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Author Topic: Blinkins Thinkins (RP Ideas and request)  (Read 7592 times)

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Blinkins Thinkins (RP Ideas and request)
« on: April 01, 2012, 11:22:59 AM »
Hello and thank you for taking a few moments to look at my request thread. :)

Let me begin by saying that any and all story concepts that I may offer, in this thread or others, are open to discussion, alteration and complete rewrites to better fit the interest of my partner(s). I welcome both your suggestions and story concepts as well.
My On’s and Off’s can be found here. I would suggest that you take a quick peek to make sure that we are compatible. As a general rule, if it's not in my Off's, I'm willing to try anything once... twice if I like it. ;)

A Little About Me
This is always a tough topic to tackle, so please bear with me.

I’ve been roleplaying and writing in one form or another for nearly 30 years; from the ancient BBS and MUDs to chatrooms and IM's to tabletop and LARP. These days, I'm only interested in writing/roleplaying in forums.[/justify

Blindness and Role-Playing

[size=22]I am blind.[/size][/i]

What this means is that while I can write in a descriptive, even colorful fashion, I cannot see images of any kind. While I appreciate that people like to have visual prompts to fuel their imaginations, I'm afraid that I can't see these images. This also means that I cannot offer images of my own for you to use without assistance. For what I feel are understandable reasons, I am reluctant to ask others to search for and provide me with an image for a story with another player. What I can do is give you as thorough of a description as you might like of the character that I intend to play and continue to add detail to the description to aid you in visualizing the character. If you must have such an image, I welcome you to pick something that would work for you and use it with my blessing. There is a detailed explanation on how I use computers in a spoiler at the bottom of this post for the curious.

A quick note on names, grammar and spelling. Because I don’t always get the correct spelling of names, due in part to how my screen reader pronounces names, I not only welcome corrections when I make a mistake, but ask for these corrections. As an example, Dana and Donna are pronounced differently, but my software pronounces both of them as “Donna”. In the same way, some words are not pronounced correctly and I make mistakes in spelling them. While I strive to get everything correct, if I make typoes, or everything isn’t grammatically perfect, I don't get overly concerned about it. As I suspect is true of most of us, I don’t have a Harvard English degree, so, if you expect a publishable level of quality from your partner… well, I may not be a good fit for you. This is a hobby, not a profession and I try to get things right; like everyone, I don't always succeed.

In a similar vein, some forms of punctuation are vital for me to understand what is being written. Proper usage of elements such as the period ).), apostrophy ('), capitalization, and the comma (,) allows my screen reader to properly read material that I'm trying to read. If you don't use a period and capitalization in particular, understanding what you are trying to convey is very, very difficult.

Pre-Play Discussions

I love to take the time to talk about the story, the characters and what each of us would like to get from a partnership. I believe that open lines of communications are a must. I love the process of developing characters, so you should expect some time to be spent before we think about starting a story; it's just one of those things that I need to do and this, coupled with discussions of the story itself, might take some time before I'm ready to start the easy part of writing in a thread.  It's when I feel rushed to begin the actual thread that I begin to feel my enthusiasm for the story diminish and I become reluctant to begin at all.

While I love to pre-plan a lot, I’m also a fan of letting the story flow where it will. When the characters take on a life of their own and they begin to guide the story, it really comes alive for me; It’s a living and breathing thing and we are just telling the story for it. Nothing is more enjoyable for me than to discover where things are going to go once we give it breath. Structure is good, but freedom is better!

Writing and Posting Patterns

I am a strong believer in the concept of quality over quantity. I don’t require a minimum number of words or paragraphs because it’s a flawed assumption that numbers make a good story; Any 5th grader can fill a page with words, but a word-smith can do the same with a paragraph. If you can get across what you’re trying to say in 4 or 5 sentenses, it’s fine. If you need 1,200 words, that’s ok too. If you require a certain number of paragraphs, or so many words in a post, I may not be the right fit for you. I can (obviously) produce a lot of content, but what am I really saying if my goal is to just put a lot of words into a post? I've read that politics is the art of saying nothing with as many words as possible; so lets try to not make role-play an example of political theory, shall we?

