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Author Topic: Vergils Kinkiness: I'm one twisted motherfucker! :D  (Read 4580 times)

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Online Vergil TannerTopic starter

Vergils Kinkiness: I'm one twisted motherfucker! :D
« on: September 15, 2011, 02:54:40 PM »
So, before I start in earnest, there are a few things I have to make clear;

1) I only play forum RP's, not PM or Messenger unless I know you or have RPed with you before and am using it as a quick time don't PM me asking to play in PM, email or messenger. For my "serious" RP's, I only do it on forums.

2) I've recently had a couple of partners who have started and then stopped after the first post...none like that, please. If you decide that it's not for you, PM me and tell me. I won't be mad. Disappointed and a bit bitter about having put the effort in, perhaps, but I won't be angry. If you do that, don't even bother contacting me. Everybody else, PM me if you're interested!

3) I tend to write at least two paragraphs, depending on the situation...sometimes a little less, sometimes a lot more. My average is 2-5 paragraphs, each roughly 9-12 lines long. One liners bore me. I'm sorry, but if you give me two lines, I can't really stretch my creative muscles, and I get bored. So...unless you're gonna put the effort in and at least try to match my efforts, I'm not interested. I don't ask for huge long posts, just....decent size, please. If you're looking for just short, quick posts, then I'm not your guy. I want in-depth RP's where the characters are fleshed out and complex. Also, as a warning, due to the length of my posts and how busy I can get in RL, you might only get one post from me every day or so. If this will frustrate you, again, don't contact me because I rarely get the time to post several posts in one day. Sorry. :-(

4) I can play either M/M, F/F or M/F, depending on the plot. I am, personally, Heteroflexible (See: Bicurious) leaning towards bisexual (I think I might be bisexual, but I don't really have proof as of yet) so I can do any pairing. I don't care what gender or sexuality you are in real life and whether that differs from your character; all I care about is whether you're a decent writer that I get along with. Further, I'm a Switch; if you want to play a Dom/sub game, I'm all ears and can play either, though I do have to admit that at the moment my tastes are swinging more towards Sub since I don't get to play that as often. However, the right game can easily make me Dom as well. :-)

5) YOU MUST CONTRIBUTE. I know that sounds obvious, but I've had one or two partners who have let me do all the creative work. Nuh-uh. That is me writing a story, not doing an RP. I want there to be a constant dialogue of ideas backwards and forwards, where we both have an equal say in the plot, ok?

6) If you contact me, you need to at least have a few ideas of which pairings you are looking at. You contacting me and then expecting me to come up with a pairing for you is actually kinda rude, IMHO. If you're gonna contact me, at least - at least - have a few scenarios that you're considering. Thank you.

Pairing and Scenario Ideas / Interests

The following settings are all open to being Furry, Anthro or Neko-based. I also do rather like Monsters, so anything from Centaurs and Minotaurs and Orcs to (my personal favourites) slimes and tentacles, I'm all game for, including bestiality.

- Dom x Sub (Can play either, would prefer Sub)
- Boss x Employee (Can play either)
- Buyer x Supplier (could be anything commerce based, can play either)
- Incest: Could be Brother / Sister, Mother / Son, Father / Daughter...I do also admittedly love me some Twincest![/b]

Specific Roles, normal

- Maid x Employer (Would prefer to play Employer)
This could either be a new Maid needing to be "trained," or an experienced Maid becoming involved with her employer somehow. The Maid could be a Dom or a Sub.

- Nurse x Patient (Would prefer to play Patient)
This would probably either involve a new patient and a cute nurse that he starts crushing on, or a patient with a live-in nurse for some reason....or perhaps a patient who has been in the ward for a while, and the Nurse and Patient know each other. The plot for this one is flexible, but I have some ideas.

- Stripper/Whore x Client (Could play either)
Pretty self explanatory; a client goes to a stripclub or hires an escort or whore, and they get it on. This could be a quick-shot of only a scene or two, or it could be a longer, story-orientated RP that develops past the first scene. Perhaps the client actually knows the stripper/whore and is shocked at what his friend is doing? Or perhaps they are enemies/frenemies, and this leads to a greater understanding between them? Or perhaps this gentleman (or lady, if you're feeling like you want to be the client or want me to play a female client for a male or female stripper/prostitute, I'm not fussy, I can play both genders) develops a crush or fascination with the stripper/whore and becomes a regular? All ideas that are floating in my head waiting for greater detail to be added, so feel free to hit me up on this one as well.

