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Author Topic: Engine Heat V2: Characters and Application (Potential roles available)  (Read 5457 times)

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Engine Heat V2

Welcome to ‘Engine Heat V2’,

This group rp is active and currently searching for new players; male, female and other's.
More openings will be added as more interest is accumulated to areas pertaining to world building.
As of now we are open for any and all players.

If interested, the most important parts are in regards to the game found below.

Bear in mind that some darker elements will occur in this game. Players can list their preferences and discuss beforehand how dark these elements can go. At the very least the main story offers fight scenes and combat between players, elements of dub-con/non-con and mild gore aimed at non-essential characters. Darker traits such as full rape, gore/snuff and others will have to be discussed within the group beforehand or a separate ‘chapter’ must be created when players wish to act out these scenes away from the group and the agreed upon middle ground.

Ask a question in this thread or send me a pm!


The plot revolves around several small and large racing crews, ones sponsored by large corporations. Each individual is one of the most skilled individuals in their own field, yet also carries some hefty character flaws to compensate for it. One particular crew is out to win this year’s tournament, winning prize money that will set them up for life. Can another team thwart their plans or just create chaos?

Team one:
Handler/Teamleader (F): Aurora Firestone (Hetro) (mj2002)
Mechanic(F): Natasha Devora (Pansexual) (CurvyKitten)
Weapon expert (F): Rosalita Hernandez (Pan) (Strangefate)
Driver (M): Lance Savage (Bi) (Flassche)
Driver (F): Artemis Jones (Pan) (Kokaine)
Driver: (F): Alexandra Sandstrum (Bi) (AribethAmkiir)
Technician(M): Luigi Astoria (Hetro) (TheLegionary)
Truck driver/Mechanic (M): Tri (Bi) (Flassche)

Team Two:
Handler/Teamleader(F): Arianna Arvatergerska (Bi) (AribethAmkiir)
Mechanic (M): Kayden Falken (Hetro) (StormRanger779)
Weapon expert (Herm): Ula Blythe (Pan) (Finn MacKenna)
Driver (F): Christiana Solo (Bi) (Eliza)
Driver (M): Jace Winthrop (Bi) (Strangefate)
Driver (F): Irina Tschenko (Bi) (orderNchaos)
Technician (F): Mackenzie Star Eckhardt (Pan) (Bloodied Porcelain)
Truck driver/Mechanic (M): Jackson Beckett (Bi) (Kokaine)

Journalist (F): Luna (Pan) (Scribbles)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

The announcer nearly screamed, trying to let himself be heard, if only barely. Thousands of spectators were roaring in their seats, half of them for the race, the other for the explosions and death that came with it. In the year 2189, everything was a spectator spot.

"Just three more miles, you understand?" A voice said calmly through the headset. "There is a piece of debris in the middle of the road exactly a quarter of a mile from here. You race down to it, avoid it at the last second and hopefully take out one of them." The driver said nothing, eyes fixed at his surroundings. He had already reached the point of shutting down everything around him, not hearing the explosions, screams and roaring engines. He rammed his vehicle to the left, avoiding the burned out wreck that was embedded in the ground there, seconds later an explosion could be heard, followed by the sounds of screaming and pieces of metal falling to the ground, no doubt mixed with flesh and bones. A burst of flame erupted from the exhaust of the Skyliner as its driver gave it everything he had. He could hear the vehicle protesting, metal shaking and vibrating. “Come on bitch! Roar for me!” He yelled out as he blasted towards the finish line. He could almost feel the breath of the other drivers in his neck, only providing more fuel for his insane end-sprint. There was a natural limiter on these bikes, one his mechanic had removed for him; crazy bitch. He knew the thing was nearly ready to explode when he crossed the finish line, immediately letting the throttle go.

He rode the protesting vehicle to the side, skidding to a halt, ignoring the leaking fuel lines that had been penetrated by live rounds or debris. The minute he removed the helmet from his face and threw it up in the ear, he heard the thunderous boom of feet stamping on seats, shouting and hands clapping, even some gunfire to celebrate. The driver, Lance, beamed as he held up his arm, enjoying the applause he got. Although it was only the second race of the season, he had done well this day. His vehicle was still intact –at least in his eyes- and he had not received any life threatening bullet wounds or stabbing injuries. This year’s charity-race was especially brutal, yet the prize money was mouth-watering. He heard tires grinding to a halt behind him, signalling the arrival of his teammate. Seconds later a punch landed on his shoulder; in this world a compliment for a job well done. He enjoyed the scene a little more before he glanced at his right, seeing his teammate meet up with their mechanic, if one could call an unstable element something like that.

The mechanic was a fucking piece of work, 50% insane, the other prodigy child. The things this mechanic could do with an engine was unreal, if not illegal in sixteen city states; simply too good to be fired from the team, yet also too unstable to be left alone without any supervision for more than a minute. Their mechanic had once quoted that an engine wasn’t complete until the sheer roaring sounds could get the entire crowd off. His fellow driver was similar to himself, adrenaline junky, troubled childhood and a fixation to go faster and faster. They only had one rule, don’t fuck with each other while driving, the other side was ok. Rumours were circulating that there would soon be another addition to the rooster; another driver.

Lance groaned as he was led towards one of the side rooms, his vehicle and helmet taken care off by his mechanic. He was led into the room and was instantly engulfed in flashing lights and cameras bleeping on. What came next was the only downside to his job, besides death, dismemberment, shrapnel imbedded in flesh and burn wounds. He spoke the words he had been trained to say, all written down by his sponsors. Larger companies now ruled where nations had been ruling before. The financial problems in the beginning of this age where fucking enormous, one crisis after another. Finally nations collapsed underneath their own depths and corporations rose up from their ashes, carving out their own little territories. Without those countries, ethics and laws changed as well, slowl as that might have been. Now sponsorship, blood races, cage fights to the death, and others, all was now permitted. Lance couldn’t give an ass; he wasn’t hired to be a historian nor a philosopher.

He signed a picture of himself, a picture of his rookie debut. Back then he simply had a self-bought engine and an old rpg, coupled with a whole lot of balls, recklessness, and lacking the sense to know what was good for him. Three races later and he had a sponsorship going for him, recruited in a good team and even dental plans. That had been three years ago. He signed the picture, did his required smile for the camera and then join up with his handler, hearing words being ushered before being pushed inside a room.

“Well you are certainly right, Bob.” The announcer said, glancing at the projection on the screen. A few circles were on the grid, representing drivers and their vehicles. More than once one of the circles suddenly vanished or split into numerous smaller circles. “This year’s charity event is going to be spectacular, indeed. Lance Savage currently sits fifth in the Blood Sprint Series standings, a shy 51 points behind Briad Kerselowsk, and he boasts an impressive record at New Port Speedway, tallying seven wins, 31 top 10 finishes and an average finish of 7.1.” The other announcer, Dave, nodded when he said that, awarding the camera with one of his dazzling white teeth smiles. “Let us hear what Lance had to say concerning his rising up the ranks.” The two men announcing team gave another flash of their trademark fake smiles and the screen changed, showing a young male with short hair, all of it matted to his forehead from all the sweat, blood and grime. His eyes gazed at the camera before he glanced at the man interviewing him.

“Lance, you simply dominated on one of your best track this weekend at New Port.  What are your team’s expectations for the remaining two races this month?” A small orb of light was moving towards the tired youth, the device capturing every inch of his skin and every tremor his voice would produce. When he spoke he spoke in a very irritated way, irritation held at bay by something. “We as a team are looking forward to District seven which last year had been a good track for us, as well as Homestead; Very solid races and tracks for us.” He simply stared as he left it at that, not bothering to talk about his winnings or his position. “Well, no doubt you have few glamorous words you wish to tell the audience, all those millions of fans and enemies out there. Right Lance? …. Lance?” The man glanced around the room and could barely register the door closing.

The media would package it up as ‘mysterious’ the young man being so driven that he barely had enough time to sit down and say more than a few words. The fans ate it all up, thankfully. The truth was much different. He had simply been herded into the room by his handler, explaining to him that there was a man who wanted to ask him a question. All true, save for the fact that the man was broadcasting it live across the globe. He used one of those fancy words again… glamoorus? It irritated him that he did not know the word. He simply made a mental note to search it up later while he went to back to his crew crew. The second he left the ‘nice’ and ‘clean’ building the media used he was faced with the cold hard truth of reality.

In the year 2189 there was no cleanness, no bright and shiny world that held love and order. Chaos, death and pain ruled here. The old world, as some liked to call it, had perished. Nations and empires had destroyed itself, finally collapsing underneath its own weight. Large corporations were the only thing that managed to stay alive, if only barely. They warped themselves into large scale superpowers, drinking in lands that now held no government.  Lance and his crew worked for such a company, Elite enterprise, representing them in this year’s blood race. A high stakes, winner takes all competition that had little to no rules. Last year he and his crew had gotten to sixth place, an impressive standing seeing as there were over two hundred teams. He did not know what the company he drove for did, not bothering to check either. They could slaughter humans and feed them to children and he’d still drive for them either way. In a world like this you simply did what you needed to do, his childhood proving that.

He moved towards their ‘garage’ a hulking beast of a truck. The sides were completely military grade steel, layered with plates of hardened carbon plating, making it impenetrable by small and medium weaponry. The tires were coated on the sides, had thicker profiles and had shield plates on the sides. The thing was a tank on wheels, housing several living compartments and enough room to spare for their vehicles. It could expand its compartments when it was stationary, allowing more room for storage and walking. The thing was old, ‘old world’ design. It was sturdy and had been used for military missions, never once being able to stop, besides rockets or other heavy duty stuff. It might not be pretty, yet it was a good bandit deterrent. It also had two automatic turrets for any would be fan who tried to get closer than was allowed.

He entered the stationary truck and placed his helmet on the nearest stool he could find.
He forced his tired frame into the softest seat he could find. It wasn’t strange to find Lance sleeping in a racing seat, usually legs dangling out of the side while he caught some rest. Beds were a thing he never had gotten used to, no matter how clean and fluffy they were. His crew accepted this fact, no questions asked. They were a ragtag group of individuals, each a savant in their own way. In the old world each of them would have been diagnosed with some psychotic problem or social disorder. Yet here, they called it ‘unique’ personality. He enjoyed hanging around with these fuck ups, knowing he could be himself here. He pulled the zipper downwards, only stopping when it was just below his navel. He closed his eyes as he began to think. What was that word again, Glorderum? 

In the background he could hear curse words being freely offered by the team’s technician.
This person could be considered this age’s Beethoven, swapping violins with terabytes and pianos with software. Everyone called the technician by some funny nickname, seeing as technician was too long a word and the work that done by this individual was equal to a god dammed wizard when it came to tinkering and fine tuning. If you coupled their techie with their mechanic, you birthed one of the greatest race monsters ever, if not one prone to explosions or reactor meltdowns. He glanced left and noticed the screen displaying the summary of the race and the interviews that were being held.
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Re: Engine Heat V2: Characters and Application (Interest check)
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2014, 02:59:55 PM »
Rules of conduct
1. Activity:
Try to keep posting somewhat regularly, lest others get stuck in the story due to your character(s). The aim is to have the posting rate be  2/3 times a week.