I try to respond to all of my threads within 72 hours. Unfortunately, life, the ISP or even the muse just doesn’t allow me to keep to this time frame. I have responded as often as 10 to 12 times a day if everything is working the right way, or a post every couple of days may be more realistic. If you don’t see a response from me by the end of a week, drop me a PM; I may not of seen the post or, as seems to happen more and more often, , my own post never got into the thread.

I always write in third person, past tense. This is just what I'm comfortable with and works best for me. I will not ask my partner to use the same writing style, but it is what I'm most comfortable with.

I play both male and female characters; I’ve been told on more than a few occasions that I play a convincing female. Of course, if you’re determined to find a flaw, you will, but overall, I think that I do a good job. At any rate, the sex of my partner and the sex of the character that they play has no bearing on my willingness to write with them. If you’re male and want to play a female, a hermaphrodite, a dog, hell, if you want to play an asteroid, it’s fine with me. Same with a female player. As long as you want to try to do it well, I’m happy to write with you.

Contacting Me

I am very old school about common courtesy; even if it’s not-so-common these days. If you PM me, I will give you a response. I feel that if you put forth the effort of writing to me that you deserve the respect of a response, even if that response is only a “No thank you”.

How The Blind Use A Computer

Yes, I Really Am Blind. So, How do I write and use a web-site?

I've been asked about this dozens of times since I've joined E, and I don't mind answering the question; if you never ask a question, you'll never get an answer, right?

But, after explaining it so many times, it dawned on me that perhaps I should just add it to my introduction and hope that while someone is hopefully reading this post, they'll read this part as well.

The short and sweet of it is that I use what is called a screen reader. This is a program, software application, or simply an app that converts text on a display into an audible format via speakers. The software "reads" the screen to me and then reads back to me what I type on the keyboard. The application is called JAWS, or Job Access For Windows, and is produced by Freedom Scientific in Florida. The program is pretty robust, but it has some limitations. First of all, it can't describe, or even tell me that there are graphics on the screen. So, when you send me an image, I don't even know that it's there if you don't point it out. I still can't see it, but i'll know that it's there at that point.

Another limitation is that it doesn't usually tell me about formatting in post or PM's. If I quote the text, I can see the marks, but just reading, it all looks the same. I do obviously use formatting, and that isn't a problem... just seeing it. Spelling of some words and names are also difficult, so I may not be aware that a name is spelled oddly or a particular word is misspelled. Some of those misspelled words are actually the correct spelling of a similar word and spell-checkers won't catch them. Typo's are a way of life for me and if it's an issue... there's not a lot that I can do for it.

That is, in a nutshell, how I communicate via the internet, computers and E with all of you. I hope that this has made sense to someone out there.

Thank you for reading this and my most current request can be found in the next post.


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Re: Blinkins Thinkins (RP Ideas and request)
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2012, 11:02:54 AM »
Here are some of the story concepts that I’m offering at the moment. Take a look at them and if something looks interesting, but not quite right, send me a PM with what you like about it and we can work toward something mutually enjoyable. Unless otherwise specified, I am happy to play either role in these story concepts.

As always, I’m interested in your own ideas, so if you have one you want to run past me, please do send it to me!

All names are just place markers and can be changed at will.

The Craving Scale:
<*>   No real craving at the moment.
<**>    Happy to play.
<***>    Want to Play!
<****>    God Yes!!!


What Happened In Vegas…
Content: M/F, light, humor, potential romance, potential kinks/fetishes.

One of New York’s social elite attends a batchlor’s party in Las Vegas only to wake up the next morning with a hang-over, a stripper in his bed and anew wife… What will his high-society fiance’ say when she finds out?

Full Description
Alex thought that it was a little tacky for the son of a texas billionaire to want to get married in ‘Vegas, but when your best-friend since your freshman year at an Ivy League university wants you to be the best man at his wedding, how do you say no?

On the other hand, a few days in Sin City could be fun... Lindsay, Alex's fiance' can't make it; she's heading up that big charity ball to save the dolphins... or is it baby seals? Siberian Tigers? It's so hard to keep up that a few days in Las Vegas sounds pretty good just to get away from all of the demands of being part of the social elite!

