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Author Topic: We Chosen Few: Recruitment Thread  (Read 5032 times)

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We Chosen Few: Recruitment Thread
« on: July 05, 2017, 02:06:21 AM »

Character Thread
OOC Thread
IC Thread - Druellia

Before the world of Aeon had taken it's final form, back when the seas boiled and the winds howled. Back when beyond the land and sea, there was simply the void. Back in the beginning of time, when only primal forces and Gods existed, is where our story begins. With nothing in existence save Aeon and themselves, the Gods were bored at the beginning of time. So they played, they loved, they fought, they warred. The world of Aeon was razed to ashes and rebuilt and razed again. For an age the Gods simply wielded their power unchecked.

Then, the wisest of the Gods decided that as Gods, they needed subjects. It was the first thing all of them had ever agreed upon, and so it was done. Each God created a race in their image, blessed with their personal strengths and traits. They made Aeon beautiful beyond measure, and divided it into sections between them for their servants to live and thrive before learning of the others. For a time after the creation of "The Aeons(blanket term for all races)", the world was bright and good and peaceful. The races lived in harmony, grew quickly and flourished in their perfect world.

But then the first murder was commited. And then another, and another. Theft, arson, adultery. Crime after crime, wrong after wrong seemed to sprout up the world over. The Gods bickered and the sky shook, one blaming another for the slightest reason. The Dwarf God Rrrothgrin accused the Orc God Koruush that his people were too violent and bloodthirsty. While he accused the Dwarves of being greedy beyond measure. None of them, in the beginning, could even fathom thought that by creating their perfect world, they also created it's perfect destruction. There are two constants for existence; two constants that even Gods cannot ignore. Balance...and Death.

 In all things, there must be balance, as a tip of the scales too far in either direction would lead to cataclysm. And death comes to all things; even Gods. And while immortal, they were not unkillable. In creating such a beautifuous place, something ugly had to be created as well. As a result, all of the darkness and emptiness of the Void were condensed into a single place. To create such an abundance of life all at once, meant that the concept of Death itself was introduced and was now a fixture of finality throughout all existence.

And finally, to create so much good, the bad that would rival it had to form as well. All three of these concepts coalesced into a single entity, creating a new God unto himself, and unlike any of the others. He was a God of Chaos, Death, Destruction and War. He was Evil personified. His name was Uldreath, and known by his new brethren as "Undeath". He was the world's first necessary evil. He was the balance to creation itself...entropy. He had to exist, to make things wither and war and new things could be created. And this new God was absolutely relentless in his mission.

 So much so that his birth caused massive death and wars to erupt across the land. It was he who brought out the worst qualities of each race. His throne was of bone and ichor; with a crown emblazoned black fire upon his brow. Simply by existing did the world grow more evil, but it was necessary for the good to be seen as such. The Gods knew that waging war upon Uldreath would cause untold devasation to their world. But to do nothing would be allowing his influence to eventually engulf all. So instead, they sealed him in his realm of the dead, where he ruled with an iron fist.

With the seal in place, his influence could still be felt, but it could also be resisted. The world came to know relative peace, but the damage had been done. The evil and avarice in the hearts of all creatures had been unlocked and would never recede. It was simply up to the individual to do what they thought was right. The Gods were not happy, but they could accept this middle ground. They knew however, one day the seal would break, and Uldreath would be free to sow discord once again.

Knowing that day would come, each God sent their influence out into the world over the centuries, helping or inspiring or simply creating divine and legendary weapons known as "God Arms", as they would dole out the God's divine judgement against Uldreath when his seal failed. Together, all of the God Arms created a force capable of driving him back into his prison and strengthening it once again to contain the Mad God of Death. For his power was immeasurable and completely necessary for all of existence, so he was the one God who could not be killed. Sadly, the best the Gods and their fragile creatures could hope for was peace for a time before calamity was once again released. It wasn't perfect, but it was the best they could hope for.

Several millenia ago, Uldreath escaped his prison for the first time. Simply breaking free killed hundreds of thousands, and darkness quickly swept over the land. In an event that would come to be known as "The Culling", an estimated 2.4 million people were killed in under a year due to war, dark forces, etc.... The Chosen of that era gathered, and fought their way to the God of Death. And their battle ended with a scar cleaved through a mountain, several of the Chosen dead, and Uldreath once again in his prison.

The world healed slowly after Uldreath's rampage, but it did heal. And over the many, many centuries, people forgot as people do. Legends of Uldreath faded from memory, and soon he was only even remembered in dusty musuem exhibits. The present day is 2175, and the world has become a different place from the Aeon of old. Now instead of castles, skyscrapers carve into the clouds. Cities belch steam, smoke, and aether. Skyriders and Skyships fly through the air.

And the name Uldreath is not even a whisper. Those who know of him; the keepers, know the signs though. And they know that soon the bonds holding him prisoner will weaken. Soon the God of Death will be free, and the God Arm's must once again choose those who would save the world.

World Info

The World: Aeon: Aeon is a massive, blue and green marble floating proudly in deep space. It is very much like Earth in appearance, however, it is roughly 2x larger, and possesses much more biomes Earth has never produced. Lakes of pure lava. Caverns filled with honey. An infinity of untold wonders lie sprinkled around the world of Aeon.

Gods: Gods exist, even in the future. Pray to them, they listen. Speak to them, they may just speak back. Each God watches over the world of Aeon, and does what they can to make sure it keeps spinning. They have even been known to appear before Chosen in times of great need.

Races: The world of Aeon was created by Gods. Each God created a race in their image for the world of Aeon to represent their will and their power. Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Dragons, and more exist because their God saw fit to create them.

Technology: Over the centuries, due to the combined innovation and magical capabilities of Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Halflings, etc..., technology has catapulted to unseen heights. In this rp, technology will be at a Neo-Future level. Flying cars, massive skyscrapers(in the cities, there is tons of non-urban landscape to go through), cybernetics, etc... However, all levels of tech are present. Modern day, feudal era, etc...(not everyone lives in a mega city, and not everyone fully embraces technomagic.)

Technomagic: The saying, "Any highly advanced science is indistinguishable from magic" definitely holds true here. Due to technology and magic being side by side for so long, the two are essentially seen as one in the same now. Most systems are operated with a combination of technology and the inherent magical power within every living being.

