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Author Topic: Marie-Julie's Musings  (Read 6228 times)

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Marie-Julie's Musings
« on: December 07, 2012, 03:24:55 AM »

    Hi there! I'm Marie-Julie and this post is a collection of my roleplaying ideas and concepts. I hope you enjoy them.  My preference is freeform roleplay, but if you'd like to convince me to participate in a certain roleplay system game, please allow me to become familiar with the rules first. If you're interested in participating in one or more of the ideas below, just read on and everything ought to explain itself.

    Questions? Have suggestions of your own that you wish me to take a look at? Feel free to send me a message.


    If you want to show interested in one of the stories/concepts/scenarios described here, or simply want to run something by me, please keep the following in mind;
    • Please send a private message, as opposed to replying to this thread
    • You can add me on Yahoo messenger to discuss as well, but please state this so I won't ignore your contact request
    • You can find my On's and Off's here
    • Check my Roleplay Preferences here
    • Please make sure you can afford the time to;
      • post at least once every two weeks
      • write at least a reasonable amount of text
      • let me know if something comes up and you'll be absent for longer periods of time
    • My Absences/Apologies thread can be found here
    • Please be prepared to roleplay in third person
    • Be advised, I'll be posting links to the ongoing and/or completed roleplay threads here for reference
    • Unless otherwise specified, please assume that the lead characters I'll be roleplaying are female
    • If you're interested in doing back-to-back posts, check my posting times and see if they match yours
    • By default, I use these forums but I am open to write stories using Google Docs. I prefer not to use IM for roleplay

    Your ideas and concepts

    Have ideas of your own that you want to run by me? Please read through this thread to get an idea what suits my fancy and please check my profile for information about RP preferences and On/Offs. Convinced that I might be interested? Feel free to fire a PM my way! You got nothing to lose!

    My ideas and concepts

    This is the list of concepts and ideas, loosely organized in categories. Some of them can be considered one shots, others can evolve into stories that last longer. Further below, there is a section dedicated to images. These have no plot to go with yet, but they have piqued my interest. If you share interest in one of those pictures and have a basic plot concept to go with it, do contact me!

    Exhibitionism and Voyeurism

    Yoga on the balcony
    Female lead character has a habit of performing yoga naked on her balcony early in the morning. Enjoying relative privacy, she is unaware that her older neighbor in the apartment next to her has found out and finds a way to spy on her. One morning, he decides to take things a step further. This can go anywhere, however in a previous story, I have found it to be a great experience to actually hold off any direct sexuality between the two lead characters in the beginning. This might work for you, or it might not. Another idea is have your character be a painter (amateur or professional artist) who decides that the girl a few balconies away is the perfect model. Anything is up for discussion.
    Your character(s); (male) 35+ neighbor
    Key words: story focused, voyeurism

    Skinny dipping in a remote lake
    Female lead character goes out to skinny dip in a remote lake by full moon. When she returns to her spot where she left her clothes, she finds them missing.
    Your character: (male) hiker, hunter, recluse
    Key words: smut focused, exhibitionism, voyeurism, strangers, non consensual

    Pizza delivery
    Having lost a bet, the female lead is forced to order a pizza and open the door while completely undressed. The pizza courier has no idea what awaits him when he delivers his next order.
    Your character(s): (male) pizza courier
    Key words: smut focused, exhibitionism, voyeurism, strangers

    Unexpected summer rain
    Female lead character, possibly accompanied by female friend, heads out for a walk into the forest dressed nothing but a light white dress. She/they get caught by an sun shower and she/they dash for the nearest shed to find cover. Inside, she/they find a couple of young adult men playing poker.
    Your character(s); (2-3 males); young adult (18-21),  (female) optional friend
    Key words: smut focused, exhibitionism, strangers, gambling

    Female lead character is riding her bicycle home, dressed in little but a thin white dress. She gets caught by unexpected rain and searches for shelter at an abandoned bus stop. She's not the only one seeking shelter though and finds herself between a group of young and rather uncivilized men that take interest in her.
    Your character(s): (2-4 males)
    Key words: smut focused, strangers, non consensual

    Naked in school
    Female lead character feels the urge to undress after hours. She locks herself up/hides until most people have left, undresses and then decides to explore, leaving her clothes behind. All goes well the first time and she leaves through a fire exit. The next time though, she returns after wandering through the school to find her clothes gone. Instead she finds a note was left for her that includes instructions on what to do in order to get her clothes back. Possibly following a trail of notes, etc.
    Your character: (male) teacher, assistant, principal, technician, security guard, other student
    Key words: smut focused, exhibitionism, voyeurism, teens, strangers, non consensual, blackmail


    Female version of Batman with some differences and modifications. My character is a rich woman who uses her alter ego to fund her lifestyle, but also (possibly) to fight crime. She has no special superpowers and relies on tricks and gadgets rather than brute force. She's assisted by her late father's colleague, who also maintains her property. I envisioned this story to be episodic in format, with my character being represented with a specific target/goal/direction and then attempting to complete this, one way or the other. Heavy on plot. Mainly inspired by this story, read the first few posts to get an idea of what I'm looking to start!

