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Author Topic: 'Sangre Negro' Zombie Apocalypse game.(LGBT Friendly) Still Recruiting.  (Read 4235 times)

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Offline DarkAngel111Topic starter

Re: 'Sangre Negro' A Zombie Apocalypse game. (LGBT Friendly)
« Reply #25 on: April 12, 2015, 11:11:03 PM »
Btw, I took a break from character creation and made

for the group. Use 'em or don't. It's all good to me! I felt inspired. :D

Those are great! I will certainly be using them :)

Offline Twisted iN Tux

Re: 'Sangre Negro' A Zombie Apocalypse game. (LGBT Friendly)
« Reply #26 on: April 13, 2015, 07:16:29 PM »
Glad ya like 'em and that they are being put to good use. Btw, characters officially submitted! *eagerly awaits final say*

Offline DarkAngel111Topic starter

Re: 'Sangre Negro' A Zombie Apocalypse game. (LGBT Friendly)
« Reply #27 on: April 13, 2015, 10:17:50 PM »
With Tux's two characters approved. We have 4 characters 1 of mine. 3 of other players. SO we need a few more to start us off.

Offline Twisted iN Tux

Sean Grady
« Reply #28 on: April 14, 2015, 03:00:03 AM »
Character Name: Sean Grady
Player Name: Twisted iN Tux
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Orientation: Homosexual
Former Occupation: Freelance Carpenter
Physical Features:  6’3”, 235lbs., Blonde-Brown Hair & Blue Eyes
Additional Images: One, Two, Three, Four, Five & Six
Intelligence: 4
Speed: 5
Agility: 6
Stamina: 7
Shooting: 6
Strength: 9
Dexterity: 7
Sneaking: 6

Personality: Overly friendly and far too chatty, Sean often speaks and acts before he thinks, which isn’t hard for a guy who is not the brightest bulb in the box. He has a great sense of humor, even in dark times such as these, and he is most certainly a hopeless optimist, thinking the best of both situations and people. That said, do not, I repeat, do not threaten him or his twin brother, for he will not hesitate to rip your head off and shit down your neck.

Strengths: Built to last, Sean is both strong and durable, able to lift twice his body weight, as well as push himself for hours on end. A talented craftsman, he can build almost anything out of nothing. He’s like the MacGyver of his time, which often surprises those around him, seeing that he’s a bit of a dolt. His unyielding love and commitment to his brother is rather impressive, especially since his twin tends to treat him like absolute crap.
Weaknesses: Food. Don’t get between him and it. Granted, with it being less and less bountiful, it’s becoming a growing concern with the young man who is starting to show signs of malnutrition. As previously mentioned, Sean’s twin is yet another delicate subject, for the guy would offer, without hesitation, his own life to save that of his twin’s. Lastly, Sean cannot resist flirting with any attractive man that crosses his path, regardless of their orientation, all in the hope of getting some action.
Background: Born nearly a day after his twin, it would appear that Sean would continue to not only be a burden to his parents - in particular, his mother - but he would spend most of his adolescent life attempting to play catch-up to his far more talented and successful brother.

Deciding, early on, that Sean would be better suited for some sort of menial labor or trade work - seeing that he struggled in any subject matter that required him to use his mind more than his body - the young man's parents set him on a course to achieve just that and nothing more. Removing him from school at a very young age, his parents decided that homeschooling would be a much better route for a child with his mental capacity, or lack there of. Under their watchful eye, they could teach him the basic skills he would need to survive on his own, but spare him the torture of constantly failing ever-so-miserably in school, not to mention, relentlessly being bullied and referred to as 'Lucas' lame-brained little brother.'

Sean, on the other hand, constantly strove to be something more, wanting to prove everyone wrong. Even with his limited comprehension of what was going on around him, he knew that he had been given the short end of the stick by dear old mom and dad. While they had meant well - something he failed to see at the time - in his mind, they had made the snap decision to write him off as the lesser son, placing Lucas on that proverbial pedestal, which, it seemed, would be built by their bumbling boy with half a brain. However, the wants of the adolescent would soon take a back seat to the growing desires of a pubescent who would be forced to come to terms with his own sexuality.

