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Author Topic: A Long Night Out: A Dresdenverse Character Proposal (Closed)  (Read 6485 times)

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Offline SephoraTopic starter

The idea of the game is to start as a group within the supernatural, weird, and magical community inside of the infamous Dresdenverse.   This will NOT be a First Come, First Served opportunity, and you should expect and be prepared to undergo a character vetting process where there will be creative critique from just about everyone.  Why would we do this?  The plan is for this game to be a long-term and well written story.  By creating a vetting process, we can be that much closer to insuring that the players in this game will be writers who value the quality of the characters in the game as well as mature, respectful, and creative writing.

Notes on Character creation:

1) all the characters know each other, at least in passing.  As this isn't going to be a completely sandbox game, and I will be throwing plot at you lot at random intervals, this just makes things a bit easier for me. Consider it a means of forcing everyone to work together creatively from the get-go.  I will permit exceptions if it's crucial for your character to be clueless (I.E A true mortal who has only just discovered that the supernatural exists) but that will be the exception, not the rule.  Unless you are making more than one character, don't start worrying about these connections until after you are approved. 

2.  You are limited to these character templates:

Pure Mortal
Hello there you gorgeous human you! It would be easy to tell you that there is nothing special about you, because there is nothing inherently magical about you.  This is only half true.  You may not be magical, but you can bet your ass that you are special.  Fun fact about the supernatural world: Sometimes guns are more effective than spells.  Sometimes a charming personality is more valuable than all the wards in the world.  You are a normal person thrown into an abnormal situation, let's prove those magical mad men that you can handle yourself! 

Champion of God
So in any other situation, you'd be reading the short blurb above this one.  Luckily for you, you've been chosen by the Almighty themselves to fight off the forces of evil.  Your faith is as powerful as a grenade, and you know it.  The idea of grey morality is nonsense to you.  There is good and there is evil.  Dark and light.  The world exists in black and white, and you are the guiding force to the side of the righteous.  Compromise is for the unholy, and you are chosen.

So, a fae and a true human walk into a bar. AND YOU ARE THE RESULT!  Ha. Your parents had unprotected sex.  And one of them wasn't human!  This leaves you in a very peculiar predicament.  You live on the edge of reason: human and fae.  Every time you use your powers, it means you are that much closer to the tipping point.  On a different note, being half fae DOES mean you get some pretty kickass powers.  Though it also gives you some disadvantages as well (even discounting the whole 'I could lose my humanity any day now' thing).  Maybe iron is a real bitch for you.  Maybe you are incapable of lying.  Either way, there are some days that all the powers in the universe don't make up for the bullshit.

Emissary of Power
You should really be reading the blurb at the top.  I am so sorry that you aren't.  Emissary's of power are in over their heads.  They are mortals who have suddenly found themselves -for whatever reason- tied to one of the biggies in the Supernatural world.  You made a pact with some super powered being with dubious morality, and now you are paying the price.  You CAN tap into the power of your 'patron' (usually with some kind of token item) but it comes with a huge and painful cost.  You are at the mercy of your patron.  You do their bidding, whatever that bididng might be, and you get zero say in the matter.  You traded your freedom for power.  Let's hope it was worth it.

Focused Practitioner
Hey there Professor Expert!  In the world of magic, there are a lot of people out there who try out everything and never stop.  Not you!  You found something you love to do, and you became the best at it.  You specialize in something.  Maybe its alchemy: no one can make a potion like you can!  Maybe it's pyromancy: no one can kick up a fire quite like yours.  Go ahead, add a mancy to the end of something: That's what you rock at.  And only it.  That's the catch.  In your innate ability or extreme study in this one particular subject, you kind of find yourself...incapable of doing much of anything else.  In a world like this one, it's a pretty damn big disadvantage.

Knight of a Fairie Court

Damn stereotypes.  Everyone who doesn't know anything assume's that just because you are a lycanthrope, you turn into a wolf.  Which is SO not true.  You don't turn your body into a wolf, you turn your brain into a beast.  Your powers only show up five days out of the month (thank the moon for that) but when they do show up, people better be damn sure to watch out.  Sure, you've got one hell of a temper, but with strength like yours...what's the harm in starting a fight every now and then?

Minor Talent
Whelp, you could have been reading the blurb at the top..but you can't exactly help a talent like yours, now can you?  Maybe it's in your bloodline, maybe you were exposed to the wrong thing at the right time...whatever it was that did it, you are now officially a member of the supernatural community.  Maybe you can blend in with the shadows, or can predict the future.  Whatever it is, it's probably all you'll ever have in terms of magical ability.  A lot of people might consider you a one trick pony because...well, you really do only have one magical trick up your sleeve.  Haters gunna hate.  You've managed well enough so far with your one trick, you know you have what it takes to survive in a world like this one. 

Red Court Infected
Well, you've got shit luck.  A Red Court Vampire, nasty awful thing, bit you.  It's only a matter of time until you become one of them.  All it takes is one kill.  One dead person, and you've sealed your fate.  Luckily, it hasn't happened yet.  Still, you know it's only a matter of time before the hunger becomes too much for you.  So with some rock solid will power and a hell of a lot of dedication, you are doing everything in your power to delay the inevitable.  In the mean time, there are some pretty kickass side effects.  You are strong, you are fast, you are also have addictive saliva (try not to think about that).  Sure, holy water is a bit of a bitch, and you've recently been more of a night owl...but there are some bright sides to your suffering. 

So you don't have the blood of a Wizard, BFD.  You probably self-taught yourself some magic, and got pretty good at it.  You either are known by the White Council and obey the laws, or hide yourself from them like they're your debt collectors.  You run the risk of sliding down the slippery slope to black magic, which means you aren't too much fun at parties.  But who cares?  Being separate from the White Council means that sometimes you get the opportunity do some things that Wizards just can't or won't. Of course, doing said can't or won't thing means spending the rest of your time ducking White Council wardens. 

True Believer
A champion of the Almighty who hasn't actually been chosen by the Almighty.  Your belief pauses the forces of darkness, because there is power in it.  The strength of your conviction is a sight to behold, and you can use it like other's use magic and weapons.  These days, people like you are pretty rare.  Remember: that just makes you more valuable. 