God Arms: God Arm is a blanket term that refers to any weapon or item created through enchanted means and spoken of in rhyme and verse, throughout legend and all time. The name comes from the almost completely unknown fact that each and every one of these creations was influenced by the Gods. Whether they had a direct hand in creating them or not, every single one was at the very least nudged along by one of the Gods, as they would all be necessary for the war against the Darkness. Possession of a God Arm in combat grants every Chosen similar traits. Enhanced strength, durability, speed, agility, etc... beyond that of a normal human. Enough to stand against the forces of Darkness, even if they aren't directly in combat. Prolonged use of a God Arm leaves even the most experienced of Chosen exhausted, as their own magic fuels their God Arm and lets it be used to it's full potential, and not just a regular sword or spear. As God Arms possess so much pwoer, they are not simply weapons. They have thoughts and personalities, and can even communicate with their Chosen. Whether you like what they have to say is up to you.

Chosen: The term "Chosen" refers to any being of any race who is chosen by one of the ancient, legendary "God Arms" as it's wielder. There doesn't seem to be any concrete system as to how Chosen are selected. Some are descendants of the original bearers of the weapons. Some are simply deemed worthy. In this way, the Gods ensured equality among the beings who would become the most powerful and potentially dangerous beings in the World.

Enemies: The enemies we will be facing will essentially be a mashup of legendary creatures from myth, and entirely original horrors thought up by my twisted mind. So you can expect Dragons, Banshees, Sirens, Sphinx, Griffins, Night Terrors, Techno Goblins and more. :)

(This will be further expanded upon as the game continues. Still in progress atm.)

CHOICES HAVE CONSEQUENCES Once the game gets underway, you get your weapon, the characters join up, etc... You are allowed to do what you want within the confines of the game, but know your actions will have consequences and repercussions down the line. For example, you come to a stronghold and decide to slaughter everyone there instead of showing mercy. It might turn out one of the people there could've helped you through an extremely difficult fight in the future.
• This is a mix of sandbox and story, with fast paced and exciting missions, as well as intrigue, drama, and suspense.
• You do not have to be a human. I am accepting humanoid characters as well due to multiple worlds and creatures inhabiting them in this RP.
ATTENTION!!! While it is possible for a Chosen to have their God Arm from the beginning of the game, it should be hashed out with me so everyone doesn't start with their weapon as it would defeat the purpose of them discovering they were Chosen.
• First Come, First Serve rule is in effect. Although their are a huge selection of weapons and items to choose from, it is finite. If someone picks something and claims it before you do, it is theirs unless they leave the RP, at which point it will be available for another writer.
• This game will be LGBT friendly, so you can make your character gay, lesbian, futa, whatever you want.
• As many legendary/magical weapons are only spoken about in song and verse, you will be allowed to modify your chosen weapons capabilities to an extent discussed with me in PM's.
• This group game will take place in extreme for the sake of making this RP as fun, yet genre appropriate as possible. Which is to say so we can get all the fun of Golden Age comics and adventures, with all the gritty realism and sexytimes that goes along with the more mature and modern material that's been produced since those days.
• There will be smut in this game, but remember that your characters are on a mission to save all the worlds, so time and place.
• I am your GM for this game. Any questions, complaints, problems, or drama needs to be brought to us so we can handle it before it becomes more.

•   Please follow E’s Rules & Regulations. This is something I expect from everyone here, including myself.
•   I am your GM for this game.
•   While I appreciate insightful and helpful players. There is a difference between helpful ideas and backseat modding. So while player help is welcomed and encouraged, at some points I need to do my job. Ideas and suggestions can be helpful, but sometimes it needs to be handled by the GM.
•   All character profiles can be posted here, but must be PM’d for official approval. When PMing your character profile please label it as your character’s name.
•   Questions regarding this game can be posted here or pmed directly to me.
•   Drama is not allowed in the Interest thread or OOC. Disagreements and debates are welcome, but berating, nitpicking, or otherwise being very mean to any of the players will not be tolerated.
•   I am open to character and mission ideas. Just PM us a premise and we can see about working it into the game.  That way, they can make their own missions from time to time. Give the players a bit of interactive control.
•   This is a literate roleplay which means quality as well as quantity. Basically, I'm asking for decent length posts, and for you to make sure your spell check is working.
•   People aren't expected to post every day. But all I ask is you give this game some time so we can get it moving and keep it going strong. If you’re in a scene with someone, do not leave them hanging for weeks at a time. Please be courtesy and let us all know if you have to take time away and will be back. Real life happens, shit happens – I understand.

Writer's name here

Name: Your Chosen's name
Gender: male, female, transgender, futa, etc
Race: What race is your Chosen?(Possible races include Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Halflings, Half-Breeds(Half-Orc, Half-Elf, etc...), Cyborg, etc... Unique cases will be discussed in PM's)
Sexuality: Straight? Gay? Bi? Pansexual? Anything goes
Appearance: You can use pictures, written description, or both. I'm not going to ban anime pics and stuff; we're all adults here.

God Arm
Name: Your God Arm's name and or title.
Power(s): What special powers does your God Arm possess?
Abilities: What if any enhanced or extra abilities does your God Arm grant you?(Super strength? Enhanced agility? Etc...)

Physical description/Other pictures:

Connections: If you want your characters to have any connections with other characters
Ons/Offs: You may list or post a link

Code: [Select]
[center][color=#151B54][size=14pt][b]Writer's name here[/b][/size][/color][/center]

[floatleft][img height=300 padding=7][/img][/floatleft][justify][font=trebuchet ms][b]Name:[/b] Your Chosen's name
[b]Gender:[/b] male, female, transgender, futa, etc
[b]Race:[/b] What race is your Chosen?(Possible races include Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Halflings, Half-Breeds(Half-Orc, Half-Elf, etc...), Cyborg, etc... Unique cases will be discussed in PM's)
[b]Sexuality:[/b] Straight? Gay? Bi? Pansexual? Anything goes
[b]Appearance:[/b] You can use pictures, written description, or both. I'm not going to ban anime pics and stuff; we're all adults here.