The first day goes well enough; all of the old gang is there and that means that all of the old habits reemerge... bar hopping, drinking, tall tales and strippers... Alex, fortunately, keeps his head well enough to remember that he's engaged to one of the daughters of an industry icon... and the families really want the union to be without any hint of scandal.

The Batchlor's party is a huge hit; good booze, good food and a stripper... there has to be a stripper... that's easy on the eyes. It's a real shame that Alex can't remember much of the party after the second stripper arrived.

The next morning, the hang-over is an unpleasant reminder that he wasn't in college anymore and mixing beer and the hard stuff always left him with the worst effects... It's about then that he realizes that he's not alone in the big bed... a female body.... that was easy to tell from the feel of breasts pressed against his chest, the body  sprawled across him; a careful touch of his hand on a nicely curved and firm backside confirmed that said female was also naked... That ruled out Lindsay; she never sprawled and never, ever, slept naked... and her rump wasn't as curved as this one.

He forced his eyes open and looked down at... he froze as he recognized the second stripper... the younger one... and his eyes caught on the diamond ring... the 3 carat if it was a chip diamond ring... and glanced back up into a pair of sleepy... lovely... eyes and a lazy smile.

"'Morning Honey, you sure can wear a girl out!" She stretched up and planted a kiss on his lips, "If the rest of our marriage is as good as the wedding night, I'm going to be a very happy girl!"

"Oh... my... God..."

The Bride’s Secret
Content: M/F, D/S, Cuckold, blackmail, potential kinks/fetishes.
Note: I would prefer to play the role of the wife in this story.

A newlywed wife is faced with a secret from her past when a former Dom reenters her life and demands her submission. How will it effect her marriage and relationship with her husband as she falls back under the control of her Master and has to struggle with the fact that a part of her wants it?

Full Description
They were newlyweds; just 4 months out from their wedding day when Emily sat down with her new husband and met his eyes, "Honey... I need to talk to you about... something." she started out slowly.

Rob looked at her and took her hands in his, "What's wrong Baby? Surely it can't be that bad." he said in a reassuring voice.

Emily closed her eyes and took a deep breath, "There's something that you don't know about me Rob... something in my past that I thought was locked away forever." She opened her eyes and looked into the eyes of the man that she loved, "Another man owns me." she said in a quick exhalation of air... maybe if she got it out, it would be easier.

"I don't understand..."

"When I was 18, I met someone... he was older, charming...intelligent... and I... became involved with him." She bit her lower lip and sighed, "I became his slave... when I went off to university, I thought that it was over... a little adventure that I could put into my memories... but when I came home for vacation or holidays, he was always there." She sniffled softly and a tear ran down her cheek, "Then, I met you and I told him that I was in love, that I couldn't do it anymore... he told me that I was free to love anyone."

Rob gave her a confused, concerned expression, "That's in the past Darling, it's not important."

Emily shook her head slowly, "No, it's not Rob... he has.... ordered that I return to him.... I can't disobey or my family will suffer... I love you Rob, but I can't refuse."

"That's horseshit, we'll call the cops, charge him with something-"

"No Rob. He has... information that would ruinall of our lives... I have to go to him... He requires my presence every weekend... you can have me the rest of the time... if you want a weekend, then he takes 4 days during the week." She was openly crying by that point, "Master is a very powerful man and he can take everything from us."

Rob shook his head slowly, "What will he ask you to do?"

"Whatever he wants Honey.... anything he wants."


Emily touched his lips with a fingertip, "You don't want to know what I've had to do in the past... trust me. The old agreement stands. He won't try to make any alterations to my body, but he can do with it as he wills... I'm sorry Honey." she wrapped her arms around him and buried her face in his shoulder, "Please don't hate me!"

Friends With Benefits
Content: M/F, Romance, potential pregnancy, potential kinks/fetishes.

Two life-long friends turn to each other after failed relationships for sex and discovers that there’s much more beneath the surface than either wants to admit.

Full Description
They had been the best of friends for as long as they could remember. They grew up next door to each other and even though they were boy and girl, in many ways, they were closer than siblings.