You are the cause of lycanthrope's anguish.  You can shapeshift into a different form, an animal form.  You'll typically see wolves, but there is no reason why you can't be a were-kitty, a were-robin, or a were-mouse.  You can change form like other people change clothes, and with that ability comes all the kickass traits of your other side.  Have you ruined some perfectly good pants before?  Probably.  But come on, what would you rather have: Expensive pants or claws?

White Court Vampire
You are the closest thing to human the vampire court's have and you got there thanks to your bloodline.  White Court vampires aren't made, they are born.  So know your fact, know everyone's house.   There will be a pop quiz on it when you least expect.  You feed on the emotions of your victims rather than suck their blood. Congrats for that. A lot of your kind are good at manipulation, and considering the only way you can eat is by driving someone up the emotional ladder; I wouldn't be surprised if it was a quality you pride yourself in.  Be careful though, if you aren't you can drain your victims dry: I.E death.  Still, there are worse things in life than having to find someone to give an orgasm to every night.  Now, just because you don't suck blood doesn't mean there aren't some serious downsides to the whole vampire thing.  Being touched by true love burns like hell, and displays of true faith are just plain icky. 

White Court Virgin
As I said earlier, White Court Vampires aren't made, they are born.  Look who the gene pool lottery! So bright side, you aren't a White Court Vampire yet.  Downside, the moment you kill someone for the first time you use your powers you will be.  There is a good chance you don't even know you are a White Court Virgin.  Your family might have kept you in the dark on purpose (vampires can be dicks like that).  You do have some abilities, but they are mostly of the toned down variety.  You've got a better shot at using them if you actually know what you are.  Good news to all this!  There is a possible cure.  If you have true, undoubtable, impossible-to-ignore love with another--and that love is returned, then you can officially consider your curse broken.  Good luck with that.  I suggest speed dating.

No Harry Potter references please, this is serious business.  Unlike the sorcerer, you've got magic in your blood.  You belong to an ancient line of magic users, and there is power in your family history. Given enough time and research, wizards can go above and beyond the norm in terms of magical capability.  But just like everything else, this isn't all sunshine and rainbows.  Power is constantly tempting you, practically begging you to go dark, to break one of the seven laws, to do something....big.  You have to fight that temptation with everything you have, because once you pass that point, it's only a matter of time before the White Council finds you and takes your head. 

3. If you do choose a character with magic, be prepared for me to roll a d20 every time you use something technological.  Technology and magic don't mix, and there is a very good chance that the gun you are using, the car you are driving, or the tv you are watching will go on strike when you need it most.

4.  This is going to be a free-form game, but I will be including random dice rolls at random intervals.  Consider them as fate deciding whether or not to screw your character over. Feeling lucky? 


Known name, real name: (What people call you, as well as your full name that people can conjure you with

TYPE: (See above area)

JOB:  How does your character earn the big bucks?

AGE: (18+ no exceptions)

SEX: (Male, Female or Other (Are you a hive mind?  An asexual sponge?) )

APPEARANCE: (picture of any type and/or written description)

ORIENTATION: (Gay, Straight, Bi, Pan-sexual, asexual)

FLAW: (The more powerful your character is, the more of these/the bigger this has to be.  Also, try and turn it into a rp hook!  Things that can get other people involved with your character or things to help the story.)



REPUTATION:  (What are you known for/as?)

6.  Writing prompts!  Choose two of the three.
        1. Your character had a one night stand.  Do a write up on the morning after.
        2.  Your character finds themselves experiencing prolonged eye contact with a side dish of soulgazing.  How does it happen, and what happens afterwards?
        3.  Your character has just been handled a bill that they suddenly realize they can't pay.  What do they do? 

Example Character:

Known name, real name: Amelia Windhaven,  Amelia Fortuna Windhaven

TYPE: Changeling

JOB: Bar owner.

AGE: 27

SEX: Female

APPEARANCE:   The first thing people tend to notice about Amelia is her hair.  The dark red color is kind of hard to miss.  When she has enough time on her hands to take care of herself, it will usually be well brushed and shiny, but more often than not it will be messily shoved inside of a bun or ponytail; unwashed and neglected.  Her eyes were a pretty shade of green, and when they weren't reflecting her exhaustion, could actually be rather bright.  She had a round face, and when she looked in the mirror she found it to be rather symmetrical in nature.  Her body is rather slender, and her height fairly average at 5, 6".  In fact, the total normal nature of her overall attractiveness is better proof than anything else that Amelia isn't using glamour on her appearance. 


FLAW: She is a bit in over her head when it comes to keeping her business afloat. She's worked for her father at the bar for a good chunk of her life, and she'd always assumed that one day the place would be hers...but not this soon.  Amelia can let her work overwhelm her, and that stress bleeds into other areas of her life.  She can get so caught up in keeping her business alive, that she'll ignore just about everything else.  It's led to problems in the past.  It doesn't help matters that she is trying to run a bar when technology has always been iffy with her.  Try negotiating prices with a distributer when the line keeps breaking up.  As previously mentioned, Amelia is something of a soft touch.  Her own history with the supernatural has made her sensitive to the needs of her community.  A sad enough story is virtually guaranteed to garner her sympathy, if not her aid.

Additionally, Amelia is no fighter.  She spends the majority of her time working at the bar, the rest of her time trying to deal with the more mystical aspects of her nature; when exactly is she supposed to hit the gym?  It's not exactly hard to take her down in a fist fight. 

BIOGRAPHY:  Amelia Windhaven is the current owner of Windhaven's Last call, as well as living proof that changeling's don't HAVE to surrender their humanity in order to be succesful.  Windhaven's last call has been around for years, and it's been in the Windhaven family for just as long.  Amelia's great-grandfather began the bar and it's been handed down every generation ever since.  Two year's ago, Amelia's Father died under less than normal circumstances, leaving the young woman the bar.  While there were some incidents where things didn't turn out perfectly (an exploding karaoke machine, a murder taking place in the back) things have settled and the otherworldy residents of the city can sleep calmly knowing that their favored drinking hole isn't going anywhere. 

