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Author Topic: Lockepick's Plot Ideas (M/M)  (Read 3978 times)

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Lockepick's Plot Ideas (M/M)
« on: February 24, 2013, 05:53:04 pm »

Who I Am:
 - I'm a man who has been roleplaying since 1996. Most of my experience is non-sexual and comes from World of Darkness and DnD products, though I've dabbled in plenty of other systems. In terms of erotic roleplay, most of my experience over the last 10+ years comes from MUSHes, PMs and e-mail.
Mission Statement:
 - Roleplay, in general, is my creative outlet. I don't have the attention span to do real legitimate writing, so short bursts of creativity in the forms of creating and playing characters keeps me sharp. I have been long since become jaded with single-line responses, and will normally write 2-4 paragraphs per response, and I expect something similar from my partners. If my partner is regularly spitting out 4-6 paragraphs, I will feel compelled to match it the best I can. I am creating a list of my most common and favorite ideas, but I am always willing to hear about things not on this list. I know it sounds corny, but I enjoy writing something that gets my partner off. Even if something is not on my list of favorites, I'm willing to give it a shot if it's something that really gets my partner off.
 - This thread will be constantly updated as more ideas come to mind, and as fetishes leave/enter my fancy. I tend to think of the sex of my RP as sort of the 'core' and build out from there. Please don't read these scene ideas and think that I'm looking for slipping right into the slap-and-tickle. I'm much too jaded to enjoy JUST raw sex.

 - Please feel free to PM me with any thoughts or ideas that spring forward from this. Thank you for reading this and considering me; I hope to hear from you.

How to Proceed:
 - So while you're reading/skimming what I've written below about my preferences and plot ideas, I wanted to give you an idea on what I expect. If you're interested in anything you see here, or that I've posted elsewhere -- all you have to do is let me know! I have listed some plot ideas (some more detailed than others), but frankly, I don't do well offering up ideas to a general audience. I work much better when I know my audience, and I can tailor ideas around their needs, desires, and wants. Even these ideas I have listed are so malleable that I worry they do more to narrow options than they do to supply them. I originally tried to list every variation I could imagine for every plot, and it simply becomes too verbose to be useful. Most of the full ideas are only listed because they're plots I got excited for that never got off the ground, which is the only reason they have so much structure, but I'm happy to burn them to the ground and rebuild them with a new, interested party.