    Your character(s);  to be determined
    Key words: episodic, story focused, (super)hero, non consensual
    Setting: Gotham City

    Urban exploration
    My character is into exploring abandoned buildings, a hobby known as urban exploration. She has come across an old mansion that has been abandoned for quite some time. She goes on to explore the site, taking pictures. However, it seems that she is not alone. The scenario could involve another person entering the place after mine had gone in. It could be another urban explorer, it could be an ill-intentioned person who witness my character entering, it could be a homeless person returning to his place, etc. Alternatively, the scenario could involve a person already being present. Either way, your character(s) spot mine first, and decides to exploit the situation. I'm open to more creepy alternatives as well. Perhaps my character stumbles upon a cult, a group of people preparing to commit a crime, or any reason why a group of people would be in a place like this.

    I'm looking for someone to play one or multiple male characters and take on a light GM role. Be prepared to work with me as we guide my character through the abandoned place. I'm not looking for a horror themed story. The cult one is on the edge, if you're considering something like this, we should discuss the details and limits in advance. Otherwise, I really enjoy surprises and I am open to begin this scenario without knowing what my character may encounter.

    Your character(s): (1+ males)
    Key words: modern, non consensual


    Rival pirates
    My character is a female pirate captain,  renowned for her beauty, famous for her conquests and skill in sea battles and duels, but infamous for being arrogant and near impossible to bed. Her large ship sails into the harbour of a tropical pirate island, heavily damaged from its previous fight. As the crew starts making repairs, the female captain makes her way into the local tavern, where she draws all the looks, but most value their life enough not to even try to whistle as the woman looks rather pissed off. At the bar, she suddenly spots your character, a rival pirate captain. Both of the captains had fought over a large prize ship earlier, which had sunk in the melee. Neither character is very happy to see the other. Will they settle their score in a duel? Perhaps it doesnt go as planned. They could end up parting and meeting each other on the seas again. They could be pit against a common enemy. The options are limitless.

    Your character(s); (1 male) Pirate Captain, minor side characters
    Keywords: story focused, love/hate relationship, non consensual
    Setting: pirates, swashbuckling,  age of sail
    Inspired by: Rivalries

    Science fiction

    Chasing an escaped prisoner
    For this scenario I'm looking for a writer willing to step into an ongoing story. My character is a prison guard/local deputy on Tatooine. After playing a dangerous game with a prisoner, he escapes and she's forced to give chase across the galaxy in order to save her reputation/job. The escapee moves to the desert planet of Lok, where he hides in the city. My character is following various leads, some of which get her in tricky situations.

    For this to work, you'll have to read through the story (~160 replies) and pick up several minor characters, taking on the role of light GM. You're free to bring in additional characters, kill characters off, etc, as long as it follows naturally from the story. I understand that this is quite a big thing to ask, and as such, please consider this carefully. If reading the story doesn't tickle your fancy, this may not be for you.

    I am very flexible when it comes to this particular story. I don't mind if you're male or female, etc. I'm just looking to continue this story in a fashion similar to what it started as. If this works for you though, send me a PM or add me on Yahoo!

    Link to the story

    The original ad for this story looks like this;

    Preferably Star Wars themed. Female lead character is the head of security of a remote desert city on a backwater planet. She excels at bringing the criminals that dare to bring unrest and trouble to the small city to justice and locks many of them up in the city jail. She has a weakness for one man though and when she visits to check on the jail, she agrees to play a little gambling game to waste the time and fight boredom. Having a stroke of bad luck, she is forced to bet things other than money. This eventually leads the to the prisoner's escape and the female lead character decides to chase him across the galaxy in order to apprehend the fugitive.
    Your character(s); (1-3 males) humanoid criminals, at least one dirty minded thug that's older than the main character
    Key words: story focused, adventure, gambling, non consensual
    Setting: Star Wars, science fiction, OC fictional universe, (middle ages, light fantasy)


    Home in the Skies
    As per this roleplay concept, I'd like to try out a steampunk/Crimson Skies/airship story where a small group of people is basically stuck in the sky. The ground is a dangerous place though visits are needed regularly to resupply. This combination can lead to all kinds of interesting situations, non standard living conditions and habits, etc.