Amelia's own life has always been pretty straightforward.  Her Mother was a summer court fae, and her Father was a normal person who just happened to run a bar that was popular with the magical crowd.  Nine months after an awkward one night stand, Mr. Windhaven found himself to be a single Dad.  Amelia is 'lucky' enough to have met her Mother before.  A strange woman who bounced back and forth from extreme somberness to extreme agitation seemingly at random.  It was hardly the bonding moment a young girl dreams of.  After her Father died, her Mother arrived, assuming that now that Amelia's only living relative was gone she'd be prepared to become a true fae and join the summer court.  That wasn't what happened. 

Amelia treats Windhaven's Last Call as her own personal last stand.  It's success is her success.  The magical and the mundane don't have to exist separately, which means she can continue to exist as a changeling without surrendering any part of herself.   This inner battle makes her sensitive to the plight of her customers, many of whom have their own inner demons to keep at bay.  She's a bit of a soft touch, and she's been known to hide a runaway here and there, or extend a tab when necessary. 

Abilities: She can glamour with the best of them.  Illusions and veils being a real trick of the trade.  She can feel inside of herself that if she really wanted to,  she could draw on the power of the summer court, and use some seelie magic.  She's had nightmares about whose attention that might draw, and what it would do to her.  She'll stick to her illusions, thanks.  Beyond that, Amelia is a smart cookie.  Working at a bar teaches you a thing or two about people.  She's seen all kinds walk through the doors of Windhaven's Last Call, it's become quite difficult to get one up over her. 
REPUTATION:  Owner of Windhaven's Last Call, the supernatural community's go-to place to drink away the trauma.  She inherited the bar two years ago. She's doing surprisingly well. 
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Offline SephoraTopic starter

More on Powers:

soulgazing, or why you should stop looking people in the eye

Evocation and you

Thaumaturgy; Magic for the common man

On Locations:

This game takes place in modern day Seattle! 

Windhaven's Last Call

Usually warmly shortened to 'Windhaven's' or roughly lengthened to, 'Oh my God.  What the fuck did I drink at Windhaven's last night?', Windhaven's Last Call is a historical landmark for Seattle's supernatural society.  It was granted Neutral Accord status two years after it first opened, to the slight horror of it's completely mortal owner.  Cornelius Windhaven begrudgingly served the Supernatural community their booze for fourty years before retiring and handing over the business to his son.  William Windhaven was much happier to serve the supernatural community.  For thirty years, the Windhaven ran smooth as heavily warded and slightly burnt silk.  With his death two years ago, the Windhaven has a new -non true mortal- owner.  Still, seemingly regardless of ownership, Windhaven's Last Call has yet to call it a night.  From the horrifying Karaoke machine fire of 2002, to St. Patty's day 1978, Windhaven's has survived hell, and it's clear to all it's regulars that it will be there for them whenever a safe 'haven' is required. 

As an official Neutral Accord location, it is forbidden to fight or start conflict on the premises.  Any fight must be taken outside.  Windhaven's Last Call can proudly claim to have zero incidents regarding the Accord (excluding St. Patrick's day 1978). 

There is a main bar area surrounded by chairs, a scattering of tables, some booths along the far wall, and zero forms of technology from a time period after 1949.  There is an old player piano in the corner, but it is missing three keys and has been out of tune for the past thirteen years. 

William Windhaven

The previous owner of Windhaven's Last Call, and recently deceased as of two years ago; William Windhaven was a normal man who inherited an abnormal bar.  He took to it like a fish to water.  William enjoyed the supernatural residence who frequented his establishment, and hardly had an issue with the fact that he couldn't hook up a television of juke box in the bar.  He had a tendency to appear perpetually amused with whatever was going on, and had the magic touch when it came to turning a crisis into a calm moment.  A one night stand with a gorgeous summer court fae had him stumbling into single fatherhood.  He never saw the fae again, he was only left a baby at his doorstep nine months later.  He raised Amelia like he kept his bar.  With permenant amusement, and the ability to take any problem in stride.  He was a good man with a lot of laughter in him.  He officially died from an accidental fall down a flight of stairs.  Very few people believe this to be an accident.

The Church

Second Circle Night Club

Seattle's hottest nightclub, and most well known White Vampire Hot spot, you can virtually guarantee SOMETHING happening to you if you decide to show up here.  That something might be something you want to happen, it might not be, but SOMETHING will almost certainly go down.  There is a dress code, so make sure you look fuckable.  If you don't want to be someone's meal, you might be better off wearing a cross.  The club itself has been around for the last four years, and is clearly not going anywhere.  Drinks start at $15, or free if you are REALLY fuckable. 

The Second Circle Night Club is owned by the White Vampires, and is often used as their meeting space during off hours.  Several of the White Vampire Houses hold stake in the business, and it's often used as, 'common feeding ground' amongst them.  This cool alliance has made the Second Circle Night Club the hottest night spot in Seattle.  Techno music plays well into the wee hours, and unless you are gorgeous beyond belief or know the right people, you better expect to be waiting in line outside for at least fourty minutes. 
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Offline Rook Seidhr

Would a version of this character, modified for your freeform rules, be appropriate? It's a mix of the Changeling and Sorcerer templates….

Offline SephoraTopic starter

Sure, go ahead and adapt the profile. 

I'll admit to being tentative about a changeling/sorcerer combo, but I'm not going to say no right off the bat. 

Offline Rook Seidhr

  • Known name: Meredith Seaton
  • Real name: Meredith Nerissasdaughter Fairtide
  • Type: changeling
  • Job: independently wealthy (but see below)
  • Age: 23
  • Sex: female
  • Appearance: Fair skin, ultramarine eyes—people often think she’s wearing colored contacts. Back-length straight hair the color of seaweed, with the soft texture of cornsilk. She hides her stunning figure under baggy clothes; her hair is the only overtly feminine thing about her.
  • Orientation: gay
  • Reputation: cold fish, Summer Court gofer, spends money like water


Meredith is the daughter of the nixie Nerissa and a handsome, incautious and soon-drowned practitioner whose name Nerissa didn’t bother to get. Not wanting to spend enough time on land to raise a changeling herself, Nerissa (who holds the title of Chancellor of the Drowned Exchequer, responsible for the wealth the Summer Court garners from sunken ships) provided the Summer Knight with enough treasure to endow a trust fund and hire caretakers for baby Meredith. The Knight did the best he could, finding human foster parents who seemed kind and were indebted to Summer, but they and Meredith never quite bonded. Meredith grew up lonely and awkward; after a few bad experiences, she became suspicious of anyone who wanted to get close to her, assuming they were after her for sex.