They had the first experimental kiss with each other when they were 10; played house and show and tell when they were 12. When they turned 16, they tried dating and it was... well disaster might of been too mild of a term. Still, they remained best friends and had few secrets from each other.

Perhaps it was just a bad break-up, or a hard divorce, but they find themselves single and dreading another try in the dating pool... but the itch still comes up and neither have ever been into one-night-stands... so what do you do? Maybe your best friend could help you out with some no-strings attached sex? What could it hurt?

The down side is that nothing is ever without strings...

You Belong With Me!
Content: M/F, Teens, Romance, Potential Kinks/Fetishes.

She’s loved him since grade school, watched him go through all the aches and pains of puberty and the ups and downs of dating and he never knew that she was the one for him… Until his latest fight with his girlfriend and she makes a daring move. Can their friendship survive the transition from best-friends to dating couple or will he even return her affections?

Full Description
April sat on the edge of his bed, her eyes following him as he paced back and forth, 5 steps from one wall to the other; she had counted them many times and knew that he had taken 53 of them tonight. Tom was… well, not ranting… letting off steam maybe? He had called her half an hour before, needing someone to talk to after the latest fight with his cheerleader girlfriend, Hope… the bitch! April hoped that the little slut would get a clue this time… or at least Tom would and not take her back again… Afterall, Hope didn’t really care about him; not the way that April did.

April had been in love with Tom since that first day of school in the 3rd grade when she had been the new girl and he had shared his PB&J with her after Hope had stolen her own lunch… the bitch! Hope didn’t know his favorite song… didn’t care that his favorite color was red… she didn’t bother to find out that Tom wanted to be an archetech and loved drawing. She didn’t even know thatTom hated peas… But April did know and a lot more to boot!

April wasn’t a cheerleader, but she didn’t lack for attractiveness, or invitations to go out… she just didn’t want to date anyone but Tom… and he didn’t think of her as anything more than a friend… which had been the subject of the fight and that steamed April to no end! Hope had demanded that Tom stop spending any time at all with April… that he should be spending every waking moment with her! As if they had anything in common.

Finally, Tom fell back on the bed and blew out a breath. “It’s over this time, I’m tired of the hot and cold thing.” He pronounced as she turned and looked down at him. Was this her chance? Could she finally make him see that he belonged with her? With a pounding in her chest that rivaled the wasp in her stomach, he suddenly leaned over and kissed him… hard… When she pulled back, she looked into his eyes and hoped that he wasn’t thinking about Hope.

Mistaken For A Student
Content: M/F, ageplay, Teacher/Student, Reluctant Concent, Potential Romance, Potential Kinks/Fetishes.

A new, young looking teacher is mistaken for a student and finds herself the object of affection of a Senior. A series of unanticipated events leaves her conflicted as she reluctantly takes on the role of girlfriend while he draws her deeper into a relationship that she can’t seem to refuse.

Full Description

It had all started out as a misunderstanding, but as often happens in nature, one little stone soon becomes a landslide…

When Catherine Lancaster decided to wear that light sundress in consession to the early May heat, she hadn’t realized just what kind of mistake she might be making. As the new History teacher for Brookvalley High, she was still on a probationary status after coming in in late March to replace a sudden retirement, but she felt secure in the fact that with just a few more weeks, the school would sign a contract for a long term assignment. At 26, her first teaching position was a big deal and she wanted to get things off with the right step. The only unfortunate element that she would admit to is that she looked younger than she was; she still got carded when buying wine and without the conservative outfits that some might of called severe, she would easily pass for a teenager… so she made sure that she looked even older than she was to compensate… and she was known as a little stand-offish as a result. But, students respected her and the school board had only glowing reports on her.

The school year was almost over and the summer heat had come surprising early and with a vengeance… What would it hurt to dress down just a little on a Friday and not suffer in the morning sun-filled classroom? Unfortunately, she hadn’t considered just how standing before the windows might outline her figure through the light material and request to open another window soon became an obvious attempt by the male students to get another look at her legs through the lightweight cotton. She put a stop to that quick, but the damage had been done and she would just have to make sure that she avoided standing between the windows and the class.