    Your character(s); to be determined
    Key words: story focused, airship, small community
    Setting: steampunk, post apocalypse

    Challenges for the fire mage
    Female lead character is a fire mage that takes refuge in a brothel/tavern/inn and does what she can to earn her living. One day, she ends up with a gambling debt to a handsome stranger and agrees to take on a challenge as payment. Failing the challenge, she'd have to sleep with the man. She barely completes the first challenge and finds her desire for more danger and thrills, leaving her to agree to more dangerous challenges and different punishments for when she loses. This plot can be widened as desired.
    Your character(s): (male)
    Key words: story focused, betting, danger, suspense
    Setting: Hyborian Age, OC fictional universe, light fanatasy

    Plot keywords

    - adventure
    - quest
    - prison
    - balcony
    - exhibitionism
    - age of sail
    - batwoman
    - space adventure
    - gambling
    - bets
    - challenges
    - blackmail
    - skinny dipping
    - time travel
    - abandoned places
    - Star Wars
    - to be continued
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    Offline mj2002Topic starter

    Re: Marie-Julie's Musings
    « Reply #1 on: December 08, 2012, 12:07:56 AM »

    These ideas are concepts that I'm currently playing out multiple times, I have no more interest in or for some other reason aren't one's I'd like responses to. I list these here because there's an exception. If you really like these ideas and can throw me a plot proposal that is truly extraordinary, I will always want to look at it. Please consider this carefully before responding though.

    The Next Emperor - Group - Unavailable
    This idea comes from this thread and is designed as a group roleplay concept.

    The concept basically revolves around a number of champions having to participate in a tournament, whilst also having to attract a princess. This opens possibilities for all kinds of underhand tactics, intrigues and plans.

    Emperor Edward Hellatius has decided that finally time has defeated him, his blade has turned dull and so has his mind. He's no longer fit to rule his Empire and his weakness would make it vulnerable. By law of the Hallation Empire without a male heir he must select a man from outside of the family to marry a daughter and assume a new blood line. Abiding by these sacred laws Emperor Hellatius has decided to bring in the most famous of warriors, generals, nobles, dukes, counts, and heroes of the land to try and prove their worth as Emperor. At the center of which will be a grand tournament for the right to select one of his daughters to be the new Empress.

    However there is more to this game then just the tournament, for he who seeks the crown must be more then a simple martial master he must be cunning, he must be empathetic towards his people, because the Emperor doubts his wits to be Emperor one has to be approved by four of the five authorities. The Emperor, A Princess, The High Bishop, The Speaker  of the Senate or the Representative of the Common folk. Only when he has proved his worth above and beyond the average man will he be allowed to assume this title. And the only way one can earn such a title is proving his cunning, guile, strength, and conviction before anyone else has a chance. For each authority values something different.

    At the heart of everything would stand the tournament. Here the princesses might find their interest in a hero, and a hero might find interest in her. Here those who were weak might find foul ways to overcome those who were strong. Here fools would be cast out, and the unworthy destroyed. It would be no fluke that someone was named High King, this truly was the intent of Edward Hallatius.

    Your character(s); to be determined
    Key words: heavily story focused, intrigues, tournament, etc
    Setting: middle ages, light fantasy

    Generic Star Wars story - Unavailable
    I have no specific plot for this one yet, but I'm looking to do a story where I'd play a Jedi apprentice who is sent out on various missions.  Your character could either be the one who teaches mine, or you could focus on the characters that she meets on her adventures. I'm looking for someone who can act as a light-GM here, in order to guide my character through the story. I have ni further specifics for this at the moment. 

    Your character(s);  to be determined
    Key words: adventure, episodic, non consensual
    Setting: Star Wars
    Au-pair goes in holidays - Unavailable
    A young au-pair/regular babysitter is invited to join a family on holidays. A house had been rented directly at the beach. Family consists of at least the father as male character. Other family members are optional characters that can otherwise be played as by either one of us.
    Your character(s): (male); father (40+), optional son(s), (female) optional mother and daughter(s)
    Key words: modern

    Street Racing - Unavailable
    As per this group RP concept, I'd like to try something similar. It can mimic most of what you see in the Fast and the Furious film series, though I the story doesn't need to involve the police in particular. Anything that deals with the street racing culture is a setting I'd be interested to roleplay in.

    Your character: to be determined
    Key words: street racing
    Setting: modern

    Mercenaries - Unavailable
    This idea is taken directly from Dariusfallenstar's thread. This is the description he posted;

    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
    Mercenary Couple
    Scenario: Jean is a member of special operations and has grown disillusioned with his position and responsibilities. Why risk his life and kill people for less than sixty-thousand a year? When he meets an up-and-coming young recruit (somewhat inspired by images here, here, and here), one whose wicked personality and ambition matches his own, he decides that going mercenary with her is far more appealing than staying enlisted.
    Wanted: Ambitious, sexy, deadly partner interested in serial adventures on the border of morality. The couple's dynamic is up for discussion: are they equals? Is he a Dom with a cruel streak, and she urges him on? Does he corrupt her? Regardless, I'm looking for a confident writer interested in serial and smutty adventures, starting with them establishing their relationship and their early adventures.