When Meredith came of age, Nerissa suddenly appeared to take her away from her foster parents and show her the other half of her heritage. That didn’t work out well either; Meredith was angry that so much had been hidden from her and that Nerissa had never visited her before. Nerissa, herself a vain and shallow creature, kept giving her daughter extravagant gifts in a futile effort to buy Meredith’s affection. They parted on poor terms, and Meredith went back to the land to go to college like a human girl. She was tempted to make the Choice and forsake her fae side, but couldn’t bring herself to burn that bridge; Nerissa might be a less-than-perfect mother, but the undersea world was beautiful. Instead, she moved to the opposite side of the country from her mother’s haunts in Miami and enrolled in the oceanography program at UW.

Unfortunately, nowhere on Earth is beyond the reach of Faerie, and the Summer Court followed Meredith to Seattle. Nerissa, other Summer panjandrums, and even the Summer Lady call on her from time to time with tasks that need doing, some petty, some life-threatening. While Meredith is in theory free to say no to such requests, it’s been made clear to her that such a decision had better be immediately followed by Choosing humanity, to avoid being made an example of what the kind and gentle Summer fae do to those who step out of line.

Meredith recently completed her BS in Oceanography and is considering going back for a graduate degree. If only all this political crap didn’t take up so much time….


As noted, Meredith is deeply enmeshed in Faerie politics. She hates it, but not enough (yet) to give up her ties to the Sea in all its beauty and merciless strength. Like all changelings, she is trapped between the potential of her fae nature and the desire to be her own person.

Interpersonally, Meredith is generally awkward and cold. She has an approach/avoidance complex when it comes to sex or even platonic friendship, wanting intimacy but sure that anyone offering it is just trying to use her. Therefore, she presents an aggressive, heartless face to the world. Nonetheless, when good people are in trouble, or when bad people are in trouble they didn’t earn, it’s not hard to talk her into getting involved, though she’ll curse and spit the whole time. She’s an M&M, really: hard outside, gooey inside.

Her wealth doesn’t come without strings of its own. Mind you, being rich is in every way superior to being poor, but the Customs Service has her pegged as a smuggler of antiquities, and she’s regularly audited by the IRS looking for discrepancies between her declared income and her standard of living. It’s just one more straw.

Despite her degree in oceanography, Meredith was at best an indifferent student, getting by on intelligence and an innate connection to the subject matter rather than studying hard. She has very little in the way of a work ethic, and will readily give up and declare problems insoluble (or not worth solving) rather than putting in the effort to solve them. The only real exception to this is her devotion to San Miguel eskrima, which she has internalized as a way of protecting herself from people who want to hurt her.

Speaking of eskrima, someday some poor soul is going to make her angry enough to lash out physically, and she’s going to gut him like a fish. Then she’ll get to find out just how much trouble her money can buy her way out of. It’s practically inevitable.


Thanks to her half-nixie nature, Meredith can breathe underwater, and swim almost literally like a fish. In fact, she has no particular skill at swimming on the surface, and if she Chose humanity she’d have to learn how to swim all over again—not that she’d want to have anything to do with the water, in that case; it would be too painful.

Meredith also has access to the Summer Court’s innate form of magic, calling on elements of light, heat and growth with intuitive ease. The only part of her father’s wizardly heritage that she’s developed is the Sight (third eye), and like any sensible person she’s reluctant to use it. She hasn’t tapped into the fae power of glamour or the nixie ability to inspire lust, though she could if she didn’t mind making her Choice inch by inch.

She’s a skilled practitioner of San Miguel eskrima, a Filipino combat style using knives, sticks and swords as well as bare hands and feet. I say “combat style” and not “martial art” or “self-defense” because San Miguel style is fundamentally about killing people before they kill you. It’s not pretty.

Last but far from least, she has a silly amount of money, more than she could easily spend, though not enough to retire to a private island in the Mediterranean. She doesn’t live as high as she could afford, not wanting to attract as much attention as that would bring, but she doesn’t exactly scrimp and save, and is perfectly willing to throw money at problems until they go away.

Writing Prompt 1

“This was a bad idea,” Meredith muttered, kneeling and groping for her clothes on the floor. The edge of light seeping around the blackout curtains of the hotel room’s window barely illuminated anything. “This was a really bad idea. Wrack and ruin, my head hurts. Bad, bad idea….”

“Why’s that, sweetie?” the room’s other occupant asked sleepily. “Didn’t you have a good time? I had a great time.” She sat up in bed and stretched, artfully showing off her chest. “You should get out more often, I could tell you’d been saving up frustration for a while.”

“Getting hammered and sleeping with—” Meredith almost said the enemy, but that wasn’t quite right. Summer and Winter were opposites, but not always enemies. “—with one’s opposite number is usually considered a bad idea!” She found her bra, slipped it on, fastened it. Where had her panties gotten to? Oh, there, on the desk. They were partly torn where Moriah had clawed them off her; Meredith put them on anyway. Her other clothes were closer to the door.

“Relax, sweetie, I think it’ll ease negotiations. You can tell your Lady we had an informal discussion and reached a meeting of the minds, and I’ll tell my boss we fucked each other blind, and we’ll reconvene at lunch.” Moriah swung her legs out of bed and stood up. “Now take those silly clothes off and come shower with me, and then we can order in breakfast.” But Meredith was already buttoning her shirt, slipping into her shoes. Moriah sighed. “Or run away like a scared little girl. Whatever. See you at lunch,” Moriah said to Meredith’s departing back.

Writing Prompt 2

Meredith slumped in the corner booth of Taormino’s Taverna Pizzeria. She’d worked hard at the studio tonight, and needed calories, lots of them. She wanted a medium double cheese and mushroom and didn’t plan on leftovers.

The waitress arrived. “Here’s your ginger ale and—” She paused. “Do I know you from somewhere?”