2. Post Size:
As always, Quality goes over Quantity, yet try to keep a post above 2 paragraphs and spellcheck your post beforehand.

3. Gm-Status:
I will be both a Player and a GM in this, perhaps sharing the Burdon of GM if this rp grows large enough.

4. Admittance:
Players will be handpicked by out of all applicants, unless a majority of fellow accepted players is in favour for or against a player who is requesting a spot.

5. Characters and story:
Probably the most important rule; characters need to add to the story, not be the story. I will not tolerate players who are god-modding other players, make perfect characters or try to hero/villain their way into the story.
Follow the character sheet and act according to what is considered socially acceptable in this rp and what is agreed upon beforehand.

Rough character sketches/ideas can be discussed in this thread, yet finished characters will have to be send to me in order to be accepted into the game.

Character template

Full name:
Nick name: (Nicknames and other aliases)
Gender:    (Male, female, robotic, other)
Height: Both feet/Inches and Cm.
Hair colour:
Skin colour:
Eye colour:
If male phallus size: Inch and Cm.
If female breast size: cup?
Virgin: (Yes/no, and in what areas? Anal/vaginal/Phallus/oral)

Civilian Appearance: (When not at work)
Work Appearance: (When on the track)

Bio: (Small background, perhaps pre-established connections with certain players.)
Personality: (A small glimpse at how he/she might react in situations.)
Talents/Flaws: (A player must choose at least one work and one sexual talent. With each talent comes one work and/or sexual flaw.
On/off kinks:: (What you love and what you do not wish to see happening to your character.)

Code: [Select]
[floatright][img height=300]  Insert picture here  [/img][/floatright]

[b]Full name[/b]:
[b]Nick name[/b]: (Nicknames and other aliases)
[b]Gender[/b]: (Male, female, robotic, other)
[b]Height[/b]: Both feet/Inches and Cm.
[b]Hair colour[/b]:
[b]Skin colour[/b]:
[b]Eye colour[/b]:
[b]If male phallus size[/b]: Inch and Cm.
[b]If female breast size[/b]: cup?
[b]Virgin[/b]: (Yes/no, and in what areas? Anal/vaginal/Phallus/oral)

[b]Civilian Appearance:[/b] (When not at work)
[b]Work Appearance:[/b] (When on the track)

[b]Bio:[/b] (Small background, perhaps pre-established connections with certain players.)
[b]Personality:[/b] (A small glimpse at how he/she might react in situations.)
[b]Talents/Flaws:[/b] (A player must choose at least one work and one sexual talent. With each talent comes one work and/or sexual flaw.
[b]On/off kinks:[/b]: (What you love and what you do not wish to see happening to your character.)
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Re: Engine Heat V2: Characters and Application (Interest check)
« Reply #2 on: March 13, 2014, 03:00:04 PM »

The list of characters

Team one:
Aurora Firestone
Full name: Aurora Firestone
Nick name: Fire
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 27
Sexuality:  Straight
Height: 1.71m (5'7")
Hair colour: Raven Black
Skin colour: Tanned
Eye colour: Dark brown
Profession: Handler
Female breast size: 34C
Virgin: No
Children: None
Relationship: TBD, not married

Civilian Appearance: Scanty business suit
Work Appearance: Green bikini bottoms, White/Grey Team jacket with sponsor logos with a loose blue shirt under it

Bio: Aurora had a rather weird career of various jobs, ranging from stripper to show model to secretary, when she had been sent by her last company to represent them in the team that her company so heavily sponsored. It didn't take very long for her to switch loyalties as she found her family among the rest of the team. She was a 27 year old with a bright future in show modelling, but while she couldn't properly drive her own car, she had loved 'the races' ever since she was a girl and often had had shown more interest in the events themselves rather than her modelling work. To be sent by the company to supervise a team, which was a dream come true. (Relations TBD)

Personality: Some traces of intellect could be apparent to a keen observer. Aurora is more than just a dumb girl with tits. She likes her work organized, though wasn't going to complain about a physical mess in the garages and workshops. She's easy to get friendly with, approachable by people who wanted to approach her for whatever reason and had a talent for solving conflicts between people. She held her ambition in high regard and was convinced that their team was definitely the best of them all.


Work Talent: Organizational skills and contacts, social diplomacy.
Work Flaw: Impatient if results aren't achieved by others, not happy if people don't follow her instructions

Sex Talent: Giving fellatio
Sex Flaw: Not too caring or perceptive about partner wishes

On/off kinks::
On: Plenty (TBD)
Off: Whatever belongs in the bathroom or hospital.

Natasha Devora
Full name:Natasha Devora
Nick name: She used to go by the drivers name Phoenix, but now has the name Gidjet (female version of Gadjet as she always seems to have something up her sleeve to pull off what is needed)
Ethnicity: Russian/American Caucasian
Age: 25
Sexuality: Pansexual
Height: 5 ft 2½ in or 159 cm
Hair colour: Blonde
Skin colour: white, usually has a light tan to it
Eye colour: crystal blue
Profession: mechanic
Female breast size:34C
Virgin: Anal Virgin
Children: NO
Relationship: Single

Civilian Appearance: tends to stay to what is comfy, low hanging jeans and a t-shirts for the most part. Though she can and has been known to clean up rather beautifully when the mood or the need strikes her.
Work Appearance: She isn't the face of the group so she tends to wear her standard jumper and t-shirt with grease stains and all.
Distinguishing marks: Natasha has a burn scar that brushes along her back and her right shoulder.

Bio:Natasha grew up listening and watching the races, her father a mechanic that seemed well known all around. Some of his devises are still used today. Her mother was nothing more than the beautiful woman that worked at what one would call a diner. Young love they say, despite the harsh world her parents seemed to find one another. But when Natasha was born there were complications and her mother bled out, leaving her father alone to raise his little girl. Well he did his best, doing her hair and trying to dress her in pretty things. But in the end she only became a gear head following in her father’s grease covered footsteps. Only there was a passion for actually getting out onto the track her father could never extinguish. So instead of trying to say now he helped her find her way. Natasha signed with a company under the agreement that her identity would be kept secret. She never understood it but her father had seen the way companies and fellow racers could turn on you.

So the masked female rider Phoenix was born, hitting the tracks with a vengeance. She became known for the weaponry that she used, dart of energy that would clip onto the other vehicle and fry all its electronics. A much more human and effect way to take out her fellow racers, these darts have never been properly replicated since her using them. All seemed perfect and amazing; Natasha rose through the ranks quickly seeming nearly unstoppable. It drew the attention of other corporations quickly, not all of that attention was good. Eventually they won or crossed the wrong company, one of their teammates being paid off to sabotage her ride. And that next race everything went wrong, her ride explodes beneath her and was reduced to ash. She was thought dead, burned to death in the rubble. But in truth she survived....barely, her back badly burned, her nerve system shot, and most of the fear that settled inside her mind.

The company she worked for no longer saw any use for her, so they discarded her and left her to rot, her father having to take her to one of the outskirts hospitals to heal. The conditions less they favourable left her scarred and unable to feel anything. She spent years simply trying to learn to live again, her father doing his best to help her but knowing that most of it was her will or lack thereof. The day something changed in Natasha is the day she first felt something once more, and the day she lost her father. He had not told her he was sick, the medical treatments cost too much for him and soon he found himself unable to go on any more. He collapsed in the shop his heart giving out as he died in her arms. The others tried to see to him but all she could do was run from the scene. Rain beating down on her Natasha finally felt the first sensation of touch on her skin as the rain washed down her body. It seemed fate took something from her just as it gave her something back.

From there Natasha set to learning how to feel again, finding herself addicted to the sensations. Sexually she became very aware of her body and craves to feel everything she could, having spent far too many years unable to do so. She took over her father shop and showed she had inherited his brilliance and not just his sense of humour or stubbornness. Soon her skill caught the eye of a team that ended up approaching her and offering her a way to live and a way to find her way back to the sport she used to love. No one knows who she used to be, and in truth she likes it that way. Now she works on her team, creating new gear and keeping their ride going no matter what happens to it. Though her drivers tend to make that job harder than most. Still it feels good to be back to the world she missed so much.

Personality: Natasha can be stubborn to a fault, never giving in or stopping till she has accomplished or finished what she is working on. But she is very much a team player; one to always doing what is needed to get them get as far as possible. Ever the tom boy she grew up being the girl not afraid to get dirty. Growing up with only her dad probably contributed to the way she is. But she wouldn't change it for anything in the world. It may not have been normal but who likes normal anyway. She embraces life every chance she gets, learning early on that it is far too short to stand by and watch it pass you by.

She is very passionate, and tends to follow that passion when the mood strikes her. She spent too many years unable to feel so she has become a bit addicted to things that feel good.  She has a strong will, a loyal heart, is stubborn as hell, and has a temper that can rival and shake anyone around her. When you’re on her good side she is playful, tricky, a bit of a smart ass, and loyal to a fault. When you’re on her bad side however, she can be a force to be recoded with. She is a person of passion, when she gives in and embraces it she can be your worst enemy or the best lover you've ever had. She is heat, passion, exploration, strength, intelligence, all in one untamed and amazingly curvy well-toned body.

Work Talent: She is actually an amazing and skilled driver, was once stated that she was a a legend in the making with the way she was able to read and react to the other racers.
Work Talent: She has a brilliant mind for tech and mechanic's and is always coming with ways to fix something, or to make it better. She has a gift for figuring things out on the fly, her unique knowledge about the racing field gives her an edge for knowing what really works out there and what doesn't.

Work Flaw:She no longer races due to the fear that hits her when she gets on the track, the accident should have died in always flashing through her mind and making it impossible to drive without incident.
Work Flaw:  She doesn't trust anyone with her ideas or her teams gear, so tends to be stubborn when it comes to asking for help.

Sexual Talent: Stamina is not a problem with Natasha, in fact her passion when in the act drives her to go till she and her partner are utterly satisfied. Even Quickies seem to be eagerly embraced(almost additively), if not simply a started to what she'd have with her sexual partner later on. Her years of being unable to feel have left her craving to feel everything she can every time she intimate in any way.
Sexual Talent: Her body is actually a bit more sensitive due to the new nerve ending repairing themselves her body tends to be overly sensitive.

Sexual Flaw: Due to her nerve damage Natasha cannot feel pain, in some ways it is a plus but it also means she cannot be teased that way and also does not know her limits. And has been known to push herself till she literately drops be it from sex or from working too hard.
Sexual Flaw: Due to the way her body is scared she does not believe anyone can truly want her for more than just sex. So her sexual encounters tend to be just that an encounter with no connection behind. There are times when she believes the person she is with can't look past the scars that she keeps most of herself covered to simply allow them to get what they came for before parting.

