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Life in Color

This thing is constantly a work-in-progress (either forwards or backwards, depending on if I've deleted my OC character sheets this month or not. *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh*).

Anyways. Before we get to the juicy bits.

I'm going to take this time to babble about my writing style and whatnot. I apologize in advance if any of this is boring, but it needs to be said for everyone to enjoy the writing experience!

And, since you're here - behold, juicy bits!

The Mechanics

Posting in English (adding 'u's in words is fine by me, but I will post in American English) is expected and if you're going to use a foreign language then PM me a translator if it's a language such as Elvish, Draconian, Drow, etc. If it is a regularly used language, then just include some foot note translations and I will adore you. Or don't and suffer the consequences (of me having to track down a translator and thus taking longer to respond).

I'd like no less than 2-3 paragraphs, plox. Of course, the rule is quality over quantity, but part of the forum roleplay experience is getting to read another person's creative labor - if I'm putting in the effort for you, I expect reciprocation. Please write in 3rd person, unless there's some interior monologue going on, then please italicize it or something to make it clear.

A ton of grammatical and spelling errors will make me twitch. I'm not claiming to be perfect, I'm quite the opposite, but if your internet browser or the word processing program you're using is underlining it, then at least try to fix it. It's not a total dis-qualifier, but if I have to spend more time editing your post than responding it, it's not an enjoyable experience for either of us.

Much like my out of character relationships, I don't do short term. I like intimacy and character development that comes from long term threads - sorry. It's just a thing. That being said, I've had a few one-shots develop from plot bunnies within the larger thread and those can be addressed/explored when the moment is at hand!

Now that I'm thinking about it, this tends to subject my threads to my sometimes ditzy disregard for things - it's not intentional, but sometimes life makes me want to scream into a pillow. I will always try to post at least once a month, sometimes I get the chance to post more - sometimes less, especially when life is demanding more of my time than usual - it's nothing personal, I just only have so much time during the day.

The Sparkly Stuffs

I love color - I love coloring. Everything.

This spills into my forums posts and each one of my main characters will have a color assigned to their dialogue. Not only does it help to communicate their personalities, but it helps to break up the sometimes monotonous walls o' black text.

This also means that my threads will start off with a picture of some sort, normally it's the base for the character I'm playing, but if I can't find a suitable celebrity look-a-like, then I apologize, and will probably post something significant to the character or the environment. And desperately hope that my description skills don't suck - no promises there.

I also love music - everything about it. Anyone who gets to know me in an out-of-character, off the forums, with a regular amount of contact will learn quickly that it's arguably my biggest passion. More specifically, I like to tease extra meanings out of lyrics (I blame my English Literature education). So, my threads will start with a song quote 99% of the time.

The only exception to this is if I can find a non-music quote that works better for my opening post (such as: a video game dialogue quote, a literature quote, or something along those lines).

PS - Stay tuned for ramblings about characters and places I like to write.

Other Useful Things
I have dabbled in most, if not all, of the card games that came out with my generation and the anime they usually corresponded with - although, in my ripe old age area of my late 20's, I find myself to be more of a collector and less of a participant. I am an avid video game consumer. RPGS, MMOs, and MOBAs tend to be my poisons of choice and I am always willing to hang out and game with the friends I make here.

A note: I am constantly obsessing over anything Dragon Age-related, so that it always a safe topic or roleplay proposal route.   

I hold a college degree now (how did that happen?). My degree is "unique" in so far that my college campus offered the option for me to create my own major. I graduated in December 2015 with a major in Cultural and Political Studies, my regional focus was the Middle East. That being said, I am hopelessly in love with all things Middle Eastern - the history, the religion, the people, the politics, the everything. One of my intellectual dream jobs would involve being locked in a library to do research and paw through artifacts from the Golden Age of the Muslim Empire for the rest of my life - or write about them, whatever, I'm not picky.

Another area of interest is comics books (of course, you can see that by paging through my thread history!). I have studied comic books and graphic novels at the academic level and enjoy doing so - my paper for my Literature Capstone was 25+ pages on Jean Grey and The Dark Phoenix Saga. Now, I have a monthly column that reviews and explores comic books and graphic novels - and I write, here, for the Herald!

I also love to color and want to get into painting, I love to read, I love pop music, and I love to cross stitch.

So, to summarize, I have a lot of interests outside of roleplaying. Even if my fictional stuff doesn't trip your trigger, feel free to PM me - you never know when you'll find a friend. Or a chattery buddy, I'm always down to chat on Skype or share Steam/Origin/Battlenet IDs to game together - it's a great stress reliever and a fun way to bond.

Life in Color

Historical and Fantasy Settings
The Islamic Golden Age (Historical, Non-Fiction)

Cordoba, Toledo, Baghdad, Byzantium!

There is so much to love about this moment in history. Intellectual advances were happening with regularity, Greek philosophy had been rediscovered and was circulating around the Middle East, and Muslim Spain was the perfect picture of peace - Jews, Muslims, and Christians all existed together without waging major warfare on each other.

Eveything is wonderful is the Islamic Empire, but the exiled Spanish are amassing power to retake their cities in 1492.

Obviously, this an extremely watered-down and overly-simple blurb. It's a fun time in history.

Greco-Roman (Historical, Fantasy, Non-Fiction, Fiction)

There's Gods and Goddesses - they're assholes.

Everyone's a philosopher.

Seriously, though. It's a timeless setting, and probably really overdone, but there's a reason for that.

I always wanna write things that aren't really explored, or re-write things. Like Gorgons! There was more than Medusa, and quite frankly, they're pretty cool.

General Fantasy Settings (Non-Fiction, Fiction, Fandom)

There's the obvious one, lately - Game of Thrones. I'm only really familiar with the television show, but I own the books now - so, it's just a matter of time.

Camelot should probably go here, too. I feel like anything involving magic, dragons, Paladins, damsels, and anything having to do with crowns should go here, too.

Slowly, over the years, I've been constructing my own fantasy kingdom, but it's slowgoing - so far, there's Elves of varying kinds, Sirens, Humans, and Dragons. Someday, I'll get it all sorted out.

Kushielverse (Fantasy, Fandom)

If you're unfamiliar with Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Legacy book series, you should probably do the following: slap yourself, open, and buy the first six books (because the last three were super duper meh).

The map that Carey uses for her fantasy series is based on Europe, and she masterfully mixes cultures and religions with the right amount of romance, kink, and politics to create one of my favorite book collections.

The world is very rich and there's lots to do.

Video Game Environments
Star Wars! (Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Fandom)

The original space opera. George Lucas put together such a wonderful and large universe and even though they've thrown out the extended universe with Disney's acquisition, I've never been one for being particularly mainstream. So, EU away!

A few time periods I'm super familiar with involve the video games and the movies (duh). Knights of the Old Republic, The Old Republic, Shadows of the Empire, and all six of the movies tend to be my time period playgrounds. Of course, I read the books - but I was very young and don't own them anymore.

That being said, Wookiepedia and I are bffs - I don't mind doing the research to be up to speed.

I tend to play Sith and non-Force Sensitive characters in this universe. Although, for enough treats, I could probably turn dear Alysha into a Jedi. (Really, it wouldn't be that hard, but being a Sith is so much more fun).

The World of Thedas (Fiction, Fandom, Fantasy)

I really cannot say how much I love the Dragon Age games. I mean. Really. I can't. I've tried.

Although Dragon Age: Inquisition is promising to cover most of the uncovered world, I don't think BioWare is really even going scratch the surface of their world. I know, that's silly to say. But, I don't think they're going to ever discuss the fact that Fereldens enjoy more stompy dancing and compare that to the very rehearsed and practiced culture of Orlais - I just really don't think it registers on their radar.

That being said. I love this world more than any other fandom I write in. It's my favorite child - I'm not gonna lie.

Someday, I'd really like a Templar/Chantry Priest & a Mage storyline. The discussion of faith versus magic, faith versus intellect, the worship of a deity whose house has been breached once versus the ones who breached it.

So much to discuss!

It's also a good place for some good ol' fashioned Alistair-type romance. *swoon*

Final Fantasy (Fiction, Fandom, Sci Fi, Fantasy)

Someone, somewhere, is throwing a slight fan-tantrum that I'm lumping them all together.

Obviously, they're not one concurrent story - that'd make sense, amirite?

I'm partial to staying on the Blue Planet (Final Fantasy VIII) Gaia (Final Fantasy IX), and Spira (Final Fantasy X & X-2). I would be kinda tickled to do a cross-over between two of these, eventually. Yuna and Squall might be fun, or Tidus and Selphie (they'd have all the fun - think about it).

Cannon stories are always fun, here. 

Mass Effect (Fiction, Sci Fi, Fandom)

Another BioWare universe - anymore, and I think I might admit to a trend.

I played and loved all 3 games.

The races are fascinating, the politics even moreso - and, the Asari are just... Mmmm.

Obviously, I played a Renegade FemShep with a soft spot for a certain Asari archaeologist - can you blame me?

Like Thedas, I probably can't even begin to fathom the story potential here. :]

World of Wacraft (Fantasy, Fiction, Fandom)

It's Azeroth.

There's lots of stuff to do.

I don't have a preference for time periods, although the Sunwell is my favorite lore artifact.

I also don't have a preference for Horde or Alliance, as far as stories and characters - I do, however, have a Draenei Paladin OOC that needs dusting off.

So, take that as you will. #spacegoatisbestgoat

Animated Things
Comic Books (Fiction)

At this point in my life, I don't think I really need to choose between DC and Marvel, but Jean Grey is the background of my computer screens.

Each house offers amazing stories and too many characters to name. So, instead, let's talk storylines.

While the universes revolve mostly around the X-Men and Batman, there are definitely other places to go in these comicbook stories.

I enjoy the Fables universe and often think that Metropolis is an awesome place to live anytime of the year.

I enjoy cannon parings for comic books, but what I reallyreallyreally love is cross-overs.

Gundam Wing (SciFi, Mechs, Fandom)

Gundam Wing and I have a long relationship that started when I was in middle school.

It was the first anime I liked that didn't have any of the usual magical girl qualities.

There's politics and mechs - what more could you want!

Life in Color


As far as requests are concerned:

There's always room for brainstorming and that is one of my favorite parts about writing stories together.

However, some things - like pairings, in some cases, can't really be brainstormed. With the exception of original characters, of course.




- These pairings are in no particular order for preference as far as requests I'm seeking.
- I'll update these with story ideas as they wander in, but these are pairs I always want to write.
- Canon pieces are totally up for our creative use, so don't worry about that. <3
- Bolded pairs are the ones I really, really want to play at any given time, so I'll be more keen to talk about those. :]

Jean Grey + Kal'El (Superman / Clark Kent)

Jean Grey + Bruce Wayne (Batman)

Jean Grey + Scott Summers (Cyclops)

Jean Grey + John Constantine

Zatanna Zatara + Bruce Wayne (Batman)

Tandy Bowen (Dagger) + Tyrone Johnson (Cloak) **Freeform Variety**

Patsy Walker (Hellcat) + Daimon Hellstrom (Hellstorm)

Patsy Walker (Hellcat) + Daniel Rand (Iron Fist)

Patsy Walker (Hellcat) + Dick Grayson (Nightwing / Batman)

Patsy Walker (Hellcat) + Peter Parker (Spider-Man)

Barbara Gordon (Batgirl / Oracle) + Dick Grayson (Nightwing / Batman)

Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) + Oliver Queen (Green Arrow)

World of Warcraft

Anduin Wrynn + Void Elf OC

Time Period: Antorus, The Burning Throne Assault -> Battle For Azeroth

My idea here is fairly vague, kind of?

The Void Elves are a contingent of Blood Elves trained under Alleria Windrunner to bend the Void into a weapon and are recruited by King Anduin to join the Alliance to help with the assault on Argus.

So, what does that have to do with a story?

Anduin is a Priest and King of the Humans, whose capital the Void Elves congregate in - there are reasons for them to hang out, okay?

Anyways. My vague idea is that one of the characters arrives where the other generally dwells and from there, adventure occurs. Warcraft is sooooooooo large that I don't wanna nail down a plot without partner contribution - because there are so many ways this could spin.