Meredith looked her up and down. “You’re Judy, no, Julia…Calisna. Right? I led your calculus review section at UW two years ago. You must be a senior now?”

“Oh my God, Meredith! I can’t believe I didn’t recognize you right away. No, I had to drop out, I failed a class and my scholarship got cancelled.” She looked glum. Without thinking, Meredith made eye contact and smiled, trying to cheer her up….

A flash, and a dark space. In that dark space a ladder, glowing slightly, reaching from infinite darkness below to light and warmth above. Julia was climbing that ladder as fast as she could, trying to get away from—herself, a pale doppelgänger Julia in wispy lingerie, coming ever closer, and Julia was tiring, tiring….

The soulgaze broke, and Meredith looked sharply away. “You’re still holding out,” she said to Julia. “Good for you.”

“What—what—” Julia gasped.

“You can beat it, you know,” Meredith said, fumbling in her purse. Suddenly she wasn’t hungry, or at least not for pizza. “True love. Find the right person. Stay strong until then.” She pulled out a twenty, dropped it on the table. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to do that.”

“What are you?”

“I haven’t decided yet.” She stood up, patted Julia on the shoulder and fled.
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Offline AndyZ


Known name, real name: Charity DeArca, Stephanie Jasmine Milano

TYPE: Champion of God

JOB:  She has a decent nest egg from her former life, but beyond that, God provides.

AGE: 23

SEX: Female

APPEARANCE: Her usual clothing ensemble is more functional than fashionable, as well as cheap.  More often than not, her jeans have holes that look pre-sliced, as if she'd had to cut into them to remove stains.  Thankfully, black boots wash off more easily.  Her shirts run the gamut from T-shirts to sweaters depending on the weather.  Occasionally she splurges with some makeup.


  • An inability to let go of the past: Charity still hasn't forgiven herself for all the things she's done which were evil.  Sleeping around isn't evil (though it's hardly pure) unless the person is married, but she's slept with married men and women.  Names and faces continue to haunt her, and she logically understands that one can repent and ask for God's forgiveness, but it doesn't make it any easier to forgive herself.
  • Having to keep her head down so she isn't found: you don't ever leave a Family, except in a pine box.  She's faked her death, changed her name, and done any number of other things, but if anyone from Miami finds out that she's still alive, she'll have to either convince or kill them before the Family sends enough resources at her to convince anyone else of the foolishness of trying to leave.
  • Temptation to return to the Family and a "less pure" existence: Charity mostly does a good job of not getting drunk and fooling around.  Mostly.  She already knows that she's not great at being a truly good person, but the things she wants to do have no place in serving God.  She sees it as a temptation because even getting a family would deter her from her task; how would she go out and hunt evil while she's pregnant?  What if the one night she gets plastered is a night where she's needed by God?  What if - Heaven forbid - she uses her old name while drunk?

BIOGRAPHY: People often hear the news about a serial killer and wonder how people can do such a thing.  The thing is, they're looking at it from their own perspective.  It can be so easy to stare at a life devoid of grime and wonder why other people aren't so clean and pure.

When evil all you know, the idea of living a good life doesn't even make any sense.  That's as true in Miami as it is in Seattle.

Stephanie Jasmine Milano was a lot of things, and none of them were very good, but the one that most people understand best is assassin.  Real life isn't like an action movie where people are trained from birth and can execute a person at 300 yards with a pistol, or come in through the vents, and Stephanie needed little more than a pretty face and basic understanding of firearms to get herself a degree of prestige in organized crime.

When she started out, it was simply as a spotter.  Working with a team, she'd follow a particular target, eventually backing away to allow someone else to take over.  Stealth isn't as easy as the movies, either, because anyone deliberately trying to be stealthy will immediately be noticed for a change in behavior.  It takes practice to walk without your footsteps making much noise, staying reasonably close to walls and staying fast enough to not be glimpsed for more than a moment or two.

Eventually, they gave her a gun and instructed her in its use, telling her to put a few bullets in the head of the target.  Once she did it, she really, truly belonged.  She found out about the Family, the secret group of assassins responsible for any number of deaths throughout the centuries.  Most of the jobs were in Miami, but a few of them required plane or train passage while she had an ironclad alibi back home.

A lot of great people worked in Miami, and she misses quite a few of them.  Wheels, her driver, would pick her up even if it was three in the morning and she was too drunk to walk straight.  She never did find out his real name.  The Family accountant kept her inundated with enough money that she could buy a new dress each season, now represented just with her nest egg, a finite resources which should last her for a few more years if she keeps her expenses low.  God often provides in little ways, but there's no sense tempting Him by rushing through that money, and she knows that something will happen to help her by the time it's gone.

Once, it was a politician.  She doesn't remember which one, but she didn't have to kill him.  They were in the middle of having sex when she pulled a gun on him and told him, as she'd been instructed, that he'd have to honor his debts or he'd never feel safe again.  The pervert actually got even more turned on, though he promised to do the right thing.

There's just something about having a family that cares about you, even if that family isn't yours by blood.  How do you abandon the only people that know you even if they ask difficult things from you?  Even if you end up with nightmares?  If not for Gabriel Minaco, she might never have left.  Well, if not for the other man with him.

Back then, a target was just a target.  She knew habits, rituals, appearance, but nothing to actually make Gabriel any more than a corpse-to-be.  She didn't know his favorite color, or the sound of his laugh, or any of the other dozens of little things that would leave her desperate to understand the lives she snuffed out.

Gabriel was different only in that he was already dead when she got there.  Seated in his chair, he might well have only been asleep but for the recognition she held from someone who'd seen enough dead bodies to know the difference.  Standing over him was another man, immaculately dressed and offering her a smile.  "Hello, Stephanie."

Quick as lightning, her hands went up to snuff the witness.  The only thing to stop her was that he knew her name.  This had to be some sort of a setup.

"God still loves you, Stephanie."  She hated him for that, for not being afraid of her, for his smug arrogance.  "Aren't you tired of living like this?  Aren't you tired of the nightmares?"

At the time, she didn't know why she didn't shoot him.  Looking back, it only made sense that he was exactly right.  She did want a way out; she just didn't know it.  She would like to say that she felt something, then, but so much of those moments feel more like a dream.

