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Author Topic: Dark Angel wants (M Looking for F)(New plots)  (Read 6916 times)

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Dark Angel wants (M Looking for F)(New plots)
« on: December 17, 2013, 11:28:34 pm »
December 04 2016 Added a new plot, "The perfect Plot"
October 12 2016 Added a new plot, "Morning Ritual"
October 11 2016 Added a new plot, "Business Rivals"
23 Feb 2016 Added a new plot, "Winner Takes All"

A Little About me

I am 24 years old, English is not my first language, but I am very proficient at it. I am not new to writing, I have been role-playing for a long time now, although this is the first request thread I have made I have played on E for a few months now. I consider myself in between literate and semi-literate. Leaning towards literate, But I am only a human so I do make mistakes from time to time. I love details, I can do anywhere from 3 paragraphs to 7 depending on what I get to work with and how involved I am in the scenario.


○I only play through threads and PMs, I may make a exception for you and do it over IM, but details would be sacrificed at the cost of a quick reply.
I Prefer if my partner uses real images for Playbys (Character Models), There is something about Anime pictures that just does not sit well with me.
I only do M/F Scenarios, And I will be playing a Male character. I am not going to do Shemales, Futas, or M/M Scenarios. Sorry but that is just not my cup of tea.
Whenever during a scenario you feel that our styles don't mesh, the plot is getting boring, maybe you are going on a hiatus, or you simply want to stop. TELL ME. I pick only a certain number of partners, and I usually wait over 4 weeks before calling it quits on some one, So it would be polite if you let me know, I will not be upset, it will not mean that I won't discuss a new idea with you, there will be no hard feelings, it happens.
If you want to do one of the ideas I have posted below, Simply Message me, there is a very rare chance that I will see your post here. Send me a PM, with details of what you wish to do, If you are suggesting a idea of your own, please have at least something in mind, Do NOT message me with simply a pairing and ask me for ideas.
Post Lengths, I have already mentioned in the above heading that I like to post around 2-7 Paragraphs, although for my partner, there is a minimum of 2 paragraphs required, 2 Meaty Paragraphs, not 3 sentence long paragraphs.  There is no maximum limit I can give what I get and can easily do up to 10 paragraphs if I feel the situation demands it. But please if you feel you cannot write that much (2 paragraphs), do not waste my time or yours, I need something to work with otherwise I will just drop the game.
Write in 3rd Person Past tense only.
I prefer a 50 50 mix of Plot and smut, this may vary a little depending on the scenario.
~~~~Please I do not wish to Write by myself, If you agree to do a story, Don't just respond to what My character does, Add something to it~~~~

Current Cravings
Morning Ritual
Business Rivals
Picking the Wrong Fight
The Wrong heir
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Re: Dark Angel's Haven, (M Looking for F)
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2014, 06:12:25 am »
Forbidden Apple:
Neighbors, Cheating, Age difference, Dark?.

MC is guy who lives under a large shadow namely of his Father. He is a business tycoon more involved in his business than in his family.  MC has a lot of money and is generally assumed to be the *ultimate* bachelor in their superficial little society. Mostly though he only has a different girl at every party but that is mostly because he never seems happy with any of them for long. He is happy to play along with the crowd and pretends to enjoy his environment as much as he can. At the same time he is also eager to prove his worth to his father and unlike most rich kids he does not act out and get in trouble but instead at the age of 24 has opened up a chain of Successful Restaurants. Trying to get recognition for himself.

Life is going well and all until he meets your character. Someone completely not *fitting* to the society they live in, your husband just moved up in his work and moved to a *higher end* living area. Which happens to be the same street as my Guy’s Mansion.

Note: Basically in the above plot I am simply looking for a Neighborly affair, although how it happens is up for discussion so is the personality of the characters. This is just a basic Idea I would rather prefer discussing details with my partner.

Is He Coming?..
Cheating, Stuck in a hotel, Dark?, Age Play?.

My character owns a piece of property that your Character’s husband wishes to buy, he has tried a few things of late that could soften my character up but it does not seem to be working, he offers more money and when he catches a glimpse of interest he invites my Character over to his Skiing lounge to show off just how good of a business man he is. My character has inherited the business from his father and has no idea why this person wants his land so badly. But the new offer is hard to resist and he decides to go to the Skii Lounge.

Although what My character was never told was that YC (The business man's wife) would be there too, and what was suppose to be a business meeting turns awkward when the husband is unable to make it to the lounge due to a storm and roads closing leaving the two near strangers by themselves.