[color=#151B54][size=14pt][u]God Arm[/u][/size][/color]
[b]Name:[/b] Your God Arm's name and or title.
[b]Power(s):[/b] What special powers does your God Arm possess?
[b]Abilities:[/b] What if any enhanced or extra abilities does your God Arm grant you?(Super strength? Enhanced agility? Etc...)

[b]Physical description/Other pictures:[/b]
[b]Talents/Skills:[/b] Things your Chosen is naturally good at, or has practised at to become profficient(i.e. cooking, manipulation, charm, etc...)

[b]Connections:[/b] If you want your characters to have any connections with other characters
[b]Ons/Offs:[/b] You may list or post a link[/justify][/font]

Vergil Tanner - Arondight
Juggtacular - Excalibur
Lustful Bride - Seal of Solomon
MiraMirror - Tyrfing(Potential)
Ordernchaos - Carnwennan(Potential)
1SAZ - Fragarach
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Online Vergil Tanner

Re: We Chosen Few: Recruitment Thread
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2017, 02:17:42 AM »
Bugsy Arondight! >.>

Online Vergil Tanner

Re: We Chosen Few: Recruitment Thread
« Reply #2 on: July 05, 2017, 03:31:51 AM »
And I sent you a PM outlining my idea for Arondight! Although, I do need to know before I start the bio...does everybody get their God Arms in-game, or can characters already have them prior to the start of the game?

Online Vergil Tanner

Re: We Chosen Few: Recruitment Thread
« Reply #3 on: July 05, 2017, 12:27:49 PM »
Vergil Tanner

Name: Marcus Dulaclen
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Sexuality: You're kidding, right?

Marcus stands at roughly 6 feet tall, and possesses a larger than average, broadly muscular build. Whilst not to the levels of body builders and professional weightlifters, his muscle mass, tonage and general shape is definitely far above what the average human possesses and would certainly be considered "Ripped" by any reasonable definition. A life on the run tends to make you want to take care of your body a little more carefully than most, after all, and he tends to have a vested interest in being the strongest and the fastest around. His naturally white skin is slightly tanned from his time in the sun, and his black hair is generally kept in a neat "Up in the air" style, arranged such that it tends to stay out of his field of vision. At the moment, he is wearing his facial hair in a carefully groomed mustache and chin-beard, with a strip of hair leading from his bottom lip to his chin. He tends to change his style often, however, considering that he doesn't wish for anybody to recognise him. A futile gesture, given his distinctive size and atypical ruggedly squared looks...but he has to try, no?

His clothing tends to err on the side of practicality, too; he wears a pair of tough black jeans, a dark grey or black polo shirt and a thick-ish leather jacket over the top to both protect against the cold, and possible injury or attack. Not the best protection, but better than bare arms, he finds. His shoes are, similarly, fairly tough athletics boots that are well designed both for walking and sudden bursts of speed. He wears a small silver necklace with an elegant silver cross on the end around his neck, usually tucked underneath his shirt. On the inside of his right arm, just above the wrist, is a tattoo of a series of tally marks, numbering a total of 13. On his left upper arm is an extensive tribal tattoo. He also tends to carry around a long sword - roughly 4 feet in length from pommel to tip - in a thick black rectangular sheath, which is usually either slung around his shoulders, or carried point-down in his right hand. Peculiarly, the sheath has a pair of sturdy black leather straps binding the blade inside the sheath.

God Arm
Name: Arondight, "The Ebony Blade," "The Cursed Sword."

- Indestructible
- Able to destroy simple magical items (but NOT other God Arms) and is immune to things that protect against "mortal weapons."
- If positioned correctly, can deflect magical and ranged attacks.
- If cast away, the Blade will return to its Chosen, or an area nearby. Cannot do so whilst being held or secured via mundane or magical means (EG, chained to the floor. Can escape from inside a chest, however).
- Arondight can create small shockwaves with a small range - ten feet or so -  emanating from the blade. They are nothing more than little gusts of concentrated wind that force people to stop, or take a step backwards. For example, if you are walking down a street on a windy day and you get a blast of wind that makes you stop for a few moments before carrying on. But of course, using this ability accelerates the Awakening of the Blade, and as the Blade Awakens, the shockwaves get more powerful...which in turn increases how quickly the Blade Awakens. So using too many of them in a short space of time? Very, very unwise.
- If drawn from its scabbard by anybody besides its Chosen, um...Bad Things happen. Namely, the Blade attempting to Dominate its prospective wielder to drive it to kill all nearby, followed by themselves. A strong will can resist it, you want to take the risk?
- Once a Bond has been formed - that is, the wielder has "Accepted" the blade and its Curse and can therefore use its unique abilities and suffer from the Curse, the Chosen also gains an extension of Arondights will; that is, when in battle the Chosen may call upon The Ebony Plate, a suit of medieval-esque magical battle armour that provides extra protection in combat. Of course, the more damage the armour absorbs in combat, the quicker the Blade Awakens...

The Ebony Blade grants its Chosen the following:

- Enhanced physical abilities (Strength, endurance, speed, agility, etc etc) as with all other God Arms.
- Enhances the speed, agility, reflexes and endurance of its Chosen even further past the normal bonuses granted by a God Arm. The longer the Blade sees battle, the greater these enhancements become. The "Base" Enhancements to these attributes are double that of the normal enhancements, and the more the wielder fights, the further it enhances his ability. In short, don't attempt to fight a battle of attrition with the Ebony Blade.
- The Blade imparts to its Chosen an inherent, inborn knowledge of how to fight using the Blade with the skill of a Blade Master.
- The Chosen may call upon the Ebony Plate, a suit of magical armour that offers extra magical protection and a not-inconsiderable boost in physical strength without hindering speed or agility. This boost follows the same rules as the Ebony Blades physical enhancements; that is, the longer the battle goes on, the greater the boost becomes.