Anduin Wrynn + Taelia Fordragon


You know it's gonna happen.

Let's write it before it does.


If He's a Ghost, Then I Can Be A Phantom (Black Widow Pairings)

Kink Flavors: Non-Con...ish? Bondage, at least.
Influences: Tales of Suspense, The Marvel MCU, Civil War (Both? Both! We'll go with it!)

Natalia Romanova x Steve Rogers
Natalia Romanova x James 'Bucky' Barnes
Natalia Romanova x Clint Barton


Nat + Steve: He was the Allies' greatest weapon, she was Russia's top spy - their meeting wasn't supposed to happen and she certainly wasn't supposed to defect over it. She did, but Steve wasn't there waiting for her, after the war - he'd gone down with the plane. In honor of his memory, Natalia pledged her skills and loyalty to the fledging SHIELD and grew with the organization.

And then they found him, frozen.

She was there, as perfect as the day they'd met in WWII - and she had waited.


So, this, I imagine, might have some Winter Soldiery feels to it - a lot of them, actually. As Natalia and Steve navigate getting him caught up on the world and its changes, how she runs her spy games, the conflicts of the solider and spy feels that make this pairing so very attractive.

SHIELD, of course, will have a desire to use him, as a pawn.

Baddie is tbd and definitely up for discussion.

Nat + Bucky: This definitely has more comic influence - Bucky is an amazing spy in the comics and is, arguably, Nat's greatest love. I'm interested in a few things as far as this pairing goes: a play of their MCU representations vs their Comics representations, a totally MCU flavor - he did ruin her chance at bikinis and he needs to apologize for that.

I'm just kind of extending my feelers out for this one.

Nat + Clint: The MCU sold this chemistry so much until Winter Solider (Long list Stasha!). I have the same feelings for this as I do my Bucky pairing, there is a lot of history and alliances here, that it would be fun to explore.

A story of their early days at the Academy could be super cute.

I Don't Want to Waste The Music

It was one night in Havana, Cuba - the night of the end of the Cuban Revolution.

It wasn't supposed to happen: a busboy and a hotel guest, the son of a revolutionary thinker and the daughter of a Ford executive, a rich white girl and a poor Cuban.

It was fleeting, stopped by Fidel Castro's successful People's Revolution, but it was real.

It was real enough that he stayed in her thoughts and she haunted his - her words of concern over Castro's Cuba and her offering of safe passage to the United States, replaying over and over again in his mind. 

Years later, Katie Miller has moved on to Graduate School, where she's studying the cultural and political history of the arts in Cuba - and the part they played in Fidel Castro's revolution. She's moved from her family's happy home in the northeast and has settled in Miami, Florida - it's the one place in the world where she can be with the culture she fell in love with as a younger woman and it's the one place that reminds her of him.


It became clear to Javier and his family that Castro's Cuba was not the one the people had fought for. The Suzarez family escaped Havana, losing his older brother in their escape - and settled in Miami, safely nestled in the blocks of Little Havana. Life was not easy for the refugee family, forced to work under the table jobs - Javier, himself, was lucky enough to get into the club business under the guidance of a legally immigrated neighbor who was interested in helping the family naturalize.


Kink Flavor: Light, Slice of Life
Influences: Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights, The 1960/1970s, Miami, Dancing, Music, Clubs, Interracial Couples

This one is super straight forward, I'd like to pick up 5 or so years after the movie where our characters run back into each other completely on accident in a Miami nightclub.


This list will be updated as ideas pop up - so, stay tuned!

Click here to see Active, Inactive, and Retired threads. - Updated monthly!

Life in Color

I am a busy bee!

I am pursing a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and writing for various outlets - and, of course, I have a job thing.

Other Writing Obligations
Elliquiy is not the only place that I write! I am an active columnist/contributing writer for a pop culture website. What do I write about? Comics, of course! If you're interested in reading my thoughts on a variety of comics/comic-related things, please poke at me for a link to my column! <3

All of that being babbled about, I try not to start stories that I'm not planning a long term story for.

My reply speed varies greatly depending on the time I have and how temperamental my muse is being at that moment.

I do try to hammer out at least one reply a month for my threads (Muse depending, of course, some things just burn hotter than others) and if that can't be met, I do make an effort to try and talk to my partner(s) about whatever might be hindering my ability to write, at that moment.


Life in Color

This is also, by no means, an exhaustive list - if you see something from the fandom cast here, then odds are I know others from it. And, honestly, if the idea is amazing enough, I'll do some research for the thread - that's exactly how Emma Frost ended up on this list (that homewrecker).  If a name is in bold, it is a character that I lovelovelove to write. If a name is in italics, it is a character that I'm interested in writing as, but will not initially be as strong as others in the list (probably because I've never written a thread with them)!

This is, of course, a work in progress!

MarvelDCFables (Vertigo Comic Series)Video GamesTelevision Shows & Movies

Angela (Aldrif Odinsdottir)
Black Widow (Natalia Romanova/Natasha Romanoff)
Captain America (Steve Rogers)
Emma Frost
Hellcat (Patsy Walker)
Honey Lemon (Aiko Miyazaki)
Ilyana Rasputin (Magik)
Jean Grey (Phoenix, Black Queen)
Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat)

Madelyne Pryor (Goblin Queen)
Mockingbird (Agent Bobbi Morse)
Moira MacTaggert
Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff)
Silk (Cindy Moon)
Songbird (Melissa Gold)

Spider Gwen/Spider-Woman (Gwen Stacy)
Thor (Jane Foster)

Barbara Gordon (Batgirl, Oracle) 
Diana Prince (Wonder Woman)
Dinah Lance (Black Canary)
Donna Troy (Wonder Girl) 

Felicity Smoak
Koriand'r (Starfire)
Lois Lane
Mera (Queen of Atlantis)
Pamela Isley (Poison Ivy)
Selina Kyle (Catwoman)
Talia al'Ghul
Zatanna Zatara

Snow White
Cindy (Cinderella)
Briar Rose
Bo Peep
Lumi (The Snow Queen)

Garnet Til Alexandros XVII (FF IX)
Rinoa Heartilly (FF VIII)
Liara T'Soni (Mass Effect 1, 2, 3)
Yuna (FF X/FF X-2)
Angela Ziegler/Mercy (Overwatch)

Life in Color

Original Characters - Original Template Design by MaverickKane
The Lady Allyssa (Dragon Age)

Trial by Fire (Allyssa DeLydes x Reinholdt Lochmir) - With Tyrhung
Trial by Fire: The Shadowless Flame (Allyssa Lochmir x Alexander DuLac) - With Kiurial
Breaking The White Tower (Allyssa Lochmir and Jakob of Seleny) - With Question Mark
The Wolf and the Wisp (Allyssa DeLydes x Alexander DuLac) - With Kiurial
Name: Allyssa Marielle DeLydes (Pavus)-Lochmir
Employed Aliases: The Lady Lochmir
Gender: Female
Date of Birth (& age): Andoralis 9:09 Dragon
Age: Twenty-One
Place of Birth: Minrathous, Tevinter Imperium
Last Rumored Sighting(s): Val Royeaux, Redcliffe, Kinloch Tower Ruins, Minrathous

Social Information
Race: Human, Ferelden-Tevinter
Class: Noble – Allyssa’s mother is a Tevinter Magister.
Political and Social Affiliations:
Ryven Pavus – Mother, Tevinter Magister, Blood Mage
First Enchanter Irving – Father, Ferelden First Enchanter of Kinloch Hold
Memory – A Mabari Warhound
Michael, a retired Templar joined Allyssa’s house to “spy” on her for the White Tower, who suspected her of being a missing Apostate that the Ferelden Chantry had accused of practicing Blood Mage.
Elise, one of the greatest Bards currently engaged in the Great Game of Orlais. Although Allyssa pays Elise for her service, Allyssa still consider Elise to be a friend and an ally – but a Bard’s loyalty are as slippery as the Bards themselves.

Marital Status: Rumored to be Widowed

Professional Information
Profession: Mage (Somniari), Orlesian Noble
Apprentice To: First Enchanter Irving and Senior Enchanter Wynne, Kinloch Hold, Redcliffe, Ferelden
Fraternity Loyalties: Isolationist
Favored Schools of Magic: Blood, Force, Flame
Languages Studied: Common, Elvish, Teviene

Physical Description
Height: 5’10
Hair: Originally, Allyssa’s hair was blonde like her mother’s but due to the demon possession that occurred at her Harrowing, Allyssa’s hair morphed from blonde to naturally multi-colored. After Imshael is forcefully removed her body, her hair returns to a blonde color.
Eyes: Blue
Detailed Physical Description:
Allyssa is beautiful – tall and flawless, but she carries the responsibility of being a Somniari and one of the last people in Ferelden to fearlessly and flawlessly speak the language of the Imperium on her shoulders. Her hair comes down past her shoulders when it is not styled and she has a scar that runs up the length of her left arm that was inflicted by the enchanted silverite blade of a Templar, but she normally hides the scar under an enchantment. When she isn’t consciously covering her flaws with magic, she has a collection of various scars from her journeys before coming to Orlais and has a few worry lines on her face, but it’s nothing that the right light and Orlesian cosmetics can’t fix with a little preparation. 

Personality Tidbits
Religious Affiliations: Allyssa is loosely associated with the Chantry through her nature of being a Mage and an Orlesian noble. After the supposed death of Reinholdt Lochmir, she becomes extremely devoted to the Chantry and seals her magic from herself.
Attitude Toward Death: During her time with Reinholdt, Allyssa died twice protecting him but was brought back from the Fade through her pact with the Fade being, Imshael, the Spirit of Choice. Since returning to Orlais and lacking her possession, Allyssa is careful with her treading but still does so fearlessly – she lives on borrowed time and she knows that.
Weaknesses: Love. Allyssa loves everything she engages in – dancing, politics, magic, men, her house, her Mabari, studying, quiet. The easiest way to strike Allyssa is to strike her lifeline: her family.
Fears: Betrayal, solitude.
Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience:
After an encounter with Xebenkeck, Allyssa manages to save Reinholdt from being ensnared in the Fade forever by engaging the demon with the assistance of Imshael, her own demonic ally. After coming out of the Fade, Reinholdt rejected Allyssa’s declaration of love and there was never a chance to make things right – the pair was shortly attacked by Dalish Elves who were working with a Tevinter noble in search of Imshael. Allyssa and Reinholdt were separated, with the former waiting faithfully in Orlais for his re-appearance – Reinholdt never came for Allyssa.

She continues to carry this pain.

Born from a night of carelessness between First Enchanter Irving and a Tevinter Magister, Allyssa is raised to believe that she is of Orlesian nobility and was sent to Kinloch Hold because one of her parents was a Mage in the White Tower. She was raised under the care and tutelage of her father with only his most trusted ally, Senior Enchanter Wynne, knowing the full truth of Allyssa’s parentage. Until her Harrowing, Allyssa was an unruly apprentice with very little control over the power of her spells, but during her Harrowing she meets the demon Imshael within the Fade and agrees to be Human host – the demon teaches her control and is more of an ally than an enemy to the young Mage. Allyssa’s time at Kinloch Hold after her Harrowing is a socially trying one – she is predisposed to beginning friendships with Templars, who are the Chantry-appointed guards of the Mages. One of these dalliances ends with the death of her Templar lover, an older Orlesian Templar named Erik. Allyssa avoids the fateful battle of Ostagar in the company of a Grey Warden by the name of Reinholdt Lochmir, whom she falls in love with. Reinholdt and Allyssa are separated at the hands of Dalish Elves with an agreement that they will follow the first set of orders the pair ever received: to meet with the Grey Warden known as Duncan and First Enchanter Irving in Orlais – neither men survive the Fifth Blight.

