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Author Topic: Neo's Dom/Sub Ideas (All Genders Welcome.) (Can play as Any Gender)  (Read 4227 times)

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Offline Neo In MatrixTopic starter

Welcome to Solo Ideas

I prefer playing as a sub/slave in these or any other RP. However, I can play dom but it'll require some persuation. :)

The Image indicates that I love playing Male Submissive to a Female/Shemale/Herm Dominant. However, I am not just limited to that. I can play female sub too.

Some Roleplay Ideas

Major Cravings

Shemale Slave: Maledom/Femdom/Shemale Dom, Bondage, BDSM, Control, Slavery, Consensual/Dub-Con and Many More.
--> MC is somewhat similar to this. Though I am open to other backstory and face-claim. A submissive at heart, she submits to YC online on a community, though none of us know each other by face. MC has bought an single room posh apartment in a newly built residence complex after saving a lot of money. Unknown to her, her online Master/Mistress (YC) also has bought a penthouse there. MC has already informed YC about shifting and YC suspects that MC is moving there. To confirm, YC orders MC to wear a specific colored bikini with the bulge visible and go to the swimming pool. And as MC does that, YC meets her there, introduces himself/herself and claims the slave.

It can be consensual or dub-con with YC collecting some blackmail material with consent and later using it to make her submit more and more. Though it won't be absolute Non-Con and rape.

Life of a Pornstar: Porn Shoots, Slice of Life, Blackmail, Gangbang, Bondage, BDSM, Control and Many More.
--> MC is a young girl (18-20 year old), in need of money due to some debts and lack of family. She reads an ad online to become an adult film actress. Looking to play Hot and Sexy, Mia Malkova as the face-claim, but open to others. She is young, sexy and hot and has a perfect body for a pornstar. She applies there and becomes a pornstar. Looking for a GM who'll play characters around her that she meets. Her studio owner, co-stars, fans, clients, people around her like her college aged roommates with whom she stays in order to save money etc.

Days of Denial: Female Dominant, Humiliatrix, Cuckolding, Femdom, Tease and Denial, Chastity, Manipulation, Humiliation, Degradation, Enslavement, Bondage, BDSM, Control and Many More.
--> A guy (MC) is a nerd and doesn't have any woman in life. Struck hard by the beauty of a woman working with her or studying with her, he asks her out for a date on valentines day (which is still 14 days away). The girl get a striking idea and accepts the offer. However, she puts him into chastity cage so that he can build up his cum reserves for 14 days before he strikes on the valentines day. The evil idea is put into motion. She takes his number, and shares it with her friends. The friends, as evil as her, contact him daily, spend time with him and humiliate, taunt, control him thoroughly, while not allowing him to cum. Being humiliated for 13 days in a row, when he reaches to her place on 14th day, 'his girlfriend' is getting ready while her friend has the key to his chastity cage. She unlocks him and teases him a bit to keep him on the edge. And when he's ready, she comes out in a sexy dress, making him erupt and cream his clothing. The cage is put back once he goes soft and the humiliated, owned, controlled guy, submits to his superior women on the day of his date and becomes their slave. I am willing to discuss this out and even change it according to the partner. Nothing is set in stone and we can make this an RP suitable to our need. The idea is inspired by this URL.
13 Days of Denial. (Can be termed as NSFW)

Dominant Hotwife: Female Dominant, Cuckolding, Femdom, Multiple Bulls, Consensual/Semi-Consensual, Humiliation, Degradation, Enslavement, Bondage, BDSM, Control, Chastity and Many More.
--> Husband (MC) is a rich businessman or at some place where he's earning good. Wife (YC) can be housewife or socialite or something like that. They're not very old. Early 30s with wife can even be in late 20s. They love each other and care for each other. But one day, wife finds out about her husband's fantasies. He has written multiple stories on femdom, female led relationship, cuckolding etc themes. Plus he has a blog where he shares pictures, stories, ideas that he finds and likes on internet. He's not cheating on her or doesn't have relationship with anyone, but this is just his fantasy that he hopes of fulfilling some day but is scared to tell his wife. But now that she has known, she decides to fulfill that. She trains with a pro-domme and/or on Internet with reading things and one day, when she's ready, she breaks the idea to her husband. He's scared that she has found out and will leave him, but when she reassures him that she found out but not leaving him and wants to try it out if he's okay. Thrilled beyond limits, he immediately says yes and relinquishes all control over his life, the household and gives her everything. He even accepts that she's willing to do it only if he agrees to do it all the way and not a trying out thing. Once she takes control, she won't give up. He agrees and is even ready to sign over everything as long as she loves him. It was a dream come true for him. And their life starts. I am willing to discuss this out and even change it according to the partner. Nothing is set in stone and we can make this an RP suitable to our need.