Alas, Arondight has a sordid history of death and destruction. Originally forged to be the Twin to Excalibur, Sir Lancelot Du Lac was gifted the magical blade Arondight by the Lady of The Lake to carve out the kingdom of Camelot alongside his brothers of The Round Table, and to fight against the fiends of Uldreath that beset them on all sides. Alas, the heart of man is weak and prone to folly, and when Guinevere was to be hung for her infidelity with Lancelot, Lancelot could not simply stand by and watch. He drew Arondight and slew several of his brothers in a bid to rescue Guinevere, forever twisting the magical blade with the taint of that betrayal, the curse only strengthening as it was quenched in the blood of Camelots Knights in the bitter, brutal civil war that followed. From then onwards, every wielder of the Blade has been forced to carry the Curse of The Ebony Blade with them until the day they died. The Curse has claimed many, including the Chosen selected during the last Cataclysm, when Uldreath broke free of his chains. Instead of fighting against his Fiends, the Chosen lost herself to the bloodlust, and even cut down a fellow Chosen before being slain in battle.

The Curse of The Ebony Blade, passed down from Du Lac to Du Lac, is very simple. Unlike other God Arms, using its abilities uses up less Magical Power, but only because it feeds on another source. Because of the taint placed upon it when Lancelot used it to cut down his fellow Knights, it has a bloodthirst that cannot be sated. The blade feeds on and amplifies rage and aggression and the "Thrill of Battle," and the more its wielder uses its abilities, the greater its bloodlust becomes. Basically, the blade is "Slumbering" most of the time. The more it is used (and the more the Ebony Plate is struck or used, meaning that calling upon the Plate serves to accelerate the process) however, it begins to stir in its sleep...and as it Awakens, it becomes much more dangerous. So as it "rouses," the Chosen becomes stronger and faster as their rage and the spilled blood and the carnage of war fuels the Blade and amplifies its effects, BUT the Chosen slowly loses themselves to the Thrill, until the Blade eventually "Awakens" and drives the Chosen into a berserk rage that does not discern between friend and foe, until the Chosen collapses from his wounds, gives in to exhaustion, there is nobody left to kill...or if somebody somehow manages to knock him unconscious or remove the blade from his hand.

Due to his history, Marcus is an extremely standoffish, prickly and surly man. He tends to keep everybody at arms length, and is not exactly known for his patience. He does not trust people easily, and has a hard time expressing his emotions past irritation, impatience or scorn. He doesn't generally have time for philosophical debates or intellectual sparring; they're all wastes of time as far as he is concerned, and he would much rather move on his own way than stay and chat. He likes to keep his own company, and penetrating past the surly, jaded outer layer is a challenge that nobody to date has yet been able to accomplish. That isn't to say that he doesn't care, of course; he pushes people away precisely because he doesn't want anybody near him or his burden, and he doesn't want to risk caring about people in case he loses control again. Though he will complain bitterly about it to anybody who cares to listen, he will always end up finding himself reluctantly on the "Right Side," and tends to have difficulty walking away from somebody in need. He'll do it his way and on his terms...but he won't leave somebody who truly needs help in the wind. Further, despite his surly attitude and impatience for drawn out intellectual debates, he isn't actually stupid. He's a reasonably intelligent guy, he just...doesn't have a whole lot of patience.

Marcus Dulaclen started life normally enough; he was born to a pair of loving parents, grew up with a protective older brother and - later - an adorably affectionate younger sister and went to a decent school in a relatively affluent area. He wasn't wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, but they had enough money to get by comfortably enough without having to stress over bills or sudden unforeseen expenses. They could only afford a holiday abroad every two or three years, but that didn't matter; they were happy. Marcus grew to the tender age of 18, preparing to venture off into the world, to follow his own dreams and his own aspirations for a career past his hometown. He wanted to go out and see the sights, explore the world and see what there was beyond the walls of their relatively small town. Their area was nice, reasonably modern and comfortable, but Marcus wanted to see more. He wanted to visit the towering spires of the metropolis, he wanted to venture into the wilds and find the villages untouched by time. He wanted to find a career that allowed him to wander and explore and write about his discoveries. Of course, his father - who had always been more of an intellectual - disapproved of that decision.

He wanted his son to go off to university, to study for a "respectable career," to get experience and education so that he could settle down comfortably rather than having to live hand to mouth. It came from a place of concern, of course, but his insistence and his unwillingness to listen to Marcus led to their first real argument. They'd had fights before, of course, but nothing like this; the house was afire with shouting and screaming, his sister was curled in the corner with her face pressed against his mothers stomach, his father was red in the face from shouting...and soon the argument turned away from the subject of his plans and towards personal attacks, insults being thrown back and forth as they both began to lose their temper. Eventually, Marcus had enough and turned to storm out, grabbing his packs as he went past...and, even though he had no idea why it was there or why he reached for it, the sword that had been passed down through the Dulaclen family for generations. It was usually displayed on the mantlepiece, hung on the wall, but somehow it had made its way down to lean beside the door...and into Marcus's hand. A wave of rage and disgust coursed through him as his hand touched the hilt, red bleeding into his vision as feelings that were not his own and, at the same time, the only thing he could imagine ever feeling pulsed through his system, overwhelming him in a tide of...he doesn't even know how to describe it.

The only thing that matters, really, is that when he came to, when his vision cleared and his mind returned to him...he was standing in the middle of a destroyed living room, furniture and cutlery smashed across the floor and walls, blood sprayed across every single surface imaginable...and his entire family, dead at his feet...his own hands coated in their blood. He stood in shock for what seemed like hours, unable to comprehend truly what must have happened...and upon hearing sirens and shouting in the distance, he panicked and fled the scene, escaping the town under cover of darkness to try and figure out what had happened to his family. See, the Dulaclen Family harbored a secret; they were direct descendants of the Knight Lancelot and the nameless female Chosen who cut down her brother in arms eons ago, and though they did not know it, the same curse flowed through their veins, waiting for its chance to strike once more. The family sword was, in fact, The Ebony Blade itself, Arondight. Though it had lain dormant for centuries, the sudden influx of hatred and rage and fear in the Dulaclen household along with the presence of its future Chosen had stirred it from its slumber...much to Marcus's misfortune.