After claiming the inheritance that the First Enchanter the Magister put in Allyssa’s name in Orlais, in order to sell their lie, Allyssa quickly allies herself with the Grey Wardens within Orlais and uses her political powers to further their causes. She also severs her connection to the Fade and begins to have terrible visions of a city she has never seen. Allyssa has become the target of Ser Elliot de Menoit, a Chevalier that she must constantly maneuver around, but overall, she settled nicely into the life of Orlesian nobility.
Additional Notes/Pictures/etc.:

Alysha Va’Lyr (Star Wars)

The Space Between (Alysha Va'Lyr x Slind Tahn'Rohn) - With Countdown0
Rise of Gods (Alysha Va'Lyr x Kira-Leon) - With OutlawFallen
Name: Alysha Va’Lyr
Employed Aliases: Aimee Organa, Darth Atropa
Gender: Female
Date of Birth (& age): Unknown 
Age: Twenty-Five Galactic Standard Years
Place of Birth: Aldera, Alderaan
Last Rumored Sighting(s): The Battle for Alderaan

Social Information
Race: Human
Class: Noble
Political and Social Affiliations: Alderaan
Family: None
Friends: None Known
Marital Status: Single

Professional Information
Profession: Asassin, Senator to Alderaan
Apprentice To: Darth Kreia (via Holocrons), formerly Jedi Knight Sayeeda (Saye’eda)
Force Loyalty: Sith, formerly Jedi
Favored Tactics: Makashi (Form II), Force Manipulation

Physical Description
Height: 5’6
Hair: Black, Brown, Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Detailed Physical Description:
Alysha uses her smaller size to her advantage – both in and out of the political ring. Her opponents in the Senate often try to intimidate her into siding with their motions. However, Alysha is an experienced duelist and carries herself with a subtle confidence. She bears no marks on her body to indicate the active life that she has led up to her “inheritance” of the post of Alderaan’s Senator. 

Personality Tidbits
Religious Affiliations: Sith
Attitude Toward Death: Alysha is unafraid of death – her time under the Jedi taught her that to die is to join the Force, even as a Sith she appreciates this sentiment.
Weaknesses: Pride, sloppiness.
Fears: Destruction of “order”.
Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience:
It became clear very early in Alysha’s life that she was Force-Sensitive, but the Jedi were slow in getting to her and bringing her into their ranks. Alysha was forced to hide in a secret compartment in her parents’ mansion as they were murdered by an angry Sith who was searching for an apprentice – Alysha’s future Jedi Master, Saye’eda arrived shortly after the Sith had dispatched her family and Alysha had been hidden for three days.

Born to a lesser noble family in Alderaan, Alysha was promised to marry into the noble house of Organa, but the young girl’s life fell apart when her family was murdered when she was the age of five – the murderer was a Sith looking for an apprentice. A representative from the Jedi Order arrived on Alderaan and collected her, taking the child as an Apprentice – Alysha proved to be a prodigal Padawan and passed her Trials by the age of fifteen. She began to grow restless with the Jedi Order after being awarded the title of Knight – they were too passive, too meek, too unsure of themselves and Alysha was watching the universe tumble into chaos as the Sith began to accumulate power. The Jedi were dispatched to the Battle of Alderaan and it was then that Alysha chose to leave the Jedi Order – she engaged her former Master in Lightsaber combat and bested the Twi’lek, but she did not kill her. Alysha defeated a Sith and wore the Sith’s clothing out of the battle, disappearing from the world – the Jedi held a funeral for the Knight, but after an investigation it became clear that Alysha was not worthy of the Jedi. The Knight had ventured off on her own and had engaged in a relationship with a Mandalorian Bounty Hunter and had been involved in a series of unsolved murders in Nar Shaada – including the murder of her lover.

Some years after Aimee Organa’s name had been stricken from the Jedi Temple, a mysterious woman appeared claiming to be the new Senator for Alderaan – the former one had vanished on a mission home. Alysha had grown in power in her absence due to training she had received from the Sith Lord, Darth Kreia, and was dedicating her energy to hiding herself from the probes of the Jedi. 
Additional Notes/Pictures/etc.:

Alixandre Arkenath (Fantasy – General)

Here Be Dragons (Alixandre Arkenath x Verrier Godslayer) - With TheCorsair
Shadows of Reality (Various x Various) - With Zylvyn
Shadows of Reality: Alixandre - With Zylvyn
Name: Alixandre Arkenath
Employed Aliases: Mytheriel
Gender: Female
Date of Birth (& age): Unknown
Age: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Last Rumored Sighting(s): Her Divine’s Temple

Social Information
Race: Silver Dragon
Class: Noble
Political and Social Affiliations: Divine
Amaya Oscron - Daughter
Friends: Unknown
Marital Status: Single

Professional Information
Profession: High Priestess, Healer (She has also been a Dragonslayer and an Archwizard)

Physical Description
Height: 5’10
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue-Silver
Detailed Physical Description:
Disguise: Alixandre chooses to wander as either an Elf or a Human when she not in her true form. She has blonde hair of varying length and blue eyes that shift in color and shape depending on her temper. She is tall and slender, but is not as physically weak as she appears. What marks her as something other than the form she is using is feathery wings that shoot from her back and are often used for flight – and to sleep in when she’s too lazy to get to bed.

Dragon: Alixandre is a Silver Dragon that has adapted to the life that she had to live through. That being said, she no longer possesses the large form and frill of her kin, and has chosen a sleeker body that allows to fly almost undetected during the night – almost. Alixandre’s scales glisten like stolen moonlight and on a clear night, she can be spotted miles away.

Personality Tidbits
Religious Affiliations: Devoted
Attitude Toward Death: Unafraid of death because of her divine grace.
Weaknesses: Alixandre sees the good in everything around her, even when there is none.
Fears: Becoming forsaken, losing her daughter, falling in love and being deserted.
Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience:
During Alixandre’s first lifetime she met and fell in love with a half-demon while married to a King. After a tumultuous courtship, she divorced the King and married her life’s love – he abandoned her for still unknown reasons. In her abandonment, Alixandre became a Vampire in hopes that she would be able to wait for her love’s return forever – she foreswore her goddess and abandoned the life that she had led in the light. Upon the half-demon’s return, he informed her that there was nothing more that he reviled that vampires. The rejection drove Alixandre to suicide, but not until she was given the divine birth of her daughter and then saved by the goddess she had wandered from.

Initially born from a coupling between a Human and a Dragon, Alixandre was raised distrusting the lizards that she grew to mimic. Her mother died later in Alixandre’s teen years when a flight of Red Dragons razed the village that they were living in – Alixandre dedicated her life to hunting Dragons after the attack and she became very good at it. So good that she cornered a Dragon by the name of Nexim Arkenath, was confident that she would kill him, and was bested – the Dragon eventually became her first husband and taught her that she was worth loving. Until him, Alixandre believed that she was cursed with her scaled-form and for that, she carries his family name every time she is reborn. Nexim went out on a quest searching for a rare spell component and she followed a few days after him, finding him murdered in a forest clearing – this drove Alixandre into a depression that she felt there was no escape from.

After what should have been a fatal encounter with a Black Dragon, Alixandre was saved by a group of healers from a Goddess of Light and Protection. She vowed to dedicate her life to the healing arts as a thanks to the mortals who saved her and she became her Goddess’ favored follower, eventually adapting the rank of Avatar and the blessings that came with such a thing. She allowed herself to fall in love again with another Dragon who would become King of a barbaric kingdom, but she also met a half-demon who would become her greatest tormentor. She engaged the half-demon in a hidden romance that she had no knowledge of – the demon would remove her memories from her mind after he was done using her each time that they met. Alixandre fell in love with him of her own volition and divorced the King, fleeing to the clouds to be with the half-demon – happiness was short-lived and he left her with only a note saying that he would return.

Once again alone, Alixandre first sought comfort from her Goddess, but the Goddess was slain soon after Alixandre was left alone – so, Alixandre turned to the darkness and to vampirism. She waited for her husband’s return and upon it, she learned that she had become the thing that he hated most and was banished from his sight. In her lonely wanderings, she met a Dracolich that helped to ease her heart’s pain, but it was a temporary thing – however, the Gods who had survived the initial attack were still able to communicate with their fallen kin and bestowed Alixandre with a child, with the hope that it would be enough to save her from taking her own life. It was enough, for a time, but after the birth of her daughter, Alixandre let herself waste away into death leaving Amaya Oscron, named with her father’s line, in the care of a solitary huntsman. She returned from death, however, using the essence of her departed Goddess to do so and was blessed with immortality so long as she vowed to be a tool of the remaining gods – this vow is central to her life, no matter what shoes she fills. 
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Celeste Amira Winner (Gundam Wing)

On the Starlit Sands - With Sabre
Memories of Eden - With Writersblockade

Name: Celeste Amira Winner
Employed Aliases: Celia, Amira, Celes, Ace
Gender: Female
Date of Birth (& age): December 06, AC 158
Age: Twenty-One
Place of Birth: Aleppo, Syria, Unified Earth Sphere
Last Reported Sighting(s): Winner Mobile Suit Research and Development Facility, Jirah, Syria, UESA

Social Information
Race: Human
Class: Noble (By Trial Standings, Not Officially Recognized)
Political and Social Affiliations:
Mussad Winner – Emir, Owner of the Jirah Research and Development Facility
DeAnna Louve-Winner – Mother, Deceased
Marital Status: Single, although there are rumors that her father plans to betroth her to a high-standing Alliance officer for a political and military alliance.

Professional Information
Profession: Heiress, Pilot, Musician, Scholar (History), Martial Artist
Notable Mobile Suits Piloted (Even simply for testing purposes):

Tallgeese I
The Wing Zero

Physical Description
Height: 5’2
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Detailed Physical Description:
Celeste Amira Winner is quite short – there are no two ways around it, but that is not to say that she is weak. No, Amira’s body is toned and well used due to her love of martial arts and her position as a pilot for the Research and Development Facility located in Jirah, which her father owns and runs. Her love of history also sees her sometimes out and about when she is able to break free from her familial obligations – she enjoys exploring the occasional ruin that can be found in her home of Syria. She wears her trademark-Winner blonde locks in varying styles, but tends to favor the ponytail, or a bun for her active hair style and curls her hair to varying degrees when not engaged in a physical activity. 

Personality Tidbits
Religious Affiliations: Agnostic, but leans towards Islam
Attitude Toward Death: Amira is a pilot and has lost friends to the conflicts that sometimes spring up on the Unified Earth Sphere, but that does not mean she doesn’t plan to fight against death with every last breath in her body.
Weaknesses: Curiosity, adrenaline, technology, music, isolation
Fears: Death, betraying her family, not making a mark in history.
Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience:
When the family was young – Amira was more than likely only around five years of age – there was an attack on the city of Aleppo, where the young Mussad and DeAnna were beginning to start their future. At the time of the attack, most were out for work, but the family was well off enough that DeAnna was able to stay home and raise Amira. Amira’s mother died sometime during the first waves of bombings that destroyed their small mansion on the quiet outskirts of Aleppo. Amira is unable to remember what happened between hearing the first explosions of the bombs and the rescue teams unburying her from the rubble of her home.

Celeste Amira Winner was born to the oldest son of the Winner Corporation and the heiress of a French business mogul. Her life was perfect until rebel attacked her birth city of Aleppo, Syria and murdered her mother – from the moment Celeste, called Amira by her father, was pulled from the rubble, she was by her father’s side. Her father a military manufactory giant in the Middle East and so Celeste started to be groomed to one day take his position as the head of his corporation. Part of her required training was to become familiar with what they produced, was: aircraft and it was love at first flight for the young heiress. Celeste logged more flight hours in her first year as a pilot than most men twice her age – and when the rumblings of an armed, unified Alliance began, Celeste was there. Engaging in aerial combat, Celeste became known as “Ace” to her ground crew and more than likely is responsible for most of the gray hair on her father’s head.

Celeste, however, is not completely devoted to a pilot’s life – she also is an accomplished and studied scholar who enjoys the field of history. As soon as she was able to fly alone, she was often detected in air space above ruins all over the Middle East, studying ruins from the ages before technology was the lifeblood and war was the air. Among texts she has found, she had studied a very ancient order named Assassins and this encouraged her study of Martial Arts – a study the she finds soothing when compared to the battlefield. She inherited a love of music from her mother and picked up playing the guitar while her mother was still alive and continued the craft – she often sings and plays for her ground crew as they clean whatever craft she’s “misused” lately.

