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Author Topic: Synthedyne Corporation: Group RP Dolls and Owners wanted  (Read 1609 times)

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Offline insaneplotsTopic starter

Synthedyne Corporation: Group RP Dolls and Owners wanted
« on: December 04, 2013, 04:48:02 pm »
(Note while I refer to females primarily in the topic it is for ease and because I initially wrote this plot as a private game. The process allows for both male and female subjects, allowing for both male and female owners.)

Background: In alternate earth slavery was not abolished, it became regulated and part of society not just African slaves but all ethnical backgrounds had a slave caste it wasn't impossible to gain freedom it was deemed easier to keep slaves from revolting by offering a means of earning freedom. But eventually as time progress there were no more slaves all had earned their freedom and became the lower class.

Now in the future the old slave caste has been erased by the synthedyne company that offers willing subjects a means to become young and beautiful and perfect forever the catch only the rich can afford it without becoming the property of synthedyne the company  offers a large sum of money to men and women willing to be turned into bio-mechanical slave dolls. they retain who they were but programming and conditioning take control when needed they are also molded and shaped to suit their owners.

Classification of converts
Convicts: the government to reduce strain on the prison system allows death row inmates, repeat offenders, and long sentence inmates the option for conversion. A mind wipe is preformed making the subject a complete doll in this case.

Orphans: many older orphans if they aren't adopted by 18 are offered a chance to become dolls. Giving them a place in society.

Willing adult: An adult willing to be converted signs over her freedom and is added to a list of girls to be turned initial work is done to begin her training after she is bought physical appearance is molded to fit her owners desired look.

Sponsored adult: a subject with a sponsor is converted with their sponsor paying for the conversion he chooses the look and all but she is already going to be owned.

Features of the conversion
Synthedermal skin: a synthetic skin that covers the girls from head to toe for this the girls are first shaved bald until the hair regrowth procedure is preformed and made perfectly smooth the suit bonds to her body giving it a desired color and tone, Early models were stuck with a semi skin tone that was glossy but improvements have made the suit able to be any color tone or level of sheen. The suit is very durable, and once bonded like a second skin helping to retain the dolls figure and youthful appearance.

Anal implant applied during conversion the implant starts like a clear anal plug with a metal core the clear material fills and affixes to the dolls anus removing the need to be feed normal food their body becomes modified to need nutrient capsules to get all the needed energy and nutrition one capsule is enough to power a doll for a whole day.

Vaginal implant: same design as the plug this device a dildo coats and fills the dolls pussy making her unable to have children as well and keeping her ready for sexual use.

The Neural chemical implant: the first thing added to a doll even willing dolls are implanted this implant allows the company to train the girl into perfect slave dolls the implant reads the bio electrical impulses of the brain allowing conditioning. Bad habits like thinking for ones self, resistance, or disobedience are followed by an unpleasantness in the mind that no amount of physical pain could duplicate. While following orders and obedience follow a release of endorphin's giving a high to the brain.

Hair regrowth: after a doll is bought she is molded to the owners desired look this includes hair color, length and style.


So looking to make this a group game with numerous owners and dolls of all genders

offer up a character idea filling in a very simple character bio

Owner or Doll
If doll type of Conversion
Owner (to be determined Either in game or in private.)
Initial/ After appearances (pic of you want though the after is often determined by the owner.)
Background(for dolls why they've decided to be converted into a doll.  and owners anything you want to use to flavor out the character such as personal tastes.)
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Re: Synthedyne Corporation: Group RP Dolls and Owners wanted
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2013, 11:17:32 am »
Interested in playing an owner.  I'll be able to fill out a character bio when I get home this evening.

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Re: Synthedyne Corporation: Group RP Dolls and Owners wanted
« Reply #2 on: December 05, 2013, 02:48:59 pm »
Gender Female
Owner or Doll Doll
If doll type of Conversion Total mind blanked with all of the bells and whistles that the owner desires.
Initial/ After appearances: Initial appearance, A brunette with an athletic figure and blue-gray eyes in a heart-shaped face. A tight, runded ass and smallish breast. (Breast agumentation performed after mindblank)
Background(Jessica Franks was a run of the mill middle-class daughter of parents who had typical middle-class positions and did all of the typical things. Jessica was... difficult as a child and as a teen was often in trouble with the law over a number of petty crimes that didn't really amount to much.