On/off kinks:: Teasing to a point you better be ready to finish what you start:P, oral it isn't just foreplay it’s a wonderful past time, passion, exhibitionism be it a bedroom, the workbench, a hotel elevator.....if the moment hits she wants then and there and isn't afraid of being caught, Switch play sometimes she likes to be in charge and sometimes she just wants to be taken, giving and receiving pleasure she loves to see her partner cumming and of course loves to feel everything her body can, toys she has no problem with toys and finds left a fun little distraction at times, and more....

Off: Vomit, scat, watersports generally nothing that belongs in the toilet, animals, humiliation, mutilation, fisting.

Weapon expert
Rosalita Hernandez
Full name:  Rosalita Hernandez
Nick name: Rosa (friends/colleagues), Violent Rose (a craftsman stamp)
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Latino
Age: 26
Sexuality: Pansexual
Height: 5’4”
Hair colour: Black
Skin colour: Caramel
Eye colour: Brown
Profession: Weapons Expert
Female breast size: B cup
Virgin: Anal virgin
Children: None
Relationship: Separated, single

Civilian Appearance: Rosa rarely dresses up without good reason and generally goes casual in tank tops or T-shirts with hip-hugging jeans or slacks.
Work Appearance:   In the pit Rosa typically dresses practically in a tank top and cargo slacks sometimes with a team logo jacket and/or head wrap if required by management.

Bio: Rosa was still a girl when society really went to hell and found herself in the care of her uncle Raymond, a specialist for a private security consultancy that boomed in the chaotic aftermath.  They traveled the world, going to hotspots, cashing in their guns and know how to those with enough cash and goods to make it worthwhile.  While her uncle did his best to protect her from the worst of it, she saw many terrible things, and early on learned what humanity can look like at its very worse.  Her time with her uncle and the company taught her a great deal about weapons and delivery systems, skills that nabbed her a lucrative position on one of the racing teams.  To Rosa this is in many ways a step up -- while violent and harsh, in the races at least everyone understands the risks and the rules (or lack thereof) and willing subject themselves to it. ‘Collateral damage’ is somewhat less common. 

Personality: As necessary for someone in the industry she works and places she’s been, Rosa comes on as hardened and abrasive personality, a woman who takes no shit and is completely confident in her work and skills.  She keeps even her own teammates at a distance, ostensibly because she doesn’t give a damn about them, but in reality because she’s been burned in the past by starting to care only to see friends carried off the track in body bags.  Beneath her tough unfeeling exterior, is a fairly lonely intensely unhappy person, easily won over by a strong personality and yearning badly to get close to someone.  She is particularly bitter and vulnerable at the moment as her last boyfriend, a former team technician, left both her and the team for a rival company’s driver.

Work Talent:  Modder.  Rosa not only knows weapons systems, she knows how to make them better and the get the absolute most of the firepower available to the team. Even rival teams respect her work insignia as sign of a reliable well-put-together piece of hardware.
Work Flaw: Uncommunicative.  To Rosa the races are a background noise.  She cares only about her own designs and amping up the firepower.  Working alongside or, worse, being forced to make compromises with the mechanics and technicians is a headache she does not handle well.
Sex Talent: People pleaser.  Rosa cares about her partners, deeply, and is willing to do whatever necessary to make them happy.
Sex Flaw: Uncommunicative.  Rosa is hard to get to know and is not apt to state her own desires or needs very clearly.  This is one reason she had often ended up with selfish exploitative lovers who are probably not very good for her…

On/off kinks: Looking mainly for rough even extreme-ish scenarios, including noncon and dubcon, any pairing.  Few limits.  No scat, mutilation, that sort of thing, otherwise quite open.

Driver 1
Lance Savage
Full name: Lance Savage
Nick name: Savage
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age:  26
Sexuality: Bi; slight female preference.
Height: 188cm/ 6' 2"
Hair colour: Light brown
Skin colour: White, slight tan.
Eye colour: Bright blue.
Profession: Driver.
Male phallus size: 7,5 inch/19cm (Uncut)
Virgin: (Anal virgin, no interest)
Children: None
Relationship: None

Civilian Appearance: Lance and his wardrobe can be summed up by the words ‘jean’s and shirts, not having much variation that that department either. He tends to feel more comfortable in clothing that shows a little wear and tear, claiming it feels better that way.
Work Appearance: Standard issued racing outfit, or whatever thing his handler makes him wear these days. He swears they are getting tighter and tighter, yet it will no doubt help with aerodynamics, right?

Bio: One of the many orphans that the old world left behind in its self-destruction. His mother had abandoned him at an early age, already seeing that his father could not support his family any more. The old man worked himself to death, literally, leaving him as an orphan at the age of five. The state took him in then, along with the thousands of others back then. A year later the remnants of the state simply collapsed and anarchy ruled. He made a living as any brat would, stealing and begging, occasionally doing less ‘soul cleansing’ favours to get by or out of trouble. By the age of sixteen he had ‘purchased’ a motorcycle and participated in some street races, quickly making a name for himself there. Money led to food and better equipment, finally even some ‘nicer’ clothing. His early twenties was spend traveling, leaving the remnants of former cities and nations behind, seeking out more controlled places, mostly those were corporations now held power. A little while later he was drafted for a position in a new racing crew, seeing as the old one had died.

Personality: Both very mature and childish. He can be quite cold and calculating when it comes to survival, not caring if someone dies on the track or if he has to fight his way out of a situation. The lack of education sometimes makes him appear naïve, or younger than he is. More than once he has been ‘fancy worded’ into a press conference by his handler, not really knowing what it meant until he got there.
+Heightened instinct: He lacks the safety training and taught skills the other drivers have, making his driving a bit more chaotic and unpredictable. He relies mostly on his instinct while driving, occasionally daring turns or manoeuvres that would soil another driver.
+Second wind; Libido: Being a young man coupled with his constant adrenaline inducing work, leaves him with certain urges and frustration that he usually vents in the only way he knows, sex. In the old world he would have been diagnosed as an addict or at the very least a pervert. In this new world he was simply seen as a ‘healthy’ and ‘energetic’ young man. Climax once is usually only the start.
-Low tolerance to oral: The slurping, the tightness, the feeling of absolute bliss in the confinement of another’s mouth. Whatever it is Lance has no immunity to it. He might be a tough nut to crack both on the track and the bedroom, yet skilfully applied suction tames this person into a harmless kitten, if not a very messy and sensitive one.
-Naive: Due to having little to no education, he lacks certain ‘fancy’ words or does not understand some situations. He is a quick learner, yet sometimes he gets taken advantage of this fact. Compared to his amazing street smarts, this is one of his biggest flaws and the reason he is so easily handled by his handler.
On/off kinks:: Anal on my character and toilet related items.

Driver 2
Artemis Jones
Full name: Artemis Jones (literally never used)
Nick name: Blaze (name she is most commonly known by), Jonesy (by the one or two close enough to even know her real name)
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: English/Greek
Age: 24
Sexuality: Pansexual
Height: 5 ft 8 in / 173 cm
Hair colour: Switches between bright/bold red and dark pink (hair is naturally auburn but no one's ever seen it)
Skin colour: Pale (able to "tan" ever so slightly though it just seems to warm her skin tone a bit)
Eye colour: Hazel (ranges from light grey to pale brown)
Profession: Driver
Female breast size: 34 C
Virgin: To anal penetration only, the rest no
Children: Hell NO
Relationship: Was married once, not anymore... long (and probably amusing) story but it doesn't even matter now; single

Civilian Appearance: Whatever she feels like really. Blaze wears lots of leather and denim to show off her amazing ass, and is fond of revealing at least a little skin. Usually her tattoos (full sleeves, both arms) are visible though she has both sides done, one thigh, and one side of her neck done as well. Her tongue is pierced, as are her nose and ears, and no matter what else is going on her hands are always lovely (manicured) and her hair is always bright. She is usually found in stiletto boots.
Work Appearance: Whatever her employer asks her to wear, provided it makes sense for a driver. She prefers tight over revealing here as she likes having at least the illusion that her suit might protect her. She's always identified by the blazing 'Z' that has become her emblem (similar Superman's 'S').

Bio: Blaze ain't the sorta girl to get all weepy about the cards life has dealt her. Her mother (in Blaze's words) was some hot little Greek number from a poor upbringing, too stupid to be on her own for long, and her father was some English bloke with more money than he had a right to... though that didn't stop his greedy ass from always looking for more. As he claimed, the world was pure chaos and only the truly hungry deserved to eat. Manners and morals are for those who can afford 'em. Her childhood was okay if you looked at the fact that she had food and a bed and shit but any sense of connection to the people who spawned her was tentative at best. Especially since she witnessed her mother's rape and murder by to terrifying man with a robotic hand and eye (the left in both cases).

It was odd that the thug decided to break into their house and that he went straight for her mother without even detouring elsewhere in the house, but Blaze is fuzzy on the details outside of the horrid scene honestly. Course, there was no way for her to know back then that her father had been the one to set up her mother's demise (though he hadn't intended for his daughter to be there). The guy who killed her mother was never caught of course (who was really gonna even look for him?) but after that night Blaze decided she wasn't gonna be anybody's fucking victim and she would never wait around on anybody to save her.

Blaze was 12 when she finally ran away from her daddy's far too creepy attention. She hid herself in the worst parts, moving from place to place, keeping as low a profile as she could til she managed to hook up with a few kids her own age. After that it was over. Blaze learned to fight and steal what she could, resorting to scamming for what she couldn't. It didn't take her long to get into boosting vehicles and after her very first chase the girl was hooked. Speed became her drug of choice, adrenaline her high, and danger her religion. Racing was like sex and fear was reduced to a mere spice for her life.
(Character connections are wide open!)

Personality: Blaze is a damn firecracker. She does what she wants, says what she wants, goes where she wants, whenever she wants, and the needs/wants of others only come into play when she's in the mood. She can be sweet and charming and goofy and all the lovely things the crowds seem to eat up with a damn spoon while simultaneously projecting an air of toughness and invulnerability. That's why she rocks a blazing "Z" on her chest (think Superman) when racing. She is pretty much the same way in her day to day affairs as well, making acquaintances (she doesn't use the word friend casually) and having fun wherever she might be. She can be mellow sometimes but it is definitely best to keep her occupied somehow as boredom often leads her to make reckless decisions.

Blaze is not after any sort of social reform or wanting to fix the world and beyond seeing to her basic needs money ain't that important. She lives for that next high, that next dangerous stunt that will put her over the edge. If people die in races, well, they knew the score when they entered and she's got no qualms about choosing herself in a me vs them situation though she does understand loyalty--you just have to prove to her you're worthy of it.

