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Author Topic: Blinkins Thinkins (RP Ideas and request)  (Read 7058 times)

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Blinkins Thinkins (RP Ideas and request)
« on: April 01, 2012, 11:22:59 AM »
Hello and welcome to my request thread.

Let me begin by saying thank you for taking a couple of minutes to see what Iím offering at the moment. Be sure to check back regularly; the concepts change fairly often. I understand that the story concepts may seem somewhat specific, but I am always willing to alter or adjust a concept to fit what interests my partner(s), may have. In the same vein, I'm thrilled to hear your own ideas, suggestions or concepts and work up something together that both of us would want to write.

My Onís and Offís can be found here. I would suggest that you take a quick peak to make sure that we are compatable. As a general rule, if it's not in my Off's, I'm willing to try anything once... twice if I like it. ;)

A Little About Me
This is always a tough topic to tackle, so please bear with me.

Iíve been role-playing and writing for nearly 30 years in a variety of formats that include, but are not limited to table-top, LARP, IM, Chatrooms, Email, and forums. At this time, I only write/role-play in forums; My online time is much too random in both time and duration for instant-messenger role-play.

Blindness and Role-Playing
I am blind. What that means is that while I can write in a descriptive, even colorful fashion, I cannot see images of any kind. While I appreciate that people like to have visual prompts to fuel their imaginations, I'm afraid that I can't offer or see images offered to me. What I can do is give you as thorough of a description as you might like of the character that I intend to play and continue to add detail to the description to aid you in visualizing the character. If you must have such an image, I welcome you to pick something that would work for you and use it with my blessing. There is a detailed explanation on how I use computers in a spoiler at the bottom of this post.

A quick note on names, grammar and spelling. Because I donít always get the correct spelling of names, due in part to how my screen reader pronounces names, I not only welcome corrections when I make a mistake, but ask for these corrections. As an example, Dana and Donna are pronounced differently, but my software pronounces both of them as ďDonnaĒ. In the same way, some words are not pronounced correctly and I make mistakes in spelling them. While I strive to get everything correct, if I make typoes, or everything isnít grammatically perfect, I don't get overly concerned about it. As I suspect is true of most of us, I donít have a Harvard English degree, so, if you expect a publishable level of quality from your partnerÖ well, I may not be a good fit for you.

Iím not sure where it became proper grammar to drop the ď Ď ď from contractions such as "I'll," "He'll," or "I'm", but please, please, please use it. This is more an issue with my software, but it makes things much, much more difficult to read when you donít use punctuation. This also means the all important period and comma are vital to me understanding what you are saying.

Pre-Play Discussions
I love to take the time to talk about the story, the characters and what each of us would like to get from a partnership. I believe that open lines of communications are a must. I love the process of developing characters, so you should expect some time to be spent before we think about starting a story; it's just one of those things that I need to do and this, coupled with discussions of the story itself, might take weeks before I'm ready to start the easy part of writing in a thread. It's vital, in my view, to have these discussions and to understand what both of us want out of the partnership and it cannot be rushed. It's most often when I feel like I'm being pressed to go straight to a thread before we have the basics down that I tend to lose enthusiasm in a project and may even step away entirely if it gets to be too rushed for me.

While I love to pre-plan a lot, Iím also a fan of letting the story flow where it will. When the characters take on a life of their own and they begin to guide the story, it really comes alive for me; Itís a living and breathing thing and we are just telling the story for it. Nothing is more enjoyable for me than to discover where things are going to go once we give it breath. Structure is good, but freedom is better!

Writing and Posting Patterns
I am a strong believer in the concept of quality over quantity. I donít require a minimum number of words or paragraphs because itís a flawed assumption that numbers make a good story; Any 5th grader can fill a page with words, but a word-smith can do the same with a paragraph. If you can get across what youíre trying to say in 4 or 5 sentenses, itís fine. If you need 1,200 words, thatís ok too. If you require a certain number of paragraphs, or so many words in a post, I may not be the right fit for you. I can (obviously) produce a lot of words, but what am I really saying if my goal is to just put a lot of words into a post? I've read that politics is the art of saying nothing with as many words as possible; so lets try to not make role-play an example of political theory, shall we?