Bully Sorority: One or More Female Dominants, Pranks, Humiliation, Degradation, Career/Life/Complete ruining, Enslavement, Male/Female Slaves, Bondage, BDSM, Control, Chastity and Many More.
--> While there can/will be multiple dominant and submissive characters, I prefer to play this idea between 2 players instead of a group game. We both can/will be playing multiple characters in this, though at a time, there can be limited no of players. :). It's a picture story about life-altering sexual and humiliating prank war between 2 sorority of a fictional college of a fictional town. However, with me leaning towards submissive, the Idea I have is this. You play hot, sexy, dominant girls of a sorority who practically rules the college. They are untouchables due to their connections at high places in the town and in college. These girls are daughters of politicians, cops, mayor, college trustees and what not. And that makes them undisputed queens of the college. They are super hot and kinky and no one, not even teachers are spared from them. No teacher, no student, no parents are safe from them. They just capture their target, dominate them, break them and ruin them, doing whatever they want with them. An honest cop went undercover and joined the sorority to get inside information and break the girls from inside, but well I wish to play different male/female/shemale victims of the sorority while you play the sorority girls.

House of Cards: Female Submissive, Manipulation, Semi-Consensual, Bondage, BDSM, Control, Male/Female Dom and Many Other :)
--> This plot is inspired by the series House of Cards and triggered by a plot of SlipperySue. You don't need to know the series to play this. Just the plot is partially inspired and Characters are our own. While a House of Cards was a highly political drama, This is a highly sexual and smut filled semi-consensual Dom-sub plot with lot of one-sided power-play with political background.

Your Character (YC from now) is an extremely manipulative, ruthless, ambitious, cunning political mastermind. You can play a male or female. While you don't want to be a face (as in, don't want to be President/Prime Minister), you still want to run things and be in control. Basically you're a king-maker, power-broker kind of character who wants to keep things under his/her control and run them from behind the scenes like a puppeteer without holding any position of power officially. The party you support is in opposition currently and it heavily lies on you to bring them to power and you're looking for someone gullible but ambitious enough to use to bring your opponents down.

That's where My Character (MC from now) comes into picture. She is an ambitious rookie political journalist who is in the field since a year only and want to be a big name. Meeting YC in a social event, your eyes shine when you see her. She is exactly what you seek or rather more than that. ambitious enough to be gullible and can be trapped. Pleasing to the eyes and good at body. One of the major fetishes of YC is dominance, bdsm, control, helplessness (and many more can be added). And you are dominant in this area, just like you are in political arena. You like to be in control of the situation at all times. Fixing a meeting with MC, you meet her in a hotel room and a deal is finalized. YC will give her stories, scoops and all that will help her in becoming the best in the business while she will in return be his plaything, bitch, toy. She doesn't like it much but this was a chance of a lifetime and she knew how powerful he/she was. He/She could ruin her if he/she wants but here she was being given a chance. She knew that sex was normal practice in politics and somewhere her body was going to be used. Why not to do it to grow! She accepts the deal and their relationship starts. She writes what he/she wants, when he/she wants. He/She can even make her leave her job and become a freelance reporter so that he can control the timings of printing and there is no burden over her. She's given a new alias in the reporting arena so that no one can link her to that. She is the writer and YC edits it to suit to YC's political needs.