Scholar, pilot, creative and adventurous spirit, Celeste is far more than her father bargained for in an heiress. What he does not like about Celete is her love of stunt flying as of late – with the powers of the world engaging in an arms race, there is no current need for war pilots. So, when she is not testing some new design of the craft that is being called a “mobile suit”, Celeste can often be seen in the skies above Jirah painting pictures with the exhaust of her private fighter plane.

Additional Notes/Pictures/etc.:

Avery Laine – The Samaritan (Mutant OC – Marvel)

Chracter Name: Avery Marina Laine
Alias Used: Samaritan – Given to her by a dying comrade
Date of Birth: October 20, 1940 (Libra)
Age: 24
Place of Birth: Buffalo, New York
Current Place of Residence: Bethesda, Maryland (Stationed at: Walter Reed Army Medical Center)
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Straight
Marital Status: Single, Never Married
Quirks/Strange Behaviors: Avery tends to bite her nails when under pressure and when her hands are not otherwise occupied. She also talks and sings to herself while in surgery.
Languages spoken: English, Military, “Working” Korean, “Working” Vietnamese, French
Religion/Beliefs: Raised Catholic, Practicing Agnostic


  • Timothy Laine (Father) – Retired Army Major, Currently lives in Miami, Florida
  • Tabitha Laine-Rogers (Mother) – Retired Army Captain, Currently lives in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Raymond Laine (Brother) – Active Military, Currently deployed in Germany
  • Edward Rogers (Step-Father) – Retired Army Sergeant, Currently lives in Indianapolis, Indiana
Friends: Occupationally social, Avery tends to be a bit of a loner during her off-duty time.
Occupational: Avery works with a team of doctors and staff at Walter Reed Medical Center, but she does not consider these friends to be close.
Other: Kibbles (Pet Cat) – Now that she’s stateside, for the time being, Avery has adopted a short-hair Tuxedo-colored cat. 

Occupational and Social information
Social Class/Community Status: 68W, Second Lieutenant, Active Military
Education/Special Training: AIT Completed, OCS Completed, Currently pursuing her Surgeon’s MD
Occupation: Doctor, Trauma Surgeon (When deployed)
Affiliation/Memberships: United States Army
Occupational Skills: Sharpshooter qualification with the M14, Avery completed her AIT and OCS at the top of her class and came out of Basic Training as a Corporal.
Weapons: M14, .45 M1911

Physical Description
Height: 5'9"
Hair: Blonde, curly hair – when in uniform, back in regulation bun
Eyes: Large, rounded – blue eyes (Avery also wears glasses both on and off duty).
Detailed Physical Description: Avery is 5’9” and 140 lbs of lean and particularly curvy muscle. Her skin is an even shade of white, or tan, depending where she’s been deployed lately and her skin is uncharacteristically freckle-free – which is very odd, given her Irish heritage. She keeps her hair long and curly, letting it down as soon as she hits the door to her off-base apartment, but keeps it tight when in uniform. She has long, toned legs that speak to numberless hours standing at a surgery table, and indicate that she takes care of herself. Her midsection is nothing to note, aside from the scarring left from shrapnel insertion from a grenade thrown outside of a medical tent that she was working in. Avery’s chest is modestly-sized, fitting with her frame, and is not often on display.
Typical Clothing: Since Avery is active duty military, her dress code tends to be very drab. When deployed, she spends her off-time in camos and green t-shirts. When stateside, her wardrobe varies wildly when she isn’t on-duty.
Mutant Costume: While on a 48 hour pass, Avery ventured into Paris, France, with her brother, and commissioned a white, sleeveless dress to be made. The dress goes down to her knees and is trimmed with dulled gold frill. She leaves her hair down and slides a white half-mask over her face to hide her identity. White gloves cover her hands, but leave her fingertips exposed, so that she is able to employ her special mutation She uses white boots and stockings to top off the ensemble.

Goals/Ambitions: Someday, Avery would like to meet a good, honest, and loving man that her father will approve of. She’d like to retire, she’d like to have a white-picket fence and a couple of kids. She wants to grow old and she wants to normal
Weaknesses: Avery helps people – since the accident in 1954, Avery believes that it is her job to help people. It is her single, most-defining weakness and strength – she does not see battle lines like her brothers and sisters do when there are wounded that need tending to.
Fears: Avery is most afraid of herself. There are things that she is noticing about her powers that are affecting her physical body and she does not understand them. She is afraid that someone will connect her with the visions that patients are having before they die. She is afraid that the government will find her and she will be Court-Martialed. 

Mutation Information (Collected Anonymously)
Manifestation Age: Fourteen
Manifesting Event:
The night was October 20, 1954, and Ms.Avery Llane was out on her very first date.

The boy accompanying her was one she had grown four doors down from – Eric Jameson – and he had recently gotten his license, and his father had gotten him a car. Excited for the evening, the pair were happily chatting as Eric rolled through a stop sign and the car was hit by an oncoming, intoxicated driver – not a strange occurrence in the upper class neighborhood. Both teenagers were thrown through the windshield of the car, Avery survived and found James, a few feet in front of her. Grabbing his hand, the girl was overwhelmed with pain, but James claimed to see a bright light – the same light would have been seen by anyone else staring at the pair – and to have no pain. Avery stayed by his side until he died minutes later.

Deeply religious, the community believed that an angel had come down to take Eric.

Avery knew differently – her life was not the same, ever again, after that night.
Confirmed Mutation Effects: N/A

Additional Notes/Pictures/etc.:

Anastasia Rogers - Captain America (Marvel OC)

Character Name: Anastasia Ann Rogers
Nicknames: Anya, Captain, Rogers, Annie, Ann, Ana 
Aliases: Captain America, The Blue Widow
Date of Birth: 18 August
Age: 28
Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York, United States
Current Place of Residence: New York, New York
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Bi-Sexual
Marital Status: Single
Quirks/Strange Behaviors: Anya is the All-American girl, which could be considered quite strange in this day and age   
Languages spoken: English, Russian
Religious Beliefs: Christian (Non-Demoninational)


  • Steve Rogers
  • Natalia Romanova-Rogers
  • James "Bucky" Rogers
Friends: Fate, Brightside, Iron Maiden
Occupational:Anya works for SHIELD - her workforce trust varies on her mood. 

Occupational and Social information
Team Affiliations: Avengers, SHIELD
Education/Special Training:
Occupation: Captain America, SHIELD Operative
Affiliation/Memberships: SHIELD
Occupational Skills: Combat Training, Weapons Training, Diplomacy, Computer Skills, Top Secret Security Clearance, Yankee-White Compartmented Security Clearance, Stealth, Group and Solo Operational Training

The Shield and Gauntlet - Captain America is not Captain without her shield! While she does not have the same super strength that her father has to throw the shield hard enough that it returns to her. However, what Anya does have is technology - there is a high-powered electromagnetic system built into her shield and within her right glove - a balanced homage to both of her parents with practical applications. Anytime Anya flexes her right hand, the shield will return to her hand if not stowed properly on her back- the max distance of efficiency for her electromagnetic set-up has yet to be put through max capacity testing because Anya favors close quarters and hand-to-hand combat.

Physical Description
Height: 5'8"
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue-Green

Goals/Ambitions: Now? To protect the world. Later? She'd like to settle down and build a white picket fence, maybe have a couple little ones - the world will be her oyster, then.
Weaknesses: Fresh-baked apple pie and vanilla ice cream, doing the "right" thing, stubbornness 
Fears: That she will be unable to fill the large shoes left behind by Captain America and Black Widow

Mutation Information (Collected Anonymously)

Confirmed Powers:

Photographic Memory and Reflexes - Born with the ability to mimic any kind of movement once she sees it, Anya's parents began her combat training at a very young age. Similar to the Taskmaster, Anya is able to learn by example, but what makes her a powerful foe is that she has continued to train that memory all of her life - while Anya is not gifted with any kind of metahuman powers, she is probably one of the best hand-to-hand combatants in the world.

The Solider's Life for Me
- Like her father before her, Anya has earned her rank through military service and has transferred it to a life at SHIELD. This makes her a natural leader and has imbued her with a sense of dedication to her mission and her team. 

Tactical Awareness - You do not grow up as the child of two SHIELD operatives, Avengers, and two of the greatest combat minds without learning a thing or two. Because she lacks the modifications that come from imbibing the Super Solider Serum, Anya has learned how best to read a battleground - although she prefers to study beforehand, she does not shy away from making the tough calls in the heat of the moment.

The International Spy Network
- The Black Widow hasn't left much for her children to use, but one thing she has offered to Anya is her network of worldwide contacts and access to the underground and less than savory means that an accomplished spy like Natalia Romanova has used to get information throughout her career.   

Additional Notes/Pictures/etc.:

Faceclaim: Emma Stone

Zilliya Queen - Fletching (DC/Marvel Crossover OC)

Character Name: Zilliya Moira Queen
Nicknames: Zee, Zilly
Alias: Fletching
Date of Birth: October 31st
Age: 27 
Place of Birth: Star City
Current Place of Residence: Unknown
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Languages spoken: English, Gaelic, Latin 
Religious Beliefs: Eclectic Pagan


  • Oliver Queen (Father, Queen Consolidated CEO/Vigilante)
  • Wanda Maximoff (Mother, Avengers)
  • Thea Queen (Aunt, Vigilante)
  • Pietro Maximoff (Uncle, Avengers/Brotherhood of Mutants)
  • Thomas Shepard (Half-Brother, Avengers)
  • William Kaplan (Half-Brother, Avengers)

Occupational and Social Information
Team Affiliations: None
Education: Bachelor’s in International Business and Religious Studies
Occupation: Witch, Vigilante
Affiliation/Memberships: Queen Consolidated
Occupational Skills: Negotiation, Business Mind
Recurve Bow – It’s old, but dependable and is the type of bow that Zilliya prefers to shoot with. Trained not to kill unless it is a last resort, the recurve bow offers more room for Zilliya to control the strength that goes into each individual shot.
Compound Bow – The modern-day incarnation of the recurve bow, this is the bow type that Zilliya brings out into the field with her. While it is not her preferred type of bow, she is effective with it nonetheless.   
Sometimes Enchanted Arrows – Not that she necessarily needs to cheat, but Zilliya has been known to marry her witchcraft and her archery skills by enchanting the arrows she fires. It is possible for those attuned to magick to detect the enchantments.

Physical Description
Height: 5’8”
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Goals/Ambitions: To Be a Good Witch and a Successful Businesswoman
Weaknesses: Isolation, Unsure Social Footing, A Foot In Three Worlds
Fears: Powerlessness, Not Living Up To Her Father’s Expectations, Being a Bad Witch

Mutation Information (Collected Anonymously)
Manifestation Age: 18
Manifestation Event:
While on a research venture for a school project, Zilliya is invited to attend a pagan ritual as a participant-observer. It is unclear exactly what type of foul play occurred at the ritual, but it was traumatic enough to trigger Zilliya’s probability-shifting mutation. The only other known witnesses of the event that managed to survive were Dr. Joseph Zatara and the Scarlet Witch, who had been summoned by the child’s father to speak with her.

Confirmed Mutation Effects:
Probability Manipulation - The X-Gene, responsible for creating mutants is passed down through the father, but the Scarlet Witch wished to give her only living, biological offspring all of herself – and so she cast a reality-shifting spell upon her newborn daughter, giving Zilliya a mutation. It is a rare thing that the child mimic the parent in mutation, but because of how Zilliya is given the X-Gene, the universe thought it fitting that daughter should resemble mother and so Zilliya’s mutation allows her to have mastery over the world of probability. It is unknown if her powers will evolve like her mother’s – only time will tell.
Ace Archer - Raised by an assumed single father, Zilliya found a mother figure in her aunt and the three bonded over a love of archery. She came naturally to it as a young girl and the adult figures in her life continued to foster her love for it – the girl wasn’t necessarily athletic, but her father was so keen to have her follow in his footsteps that he developed a training regiment that revolved around her use of a bow.
Physical Poweress - Raised by her father and trained in archery, and then passed off to her mother after her mutation manifested, Zilliya has lived a very physical life. As the daughter of an Avenger who knows that spellcraft can be suppressed in an instant, Wanda continued Zilliya’s training as a fighter. The woman is a passable fighter – her style mainly revolves around the use of bow as a bludgeoning device and she is not nearly the martial artist that her father is, but she has been, and continues to, work diligently at maintain a physique that befits her status as a Queen.
A Heritage of Witchery – Aside from her physical features, Zilliya’s Gypsy heritage is found within her natural witchery. Zilliya’s witchcraft leans more towards a religious use and less of a combat use – because she finds the idea slightly profane, but a curse cast upon arrows during a new moon is still a curse. Coming late to witchcraft, Zilliya is still shy about applying it to the battlefield, but like so much of the space left by her mother – there is still room to grow into it.