I try to respond to all of my threads within 72 hours. Unfortunately, life, the ISP or even the muse just doesnít allow me to keep to this time frame. I can respond as often as a dozen times a day if everything is working the right way, or a post every couple of days may be more realistic. If you donít see a response from me by the end of a week, drop me a PM; I may not of seen the post or, as seems to happen more and more often, , my own post never got into the thread.

I always write in third person, past tense. This is just what I'm comfortable with and works best for me.

My Partner's Sex
I play both male and female characters; Iíve been told on more than a few occasions that I play a convincing female. Of course, if youíre determined to find a flaw, you will, but overall, I think that I do a good job. Anyway, the sex of my partner and the sex of the character that they play has no bearing on my willingness to write with them. If youíre male and want to play a female, a hermaphrodite, a dog, hell, if you want to play an asteroid, itís fine with me. Same with a female player. As long as you want to try to do it well, Iím happy to try with you.

Contacting Me
I am very old school about common courtesy; even if itís not-so-common these days. If you PM me, I will give you a response. I feel that if you put forth the effort of writing to me that you deserve the respect of a response, even if that response is only a ďNo thank youĒ. Iím saddened to see that so few people feel that they owe common courtesy and respect to anyone anymoreÖ the world is, if you ask me, a little bit darker for that loss.

Writing Sample?

If you need, or would just like to see how I write, please click one of the links below.Forgivable Deceptions
When Jack Met Kristie

How The Blind Use A Computer
Yes, I Really Am Blind. So, How do I write and use a web-site?

I've been asked about this dozens of times since I've joined E, and I don't mind answering the question; if you never ask a question, you'll never get an answer, right?

But, after explaining it so many times, it dawned on me that perhaps I should just add it to my introduction and hope that while someone is hopefully reading this post, they'll read this part as well.

The short and sweet of it is that I use what is called a screen reader. This is a program, software application, or simply an app that converts text on a display into an audible format via speakers. The software "reads" the screen to me and then reads back to me what I type on the keyboard. The application is called JAWS, or Job Access For Windows, and is produced by Freedom Scientific in Florida. The program is pretty robust, but it has some limitations. First of all, it can't describe, or even tell me that there are images on the screen. So, when you send me an image, I don't even know that it's there if you don't point it out. I still can't see it, but i'll know that it's there at that point.

Another limitation is that it doesn't usually tell me about formatting in post or PM's. If I quote the text, I can see the marks, but just reading, it all looks the same. I do obviously use formatting, and that isn't a problem... just seeing yours. Spelling of some words and names are also difficult, so I may not be aware that a name is spelled oddly or a particular word is misspelled. Some of those misspelled words are actually the correct spelling of a similar word and spell-checkers won't catch them. Typo's are a way of life for me and if it's an issue... there's not a lot that I can do for it.

That is, in a nutshell, how I communicate via the internet, computers and E with all of you. I hope that this has made sense to someone out there.

Thank you for reading this and my most current request can be found in the next post.


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  • I try to be good, but it's such hard work!
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Re: Blinkins Thinkins (RP Ideas and request)
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2012, 11:02:54 AM »
Here are some of the story concepts that I’m offering at the moment. Take a look at them and if something looks interesting, but not quite right, send me a PM with what you like about it and we can work toward something mutually enjoyable. Unless otherwise specified, I am happy to play either role in these story concepts.

As always, I’m interested in your own ideas, so if you have one you want to run past me, please do send it to me!

All names are place markers and can be changed at will.

The Craving Scale:
<*>   No real craving at the moment.
<**>    Happy to play.
<***>    Want to Play!
<****>    God Yes!!!

Spy On The Wall
Content: Human, M/F, Orol, Vaginal, possible Anal,  light, , NC to C, Mind Control, various kinks.

When a Allied spy is captured in World War II, she can’t possibily understand what she’s in for. She’s about to become a test subject for a new Nazi serum that’ll set her body on fire and break down her resistance in ways that she would never of thought possible.