Marcus, of course, tried to get rid of Arondight. He tried throwing it in a lake, chucking it in a garbage truck, he even tried weighing it down and throwing it into the sea, but no matter what he did, the blade was always waiting for him the next time he turned around. Dejected, he instead sought answers to the Blades mysteries, hoping that he could find a way to break the apparent Bond, or to at least contain it so that it never hurt anybody again. He spent the next few years, wandering and gathering what little information he could find on The Ebony Blade, talking to experts and hunting down every self proclaimed master of the craft, gathering every tidbit of information he could...and found that no, there was no way to break the Bond. And if he simply killed himself...the Blade would cause anarchy to satisfy its own bloodlust. As long as it was Bonded to a Dulaclen - or, as he learned, a Du Lac - then its penchant for chaos could, at least, be somewhat contained. So he resigned himself to his fate, wandering from place to place, practicing with his sword and his body to better protect the Blade from the wrong hands. And, of course, his better nature - despite the encroaching cynical bitterness that encased his heart - reared its head from time to time, prompting him into making some money on the side as a reluctant bounty hunter and mercenary. He tried to refuse the payments, of course, but sometimes people are too insistent for their own good. And that brings us to today...the solitary, lonely, bitter man who has lost everything and yet...cannot risk trying to take it all back. He got his wish, in a way...he got to see the world and wander to far off places...but at what cost?

Other Pictures:

The Ebony Plate

- Marcus is a skilled fighter in his own right; living alone and usually staying out of large, built up areas tends to invite trouble. And since he's carrying a God Arm that would cause chaos were he to fall, it behooves him to ensure that he is capable with his fists. He is a master of unorthodox fighting styles, partly due to having to incorporate using a sheathed blade in battle. The latent bonuses that any God Arm would give you - that is, enhanced physical abilities - helps in this regard.
- When wielding Arondight in battle, drawn and in its full terrible glory, he is a master swordsman.
- Living on his own, he has had to develop a robust knowledge of survival, from cooking to woodsmanship to hunting, skinning and stitching. He is also very adept at tracking.
- Whilst not a genius, his pragmatic problem solving skills are impressive.
- He still keeps his brothers harmonica, which - when he thinks himself alone - he occasionally pulls out to play, to remind him.

Connections: Yes please! Though it might be a little tricky >.>
Likes: Solitude, clear nights, quiet, the country.
Dislikes: The big city, stupidity, large crowds of people, using Arondight.

Theme Song:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

I know that the cast are all getting their God Arms at the start of the game, but this is based on the discussion that you and I had in PM's, Juggs. I hope this is still acceptable! :D If I need to change anything, let me know. :-)
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Online Lustful Bride

Re: We Chosen Few: Recruitment Thread
« Reply #4 on: July 05, 2017, 08:20:39 PM »
Lustful Bride

Name: Gabriella Jimenez.
Age: 25
Gender: Female.
Race: Human, or at least she is sure she is Human.
Appearance: Gabby is a mid 20s Hispanic woman. Growing up outside the megacities has led her to never taking much interest in make up or other cosmetics beyond what it takes to stay clean. The only thing she has done for her own vanity was to dye her hair red. It was originally done as part of a gang initiation years ago, but since then she wears her hair the same way out of a choice of style. Despite being a security officer, Gabriella doesn't wear a uniform, instead keeping her badge on her and dressing casually, to be able to surprise criminals when she sees them in the act.

God Arm
Name: The Seal of Solomon.

Power(s): The Ring used by the ancient king Solomon is said to have Given the King the power to command demons, Jinn, or to even speak with Animals. The ring can be used to bind Demons and Jinn, as well as help her command them if she knows their names.

Abilities: It has given her the ability to communicate with, and understand a variety of animal life. Though a lot of them are unintelligent and don't have much to say.

Weaknesses: The Ring refuses to be removed from her finger. Gabriella can only control a demon if she knows their name. She can only bind them to interrogate them if the ring presses against their form. When speaking with Animals, their intelligence will vary and affect the conversation. D'jin will recognize the ring she bears and may try to get her to wish for something to diffuse the threat the ring presents to them, as it can bind them in bottles permanently.

Personality: Gabriella is a driven, serious, woman, only ever letting her hair down when shes alone and doesn't have to worry about setting an example for others. Growing up outside of the mega cities she was used to the rich people looking down on her, thinking she was uneducated, dirty. So as an adult she tries her best to be better than what they thought of her, to actually read and keep herself looking as professional as possible given her duties. In heated situations Gabriella will do her best to keep her composure, but has been known to swear enough to make even sailors blush, and wont tolerate any lip or insubordination from those under her command.

Despite growing up in what some might call slums, Gabby does recognize and believe in the rule of law. Maybe more so than others because she has seen what it is like when the bad guys don't have anyone to hit them back just as hard. And while she might not have any love for criminals, she doesn't see any problem with occasionally taking alittle extra from the thugs she beats down. It would have gone to evidence anyway, at least this way she is putting the money or objects back into the economy.

History: Gabriella Jimenez grew up on the streets, in the slums outside of megacities. As much as the megacorps tried to get rid of the slowly growing favelas around their walls, they could only push them off to the side or a mile or two away from the city itself, never really  getting rid of them. Eventually it just ended up looking like an industrial sector near the cities, and it was allowed to be able to have a constant workforce nearby that the Corporations could tap into. The law only had a token force in those slums, with only 11% of calls to the local Favela PD being actually taken care of.

Gabby was raised by her mother, she didn't know who her father was and never gave him much thought, other than wishing for him to drop dead. There wasn't much for Gabriella to do in the slums, besides work, go to school, or join a gang. She chose to do all three at some point in her life, always while having her mother's eye on her, reminding her to be good and try to make her proud. Unlike others her age, Gabby actually listened to her mother. Some hated their parents, but Gabriella had to listen to her tears some nights, and saw her come back from her job with bruises and knew better than to ask about them. She didn't want to know what it was, and didn't want to judge her mother. She just knew her mom did everything she could to feed Gabriella, and for that she was grateful. Her only real act of rebellion being to join a gang in her teens and to dye her hair. But one screaming match later, she was off and telling her gang that she wanted out, but at least she got to keep the hair.

As the years went by she watched the rich people form the Mega city come by in their floating cars and twenty or thirty bodyguards, always looking to get high, get a cheap hooker and pretend they could be tough by slumming it with the common, unwashed, plebeians down beneath them. Some took their kids there though, to show them what would happen if they didn't stay in school or do their chores. On one of these trips, Gabby had been 17 at the time and was out looking for odd jobs to earn money, when one of the silver spoon youths thought it a good idea to try and sneak away from their security detail just because. At the same time, some tweaker thought it was a good idea to try and kidnap the kid, probably to get a ransom they would blow on whatever designer drug could get them killed the fastest.