Note: this is a one shot idea, although if it goes right I may consider doing it for a longer term game.

A Double Life Craving
Light-extreme, Romance?, Bondage?, Public sex?.

Julia (you can pick another name if you like) was quite happily married to a much older man who despite his many flaws always spoiled her rotten. But very soon after his death she found out that he was scamming a lot of people and the whole world around her crumbled with the assets frozen and no nest egg to be found she was left penniless and addicted to a lifestyle beyond her reach.

The idea is based on the Julia working as an escort, to keep up her life style, although being declared too old for the agencies she sets up a website of her own and her first client is not some old man who can barely get it up. But a much younger billionaire’s son (MC), Who is not at all into accepting paid sex, but agrees to see her for dinner when his friends force him to go because they arranged this date for his birthday.

Note: This idea does not involve you being a *paid* companion. Although the illusion is there, She is just uncomfortable being in the position she is. The guy is just as uncomfortable talking to someone who is paid to do so.

A Lucrative Offer.
Interracial, Cheating.

My character inherited a very large empire from his father on his first trip out of the country some foreign business men are eager to do business with him. One of the businessmen would be YC's husband at a party Either hosted by my character or a third party where your character’s husband alongside you, meet MC. Eager to please his would be partner he allows your character to mingle with mine. Being a stranger to the country and people in general, there something different MC finds about your character. She is very cultural at the same time there is a hint of western upbringing in her attitude which only makes MC curious about what her secret is.

We can discuss how this goes, it is one of the lesser developed ideas I have. So I am up for any and all suggestions.

The Wrong Heir Craving
Cheating, Sugar daddy, Age play, Interracial, blackmail, pregnancy?,

The idea revolves around a Gold digger (your character) who is marrying/married, my character’s Uncle. The only problem is no one in the family knows that the Inheritance is not going to be equally distributed among the two brothers (your character’s husband and my character’s father).  Despite being the older brother MC’s uncle is not going to get a penny as his father decided neither of his sons were capable/responsible enough, and decided to name his only grandson the sole heir of the property which is worth millions. 

For this idea I am looking for someone who can play a very smart, cunning character in her mid-thirties, with a gloomy career prospect, who is looking to secure her future. There is no romance to start with not even an ounce. And even if it develops it would be over a much longer period.

The Perfect Harem. Craving
Incest?, Harem, Blackmail, Ageplay, Light-extreme?.

Aiden was a nice guy, he was always the good boy at school even was bullied at times but for the most part he was the kind a guy girls thought was cute but never really thought past it. He was good with studies average at sports. He was the younger of two older sisters. Who never seemed to notice him. His mother was a upper middle class housewife, who was more interested in parties rather than family and home. She wanted to be famous and rich and never missed a chance to be in the spotlight.

For Aiden, things take a very rapid turn when he is given a lottery ticket on his birthday by his friends who thought giving him a $10 ticket was enough, and it was more a prank than anything else. Little did they know he held the winning numbers for a 180 million dollar jackpot. He had not even bothered to check the number till few weeks after the draw when he realizes that he had won it.

The game will revolve around the situation changing around him when people find out he has won a lottery that big. Girls suddenly notice him. His own mother, sisters etc.  He is liking the new found attention and decides to make a harem out of them.

Not what he seems
Incest?, ageplay, Interracial?

Our Characters live quite a bit of distance away, My character (let's Call him Andy for now) has a very rich family, he lives a daily life which is full of fake smiles and niceties, On his weekends however he gets a free pass and goes out to his country home where he has a large garage and works on cars, and can be anyone he wants to be, He likes his alone time and unlike most guys from his neighborhood he is not much of a parties kind of guy. What happens when late friday night on his way to his secluded spot he runs into a woman on the side of the road with a broken down car and has no idea who he really is?.

The woman would be your character Ideally she would be someone one older (in her 30s) successful in her own line of work an Art Gallery or the sort, someone who is not usually the kind to misbehave but does so on this occasion. She mistakes my character for someone who is a blue collar worker (from his attire and truck), And thinks she would never see him again after their brief encounter.

Always in the Limelight
Cheating, blackmail?, Modern, photography

Joshua and Eric had been brought up in the same house with the same ideals and etiquettes but they could not be more different from each other as they grew up. The older brother Joshua was more like his father, cut throat always looking to be the one ahead of everyone, trying to get the best grades, always considered the white knight of the house. Eric on the other hand was not exactly trouble but his direction was more impulsive than planned out like his older brother. He would do what he liked and never really competed with others. His ambitions did not revolve around making a fortune.