Things had been under control until 5th period when Amy, a girl not overly gifted with intellect left her gym bag in class. It wasn’t hard to identify the bag as it had “Amy” stincled all over it in bright, happy colors of all kinds and shapes. With the last class of the day free for work, Cathy thought that she would just walk the bag to Amy’s next class, drop it off and that would be that. Amy would have her bag and Cathy wouldn’t have to store it for the girl… Fate can be fickle sometimes.

On the way to her destination, Cathy paused at the vending machines outside of the cafeteria and plunked quarters in for a bottled water; Amy’s bag sitting by her feet… she didn’t see the boy step up and say “Hi!” behind her… With a yelp and a step back, Cathy went sprawling over the bag; her skirt flapping up to show her panties as she clutched her heart, “Don’t do that!” was off her lips before she realized that she was flashing the boy and she struggled to untangle herself from Amy’s bag and push her dress back into place… before she knew what was happening, the boy had her by the wrist, yanked her up… causing her to stagger into him in the process.

“You must be new Amy, I’m Tony.” The teenager said with a little grin; misinterpreting her leaning in and parted lips, Cathy found herself being kissed… thoroughly… When the kiss broke, she tried to tell him that she wasn’t Amy, but a teacher… but the sound of footsteps in the hall distracted her and she looked to see who was coming down the hall…

Principle Morgan was just turning the corner and the suddenly panic filled teacher couldn’t be seen in the arms of a student! Without thinking, she grabbed Tony’s hand and dragged him into a janitor’s closet… Tony misunderstood and Cathy suddenly felt hands on her ass with Principle Morgan pausing in the hall… picking up the bag! Cathy couldn’t risk speaking and her best efforts to keep Tony’s hands away from her ass just led to hands under her dress!

It only seemed seconds before her panties had disappeared and Tony was pressing between her legs, lips keeping her from speaking as something hard pressed against her and she lost all control of the situation…How was she going to explain that she wasn’t a teenage girl named Amy before Tony knew more about her than she had a brazillian cut?

The Futa Daughter
Content: F/F, D/S, Futa, incest, possible pregnancy, potential kinks/fetishes.

A young woman comes home from her first semester at university with some unexpected bits and her mother is suddenly the target of her lust.

Full Description
"Mrs. Sugarbaker? Good afternoon, this is Dean This is Dean WIlliams, from the university... Oh no, nothings wrong Mrs. Sugarbaker. I'm just calling you to inform hyou that there's been an.... ummm... bug running about your daughter, Rachel's dorm and several of the girls have been effected... No, she's fine, I promise. She had a couple of days of  some aches and pains, but everythings fine now...Why am I calling then? Well, umm... We're shutting down the university for a few days and sending all of the students home while we try to figure out what happened. Rachel should be home this weekend and we didn't want parents to be concerned... ok, thank you, bye." Venessa Williams hung up the phone and leaned back in her chair, her eyes closed for a moment before she reached down and ran her hands through the head bobbing on her new cock. "That's good Laura, really good." she breathed out in pleasure. She had her skirt pushed up about her waist and looked down at at the dean of the school and grinned. "Amazing what you can do when the parents don't pay attention." the 20 year old said and laughed for a few minutes.

There had been a bug, well, a flu like sickness that had ran like wildfire through one of the dorms. No one was sure what happened, but after a couple of days of feeling as sick as a dog, every girl in the dorm woke up with a nice, hard cock and balls and a sex drive that was virtually insatiable... Venessa herself had been one of the first to realize that when she got aroused, she could get women to do just about anything and she had taken advantage of it, like all of the girls in the dorm... but now, there wasn't an non-impregnated woman on campus and the board had paniced. Her friend Rachel was going to have to find her own relief at home for a couple of weeks. "Mmm Dean, going to cum Sweetie." she said with a groan; the 42 year old dean of the university redoubled her efforts, her fingers stroking her wet folds as she got her reward, a nice, big load of cum right down her throat...

Elements that I want to try but don't have storie concepts for
Anal Training/Stretching
Breasts/nipple play/bondage
Incest, Brother/Sister
Incest, Father/Daughter
MILF/Older woman/younger man
Original characters in fandoms
Regency Era
Super-hero romance
Virgin character
And many that I haven't thought of yet.

See My One Shots Here!
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