+ Fearless - Blaze technically isn't fearless but she acts like she is, mostly because she tends to embrace her fear and use the adrenaline rush to her advantage. It makes her senses sharper and her reflexes more acute while making winning just that much more delicious.
+ Insane reflexes - her reflexes are sharp to the point of ridiculousness. The number of narrow escapes she's made is quite high, it's almost a trademark of hers.
- Fearless - The girl is a little too eager to embrace the fear and in some situations it could be perceived as a death wish. She often does foolish things in the name of spicing things up and it definitely has the potential to blow up in her face. Or just blow her up.
- Her father - the man owns a large corporation that is indeed deeply involved with the races. He doesn't yet know that Blaze is his missing Artemis (she knows full well who he is and delight in targeting his drivers) but its likely only a matter of time before he does and what happens then is anybodies guess.

+ Passionate/Intense - One thing that can be said about Blaze is that she doesn't half ass anything and sex is no exception. Whether it's sucking someone off, riding someone's face, or anything else, she goes at it full force, holding nothing back (except maybe all the messy feelings stuff). She loves getting her partners off and spares no ounce of energy in pursuit of their satisfaction along with her own.
- Delayed Orgasm - There are times when Blaze seems to hover on the edge of orgasm unable to topple over into bliss. Far too many times this has resulted on her losing out on her chance to cum because her partner couldn't manage to hold out and is afterward exhausted. The resulting frustration can drive her to near nymphomaniac levels until she gets off, or if she doesn't have the time to pursue satisfaction she gets cranky... Cranky Blaze is not nice at all.

On/off kinks:: Speed and danger are an immense turn on for Blaze. She is almost always is looking to get off after a race though whether she won or lost will determine just what type of fix she wants. She also derives lots of pleasure from getting her partner off. She is a switch who loves battling for dominance and being pinned down if she loses. Dub-con, light to moderate pain (giving/receiving), oral (giving/receiving), half clothed quickies, public places, voyeurism... all pluses though she's into plenty more.
Offs - toilet stuffs, vomit, animals, extreme pain, mutilation/permanent marks, feet, fisting

Driver 3
Alexandra Sandstrum

Full name: ] Alexandra Sandstrum
Nick name: Lexi, Lex, “Storm”, “Sandy”, “The Sand-Woman”
Gender:    Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 23
Sexuality: Bisexual (strong leaning toward men)
Height: 5’7” or 169.9 cm
Hair colour: Red
Skin colour: Fair
Eye colour: Green
Profession: Driver, Gambler
Female breast size: 36B
Virgin: No
Children: None that she knows of
Relationship: Single

Civilian Appearance: Red corset under blue blazer jacket with black or blue tight fitting jeans or leather pants.  High heeled boots.
Work Appearance: Whatever her handler or company tells her to wear.  Typically a standard issue racing outfit, that looks like it was painted on. 

Bio: From the earliest Alex can remember she loved machines.  As a little girl she was allowed to sit on her father’s lap and drive.  Her father worked with heavy machinery and Alex grew up driving these machines.  At the age of nine, she managed to get the keys to a car and drove it into a dig site.

In order to pay Elite enterprise for the damage she caused, she was sold into indentured service, since her family was rather poor.  Elite enterprise performed aptitude tests and found that her reflexes and motor skills were above normal.  From that point on, Alex was trained to be a pilot of war machines.  Her education was focused on combat readiness and split second decision making.  Over the next ten years, the corporation exploited her skills and isolated her from other people.  A year later, shortly after her twentieth birthday her division was bombed.  Elite enterprises decided to cut their losses and left Alex for dead.  However, Alex was able to dig her way out of the rubble, hotwire a vehicle, and drive to the nearest safe zone.  When she finally reported in, she was sent to physical and mental rehabilitation.  A year later, after making a full recovery, Alex was reassigned to the race circuit.

She’s spent the last two years driving and fighting on the circuit and has only recently been called up to the “big show”.

Personality: Alex is a supremely gifted and confident driver.  She likes to go fast in life and on the racetrack; if she slows down she begins getting antsy and has flashbacks to the races and battles she’s participated in.  She's quick to smile and goof around and loves to live life to the fullest.  She has a bit of a temper and a huge competitive streak.  She's never one to back down from a dare and loves to push someone's limits.  She's not shy to show off her body and doesn't prescribe to traditional cultural taboos.


Demolitionist: Lex would rather blow up an opponent or run an opponent off the track than simply out race them.
Bullet holes and Melted Slag: Lex is extremely rough on her vehicles.


Uninhibited: Lex wants to live life, explore, and have a good time and she doesn't hesitate when an opportunity presents itself.
In it for herself: Lex is only interested in her own pleasure and desires.

On/off kinks::
Oral, Passion, Exhibitionism - be it a bedroom, the workbench, a hotel elevator if the moment hits she wants then and there and isn't afraid of being caught, Being dominated, Receiving pleasure she loves to feel everything her body can, Quickies, Groups, Being pinned down and tied up.

Toilet play, mutilation, disfigurement, rape.

Luigi Astoria

Full name: Luigi Astoria
Nick name: Italian Stallion/ Greaseball - needless Luigi dislikes the last one.
Gender:    Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian, Southern European.
Age: 29
Sexuality: Hetero
Height:  6' 2"= 188cm
Hair colour: Brown
Skin colour: Suntanned white
Eye colour: Caramel
Profession: Technician
Male phallus size: 8inches = 20cm
Virgin: No.
Children: A 5-year-old boy and a 6-year-old girl.
Relationship: Divorced. Luigi's wife fled away with a female driver and left their kids behind.

Civilian Appearance: High temperatures make him sweat a lot. This explains why he feels more comfortable shirtless. Click here for a pic.
Work Appearance: For security reasons, he wears a basic jumpsuit he has been given to  Click here for a pic.

Bio: Luigi Astoria has always been a very hardworking man – of course, this is not necessarily a good quality in the dystopian world he lives in. It explains though why he left extreme poverty behind, raised two kids alone and became a respectable professional. No one dares say he is not a good technician. Although he learned about computers by himself, Luigi has had the assistance of many friends over the last couple of years. Aurora firestone did not believe him capable when he applied to become a technician. Even so, Luigi impressed the teamleader, who did not suspect that the mechanic had been studying informatics. In Luigi's eyes, Aurora did not seem to like him very much: Luigi's greatest frustration was that Aurora had not even given him a chance to try to become a driver.
None of these his qualities was taken into account when his wife abandoned him for a female driver. His wife did not stay long with the driver but she did not return to him. This fact made his world crumble and Luigi became more introspective and stopped being flirtatious. Even so, the Italian Stallion is still there.

Personality: Luigi is an easy-going person. This explains why he is always trying to be diplomatic and kind to people, no matter how bitchy they are with him. Luigi hates fighting, even though he used to be famous for boxing in the local clubs for some money, when his kids were born and the salary as a mechanics did not pay well. He enjoys relaxing under the sun and watch the girls in his team parade with their bodies. In the past, he was pretty flirtatious but currently, he has turned a bit shy. Luigi is a bit sexist, so girls in position of power should have extra care when they talk to him - of course, he knows that hierarchically he is inferior to most people there.
Work talent: Originally, Luigi was a mechanic. After his wife left him, Luigi decided to upgrade his status – he blamed his condition as a mechanic as the reason why his wife abandoned him. The obvious choice was to become technician, since Aurora Firestone laughed at him when he asked her to let him try to ride the bike. Knowing about the interface between mechanics and computers helps him to solve the difficulties much faster.
Work flaw: Generally speaking, Luigi enjoys working in a team. He is not very good at keeping professional and personal lives apart from each other. Luigi's recent past also makes him feel a bit intimidated when girls confront him – of course, one should not pick on him too much or he can get out of control.
Sex talent: Stamina. Luigi has a lot of stamina after he starts the intercourse. As Luigi loves working out in his free time, he can turn lovemaking into an endless night of pleasure – he is capable of climaxing time after time. This is why his former wife nicknamed him Italian Stallion, even though the reasons for that remained unclear for most in team one. If his partner does not ask him to stop, he is likely to continue thrusting her for hours.
Sex flaw: Sensitive. Luigi is very worried about what his partner is thinking all the time. Is she enjoying? Is she having fun? Is he hurting her? For Luigi, sex is better when both of them enjoy it. A romantic view that can be exploited to his advantage. It does not take long to realize this is his Achilles's Heel and any mean girl may use that to her advantage.
On/off kinks:: Luigi admires beauty and loves looking at beauty. In his good old days, he would simply take what he wanted. Currently, he is coming back from his self-imposed absenteeism and is a bit rusty in flirting. He may need a girl to take the lead, even though he is not the kind of man who easily submits. After all, he is a bit sexist. This explains why some power struggle in bed and outside bed turns him on even though he would never admit it. He is a hunky man and as such, he thinks he would always win.
Apart from watersports and mutilation, there is no major off. I refer to my short list.

Truck driver/Technician
Full name: Unknown
Nick name: Tri
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Believed to be Caucasian
Age:  Unknown, appears to be in his early twenties
Sexuality: Unspecified.
Height: 183cm/ 6' 0"
Hair colour: Dark brown
Skin colour: White, slight tan.
Eye colour: Perfect sapphire blue.
Profession: Truck driver/Technician.
Male phallus size: 7,1 inch/18cm (Uncut)
Virgin: (Varies per frame)
Children: None
Relationship: None

Civilian Appearance: His casual attire is usually quite formal. Most of the times he can be seen wearing suits of some fashionable design. He does have some more casual attire, yet he need to be persuaded into them.
Work Appearance: When either driving or helping out with tinkering he tends to wear the standard uniform that most of the crew does, although he sometimes wears Kevlar vests when he does his rounds around the facility, ensuring he stays protected at all times.

Bio: Tri, or subject 15, is a product of old world tech and new world ethical code, starting off as a cloning project that finally became something much larger. He and several others were genetically engineered to become a superior template for mankind; zero biological flaws, perfect physical development and suffering no malnourishment that most citizens seemed to suffer from an early childhood. The procedures were a success at first, yet quickly it became apparent that there was a considerable flaw in their design, seeing as only a third of them seemed capable of any mental and intellectual development. It seemed that the building blocks of mankind were still light-years beyond their reach. Research and tests were underway to somehow ‘link’ the minds of the functioning subjects to their tank brothers, yet it suddenly ended when raids and rioting began happening near the lab, eventually swallowing the lab up in a frenzied chaos.

When subject 15 awoke for the first time he noticed a scarlet image around him, the scientists dead and scattered around his tanks, including some of the raiders, their bloods unifying in one bloody red pool. He quickly learned that he was different from ‘normal humans’, seeing as he had one mind and three vessels to house it in. He had the combined mental capacity of three fully grown men, yet the collective knowledge of a person who was just a minute old. A small metal device was located at the pack of his spine, linking up all three of his bodies in a constant data-stream. He fled during the rioting, picking up clothing and items as he began to blend in with the crowd.

Years later her found himself a reasonably safe position in a race team, allowing him the freedom to do whatever he wanted during races, whilst only having to do minor jobs. As far as the team knew, he was ‘they’; three identical brothers that had an uncanny knack of working seamlessly together as one unit. Each of them had a different hairstyle, a different favourite colour and tone of voice, yet there was always the feeling that something was off about them. ‘They’ prefer to be called Tri as a nickname, using random names like Jack, Jake, Tom, Thomas, and others when people began to ask beyond their nickname.
He tends to stay mostly near or in the team’s truck or inside the pit, knowing full well that there are men searching for the missing research subjects and would do anything to get them back.

