear him as she continued on her way. He blinked, and bolted down the hallway, hoping James wasn't hexed too badly. Hadn't Riley said she wouldn't hex him? This was bad... He shouted the password before he even got to the portrait and it swung open. He dived up into the hole, and ran the length of the small tunnel to the common room where he knew he was going to find something he dreaded. "Prongs! Are you ok? Did Evans get you?"

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Riley really hadn't been able to study ever since Sirius left the library, so when Lily came and sat in front of her, she hadn't been too much of a distraction. She raised an eyebrow however as her book was slammed shut and she pouted playfully. "You know... I was studying" She said with a soft smile, not wanting Lily to know that she had been hanging with Black for the moment. She wanted to get her feelings in line before telling her best friend.

Blue eyes widened however when she heard that comment about having a date with Potter and Riley was speechless for a few moments, her eyelids blinking a few times before she could come up with any words. "I told you so! Even though, i honestly wasn't expecting it." She said honestly and packed up her book before she stood up and helped Lily off the table and took the red heads arm.

"You have to tell me everything that happened!" She said, beyond excited for her friend.

James looked to the common room door when he heard someones feet quickly pattering against the ground and he raised an eyebrow when he saw it was Sirius who was running. "Someone chasing you Pads?" He asked his friend but then the smile came back to his face and he would think about Lily and he shook his head.

"She didn't hex me, but I do have a date for next Hogsmeade weekend!" He said excitedly and continued to dance and sing around the common room. Sirius was probably looking at him like a mad man but James was beyond excited to have Evans as his date.

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Lily was glowing. Now, when most women are refered to be 'glowing' they're typically pregnant. Lily, on the other hand, was such a ball of sunshiney happiness this morning, that she didn't need to be pregnant to appear to be glowing. She had woken much earlier than usual and hopped in the shower, getting every bit of her clean and nice soapy smelling and letting the hot water ease her nerves for a little bit before she shut off the water, wrapped a towel around herself, and wandered out into the girls' dorm. Now the girls' dorm was a bit different from the boys. The girls had two vanities to share and a floor length mirror inbetween. It was to one of these vanities that Lily went. She sat down and ran a comb through her wet tangle of hair that always misbehaved when she wanted it to behave the most.

Once she had finished putting the brush through her hair, she got up and hopped over to Riley's bed, climbing onto the sleeping girl and letting her wet hair drip onto her face. "Wakey wakey Rowdy, Lily needs help to get ready for her daaa-aaate." She sing songed excitedly.

Sirius groaned as the sun hit his face. Why was it that his bed was closest to the windows? He rolled over and tugged his pillow back over his head, hoping to Merlin that James would stay asleep. It was the day of 'The Date' as his best mate had been calling it ever since that night, and he would very much like it if he didn't have to spend the wee morning hours helping his friend pick the right clothes or something stupid like that.

Sirius closed his eyes and smiled as a particular brunette entered his dreams as he drifted back to sleep. Damn she was gorgeous.

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Riley was having an amazing dream. She was hanging out with Sirius just like they usually did except this time they were at a beautiful garden. She watched as he leaned over, his hands moving to her face to pull her gently closer as his lips pressed against hers. "Riley, I..." The deep voice turned into a familiar Lily sounding voice and she groaned lightly. She opened one eye, nibbling on her bottom lip trying not to get too upset at the red head knowing that she was excited.

"Good morning beansprout. I can see your excited about your date huh?" She asked playfully and sat up even though Lily had climbed onto her and she pressed a kiss to Lily's forehead. "Let me brush my teeth and then I will help you" She quickly stood up from the bed, not wanting to keep her friend waiting. It only took her a minute or so to get ready and she made her way over to Lily and she smiled.

"Do you have any ideas of what you would like to wear?" She asked the girl, already pulling out her friends trunk to look through some of her nicer clothes.