- Cowgirl x Ranchhand/visitor (Would prefer to play Ranchhand/Visitor)
Somewhat self-explanatory. The cowgirl is perhaps a family member at a family ranch, and is interviewing a new ranch-hand, or giving a tour to a group of tourists? Or perhaps she has just inherited the ranch from her recently deceased father, and needs some guidance from her fathers old 2-I-C? This is also open to some incest, if you want to go down that route, with the Ranchhand being her brother or cousin. Or maybe it's her father, who owns the ranch, taking advantage of his daughter? Or maybe it's the other way around; perhaps his daughter has a plan to seduce her darling daddy? Or it could be Mother/son. Or Mother/Daughter. Or Father/Son. Again, not fussy. Just ideas!

- Father x Daughter (Would prefer to play Father)
- Touched on above, but this could pretty much be anything from Daddy taking advantage of impressionable young daughter, or naughty daughter seducing Daddy. This could be anywhere from on holiday, at home, at work somewhere, etc etc. It could even be an older man grooming a younger girl into becoming his Little Princess. This is such a wide net, it could mean anything; it could even be in a Fantasy land with kings and queens and wizards, etc etc. I like High Fantasy and Sci-Fi, so any of these plots could be taken to Fantasy or Sci-Fi realms.

- Student x Teacher (would prefer to play Teacher, but could play student as well)
Perhaps a naughty student gets detention? Maybe they haven't done their homework, or failed a test? Maybe the student is crushing on the teacher, or vice versa? All cliche, I know, but there's not many ways you can make this kind of plot unique. It's all been done before. Perhaps a Fantasy aspect to it? Perhaps it's a school for magical creatures, or wizards, or both? Maybe it's a High Fantasy, Medieval setting with a Knights Academy, or perhaps an Alchemist or Magic school? Maybe it's Sci-Fi, with a Piloting school or something like the Federation Academy? Maybe it's even a Demon's school, on another plane of existence where sinful, debauched behaviour is, in fact, encouraged? If we go that route, it could even be an entire class on debauchery, which in and of itself sounds like a rather amusing scenario to play. Really, we can go wild on this rather vague scenario.

- Police x Criminal (Could play either)
As above, this is a fairly standard scenario, but could be expanded to include anything; it could be a Medieval-style police/Criminal, or a Sci-Fi patrol x Smuggler. It could be a one off, it could be after a corrupt policeman (or woman) captures this criminal, or it could be the inverse where the criminal captures the policewo/man. We could also look at Criminal x Victim, if you wanted.

Specific Roles, Fantasy

- Superhero x Supervillain (Could be con or non-con, can play either)
This would probably revolve around one of them being captured in the Non-Con side of things, but if you wanted to go Consensual, it would probably be a case of one of them showing up and seducing the other one, whilst still maintaining the illusion of being enemies....or MAYBE, the thought occurs to me, perhaps they are already in a relationship? Perhaps their aliases as normal civilians are dating, even as the two Super-identities clash? This could be unknown - so they are unwittingly dating their arch rival - or even known, where they have engaged in an intimate relationship and still keep up the pretence of being rivals. Maybe it's a big plan, with the "Hero" of the relationship being used to infiltrate the big Hero agencies, either knowingly or unwittingly? There's a lot that we can do with this scenario, and due to the nature of Superheroes, it can be on Earth, in space, in the past....or any combination therein!
Or perhaps it's a new hero with an experienced villain (or vice versa, I suppose), the villain having seduced them in an attempt to "turn" them, or maybe even just play with them because they find it amusing? This could be anything from Non-Con to Dub-Con to F/F or M/M or Femdom or whatever. :-)