Additional Notes/Pictures/etc.:

Faceclaim: Katrina Law

Life in Color

Original Characters - Original Template Design by MaverickKane

Jasmine Taysir - Harry Potter-ish OC

The Basics

Full Name: Jasmine Allyria Taysir 

Nickname: J, Jazzy, Habibi, Ally, Little Flower (Only her mother really still calls her this)

Birthday/Age: July 22, 1998 (Leo-Cancer Cusp) / 19

Blood Status: Pureblood

Place of Birth/Home Town: Qornet El Hamra, Lebanon / Arvada, Colorado

House: Ravenclaw

Year: Senior

Wand: Alligator Juniper | Phoenix Feather | 12 inches

Patronus: Yes, a Phoenix

Apparation License Yes

Physical Appearance

Description: Jasmine isn’t tall, but she’s not exactly short, either and is measured at 5ft 7inches (She likes to round up from the 6.5inches that she actually is – positive thinking!). She generally has an even complexion that lightly tans due to her Lebanese heritage and her love of staying indoors to read. She tends to wear white, but is not afraid to dip into any color available to her closet – under her school robes, of course. Her hair is blonde, her eyes are blue and her mother used to affectionately joke that she was the daughter of the milkman, but she is her father’s daughter and you can tell because she inherited his thinner body frame. Jasmine is not particularly muscled and could be described as physically nimble, if you had to ask.

Distinguishing Features:She occasionally can be seen wearing glasses, but it’s more of  a fashion statement and less of a vision-dependency thing. 

Delving Deeper

Personality & History:


The daughter of first generation immigrants, although they wouldn’t really consider themselves that – they did live in England for a lot of their lives. Anyways. Jasmine was born in Lebanon and it was clear, from the beginning that she had some sort of purpose – the child had the innate ability to simply have a calming effect on things around her, but don’t most babies? Jasmine took a liking to help her mother in the kitchen and the garden, and became quite adept at finding worms after a rainstorm – and her mother became quite adept at keeping said worms out of her baby’s mouth. The pair of parents were unsure if their daughter had inherited their magical-inclination because she was starting to show all of the physically recessive traits that the family had. Due to a lack of wizarding school establishment anywhere within the Middle East, Jasmine’s mother took it upon herself to start the child’s education earlier than an established school system might have, because in the case that they did move back to the West, she didn’t want her daughter to feel ostracized and mentally behind. Jasmine’s father, who had moved the family to Lebanon because his No-Maj employment with a museum in London wanted him in the field to oversee an archaeological dig, was ever the Ravenclaw and encouraged his daughter’s education.

There was a lot of trouble to get into, in the region of Qornet El Hamra, where Jasmine was born, and her very early education consisted of her mother simply watching as the child wandered a safe, but close enough distance to some of the naturally formed caverns in the area, while she taught Jasmine the names of the plants and rocks, and occasionally gems that the pair would find. Jasmine was curious, unafraid to climb whatever hill they found, and constantly distracted by flowers. Due to Lebanon’s history as a French colony, Jasmine learned everything in three languages from the very beginning of her education – English, French, and Arabic – because it wouldn’t do for the daughter of two well-to-do Arab parents to not speak at least one of her home’s languages. In the year 2001, following the aftermath of Al-Qaeda attack on the United States, the family patriarch decided that Lebanon would succumb to the fanaticism gripping the region – and he being a staunch supporter of Syria’s involvement with the country – and made the decision to pull his family from the country and relocate them to Colorado, picking the quiet Denver suburb of Arvada.

With access to a proper, established education system, Jasmine was quickly enrolled into school at the local space in Denver and it was just in time, too. She had her first experience with magic after a particularly rough moment of teasing during which she fried the piece of paper that she was holding. Thankfully, Jasmine’s initial display of pyro-favored magic was simply an age thing and an empathetic display of her feelings. As she grew, it became more and more clear that her mother’s early and gentle education had left a profound impact on the girl. Students were encouraged to join sports from an early age, but Jasmine naturally found herself constantly in the Nurse’s office, asking questions and wanting to help. She didn’t engage in what could be called normal social hazing processes and instead drew kids that were often labelled “weird” under her wing with her naturally affectionate and understanding personality. In class, Jasmine did very well at anything she really put her mind, too, and was found to be quite intelligent – which pleased her father, ever the Ravenclaw, beyond words and he often showered her with rewards in the form of more books on subjects that she really adored. Her teachers often described her as quiet, shy, and a bit of day-dreamer during class, but during times of play or independent activity, they would tell her parents that she was gentle, kind, extremely organized (for her age), and very aware of her actions – and the people she allowed to come play with her, often taking up the role of organizing her own little activities to make sure that everyone got a turn.

You could say that she was the line-leader… a lot.

When she finally received her letter to attend Salem, Jasmine was extremely nervous about what house she would be eventually sorted into. At primary school, she had excelled at History, Heography, and Language Arts, and her parents had arranged for a private tutor to continue her studies in Arabic and French as more and more refugees fled the violence in the Middle East for lives in America. The Salem Institute was going to be a completely different experience, however, and Jasmine spent more than a few nights wondering exactly where she was going to fit in – her father was hoping that she would continue the proud family tradition of highly creative and people-oriented students, and be sorted into House Essex, and her mother was more than sure that she was a perfect fit for House Danvers. When the family sought out a wand, it was a wand of Alligator Juniper and a Phoenix Feather core that selected the young, blonde-haired girl, and her parents were even more interested in which American house would select Jasmine. Her parents also thought it was fitting to send Jasmine to school with a familiar and allowed to Jasmine free selection of one – and the girl chose a snow owl with pure white feathers, and named the bird Ruffles. When Jasmine finally grasped Salem’s Light and lit the beautiful light-source, the flames the climbed within its glass walls displayed the colors of blue and black – Jasmine belonged to House Ipswitch. It felt good to be surrounded by other students that shared her quiet, contemplative nature, but also understood that there was a place for knowledge – whether book learned or more of an intuitive, empathetic knowledge base.

There was a difference between knowing and knowing.

Being among people who were just like her, in some ways, brought out some of Jasmine’s less than wonderful characteristics. She was, at the same time, protective and possessive of her house identity – she wasn’t called a refugee, or any of the other slew of other names that No-Maj adults and children liked to attribute to her family when they’d be out for a walk. She was found to be more critical and calculating than some of her classmates, but hadn’t quite let go of the silly day-dreamer that had spent more time drawing trees on her math tests than working through the problems themselves. Dating was a weird experience for Jasmine, once she reached the appropriate age. She was a private girl, but if one stuck around to get past the initial period of rebuffing, they’d discover that she was a romantic with a physically playful and warm flirty streak – and she was extremely loyal and monogamous. She wasn’t necessarily a social outcast anymore, but she definitely spent the most time hanging around other Ipswitch students when she wasn’t fluttering around one of the two organizations she was a part of.

During her Primary years, she expressed interest in the Gardening and Herbology club and wanting to be an Assistant to the Head Nurse, which led to her enrollment in the Mediwizard Training Program. She felt like the two had always been married in her head because of her mother – and the Mediwizard Program was like her second home. Jasmine had always had a feeling that Medicine was where her true talent was – the wand that chose her was made of Alligator Juniper. Her bedside manner was impeccable, something that Head Nurse Marcella Gutierrez didn’t need to teach, which was something the woman enjoyed about the girl and she found that Jasmine was genuinely compassionate, optimistic, and was an excellent pair of clear-headed, steady hands to have when the Dragon Lore classes get a little carried away with a learning exercise.


  • Jameson Taysir | Father | Pure Blood | Archeaologist, Historian (Focus in Ancient Muggle), Former Ravenclaw | Known in the European Academic Circles, Less so in the North America
  • Fatima Taysir | Mother | Pure Blood | Healer (Retired), House/Natural/Garden Witch, Former Hufflepuff | Published a book of pediatric sickness cures and potions aimed at House Witches - Lilac for Nightmares & Other Cures for Baby Woes
  • Abdullah Taysir | Pure Blood | Baby |

A Little More

Academic History:
Taken From Last Year’s Transcripts

  • Transfiguration – O
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts – A
  • Charms – O
  • Herbology – O
  • Advanced Alchemy (Replaces Potions) – O
  • Astronomy – E
  • Dragon Lore – A
  • Magical History of North America – A
  • Care of Magical Creatures – E
  • Animagus Instruction – O
  • Language (French & Arabic) – Not a set of classes offered at Salem, but Jasmine continues to receive books from her parents and had become quite adept at translating. She takes notes alternating in French and Arabic to often keep others from copying her.

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • MediWizard in Training/Head Nurse Assistant
  • Gardening & Herbology Assitant
  • Student Council - Vice President
  • Pursuing Animagus Licence


  • Animals (More specifically, birds – she wishes there was an Advanced Care of Magical Creatures)
  • Dancing
  • Music (Nothing super aggressive, loud noises bother her while she’s studying)
  • Reading
  • Bubble Baths
  • Color
  • Flying (Not that half-ass things with broom, no – flying)
  • Boys (and occasionally, some girls, but mainly boys)


  • Flighty/Non-Committal People
  • Gossip
  • Loud Noises
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Being Manipulated
  • Selfish Creatures
  • Bullies

Habits | Mannerisms:

  • The Caretaker: Jasmine naturally assumes this role in whatever group she is a part of, and is always the first to try and put herself between people and their problems, or things that generally could hurt them.
  • Talks to Animals: She’s more likely to talk to Ruffles than actually want to be social outside of the Medical Wing, but it’s something she’s working on. This habit isn’t helped at all by her ability to converse with other animals when she has shifted into her animal form.
  • Biting Her Lip and Nails: When she’s deep in thought, she’ll often bite her lip and sometimes picks at her nails when she anxious. The behavior of picking at her nails carries over into her animagus form and as a bird, she can be seen clicking her talons against a branch or whatever she happens to be hanging onto.
  • Animaga: She knows that the proper term is Animagus, but Jasmine prefers the properly gendered term, Animaga – she’s a girl, after all. Can’t she use feminine words? It’s hard to argue when you’re being pecked at by a bird.

  • Forever In Flight: Jasmine loves being an Animaga, but she is very afraid that she may not be able to return to her human form after she has shifted.
  • Guns: A No-Maj weapon. She grew up hearing gunfire as a small child in Lebanon, and after learning that her shifted form is that a of a bird, she has become extra terrified of the weapons.
  • The Dark Arts: This isn’t a fear, so much as a lack of understanding? As a MediWizard in Training, Jasmine understands that some wounds inflicted by magic cannot be healed – this knowledge bothers her on a fundamental level.
  • Being An Absentee Sister: Jasmine hasn't gotten to spend a lot of time around her baby brother and worries that he's not going to know who she is by the time she's settled into a career after school.

Theme Song:

Animagus (Phoenix) – The core of Jasmine’s wand is a Phoenix Feather – something that her parents found really interesting because the family is Middle Eastern and the Phoenix tends to be an important symbol in other cultures. Still, the Phoenix continued to be a symbol that was woven throughout Jasmine’s time in Salem. Her Patronus, once coaxed into existence took on the form of the otherwise benevolent bird and would be quite the defender if she ever needed to employ it.