Personality: On the surface he might seem a bit withdraw, even hinting at some autistic syndrome, seeing as he lacks the complexity and fluidness that usually comes natural with social creatures. He is polite in his way, perhaps to a fault, yet is also capable of the witty remark when someone has made it clear that he or she doesn’t like Tri. Tri tends to keep mostly to himself and the truck, treating it like he treats all three of his bodies, keeping it in shape and loved. He favours the calmer and intellectual types, knowing a back and forth with these types is usually intellectually beneficial and not chancing a broken jaw or a fresh knife wound.
Comments about any of ‘his brothers’ are usually quickly ignored, yet he is slowly opening up to trusting people with this secret, seeing as several of his crew members have had worse backgrounds and are still flourishing.

+ Trilinear intellect: He differs from a genius, seeing as he is only slightly above average in intellect, yet he is capable of working at a problem from three angles at once, shortening the though process tremendously.
+Synchronised working: The benefit of being of one mind in three bodies is the efficiency in your work, seeing three pairs of hands always know exactly where to be during a repair or tinkering.
-Socially removed: He still has a long way to go on the steep learning curve that is social interaction, even more so when you are surrounded with erratic behaviour in your teammates.
-Creepy: There is something strange about three brothers being that similar and precise.

+Three for one discount: He might not be the best lover, nor the most experienced and skilled, yet he makes up for it in numbers. He considers it quite natural for all three elements of himself to be incorporated into a romantic session, seeing as they are all the same and part of him.
-Withdrawn: Giving the choice between human communication or taking care of the truck, he will likely always pick the latter, seeing as it doesn’t judge him. For a sexual encounter to take place he needs to be prodded into a form of reluctant enthusiasm.
On/off kinks:: Anal on my character and toilet related items.

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Team two:
Arianna Arvatergerska

Full name: Arianna Arvatergerska
Nick name: Anna, “Lady Boss”, “Rich bitch”, “spoiled princess”
Gender:    Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian (Swedish ancestry)
Age: 19
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 5’6”/167.6 cm
Hair colour: Two-toned black and red
Skin colour: Pale
Eye colour: Hazel, blue, or lavender
Profession: Handler of a race team.
Female breast size: 34C
Virgin: No
Children: Hell no!
Relationship: Single

Civilian Appearance: High priced, formfitting outfits that cling to her curves and show plenty of skin.
Work Appearance: Parades around in anything she thinks will please the team’s sponsors, fans, and shareholders.

Bio: Arianna was a fortunate.  Born into a world where anarchy and chaos reign with only corporate might and greed to establish a semblance of civilized society, Arianna was biologically engineered to be the perfect daughter by the owner, founder, and C.E.O. of Arvatergerska International. 

Educated to be brilliant in business and charming in society, Arianna was everything her father wanted in a successor until, Arianna was 16, when her father decided that he wanted a male to inherit his fortune.  She was promptly made to repay everything her father had given her and earn a living as a financial analyst and manager of operations of several small struggling holdings.

In a matter of a year, Arianna turned around these holding and began showing profits that caught her father’s shareholders’ attention.  Believing he could profit more from his daughter’s abilities, he placed her as the Team Leader and Handler of Arvategra Racing.

Personality: Arianna behaves as if she believes the world should bow at her feet and worship her.  Unfortunately, this is a leftover habit from her youth.  She actually realizes just how shitty the world is and how fast everything can be taken away from her.  She’s highly motivated to make her race team the biggest and brightest stars on the circuit and expects the very best from them.  Despite her public appearance, she treats her team with respect and tries to trust them.  Her motto is that their public image is only second to winning races and that the spotlight, endorsements, and fame are the only things that can protect them off the racetrack.  Of course, she knows full well that she can’t do anything to protect her team while they are on the racetrack and can only hope they can hold their own.She’s fairly temperamental when things don’t go her, or her team’s, way.


A media darling: The cameras love her; she can put a positive spin on nearly anything.
Former Heiress: Highly organized, connected, and motivated.

Perfectionist: Not happy and not afraid to make her team hear about it when something goes wrong or someone doesn’t do what the company wants them to do.
Owned: She is quite literally owned by her father; she’s compelled to do what he wants and she can be pulled from the team without notice.

Built to Please: Her bio-engineering has made her body a sensual paradise for both Arianna and her partner(s).
Taught to Please: Her sole concern in life has been to please her father in everything she does.  It’s only natural that this thought process extends to others.

Demanding: She expects her partner(s) to please her as much as she pleases them.
Insatiable: Due to her bio-engineering, she is nearly insatiable when it comes to sex and is seldom satisfied by a single partner.

On/off kinks::
Group sex, teasing to a point you better be ready to finish what you start, oral it isn't just foreplay it’s a wonderful past time, passion, exhibitionism be it a bedroom, the workbench, a hotel elevator.....if the moment hits she wants then and there and isn't afraid of being caught, Switch play sometimes she likes to be in charge and sometimes she just wants to be taken, giving and receiving pleasure she loves to see her partner cumming and of course loves to feel everything her body can, toys she has no problem with toys and finds left a fun little distraction at times, and more....

Toilet play, mutilation, disfigurement, rape.

Kayden Falken
Full name: Kayden Falken
Nick name: Greaser
Gender:  Male
Ethnicity: White
Age: 29
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 5ft8in/172.72 cm
Hair colour: Brown
Skin colour: off white
Eye colour: Brown
If male phallus size: 8in/20.32 cm
Virgin: Yes, in all areas
Children: none
Relationship: Single
Civilian Appearance: Colored t-shirt (usually gray), Wrangler blue jeans, and black or khaki, steel toed work boots.
Work Appearance: Navy blue, grease covered, jumpsuit with black steel toe work boots, and clear safety glasses.
Bio: Kayden was born and raised in a small town with only a hand full of people, and has been working on cars most of his life, in fact you could say it's all he knows. Though he's never met anyone on the team before, he signed up without giving it a second thought. He's hobbies include, working on cars, and motorcycles, as well as playing video games in his spare time.
Personality: Shy at first, Seemingly anti-social, outgoing, and always speaks his mind.
Work Talent, able to reverse engineer any engine just by looking at it.
Work Flaw, because of his talent, he is always trying to improve on the cars used by the team.
Work Talent, he is able to Diagnosis problems just by listening.
Work Flaw, due to his anti-social trait when he finds the problem he simply goes into fix it without speaking to anyone first.
Sexual Talent, He can last a long time, provided he can even get into a sexual situation.
Sexual Flaw, because of his anti-social and shy traits, he has a hard time talking to people he's sexually interested in.
On/off kinks:: On's; Giving Anal, Rough play, foreplay, teasing, hangjob/fingerjob, giving and receiving oral. Off; Non-consensual, receiving anal, Bondage, BDSM.

Weapon expert:
Ula Blythe
Full name: Ula Blythe
Nick name: Psycho-bitch
Gender:    Hermaphrodite
Ethnicity: Caucasian/English
Age: 23
Sexuality: Pansexual
Height: 5'11 (180 cm)
Hair colour: Blonde (Almost always dyed some other color(s))
Skin colour: Lightly Tanned
Eye colour: Blue
Profession: Weapon Expert
Male phallus size: 12" (30.5 cm)
Female breast size: C Cup
Virgin: No on all counts. (She'll pretty much try anything once.)
Children: Probably
Relationship: Single

Civilian Appearance: Her outfit very much reflects her personality: chaotic. Short-shorts are a must, with mis-matched socks or perhaps ripped up fishnet stockings. Combat boots are a constant choice, and her top is generally a ripped up t-shirt or beater. If its cold out, maybe she'll throw on a jacket. Fingerless gloves are a common accessory for her, as is the necklace she made out of spent bullet casings.
Work Appearance: Same as the above, but she'll throw on a little tie to look fancy.

Bio: Ula was practically made for this world. She has no love of peace and stability; they're boring and do little but stifle her fun. The more chaotic the world is, the more exciting it is. That's the kind of person she is. She was born to parents who either died or gave her up, she has no memory of which. She was taken in by an arms dealer who found her on the street, and her earliest memories are of guns and bombs and all sorts of weapons. When most kids in the old world might have been trusted with a BB gun, her adoptive father gave his daughter her own 9mm handgun. While some may have considered that irresponsible parenting, given the state of the world now, it was probably just smart. Unfortunately for the world, however, Ula took a bit too much of a liking to the wonderful world of weapons. When she was 16 her adoptive father was killed in a deal gone bad. She was there, and she gave him the most fitting funeral she could think of. She blew the whole stash of weapons, collapsing an entire building onto them. She managed to crawl out of the wreckage in one piece, and the first thing she said was, "THAT… WAS... AWESOME!"

Of course, her love of destruction wasn't the only thing unusual about her. Thanks to some freak chance of genetics, she managed to be born with both sets of fully functioning genitals. Quite good for her really, because from the moment she learned how, she never got tired of using her man parts. Her lady parts, well, she really doesn't feel like getting pregnant. Besides, she loves the thrill of dominating others, shoving herself inside of them, scratching them up and biting down, and... maybe setting off a little plastic explosive for some ambience.

Personality: As far as Ula's concerned, the collapse of civilization was the best thing ever to happen to the world. She couldn't even imagine living in a world where she had to work some stuffy day job in an office. She revels in the excitement of life and death confrontations. The more explosions and pain she can cause the better. She displays little to no regards for her own safety, and instead is far more concerned with offense than defence. The idea of an all-out race to the death almost seemed too good to be true when she first heard of it. She knew right away she just had to take part in it, to do her own little part to make the world a more exciting and dangerous place. She has no love for corporations any more than she would have enjoyed the old world governments, but if they gave her license to cause mayhem and destruction in the name of entertainment, you could count her in.

Ula also possesses sexual appetites that nearly match her hunger for chaos. She's very easily aroused and considers 'yes' and 'no' to be more 'guidelines' than hard (hehe, hard) rules. That's not to say she'll rape everyone who catches her interest, of course. Consensual sex could be just as rough, and fun, and usually involved less hard (pffffffffffthaha, said it again) feelings afterwards. She is basically a happy little camper as long as she can come back from a hard (... not funny anymore.) day's exploding and killing, and then bend someone over a table and break that fucker in half.
To sum up her personality in one sentence: The only thing more fun that explosions or sex is explosions AND sex.

Sexual Talents-
Hard and Fast: The level of force and speed Ula can generate during sex practically border on the superhuman. Of course, she can dial it back too if she wants... but she rarely ever does. Given that rough, passionate, wake-up-with-bruises-and-a-limp sex is her favourite kind, she tends to put this talent to good use.
Endless Stamina: It's not literally endless, but she's capable of holding back her orgasm for as long as she needs to in order to get the job done in most cases. Given her penchant for going wild, her stamina comes in handy for making sure whoever she's fucking is in for a long night (or morning, noon, evening, whatever).