What I am looking for here is to play the female ambitious and gullible journalist who is trapped in the political web by YC. YC uses her for his/her own gains and uses her body as well. He/she gives her gifts but uses her body to his/her whim and fulfill his/her fetishes. He/she can get sex anywhere but here, MC is YC's submissive plaything who is a way to fulfill YC's darker, hidden fetishes. Slowly, MC's body starts enjoying the attention. It was never non-con but rather semi-consensual where she was losing the freedom but gaining big name in business with her alias. This is just a basic idea and I would love to discuss more on this. Feel free to PM me.

Cucky Nerd: Female Dominant, Cuckold, Dominant Group, Humiliation, Control, Possible Blackmail.
-> A hot femdom cuckold humiliation play. I can play the cuckboy or cuckoldrix humiliatrix bitch. A rich virgin college nerd who is always subjected to fun due to his nerdyness and no girlfriends or girls around. And in the frustration of the same, he ends up asking for a date to the hottest girl and cheerleader in college and well, she, the humiliatrix devil takes things for her own advantage at the expense of the nerd as the nerd ends up subjected to her manipulation, humiliation, abuse, and ends up serving her (and her lovers and friends) as the servent/maid and ATM.

Mature Neighborhood Domme: Control, Femdom, Training, Bondage, Humiliation, Degradation, Abuse (Mental/Verbal), Cuckold, Orgasm Control/Denial
->The characters are a hottie Neighbourhood Mature Woman who is single (Divorced/Widow/Single) and a nerd guy. She seduces him, her neighbour's son. He's a nerd with no girlfriends and no knowledge about sex. The guy has no woman in his life. Not even his mother as she died when he was very young. His father is a businessman and he's at office, working overtime and even goes outside for short/long terms. The neighbor makes him her pet and teach him her own version of perverted sex so that she gets the pleasure she wants while he is not fit for normal relationships forever and she gets him whenever she wants. As he spends time alone and his father doesn't have much time for him, she gets plenty of time to mould him the way she wants. She can mould him into a pervert and make him see nothing as clean/normal any more. He'll be her pet and will do whatever he can do to please her as she's the only female and controlling figure in his life. Her tease, her allure, her command controls his life. A lot of stuff can be included like cuckolding, bondage, chastity etc. If you want, she could force him to watch her being taken by other guys, so much better then him, screwing her and even making him serve them while he can't cum at all or cums at her/their wish. If you want, she can keep him in chastity always when he is not with her. And he has to please her very hard to get out of chastity belt and to cum. She may let him out sometimes when he is with her, but still orgasm can be a luxury. And many times, it will be a ruined orgasm. So even if he is with her, he might not get full pleasure but well, he's in training to provide pleasure to females/superiors while ignoring himself. She can tease him mad. Slowly, it can be the case that he is owned by her. He cannot do a single stuff without asking her. What He wears, when he visit bathroom, everything can be decided by her. How much control and stuff to be included, it can be discussed and decided.

Secretary Plaything-Slave: Control, Femdom/Maledom, Training, Bondage, Humiliation, Degradation, Abuse (Mental/Verbal), Cuckquean, Orgasm Control/Denial
--> Boss has a hot new secretary in office. Within a month they get into physical relationship. However, Boss comes to know about her submissive side from her behavior (Or any other way). And from there, She lose the equal status and respect in his/her eyes. She becomes a slut, a plaything, a slave, a bitch for him/her and he/she uses her as he/she sees fit. It's him/her that will decide even the smallest things in her life. She, being the submissive and the slut, will do everything he/she wants willingly. Every dominant act of him/her on her, every part of life where She's powerless makes her wet and makes her submit more and more to him/her. She is owned by him/her, totally. She cannot do a single stuff without asking him/her. What she wears, when she visits bathroom, everything is decided by him/her. (What I mean to say, her decisions are taken by the boss. She can ask though. I'll leave it to you how much he/she controls her). It can be added like boss has habit of having physical relationship with multiple people. And boss makes the slut secretary manage that. Secretary can be dominated while boss is with sex-buddies and boss and all his/her sex-buddies are dominant to her. (They all can be NPC). Boss plays with her while she's working or managing his affairs. Like while he/she makes her call one of his/her friends/business partner, he/she's finger fucking her or fucking her. Boss is not at all hesitant in showing control over his/her secretary. Everyone in office and in vanilla world can think of them having affair with the boss calling the shots, but well, reality is different. She's just a plaything for him/her. (Everything is not required. We can discuss what all to include).