The art of the Animagi wasn’t something that Jasmine even knew existed until she started to attend school at Salem. It was a difficult subject that required the wielder to simply let go of their own skin – which was something that most people could not grasp, but she was beginning to see that she would probably become a MediWizard, and simply letting go of her own skin was beginning to be second nature. No one likes a self-centered nurse. She avoided the subject of the Animagi for a few years, getting a solid grasp on the foundations of what people thought it might be – was it a Charm or simply a higher form of Transfiguration? Jasmine couldn’t find sources that solidly point her one way or the other, so she applied herself to those classes alongside the classes that fit within a MediWizard kind of curriculum.

Studying under Professors Takenaka and D’addario, Jasmine finally found an academic subject that she genuinely struggled with. It was physically demanding and mentally taxing, and the first time she finally was able to shift out of her bipedal form, it was… Well, it really magic. The Phoenix, classically, has always been a bird associated with fire, red, and oranges, but not Jasmine’s bird. No, as a Phoenix, her feathers are white, not a pure snowy white, but the kind of white that catches the light in its spines and reflects a rainbow of color. So, it’s impossible to know exactly what color Jasmine is when she is in flight, but once she has settled in the shade, the white color settles around her like a cloak. This year, she hopes to finally be able to manage shifting without need to use her wand – it would be a tragedy to lose it somewhere.   

Jasmine's Snow Owl - Ruffles


  • Romance
  • Oral (Receiving)
  • Consensual
  • Rope
  • Making Out
  • Choking
  • Light Bondage
  • Biting
  • Scents
  • Cuddling
  • Flirting
  • Intelligence
  • Nails/Claws
  • Athletes


  • Fisting
  • Watersports
  • Polyamory/Open Relationships

Celia de Chalons, the Noble’s Blade (Dragon Age)

Name: Celia Amille de Chalons
Employed Aliases/Acknowledged Titles: Dame de Chalons, Noble’s Blade, The Lady Celia de Chalons
Gender: Female
Date of Birth (& age): Pluitanis / Guardian 15 9:12 Dragon
Age: Eighteen (18)
Place of Birth: Val Royeaux, Orlais
Last Sighting(s): Val Royeaux, Orlais

Social Information
Race: Human, Orlesian
Class: Adopted Nobility (the de Chalons heiress)
Political and Social Affiliations: Chevaliers, Orlesian Nobility

  • Birth Mother - Jinnifer Garley (Servant to House de Chalons – Deceased)
  • Birth Father – Unknown (Rumored to be an Antivan Trader)
  • Adoptive Father – Grand Duke Gaspard de Chalon (Lord of Verchiel, Chevalier Commander)

  • Aveline – Celia’s warhorse, named for the first female Chevalier. It was a gift from the Grand Duke just after Celia was formally adopted into his house. The bond between Celia and her horse was an instant one and has only improved over the years with the assistance of The Academie des Chevaliers.

Marital Status: Single

Professional Information
Profession: Chevalier
Languages Studied: Common, Antivan, Elvish, Nevarran, Rivani 
Weapons: Although formally trained as a Chevalier, Celia prefers to forego a shield and sword or a bow and arrows, in exchange for a second blade. The pair of blades have been enchanted with a permanent coat of poison, a de Chalons favorite, and were presented to Celia upon her completion of studies at the Academie. Gaspard noted that the blades are called the Emperor’s Guard – what the implications are behind the blades’ names is unknown at this time.

Physical Description
Height: 5’6”
Hair: Black-brown
Eyes: Greenish Blue
Detailed Physical Description:
Lithe, nimble, quick, agile – these are not words that one would normally use to describe a Chevalier, the Knights of Orlais. Celia stands at an average height and beneath her slender figure lays well-toned muscle. Her black, naturally curly hair (the thing that has sparked rumors of her Antivan parentage) is thick and well-taken care of. It is often kept in a bun, or braided to keep it out of her face, unless, of course, she is at a party. Her skin tone is overall a light one, but there is a soft tan color that comes out if she spends enough time out in the sun and her skin is decorated with the occasional freckle. A decently-deep scar runs diagonally across her abdomen – a souvenir from her first years at the Academie. Celia’s appearance makes it very clear that she has been tutored in keeping up a noble’s appearance, but an observant person will be able to note the sparkle that sometimes appears in her eyes when she is enjoying whatever she engaging in.   

Personality Tidbits
Religious Affiliations: Loose Chantry affiliations. Celia’s mother was a very pious woman, but Celia’s training at the Academie has created more questions about the Chantry than the Canticles of Andrastae are able to answer. 
Attitude Toward Death: “Death before dishonor” is the code the Chevaliers. Celia has taken this to heart and believes that death is not the worst thing that could happen to her, so long as there is honor in it. 

  • The Great Game – The great Orlesian sport, and Celia share Gaspard’s dislike of it. Celia is able to engage in the Game, but her Chevalier code comes first and she finds, often, that honor has no place within the Game. Celia believes that her birth mother was a victim of the Great Game and sworn to avenge her, if the architect behind her mother’s death is ever found.
  • Adopted Nobility – Celia is not a noble by birth, but was adopted into the de Chalons household. This doesn’t come up in normal conversation, but was used as something to torment her with during her time at the Academie and bringing up her adopted status is a quick way to anger her.
  • Sheltered – Although one could hardly say a Noble in Orlais is sheltered from the awful sides of people, Celia is sheltered from the politics of others. She has had very few interactions with races other than Elves and Humans, and has had even less interactions with the Mage population.
Fears: Apostates, Demons, Betrayal, Dishonor, Lack of Purpose, Dull Blades, Being Surrounded

Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience:
To be admitted into the Academie des Chevaliers, one must be an acknowledged Noble by the standards of the Court of Heralds, or be sponsored by one. It was not a secret that Celia was the adopted daughter of Gaspard de Chalons, the true daughter of a de Chalons servant. A graduating group of Chevaliers decided that their target for their out-going ritual would be Celia de Chalons. The young girl was surrounded and though she managed to disarm one of the group, she was still taken down. While held down, a sword was dragged into her abdomen, to demonstrate that “her common blood was a different color”. She was abandoned in the Alienage, so that the City Elves would be blamed for the assault and Celia was found by a family soon after she was deposited. Word moved quickly back to the de Chalons estate in the city and the Grand Duke arrived with a Montsimmard Mage.

The Elves were rewarded with employment within the de Chalons house. With the help of the Mage’s magic, Celia was left with a scar and was well enough to attend the executions of her attackers. Their actions had been deemed dishonorable and the penalty for such a judgement among Chevaliers was, and is, death.   

Born fatherless to a servant in Grand Duke Gaspard de Chalon’s house, Celia’s life was pre-determined for her. As a toddler, she took interest in watching her Master’s Chevalier drills in the courtyard of his palace in Verchiel while her mother tended the outside gardens. During her third year of age, the de Chalons household was wintering in Val Royeaux and the house was attacked – a stroke, some say, of the Great Game – and Celia’s mother was murdered along with the rest of the household staff while Celia was hidden in a secret panel in the household’s wall. Celia was without parents and it was becoming more and more likely that the Grand Duke was not going to remarry for heirs, so he adopted the child and named her his heir.

Celia was put into tutoring immediately.

Once the small girl was strong enough to hold a blade, Gaspard began to train her how to use one. A renowned Chevalier and Military Commander, Gaspard thought that it would be an embarrassment if his heir could not hold a blade – he also put Celia under the tutorage of Melcendre, one of his Bards. Celia takes to her study of swordplay better than her study of the Great Game. Gaspard steps up her training, gifting her with a pony that Celia names Aveline, after the first female Chevalier. Celia decides to follow in Gaspard’s footsteps and joins the Academie des Chevaliers where she is found to be a natural combatant who favors dual-wielded combat. She decides to exclusively study the Bear Mauls the Wolves form of combat and its related combat techniques.       

Additional Notes/Pictures/etc.:

Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat (The Mutant Version)

It’s Patsy, bitch. (AKA Hellcat)
The Basics
Full Name: Patricia 'Patsy' Walker
Age: Twenty-Four
Gender: Female
Nationality: American - Born in Centerville, California
Occupation: Teacher (Sociology)

Physical Description
Hair Colour: Red
Eye Colour: Blue
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 135 lbs
Face Claim: Ebba Zingmark
Physical Features: Single pierced ears, tattoo on right shoulder (see picture)
General Appearance:
It's a day-to-day toss-up whether or not someone's going to be able to tell if Patsy is a teacher or student - she dresses well, but not always professionally (she's a big fan of fashion). Thanks to her mother's comic series about her, Patsy never wants for money to feed her fashion habit, so she generally has wardrobe options for the whole year - but don't ask to borrow anything because most of it has been professionally tailored to fit her slim form.

For all the creativity her civilian clothing has, Patsy's uniform is fairly regulated. Her psionic abilities allow her to conjure her yellow and blue costume in a thought. A yellow, single-piece uniform hugs her body while blue gloves and boots cover her digits. A cowl appears over her head, protecting most of her face but allowing her hair to billow attractively in the wind. A blue belt and tail round out the ensemble. Patsy's uniform covers enough of her body that she is almost unidentifiable in her civilian clothing.

Who they are
Patsy is a bubbling cauldron of happiness and optimism, unless you threaten her students, then you should probably find a place to hide because she's fiercely protective of her charges. Patsy approaches the state of Mutants in the U.S. with a mixed stance - she is a proud Mutant (but is also lucky enough to have mutations that do not alter her outward physical appearance), but she also understands why Humanity has reacted to the appearance and powers of Mutants in the fashion that they have. Having worked and learned in Human environments, she shares Xavier's dreams that someday Homo Sapiens and Homo Superior will be able to peacefully live side-by-side - they just need time and space to see that aside from a few genetic quirks, they're really not all that different. She also empathizes with Magneto's choice to violently pursue Mutant freedom - the Humans could have definitely been handling the appearance of Mutants better, but she thinks terrorizing the Human population in the name of Mutants is wrong and makes them no better than the Humans and so she could never condone what the Brotherhood is doing - because it's wrong.

Outside of her politics, Patsy is gentle and patient (at least with her students - she can get pretty impatient with herself), and overall, she's simply a good person. She dislikes seeing people in pain and there is no room in her life for dishonesty, disloyalty, or selfish people. Patsy is a supportive leader and uses this in her instruction in both the academic classroom and in training sessions - she doesn't like bullying her students to perform better, so she'd rather see them fail and help them stand taller after it, than pressure them to succeed immediately.

Patsy was a normal child - as normal as you could be when you're the star of a comic book. Patsy was an only child and enjoyed a very stable life growing up -  although she did exhibit some emotional sensitivity, but it was nothing paralyzing. As Patsy moved into high school, her mother really started to use Patsy as a muse for her writing and the "Patsy Walker" comics were born out of Patsy's adventures in and out of high school. The comics were super popular and Patsy did not want for anything in her life - she was lavished with attention (and became a bit of a child star when she was asked to act in commercials and show pilots that went nowhere, but put money in her parents' bank) and well-loved. Eventually, she began dating one of the football players at her high school.

Coming home from a party where there was a bit too much alcohol consumed, Patsy and her boyfriend, Robert, were involved in a car accident - the accident triggered Patsy's mutation. Trapped in the car, Patsy was able to feel Robert's want to move the debris off of her and because it was her want as well, he was suddenly able to move the heavy metal off of her. Patsy's recovery was fairly normal, but her return to high school was overwhelming - Patsy needed help. The whole incident drew attention from the media as evidence and facts of the accident were examined - how had the eighteen year old boy rescued the sixteen year old girl? There was no way she had lifted all of that stuff off by herself and Robert, while a football player, was not nearly big or strong enough to have done it by himself. Accusations began to fly around the children that one or both of them were Mutants, a new word for people with abilities that were not part of the average Human packaging - the news story drew the attention of Charles Xavier, Magneto, and their rag-tag band of Mutants.

Patsy was allowed by her parents to join the group of outsiders, since she had become the target of gossip and bullying at her local school, so long as she continued high school via correspondence - something that she happily agreed to. So Patsy Walker joined Xavier's group - and found that she fit in quite well with them. Charles and Magneto pushed Patsy to figure out just how her X-gene had changed her. While her powers of empathy continued to grow, so did her physical abilities and her interest in being able to physically engage an opponent - since she possessed no psychic abilities of note, her training shifted to more of a physical regimen.