As they grew up, the older brother naturally joined business school and passed with flying colors always getting the best things in life. The younger brother however refused to go to business school and instead decided to pursue photography which was not a popular decision in the family but once his father found out. He was given a ultimatum. Either do as he says, or leave the family home. And he left.

7 years later the younger brother is a fashion photographer, one of the most popular names in the industry with big brands looking to sign him for their models. The older brother is still getting trained by their father to take reins of the company. But for the most part the two brothers only see each other once or twice every 2 years that too at Christmas parties his father hosts, which the younger brother gladly misses.

Description of the female character has been left out on purpose, since there is so much room to wiggle here you can play anyone from the older brother’s fiance’ to someone in the family or  anyone really who would get between the tension of the two brothers.  If you are interested in the idea simply give me a poke.

The Campaign
Cheating, Mystery, Crime, Modern.

MC is a lobbyist. It is well known that his support could mean the difference of an election won or lost. That last Election was the first time he surfaced. What he did before that has been a mystery to everyone. How he does what he does is also a mystery. With the next Election only a year away. His support remains unclear which means evry candidate running for the election has been eager for his support.

YC's Husband is a new comer He is fresh and has a promising career ahead of him. He is not a favorite by any means, which makes his campaign managers all the more eager for MC's support. YC's family comes from a long line of politician she would be someone more Professional than affectionate.  We can discuss the details. But the idea is that she manages to get his attention, either he arrives at a yacht party or she comes to him. We can discuss the details.   

Not the Family He wanted. :  Taken
Daddy/Daughter, Bondage?, Incest.

Mathew Lincoln was 40 A business man with everything he could ever want. He had a lush life waking up next to a beautiful woman every morning. A different woman every morning, although a workaholic now he had been known for his late night escapades among the fairer sex during his early years. Taking on the reins of family business from a young age he never expected anything really of the one night stands he had in the past. Although he knew that he was less than responsible with most women. And he might have more than one illegitimate child out there as long as no one came front it wasn’t his problem. By nature now he was a changed man more disciplined and rule bound than ever he was quite sober and although he was still ageing like fine wine and still enjoyed women he was more careful about what he did now as his reputation was much more important.

That changed swiftly when a girl no older than 20 showed up at his doorstep A daughter he never wanted, or knew. He was aware of her existence and had provided for her mother through those years and her education, although she was never more than a check to him and he had never even seen a picture of her. Now that she was here it was hard to believe that it really was his daughter.

The Interview :
BDSM?, Interracial, Affair, Office.

Kyle Richards 32 was the youngest person ever in the history of the company to make it to the board of director’s post. He had worked to get where he wanted to be, and although by no means was he a snob or proud, he was quite strict about how he did things. At 32 he was quite attractive yet cold and unemotional in the workplace. Like every person he had his dark side something only a few ever found out. Although not really the controlling kind he did have a preference for the kind of women he liked. Most of the women he slept with were his secretaries he changed them frequently it was probably the one thing in his life that was most unstable.

After recently letting one of the clingy clerks go he had asked the HR to post an ad for a new hire. The advertisement was quite specific.

Female Candidate for a secretarial position, should be proficient at, organizing schedules, Should look presentable, and be between the ages 30-35. Candidate is urgently needed, Walk-in interviews starting tomorrow until a suitable candidate is found.

The idea is very general it’s an Office affair. The specifics of the ad would be filled in after discussion with what kind of character my Partner prefers to play. Could be Long term or Short term depending on how we click.

Sweet Revenge:
Blackmail, Interracial, Coercion, Office, Slutty clothing

Mathew Green had been teased most of his life for being a nerd. He had never been the one to be popular. He was bullied throughout high school. Those were the most horrendous years of his life. Now 18 years later, he was the youngest millionaire a CEO of a fortune 500 company with a laser surgery he no longer had his thick glasses. He wasn’t the nerd he once was anymore. Now years later he had a chance for a sweet revenge. The Cheerleader (YC) who had once tormented him once alongside her boyfriend the quarterback. Although life had not been that kind to them. She was jobless once more and the boyfriend now her husband had become a drunk after dropping out of college and losing a few jobs never keeping one for long.

The conditions under which they meet are up for discussion, the Initial idea was that the cheerleader applies for a position to be his secretary. He recognizes her immediately, and then puts her to test.