- Furry x Human (Would prefer to play Human, can play Furry if desired)
This one is, once again, very vague and can be introduced to any of the above scenarios; it could be a Furry Foster Daughter. It could be a Furry student, or police officer or could be a brand new "pet" that the owner bought, OR it could be inverted; perhaps in this world, Furries are the norm and humans are now very rare and highly prized; perhaps the furry character has recently bought a new human "pet," and is intending on showing him/her off to their friends next time they come over? Or maybe it's two furries, and one has just had the misfortune of being born/dragged into slavery? This one in particular has a LOT of opportunities to fill a lot of roles, so I would be more than happy to discuss it with you. :-)

- Were x Human (No preference)
This could be anything from the Were being purchased or the Human being purchased, to a human wandering in the forest and being abducted/raped/kept by a Were. It could be inverted, with the Were being captured by humans when it strays too close to town, or it could be that the Human and Were know each other and sneak away from their societies to play when they're children, and just spend time with each other when they're adults. It could be that Were's and Humans live side by side in society, and the characters just so happen to be a human and a Were.

- Awesome x Cool (EG. Ninja x Pirate) (no preference)
This is the slot for something utterly outlandish; maybe a pirate fleet attacks a Ninja temple? Perhaps a Cyborg army gets embroiled in a conflict with Dinosaurs? Maybe zombies rise up and terrorise a society made up of Samurai? Let your imagination go wild on this one! I've had some very strange but also very awesome RP's from this one, so it's always something to consider. XD

- Demon x Human (No preference)
Now this one could be interesting; perhaps the Human summons the Demon to do his/her bidding, and that includes being a slave in some form or another? Or maybe the Demon turns the tables on the Human, and the Human becomes the demons plaything? This was an RP I had recently which just kind of died, so it would be interesting to pick it back up again. Alternatively, perhaps the human has somehow gone to a hell dimension of some kind, and the demons all fight over who gets to play with their new toy first? Maybe we go down the GM route, where the human stumbles through demonic encounter after demonic encounter? The possibilities are extensive, to say the least!

- Demon x Angel (No preference)
Same as some of the ones above; perhaps the Demon gets captured by the Angel? Maybe the Angel gets captured by the Demon? Maybe they're friends or lovers despite their stations, and have to keep it secret lest they get disciplined? Or maybe, to get really surreal for a moment, Demons and Angels live together in this big extra-planar society, and only appear to be fighting when dealing with the mortals; like a Corporate rivalry sort of thing. Demons want souls, so do Angels, so they compete to get the most, which is their currency in their society. So perhaps they don't hate each other (though you do have those groups), but rather have a rivalry which is quite often "just business," and after their days at the office, they'll go down the pub and have some drinks with each other. Quite a few ways we can twist this to make it unique, so it could be very interesting. :D

- Angel x Human (No preference)
This one could be very interesting; maybe an Angel comes down to help a Human, and they end up falling for each other? Or maybe, more darkly, perhaps the Angel comes down and the Human takes advantage/captures them? This one needs a bit more fleshing out, but there are some intriguing possibilities.

- Other Supernatural (EG Vampire, Fairy, Etc.) x Human (No preference)
This one is rather vague, but I have some ideas for either hidden worlds, or even a world where humans know about the supernatural. Or maybe humans are cattle in this Supernatural world? Or maybe the Supernatural have all been almost wiped out, and the humans now trade them as commodities? Maybe in that world, there's a rebellion movement? Maybe there are countries that have been taken over by these supernatural beings? This needs more thought, but there are a number of ways we can go with this.

- Knight x Serf/Servant (Would prefer to play Knight, could play Serf)
This could be anything from an arrogant or entitled Knight taking advantage of his or her station, to a forbidden love story, to a Servant or Serf blackmailing the knight...maybe the Knight is assigned to guard duty on a caravan or something, and the servant is in that caravan? Or maybe the servant or serf is secretly the heir to a kingdom that was usurped by somebody, and the knight decides - once they find out - to help them recapture their birthright? A lot of ways this can go, as I see it.

