All My Ideas into One :) Specifically looking for Harry Potter/Hunger Games RP!

Started by xxbutterfiywings, June 11, 2009, 05:13:42 PM

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What I’m looking for…

•   Literate and experienced partners for one on one role play
•   Partners who can match my post length or go beyond it. (This means three or more paragraphs per post).
•   Romance with developed plots and characters
•   If you can’t play with these simple standards then please do not PM me.

What you’ll receive in return…

•   A fun and enjoyable RP as well as role playing partner
•   A partner who has more than six years role play experience
•   A detailed storyline and well-developed characters

What I play…

•   Male/Male (play the submissive male) or Male/Female (play the female) pairings
•   Original plot lines revolving mainly around romance and the modern Era
•   Fan-based Role Plays such as Harry Potter, X-Men, Twilight, Anime
•   If you are interested in anything else, please just ask ^__^

Original Plots
Note: all plot lines can be M/M or M/F unless otherwise stated ^_^

1.) Another Chance at Love: Character A and Character B were both friends with crushes on each other during highschool. But nothing ever happened because of their family views on homosexuality. They end up meeting one day randomly and want to start a relationship. But there are complications such as one of the character's being engaged/married. They will have to keep their relationship a secret until it becomes too much for the both of them. (This is obviously an M/M RP)

2.) The Run Aways: Character A and Character B are both homeless and end up meeting when they both decide to steal from the same store. They end up both getting caught during an argument about who should shop lift from the store and the cops are called on them. They both end up running away together and becoming friends and more. (M/M or M/F)

3.) Model/Photographer: The photographer in this story line ends up having to shoot a very cocky and uncooperative model that has no idea what the word ‘nice’ is. Unfortunately what happens is the photographer is so well at what she does that she ends up getting hired by the models agent to be his permanent photographer. Since they spend so much time together, the model/photographer start to develop a relationship and the photographer gets to see why the model behaves the way he does. (Looking for the male model).

4.) Siblings: This storyline has to deal with two siblings who haven’t seen each other in about five or more years for some reason. Perhaps the older sibling got married and is now divorced or they were kicked out the house etc. The younger sibling shows up on their door step one day after getting abused by their step father. Basically what happens in this story line is that the two siblings rekindle their relationship and become something more than expected. (Looking for the older brother).

5.) High School: This one has to do with a lot of bullying of one of the characters. Basically in this plot line there is the popular student and the outcast. The outcast is usually bullied in school and one day the popular student stands up for the bullied student. This gives the two a chance to start a relationship. What eventually will happen is the popular student will continue to stand up or not stand up for the bullied student. It should be interesting. (Looking for the popular student and of course because of E guidelines, they have to be at least in senior year to play out sexual content.)

Fan-Based Plots

Note: The character I am playing will be in Bold.

Harry Potter

1.) Sirius Black/ Elizabeth Becker (my own character): Basically what happens in this storyline is that Elizabeth ends up being sent to the Marauders Era after she receives a bump on the head. She knows nothing about the wizarding world and Sirius is the one who finds her and introduces her to the Marauders, magical world, etc.

2.) Draco Malfoy/ Harry Potter: This storyline will be completely AU. Something happens to Draco/Harry to where they end up getting stuck in the muggle world yet not. They can’t use their magic, they don’t have any connection to the wizarding world and most importantly they are stuck together. So they’ll have to learn how to survive together and hopefully develop feelings if they don’t kill each other first.

3.) Severus Snape/ Lily Evans: This could take place during their Hogwarts years or post Hogwarts. Depending which one is chosen, we will talk out the details then. But it could be interesting if she decides to have an affair with Severus.

4.) Remus Lupin / Nymphadora Tonks: I’d love to play this pair right after Sirius Black dies. I think it would be interesting to play out how their relationship started since the book gives barely any details. Or we could make it totally AU and put them in a different world. ^__^

5.) Sirius Black/ Remus Lupin: This would take place during Hogwarts or right before Sirius is sent to Azkaban. Or it could also take place after he gets out of Azkaban. I’m open to ideas!

•   Wanted! Someone to play Peeta Mellark from Hunger Games please :)

Anime Plot Lines
Note: Characters I will play are bold!

1.) Death Note – Light/L
2.) Fruits Basket - Yuki/Kyo, Tohru/Kyo, Shigure/Hatori, Hatori/Kana
3.) Fake - Ryou/Dee.
4.) Rurouni Kenshin - Kenshin/Kaoru.
5.) Sailor Moon - Serena/Darien, Rei/ Darien.
6.) Fushigi Yugi: Miaka/Tamahome, Yui/Keisuke, Miaka/Hotohori, Noriko/Hotohori.


I fully endorse xxbutterfiywings as a highly fun, highly approachable, highly thoughtful roleplaying partner.  Two thumbs up, really.  :) 
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