 - If you like what you see -- shoot me a PM saying just that. Don't feel like you need to composure this big letter with an analytical eye. While I would love to know specifically what inspired/inspires you, it's not necessary. Once I know you're interested, I can start offering up more specific ideas that I might think you'll like. I know this whole thing sounds like a cop out, but just know I try to be very approachable. We can't always make it work if we're fundamentally after different things, but I'd rather try and fail than never even make the connection.
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Re: Lockepick's Plot Ideas (M or F seeking M)
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2013, 05:56:33 pm »
What I'm Into:
 - I'm going to first just make a single list of key words I like in my scenes -- then below I'll list them again with more detailed personal descriptions of what they mean to me.
Abusive Relationships
The Top/Dom doesn’t always have be the good guy. I like playing the guy who should know better and doesn’t. He keeps crawling back because of how good the sex is, even if he’s treated like an object. Physical violence is also acceptable here, all the way up to throwing punches. See ‘Dirty Talk’, ‘Humiliation/Degradation’, and ‘Rough Sex’.
I love an age, and generation gap, between characters; up to a teenager with a middle aged guy. I prefer the older one to be the top in the scenario. I love calling a guy ‘Daddy’, or ‘Mister’, and I love him calling me any kind of ‘Sport’, ‘Boy’, ‘Son’, etc.
I love the idea of a hierarchy, and the sort of arrogance/superiority and inferiority that comes from established social orders. In a more twisted sense: I also love the A/B/O Trope – and interested in including the differentiated male biology.
See 'Passion.'
I love arrogant guys with egos. Somebody who doesn't bother with putting effort into seducing because he knows he doesn't need to; somebody who moves with confidence.
Prefer to receive Anal: getting fucked, fingered, rimmed, toys, anything. As a bottom, I am willing to rim/finger tops, but I tend to find that conflicts with other fetishes.
Authority Figures
Authority figures and uniforms are always hot, but what I love the most is people abusing their position of authority. This can range from cops, commanding officers, and prison guards to even people like coaches, landlords, spiritual leaders, or just mentors. People that you are supposed to trust abusing that bond for their own gain.
Bears/Blue Collar
Absolutely love anybody with a typical 'bear' build and anybody that is 'blue collar.' I prefer guys to be strong and rough, with a bit of 'padding.' Facial hair and hairy chests are always a huge plus. Guys with 'blue collar' jobs, like construction workers, plumbers, truckers, tend to personify this.
I'm actually very light on bondage. I'm not interested in any complicated machinery or contraption. I prefer to be held down by a man's strength, or secured with 'simpler' means. Handcuffs, chain, shredded clothing, etc.
Canon Characters
There are very few Canon Characters I'm interested in, but am willing to consider any that fit the other things in this list. Wolverine and Sabertooth are probably my two most commonly lusted after canon characters.
Chemical Manipulation
Using alcohol, drugs, aphrodisiacs, magical potions – whatever. This is mostly about enforcing some pliable state that the Dom/Top can manipulate and abuse. See 'Mental Manipulation.'
I've always had an interest in crime and criminals. Any scenes revolving around criminals or 'underworld' activity will get my interest. Whether it's committing the crime, being on the run, being in jail, or even just trying to live life after on the 'outside.'
Big surprise – I like cum. I like the detail of it, the way it fills a mouth or a hole, the overflow. I love any play with it – facials, bukkake, gokkun. I love the idea of marking with cum: on clothes or in hair in public places. I love the idea of a cum diet: putting cum in somebody’s drink or food, whether they’re in private or while they’re in public. Pretty much can’t go wrong with it.
Dirty Talk
Dirty talk always gets me going. There is never too much of it for me, get as aggressive as you want. Slut, bitch, faggot, cunt – nothing is off limits. I've actually been told I use it too much myself though, so feel free to tell me cut back on it if I get too into it. See  'Humiliation.'
I'm actually somewhat light on this compared to most. I like Domination so far in that I love when a top takes total control over a situation and makes it all about his pleasure. Fucking a bottom without considering their orgasm, making them do things to amuse them, even mundane tasks.
Dry Sex
I find clothing to be just as hot, if not hotter, than a fully naked person. Descriptions showing how clothing does or doesn't shows off a person's body gets me going. Showing the wear and tear of how a person's lifestyle or environment effects the clothing is great too. Some favorites: jeans, flannel, leather, coveralls, uniforms (police, prison, firefighter, military, etc), boots/gloves, and kilts.
I love being used in front of a crowd. I'm willing to write the crowd into my responses and use them like any other piece of scenery. This could be the thrill of people cheering them on, or some sort of public humiliation/degradation.
Fantasy Creatures
I'm always interested in RPing as/with fantasy races. Orcs, ogres, hobgoblins, dwarves, and demons are at the top of that list. Anything else is a case-by-case basis.
Forbidden Sex
For me, 'forbidden sex' is sex that people aren't supposed to be having. Cheating on significant others; having sex with a friend of your Dad's behind his back; authority figures abusing power; sex with a rival.
I wrote this to simply say that I like furry characters; preferring full blown furries or transforming werewolves to catboys and the like. As long as the scene also includes other things from this list, I'm fine with putting a 'furry filter' across the whole thing.
Group Sex
The more the merrier! In scenes involving group sex, I'm fine with RPing as the third (or fourth or so on) in the scene. We can use them as minor characters, or as full blown partners. See ‘Exhibition.'
Gun Play