Gangbang: No specific idea here. Anything in gangbang works. Con/Non-Con, Interracial/Non-Interracial. Gangbang by Males/Females/Shemales/Herms anything is fine.
--> Long term preferred but short term is also fine. By no means the complete and only list of ideas, here are some reference links. :). I'd want to play the gangbang victim.

Hooker's Plaything: Control, Femdom, Training, Bondage, Humiliation, Degradation, Abuse (Mental/Verbal), Cuckold, Orgasm Control/Denial, FinDom
--> A very rich guy visits a hot, sexy escort, and well falls for her due to her charms and her ability to play with him. Him being naturally submissive, she can easily wrap him around her pinky while controlling his cock and mind through his cock. His parents died in a car-crash and that has made him lonely and slowly after a couple of months, to recover from that shock, he went to her and that's when they met for the first time. She takes advantage of his emotional and mental termoil and makes him addicted to her. His parents had left enough investment for him to last multiple lifetimes without working for a single day. And that gives her an idea to own everything. He keeps on visiting her as he loves her company while she uses her allure and charms to make him totally dependent on her for pleasure and sex. One day, when She is sure that he's totally into her and will give me everything she wants including his life if she wants, She calls him and introduces him to the world of BDSM and Kinky stuff. A whole weekend of tease and denial along with her promise to marry him if he signs away his freedom and all money to her makes him submit and well, he becomes her cuck-slut-bitch-plaything-toy-slave while she owns everything including him and lives a royal life with her toy.

Picture Inspired Cravings.

Any RP based on these pictures (where I play the sub/slave, though can be convinced to play the dom).

Not Major Cravings but still interested in playing.

Rich Slave Couple: Female Dominant, Strapon, Possible Cuckold, Possible Cuckquean, Humiliation, Control, Possible Nonconsensual.
-> A couple goes to a Professional Domme to find a spark in their life. The husband is may be a very rich businessman, but he is naturally submissive. Being the boss in office, he's acting his position there. But he expects his wife to take control at home and fulfill his submissive fantasy. Unfortunately, his wife, married to him for 5 years is also submissive naturally and their sex-life is dull due to that. But both are very understanding and love each other and so, they decide to involve a third person, a professional dominatrix who can be the dominant figure in their lives and control them. They search online and find one, and contact her for may be a weekend long session.  Now it depends on preference of consensual or non-con play. If consensual, by the end of the weekend, they are so much thrilled that they enroll as your slaves for life/long term. And if you want non-con, well, they are kept beyond their limits of the time, broken and forced to enroll as slaves for life and Mistress takes over everything they own while the husband still has to work in office to earn for Mistress.

Nympho's Bitch-Boi: Female Dominant, Nymphomaniac, Absolute sexual and other types of control, Chastity, Enslavement, Corruption.
--> You're a nymphomaniac who is a mature woman but sex-appetite of a whole city. :). No guy that you wanted to fuck had ever escaped your charm and never been able to resist you. You've so much stamina for sex that even after fucking 3-4 guys together, they'd be exhausted but you'd be wanting more. Your Gym trainer has practically got six-packs fucking you. Your doctor prays for the day when you visit him for your routine checkup. He's sore for a couple of days after your visit.

A family-less student comes into the city after getting a scholarship for studies and finding a place to stay. Not having much money, he sees an ad from you for cheap but luxurious accommodation. He meets you and well, after he fails to save himself from your charms, he signs the contract that practically gives himself and his right to have sex to you. He'll be used, controlled and kept in chastity so that he cannot use his cock anywhere without your permission. He'll get sex but well, with you and he'll not want it with anyone else as no one can give him pleasure like you. He'll be your pet-slave for as long as you want.