- Royal x Servant/Knight (possible origins story?) (No preference)
Pretty much the same as above, with the added possibility of maybe having the Servant being the Royals new pleasure slave, or house servant? Maybe, if the royal was a Princess, she would have a personal knight who would have to see to her every desire? And maybe the Princesses desires don't just stop at food and comfort..... ;)
But this one is rather vague, and I have A LOT of ideas on this one. And I have to admit, I love the idea of a haughty Princess dominating the dutiful knight, and then growing closer to him as time goes on. Perhaps adding in some extra drama - like an attack or a kidnapping or an injury or something - would lead the RP to places we didn't know were possible beforehand. :-)

- Soldier x Slave (No preference)
This is pretty much what it says on the tin. Whether the soldier was kind or nasty, or if he was an average soldier on guard duty or a Captain with a new Bodyslave, would be up to you, to a certain extent.

- Monster/Alien x Captive/Servant/Knight/Mage/Human/Elf/Angel/Demon, etc. (no preference)
This could EITHER be a GM-style thing, where the player staggers through several different encounters, or a player thing where the monster is either the captive or captor, and we go from there. Maybe the monster is kept and used for practice, or pleasure, or entertainment? Or maybe the monster is the captive, using the other player as entertainment or breeding or something? Or maybe the monster and other player are actually friends, and keep up the appearance to stay together? Or maybe they become friends throughout the duration of the captivity? This one is EXTREMELY flexible, down to time period (Modern, High Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Western, etc) and Races (Elf, human, Angel, Demon, Succubus, etc etc)

Historical / Alt Historical:
This is a very open ended one; if you want to play a game based on a historical period then, as a history buff, I would love to hear you out :-) I tend to gravitate more towards Medieval and Ancient periods rather than early and late modern. So, Medieval Europe, Ancient Greece / Rome, Feudal Japan, Three Kingdoms China, that sort of thing :-)

I play a lot of fandoms, so listing them all would be difficult and in some of them I prefer to play OC's over CC' way to find out which is which is to ask me. If you like a fandom and don't see it here, feel free to PM me regarding it; this is far from an extensive list.

- Marvel / DC
- Pokemon
- Dragon Age
- Dungeons and Dragons
- Celeb
- Warhammer (sometimes)
- Lord of The Rings
- Wheel of Time
- Brandon Sandersons Cosmere (Mistborn Saga, Stormlight Archives, etc etc)
- Game of Thrones (sometimes)
- Final Fantasy (sometimes)
- Star Wars
- Mass Effect
- Princess Peach (Not Mario. I just have a bit of a weakness for Peach and Rosalina. Especially if they're being gangbanged. Yes, I'm fucked in the head.)
- Guilty Gear

Again, this is far from an extensive list, so if you have another idea, let me know and I can tell you if I'm interested or not! :D

Other; These can be mixed and matched with above scenarios and pairings.

- Furry / Anthro / Neko.
- Bestiality / Monster (could be Minotaur or slime or anything like that).
- Gangbangs (Males x Female OR Females x Male OR Females x Males, OR Females x Female or Males x Male, I don't really mind)
- Harem (Could be a Female Harem for a Male owner, or a Male Harem for a female owner, or a homosexual long as the plot's good, I can do any!)
- Non-con, though see above for my caveat on that.
- Some Fandoms: I play a variety of fandoms from Pokemon to Marvel / DC to Celeb Games to all sorts of video games. If you have a Fandom you'd like to explore, contact me and we can see if I'm interested! :D
- Could play various sci-fi settings (EG, Future Cop, Space Pirate, etc etc.)
- Various Historical settings (I am a history buff, so if History or alternate history is your sort of thing, I'd love to try it).

My last pair of cravings; I am keeping them here as a matter of record

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
= = Scenarios I Would Like To Play = =

Please Note, these are not do-or-die scenarios. If you like the character I want to play opposite but have a different plot idea for them, PLEASE let me know...I'm craving the characters more than the actual stories themselves, so if you have a good idea, please pitch it to me so we can have a chat! The characters are the important bit, not the individual stories...these are just ideas to maybe get you thinking. :-) Please and thank you!

Starcrossed Sisters:
Basically, I'm looking to play a Blackfire / Starfire DC Incest game. There are a variety of different scenarios we can take this, and a large variety of ways we can start, so the basic plot is largely flexible. However, there are - as I see it - four ways we can take this.