For me, this is mostly in using the gun as a threat, and/or using it as a sex toy. This could be making a guy blow your gun, or fucking him with it, or firing the gun while fucking him. When using the gun as a threat, I’d prefer it was an empty one – not actually into being shot. Well, not most of the time.
For me, humiliation is the objectification of a character. Treating them like they serve no other purpose than the top's amusement and pleasure. Name calling, dirty talk, feminization, exhibition, etc.
Pretty self-explanatory. I prefer father/son, uncle/nephew, older brother/younger brother. For me it's about the taboo and the abuse of trust, and because of that, it’s important to me to have a good catalyst on why they’re suddenly having this taboo sex.
International Men
I tend to play American men simply because that's what I know. While I'm also happy with American men, I've got a special soft spot for Latin men, Irish, Scottish, and Eastern Europeans (specifically Russians).
For my partners: I like my men to be 'men' in the most basic stereotypical terms. Any masculine accoutrements are also appreciated: cigars, scotch, confidence, and generally being in control of your sexuality. Any stereotypically 'feminine' traits will work against you here. I am more than happy to play a Feminine character, I just don’t like to play across from them. See 'Bears/Blue Collar.'
Mental Manipulation
Typically this is due to alcohol, drugs, or aphrodisiacs making a bottom more pliable. This could also include some magic, and sometimes even mind control itself. In regards to drugs, I prefer 'fake' drugs than actual real drugs. Things we make up for the scene that have tailored effects for what we want.
These can be as subtle as something that takes mostly human form, or just using anthros, or a more traditional movie monster. I do like for them to be mostly humanoid, but otherwise I’m open to what features/shapes they have. See ‘Fantasy Creatures’ and ‘Unusual Anatomy’.
I prefer 'Semi-NC' to full NC. Where guys don't know they want it and quickly learn, or guys that bite off more than they can chew and get in over their head, or they’re under some effect that removes inhibition. Full NC scenes will work for me sometimes; my only real aversion is that playing a rape victim is kind of boring. I can only say 'I cry and struggle' in so many different ways. See 'Rough Sex.'
Orientation Play
This is the idea of M/M scenes where one character doesn’t identify as gay or bi. This could be ‘gay for pay’ scenarios, scenes where females aren’t available (any port in a storm), coercion from either side. I especially love the idea when a top is straight, but doesn’t see being the ‘top’ as gay (a mouth is a mouth) – or any sort of ‘rule’ that makes it not gay (As long as the balls don’t touch, or saying ‘no homo.’), as goofy as they usually are.
Sucking dick is always hot. Whether it's slow worship from a bottom, or a rough face-fuck -- it's always a good time. I will say that the act of a top sucking a bottom's dick will turn down the temperature of a scene for me.
Passion is what drives me. The loss of logical thought and a drive for sex above all else. If a guy is wishy-washy about what they want, it can make for an unsatisfying scene for me. For me, I even enjoy extremes where a target can become more Feral/Animalistic in his lusts.
Pet/Puppy Play
This is something I’m getting into more lately. I don’t have a huge amount of experience, but I’m eager to learn. For more, this is more about the behaviors, control, and limitations than it is about the clothing/gear. That being said, I do like the clothing/gear, but only as a humiliation aspect. I prefer ‘puppy’ flavor over ‘pony’ flavor.
Compared to most, I'm somewhat light in this. I love spit, sweat, cum, and piss. Sweat marks from clothing, from work or working out, is always hot. NO Scat and NO Vomit.
Red Necks/Southerners
The key here is moderation, I'm looking for Walking Dead's Merle, not the Simpson's Cletus. Anything that could be advertised as an 'All American' or 'Good ol' Boy' will have my interest. See 'Bears/Blue Collar.'
Any sort of ritual is always appealing, even if most of it is nonsexual. This can be a fraternity initiation, a tribal rite of manhood, gang initiation, religious/cult sacrifice, or ritual spell gone wrong.
Rough Sex
Rough sex is the only sex for me. A top getting forceful and using his strength. Gripping, clawing/scratching, biting, and slapping are always welcome. Leave scratches, leave welts, leave bruises. This can be simple as forceful embraces to even throwing punches or full on beat-downs.
Size Difference
I like the tops to be larger than the bottoms in some way. This can be a big burly bear fucking a twink teenager, an actual 1’-3’ height difference, or even just the larger guy fucking the slightly less large guy. I like playing up how the bottom is 'inferior' to the top because of that size; as if the size helps determine why the bottom is the bottom.
Size Queen
I like big dicks, big balls, big loads. A large dick, to me, is a sign of masculinity and virility. I like the upper limits of realism; when something is so obscene that it becomes 'fantasy' outside of a fantasy settings, it has the opposite effect. I like to act out being stretched to my limits, and maybe even tearing a little; not being split in half. The exact 'maximum' I'm willing to work with in a scene differs per scene.
Whether they start off slutty or get turned into sluts, the idea of a bottom that is willing to do whatever the top wants. This includes glory hole, anonymous sex and strippers/prostitution.
Sweat is always hot. It's a sign of a working man. Working up a sweat during sex just shows you're putting effort into it.
Unconventional Sex Toys
I’m really astonished there isn’t a better name for this. The idea that anything can be a dildo – beer bottles, wine bottles, flash lights, broom handles, baseballs, etc. The more creative you get with it, the better. For me, this is about the humiliation aspects, as well as the frenzied, passionate idea of grabbing anything nearby.
Unusual Anatomy
I’m mostly talking about unusual cocks: ridges, nubs, flares, knots, bulges. This also includes cum that is different in consistency, taste, or causes changes/addictions. I’m pretty open to including this, even in plots that seem mundane.
Being made to worship, or choosing to worship a top; either their whole body or even just their dick or body. This works fine for demanding tops, or more literally on demons or leaders.