James was already awake, singing in the shower as he prepared himself for the day and he walked back into the boys dormitory and he started to throw some clothes around. "Hm... what should I wear." He mumbled softly, wondering if he should really be this worried about his clothing choice. But he wanted everything to be perfect when he was with Lily. He didn't want to lose her just when he got her.

He looked over to Sirius' bed and pulled out a few shirts before pulling that pillow away from Sirius' head. "Hey mate, can you help me for a moment?" He asked with a bright smile holding up the shirts he had picked out. "Which one do you think Evans would like better?" He had picked out a t-shirt with wizarding rock band, a nicer looking blue polo shirt and then an actual white dress shirt.

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Lily blinked and sat on the end of her bed, looking down into her trunk before shaking her head slightly. She got up and went to the wardrobe the girls had to hang their dresses and tugged out her pretty little green one. It was emerald, like her eyes and her absolute favorite. "Or should I go for a skirt... or maybe..." She pondered for a moment before tugging a pair of jeans out of her trunk, laying them on the bed and then laying the dress over them. "How about like that?"

She was a strange girl, Lily was. She never really conformed much when it came to clothes and styling. It was hard to find colors with her hair, but managable. "Oh, and maybe..." She dug deeper into her trunk, tugging out a old emerald tie of her father's that he had allowed her to bring to school with her her first year, as sort of a comfort item. She liked to wear it sometimes, as a belt or hairband. Today, she placed it above the dress... a hairband. "Maybe? And my denim jacket? Or am I just challenged again today...?"

Sirius groaned as he heard James come out of the bathroom. He tugged the covers up over his head when his pillow was taken. He peeked out from beneath them, to look at what James had chosen for options and sighed. "The blue one. The other's are too casual and too dressy. Add some jeans and shut up." He went back into his hidey hibernation hole.

Sirius liked his sleep as much as the next dog, and so he tended to be a bit grumpy in the morning when risen from his slumber. His words were said with love... and pure irritatedness. He knew James was excited and all, but he was damn tired. 

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Riley looked at the clothes and scrunched her nose a  bit in thought. "Well since it's just Hogsmeade. I think the dress would be a little too classy and I would save that for a later date" She said with a grin as she would put the dress aside and then looked to the jeans or the skirt. Both of those would be cute.

"Well... do you think James would dress up? I've seen him on dates before and usually he just wears a t-shirt and baggy jeans. But I think today he'll try a little better?" Riley said thinking a loud as she would pick up a jean skirt that Lily had packed away and then a nice green shirt to go along with it.

"What about this? You'll look cute and sexy all in one" Riley said with a wink and giggled as she would take that green tie and put it in Lily's hair as a head band. "Do you know what you guys are going to do today? Did he tell you?" She asked curiously, feeling a little jealous since Sirius hadn't asked her on some sort of date. But then again she didn't even know if the boy liked her anyway. He had just said she was beautiful, that didn't mean he liked her right?

James couldn't help but laugh at his friend. Nothing could ruin his mood today, even if Sirius was being a bit crabby. "How late were you up last night Pads? Were you talking to Walters til the early hours of the morning?" He asked in a playful taunting voice. He knew he was going to annoy his friend, but he just couldn't help it. James was beyond happy and excited for this day to be here. He had probably been driving the Marauders nuts these past few days!

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Lily shook her head. She never had much liked the jean skirt... it hugged her too tightly and was too short for her liking because it made the backs of her legs stick to things. "How about my other denim skirt? The layered one that flies up when I spin?" She dug into her trunk and tugged it out. This one, didn't reach her knees, but it did keep her legs from sticking to seats. "You can actually have that other one if you want. I just... no." She shrugged and grabbed out some under things as well, taking her clothes into the bathroom and tugging them on quickly. She readjusted the tie slightly on her head before skipping out of the bathroom barefoot and spinning. "Is this ok?" She dug into her trunk, searching for her green flip flops or sandles, or something to go with her skirt, when a knock came upon their door.