The only proof she had that it happened was the cross necklace.  Belonging to Joan of Arc and passed down throughout history, it gives its bearer the ability to heal wounds that might otherwise cripple a person.  With all the damage she's taken over the years since, she's needed it.

Before the night had ended, something - luck, fate, destiny, intuition, or simply providence - brought her up against her first monster.  Whatever it was, it had collected quite a few fresh corpses in an alley, with a plethora of bones already bitten clean.  Obviously her skills were needed for something better than a group of assassins, and the thing responded as well to bullets as people did.

Years have passed since, but it took only a few days for her to fake her death, use a few contacts to get a new identity, bleach her hair and move all the way to Seattle.  It's easy to say that God forgives her, but she'd have to forgive herself first.  Certainly it doesn't help that knowing what her old life was life makes it so tempting to go back.  As far as she knows, her old life is gone, but there's always the worry that someone in Miami will somehow find her and her old family will want her back.

Abilities: As a servant of God, her presence in a home increases its threshold, providence directs her to specific locations as she is needed and occasionally guides her actions, and her holy presence can be focused like a weapon against those vulnerable to the power of faith.  On very rare occasions, things have been desperate enough to make her pray for miracles.  Finally, her cross necklace aids her in healing to a degree even beyond that of a wizard.

Her mortal skills are nothing to sneeze at, albeit by mortal standards.  Decent talent in shooting may not have been truly necessary as a slayer of mortals, but she's had more than enough time and practice now to hone them to a fine edge.  She can make her own ammunition (though she never inherited any jewelry) and prefers a full metal jacket of steel over a core of lead, with each round dipped in holy water just in case it makes a difference.  She ordinarily carries a Desert Eagle .50, and she's had practice in working with the recoil so that the gun jumps to where the target will be instead of trying to keep her arms straight, with a .38 revolver hidden in her boot.  For even more desperate times, a sniper rifle waits in a briefcase at her apartment.

She's heard stories that some of the Blessed have the ability to make bullets so holy that holy water isn't needed, and each round carries such divine fury that the supernatural have no means of ignoring such judgment.  Whether or not it's true, she can't do it, or at least hasn't been able yet.

Outside of firearms, her combat skills are pretty laughable.  She can throw a punch or kick, but unless she gets the element of surprise, it's barely going to be enough to handle a mundane.  The first time she saw someone draw a sword, she really did laugh; if not for the cross necklace, she'd still be laughing every time she saw the deep scar across her chest.  Or crying.

She's very perceptive, and not great at running by marathon standards but she can handle several blocks without issue and can jump to the ladder of a fire escape when her life requires it.  Years of life in Seattle, along with being willing to deal with the problems that so many others want to ignore and wait for someone else to handle, have afforded her a number of friends and contacts.  She's mastered the art of sneaking around without looking like you're sneaking, and looking for trouble has afforded her some minor talents in investigating.

REPUTATION:  Charity DeArca is one of the closer things to a hunter in the modern age, albeit far from an indiscriminate one.  There is good and evil in the world, and supernatural doesn't automatically imply evil, but few other people can deal with supernatural evil the way she can.  Being born with magic is very different from selling your soul to demons for power, and murder is murder regardless of whether magic is used.  She's had more than enough time to separate herself from the religious stereotypes.

6.  Writing prompts!  Choose two of the three.
        1. Your character had a one night stand.  Do a write up on the morning after.

She'd done it again.

Charity looked around the crummy apartment, her head still pounding from the alcohol.  It was so easy to tell herself that she could just relax, that one drink wouldn't hurt, that she wouldn't slide back to her old way of life.

Even if she didn't have to worry about her name slipping, though, she knew full well that that wasn't true.  She knew how easy it would be to stop walking into the valley of the shadow of death, to settle down and live a happy life, but that just wasn't her path.

What kind of a girlfriend would she be to this man, anyway?  She tried to think, but couldn't even remember his name.  He was sleeping so peacefully, but he didn't deserve to see her sneak out night after night, to come home bruised and battered, possibly even making the neighbors know whether he was beating her.

Quiet as she could, she dressed and sneaked out of the apartment, unable to make herself even write him a letter of apology.  Part of her wanted to believe that she'd just been another conquest, that he'd kick her out anyway, and that she wouldn't even care that he was gone.

        2.  Your character finds themselves experiencing prolonged eye contact with a side dish of soulgazing.  How does it happen, and what happens afterwards?

"How am I supposed to trust you?" he asked.

"Do you really need me to go into a theological lecture on what a 'witch' meant back then?" she asked him.  "You all do a fantastic job of hiding; does it surprise you that people didn't understand and thought that all of you made unholy bargains?"

She'd forgotten.

Somewhere along the line, she'd been warned about making eye contact.  The last few years had been filled with so much information that she'd forgotten about what it meant to look into a person's eyes for too long, especially a wizard.

This was her childhood - no, his childhood.  She was never this cold, but she couldn't feel her hands.  His hands.  His hands were freezing, but no matter how hard she banged on the door, Mom just wouldn't open up.  Mom was doing something again in that study that was always locked, and he'd been locked out again.

He was there, then, when he finally got into the study.  Maybe he wasn't old enough to be an adult, but he was old enough that things were happening.  Magic.  Real magic.

Down at the schoolyard again, the bullies were back.  Charity didn't want to see this.  Didn't she have enough of her own troubles?  Trapped on the ride, she wanted the wizard in training struggle not to use his gifts for evil.  When he failed, it was little surprise, but he'd ultimately shown mercy.  Mercy was what was in his heart, mercy and a desire to end suffering however he could.

By the time Charity came back to herself, the wizard had released his blasting rod, showing her sympathy.  "You really have changed," he reassured her.  "If anyone can let the past go, you can."

That was not a topic she was interested in discussing.  If anything, she wanted to chew him out for tricking her into the soulgaze, but how do you hate on someone when it's your own fault for being goaded.  "You ready to go deal with this now?" she asked.