Sexual Flaws-
Inconvenient Libido: Some would consider it a good thing to get hard on a dime, in Ula's case, it can get pretty fucking annoying, especially considering her size. It takes very little provocation to get her rock hard and ready to fuck. This can be a great thing when she's got someone to fuck and the spare time to enjoy it. This is not such a great thing when she's trying to get something done and has to deal with a footlong pole in her shorts.
Sadistic Desire: Ula doesn't just like hurting others, she loves it, she gets off on it. As a matter of fact, she pretty much can't cum unless she's causing someone pain. Given her size and how hard she can fuck, that can do the trick itelf sometimes, but when it doesn't, she has to resort to scratching, biting, slapping and all manners of other fun things. Of course, she's just as likely to resort to that sort of stuff anyway.

Work Talents-
Eye for Destruction: Ula's got a knack for knowing just where to hit something and with what to cause the most damage. She's got a very good eye for structural weak points in damn near anything, and knowing just how to explode it to make things go kaboom. This applies to people as well, though generally speaking, if she can help it, her style of getting rid of a living target tends to involve less tactical precision and more overwhelming force.
Weapon Master: If it shoots bullets, explodes, slashes, stabs, or can be used to bludgeon someone, Ula either knows how to make it work, or can pick up the basics pretty quickly. Simply put, she's forgotten more about weapons than most people will ever learn. She can pick a gun up for the first time and after a brief look over, tell you just about everything you'd need to know about it.

Work Flaws-
Boom-a-holic: Win or lose, it's a bad day if she hasn't blown anything up or shot anyone, or at the very least supplied the weapons that ALLOWED something to be blown up or shot; and when she has a bad day, people around her have bad days too. When she's gone too long without causing some form of destruction, she can get very cranky, and becomes easily frustrated, snapping at others for the most minor of annoyances.
Problems With Authority: Ula does not get along well with authority, and this can lead to some pretty rough situations if someone else tries to boss her around. Granted, giving her an order to blow something up, or shoot someone will probably result in her only flipping you off before walking off to go jet the job done.

On/off kinks:: I don't see her bottoming much, though I won't rule it out entirely. Rabid, wild, rough, casual sex is definitely an on for her. Romance might be challenging, but is possible. In terms of things she enjoys... fucking girls, guys, whoever she thinks is pretty. She tends to lean towards women, but if a man's willing to bend over and take her, she'd probably give it a shot. She doesn't really care which hole her cock is in, so vaginal, anal and oral are all ons for her, and titfucking and handjobs both also make that list. She's a sadist and gets off on inflicting pain, so she enoys biting, scratching, slapping, whipping etc.

Driver 1
Christiana Solo
Full name: Christiana Solo
Nick name: Graceful Demon, Lady Charon
Gender: Female (with optical enhancements)
Ethnicity: Caucasian (assumed)
Age: 23
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 5' 4" / 162 cm
Hair colour: Jet black
Skin colour: Pale tan
Eye colour: Faded Blue
Profession: Driver
Female breast size: 30" / 76.2 cm
Virgin: Hell no
Children: Daughter. Age unknown, Father unknown. Currently resides in unknown orphanage.
Relationship: Separated.

Civilian Appearance: To those graced to see her in civilian clothing, Christiana is seen wearing clothes that did not expose her body much, due to her insecurity of her body after a run-in with a fellow racer. Most of her civilian wardrobe consisted of dark jackets and a dark pants with a hooded robe worn over it. She would even where these type of clothing in hot climates, adding to the allure that she was not human, but a demon.
Work Appearance: Reinforced Bodysuit, Glossy Black Primary with matte grey secondary
Vehicle: Jet Bike: All black save for Team Logo (colors TBD)

Bio: Christiana was formerly known as an Angel of the track. She was a support racer who was a large help to her teammates and she was bright and attractive to book when her face was shown on the vids. It all changed one stormy night after a big win for her team. She was working alone in the mobile garage when she was taken from behind, blinded with a hood and forced to perform sexual acts for a small number of men, who ripped her clothes off of her tiny body. As a cruel act, the hood over her head was taken off, thought she was pinned to the ground. A picture of a well-known racer was held before her eyes and weakened by the assault, both physically and mentally, she was forced to assume her assailant was none other than the man who was on the picture in front of her.

She was left hurt and pregnant, forced to put her racing career on a one year hiatus. When in labor, the memory of her dreadful night with her unknown assailant reminded her of the image that was put in front of her face. Irrationally, she began plotting revenge to this person, hoping to one day send him flying off the road during a race or kill him in cold blood in a dark alley somewhere. Her angelic demeanor transformed into that of a demon, which as much grace as an angel, coining one of her aliases, "The Graceful Demon." This sort of mood was judged by the doctors who delivered her baby daughter, who deemed her as not a suitable mother for her child. They had her sent away to be put in foster care. This further fueled the fire of her revenge and soon her image reappeared on the track, where she became fearless and ruthless, able to contend to the more menacing racers in the circuit. Her grace extends to those who do not give her competition and there are only a select few who she'll target while racing.

Personality: When she reappeared as a contender on a newly-fashioned Jet Bike, fans, journalists and racers alike flocked to congratulate her after a win, where sometimes she was crowded from even walking another step. This caused her to lash out violently, going so far as to push a journalist or fan down on their asses to deliver a solid punch to a racer. Since then, most keep their distance and she mostly minds her own business.
  • Talent | Extra-Observant - She was formerly a support racer, one who was not the first to take the checkered flag but hung back to gain useful information of the track to relay to her teammates who did the winning for the team. With her optical enhancements, she can see objects ahead of her in infrared and UV spectrums and mark numerous objects and research their qualities as she continues to race simultaneously.
  • Flaw | Too observant - Being a support racer has bled into her life off the track. She tends to encounter situations where she is attuned to her senses. With her observation skills and her street smarts, she sometimes is reluctant to even enter certain places due to her often exaggerated assumption about it.
  • Talent | Extra sensitive - Christiana hasn't been in sexual relationships mainly due to most people, even men, being scared to even approach her. This has given her body time to heal and in this case, become equal to that of virgin flesh.
  • Flaw | Tires easily - Though she is extra sensitive sexually, once she hits climax, she becomes fatigued easily. This, coupled with her stressful duty as a support racer, depletes her strength even quicker.
On/off kinks: Being pinned down (generally not being in control) / Toilet play, dismemberment, blood play that involves sharp instruments (cutting)

Driver 2
Jace Winthrop
Full name:  Jace Winthrop
Nick name: Diamond-J, D-J
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 22
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 5’8”
Hair colour: Blond
Skin colour: White
Eye colour: Blue
Profession: Driver
Male phallus size: 7in
Virgin: anal virgin
Children: None
Relationship: None

Civilian Appearance: Jace dresses to impress even outside work in tailored suits for important or official meetings and in otherwise fashionable outfits when out on the town.  He would consider jeans and a T-shirt slumming…although if he did go that route, he's quite certain he would no doubt make it look good, anyways.
Work Appearance: Jace wears a blue and silver full bodysuit with an off-white leather racing jacket, his name inscribed on the back along with his stylized diamond insignia, and blue tinted aviators.

Bio:   Unlike many of those who go in for the brief adrenaline-fueled life of a racer, Jace comes from a wealthy background.  His parents are both executives in the Luxon Corporation, an industry leader in the ever-booming weapons manufacturing business.  Although a life of ease and privilege were all laid out before him, Jace decided to go another route, seeking the excitement, fame, and rush that the races bring.  He particularly loves being in the limelight and much of what he does plays directly to the cameras.  Jace may not always be the best racer out there, but he always makes sure to be noticed and has attracted a following of his own.  The truth is this may not really be a long term career for the young man -- the door is always open to return to his old life -- but for now he enjoys the notoriety and gets no small amount of satisfaction from being his family’s black sheep. 

Personality: Jace is a man of contrasts.  Behind the wheel and when the cameras are rolling his style is intentionally flashy and daring, demanding attention from viewers whether winning or losing.  He is a favourite for post-race interviews for his cocky flippant attitude and snide sarcastic comments about the other racers and their crews.  In person, however, he is fairly good-natured, even kind, and does not seem to take what he does in or says about the races all that seriously, although others may feel differently. Having never really known real want, he does not seem to truly care that much if he wins or loses and will congratulate his opponent behind the scenes without regrets.  He even rather enjoys the occasional rivalry as a means of increasing his visibility and, despite the shit he talks on camera, rarely holds a grudge afterwards.


Work Talent: Daredevil.  Jace is a fearless show-off behind the wheel and most of his biggest wins come from that willingness to casually risk life and limb.
Work Flaw:  Show-off.   Jace IS a fearless show-off behind the and some of his biggest losses come from a willingness to put showmanship over results, caring less about winning than impressing. 

Sex Talent: Stamina.  Jace is young and in good health and can keep up with the very best of them.
Sex Flaw: Vanity.  Jace pretty much only thinks only about himself.  If his partner gets off, great, but all that’s really important is that he does.

On/off kinks:  I see this character as working well for consensual even romantic M/F pairings or as the bottom in dubcon/noncon F/m, H/m, or M/m pairings.  My limits are few and far between, although I’d rather avoid scat or heavy bondage without good reason.

Driver 3
Irina Tschenko

Full name: Irina Tschenko
Nick name: Nina
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 28
Sexuality: Bi-sexual
Height: cm/inch feet?
Hair colour: Black or Brown or Red depending on her mood.
Skin colour: Caucasian/Tan
Eye colour: Green
Profession: Driver
Female breast size: 36D
Virgin: Nope
Children: None

Civilian Appearance:  Medium build with shiny raven black hair, Nina takes a lot of pride in her body and flaunts every inch of it every second she can.  Usually wearing some sort of skin tight outfit, she makes sure that there aren't any questions regarding her curves or her attributes. 

Work Appearance: Nina likes to be as flashy with her looks as she is with her driving but in the same vein, is as particular about what she wears as what she drives.
Work and Driving

Bio: Nina is the epitome of a wild soul. Growing up around three older brothers who were all into powerful cars and drift racing learned at a very early age how to drive just about anything.  Starting out on the streets of Dubrovnik Croatia racing against local kids, Nina and her brothers quickly worked their way up the amateur circuit in Europe and the Russian Federation until finally making it big in a race through Tokyo.  Realizing their sisters natural skill, two of her brothers Diego and Jovan handed driving over to Nina and focused on the vehicles.  Quickly winning a number of high profile races across a number of different vehicle types, Nina's brother Diego retired leaving only Jovan and Nina to the circuits.  Realizing Nina's wild nature and edge of chaos driving skill was her biggest attribute, Jovan turned towards managing getting Nina top booking on some of the more professional teams and selling her flashy, boisterous personality to the hungry crowds.