Favorite Settings:
Saying that I like Modern settings seemed unnecessary, but I was worried would it would say if I didn't include it. Favorite Modern scenarios include: Fraternities, Military, Crime/Underworld, Rural, and Gyms/Locker Rooms.
Any scenes with small tribes with their own set of customs, fighting over tribes for land or conquests. Battles with archaic weaponry, painting, rituals to pagan gods, taking conquests, initiating prisoners of war, etc.
Fantasy (Low Magic)
Think Dungeons and Dragons, Dragon Age, World of Warcraft. Games where the world is more simple, and magic is rare and unknown.
Fantasy (High Magic)
Examples for what I like would be things like Exalted, or the Hercules/Xena TV series. I like high power, even if it's not literally a guy in a wizard robe.
Think Walking Dead or Fallout. I especially like exploring a barter system, and what people are willing to do when social norms have already been bent.
I'm honestly not a huge fan of sci-fi stuff, but I'd never rule it out. Sci-fi military units are always fun, scientific testing of a man's virility, or people in a spaceship wasting some time.
Ancient Rome/Greece
Anything Ancient Rome/Greece works for me. Gladiators especially, but otherwise using public baths, action on the battlefield, etc.
Vikings, as they're portrayed in TV and movies, are pretty much a model of what I'm into. Aggressive, burly, berserkers that thrive on pleasure and comforts. This also lends to traditional Scottish warriors as well. I've had a huge thing for kilts lately.