Gabriella didn't hold any love for the City people, but at the same time she hated tweakers more, and found some joy in knocking out what little teeth the drugged out, emaciated, prick had left. By the time she was done punching them the security detail had finally caught up and the rich mother of the boy was stroking his hair and offering up tearful apologies for making him leave their penthouse before demanding her overpaid husband take them back to the megacity. They didn't offer even a single word of thanks to Gabby. But all things considered, she was lucky. They could have ordered their mercs to gun her down on the mere suspicion that she had been working with the addict. But they didn't, and she walked away needing ice for her fists and considered the matter closed, until a letter came.

Apparently someone, somewhere, had been impressed by Gabriella's work. Whoever they were, they thought she had a future in being a Private security officer, and had straightened out all the paper work. It paid way more than anything in the slums did, and if she was lucky, she might just get an apartment in the megacity itself. Needless to say, she signed up as soon as she could find a pen.

Gabriella never did learn who put the good word in for her, but she didn't let the question weigh her down too much. As soon as she could she got herself into the training for the MEGAPOL security force, the Megacitie's private police force that got paid by various megacorporations to ensure their safety and those of their people when outside the megacities.

Gabriella passed the training and for several years she was a uniform, standing around, keeping people away from places they weren't meant to be. It was boring, but good work, honest work. As the years went by and she proved herself trustworthy, she was eventually moved up to the response teams, hunting criminals and getting back lost artifacts or just breaking up smuggling ops. Whatever the bosses needed done, she did it, within reason. She wasn't a thug, but neither was she an enforcer. She didn't kill anyone who didn't grab a weapon first, and didn't beat people or shake anyone down. She did her job and went home, only occasionally taking something extra for herself, to pawn it and send money back to her mother, who still lived in the slums, but at least thanks to Gabby's donations, she was able to move herself to an area that could be considered 'safe'.

Physical description/Other pictures: Standing around 5'9'' Gabriella can look like a stick of a woman from a distance, but the
closer one gets the more they will see that she may be thin, but its because any fat she had on her body was burnt off long ago trying to stay alive in the slums. All that is left is muscle, bone, flesh, and grit. She can be spotted dressing casually, but all her clothes tend to be baggy and oversized, to make anyone attacking her think she looks weaker than she actually is, while also giving her space to hide her gun or any loot she might have taken from a crime scene.

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Connections: None at the Moment.
Likes: Music, watching images of cold places on her holoscreen. Getting the occasional loot from cases. Thinking that she is making the world a better place.
Dislikes: Seeing the divide between the 'Haves' and 'Have nots' getting worse. The thought that life is pointless and theres no point in trying. Being compared to the people she arrests. Being reminded she isn't a real cop, just a badge for a company. 
Ons/Offs: Same as Player I suppose.
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Re: We Chosen Few: Recruitment Thread
« Reply #5 on: July 05, 2017, 08:31:25 PM »
Okay guys, I'm starting to see a trend that may have come from me not being super clear. I had planned on most if not all of the Chosen starting the game as normal people, and gaining their God Arm in a GM event. I've got no problem with people having them already though; however I do request that at least some of you start as green as possible in this. Wouldn't be as much fun if at least a couple people weren't totally FREAKED THE FUCK OUT when a magic weapon or item seemed to suddenly appear in their life during an epic and probably traumatic moment.

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Re: We Chosen Few: Recruitment Thread
« Reply #6 on: July 05, 2017, 08:33:23 PM »
Okay guys, I'm starting to see a trend that may have come from me not being super clear. I had planned on most if not all of the Chosen starting the game as normal people, and gaining their God Arm in a GM event. I've got no problem with people having them already though; however I do request that at least some of you start as green as possible in this. Wouldn't be as much fun if at least a couple people weren't totally FREAKED THE FUCK OUT when a magic weapon or item seemed to suddenly appear in their life during an epic and probably traumatic moment.

Understood will edit my post now. :)

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Re: We Chosen Few: Recruitment Thread
« Reply #7 on: July 05, 2017, 08:34:50 PM »
I am.... Tentatively interested.

I just gotta figure out what I wanna doooooooooo.


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Re: We Chosen Few: Recruitment Thread
« Reply #8 on: July 05, 2017, 08:36:51 PM »
Understood will edit my post now. :)

Well yours is early enough that you can keep her already having it if you want. I just didn't want for instance 10 people to join and all 10 of them have already had their weapons long enough to get good with them and etc...

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Re: We Chosen Few: Recruitment Thread
« Reply #9 on: July 05, 2017, 08:37:30 PM »
Well yours is early enough that you can keep her already having it if you want. I just didn't want for instance 10 people to join and all 10 of them have already had their weapons long enough to get good with them and etc...

Nah its fine :P

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Re: We Chosen Few: Recruitment Thread
« Reply #10 on: July 05, 2017, 08:40:48 PM »
Okey dokey Lusty. And if you've got any questions or ideas you wanna run by me or hash out Life, don't hesitate to drop a PM. I haven't done a game in a while and I'm excited.

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Re: We Chosen Few: Recruitment Thread
« Reply #11 on: July 05, 2017, 08:42:21 PM »
(Posting here so people can form connections if they wish)


Name: Sivan Errant
Age: 29
Gender: Futa
Race: Elf
Sexuality: Pansexual
Appearance: Being of elvish decent, Sivan sports exceptionally fair pale skin, her eyes shining a bright shade of sky blue. Her hair is a mix of light purple with strands of blue mixed in. Her figure appears to be defined by her active lifestyle, sporting toned arms and six pack abs, though still lithe and agile, and given her height, her frame appears all the more slender. Her most clearly obvious feature is her impressive bust, a C cup on her otherwise small frame. Hidden beneath her clothing is her dual nature, sporting both a woman's maidenhood and a man's length. Even with her elvish body, her skin is marred by a few scars from her life prior to being a Chosen, the most notable being an X shape over her right thigh and a large poorly healed gash over her ribs on her left side. She also sports a number of tattoos, black feathers running down her right arm from her shoulder, a flowing linework down her spine and across her back, and lastly a sunburst on her sternum between her breasts.