Personality: Nina is cocky and boisterous by nature, but her looks round out the picture creating the perfect type A competitive personality. Nina's demeanor is well earned however, being a naturally gifted driver, an eidetic memory and mechanical skills have given Nina reason to believe that she IS THAT GOOD.

Nina doesn't exclusively gamble with her racing skill, she has also been known for her love of gambling on pool and poker and her propensity towards getting herself in the middle of trouble, in an effort to prove she can get out of it. Nina sees every possibility as a chance to skirt the edge of sanity one more time. Nina doesn't do it for money as much as she loves the lifestyle, she does it because she loves the thrill.

Work Talent: Can drive or fly anything, and generally searches out situations that will get her in trouble in order to use her skill to get out of it.
Work Flaw: Her cocky and boisterous nature gives her an attitude many don't want anything to do with.  Those who get to know her find outs he can be as nice as she can be a bitch.
Sexual Talent: NIna is a nymphomaniac on a good day who enjoys both boys and girls and finds fast dangerous situations to be a powerful aphrodisiac.
Sexual Flaw: Nina is hard to please and requires a lot to bring her to an orgasm fulfilling enough to satisfy her.  Many men and women have failed to get her off creating a tendency to become bored very quickly.

On/off kinks::
scat, mutilation, disfigurement

Mackenzie Star Eckhardt
Full name: Mackenzie Star Eckhardt
Nick name: Mac, Kenzie, Star, Girl-Genius
Gender:    Female
Ethnicity:  Caucasian, largely European ancestry
Age:  18
Sexuality:  Pansexual
Height: 4’11” (149.9 cm)
Hair colour: Varies, though usually found in shades of red/orange/pink
Skin colour: Porcelain
Eye colour: Hazel, though she is near-sighted and has been known to wear contacts to change their color (and even has a pair of self-designed contacts that can change color to anything under the rainbow)
Profession:  Technician
If male phallus size: N/A
If female breast size: D
Virgin: Yes, all areas
Children:  None, not planning to have any
Relationship:  Single, not particularly looking, but not really against it either… more it’s kind of far from her mind at the moment

Civilian Appearance: In her day to day life, Mac is known to wear a wide assortment of clothing… from basic jeans and t-shirts, to cargo pants and tank tops… it really all depends on what she grabs that morning and where mind is. Her hair is usually found in some vivid color, occasionally braided or curled if she chooses to take more time on her appearance that day than usual. Because she is near sighted, occasionally she will wear glasses, though she usually opts for contacts.
Work Appearance: When on the track, Mac tends to… forget what she’s supposed to wear. Or she just doesn’t care. Usually opting for an old school flight suit that fits her tiny frame loosely, the top is almost always worn off, the arms tied around her waist to keep them out of the way. She is also partial to large, thuddy combat boots, earphones that pipe both the team radio and music in to her ears, sunglasses, and a tool belt filled with various tools and gizmos used to do her job.

Bio: A literal child prodigy, Mac was calculating complex equations and dismantling high level tech as a little girl. Her family noticed this immediately, and, being the wealthy folks that they were, immediately enrolled her in a magnet school, thinking it the best place for a child of her unique abilities. Though the school did its best to foster the girl’s potential, it wasn’t long before Mac had far surpassed their curriculum, and by the time she was 13, she was enrolled in her freshman year of college.

College was hard in some ways for Mac, a young girl just entering her early years of developing in to a woman. The confusion of puberty was compounded by being constantly surrounded by those who had long since completed the awkward and occasionally painful transition, as well as being expected to shoulder a huge burden in terms of her education.

By the time she graduated college at the age of eighteen, Mac had a doctorate in nuclear physics and a master’s degree in electrical engineering, as well as an associates in computer science she picked up “for fun”. Upon graduation, she was offered numerous high paying jobs that would put her genius to the test but found that after five years in school working tirelessly to earn her degrees and live up to the expectations of those around her had taught her that she had little desire to pursue a job in a “respectable” field. Instead, she turned her eyes on to something that she’d been introduced to while in college by some of her peers… racing.

Hooked immediately by the high speed, (sort of) death-defying sport, Mac began pursuing job openings with racing teams. It took only a matter of weeks for Mac to find a team crazy enough to take her on as their technician, something that earned her a great deal of flak from her parents and a firm talking-to about how “disappointed” they were in her career choice. Her father hopes that this is just a phase and that eventually she will put her schooling and IQ to better use, but her mother has already written her off as a lost cause and a black stain on the family name… the genius who refuses to live up to their potential.

Personality:  Hyper active and absent minded, Mac is what one might call an “acquired taste”. This is largely because she is constantly wrapped up in her own thoughts, has a hard time following a steady conversation, and never seems to shut up once you get her started on talking. She is deeply passionate about her, job, however, and is constantly working on some little “pet project” to further their team’s goals of fame and glory. All of that said, Mac is simultaneously outgoing and socially inept, able to talk “at” someone but often finding it difficult to talk “with” someone as they have a hard time keeping up with her train of thought or following the seemingly random jumps in logic her brain tends to make. All of that said, she is a friendly and welcoming sort if you can tolerate her company.

  • Quick Thinking – Mac has a knack for thinking faster than everyone around her, often anticipating problems with tech and physics long before they have a chance to happen.
  • Creative – Part of being ADHD is that Mac tends to think outside the box… way, way outside the box. While this occasionally gives her ideas that the current level of tech is incapable of pulling off, it also often gives her brilliant and unique ideas that can give her team an edge over the competition.
  • ADHD – It’s really… really hard to focus, and Mac has a terrible habit of starting things and not finishing them.
  • Pacifist – For someone so in love with such a violent “sport”, Mac is actually quite squeamish about physical altercations and the blood that tends to come with them.
  • Curious – Though Virgin, Mac is a naturally curious type, meaning she will, when sex comes on to her radar as something she is interested in, want to “explore”. You know… for science.
  • Insecure – Inexperience has bred a measure of insecurity in Mac regarding how attractive others might find her.

On/off kinks: Pretty much anything but bathroom play, tentacles, and animals. See my O/O for more info.

Truck driver/Mechanic:
Jackson Beckett
Full name: Jackson Beckett
Nick name: Jax, J, Beckett, Beck, Dumbshit, Mute, Fucker... he gets called a lot of things
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Spanish / Caucasian
Age: 28
Sexuality: Bisexual (more likely to bed a male if a female is at least involved somehow)
Height: 5 ft 11 in / 155 cm
Hair colour: Dark blonde (buzz cut)
Skin colour: Light, tans well
Eye colour: Dark true green
Profession: Truck driver / mechanic – helps main mechanic with whaever but specializes in body work
If male phallus size: 7.5 in (circumcised, above average girth)
If female breast size: N/A
Virgin: With women, no. With men, yes.
Children: No
Relationship: Single (open to plotting here)

Civilian Appearance: Usually dressed comfortably, in worn but well taken care of clothing. He doesn't own much so dressing up nice is usually a lost cause beyond his best t-shirt and jeans. Most often seen in athletic shorts or loose fitting khakis, and t-shirts or tank tops / beaters(under shirts). His left hand has been replaced with a high grade prosthetic (obvious).
Work Appearance: Either a team jumpsuit or button down work shirt and work pants with heavy boots. Often splattered with grease or paint or any number of substances one might find in a garage.

Bio: Jax was born on the streets, raised by the streets, and ultimately destroyed and remade anew by them. His mother was caught up in a loop of self-destruction as she turned tricks to earn money to support them but ultimately blew it on some unhealthy fix that would leave her in a state of euphoria for days until she final crashed so hard that misery became her only company until she was well enough to do it all again. The roof of there head was a tentative thing at best and the then undersized and underfed Jax slept on a dirty floor with one blanket. His one escape from his mother's yo-yoing temperament was an old woman who stayed across the hall who spent her days painting. She was the one to help Jax learn to find his inner peace by handing him a paintbrush or things to read and this core of seemingly unshakable stability became Jax's defining trait even back then. However, in such a chaotic world there are always others looking to bring you down if for no other reason than because they can.

At 15, Jax was jumped and beaten brutally. His then still undernourished body was hardly a match for the 5 guys that took their sadistic pleasure in breaking him, and he was sure that death was knocking on his door when a large figure appeared and fired two warning shots to send the group scattering. Jax passed out thinking that he would die there in the alley like filth.

A few days later, Jax awoke to find himself laying in a bed. He didn't get much farther than that before he was out again but eventually he would maintain consciousness long enough to realize that he couldn't entirely feel his left hand. That's when he would notice where he was and attempt to ask questions only to realize it was painful. He hadn't spoken much before but going forward he spoke even less. That was fine with the tall man who'd saved him and had given him his signature prosthetic though. He liked silence punctuated only by the soft strains of music or his tinkering.

The man did take Jax under his wing though and taught him what he knew about taking things apart and putting them back together, whether it be man or man-made. The old man would be gunned down one day while walking home, leaving everything to Jax. After some consideration, Jax would essentially sell everything he could, drop 4/5ths of the cash off at his mother's, then take to the road. He would take what work he could, honing both his own skill and his reputation until he finally landed a more steady job as a truck driver for a large corporation. Getting placed with a team was only inevitable. (Open to connections.)

Personality: Jax is quiet to the point of being assumed a mute by many. Due to the accident that took his hand and scarred his voice he keeps to himself, minds his business and does what he needs to keep his tools sharp and food in his mouth. He often silences people by merely giving them a steely look but has been known to use his fists when pressed. He's not terribly tall but given the muscle he has put on over the last few years he is still an imposing figure.

Around those he feels comfortable with, Jax will occasionally speak but his voice sounds like you might imagine someone who was forced to swallow glass might sound. His baritone is rough and ragged, however, he has somehow managed to be a bit of an intellectual (mostly self-taught) and an artistic soul to boot. He loves his work, and collects any forms of art or old reading material he manages to come across.

Jax doesn't like poking his nose into other people's business but he absolutely cannot and will not tolerate abuse to women.

+ Attention to detail – Jax isn't easy to distract from a task once he's set himself to it. He is the sort to catch all the little things that the more brilliant minds often overlook when building their masterpieces and he is very precise with the things he does. He's a good guy to have around for clean up work and just general security.
+ Prosthetic hand – the replacement left hand Jax has truly is top of the line when it comes to cybernetic enhancements. It may not be so aesthetically pleasing (I mean, it looks like he has a metal hand) but the degree of precision it gives him is a huge boon, not to mention the increased strength in his grip and lack of pain.
- Perfectionist – Jax hates half-assing things so he'll run himself into the ground trying to get something just perfect for the drivers.
- Near mute – because he doesn't often speak he is sometimes assumed to be dumber than bricks which in turn can cause all sorts of trouble. He hates having his work questioned and he hates it even more when the cameras come sniffing around trying to get exclusives on the drivers and their gear only to interrupt him instead.