- We set this in a universe where Komand'r is (still) evil, and is looking to punish, humiliate and break her "dear, darling sister" Kori. This would include at least medium levels of Femdom and BDSM elements (I would likely play Komand'r), though specific kinks and scenes would be negotiable. We could keep it just between them, we could branch out to heavier BDSM, we could include gangrape and Pseudo Rape if you wanted, we could include Futa Scenes if you so desired, and general humiliation, exhibitionism, etc etc. Basically...this would be a story of Blackfire using her sister Star as her own personal plaything. The specific direction we took this would be up for negotiation; would they learn to love each other, or would Kori become a slave to her sisters sadistic hand? I dunno! Up to you!

- Pretty much the same as above, but in a universe where Starfire is the evil one and Blackfire is the good one. I would still like to play Blackfire in this scenario.

- Set it in a universe similar to the N52, where they have a much healthier, more loving relationship. The specific details would be up for discussion, but basically this would fall more into "standard forbidden lovers" territory...though we could still engage any amount of kinks you wanted, so long as I share them. ;)

- We Gender Flip one of them! More for comedy and light-heartedness, of course, but it's an amusing thought, no?

- Ok, I lied; there's a fifth option...we set this in an AU where Mar'i Grayson - Starfires future daughter - comes back in time, and sparks fly between either her and Kori, or her and Kom. Or all three; I would more than happily play a Tamaranian Mother/Daughter/Sister threesome. That would be hot. XD

Blackness Takes The Cat:

- The other character I am craving a game with other than Starfire is Black Cat. This idea revolves around Venom figuring that the best way to Parker is through his loved ones...and he decides to start with the Cat, since she's the one he sees Spidey with the most when he's in costume. Now, this Venom could be any incarnation, or even a fresh host; it could be Brock, or it could be that the Symbiote takes over Stacy or MJW, or even another male character in the Marvel Universe...the important thing would be, getting Venom to take Cat. This would likely start as Non-Con, though I would want it to gradually turn into Pseudo-NC and eventually a form of Stockholms Syndrome. Again, any amount of kinks can be entertained, though I find myself rather enamoured with the idea of MJW growing a Symbiote Cock and nailing Hardy with it...

Anyway, again, the details would be negotiable.

Alternatively, maybe Hardy gets into a relationship with somebody, or at least a carnal activity, and it maybe goes wrong somehow, or perhaps the Symbiote interposes itself into the relationship. I'm open to other pairings as well - for example, Hardy working off her sentence helping out some Hero team or government agency and sparks fly with another member of the team (OC or CC, I don't mind), as I said above; Black Cat is the important bit, not necessarily the specific story.

Worlds "Collide."

This one is a bit more...out there, so please bear with me on this. Basically....the Marvel and DC universes start to collide, and they have a big crossover where they're all fighting each other and nobody really knows what's going on. In this setting, we have a few options, but this is really my dream scenario because we can - you guessed it - do a Black Cat / Starfire game. Well, there are a few options there, too.

- Starfire and Black Cat meet, and despite the chaos and violence around them, start an illicit affair.

- Starfire and Black Cat meet, sparks fly despite their "opposite sides," and of them gets taken by the Venom Symbiote, and things get dark and very, very kinky.

- An evil Starfire comes through and, after Black Cat has foiled her one too many times...decides to teach the bitch a lesson. Venom Symbiote optional, Femdom compulsory. >.>

- Instead of Starfire, Blackfire comes through, either good or evil; it depends on your preference.

- The same kind of ideas as above, but it's Black Cat who gets to be the evil, dominant one.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Basically...a Celeb RP, where I play the OC and you play the Celeb in question. Could be a Femdom or Maledom or just a gentle, "normal" relationship (though I would heavily prefer BDSM elements). This list is far from exhaustive, but it includes my top three or four that I'd like to go with :-) Now, the first one is the one I am SPECIFICALLY looking for; if you offer me this game and I think we're a good match, I will bite your arm off to accept.

1) Taylor Swift --- THIS IS THE BIG ONE. I NEED a Taylor Swift BDSM Femdom game. If you give me this, I will love you forever. :P

Inspiration Pictures

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

2) Candice Swanepoel

Inspiration Pictures

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

3) Jessica Nigri -- Third choice she may be, but hot damn, a strong third she is!