While she finds constricting clothing to be annoying, Sivan has accepted the need to bound herself in such for her own survival. Preferring light armor of leather and mild plate, she wears an armored top coat that covers her upper chest and both arms over a leather and cloth top of emerald and dark chocolate color. Over her right shoulder she sports a metal pauldron, held to her by a strap that runs from her right shoulder to under her left arm. On her hands she sports fingerless brown gloves made of leather, a metal bracer rounding her wrist topped with a bronze band on either side. On her left elbow is a metal cap for an elbow pad. Her legs are left almost uncovered except for thigh high riding boots, a medium length skirt of teal and black stretching down from her waist to cover everything else. Across her hip is a loosely wrapped belt holding her God Arm, Fragarach. The sword itself takes the form of a slightly short bladed longsword, it's cruciform hilt capped at either end of the guard with a fleur de lyss design. It's scabbard is black with a black and indigo cloth chained to it while kept at Sivan's hip. She is rarely without her sword, even when not expecting battle. When she isn't expecting a fight, she tends to forgo her various pieces of armor, fully revealing the majority of her tattoos, as well as a small silver chain with a teardrop shaped amethyst around her neck.

God Arm
Name: Fragarach: "The Answerer", "The Retaliator"
-Luck absorption: The chosen of Fragarach is inherently lucky, good things often happening at the most opportune times. See weakness for further information.
-When placed at a sentient creature's throat, that creature must tell the absolute truth, without fail. Whatever questions asked, must be answered, and only the strongest of wills can bend the truth despite the blade's ability, though even then, it has to be the truth.
-Can return any attack it parries with a counter-attack more powerful than the one it absorbs, using the wielder's power to increase the returned strike
-Can absorb magical abilities and reflect them back, amplified by the wielder's own energy
-The wielder can not be manipulated by mind altering effects, guaranteeing the Chosen always stays "true to their self".
-Standard physical enhancements for the Chosen of a God Arm (Enhanced strength, speed, agility, stamina, etc)
-Further enhanced speed, agility, and perception to allow it's chosen greater likelihood of returning an attack
-Limited spellcasting, with a particular specialty of electrical based spells
-Innate "lie detection" sense
-Inherent bad luck to all around the Chosen. This can be as small as a glass braking or a pen running out of ink, to things as extreme as a misplaced wallet or a board giving way causing someone to fall through the floor. This effect is completely indiscriminate to all around the Chosen, both friend and foe, if around the Chosen long enough, will suffer some form of bad luck.
-For Fragarach to use it's ability, it has to parry a strike or spell used against it's chosen. Particularly fast attacks such as quick long ranged physical or magical attacks or strikes to the back without the Chosen being aware of the strike are easily able to circumvent the ability
-Fragarach must be placed at one's throat for it's ability to take hold, and the target must be sentient.
-If one has no knowledge of the actual truth, they can not therefor knowingly lie, defeating Fragarach's ability

Personality: A bubbly sort, Sivan is often considered to be overly jovial, much to the annoyance of anyone she fights. Where many others find hardships and troubles in life, Sivan seemingly always find some reason to be happy and enjoy what she can. Due to her past on the streets, Sivan is most often seen caring for the less fortunate, offering any aid she can. She has a distaste for those who misuse their power or wealth. Even given her jovality, she does have a level of wisdom and world weariness, never taking anyone at their first word. She isn't incapable of showing seriousness when the situation demands it, she just more often tries to find a bit of fun in all things. She is most frequently found napping or reading, if not chatting with locals to garner more information. She is also known to be a bit of a flirt, occasionally making a game of it. In spite of her more positive outlook, Sivan is a loner at heart, and often mistrusting of others unless given a reason not to be. Her biggest fault is her arrogance, believing too greatly in her own self sufficiency and ability, even when clearly outmatched.

History: Sivan has never been one for being tied down, partially due to her lacking any ties to keep her in one place. With her mother dying in childbirth and a father who fled long before Sivan saw the sun, the elf found herself on the streets at an early age. As she grew older, she traveled from place to place, searching for something that never seemed to be in her life. Whether she was in a small backwards village or in the major cities, Sivan learned all she could about how to survive when no one cares about you. She learned to hunt, how to fight, and how to win whatever she needed.

The older she became, the more closed off the young elf became to the world, never giving others the chance to hurt her. It wasn't until she found herself backed into an alleyway confronted with her own mortality that she discovered her destiny. Thieves tried to steal a legendary artifact, a God Arm from one of the lords of the area. They fled through the streets, and ended up in the same alley that Sivan was residing in that night. When they came to the dead end, they tried to double back, only for a small elf woman to stand between them and escape. They thought nothing of it at first, but when the girl kept getting back up when she was knocked to the ground, they began to take her more seriously. Each hit only made Sivan stand her ground that much more, and in spite of her wounds, she began to laugh at her foes.

Before the brigands could deliver a fatal strike, Sivan heard a voice, telling her to answer. With a scream, the blow was halted, only for the thief to be struck down by his own blade. Suddenly, in the elf's hand was a brilliant sword, the arm that the group had tried to take. As the group each tried to flee, they were met with the town guard, and forced to admit their wrongdoing at the tip of the blade they tried to take. Sivan had no idea how she could do what she was doing, and yet she continued to hold them to their word till they were placed in the stocks for their crimes. When finally met with the "owner" of the sword, she was told of the stories of the sword which would answer any strike and would only be granted to the truest heart.