The other ideas can be discussed on how they meet. It could be that she seeks him out for a job. Or something else entirely. The main idea is that the Nerd gets to exact his revenge could be slow, or quick up to us.

Picking the Wrong Fight. : Craving
Humiliation, blackmail, interracial.

Joshua Gibbs was the only son of an MMA fighter who had made his money long time ago. Joshua’s father was a champion during his days and then with some sponsors and what not made himself quite a healthy fortune. There were sometimes fights which he lost on purpose to make a good buck but in general he was a bull who never stopped. He had died a few years ago leaving his fortune and a Gym to Joshua, and a promise that he would never pursue MMA as a career. However the genes were what they were and at the age of 27 Joshua was running his father’s gym rather successfully and training fighters. He had decided to train the new guys instead of getting a beating himself. His trainers were experienced and good at their jobs one of them was YC.

The plot starts when the two of our characters get into a fight over how to train seeing as your character is a retired fighter who had a few medals and trophies under her name she things MC has no idea what he is talking about. She is quit witted and gets MC to shut up. Only MC tells her that they should settle this in the ring.

The Masquerade Party:
Incest, Strangers, clothed sex, Interracial, and more

My character is a rich daddy’s boy who has had everything he could ever want. Even his family is a good environment the extended family gathers few times a year at his house to have dinner and enjoy, catch up on things. They all have good relations with each other unlike most families with money. It is clear that my character is the heir of all that money and no one really envies him and neither does he show it off. Is he a bit of a player? Sure he was but even he can’t think about sleeping with someone from the family.

The Scene would be set at a masquerade party where the family and other friends fathered. It was a very large party with almost over 500 people in attendance the attire was quite specific a face covering mask and formal wear. That was the only rule. Everyone showed their invites at the gate but never past that checking was anyone asked for identity. It was a fun for all type of a gathering. Little did MC know that he would end up dancing and then go further with a member of his family than he had ever imagined.

The relationship they have is up for discussion it could be anyone from an older Cousin to a young aunt, or even his step mother!. Whatever you feel like doing. The story would be long term as to how they adjust this secret in to a family where everyone likes the other and visit each other often.

The Daily News.:  Craving
Media, Office, Crime, interracial and more.

YC works at a news station which is lowest ranking in the country, She is a the chief news editor and is often on the hunt for more and more exciting news. Mine is a freelance video recorder who often takes videos of crimes and what not. He is often selling them to the highest bidder and although he is quite young he has already made a name for himself in the niche' circle. YC pays for one of the videos in particular at a very high price and that is where they meet.

The premise would be that she will try to convince him to work exclusively for her channel. although still free lancing she just wants the videos. Only He wants more. This is admittedly slightly taken from the movie Nightcrawler. So if you have any twists and turns in mind let me know.

15 year Reunion:

Similar to the idea of Perfect Revenge. Although a completely different setting. It is a 15 year Reunion. My character has knowingly avoided all reunions and decided to show up to this one only because he was in town. Although now a completely changed man, and owner of a successful fashion group. He didn’t think it would make a difference. Arriving on the party he is in for a big surprise. We can decide how things go once he gets there.

This idea can either be a one shot or go on a fair way. Although it lacks potential to be long term I am still open to ideas.

The New Wife. :
Father’s Fiance x Son

Adrian and his father had a strange relationship. It was not a particular even that had pulled them apart but it was merely the fact that after his mother passed away they grew apart. He was always busy or had an excuse to not be at home, and Adrian became busy with his social life and his art. Over the years the two completely parted ways and as soon as he had turned 18 he left his father’s house and started his own restaurant which was successful. Although he wasn’t loaded like his father he no longer needed his father. It was on his 25th birthday that he found out that his father was marrying again.
The idea for this is quite straightforward, I am looking for a story where the son comes back to his home but more with a mindset to sabotage the wedding than attending it. I am looking for someone to play the fiancé while I will be taking on the role of Adrian. The age gap can be discussed but she has to be 30-40. He will be 25.
We can discuss the details of the idea further and change things.

The Million Dollar Deal. :
Realtor x Client

The house she was selling had been on the market for months, her agency had already shifted 5 seasoned agents trying to sell the place, and she was the 6th. With an average sale record and an even less impressive selling rate she was probably going to get sacked if she didn’t get this place sold within the next three weeks. Although it was by pure luck that a millionaire spotted the place and wanted to use it as a bachelor pad. Although he liked the place and it looked good, she checked him out only to find out that he was oozing money. If only she could make this deal no one else could not only would she get to keep her job, but the commission would probably be her highest yet.