Now not only mentally challenged, but gay as the day is long, Sean decided to just give in and play the part of the disappointment everyone had already deemed him to be. So while his brother went off to do amazing things, in amazing places, with equally amazing people, the 'younger' twin proceeded to fall right in line with the low expectations that had been set for him. He managed to get himself a job as an apprentice carpenter that, in turn, afforded him the ability to buy his own studio apartment, which he spent many an hour in, when not working, playing video games, working out, or simply fooling around with the latest boy-toy he had met online.

Nothing more, nothing less.

However, when the shit hit the fan and the world around him began to fall apart, it would be Sean who would take matters into his own hands, coming, rather reluctantly, to the rescue of his parents, as well as his dear brother, whom he had stopped loathing at some point and decided to love as only a twin sibling could. He had seen enough movies and played enough games to know exactly what to do when the zombie apocalypse came crashing down around them. So after packing up his utility truck with the necessary provisions, he proceeded to gather up those who still meant something to him - including his current piece of ass - and made his way for the hills.

Regretfully, a year later, all that would remain would be he, his brother, and a mere handful of supplies. 

Starting Gear:

 1 Pair of Jackson Nemesis Safety Glasses w/ Smoke Mirror Lens
 1 18-Pocket Pro Carpenter’s Combo Belt in Black

 1 Novelty T-Shirt w/ Captain America Logo in Blue
 1 Hanes Cotton Undershirt in White
 1 Pair of Carhartt Men’s Loose Fit Carpenter Jeans in Golden Khaki
 1 Pair of Hanes Cotton Boxers in White
 1 Pair of Rugged Blue Steel-Toe Work Boots in Black
 1 Pair of Wigwam Wool Athletic Socks in White

 1 Baseball Cap w/ Agents of Shield Logo in Black
 1 Carhartt Thermal Lined, Hooded, Zip-Front Sweatshirt in Army Green
 1 Harley Davidson Motorcycle Jacket in Black
 1 Pair of Ironclad Mach-5 Gloves

Odds & Ends
 1 Canvas & Leather Messenger Bag in Grey & Brown
 2 Paperback Books: Part 1 & 3 of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
 1 Construction Series 10-Unit First Aid Kit w/ 3 Certi Strips, 1 Gauze Pad, 1 Half-Used Tube of Certi Sporyn Antibiotic Cream, 2 Antiseptic Towelettes, 1 Roll of Certi Tape, 1 Half-Used Tube of Certi Burn Cream, 1 Pair of Gloves & 1 Pair of Small Scissors
 1 12” Leatherman Flashlight
 1 Nalgene 32oz., Narrow Mouth, Refillable Water Bottle in Smoke

Tools (All Craftsman)
 1 Curved Claw Hammer
 1 Twin-Blade Lockback Folding Knife
 1 Pair of Cutting Pliers
 1 Pry Bar
 1 Flathead Screwdriver
 An Assortment of Nails & Screws

 1 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter in Silver w/ ¼ of a Tank of Gas

 1 3lbs. Power Drive Hammer
 1 24” Black Oxide Adjustable Wrench

Character Ons/Offs: Same as Player’s
« Last Edit: April 14, 2015, 10:44:39 AM by Twisted iN Tux »

Offline Twisted iN Tux

Lucas Grady
« Reply #29 on: April 14, 2015, 03:00:52 AM »
Character Name: Lucas Grady
Player Name: Twisted iN Tux
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Orientation: Bisexual
Former Occupation: Computer Programmer & Developer
Physical Features: 6’3”, 185lbs., Blonde-Brown Hair & Blue Eyes
Additional Images: One, Two, Three, Four, Five & Six 
Intelligence: 8
Speed: 6
Agility: 7
Stamina: 5
Shooting:  7
Strength: 6
Dexterity: 6
Sneaking: 5