The door opened slowly and McGonagall stood there, looking a bit harried. She was frowning. "Ah, good, you're already up. Miss Evans, if you could please come with me, I have something important to discuss with you." She eyed Riley and sighed, knowing it would probably be better if Evans had a friend with her. "Miss Walters, you had better come as well."

Lily's smile faded from her face and she quickly tugged on her flip flops and looked at Riley, not understanding what was going on. Normally though, when one of the heads came looking for a student, it was to give them news about their family. The redhead nodded, and started for the door.

Sirius chucked a pillow at his best mate. "She's actually a really great conversationalist, if you must know. I can't help it f we accidently lose track of time." He then rolled over and would be dead to the world for at least the next half hour.

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Riley had no clue that Lily didn't like the jean skirt she had picked out and she raised an eyebrow. "Ohh! That one should be cute too!" She said with a smile. The red head always doubted herself a lot with fashion, but Riley didn't know much either, it was just the idea of another opinion that helped her through her fashion woes. She waited for Lily to change, pulling on her pajama pants and brushing her hair as she waited.

She grinned when Lily came out of the bathroom and spun around and she nodded her head. "It looks absolutely amazing. I'm sure you'll knock James' socks off!" She said with a grin, her eyes instantly turning to McGonagall however when the woman entered the girls dormitory. Whatever could be wrong? Usually the news was bad when a head professor came to deliver news.

Riley looked to the red head and she instantly took her friends hand into her own. "No worries beansprout, i'll be with you" She said softly, squeezing the red heads hand as she walked out of the room with her friend.

James smirked at his friend and changed into the clothes that Sirius had suggested for him. Now he just had to wait until the afternoon started.

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Lily nodded and grasped Riley's hand tightly as McGonagall led them out of Gryffindor tower and down the hallway to her office where she sat them down and brought forth a rolled up newspaper. She hated this part of her job, but someone must be there for the students in times such as these, and if it was she who had to deliver the news, then so be it. McGonagall opened the newspaper and set it down on the desk. "I wanted to show you this in private, before you saw it at breakfast..."

"S-sixty three d-dead in Small S-surrey V-village of..." Lily's breath hitched and her hands clenched around the hem of her skirt as she looked down, shaking her head. Her mind was exploding. No. It couldn't be her parents, it was probably just McGonagall wanted to let her know her town had been attatcked... to make sure she knew... that there might be someone she had known gone now.. but not her parents. They were still...

"Miss Evans, I know it is much harder to hear, than to tell, but your parents...." McGonagall paused, watching as the red head's head shaking became much more severely obviously. "Your parents were killed in the attack. Death Eaters were searching for the home of a well known and protected family.... and everyone else got caught in the cross fire... I'm so very sorry... If you need something, all you have to do is ask. We're all here to help you and those who have also lost their family members in...."

McGonagall didn't get to finish her sentence. A scream, similiar to that of a banshee, so full of pain and strife, echoed strangely out of the redhead as she collasped into wailing sobs. She stood quickly, knocking her chair over, and ran from the office.

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Riley's blue eyes looked down at the newspaper which was placed on the desk and her eyes widened instantly. Did that mean that Lily's parents were... Her thoughts instantly came to a stop as she heard McGonagall's voice bring reality to what she had been thinking and she shook her head as well. This was bloody insane! How could Lily's parents be dead? This must be a mistake? She jumped hearing that scream and she let go of her friends hand as she collasped.

"Lily..." She whispered softly, not able to register everything as the red head ran out of the room. Riley instantly ran after her friend but then stopped when she heard McGonagall's voice once again.

"Ms. Walters... I think it would be best if you gave Ms. Evans some time alone." She said honestly and Riley nodded her head but still made her way out of the woman's office. Even she was having a hard time processing the information.