Housewife Corrupted: Group Dominant, Cheating, Blackmail, Non-Consensual to Consensual, Gang bang, Enslavement, Control
--> A happy looking couple gets new neighbors when the next door house is bought by a guy who is staying with friends. They saw the wife. And they had their eyes on her. To make her their bitch, their slave. They kept an eye on her and one of the guys enrolled in the gym she was going.. Husband is a busy man and may be he can be staying out of state/country for business purpose for long time. The guy using his charms and physique, seduced the wife there.. and they had sex in the gym steam room... Poor wife never had that much satisfying sex before and she was hooked into it. One day, after her husband goes, she gets a phone call from him to check her mailbox outside.. the pics of steam room are inside it.. He asks her to come to his place in a specific clothes.. Not too revealing but hot. Once she reaches there she's greeted by the group and blackmailed by them. She's given the conditions for the relationship that she has to keep with them. The condition effectively puts her in position of their slave/plaything/bitch/slut/toy. She might be reluctant a bit and whine but well, she can realize later that this is what she is and this is what she deserves. It was these guys and not her husband that gave her what she craved. The group can be made up of all males or males+females.

Discarded Ideas (Not Preferred but still can be played if someone is genuinely interested in them).

Virtual Reality Game: VR, DM/GM, BDSM, Bondage, Consensual, Non-Consensual, Different Ideas, Long Term and many more.
->Two Friends (BF-GF or Girlfriends) are interested in Dom-Sub lifestyle but afraid it practice in real life. One of them is of Dominant Nature while the other is Submissive or they both can be switch. Their dream of living the lifestyle come true as some BDSM Site (like creates a Virtual Reality Game where players can play scenes similar to the scenes provided in their sites plus a lot many other combinations according to players needs and requirements and configuration.

->Details of the VR Game: The product was a special Virtual Reality Kit which consisted of a soft thin head cover which had contact probes for forehead, neck to communicate with brain, some probes for other sensitive areas of body, 2 small dildos with sensors for pussy and ass. It always came in pairs for dom/sub roles and once received, the player had to fill up an on-line form through the login which they created when they paid through it. It contained the kinks, way of playing, characters, genders, species they can play and a lot of other stuff, like what type of pairings they want in the play.. (like, Gay with males is not okay.. though forced-bi on male with help of female is fine). Basically it was similar to Matrix where it takes you inside a virtual world. Though it was a lot of information, it was allowed to change the details later on. Basically everything was like once you create the profile, you can change it whenever you want and modify the plays you were doing. It had an alarm feature where if the player has to stop the game at specific point of time they system will wake him/her up and he/she can do rest of the work. While playing, he/she gets rest like sleeping and so it was possible to keep the game on for whole night. The game had a 'pause' feature so that it was possible to continue the game where it was left off if players want. With all this stuff, when they enter the game and are put to a scene, the scene feels and becomes absolutely real, like suppose it's interrogation play, the victim actually knows something that the dom wants to know. So it's like combination of small/medium/long term RP in a mega RP. It will be great if when the person enters the VR World, the looks and everything about the person changes in different games.

More and more ideas will be added.
I am open to other ideas or change in this ideas as well. Please feel free to suggest.
Any ideas with multiple/gang dominants can be played by a single person or multiple :).
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Re: Neo's Dom/Sub Ideas (All Genders Welcome.) (Can play as Any Gender)
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2015, 09:09:18 PM »

Any Link here can contain NSFW Pics

Currently Ongoing RPs
One on One RPs

Group RPs

RPs that are Paused or Stopped

One on One RPs

Group RPs
001. Suite Affairs (My Character - Susan Jones)

002. Home Invasion (My Character - Christy Jones)

003. The Tower (My Character - Priya Chopra)

004. Matthews Royal Ranch (My Character - Jacob Black)

005. The Searing Pact (Witches and their Fiends) (My Character - Isis - The Payne Witch (Element of Blood))

006. Saint Catherine's School for S.L.U.T.S. (My Character - Megan Black)

007. Mind Control University (My Character - Mia Black (A Wannabe Human Hypnotist))

008. Shady View Production (My Character - Mandy Kitten aka Mia Denvers)

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Offline Neo In MatrixTopic starter