Current Most Desired Kinks:
 - Alpha/Beta/Omega: I am REALLY looking for play involving this theme. There is a very wide variation in how I want to apply this, and it's difficult to go into without being too verbose, without having a 'sounding board' of somebody to bounce this off of.
 - Puppy Play: Can't get enough of this lately -- would love to see just how far/depraved this can get.
 - 'Out of my League': I've been really interested in playing relationships that are taboo simply because one person is attractive and the other isn't inherently attractive.
 - Weird Dicks: Maybe I've been looking at Bad Dragon dildos too much -- but the idea of knotted dicks, pearled dicks, dicks with flares/medial ridges have all been really appealing to me lately.
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Re: Lockepick's Plot Ideas (M/M)
« Reply #2 on: February 24, 2013, 06:02:41 pm »
What I Play:
 - I like to think I'm pretty open to what I play, but the point of this thread is to show what I am most interested in playing.

Gender: As mentioned, I prefer M/M. I'm willing to play a female if the scene requires it, and the scene is enticing enough.

Role: I prefer to be the bottom/submissive for the actual sex. Even when I'm playing a straight guy who talks about nailing bitches all the time. In the context of the actual sex, I prefer to be the bottom. I will switch as long as I get some time on the bottom, it just tends to not happen given the plot-lines I prefer. I top/dom even less. I wouldn't wait for me to top, it's more flashes of inspiration/desire for a plot line that make me want to top.