*~* A few hours later *~*
James stomped down the hallway towards the fat lady portrait, his face red with anger. Had Lily really stood him up? He had been waiting at the Hogs Head waiting for her just like they had planned. But the girl had never showed up, and it made him look like a complete fool in front of his best mates. Was this Lily's way of getting her revenge instead of hexing him? He growled lightly at the thought as he yelled the password at the fat lady and then stomped inside. It didn't help that his eyes instantly went to that window sill where the girl usually sat and he saw her there. James pulled the curtain back, his hazel eyes filled with anger.

"Why the blood hell weren't you at Hogsmeade Evans?" He asked, standing on that chair as he stare at her but he didn't make any motion to touch her. Sure, he was angry but he wasn't that angry to do anything mean.

"I was waiting and waiting for hours, is this your idea of a joke? Some type of revenge? Were you laughing with Walters as you sat here, thinking Potter is a bloody fool for waiting there for me!" He yelled at her, feeling his anger instantly grow as he would jump down from the chair afraid of his own anger for the first time in his life.

"You're a pretty good actress Evans. I thought you were just as excited as I was, but it seems that you were only making fun of me. Weren't you?" He asked, hazel eyes once again looking up at her with that angry glare in them.
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Sirius had a lollipop hanging out of his mouth as he wandered down the hall quickly, seeing if he could find Riley and Evans before James did. He had seen his best mate barreling out of the Hogs Head and checked there first, to see if evans was there and what she might have done, but she hadn't been there, so he figured James had been stood up. And if that was the case... with how excited the boy had been... well, there was no wondering at how angry he would be. Now, Sirius had only seen James actually seriously angry two times in his life. The first when they were twelve and some Slytherin decided that tricking his sister into stealing Evans's clothes while she tried to clean herself up after an explosion in potions class was a good idea. James had just about beat the kid to a pulp before Sirius could pull him off of him. The second time was when Sirius showed up at his door over winter break a couple years ago.. his mother hadn't been very pleased with him and let's just say he wasn't a very pretty sight to behold. James was furious, but there was nothing he could do about it.

It was a relief then, when Sirius saw that familiar head of brown hair, but also, it twisted his stomach because there wasn't a red head beside her. "Riley!" He sprinted the rest of the way down the hall to where she was walking and grabbed her by the shoulder, tugging her around. "Riley, where's Evans? She didn't meet up with James... and he's pissed by the looks of it... if he finds her, the entire school's going to hear him yelling... why didn't she show? I thought you said she was actually excited, for sure?" He stared down at her, noting that her face was not happy at all... and it wasn't because that was how she normally looked, this was more than that unhappy. He blinked, not liking seeing her like that. "Something happened..." It wasn't a question. He knew it, just looking at her, he knew it. He tugged her to him, his arms holding her very tightly to his chest, resting his head on top of her's and keeping her close, needing her to smile.... to say no, he was wrong and that everything was just ducky.

Lily looked down at James, her face and the tips of her hair soaking wet with her own tears. Her hair stuck to her face as she shook, from fear and grief. She was curled up in a sitting up ball, her arms around her stomach, knees bent, looking very much like she just wanted to be held now... she had had time to scream and cry and kick things and be very angry at the world, but that wasn't Lily. She could only do that for so long before she needed someone to take her into their arms and keep her tight, to hear someone else's heart beat and calm her. When she had seen James she had almost bolted to him, but then she'd seen his anger, and he's started yelling.

When James was yelling, she tried to muster up something to say, tried to interrupt him as she'd always been so good at doing. Even when he finished yelling however, she just hiccuped, eyes wide, staring at him, wet and fearful and so, so very sad. She looked like a lost child, only bigger. Hiccupping again, she opened her mouth, and no sound came out, just a strange gurgle, and then no more than air, as though her voice was lost to her. She stared at him... and burst into a fresh set of tears. She flung herself off the windowsill to the floor, landing in an almost cat like manner, and bolting up the girls stairs in tears, her own terror of him bluntly on her face, knowing he couldn't follow her up to the dorm because the stairs wouldn't allow it.