Any Link here can contain NSFW Pics
Header for Different RPs (For My Reference. :) )

Home Invasion (Group)
Code: [Select]
[floatleft][img height=200 padding=5][/img][/floatleft]
[b]Name:[/b] Christy Jones
[b]Role:[/b] Intruder
[b]Age:[/b] 27
[b]Orientation:[/b] Bisexual
[b]Face Claim:[/b] Alexa Bliss
[b]Ons and Offs:[/b] [spoiler=Click Here]
YES: Humiliation, Degradation, Abuse, Sick Twisted Games, Bondage/BDSM, Collars, Little Cosplay Items, Body Writing, Tattoos, Piercings, Ruining others physically and mentally, Gags, Anal, Sexual toys (all types), Sexual Juices and Sweat (subjecting others to), Drugs
NO: Scat, Watersports, Blood, Bone Breaking, Amputation, Extreme Pain, Death

[b]Other Pics:[/b] [spoiler=Click Here for Links]
[b]Wearing:[/b] (With Canvas Shoes and Ankle Socks)

Slave Mother (with PixelDust)
Face Claim : Jana Miartusova (Nella)
Code: [Select]
[floatleft][img height=150 padding=10][/img][/floatleft]

Matthews Royal Ranch (Group)
Code: [Select]
[floatright][img width=300 padding=15][/img][/floatright]
[b]Character:Jacob Black[/b]
[b]Occupation:[/b] Stud
[b]Time:[/b] Pre-lunch, August 21
[b]Location:[/b] Barn
[b]Tagging:[/b] Virgin, Devi, Other Studs and Guests
[b]Content Warning:[/b] Some Lewd Thoughts about the guests and especially Devi

The Searing Pact (Group)
Code: [Select]
[floatleft][img height=300 padding=15][/img][/floatleft]
[b]Name + Role title:[/b] <a href="">Isis - The Payne Witch (Element of Blood)</a>
[b]Time:[/b] The day (Beginning); The Ritual
[b]Tag:[/b] Everyone in the Coven
[b]Content:[/b] None
[b]Wearing:[/b] [url=]This[/url]

The Tower (Group)
Code: [Select]
[center][img height=300][/img][/center]
[center][b]Name:[/b] [color=green]Priya Chopra[/color] || [b]Location:[/b] [color=green]Her studio (No 10) & then Corridor[/color] || [b]Date & Time:[/b] [color=green]Day 01, unknown[/color] || [b]Feeling:[/b] [color=green]Confusion[/color] || [b]Tagging:[/b] [color=green]None[/color][/center]

Saint Catherine's School for S.L.U.T.S. (Group)
Code: [Select]
[floatright][img height=300 padding=15][/img][/floatright]
[b]Name:[/b] Megan Black
[b]Location:[/b] At Ms. Andrea Voss' Home
[b]Tagging:[/b] Ms. Andrea Voss
[b]Mentioned:[/b] None
[b]Content Warning:[/b] None
[b]Date and Time:[/b] Friday Night. 8.05 PM, After 2 weeks of the school started.
[b]Wearing:[/b] [spoiler=This without the heels][img height=300][/img][/spoiler]

Mind Control University (Group)
Code: [Select]
[floatleft][img width=300 padding=8][/img][/floatleft]
[glow=maroon,2,300][b]Name:[/b][/glow] [url=]Mia Black[/url]
[glow=maroon,2,300][b]Location:[/b][/glow] Auditorium
[glow=maroon,2,300][b]Status:[/b][/glow] Normal
[glow=maroon,2,300][b]Action:[/b][/glow] Listening and Looking Around
[glow=maroon,2,300][b]Tagging:[/b][/glow] All | Open
[glow=maroon,2,300][b]Wearing:[/b][/glow] [url=]This[/url]
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Re: Neo's Dom/Sub Ideas (All Genders Welcome.) (Can play as Any Gender)
« Reply #3 on: July 24, 2017, 10:02:05 PM »
Any Link here can contain NSFW Pics
Character Sheets (For My Reference. :) )