It was that day that changed Sivan's life, turning her from orphan in squalor to champion of fate. While the lord wanted to keep the blade, it was clear it belonged to Sivan now, and so she was allowed to walk free, taking the blade with her on her travels. She used the blade to defend the weak and helpless, as well as to uphold the truth she herself found so important.
Physical description/Other pictures:

Connections: Open to connections
Likes: Caramel, cold, the color purple, friendly duels, honesty, nights, stouts
Dislikes: Mornings, cats, mushrooms, liers, cheats, being told she can't drink
Ons: Vaginal (giving and receiving), oral (giving and receiving), anal (giving and receiving), light bondage, cumplay, others can be negotiated
Offs: Scat, bloodplay, rape
Theme Song:
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Re: We Chosen Few: Recruitment Thread
« Reply #12 on: July 05, 2017, 09:17:53 PM »
Paul Bunyan's Axe. I already love her. One thing to a world of magic I'm sure a blue ox exists somewhere8-)

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Re: We Chosen Few: Recruitment Thread
« Reply #13 on: July 05, 2017, 09:24:38 PM »
Thank you. I'd thought of a few other concepts but wasn't sure where to go with them. Boudicca's Torc was thought about but I couldn't come up with anything other then "Nerdy archaelogist fights guud now." The Uchide no kozuchi was considered sort of make her the machine smith or some such. The last one I'd thought about was the Veil of Isis, to make her sort of a telepath "Higher spiritual awareness."

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Re: We Chosen Few: Recruitment Thread
« Reply #14 on: July 05, 2017, 09:48:24 PM »
Ooooh, don't see Irish mythology in these games all that often! Kudos!

Anywho...I'm assuming my pitch is acceptable?

Also, Life in Colour! Hi! :D

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Re: We Chosen Few: Recruitment Thread
« Reply #15 on: July 05, 2017, 09:53:48 PM »
Thank you. I'd thought of a few other concepts but wasn't sure where to go with them. Boudicca's Torc was thought about but I couldn't come up with anything other then "Nerdy archaelogist fights guud now." The Uchide no kozuchi was considered sort of make her the machine smith or some such. The last one I'd thought about was the Veil of Isis, to make her sort of a telepath "Higher spiritual awareness."

All of those would have been completely acceptable. I want this team to be more than just powerhouses. UNITY AMONG THE DIVERSE IS WHAT DRIVES THE MAD GOD BACK TO HIS SLUMBER!! Or something inspiring like that. Seriously though, when they get into a fight as a group the first time and she turns into a giant, don't get mad if Arterius remembers one of the ancient cartoons and shouts "Inyukchuk!!!"

Also yes Vergil you are accepted. Still working on my own character, and then I'll open the Accepted thread.

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Re: We Chosen Few: Recruitment Thread
« Reply #16 on: July 05, 2017, 09:59:18 PM »
Why thank you Virgil. I have always been rather interested in Irish Myth, and it seems to me to go oh so well with a concept like this.

Just to name a few examples: Dagda's Cauldron, Gae Balg, Claiomh Solais, Moralltach... The Irish and the Vikings clearly had a solid grasp of mythological weapons and items.

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Re: We Chosen Few: Recruitment Thread
« Reply #17 on: July 05, 2017, 10:02:37 PM »
Haha, yay! :D I went back and did a little edit, adding a pair of tattoos. :-)

Though since it seems to be a common misunderstanding, maybe slot into the opening post something about "Most characters not having their God Arm yet." Just a thought :-) If that's already in there, then I'll just shut up now :P


Haha, I know, right? I'm halfway hoping that somebody uses Gleipnir, because that would be awesome. Gleipnir binds them up, and Fragarach interrogates them. I was also vaguely tempted by Thors gauntlets (which do have a name, though it escapes me at the moment) since the idea of somebodies God Arm just being "You punch the mans and they falls down" hilarious. Buuuuut I was too enamored with Arondight. :P

Though I'd be interested to see the interplay between Marcus and Fragarach, and whether Marcus would be able to resist speaking in that position...after all, he's lived with the Ebony Blade for the last 12 years, so he's gonna have a stronger than average will. Not enough to lie, but enough to stop himself from speaking at all for a short time before he finally breaks and speaks? Maybe. :P

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Re: We Chosen Few: Recruitment Thread
« Reply #18 on: July 05, 2017, 10:16:54 PM »
I'm struggling with a weapon.  With two swords already introduced, I kind of feel like doing a third would  be too repetitive and stale. So...back to square one and kind of in need of assistance, I guess.  I dunno. >>;

I also like making connections, I suppose.

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Re: We Chosen Few: Recruitment Thread
« Reply #19 on: July 05, 2017, 10:26:51 PM »
How about a spear like Gae Bolg, a hammer like Mjolnir, the shield Aegis, the spear Gungnir, the naginata Ame-no-Nuhoko, or a Vajra? Or maybe you prefer armor, or a legendary item? I could go on for a while.

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Re: We Chosen Few: Recruitment Thread
« Reply #20 on: July 05, 2017, 10:28:36 PM »
I think the simplest thing to do, Mira, is this:

Listy goodness!

There are SOME items missing from that list...but not many. :P

I mean, if you don't want swords, we got polearms, we got axes, we got tomes, we got staves and shields and helmets, we got chains, we got rings, we got bows, we got whips and Elementals! We got belts and girdles and hats and boots and even a poisoned shirt! You want it, we probably got it! :P
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Re: We Chosen Few: Recruitment Thread
« Reply #21 on: July 05, 2017, 10:30:52 PM »
I was looking at a list or so, and I'd originally settled on Tyrfing, but we've got two swords already, so...mrrr.  I was kind of wanting to use it a lot. ;3;  I think part of it is that there's just *so many* choices you could use. @.@

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Re: We Chosen Few: Recruitment Thread
« Reply #22 on: July 05, 2017, 10:32:25 PM »
The best weapon you could get is Schmittywebberjaegermanjansen's Foam Finger. HE WAS NUMBER #1

Don't feel like you need to change to fit a mold, Mira. Like 70% of all the weapons on the list are swords as swords are just popular. I'm using Excalibur myself. But if you felt the need to change, there is definitely lots of other options.

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Re: We Chosen Few: Recruitment Thread
« Reply #23 on: July 05, 2017, 10:34:08 PM »
Well, Juggs already said that it doesn't have to be in its original form; it could have taken the form of a gun or something like that :P

And also, as Juggs said, 70% of magic weapons are swords. xD But hey! You could always go with the "Round Table" motif and use Tristans bow, "Fail-Not." :P

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Re: We Chosen Few: Recruitment Thread
« Reply #24 on: July 05, 2017, 10:36:15 PM »
Vergil is right. I've been seeing so many in their original forms I forgot that you could have Tyrfing be an assault rifle or an axe or a stone hammer or whatever you want. We're not 100% bound to the legends or else it wouldn't be...whatever this is I've created, lol.