Inspiration Pictures

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Obviously, personality can be altered a little (we'll say it takes place in an Alternate Universe, so artistic licence is given) but the big thing is, this celebrity would be "playing" herself. I am a sucker for Femdom-on-male, and any amount of plots would be acceptable. It could be a fan, a member of her team, a backup dancer, another celeb, a family member, anything....I have a particularly hot idea in my head for a Femdom Celeb who has her own harem, for fucks sake! :P

If you have an idea for another celebrity - from Morena Baccarin to Hayden Panettiere to Megan Fox to Katy Perry to Michelle Trachtenberg to Jewel Staite - then contact me and ask! Those are just my top top top choices...I have literally dozens of celebrity crushes that I would LOVE to play out. :-)

If you're a decent writer and you tend to write at least two decent sized paragraphs - as per my requirements - then feel free to hit me up, especially if any of those possible pairings caught your eye! :D

So....that being said, things I will not do are listed here:

- Bloodplay
- Gore
- Vore
- Watersports
- Scat
- Snuff
- Inflation

Obviously there are things that I might be missing from that list, so if you suggest something that doesn't turn me on, I'll tell you. Don't worry, though...I won't be nasty about it, haha. I'm a relatively laid back guy. :) Specific kinks that I like are:

- Bondage and domination
- Gangbang and DP
- Switch (I am usually the dom, but I do have a craving to be the sub for once)
- Story and Smut integration
- Incest
- Rough Play
- Romance (which isn't necessarily mutually exclusive to the above)
- Futanari

A full list of my O/o can be found here.

Once more, this is not a comprehensive list. As I say; I am open to most anything, so feel free to ask and I'll say yay or naye. One thing though; I can play male or female characters, and I don't much care who is playing the character, as long as they are a good RPer. I also don't mind transsexuals or androgynous characters or post-op or whatever. *shrug*. Not something I usually play, but I have no problem whatsoever playing that sort of thing if the plot is good.

If you think of something that isn't there but you'd like to try it, feel free to PM me and we'll talk about it. I'm fairly open, so give me a call! I do tend to prefer female partners, but I have no problem trying a male partnership as well.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Vergil :-)
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Re: First RP on this site, but I am far from inexperienced!
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2011, 02:56:45 PM »
Do you play any gaming fandoms? or maybe kekkaishi?

Online Vergil TannerTopic starter

Re: First RP on this site, but I am far from inexperienced!
« Reply #2 on: September 15, 2011, 03:30:11 PM »
I play a few fandoms, yes. What is Kekkaishi?

Online Vergil TannerTopic starter

Re: First RP on this site, but I am far from inexperienced!
« Reply #3 on: September 23, 2011, 06:02:51 PM »
Still looking :D

Offline FLN826

Re: First RP on this site, but I am far from inexperienced!
« Reply #4 on: September 23, 2011, 06:40:37 PM »
I noticed you don't have your On/Offs set up yet nor do you mention what type of RP you are looking for. Something sweet and romantic, something darker or more extreme? Something in a modern setting, fantasy setting or another?

Offline Haibane

Re: First RP on this site, but I am far from inexperienced!
« Reply #5 on: September 24, 2011, 07:34:34 AM »
FLN826 gives good advice. You should think carefully about what kinds of genres, storylines, and fetishes interest you then think up plots around those, or even if you are inspired by movies, books, TV shows, images or music.

Writing up a post of your ons and offs in the Lords Ons and Offs forum will be helpful too. Take a look at other people's O/Os to get an idea. O/Os can be used to give a good intro to yourself as well, your personality and what else you seek from an RPing partnership beyond the content of the game.

You write "within reason" and then cite "blood play and tentacle stuff" when of course both are quite within reason for lots of people! So try to guide those reading this thread with more on what you enjoy.

I seriously doubt you will get any offers to RP with so open a subject.

Good luck!

Online Vergil TannerTopic starter

And I'm back everybody! Top post has been edited and expanded upon. Any takers?