+ Oral - Jax may not talk a lot (or at all really) but that does not mean he doesn't know how to use his mouth. He genuinely loves going down on women (vaginal or anal). He hasn't taken a male yet, but honestly he doesn't think he'd be too bad at that either.
- Prosthetic hand – his hand has no feeling and so he is always worried about potentially hurting his lover. He's worked to be more careful but it's hard to lose yourself in the moment if you're trying to hold back...
On/off kinks:: Oral (especially giving to women, he will actually make this the main event sometimes rather than simply foreplay), breasts, intense quickies wherever/whenever, biting/scratching/temporary marking (loves wearing his lover's marks and likes leaving some of his own). Offs: bathroom play, anything to the extreme, animals, feet.

Full name: Unknown
Nick name: Luna
Gender:    Female
Ethnicity: Unknown
Age: 21
Sexuality: Pan
Height: 5’8”
Hair colour: Unknown
Skin colour: Unknown
Eye colour: Unknown
Profession: Journalist, Presenter, Singer
Female breast size: 34D
Virgin: No
Children: No
Relationship: No

Appearance: She’s never been seen outside her regular outfit, although she does change the colour sometimes…

It is said that Luna was the daughter of a mega rich couple whose humanitarian expedition into the wastes was ambushed by a band of vicious raiders. Both her parents were brutally murdered at the time while our heroine, a defenceless babe, was rescued by a group of noble tribesmen. With nowhere to go, she was raised out in the wilderness, taking on the culture and habits of her new family.

It wasn’t easy at first, being an outsider, but Luna was quick to adapt. She even managed to gain some renown when she became the youngest to pass the Trial of Birthright, by slaying and skinning a wolf of the wastes. This gave her the right to hold a name, with the tribe dubbing her Luna, in memory of the full moon which graced her kill. It also opened up to her the path of the warrior and hunter. This was only a small step to earning the respect of her new family however, with some feeling she didn’t belong thanks to her “highborn” city origins.

Despite some ill feelings toward her, Luna progressed rapidly in the tribe as she grew older. She even gained the affections of a handsome suitor, the son of the chieftain and a man the tribe hailed as its greatest warrior. The two fell in love at first sight, and second, and third, and fourth, and it wasn’t long until a formal ceremony was held. This was Luna’s moment, a promise for a happier future as she married her dream husband and a chance to win over even those who had been sceptical of her all these years. Or at least that was the plan, until the raiders hit.

It was the same band which had killed her first family. As one of the tribe’s warriors, Luna was eager to jump into action but, fearful for her life, her husband struck her unconscious while she was unaware and hid her somewhere safe. She awoke some time later to find her new family and home aflame. After a long and sad burial of her friends and family, and scavenging what she could from the wreckage, Luna prepared to journey out to find the raiders for some much needed payback.

To be continued…

Thanks for watching Luna’s Origins, a prequel to Luna’s Revenge! Critics say it’s trashy and clichéd but Luna says, “So?” Clearly a must see, go watch it now!

Disclaimer, Role of Luna not played by Luna...

True Bio:
Nobody really knows much about Luna, she came onto the scene from almost nowhere and skyrocketed to the status of a celebrity thanks to an amazing set of pipes. Since then she’s been dipping a finger in every pie of the entertainment business, trying to keep her “face” familiar to the masses while still taking time for her favourite pastime, the races. When it comes to the track, she plays almost as many roles as she does in the entertainment business. She’s an announcer, a presenter and an interviewer.

Luna has a pleasant personality, being the kind of person who rarely displays any anger and is amiable with most. She’s also an honest sort although not brutally so, outside of an interview. If she has nothing nice to say, she’ll just keep her thoughts to herself.

Honeyed Voice:   Luna’s voice is near melodic, the sort that enraptures people the moment she parts her lips…
Sexless Existence:   While the odd rumour might pop up about Luna hooking up with this or that person, the general consensus is that she simply does not have sex and is possibly even a virgin. Rumours say that she’s devoted herself to one person while others hypothesize about a secret harem. She generally laughs off such suggestions however.
Aikido Master:   Luna has displayed her ability to protect herself fairly often, not just with fans but when over-aggressive critics breach her personal space too.
Running Debt:   Despite a seemingly lavish lifestyle, it’s well known that Luna is struggling to make ends meet.

On/off kinks:: None
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Re: Engine Heat V2: Characters and Application (Interest check)
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First off, I definitely like the theme of the RP idea and I could definitely see myself enjoying it.  A few questions though:

1.  So obviously the plot resolves around a group of racers.  However, can you hint or elaborate a little more on how the plot might progress?  Should the players expect to only RP races? Or is there more of an elaborate plot in mind?  (Not judging either way, just curious.

2.  Since this is 'sci-fi', are aliens present in the lore or is it purely human?  (Either way I'd be playing a human, but I am just trying to get a sense of what you have in mind)

Bear in mind that some darker elements will occur in this game. Players can list their preferences and discuss beforehand how dark these elements can go. At the very least the main story offers fight scenes and combat between players, elements of dub-con/non-con and mild gore aimed at non-essential characters. Darker traits such as full rape, gore/snuff and others will have to be discussed within the group beforehand or a separate ‘chapter’ must be created when players wish to act out these scenes away from the group and the agreed upon middle ground.
Will these adult interactions be between players or should it be expected to see this through plot as well?  Ideally, how frequent would such interactions be?  And just so we fully understand, what are these 'other' darker elements you speak of?  I have few limits myself, but would like to know what should be likely to happen.
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Re: Engine Heat V2: Characters and Application (Interest check)
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I might be interested in this :o

Edit: To throw out a question, to be clear, what's the sort of tech level we're talking about? What kind of sci-fi tech exists in this world?
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Re: Engine Heat V2: Characters and Application (Interest check)
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1.  So obviously the plot resolves around a group of racers.  However, can you hint or elaborate a little more on how the plot might progress?  Should the players expect to only RP races? Or is there more of an elaborate plot in mind?  (Not judging either way, just curious.
Depending on how many admissions we get, this rp can go in numerous directions. One main element would be the drive to win the tournament, instantly alleviating many worldly problems these individuals might have. Another might be to investigate these corporations a bit closer, slowly realising what they are and stand for, etc. We can branch of in any direction we, as a group, might wish to see.

2.  Since this is 'sci-fi', are aliens present in the lore or is it purely human?  (Either way I'd be playing a human, but I am just trying to get a sense of what you have in mind)
The brunt of it would be mainly human, both a ragged bunch and a smaller more civilized and structured one. I am willing to implement steam and sci-punk in the story, even adding mutants, android or robotic life forms, yet aliens would have to be discussed with the group somewhat, seeing as it would expand the universe a bit to wide.

3.  Will these adult interactions be between players or should it be expected to see this through plot as well?  Ideally, how frequent would such interactions be?  And just so we fully understand, what are these 'other' darker elements you speak of?  I have few limits myself, but would like to know what should be likely to happen.
The core element of the game would be the unstable relationships between all the characters, seeing sparks and wrenches fly, suits ripped up and the afterglow of the races being vented in more intimate ways. ‘Darker’ elements are more than welcome, seeing as society has gone to shit and murder/rape/kidnapping/etc is a daily affair. Still, considering not everyone is a major fan of these, they will have to be listed in a character’s profile before hand and a side chapter would have to be made if not everyone is into these (Simple new thread that would house the scene, then combine them again).

I might be interested in this :o
Great, yet future elaboration might be required.

Edit: To throw out a question, to be clear, what's the sort of tech level we're talking about? What kind of sci-fi tech exists in this world?
I am guessing similar technologies from today with elements of improvements. There have been ground-breaking technological advancements between 2050 and 2100, yet after that point society has collapsed underneath itself and many things have been lost. So, a mixture of modern and futuristic would be the proper answer. Expect to see fuel powered vehicles running amok with the occasional electric or nuclear fuelled one.

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Re: Engine Heat V2: Characters and Application (Interest check)
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Is there a chance of reprising old roles?
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Re: Engine Heat V2: Characters and Application (Interest check)
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I would not be against such a thing!

Feel free to do so or simply choose a new path. I myself am going to take on multiple roles for this group play.

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Re: Engine Heat V2: Characters and Application (Interest check)
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I'd like to bring back my old character, which I believe was the techie at the time.

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Re: Engine Heat V2: Characters and Application (Interest check)
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What team did you want to post her?

Feel free to PM her character (Bear in mind I expanded the character template somewhat).


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Re: Engine Heat V2: Characters and Application (Interest check)
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Place her wherever you feel is best, I don't mind which team.

I'll edit the profile in the meantime to suit the changes.

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Re: Engine Heat V2: Characters and Application (Interest check)
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I missed you Scribbles!

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Re: Engine Heat V2: Characters and Application (Interest check)
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To clarify a point.

Is it 1 sexual talent for 1 sexual flaw; 1 work talent for 1 work flaw, or can you have... for example, two sexual talents and a work talent, and balance it out with three work flaws?

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Re: Engine Heat V2: Characters and Application (Interest check)
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I'll get a character up soon. As I said in the PM, I'm willing to be the victim of a rape, though it may be in events before the actual RP. The scenario in my mind might be a bit much to put in the character profile.

In the PM, my character will be an innocent racing starlet (angel) turned fearless, graceful track demon. I might have to reprise the technology of hovercraft/repulsorlift/skiff (with a penchant for weapons). The actual persona in the RP will be the 'graceful demon' while the angel is part of the backstory.

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Re: Engine Heat V2: Characters and Application (Interest check)
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1 sexual talent for 1 sexual flaw; 1 work talent for 1 work flaw

That one, unless we all as a group decide otherwise.

“Reminds himself he needs to change that part a bit.”

Thank you for pointing it out.

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Re: Engine Heat V2: Characters and Application (Interest check)
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For each team how many racers does it have?

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Re: Engine Heat V2: Characters and Application (Interest check)
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It is listed in the first page; three so far.

I may lower or raise it, depending on the activity we might have.

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Re: Engine Heat V2: Characters and Application (Interest check)
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Im either going to apply as a mechanic or a note driver. Im leaning towards drive though.   

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Re: Engine Heat V2: Characters and Application (Interest check)
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As in a truck driver or someone on the racetracks?

Feel free to pm a suggested character sketch

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Re: Engine Heat V2: Characters and Application (Interest check)
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I've sent you an application through PM, it's very similar to what I had in the last game. I'd prefer to be on team 1, though I do like to find out what team Scribbles and Eliza will be on!

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Re: Engine Heat V2: Characters and Application (Interest check)
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Team Two

My application is similar to my first as well, albeit with a much darker tone (literally).

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Re: Engine Heat V2: Characters and Application (Interest check)
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Hey sorry im typing via phone and it keeps auto changing my words lol.  Im going to apply as the teams second or third racer.  How do you feel about cyborg style characters?

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Re: Engine Heat V2: Characters and Application (Interest check)
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Question: What does the weapon expert DO precisely?

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Re: Engine Heat V2: Characters and Application (Interest check)
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Provide the drivers with weaponry, deal with arms dealers, provide security on the truck, assassinate rival drivers or the local riffraff that tends to want to cause trouble.