001. Queen of Shadows (RP Link)
Charlys (Out of Favor Advisor of Golan)
Face Claim: Sean Bean
Name: Charlys
Country: Golan
Job/Position: Adviser of Golan
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 85 kgs
Orientation: Straight
Family: None
Nationality: Golanian
Ethnicity: Unknown
Powers: None
Weaknesses: Insecurity due to being out of favor.
Personality: Strong and confident on the outside but somewhat insecure inside. He is a moderate fighter but a great strategist. Having earned the respect of his previous king, he had gained a lot of confidence but the current king doesn't favor him much, which has reduced his confidence considerably as he's not all powerful. But he's resolved to get it back.
History: He joined the Golan King's court at young age of 28 and his ideas and suggestions with his attitude to say the right thing at the right time had impressed the King who made him the chief advisor within 5 years. During his tenure as an adviser and chief adviser, Golan made considerable progress and became even more technically advanced nation. However, the things went downward for him when the king died due to age and illness and the crown prince took the crown. Within 6 months he was demoted and the new King's favorite adviser took his place. Charlys' nature of telling the fact on face and not bowing down to anyone was not well liked by the King and so he had put his own man who'd obey him. However, Charlys knew how good he was and he was determined to get his job back and show the new King that the new guy wasn't his replacement at all.
Prince Balian(Youngest Prince of Prisma. Not given enough attention due to him being youngest)
Face Claim: Orlando Bloom
Name: Prince Balian
Country: Prisma
Job/Position: Youngest Prince of Prisma
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 70 kgs
Orientation: Straight
Family: Father (King of Prisma), Mother (Queen), 2 Elder Brothers (Oldest being Crown Prince and the other being trained to be diplomat and Political Adviser), 1 Sister
Nationality: Prisma
Ethnicity: Unknown
Powers: None
Weaknesses: Insecurity due to being the youngest and will to do anything at any cost to prove his worth.
Personality: Charming. He is good at teasing women and charming them. Having been with multiple women and many times at the same time. Being a prince has it's advantages. However He has a strong desire to prove himself to his brothers and father and wants to get an important role in the King's court. However due to his womeniser nature, he's mostly ignored and hence he feels slightly insecure about his future and eager to grab any chance to prove himself.
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Re: Neo's Dom/Sub Ideas (All Genders Welcome.) (Can play as Any Gender)
« Reply #4 on: July 24, 2017, 10:02:13 PM »
-- Reserved --

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Re: Neo's Dom/Sub Ideas (All Genders Welcome.) (Can play as Any Gender)
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Re: Neo's Dom/Sub Ideas (All Genders Welcome.) (Can play as Any Gender)
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Update History
  • 17/03/2017: Moved the VR idea to Discarded Ideas
  • 17/03/2017: Separated Male/Couple Submissive Ideas and Female Submissive ideas
  • 25/07/2017: Update History Created
  • 25/07/2017: Marked ideas as 'Not Craving'
  • 25/07/2017: Added 'House of Cards' Idea under 'Female Submissives' as Major Craving
  • 01/12/2017: Changed Layout of the main ad post to some extent.
  • 01/12/2017: Added 'Bully Sorority' Idea.
  • 09/01/2018: Added 'Dominant Hotwife' Idea on top.
  • 09/02/2018: Added 'Days of Denial' Idea on top.
  • 14/02/2018: Added 'Life of a Pornstar' Idea on top.
  • 04/03/2018: Added 'Shemale Slave' Idea on top.
  • 10/03/2018: Added 'Picture Inspired Cravings' Below 'Major Cravings Section'.
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Re: Neo's Dom/Sub Ideas (All Genders Welcome.) (Can play as Any Gender)
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Added 'Picture Inspired Cravings' Below 'Major Cravings Section'