This can go several ways, we can discuss if it’s a one shot or something long term.

     Winner Takes All.       :
Rough, interracial, Losing a bet/fight.

Adrian has been fighting ever since he left high school although most of his fights were brawls, and his trainer always called him a bum because there was no proper order in his fighting, although in the amateur circle he had a good record.. His trainer saw potential in him as he was still only 23. 
At an event in a rival gym he got into words with a professional fighter who was a rising start, thinking an amateur fighter like Adrian was not even a match for him. The scenario would start with the two fighters having words with each other, and then one of them challenges the other. But having nothing to offer on both sides, one of the ring girl(YC) or someone else suggests winner takes the ring girl from the loser’s gym.  Both sides agree to it.
There is more detail to this idea, and the idea is also open if my partner wants to play more than one character.

Business Rivals:
Rough, Blackmail, Humiliation, Public Sex, Pregnancy?

David is a successful businessman, inheriting is father’s business and expanding it beyond expectations, However there is a hitch, he has a rival, a woman who gave his father a run for his money before he retired and now goes head to head with David from the day he started running the business. They have met before and hate each other. Her charm and the fact that she is the only women in a circle of men makes her irresistible to the extent that she often gets contracts she couldn’t otherwise. In order to even the playing field David decides to dig up dirt on her…. Once he has it, what will he make her do?

The idea is that David will slowly take away her power in public, the once confident woman would be quite scared and shell of her former self now that he has leverage over her. I expect that David will be in his mid-late twenties, and the rival is in her 30s. She is smart intelligent and beautiful. The idea is about how their love hate relationship takes a darker turn.

The Morning Ritual.:
Romance, Cheating, Angst... Risk of getting caught all sorts of fun...

The two of them often exchanged glances. Neither knew the others name for a long time. It was just a thing, the two often came to the park around the same time eventually it was deliberate. But neither made it apparent, always putting on a casual face when they met. Eventually saying Hi. It was clear that she was married he was single, the light flirting could never become anything more, or so they thought…

The idea is that the two people come from completely different walks of life, she could be an average middle class housewife. He could be very rich. Eventually the two get to know each other finding out how different their lives are but the only thing common is that they like each other’s company. This could be romantic, very rarely do I put romantic scenarios on… if you like this could be more of a lust fuelled one shot.

  The Perfect Plot  :
   Blackmail, Dub con, Bondage?, Humiliation?, Sex in public Places. 

Adam was never the kid other kids wanted to be friends with while not exactly a geek or a nerd, and he was not that bad looking either but still He was somewhat an outcast in his School/College. However he gets invited to a party which his somewhat cool neighbor is throwing for the kids at school while his parents are out. On this party Adam happens to find information that incriminates the whole Cheerleading squad. The next week after working on his plan he targets one of them while not the head cheerleader she is the cutest and the most popular girl in school. What does he really do with her?

This idea was conjured up long time ago never got to play it, the story would start at the blackmail however MC would agree to help Your character achieve her dream of becoming the head cheerleader. Clearing a path for her. For this I am looking for a detailed partner who could play the cheerleader.

The Images Above are just Reference. You are free to Pick your Character's Appearance
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Re: Dark Angel's Haven, (M Looking for F)
« Reply #2 on: March 17, 2014, 02:47:46 am »
Picture Prompts

Just this for now, Will be adding more in a few days.... Send me an idea you get after looking at this image, I have one too. Lets see where we get. :)

If you want to play any of the below let me know

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
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Re: Dark Angel's Haven, (M Looking for F)
« Reply #3 on: April 27, 2014, 08:33:21 am »
Retired/Taken Ideas.

Vikings. Taken
This is a very Medieval Setting idea based on Vikings. Although it is not about a damsel in distress trapped on a ship as a boy.. Instead, It is about the inner clans of pirates. (Based slightly on the show Vikings). A lord of the village to whom everyone has sworn loyalty starts to feel threatened by a rising warrior in his clan. In an attempt to silence the warrior he sends a small force to his home, unaware he is out hunting. The force kills his wife and children. After which he avenges his family. I am looking for someone to play the Lord's Cunning And devious wife. This is more or less a one shot, could be made into something more. Its more about the politics and head games. But it can become smutty if you like it that way. The tradition is the new Lord slays the family of the old one. However the warrior does not punish the family of the previous lord. Maybe he Makes the Wife and daughter his slaves?.