Build: I get a lot of confusion here in my tastes. I prefer a stocky/average bear/cub build. This comes mostly from the fact that it's not often I find people willing to indulge me. That being said, I am happy to play anything from femboy traps, to twinks, to burly bears/cubs. As much as I prefer a body that's 'average' with some padding, I most commonly play twinks/athletic types, and I'm happy to do so. It's about portraying what my partner is interested in, and I enjoy catering to that interest more than I'd ever get in just describing myself as a dude that I think is hot. 
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Re: Lockepick's Plot Ideas (M or F seeking M)
« Reply #3 on: February 24, 2013, 06:03:47 pm »
Full Ideas:
 - When I list 'Potential Themes,' it doesn't mean these are all necessary to the plot. If one of them is a turn off for you, but you like the rest of the idea, I'll gladly work with you to try to cut it out. Revitalizing his list after a long time, so it's pretty meager right now. See my Plot Seeds below for more starter ideas!

Traitor in Green: Potential Themes: Fantasy, Orcs/Ogres/Etc, Prostitution, 'race-play' (fantasy races, not ethnicity), Monsters
 - The Greenskins and the Allied Nations have always been at war. Greenskins, made up of orcs, goblins, ogres, and other monstrous races, have always fought to expand their borders and pillage any village silly enough to set up on their borders. In the last few years, things have escalated, and the Allied Nations are no longer willing to play defensive. One human (or elf, or dwarf, etc) has decided that perhaps the Allied Nations are wrong. They have decided to join the Greenskins, despite not being one themselves.
 - This plot here is probably one of the more long term I've listed. The plot here would follow this human (or etc) as they try to betray their own homeland for the Greenskins. Either because of some secret the human has learned; or some sort of sorcery, or just out of sheer crazed lust/admiration to the Greenskins. This would be a tale of a fantasy double agent, trying to play the Allied Nations and lead them to disaster and trying to benefit the Greenskins. Court intrigue, adventure, and forbidden sex. I could consider doing this with a system (DnD 3e/4e, Pathfinder, 13th Age, etc) if my partner was willing to be the 'DM" there.

Master in Training: Potential Themes: Generation Gap, Rough, Bon, D/s, Leather, Group Play, Public Play
 - MC, after watching YC publicly dominate another character (perhaps in a leather bar, bathhouse, or just MC spying), becomes completely enamored with YC's methods. He comes to you seeking an apprenticeship. Learning through experience, occasionally as YC's submissive, and occasionally working right along side YC to work over somebody else. In this scenario, I'd have my main character, YC's apprentice; and I'm also willing to play any number of other characters that the pair runs into. It also might be interesting for this to start as a temporary thing, and gradually become a permanent relationship: either as equals, or maybe MC learns he prefers to be YC's submissive.

Sharing Coach's Secret: Potential Themes: Generation Gap
 - MC is a jock in college (we can pick a sport later), YC is the Coach. We're both in the closet, until we run into each other at a gay bar. In my head, it starts off as the two deciding not to fuck, as it would complicate the nature of their coach/player relationship, along with threaten the Coach's job. We could play that there is a clear one-sided attraction, and eventually that breaks down the walls enough that the two explore the sexual relationship. Then from there, it's mostly trying to hide their relationship from others -- or using each other to finally come out.

Brother's Betrayal: Potential Themes: Incest, Generation Gap, Group Sex
 - The idea here is for an Uncle/Nephew relationship that is happening behind the Father's back. My first idea is that maybe MC's mother has died recently, and MC's father has become much more depressed and isolated. YC has been offering the two men comfort the best he can. In an effort to keep MC away from the depressing spiral of his father, the uncle and nephew spend a lot of time together. This gradually turns into an insatiable sexual relationship, along with the Uncle becoming a faux-father figure. Just as this really takes off, the Father begins to come around, and tries to make up for lost time in his son's life. The Uncle/Nephew continue to fuck around, trying to do so in ways that the father won't find out. Maybe eventually bringing the father into it down the road.