She finished her high school education, like she promised her parents that she would, and adventured back out into the world to complete a Bachelor's and Master's in Sociology. Upon her official return to Xavier's group, she took up a mentoring position looking over the younger Mutants and ensuring that their academic studies continued - often times, this meant delivering packages to a local post office to make sure that homework arrived on time wherever it was going. Patsy was invited, eventually, to join the X-Men roster (an invitation she initially declined because she really wanted to focus on being available for the younger students) - life was good, she had a home and she had a purpose.

Everything felt like it changed, however, after Magneto betrayed the X-Men, fracturing the united Mutants and creating his Brotherhood. Patsy lingered on the fence for a while, unsure if she should stay with Xavier or join this new Brotherhood - she was proud of her status as a Mutant and the life that it had given to her, but she did not believe that Mutant domination should come at the expense of Humanity, Mutants would naturally rise to the top of any social strata simply because they were genetically superior and not by destroying what had come before them. So, she chose to stay at the Institute and joined the team of X-Men now dedicated to protecting Humanity from Magneto's brand of Mutant protection.

Upon the founding of the Institute, Patsy took up a teaching position and took the subject of Sociology, a subject she taught at all of the high school education levels within the Institute - starting to teach the subject pushed Patsy into finally pursuing the subject at a Doctorate level. She also took more of an active interest in how the Danger Room was run and the training of the younger Mutants who were brought to the Institute, offering to tutor them in martial arts as a weekend activity.

Superpowers & Equipment

Class: Mutant - Beta
Enhanced Physiology - Patsy possesses superhuman levels of strength, speed, agility, reflexes, and endurance (Assuming she's eaten lunch for the day!). While these abilities are nowhere near the level of Mutants like Wolverine or Quicksilver, they are high enough that opponents have lost fights with Patsy because they've underestimated her small size.  She is also able to see into the infrared light spectrum - truly, Patsy is a cat.

Mystical/Psionic Attunement - Patsy is not a telepath and Patsy is not a witch, but she has trained herself to have a moderate amount of defense against both. As a side effect, she is able to detect their uses and see through illusions conjured by them, depending on the strength of the source that has produced - Charles believes that this may be in part to her Empathetic abilities.

Empathetic Magnification - Patsy's main mutation came in the form of empathetic powers. Operating similarly to Telekinetic or Psychic powers, Patsy can suss out a person's intentions and feelings simply by being in their presence - which is something that her students find to be quite annoying (A note: don't try cheating on Ms.Walker’s tests, it's not going to end well). Over time, Charles has worked with Patsy to turn this power simply from detection to magnification, allowing Patsy to amplify the powers and feelings of those around her. This power works best when paired with psychics or those who rely on physical prowess to power themselves.

Equipment Name:

Patsy's Gloves - Patsy has three sets of gloves that she employs, depending on what she feels might be called for when deployed outside of the Institute: she has normal gloves that simply just look fantastic, she has gloves with casehardened and retractable steel alloy claws (that come with matching claws in her boots) to help her with getting through (or over) stone and concrete barrier, and a set of gloves that are outfitted with a small wrist attachments that fire four-clawed grappling hooks with 30 feet of retractable cables (often used for scaling buildings, moving between buildings, and rescue operations).
The Hellcatmobile - Patsy's yellow sports car - don't touch. It's locked by fingerprint.

Flaws or Weaknesses

Weakness Name:

Power Overwhelming - Due to the nature of her main power, Patsy can often be overwhelmed by the feelings she's amplifying and it can days for her actual temperament to return after she's been out on a mission. This can lead to a bad temper, depression, mania-levels of happiness, and a myriad of other mood swings that could be viewed as out of character.

A Lack of Vision - Due to her capacity to see mystical, psychic, and infrared spectrums in her vision, Patsy has been known to sometimes mix up things that she's seeing. This often deters her from initially warning her teammates of impending danger while she tries to figure out exactly what she's looking at or through - you'd think a cat would have better ways to figure this out.

Hungry - Patsy eats. A lot. Luckily, her superhuman physiology processes the food quickly, but it's not an odd sight to see her in the kitchens after a missions chowing down on ice cream or anything else she can get her claws on - approach with caution when she's eating, because who knows what kind of Patsy is digging into that Neapolitan.


Immature - Patsy is not the most adult of the teachers that Xavier employs. She has been known to sometimes blur the line between teacher and student, choosing to be more chummy with her students. While this helps in the training room, it means that her classroom can sometimes get a bit out of control, and that she tends to sleep in on the weekends.

Flirt - Patsy is a flirt - without a doubt. It is difficult to tell whether it's genuine or not (Probably because she was a child actress.), but she enjoys a good tease and being a good tease. It's definitely distracting.

Capricious, Naive, and Idealistic - Viewed as flaws or strengths, depending on who you ask. Patsy strives to see the best in people (Even when the evil is right there) and believes that there is good in everyone - and that everyone deserves a second chance. She easy trusts others. Patsy can often be called flightly and non-committal, changing things on a lark for seemingly no reason at all.

Clumsy - It's cute, but annoying- especially when she's supposed to be the epitome of balanced superhumanly agile.


Envoy - Due to Patsy's childhood in the spotlight, she is an outspoken advocate for Human-Mutant relations and is often called on to speak on behalf of efforts to peacefully bridge the two societies.

Angelica Osborn-Pryor, The Green Goblin (Marvel OC)

Name: Angelica Tessa Osborn-Pryor
Nicknames: Tess, Angel, Liz, Angie
Aliases: The Green Goblin, The Goblin Princess
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Demisexual
Relationship Status: Single

  • On’s: BDSM (Angelica enjoys the gamut of play activities and identifies as a Switch), Marking/Bruising, Oral, Roughness, Sex in Costume (but without masks – she’s weird like that), Multiple Appendages (Her first partner is the holder of the Venom Symbiote – she’s got some weird turn-on’s). Supplemented with my actual O/O section.
  • Off’s: Begging, polyamory, long-term relationships (Her feelings for Walter are… complicated and she’s been unable to really be available for anyone), Supplemented with my actual O/O section.
Age: 21


  • Madelyne Pryor (Deceased) - For a very long time, Angelica's world revolved around her Mother. The two of them lived together, with the Morlocks, under New York's streets for most of Angelica's life. Madelyne was murdered when Jean Grey came to collect the missing piece of Phoenix Force that Madelyne was in possession of.
  • Norman Osborn (Deceased) -  The great foe of Peter Parker and Angelica's father died of old age, but not before he could officially adopt Angelica into his family - giving Harry a younger sister, Oscorp another heir, and the Goblin Force another pawn.
  • Harry Osborn (Deceased) - When Harry met Angelica, he wasn't looking for a sister, but that's what he got. After the death of their father, Harry took Angelica under his wing and started to teach her things that she had been missing out on. Harry was killed during an alteration with Cindy Moon, the hero known as Silk, and Walter Hardy, her apprentice - it was an accident.
  • The Morlocks - The abandoned under-dwellers of New York City's sewers. They helped raise Angelica alongside her mother and now that Angelica has risen to power above and below the surface, they are loyal subjects. In a display of loyalty, the Morlocks moved back onto the surface after one of Angelica’s housing projects provided them a new, safe, secure, and private plate to live. Their adjustment to surface life has been going as well as can be expected, given Humanity’s current hostilities towards Mutants.
  • Nathaniel Essex – The man also known as Mr.Sinister is also Angelica’s grandfather. When she believed that she was without family in the world after Silk killed Harry, Nathaniel stepped forward to comfort the daughter of his favorite experiment and the two have developed a bond that could almost be called… normal. Nathaniel has joined his power at Essex Genetics with OsCorp and the two companies have been at the forefront of research into the X-Gene since the merger.

  • Walter Hardy, Jr. - Angelica went to high school with Walter, where they met and she fell in love with the future hero. It was an unfortunate turn that had him choosing to become a hero and left her with the inheritance of the OsCorp Empire - after the murder of her brother at the hands of Walter's mentor, Cindy Moon, their relationship was no longer able to continue. Walter is the only one who knows that Angelica has taken up her father's and brother's mantles as the Green Goblin.

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Physical Description: Thin, but not weak, Angelica has taken the best from both of her parents - She carries her flawless form with pride. She wears her thick, naturally curly brown hair down past her shoulders and has been known to dye it on occasion. By birth, her eyes were blue, but after joining with the Goblin Force, they have turned a very dark green. Angelica is thin, but not sickly - there is a hint of some work-out regiment, but she doesn't spend a lot of time on it.

Personality Description: At one point, Angelica was a quiet, intelligent wallflower - she preferred to watch and list and not participate, but her relationship with Walter forced her to become a little more social than what she was used to. When her mother died, Angelica became cold and closed herself off to everything - including her newly adopted family - except for Walter, who was the only one that she could break with. Harry Osborn teased some strands of her old personality out, but began to mentor her on what would be expected of her now that she was an Osborn. Angelica was a stubborn study and preferred who she was with Walter - until Harry's death. After Harry's death, Angelica was quickly forced to become the calculator that she now is - there is not a thing that happens in Angelica's life that she not willed. Combined with her intelligence, Angelica has quickly started to fill her father's personality shoes.

Background/History: The Goblin Force brought Madelyne Pryor and Norman Osborn together late in their lives, and from their relationship, a daughter was born. Madelyne kept Angelica away from Norman, not wanting her to be subjected to the same life that Harry was and so Angelica's first idea of family was the Morlocks that worshiped her mother as their Queen. It was some time until Angelica learned the extent of her mother's mutations, but she accepted her mother and was faithful to protecting their lives. She was enrolled at a local STEM high school because of her interest in technology and it was there that she met Walter Hardy, Jr. - the son of the Black Cat and Spider-Man. This meeting led to Angelica's first love and the first time she really opened up to anyone outside of her mother and the Morlocks - she was dating Walter when she met Harry Osborn and discovered that she was related to the famous family.

Although he was initially furious with Madelyne for hiding his daughter from him, Norman welcomed Angelica with old, open arms and legally adopted her - it was the last major act that he performed as he died shortly after the papers were all signed. Madelyne died shortly after, but for different reasons - the Phoenix Force had fractured again and had sought out Madelyne as another host, but Jean Grey came to recollect her pieces and killed Madelyne in the process while Angelica was at school. Angelica and Walter discovered the body - and Harry moved his kid half-sister into his loft. The Osborn lifestyle came with a lot - including a mask, a glider, and pumpkin bombs.

This was the life that Angelica had been waiting for.

She took to Goblining better than anyone could have expected and was soon taken on as the current Green Goblin's apprentice, often accompanying him to meetings and missions - during this time, Walter had started to train under a new Spider mask, but the two had continued their relationship after graduating high school and would often make a game out of making sure that the Goblins and the Spiders did not meet. Harry picked up on this and put them directly into Silk and the young Spider's path one evening - this ended catastrophically with Harry's death. Angelica disappeared from the public eye - now, she was without her birth family and stood to take over OsCorp as the sole owner and majority stock holder.

Her relationship with Walter suffered irreversible damage because of the death of her brother and they parted ways with Angelica swearing to avenge Harry's death, someday. Angelica focused on the business side of being an Osborn while also raising her Morlock family up from the sewers and installing them in apartment buildings that OsCorp now owned as part of a 'Cleaner New York' initiative. The new Green Goblin used these apartment buildings as her base of operations, and with the help of the Morlocks, began to aggressively take over New York's crime scene, starting with Walter’s mother, Felicia Hardy, although she did not kill Felicia and instead, simply asked her to leave the city or forfeit her life – this kind of implied violence takeover ended up earning Angelica the title of Goblin Princess, because of her ruthless, yet kind, pursuit of taking over the city. With Walter's disappearance to join the new SHIELD team started by Captain America, Angelica's power had continued to grow and centralize.