He nodded, heading for the parking lot.  "I hope you don't mind a car without air conditioning."
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Online Ron Don Volante


I'll admit that at first I thought the idea of an aquatic changeling was a bit silly but I liked some of your ideas about Meredith. Still, crossing a Changeling and a Sorcerer is way too much. My strong suggestion is you simply drop the Sorcerer half of her power but keep her background pretty much unchanged except the fact that she inherits the magic from her father. Remember, Changelings do have access to Unseelie/Seelie (in Meredith's case Seelie) magic anyway so if you want her to have magic powers you still can (although they come with more complicated dependencies than do Sorcerers/Wizards). I could even see her meeting her nameless Wizard dad at some point. I liked your writing samples especially the part about Meredith still needing to figure out what half of her blood she needs to embrace.

Offline Rook Seidhr

I don't quite see how replacing Water evocations and thaumaturgy with Seelie magic makes her less powerful—it comes with political baggage, but she already has that, and it's quicker to use and more flexible. Also, Meredith would feel that embracing Seelie magic would take her too close to her Faerie side, coming very close to making her Choice.

Maybe I'm coming at this too much from the system game perspective, but this character is no more powerful than a full White Council wizard, and you're allowing those!

Offline SephoraTopic starter

To start with, let me just thank you both for contributing characters!  I am so glad that interest for this game seems to have survived the interest check thread!  You fill me with warm fuzzies, and I'm really looking forward to gming this game.

Riveda:  I am going to have to go with Wisdomcube on this one.  I know I said to go ahead and fill out a profile, but the duel template combo is just a bit much for this game at the moment.  Think of this as book 1.  No character should be at their prime yet.  That said, I like some of the things you've done with Meredith.  Water based changeling is a cool changeling.  There is a lot you can do with that, and I think it's a really fun idea.  Especially in a city like Seattle...I can already think of some ways to integrate it into the game.  Additionally, I would like you to work a bit more on the flaws.  Rather than the way the rpg system works, with a quick three word description; I was hoping for more detail.  I'd like to know what Meredith sucks at, not just how the world is sucking for her. 

AndyZ:  I love Charity, I think she's a great example of a Champion of God.  I'd like to know a bit more about her backstory.  We see her go from point B to point C, assassin to champion, but I'd like to know a bit more about the crime family she was working for.  It's something that feels rp hook-ey to me, and it might be something I can use in future plot fun.  I'd also like you to expand a bit more in regards to her flaws, and add some of her assassin skills to abilities. 
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Offline Rook Seidhr

Editing my character proposal as discussed in IM.

Offline AndyZ

Edits made.  Admittedly, my knowledge of the nuances of organized crime is rather weak, but I think I have enough to get some good plot hooks ready.

Anyone from the old days would remember her as very hedonistic, trying to drink (or fool around) to forget and all such.

Offline SephoraTopic starter

Hmmm, would it have to be a crime family?  What do you think about her having been a part of a league of assassins or something similar? 

Offline AndyZ

I could do a league of assassins if that would be preferable ^_^ Might need a bit to edit everything, though.

Offline SephoraTopic starter

If you are willing to make the change, I say go for it.  There is a lot of fun to be had with an organization that runs on the murder of important people.

Offline ElvenKitten

Known name, real name: Alexis Walker “Witchbane” (Alexis Luana Jacobson)
TYPE: Wizard

JOB:  Mercenary/ Bodyguard

AGE: 26

SEX: Female

Alexis is around 5'5 with dark red hair and blue eyes, Pretty in the girl next door sort of way and usually dresses in tomboyish clothing when not in her combat clothing,  clothing (black tactical gear)

FLAW: Her sisters protector: She worries too much about her sister and is sometimes prone to irrational behavior when Kate is threatened.
Red in her ledger: She has frequent night terrors about the things she’s done and often has a habit of drinking and having random flings leaving her open to attack from house Raith.
Trust Issues: Alexis has a problem trusting people and doesn't let people get too close, even Kate has trouble getting through the walls she has built up.
Terrible sense of diection: Alexis could get lost in her own house and the simple act of map reading confuses her no end.
Awful driver: Getting from A to B is fine in light traffic but pull anything more difficult and watch the sparks fly (sometimes literally)

BIOGRAPHY: After the mysterious deaths of her parents Alexis and her little sister Kate were adopted by a family friend Malcolm Warner, a wizard known by the council but not part of it. He was a kind patient man who treated the girls like they were his own blood. When Alexis started to show signs of a talent he gave the magic talk and told her about the Laws of Magic and gave her the choice of letting her powers wither or let him train herr.

She decided to be trained rather than let her power wither away  He trained Alexis as a wizard and how to fight with various mundane weapons. One day during training they were attacked by someone claiming to be a  Warden of the White council and her adopted father was killed in front of her. Though her training was incomplete she managed to bind the Wardens magic and severely injure him before he escaped.

Blinded by a thirst for vengeance she began taking contracts from the red court to kill Wardens, she became known as Witchbane by the Red Court and the wardens started to pick up on this. During a rather vicious struggle with a Warden she accidentally triggered a soul gaze and knew then she had been wrong about the Wardens. She was able to save the Warden before one of the ghouls she had following her killed him and disapeared leaving her mask behind and note that said "I'm so sorry". She broke all ties with the reds and started helping people with her abilities to hopefully clean the dark stain from her soul.

Being fairly new on the scene in her current persona she is having trouble staying in the lifestyle she has become accustomed to. Alexis moved to Seattle to start fresh and keep her sister out of trouble. The Wardens are still looking for “Witchbane” a nickname that she wishes never caught on.

Kate Walker (Katie Elizabeth Jacobson)

Kate is a good student but has a bit of a rebellious streak much to her older sisters chagrin. She worries about her big sister and is often concerned about the risks she takes. She is more bubbly and outgoing than her big sister and easily fits into the popular crowd at school.  Kate has recently gained a fascination with bad boy types much to her big sisters dismay.
ABILITIES: She is trained in Thaumaturgy and evocation though is very uncontrolled in this area. She is skilled at creating magical foci  and spellwrought items. She is able to use the sight though she tries not to. She can throw a punch but prefers to keep distance from her target, an expert shot with a bow and knows how to hold a gun but finds them too loud. She has a police baton the acts as the foci for her evocation and has a ward bracelet made up of 8-12 quartz beads that shatter when the defensive magic is expended. She favors bows and crossbows as weapons and has several spellwrought arrows and bolts.