Personality: Some would consider Lucas to be a stick in the mud – all work and no play – while others simply see him for the asshole he actually is. Often focused more on the future, he tends to ignore the here and now as he’s plotting his next move. It’s rare when he cracks a joke – or a smile for that matter – and even more rare to catch him with his guard down. That said, he does have a soft side, but only when it comes to his brother, which he tends to keep well hidden behind relentless teasing of the young man.
Strengths: Highly intelligent, Lucas is actually surprisingly street-smart for a guy who appears to be far more bookish on the surface. He’s a fairly good shot, too, but unlike his twin, who learned most of what he knows from video games, Lucas has actually fired a real gun, thanks to his father. He is also trained in mixed martial arts, which was more or less mandated by his old man, who had hoped that at least one of his sons would’ve followed in his footsteps as an officer of the law.

Weaknesses: Simply put, shiny things. Lucas is still very much a child of his generation, wanting and needing new things whenever possible, even when it is quite obvious that the acquisition of material goods is very much a thing of the past. Lucas also has feelings for his brother that he is finding hard to keep at bay; therefore, he often treats the twin like shit, all in an effort to keep such temptations in check. Furthermore, Lucas, like his twin, can be a bit of a relentless flirt once he has his sights set on someone, yet unlike his twin, it can often come across as a bit creepy.

Background: Considered the golden child from the start, Lucas came into the world as was expected of him - on time and without any complications - and he continued to be an unwavering blessing to his parents, for all the days to come, up until the very moment he had to put a bullet in both of their infected brains. Granted, even then, he had done them one last favor.

Ridiculously talented in so many ways, there wasn't much that could hold the young boy back, save his doltish twin brother, who, thankfully, was removed from his immediate vicinity and kept at a safe distance early on in his educational career. Able to continue along this rich and rewarding path, all on his own, Lucas quickly rose to the top of his class, as well as, in time, safely secured his spot among the social elite. Therefore, by the time he reached college, he had already made quite a name for himself among those in his chosen field of computer programming and software development. It wasn't long before he was being offered a prestigious position at an award-winning company, which would, in turn, grant him the luxurious lifestyle he had always spoken about.

However, no matter how smart or successful Lucas was, there was very little in the known world that could prepare him for the coming apocalypse, for unlike his brother, he rarely watched those 'juvenile horror movies' and - regardless of his career choice - was not one to 'waste time on mindless video games.' So when his twin showed up with their parents in tow - along with some muscle-bound meathead of a boyfriend - Lucas did what was expected of him.

He got his ass in the truck.

Then, six months later, on a particularly dreary day, he got his ass out of said truck, with his father's gun in hand, and blew away the two people who loved him the most.               

Starting Gear:

 1 Pair of Scattante Photochromatic Eyewear

 1 Pearl Izumi Elite Short Sleeve Jersey in Black & Red
 1 Pair of Club Ride Rale Jeans in Black
 1 Pair of Performance Shorts in Black
 1 Pair of DZR Jetlag Nero Urban Shoes in Black
 1 Pair of Castelli Duo WS Socks in Black

 1 Club Ride Eclipse Bomber Jacket in Black
 1 Pair of Performance Elite Riding Gloves in Black & Red

 1 Solar Backpack in Black w/ 1 Battery Pack, 1 Connector Cable, 1 USB Charging Cable & 6 Adapters
 1 Book: Ready Player One
 1 Box of Crackers
 1 Bottle/Can Opener
 2 Cans of Spam
 3 Cans of Tuna
 1 Straight Razor
 1 Toothbrush
 1 Nalgene 32oz., Stainless Steel, Refillable Water Bottle w/ Replaceable Filter

 1 iPad Mini
 1 iPod w/ Headphones
 1 Macbook Pro
 1 Colnago C60 Bicycle in Black & Silver (which he keeps stored in the back of Sean's utility truck)

 1 Beretta M9 9mm Pistol w/ 1 Magazine Containing 10 Rounds
 1 Trench Knife 

Character Ons/Offs: Same as Player’s
« Last Edit: April 14, 2015, 07:08:27 PM by Twisted iN Tux »

Offline Amarlo

Re: 'Sangre Negro' A Zombie Apocalypse game. (LGBT Friendly)
« Reply #30 on: April 14, 2015, 03:43:24 AM »
Welcome ^^

Lookin' good!