Mostly secure in her holding of New York, Angelica was approached by an unknown party and asked to reform the Thunderbolts as part of an answer to Captain America's Unity Squad. After learning that Spider-Man had joined with Captain America, she happily accepted the task. In reforming the Thunderbolts, Angelica has begun to resurrect what was the retired of network of villains in the world. Following the arrival of the Thunderbolts, invitations were extended for Angelica to join organizations that have long been thought extinct – including the Illuminati, who have been operating under SHIELD’s radar since it took over at the global peace force.  With the guidance of the Goblin Force, Angelica is now seeking more Thunderbolts to protect the world from itself - and from the hypocrisy of "heroes" like Captain America and Spider-Man.

==The Special Stuff==
Roster Position: Leader - The Thunderbolts

  • Telekinesis – Inherited through the Grey line of genetics, Angelica’s mutation originally manifested as strictly telekinetic without any access to telepathy. She has practiced with the ability over the years and when used in concert with her jack o’ lanterns, Angelica is capable of assaults that would have one believe there are multiple assailants with the slender form is all alone.
  • The OsCorp and Essex Arsenal – Becoming an Osborn was one thing, inheriting the weapons complex of OsCorp has helped Angelica to improve upon the basic weaponry that her father used. She now uses an upgraded “Bag of Tricks” that has been armed with the combined might of OsCorp’s numerous weapons and development divisions, Nathaniel Essex’s biological weapons research division, and Stark Enterprises best strategic minds. She also stores another lockout of bombs within her Goblin Glider.
    • The Siren’s Call – Compared loosely to Black Canary’s scream, the Goblin Force has melded with Angelica’s natural telekinetic ability to produce a sonic attack. Combined with some OsCorp ingenuity, Angelica has modified her mask to be able to amplify the sonic attack via a filter in her mask. It’s as if the Goblin Force evolved to combat the Venom Symbiote.
  • The Goblin Force – Unpredictable and unwieldy, The Goblin Force has left the two hosts it once dwelled in and has come together to offer Angelica its full power – if she only knew how to use it properly. So far, Angelica has only been able to use The Goblin Force to commune with what she believes to be the spirits of her dead family members. However, it is trying to teach her how to tap into her mother’s magical abilities.
  • Psionic Vampirism – Angelica has been on the receiving end of her grandfather’s want to toy with the X-Gene. As a result, the Goblin Force came together with Angelica’s telekinetic abilities to grant her psionic vampirism – a mutation of telekinesis that sits somewhere between magic and telekinetic power, drawing on Angelica’s affinity for both. Angelica can use this power to pull the mental energy from her victim and has demonstrated the ability to disintegrate a brain if given enough time with a victim.


  • College-Educated – Angelica graduated from college with a double major in biology and engineering – subjects that she discovered a love for while she was still with Walter.
  • Young and Beautiful – Angelica has learned to use her age and beauty as a weapon both in the boardroom and outside of it.
  • OsCorp – Although she knew him very briefly, Angelica has stepped into Norman and Harry’s shoes with an ease that has made people believe that she is actually his daughter. Since taking over, Angelica has partnered with Essex Genetics, Stark Enterprises, and has directed OsCorp’s massive power towards city improvements, medical advancements, work on a mutant cure, and numerous other projects – including a military technology push that resulted in the Green Goblin’s updated glider.
  • Weapons Training – After her brother’s death, Angelica attempted to channel her rage and hatred into various martial arts and weapons training. Eventually, she settled into Taekwondo and marksmanship, getting extremely comfortable and familiar with handguns.
  • Absorbed Knowledge – When Angelica absorbs the mental energy of a victim, she also absorbs their knowledge – she’s a walking encyclopedia of languages and information that she can’t necessarily apply to anything, but she at least knows it.
  • Tinkerer - Angelica loves to break things – so that she can put them back together again. She’s not nearly the engineer that Samantha Stark is, but she prefers to do her own maintenance and technological exploration, instead of letting others take the lead on that for her.
  • Alone With My Voices – The Goblin Force is the entity that Angelica spends the most time with and it is probably driving her slowly insane. Aside from pushing her further down a malevolent path, the Goblin Force has its own agenda that it is using Angelica for – and what that is, has yet to be revealed.
  • My Love is My Greatest Enemy – Angelica’s arch-nemesis is also, probably, the only love of her life. Angelica’s feelings for Walter vary wildly and although she hasn’t seen the Spider in years, she’s still as in love with him as the day they separated (although good luck getting her to admit it and even hinting at it usually earns you pain). Due to the nature of her relationship with Walter, it has left others feeling like they’re second priority after someone who isn’t there in any kind of capacity and has kept Angelica isolated and alone. 
  • Loneliness is my Bedfellow –Everyone in Angelica’s life that she has ever cared about has either died or chosen to abandon her. This has left Angelica with a deep reluctance to socialize and trust anyone – the one expection being the Morlocks that dwelt below the ground with her during her childhood.  Most public profiles have described the OsCorp CEO as being cold and disinterested in the world around her because of this – which, of course, could not be further from the truth. Angelica has developed deep-seated fears of abandonment that keep her paralyzed from moving forward in any social area of her life.

The Goblin Glider

What's a Green Goblin without it? Angelica's glider has come a very, very long way from the devices used by her father and brother. Driven by rage and a want for revenge, Angelica guided the first year she was in charge of OsCorp towards military research and development - she negotiated a deal with Stark Enterprises and the two companies saw stocks rise through the roof from it. The most personal thing to come out of the deal has been the glider that Angelica uses when terrorizing New York as the Green Goblin. Angelica spent time studying the shortcomings of her predecessor's gliders to produce the beautiful thing she now rides.

One of the most important upgrades has been the DNA-locked standing platform. Angelica's boots and gloves, which have been engineered to only function when she is wearing them, interface with the glider and Angelica alone is able to control its flight by impulses and thinking of the actions she wishes to do. Unfortunately, this means that the girl was required to have implants installed at the base of her neck to make the whole thing work. Now that the glider no longer requires foot-locks, she has streamlined the platform and been able to install other fun items onto it.

Angelica has added small, heat-seeking missiles that function much like the steering of the craft - on impulse. The boosters for the glider have also received an upgrade and are now able to accelerate up to 9G, but can only maintain this speed for a few seconds before the craft shifts back down into a safer 3G - the acceleration of old spacecrafts on launch. Stowed in compartments on the sides of where she stands are an extra lockout of Goblin Bombs that Angelica rotates out, assuming that she knows what she's walking into - otherwise, they tend to be simple gas and flame bombs. The latest thing that Angelica has added is a small cloaking device - it is nothing compared to the stealth tech that SHIELD has developed, but it is strong enough to hide the glider and its occupant from basic detection.

Costume Description:
Angelica wears a heavily militarized costume that amplifies her own strength to levels of superman strength – although it is nothing compared to Superman’s, for example. It is a black departure from the normal green, except for the goblin mask that houses her Siren’s Call and breathing filter - sometimes the wind blows the wrong way and she's got to be able to breathe even as she's throwing more biologically-armed bombs.

==Related Goodies==
Face Claim: Anna Kendrick
Theme Song:


Life in Color

Nadya Mansour (Pink Ranger)

Name: Nadya Mansour
Age: 25
Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual
Relationship Status: Single
O/Os: See Player's O/Os / Ask <3

Physical Description: Nadya's physical presence isn't the first thing people notice because she is short, clocking in at a staggering 5'5, that is the only thing about Nadya that is easily overlooked. Her skin is an even tone, not too pale and not dark enough to mark her as Middle Eastern. Thick black hair can often be found rolling form her shoulders in a variety of styles, and occasionally get bleached with a bit of white. Nadya's body is not quite an hourglass, she works out enough to give it more of a shape. She has deep brown eyes,  but sometimes they can appear a hazel color in the right kind of light It's obvious that Nadya moves through life on her looks.

Distinguishing Features: Nadya is rarely seen without her trademark red or black lipstick and a snake ring around her right ring finger - she favors her pink one, but she has a few.

Face Claim: Merve Boluğur


Nadya was born a street rat - and even though she's now one of the most recognizeable faces in Istanbul, she is still as mercurial as they come. She is outwardly an idealistic optimist - she hopes for a greater good because she needed to, sometimes it was the only thing keeping her warm at night. Having always been in the middle of her age group of peers, Nadya naturally cares for those around her that are younger, weaker, or compromsied in some fashion - those in a position of power should care for those who aren't, right? That being said, Nadya is a bit of a gossip insofar as she collects secrets - and then she holds onto them with a memory that is terrifyingly accurate.

Nadya's touch and approach are gentle, but it's not entirely obvious that she cares until she's pressed to make a show of it - press at your own risk, it could be anger and not affection that greet you if she's not ready to share her personal thoughts. Nadya does not back away from things that scare her, believing that every challenge are just another thing in her day. Like her animal avatar, Nadya can be affectionate after you've taken the time to prove that you aren't going to hurt her - her weaknesses are right there, just under her skin.

And, careful, she bites.


Nadya was born to a homeless couple and spent the early years of her life on the streets of Istanbul. It was by chance that a talent agent happen to find the adolescent begging on the streets of Turkey's great city hub. With the help of the talent agent, Nadya landed her first modeling contract - after that, the girl was set. She became one of Istanbul's star darlings nearly overnight. The young woman was suddenly invited to all of the right parties, with all of the right people. Nadya struggled to keep her head above the deep end - life on the streets had been so different from rubbing elbows with the movers and shakers of Istanbul, but the dangers were nonetheless there.

With popularity comes attention and Nadya suddenly had to start worrying about being followed home from photoshoots, magazine interviews - a security team was necessary, but they stuffed her home up. The girl took her home protection into her own hands, finding a natural attraction to the philosophy of fight avoidance in Krav Maga - the martial art didn't punish her for being smaller and fit naturally in her otherwise peaceful approach to conflict.

She also learned how to use a gun.

Politics, of course, were an unavoidable topic at dinner parties - it was no secret that Nadya supported the Machine Empire, but also wasn't afraid to point out that some more attention could be paid to lower class. Rita Repulsa's return wasn't necessarily something that Nadya expected to have a direct influence on her life, but Zordon's selection of her to take up the mantle of the Pink Ranger was just like any other thing in her life.

Unexpected, but, Nadya has always been a firm believer in no guts, no glory and there's no chance she's backing down from this freefall into defending her home from forces that want to destroy it. 


Hand to Hand Combat - She knows Krav Maga! Nadya won't start a fight, Nadya will do everything she can to avoid a fight, but if you're stupid enough to miss the exit signs - well, we all make mistakes.

Marksman - Having previously trained in handguns as a matter of personal protection, Nadya enjoys the distance that the sniper riles provided to her by the Machine Empire offer her. She has started to develop an interest in recurve bows and sneaks away, often, to shoot at a bow range - it's a centering activity. Fight her. 

Celebrity - Nadya doesn't need her Ranger suit to get things done and isn't afraid to leverage her star power to help her team.


Meddler - Nadya is the secret-holder of a group, but this requires her to sometimes trade information to get information, and since she knows things, she can often appear like she's overstepping her boundaries.

Perfectionist - As a model, appearance is important to Nadya, so everything must be perfectly in its place. She can be distracted by the small details needing to be in their place before she can move on.

Thrill-Seeker - She enjoys getting her blood pumping as much as the next girl. Having enjoyed money and luxury in her recent years, she's been known to enjoy rock climbing, parachuting, and various other activities that might scare others.

Autist - There's never a question that Nadya cares, but how much she cares is something only she knows.


Architect - In chaos, Nadya is the one that you want at its center. She will keep a team on its course, even if their course is leading them to darkness. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, you just sometimes need to crawl to get there.

Beta - Nadya is a team's support, sometimes that can mean directly supporting the leader or hanging onto the parts that are threatening to fall off - she will be there, even if it costs her some personal space.

Defender - A personality trait she carried from the streets, Nadya will not hesitate to protect her friends or those in need of protecting. Fight her.

Visionary - Nadya believes that the Power Rangers can save the world. They have to.

Ranger Color: Pink

Ranger Role: Heart / Moral Center

Ranger Avatar: Snake

Theme Song:

Additional Notes:

Amal - Nadya has a white-pink California King Snake that she keep as a pet. It is named after the Arabic word for 'Hope'.

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