    I'd like to put my own twist on this story, though most of it would still go along similar lines. I'm not looking to switch the roles here, but I do prefer the dynamic between the two characters to be such that they are on somewhat equal terms with each other during their mercenary work, but the mentioned "cruel streak" of your character would come out frequently too. Not necessarily limited to the bedroom either. I'm open to small side plots where the female 'recruit' character could get caught, captured or otherwise be forced upon. I'm just throwing around ideas here and I hope someone can throw some back at me, if non con isn't really your thing it can be left out. I'm looking for plot driven roleplay, with sexual themes being definitely present but not the center of all attention.
    Your character: (male)
    Key words: military, non consensual, non sexual violence, drama

    Engine Heat - Unavailable
    As per this group roleplay concept, I'd like to play something similar once again. This could be a one-on-one or a small group roleplay.

    The plot revolves around several small racing crews, ones sponsored by large cooperations. Each individual is one of the most skilled individuals in their own field, yet also carries some hefty character flaws to compensate for it. One particular crew is out to win this year’s tournament, winning prize money that will set them up for live. Can another team thwart their plans or just create chaos?

    Your character(s); to be determined
    Key words: racing team, (non) consensual
    Setting: science fiction, post apocalypse, near future, cyberpunk

    Daughter of shipbuilder - Unavailable
    A daughter of a rich shipbuilder is on a trade mission to a faraway land when they stop for supplies at port on a small tropical island. The officers are and ship are overrun while the daughter is enjoying the sunny beaches with her handmaiden. She finds herself stuck on the island, losing her handmaiden to a slaver as she takes shelter in the local inn/tavern, the only possessions being her swimming clothes and a few coins. After a few days, an influential lord from another nation arrives with his trading fleet at the port and spots a delicious looking girl as he rests in the tavern.
    Your character(s): (male) influential and rich nobility 30+
    Key words:
    Setting: middle ages, ancient history, Hyborian Age, OC fictional universe, light fantasy


    SWGEmu (
    League of Legends (pm me)
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    Re: Marie-Julie's Musings
    « Reply #2 on: December 13, 2012, 04:41:53 AM »
    Visual Inspiration

    This one is pretty self explanatory. What follows is a list of pictures, photos, images, sketches and artwork. Like what you see? Feel free to contact me about it. However, I expect you to has some sort of plot or at least a concept in mind when you do. I am always open for a brainstorming session, but if you're truly intrigued by a picture, you'll have no issues with bringing something to the table right away! The images below are  numbered purely for reference reasons, their order is completely random.
































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    Re: Marie-Julie's Musings
    « Reply #3 on: December 14, 2012, 01:40:27 AM »

    This is a list of ongoing scenarios that I'm currently roleplaying. I decided to group them up here so people wouldn't think a certain scenario was taken if I already had an ongoing thread or two. Feel free to read them, bookmark them or message me with your reviews. Unless a scenario explicitly mentions that it's taken, feel free to send me a PM about it!

    Cancelled and On hold

    These are scenarios that have been cancelled or are currently on hold. No new posts are expected in these posts in the near future.

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    Re: Marie-Julie's Musings
    « Reply #4 on: March 24, 2014, 05:40:14 AM »
    I've added a new section to this thread, where I posted a number of inspiring images. These don't have any plot attached to them, but they have piqued my interest. If you find one that interests you as well, do send me a PM, providing a basic plot outline of what you had imagined. Stories inspired by these pictures could be one shots, normal stories, whatever. Dont hesitate to contact me and discuss!

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    Re: Marie-Julie's Musings
    « Reply #5 on: March 20, 2015, 02:09:00 AM »
    I updated the list of story concepts and I'd like to pick up a handful of stories.

    Offline mj2002Topic starter

    Re: Marie-Julie's Musings
    « Reply #6 on: April 23, 2015, 09:54:28 AM »
    Looking to pick up one or possibly two (reasonably slow moving) stories.

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    Re: Marie-Julie's Musings
    « Reply #7 on: July 14, 2015, 07:18:08 PM »
    Added Batgirl/Batwoman scenario and made the Pizza Delivery scenario available again.

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    Re: Marie-Julie's Musings
    « Reply #8 on: September 11, 2017, 11:11:09 PM »
    I may have time to pick up one or two stories. I won't be able to do back-to-back writing though. Could be one post per day, or one per week. Please keep that in mind.

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    Re: Marie-Julie's Musings
    « Reply #9 on: April 18, 2018, 02:57:52 PM »
    I might want to pick up a story, but replies will be slow.