Offline Twisted iN Tux

Re: 'Sangre Negro' A Zombie Apocalypse game. (LGBT Friendly)
« Reply #31 on: April 14, 2015, 08:36:28 AM »
Welcome ^^

Lookin' good!

Thanks! I can't wait to get started.

Offline Lockepick

Additional Pic #1
Additional Pic #2

Additional Pic #3
Additional Pic #4

Additional Pic #5
Additional Pic #6
Character Name: Ezra Bell
Player Name: Lockepick
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Orientation: Homosexual; Bottom/Submissive
Former Occupation: Mechanic; Though most recently Bartender/Culinary Student
Physical Features:  6', 190lbs, Dirty Blonde Hair, Green Eyes.
   08   Will determine how quickly they think/plan on their feet.
   05   How quick your character is when moving.
   06   How well your character can duck, dodge, and climb over, around, and under obstacles and Zombies.
   07   How much your character can carry while still keeping at a decent pace of movement before getting tired.
   05   The higher the stat, the better your character can shoot at longer distances.
   07   This determines how much your character can lift, pull, push, and throw objects.
   07   This stat determines how well your character can handle smaller, delicate objects.
   05   This determines how quietly your character can move;  Is affected by what the character is handling, carrying, or wearing.

Personality: Ezra isn't holding out hope that the world is going to 'get fixed' within his lifetime, he's not going to see a world without Sangre Negro. With life being what it is, it doesn't mean he can't try to make the best of it. He's living day by day, trying to find fun, excitement, and levity where he can. It's an obvious enough coping mechanism, but it's working for him so far.
 - Mechanical Aptitude: With the right tools, Ezra can fix anything. With the wrong tools, well, he can get it working for a little while...
 - Scrapper: Ezra has been in just enough fights to not freeze up with the opportunity arises. He doesn't have any formal training, but he can swing a wrench enough to get through the apocalypse.
 - Chef:  Ezra was going to culinary school before it all went down. He didn't get very far, so it's unlikely he'd be able to make some fine french cuisine even if he had the materials -- but he can do more with a stale spice rack and beans than most people.
 - Gun Shy: Ezra didn't have much experience with guns, and after the world ended, guns had even more stigma attached to them for the noise they make. He gets tense around open gun fire, though it's more likely to cause a irrational action than inaction.
 - The End is Nigh: Ezra firmly believes that 'this is it', this is what the world is. He can be a bit of a buzzkill when the topic of 'rescue' or 'repair' come up. While he's not the type to wallow in his sadness, he is prone to making either rash decisions. His appreciation for a world without civilization is growing every day...
Collapsed Background
- Ezra was born in Balatan, Minnesota, the oldest and only boy of two children. Ezra's father was the third generation of auto mechanics in their family, and from an early age Ezra was 'groomed' towards an appreciation for machines. All of their games and bonding moments were in the garage or on the road going to car shows. He didn't grow up in a very 'progressive' area, and the field of auto mechanics didn't lend itself very well to Ezra's sexual orientation. Even so, his pride in the work kept him in the closet, still intending to take over the family business one day.

 - Balatan was a small enough town that people knew his family. His teachers had an expectation what to expect from the next mechanic in town, but Ezra broke those expectations by doing very well in school. Well meaning teachers as he grew up tried to show him other options, to tell him that he didn't just have to do what his father wanted him to do. They did little to dissuade him, until the rumors of his homosexuality came up, and gave those teachers even more fodder for how he could look out further than Balatan. When he was nineteen, his Father confronted him on those same rumors. The fight that followed ended with Ezra making some lofty claims about choosing his own path, and some rather nasty comments about the trade he was turning his back on.

 - Ezra regretted the way that night ended, even if the he didn't regret the decision he had made. He moved out to Saint Paul, which while still in Minnesota, was a much more urban and enlightened area than he was used to. He ended up deciding he wanted to go to culinary school after binge watching food network. He got a job as a bartender, allowing him to work nights and take classes in the day. The outbreak started eighteen months after he started culinary school, and three months after he decided that this wasn't the right path for him.