Then, when she was 19, she married a man who's wife had died unexpectedly the year before. Although there were rumors that Jessica was somehow invlved, there was never any proof or evidence that the death had been anything but a normal drowning at the beach during vacation.

Then, about a year after the marriage, Jessica's husband was killed in a robbery gone wrong and the two children of the first marriage in school in Washington State. Jessica, it turned out, was the sole benefituary on the life insurance policy and the will had been changed shortly after their wedding to make her sole hier to the modest fortune that he had. In the end, Jessica stood to come into nearly a million bucks... but she had overlooked one detail that led to her plan unraveling and with the reopening of the first wife's case, Jessica found herself facing Death Row if the trial went badly. In a plea bargain, Jessica agreed to rat out the real killer of the first wife and her partner in her husband's death in return for life in prison. Although the children resisted the  bargain, they managed to insert a clause at the last minute that she would be turned into a doll with a blanked memory. They thought that it was fit for her to be a slave, a plaything for some man for the rest of her life rather than the thought of getting paroled someday or livng as a mockery of their father.

Offline insaneplotsTopic starter

Re: Synthedyne Corporation: Group RP Dolls and Owners wanted
« Reply #3 on: December 05, 2013, 06:44:46 pm »
Looks good I've been asked what the plot story the purpose behind the idea and I initially didn't have one.

 So I started working on one. Perhaps a newly developed high priced gated community basically all owners would be neighbors. This would allow players to interact even swapping dolls if wanted.

I'm open to ideas and even possibly a CO-GM for this plot.

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Re: Synthedyne Corporation: Group RP Dolls and Owners wanted
« Reply #4 on: December 05, 2013, 10:57:26 pm »
oh I'm interested in this . I might make a sheet later

Offline Barbarian

Re: Synthedyne Corporation: Group RP Dolls and Owners wanted
« Reply #5 on: December 06, 2013, 08:38:06 am »
I wish to participate and here's my guy =)

Name: Robin Kurk
Gender: Male
Owner or Doll: Owner
If doll type of Conversion: -
Owner (to be determined Either in game or in private.): -
Initial/ After appearances (pic of you want though the after is often determined by the owner.)

Robin was not always as reckless and careless as he is now.
He had a fine wife. He had a beautiful daughter. He was the top fighter in underground fighting clubs.
Then, nothing big happened. He just grew old.
He started to find it more and more difficult to take part in a fight. None wanted to watch an old man got beaten by more young and powerful smashers. He ran out of money, his wife was gone, daughter carved a new life for herself. Now, he stand all alone.
Then, he applied for ownership. Gave all his money and started to experience the dolls. Now, that's the only real joy he takes from life.
When commanding a doll, he is no more the old retired fighter. Once again, he feels the big man take control.

Hope that's fine...

Online Haibane

Re: Synthedyne Corporation: Group RP Dolls and Owners wanted
« Reply #6 on: December 06, 2013, 09:28:37 am »
Might we play two characters? Owner and doll? I can see myself enjoying both aspects of this. I like the idea of a community giving all the owners the opportunity to interact. Can I ask about the rectal and vaginal inserts? I assume these have the function only of sealing the bowels off so that the anus can be used for sex and in the vagina acting as a perfect contraceptive method. Is that right? The actual plastic membrane, presumably like the skin coating on the body is so thin (a few nanometres?) that full sensation of being touched is still felt. If you slap or spank the doll, she/he will feel it fully, etc.

Offline insaneplotsTopic starter

Re: Synthedyne Corporation: Group RP Dolls and Owners wanted
« Reply #7 on: December 06, 2013, 12:15:59 pm »
Yes, two characters can be played.

And the two implants are exactly what your thinking once converted into a doll simple nutrient capsules that are absorbed 100% into the body eliminate the need for normal food and therefore eliminating waste. So dolls no longer eat; their given a pill once a day in the morning to power them throughout the day. The implants are the same design as the skin they bond with and become part of the doll so no loss of feeling in either hole occurs. The coloring is usual meant to match the skin tone and color chosen, and yes exotic and even alien skin tones are possible.

Once at least five owners are made I recommend any dolls to either mark themselves as available to be owned so owners can discuss in private what their finished form will look like until all owners listed have a doll limit is one per owner.

Looks good Presumably he's figured an alternative means of income such as owning a gym to let the younger fighters train with a veteran. (would make sense to me)
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