Accidental Incest: Potential Themes: Potential Themes: Incest, Generation Gap, Group Sex, Public Play
 - YC is MC's Father. MC is snuck into a bathhouse, or a bar. Through a glory hole, or maybe in a dark room, YC ends up fucking his own son. The two learn about their mutual tastes, and struggle with what is and isn't acceptable between them, with repeated surrenders to the temptation.

The Young Entrepreneur: Potential Themes: Incest, Generation Gap, Group Sex, Public Play, Prostitution
 - MC, the Son, has started selling videos of himself jerking off and sucking his own dick on some webcams. YC, the Father, catches him in the act one day and the two have a serious conversation. It turns out the son is actually making some pretty good cash, and the father decides he can use his own business acumen to make this go even further. First, as an increase in production value. Then adding in additional partners to fuck him. Maybe even selling his ass out on the side. This gives us some options: We can make the Son as young or old as we want; We can have the Dad finally get so pent up that he starts fucking his boy at any point (right away, or maybe it starts as just 'training' him for the camera and learning the best shots to take); and lets us control how much we want to keep the father/son relationship under wraps. We can also choose to glaze over, or go into detail, on any of these porn shoots/prostitution gigs.

Brother's Bad Influence: Potential Themes: Incest, Generation Gap, Rough, Prostitution.
 - Two brothers, latch key kids, have only each other to rely on. One of them is the typical cool bad boy, and the other wants to be just like him. The latter is eager to please his brother, willing to do whatever it takes to show him how cool he can be as well. The 'cool' one finds new uses for his brother's eager desire to please him. Could start off with them just fucking around together, gradually the 'cool' brother finding new ways to exploit his brother. Could be twins, could be a younger/older thing.
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Re: Lockepick's Plot Ideas (M seeking M)
« Reply #4 on: February 24, 2013, 06:04:06 pm »
Plot Seeds:
 - Modern/Sci-Fi: Designer Pet - Your character purchases/finds a 'pet' to serve his needs. I would love to include Alpha/Beta/Omega concepts, and the pairing could be human/human, human/anthro, or anthro/anthro. We can have the game be about a well trained pet getting put through their paces, or training a pet to be proper. How much of a class divide, or how much the pet is treated like an 'animal' is up for debate!
 - Any: Any Port in a Storm - We are both members of some all male community (oil rig, mining community, soldiers, spaceship). The crew is in need of release, and we develop some method of determining who is going to help out. It could be determined physically, by a lottery, or by him simply being the most feminine -- up for discussion. The plot from there can be about how far they bring him, and how the culture changes having him around.
 - Modern/Fantasy: Men Being Men - Playing out some stereotypically masculine culture in the past. Vikings, Scottish Warriors, Greek Soldiers... and playing them out as they live life to the fullest. Battles with enemies, friendly spars amongst them, drinking and boasting: all as foreplay.
 - Modern: Frat Initiation - A freshman that is willing to do anything to get into the local frat. Which could be a sincere brotherhood testing his devotion, or a group of cruel upper classman that never intend to let him in, but want to see what he'd do.
 - Modern: Rent - Out of luck and money, a man does whatever it takes to keep his apartment for another month.
 - Modern: Prison Life - A smaller, weaker prisoner dealing with the dog-eat-dog world in a major prisoner. Negotiating with other prisoners and/or guards.
 - Tribal: Prisoner of War - A member of an opposing tribe is caught and either converted to the conquering tribe, or just given a new purpose.
 - Tribal: Rite of Manhood - A younger male, or foreign male, is put through a rite and test of his strength and stamina. Either is supposed to include sex, or a corrupt shaman uses it as an opportunity to get laid.
 - Post-Apoc: Barter System - A well off trade caravan has goods to sell, but a group of wasteland survivors have nothing to offer in exchange for goods. The trade caravan demands a more crude payment, and a survivor has to step forward and find a new trade skill.
 - Modern: Assaulted by Red Necks - This is anything where a Red Neck, or Red Necks, find some reason to pick on another man, and eventually assault him. This is intentionally vague; it could be rape, or getting him drunk/drugged and taking advantage of him. There could be actual beatings/violence, or simply verbal taunting and teasing. We could even play up some race-play in that, if warranted. In essence: it's about the Red Neck thinking he's superior, and deciding to act on that.
 - Modern: Cuckolding - YC has some relation to MC's boyfriend, either a friend/roommate/relative. MC's boyfriend isn't giving him what he wants, and YC is exactly that. The two characters end up fucking behind MC's boyfriend's back. I'd love to keep this going with all the ways they risk getting caught, as well as toss in a dash of humiliation and 'superiority' over the boyfriend. The boyfriend could eventually find out and either just accept it, or dump MC.
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Re: Lockepick's Plot Ideas (M/M)
« Reply #5 on: March 01, 2013, 03:01:41 pm »
Currently Active One-on-One Plots:
I've decided that updating a list of my active plots is a lot of freaking work for nobody to bother reading. If you're interested in seeing some of my work to get a feel for what I do -- check my 'Posts' in my profile. I don't make any social posts -- so everything you're seeing there is RP fodder. The only thing that will break it up is an occasional post in an OOC or RTJ post.
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Re: Lockepick's Plot Ideas (M/M)
« Reply #6 on: July 22, 2016, 11:02:12 am »
03/15/2013: Added some adjustments to include my newest desire/fascination with Scots and kilts. What I'm Into: Added 'Dry Sex', 'International Men,' and 'Red Necks/Southerners.' Settings: Added 'Vikings.' Plot Seeds: Added 'Men Being Men.' Minor grammatical and wording changes. Gained new sense of pride in who I'm writing with: Added names of the writers of the plots I'm in.
03/16/2013: Have massive craving for Incest, so I finally added some Full Plot Ideas: 'Prison Life,' 'Master in Training,' 'Sharing Coach's Secret,' 'Brother's Betrayal,' 'Accidental Incest,' 'The Young Entrepreneur.'
03/18/2013: Had a scene end early and left me craving something similar! Added a Full Plot Idea: 'Brother's Bad Influence.' Some more idle cosmetic tweaks.
03/19/2013: Holy crap, got some tips/tricks from Caehlim and organized my What I'm Into section into those neat columns.
05/12/2013: Did a lot of spring cleaning on my active/inactive plots. Had some partners go silent. My cravings and tastes are still similar! Updated the fact that I'm much more free for more plot lines.
06/19/2013: Mostly just a monthly bump, but I did update some of my plot ideas, and clarify some other details to fit new tastes.
08/03/2013: Updated my current plots, removed old plots that weren't worth keeping. General monthly bump. Updated status.
08/21/2013: Added some more plots that I'm currently working on, added the plot idea "Traitor in Green." Found a single spelling of 'roughhousing' versus every plot that includes it (which is a lot) spacing/spelling it differently.
02/06/2014: Came back after an accidental RL-forced hiatus! Added some new ideas, removed links to current plots while things get re-situated.
03/04/2014: Still looking for more plots! Added a 'Cuckolding' idea.
07/10/2014: Spoiler Tags changed, and mucked up a lot of my formatting. Working on fixing my beautiful tables.
01/09/2015: Finally updated this after a long time --
Added some new Kinks
Abusive Relationships; Alpha/Beta/Omega; Gun Play; Monsters; Orientation Play; Pet/Puppy Play; Unconventional Sex Toys; Unusual Anatomy
. Fleshed out some kink descriptions. Reformatted the whole thing to make it look more organized with the new Spoiler Tags. Trimmed down my 'Full Ideas' to remove stuff that I've done or tried a couple of times.
05/13/2015: Added a 'How to Proceed' note in my first post and a 'Current Most Desired Kinks' note in my second post -- been really craving specific kinks lately that haven't been getting any hits! Added a couple of Plot Seeds as well.
07/22/2016: Just got through a period of being less active on here -- but looking to get more active again! Updated my Status to show that I'm accepting new plots. Made some other edits, such as removing my super old list of 'active' plots, and removing my 'common mistakes', since I don't really make them anymore.