 - Now with civilization fallen, Ezra is constantly finding that being a mechanic is much more useful than being a barely trained chef. The world probably feels like 'Hell on Earth' for most people, but for Ezra, he's constantly reminded of the choice he made for himself, and all the regret that comes with it. If he hadn't left home, he'd know if his family was safe, and he'd have been there to help them. Plus, for all he learned growing up, he could have learned more, and that one thing he didn't learn by leaving home might be what he needs to stay alive...

Starting Gear:
 - 9mm Pistol w/ 3 Bullets
 - Wooden Baseball bat
 - Backpack
 - Combat Knife
 - Multitool
 - Two rolls duct tape
 - 5' Chain
 - Box of surgical masks
 - Tactical gloves
 - Water bottle
 - Bag of jerky
Character Ons/Offs:  Lockepick's On/Off Page for full details. Crib notes below.
 - Ons: Masculinity; Adrenaline; Passion; Aggression.
 - Offs: Femininity; Romance.
« Last Edit: April 17, 2015, 09:44:42 PM by lockepick »

Offline DarkAngel111Topic starter

So now we need a couple of female players.

Offline Twisted iN Tux

So now we need a couple of female players.

Aww. Come now. We have the perfect formula! I mean, four guys and a single gal sounds good to me. It works wonders on the Big Bang Theory. Doesn't it? *shifty eyes*

Oh. Alright. You're right. We need more lovely ladies around here. Even BBT came to realize such things. *runs off to recruit*

Offline Twisted iN Tux

Btw, I'd be willing to demote Lucas to the status of NPC - controlled by the GM - or have him remain a PC - taken on by another player - to allow room for a new character, which would be female. Or. I'd even be willing to take on a 3rd character, if allowed. Just saying.

Also. Random thought here. We could make the fact that there are so few women around an actual part of the storyline. Perhaps the zombies prefer the flesh of females or perhaps females are far more susceptible to the virus. Amarlo even mentions that her character dresses like a guy - which I'm assuming was to protect her from being raped and such - but it could actually be to protect her from the zombie hordes. *shrugs*

Just thinking outside of the box a bit.

Offline DarkAngel111Topic starter

I am actually expecting a couple of people to put up characters soon. Although we do need at least 2-3 more characters to start. So we have a good base. Otherwise the game will fall in limbo is someone takes a hiatus.

As for the lack of women it could be jotted down to the fact that quite a few men like *taking* women in situations like these so it is natural for there to be less of them around for fear of strangers or the fact that they were killed/raped etc.

Offline Twisted iN Tux

I am actually expecting a couple of people to put up characters soon. 

Cool. I may have someone looking to join, too!

Offline Amarlo

I personally think that we still need both men and women. Two male players and one female player doesn't exactly strike me as horribly uneven xD

Especially when one male is more interested in other males and the female is likewise only interested in other males.. So. I'd say we are in deep need of more men in reality. =P

Offline DarkAngel111Topic starter

actually we have 3 male characters. Two from Tux one from lockpicke. One from me. Annd only one female character. From you ;)

Offline Amarlo

Oh wuut, I completely derped!  I guess they were posted so close to one another that my brain turned it into one player, two characters. I need to wake up before reading things

Offline Twisted iN Tux

I suddenly feel like I'm in that scene from Clue when they're trying to figure out how many bullets are left in the gun. *grins*

Offline Tydorei

*lurks in the shadows*

Offline CarnageIncarnate

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Well, I'd like to throw my hat in the ring!

Trainer Attire

Character Name:Cassiopeia Lochland

Player Name: CarnageIncarnate

Age: 22

Sex: Female

Orientation: Bi-sexual

Former Occupation: Veterinary Assistant and Dog Trainer

Physical Features:  5’9” 132 lbs long blonde hair and brown eyes. Cass has a tattoo across her chest ‘Veni Vidi Vici’ and a scar on her thigh where she got mauled by a bobcat when she was six for trying to pet it.