REPUTATION:  Under her current alias she is still building her reputation but she has helped a number of people and is known to be competent and discreet. She is also known as a devoted big sister.  Her reputation under the Witchbane alias was that of a cold remorseless killing machine.
6.  Writing prompts!  Choose two of the three.
        1. Alexis woke up slowly the sunlight blaring through the hotel windows and her head pounded a soft feminine arm draped over her waist fingers idly tracing patterns on her stomach. She let out a little moan enjoying the attentions as her memories of the night before flooded back to her. The security conference had been rather interesting and she was able to expand her list of contacts. The hotel bar afterward was when things became more than a little interesting however. She met the blonde she remembered from the Monoc Securities and they started talking shop and one thing led to another. She had ended up in her hotel room spotting her analog alarm clock the hotel's digital one having long since succumbed to her presence in the room.

She wanted to stay her for the rest of the day, but she had responsibilities back home. She scrutinised her clock again seeing it was still early and sighed and decided to enjoy this feeling for a couple of hours. She moved to face the blonde with a smile studying the woman's face, she was pretty and seemed softer than the others of her kind Alexis had encountered but that was why she was in PR Alexis guessed. The blondes eyes fluttered open and she smiled warmly pressing Alexis into a deep kiss drawing her back in her memories of last night, a couple more hours couldn't  hurt could they?

2. A Night off, Kate on a trip to some stuffy monument in DC and a rather large pay packet from her last job had Alexis in an overly jovial mood. The mood had taken her to an overly trendy spot in a dress, well not just any dress but any sort of dress tends to be unexpected with Alexis. The club had opened a week or so ago and Lauren, her neighbour had been bugging Alexis to go wit her.

She knew something was wrong when her ward bracelet started to get warm and a pale looking goddess of a woman approached, she had long dark hair and looked like her dress had been painted onto her perfect body. Lauren was off flirting with some shirtless guys near dancefloor that was turning into some sort of orgy pit…. this was one of Felicia’s places all right. Felicia Raith approached Alexis homing in like a predator and Alexs could do nothing but stand there Stars and stones not her not tonight not in this dress.

Felicia forced Alexis down on the sofa with a  single delicate index finger to the bare skin of her chest her nipples now visibly hard through the dress Alexis was sent into a quivering wreck by just a single touch. Next came the kiss and Alexis surrendered herself to the vampire or at least her body did.  The kiss was hungry and hot and she had no choice but to enjoy it, Felicia didn’t seem to mind an audience and one of Alexis’s breasts was already free of the dress Felicia torturing the nipple with her tongue and teeth and Alexis just whimpered powerless as she felt a hand move up her legs and Felicia started to feed.

At least she would have but Alexis was startled back to the driving seat of her own body, one of the quartz beads of her ward bracelet had shattered and the psychic bitchslap it gave Felicia had shaken the control from Alexis. She followed it up with a blast of force from her ring that had been charging for weeks now. Felicia flew into the bar like a truck had hit her and Alexis strolled over another force ring leveled at the Vampire “Nice to see you again Felicia, maybe our next meeting will be less...rapey?”
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Offline SephoraTopic starter

Hey people, I have some driving to do, so I won't be able to reply much for the next two days.  I will still have my phone though, so feel free to write up whatever.

Elven:  Is your character picture the actress from the Lizzie Bennet webseries?  I loved that!  Otherwise, please expand on flaws a bit: IE, what does your character suck at?  Not just personal issues.  Also, if your character is seriously being hunted by the White Council, I'm going to have to change a few things up in regards to what I was planning.  I'll also need to know more about the family friend who trained her, and about her sister.  Is her sister going to be a regular npc? 

Offline Crash

I have a Changeling (Gruff) that I have thought of using before but we seem to have an all female cast.  I may think of a female character, which is no problem as I find them a fun challenge to write.  I have a number of face claims I could use. Hmmmm.....

Offline ElvenKitten

Hey people, I have some driving to do, so I won't be able to reply much for the next two days.  I will still have my phone though, so feel free to write up whatever.

Elven:  Is your character picture the actress from the Lizzie Bennet webseries?  I loved that!
It is iindeed, and I did too  ;D
I'll also need to know more about the family friend who trained her, and about her sister.  Is her sister going to be a regular npc?
Working on a few flaws and info on her mentor. Hoping Kate to be at least a semi regular NPC.

Online Ron Don Volante


Great job so far! Do you mind putting a blurb or two about Witchbane's relationship with The White Council as well? Assuming the Warden that came for her was a fraud I'm sure they would want to be hunting her down to figure out what the hell is going on.

Offline AndyZ

I believe I removed all the organized crime notes and replaced them with the group of assassins.  I left the name The Family because it seems innocuous enough, but it wouldn't be difficult to come up with something more sinister if so desired.  I like the idea that they focus on the east coast, but that might not work well with whatever plans you have, so I left that open.

Offline SephoraTopic starter

Elvin: If you want Kate to be a regular npc, I'm going to need more information on her.  Also, would you want control over her, or would you want me to as the gm?

AndyZ:  With your permission, I'd like to appropriate the league of assassins.  Maybe as far as your character was aware they only worked on the east coast, but I'm envisioning something really large scale. 

Offline AndyZ

Sure ^_^ Just let me know what all I'd know, and you have permission to create NPCs as you desire that Stephanie knew back in the day.

Offline ElvenKitten

Elvin: If you want Kate to be a regular npc, I'm going to need more information on her.  Also, would you want control over her, or would you want me to as the gm? 

Not problem will sort out a mini bio for her soonish, this turning out to be a hefty character sheet  :D and lots of fun

Just out of interest where within the book timeline are we setting this?

Offline SephoraTopic starter

AndyZ:  You'll be getting a pm on all of it eventually.  :P

Elvin: I'm glad you are having fun with this!  I hope everyone is.  :)

And we are starting at the very beginning.  Consider it book 1.  No cannon characters are present, it's the universe, but no cannon...anything really.  That alright with everyone?

Offline AndyZ

Sounds great to me.  One of the huge things that turns me away from games based on a canon universe is when I'm not caught up and various things come in that give me hints to stuff I don't know about yet.

Granted, at Book 11, I'm probably farther than most of the group, but even still...