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Re: Hey there! Plots and kinks inside; take a look!
« Reply #7 on: April 21, 2014, 07:08:47 AM »
Ba-bump! :D

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Re: Hey there! Plots and kinks inside; take a look!
« Reply #8 on: April 21, 2014, 09:22:39 AM »
Hi there Mr. Vergil!

I would be interested in trying out that Twincest RP you mentioned. I like the idea of a fantasy setting, especially one where at first they live a kind of normal Middle Ages life before they discover the whole Fantastical aspect of their world. Just an idea on that. But if you're interested, I also am a big fan of the Marvel Universe. =) Also, what genders were you assuming the twins would start out as? Male and Female? Male and Male? Female and Female? Transgender and any of the above? Honestly, I'm open for any of those. And how old would the twins be? I would prefer no older than mid-twenties. I hope I didn't swamp you with too much information, and I should warn you I'm new on Elliquiy. But I am a fairly experienced roleplayer with a good imagination and a lot of libido.

Online Vergil TannerTopic starter

Re: Hey there! Plots and kinks inside; take a look!
« Reply #9 on: April 21, 2014, 12:33:39 PM »
Shooting you a PM to avoid cluttering up the thread. :)

Online Vergil TannerTopic starter

Re: M Seeking F for Celeb x OC RP; details inside.
« Reply #10 on: September 18, 2014, 09:30:17 AM »
Updated with new details!

To reiterate the above:

I am only taking Celeb x OC Femdom RP's, specifically one from the provided list (with Number 1 (Taylor Swift) being EXTREMELY preferred). Please take this into consideration when deciding whether or not to contact me. Please and thank you!

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Re: M Seeking F for Celeb x OC and/or Femdom RP; details inside.
« Reply #11 on: October 16, 2014, 11:45:51 AM »
Update! I am now looking again since my last one didn't work out.


If you can't do stream of consciousness, please bear in mind that I want more than just a narration of what the characters DO. I want how they think, feel and react to things. I want them to be a character in their own right rather than just a vehicle for narration.

I am now retaking requests for the above mentioned CELEB RP.
Please, I seriously need somebody to scratch this itch. >.<

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Re: M Seeking F for Celeb x OC AND/OR Femdom RP; details inside.
« Reply #12 on: October 25, 2014, 06:59:09 PM »

I don't care if it's a celeb x OC, I just REALLY need a Femdom RP, ok? I've had this itch for ages, and I can't quite scratch it. Help would be appreciated.

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Updated with new scenarios and plot ideas! Please take a look :-) Any of my scenarios or pairings can be mixed with my current cravings. :-)

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And I am back in the market for a Femdom RP! Prospective partners be advised, I am only seeking a Femdom RP at this point in time. It's an itch that has gone unscratched for far, far too long. XD

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Re: Switch M Seeking Dom F For Naughty, Kinky Fun! Details Inside! ;) :-)
« Reply #15 on: August 02, 2015, 09:11:58 AM »
Updated and Bumped! :D

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Seriously, guys, I am hardcore craving a Swift Femdom.

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Updated! I am seriously craving a Fandom RP....specifically, Starfire or Black Cat, but I will take any of the listed characters so long as I like the pairing you suggest. :-)

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Updated with new scenarios, new requests and new details!

To clarify:

I practically NEED a Starfire or Black Cat (or both!) game ASAP. Ta muchly!

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Bumped, with an updated Craving request. Seriously, guys, I am CRAVING a Femdom Celeb RP, specifically a Taylor Swift one. >.>

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Re: M Urgently Seeking (M or F Player) for Celeb Fandom; Deets Inside!
« Reply #20 on: August 20, 2016, 02:59:19 PM »
Updated with edits and alterations! Bump!

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Re: Vergils Thread of Kinkiness: Can Play Hetero or Homosexual, Sub or Dom.
« Reply #21 on: September 14, 2016, 05:27:38 AM »
Updated with new "Rules," expansion on certain ideas and more pairings.

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Re: Vergils Kinkiness: Seeking Celeb Femdom Game, M for F Character. :-)
« Reply #22 on: October 09, 2016, 10:57:08 PM »
Updated with new craving!