Intelligence: 7
Speed:  7
Agility: 9
Stamina:  7
Shooting: 4
Strength: 6
Dexterity:  7
Sneaking: 3

Personality:Cass is a nice girl, well in the normal days she was a nice girl. Though she kept to herself feeling a little out of place among most of the population. Cass does not respond well to threats. Though not in an angry well. She gets confused laughs at those threatening her.

Knowledge of Animals
Can run for long periods of time without tiring
Rudimentary medical knowledge from vet school
Has a vast array of camping and outdoor knowledge

Not silent by any means as it’s not wise to sneak up on dogs
Understands animals better than people
Though she’s a decent shot, for having no training, Cass has no idea how to clean/maintain a weapon
A little too trusting
Allergic to peanuts

The only daughter of a veterinarian and an orthodontist two things were predominant in Cass’s early life. Dental health and animals. From a young age Cass found herself in her Father’s vet clinic. Whether it be sweeping up hair or shampooing the dogs, Cass immersed herself in animals, all the while having her teeth straightened meticulously. Growing up, Cass found herself a bit of a pariah. People didn’t understand her, somewhat due to her lisp, mostly because of her love for animals and her inability to understand the reason why people made the decisions they made.

As a teenager Cass made good grades, tearfully staring at the lonely B on her report card surrounded by A’s. High School, unlike puberty, hadn’t been kind to the girl. Withdrawn she attended the nearest University her Father could afford. Following in her Father’s footsteps she began classes to become a Vet. Though, after two years in college, when a dog had to be euthanized Cass knew she wouldn’t be able to continue as a Vet. Instead she opted to becoming a dog trainer instead.

Becoming extremely good at her job Cass found herself training four dogs at a time. Each time with more successful results. By the end of her second year Cass was passing every dog enrolled in her obedience class and had sent off three to join the police force, after the completed the protection class she offered. With her own dog each more Cass woke up, ran five miles, and did multiple obstacle courses throughout the day with the dog’s she trained.

When the shit hit the fan Cass had been sitting at home, having just returned from an evening run. Everything seemed to happen at once, Cass didn’t remember much except making the half mile run to her neighbors house after watching her parents tear into her dog Lilah, eating the dog while she was still alive. The images still haunt the girl. Unfortunately the only reason she survived was because of her neighbors, their deaths slowed down her parents allowing Cass to run away, back to her house giving her time to grab her keys. Though as she went into the fray Cass found the car to be a worse idea and she did the only thing she could think of, grabbed the backpack out of the trunk and left it music blaring hoping to get as far away without any of the things noticing her.

Starting Gear: 
Black Backpack
Athletic Tape
Tactical Flashflight
Aluminum Baseball Bat
Storm-poof Matches
Dog Whistle
Aluminum Water Bottle
A pistol she picked up from the neighbors after it all happened, what caliber she is unsure (.357)

Character Ons/Offs:  Same as Players

Offline DarkAngel111Topic starter

Carnage. PM me your sheet :)

And Its nice to see all the new faces! Hopefully you will all decide to join us. :)

Offline DarkAngel111Topic starter

NOTE: We are not longer accepting characters with Medical fields. That excludes Carnage's Veterinary And Jugg's *yet to be posted* medic.

Offline DarkAngel111Topic starter

The OOC thread will be up soon as well as Accepted Characters Thread. I am still hoping to get a couple of sheets. But if I don't get drafts from those I am waiting, I will be kicking us off in two days. :)

Offline Amarlo

I think I might turn in one more sheet at some point for a purely plot helper character.

Offline Twisted iN Tux

The OOC thread will be up soon as well as Accepted Characters Thread. I am still hoping to get a couple of sheets. But if I don't get drafts from those I am waiting, I will be kicking us off in two days. :)

Hooray for two days!

Offline GnothiSeauton

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Still planning on doing a female character here...

Sorry for the delay...

I've been buried lately with my own groups, and haven't had a chance to breathe.  Finally got a CS out for another group that I had been promising, and this one is next on my priority list.