We can discuss it.! :)

A Twisted Family. Taken
Incest, Blackmail, bondage?, Bimbofication?
The Idea revolves around a Harem like situation where the father has been immasculated by the son. With both his step mother and sisters now bedding him and him insulting his father at every chance. The story begins With the history of abuse by the father who is older in his later 40s abusing his only son. Until he marries the a woman with two daughters. He is quite rich (upper Middleclass) and keeps up a nice facade. But when his son wins a lottery and is suddenly not under his control anymore. What will his step mother and step sisters do?. Side with the father who abuses them or the son?.

I admit the idea is not very well fleshed out but even so there is a craving where the father is either humiliated by the son taking his wife in front of him, or just the fact that the sisters and the step mother are much happier in his bed than being with his father. For the mother I would think its a way to get back at her husband. The sisters could be in it because he is blackmailing them (at first) or paying them a lot.
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Re: Dark Angel's Haven, (M Looking for F)
« Reply #4 on: July 05, 2014, 08:32:50 am »
Two new ideas added in the Second post Please take a look! :)

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Re: Dark Angel's Haven, (M Looking for F)
« Reply #5 on: August 13, 2014, 12:37:42 am »
updated the Cravings Section, also Monthly bump! :)

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Re: Dark Angel's Haven, (M Looking for F)
« Reply #6 on: August 24, 2014, 05:42:05 am »
Two new plots added in Second Post

The Wrong Heir

The Perfect Harem

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Re: Dark Angel's Haven, (M Looking for F)
« Reply #7 on: September 30, 2014, 05:25:05 am »
Not what he Seems  Added to list of Plots.

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Re: Dark Angel's Haven, (M Looking for F)
« Reply #8 on: November 02, 2014, 11:54:52 pm »
Added another idea. Limelight.

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Re: Dark Angel's Ideas (M Looking for F)
« Reply #9 on: November 16, 2014, 11:59:03 pm »
Picture Prompt Added.

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Re: Dark Angel's Ideas (M Looking for F)
« Reply #10 on: February 07, 2015, 02:06:01 am »
Removed an Idea from Cravings, added another idea. Not the Family He wanted.

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Re: Dark Angel's Ideas (M Looking for F)
« Reply #11 on: February 11, 2015, 04:20:01 am »
Added another Plot in Second Post. The Interview.

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Re: Dark Angel's Ideas (M Looking for F)
« Reply #12 on: April 11, 2015, 12:13:26 am »
Changed a few things some picture prompts around the second post.

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Re: Dark Angel's Ideas (M Looking for F)
« Reply #13 on: April 27, 2015, 12:16:35 am »
Two new ideas added. Masquerade Party, Picking the Wrong fight

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Re: Dark Angel's Ideas (M Looking for F)
« Reply #14 on: June 10, 2015, 12:46:53 am »
New Idea added "The Daily News"

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Re: Dark Angel's Ideas (M Looking for F)
« Reply #15 on: September 28, 2015, 03:30:12 am »
Minor Edits to the second post.

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Re: Dark Angel's Ideas (M Looking for F)
« Reply #16 on: September 29, 2015, 02:37:41 am »
Added a new plot 15 year Reunion.

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Re: Dark Angel's Ideas (M Looking for F)
« Reply #17 on: November 06, 2015, 01:33:14 am »
added The new wife.

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Re: Dark Angel wants (M Looking for F)(New plots)
« Reply #18 on: December 02, 2015, 11:17:40 pm »
added, The million Dollar deal.

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Re: Dark Angel wants (M Looking for F)(New plots)
« Reply #19 on: February 08, 2016, 08:26:34 am »
A well earned Bump!
I am actively looking for someone to play with, So if you are interested in any one of the plots above let me know, they can all be mixed around.

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Re: Dark Angel wants (M Looking for F)(New plots)
« Reply #20 on: February 23, 2016, 08:08:30 am »
Added a New idea, Winner Takes all.

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Re: Dark Angel wants (M Looking for F)(New plots)
« Reply #21 on: October 02, 2016, 01:01:30 am »
BUMP. Looking for someone who would be interested in one of my plots Hopefully for the longer term.

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Re: Dark Angel wants (M Looking for F)(New plots)
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Added a new plot.

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Re: Dark Angel wants (M Looking for F)(New plots)
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added a new plot.

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Re: Dark Angel wants (M Looking for F)(New plots)
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Looking for new partners who won't Flake out!