Detailed Description
Elizabeth Dobbs, even at the tender age of 25, had already made a name for herself among the intelligence departments of the Allied forces; Intelligent, beautiful and some might even say ruthless, she had worked her way into occupied France, made contact with the Resistance and through them, into the very heart of the German regional command… and the information that she relayed back to London was always good. She was quickly one of their most important assets and they did everything to keep her identity a secret from even the most determined Nazi spy…. But had they done a good enough job?

It didn’t hurt that Elizabeth looked every bit the part of the perfect arian… Long, thick blonde hair, lovely blue eyes and the kind of cheekbones that could cut the iron cross. Standing at 5’9, she was everything that a SS trooper could dream of… and she used all of her assets. It had taken her nearly a year, but she was the lover of an SS colonel and the information that she got from him was her bread and butter… not to mention what she picked up as his escort to all of the important functions of the Party… She was the golden goose.

But, things weren’t as good as they seemed… She had been compromised weeks before when her contact had been captured; she just hadn’t known it… until she woke up.

Heidi Kirchmeir woke slowly; her mind taking it’s time after what had been a long night of a party, then a longer night of sex before they had fallen asleep… or had they had sex? It was hard to remember. Suddenly, her blue eyes snapped open and it took only seconds for her to understand that she had been captured. She pulled her arms, but discovered that they had been restrained above her head; a similar test with her legs revealed the same thing. She was alone for the moment in a bare room with only the bed that she lay in and a bright light in the ceiling above her… and she realized suddenly, naked. “Not good.” She said softly, but was still confident that she could get out of this… she just had to stick to her cover and they’ll realize that they had bad information… or something.

The door opened then and a man in a lab coat entered, followed by a man she didn’t know. She felt her skin flush and tried, without luck, to cover her nakedness.

“That is alright.” The stranger said in lightly accented English, “It won’t matter soon.”

Elizabeth let her eyes go wide, she had never hidden that she could speak English, although it was heavily accented… thanks to her training. “Wh-what am I doing here?” she asked in that accented language, “I-I don’t understand… I am a loyal Party member!”

“You are a spy!” the stranger screamed almost into her face, “And you will soon be a spy for Germany.” In a calmer tone.

“No, I-I am not a spy… Talk to Herman, he knows , I-I am just a school teacher in-“

“Silence!” he roared and suddenly grabbed her bare left breast in an iron grip. She yelped and struggled, but a needle was pulled from his pocket and plunged into the side of the firm, rounded mound! An amber liquid was injected and removed… and he stepped back. “You will be much more talkative in an hour or so… that is a new drug that will make you… relax.”

Even as he spoke, she felt a warmth spreading through her body and her nipples tightened. “Wh-what have you done to me!?!?”

“That will arouse you… make you feel a need stronger than you’ve ever pretended… and each time you climax, it will grow stronger… Now, I’ll leave you alone for a couple of hours… you’ll be quite ready when I return.”

Without another word, the stranger and the silent doctor left the room.

Elizabeth… Heidi… felt herself begin to wet and in spite of herself, rubbed her thighs together in a vain attempt to ease the already growing heat in her core.

The Kiss
Content: Human, M/F, Orol, Vaginal, possible Anal,  light, romance, various kinks.

A geek wins a date with one of the cheerleaders and at the end of the date, the required good night kiss blows her socks off. Burdoned with a jock boy-friend that she thinks that she loves, in spite of the troubled relationship, she can’t stop thinking about the kiss and wondering if it was a fluke… there’s really only one way to find out… but can she keep a growing attraction for a attentive, thoughtful boy to herself and how will she deal with the boy-friend that she’s expected to have?

Detailed Description
They had all known that the dates wouldn’t all be great; that some of them might even have to go out with a geek… or worse… if you could imagine such a thing! But, it was in the name of school spirit and the money raised from the raffle would go a long ways to getting the new cheerleder uniforms that everyone wanted and maybe a little more.

For just $20, any guy attending Brook Valley High could have a chance to go out on a date with a Cheerleader. A real dinner, an after dinner event and most important of all… a good-night kiss at her door!

Needless to say, the boy-friends of the cheerleaders weren’t happy about the whole thing, but as it was for the school, they reluctantly agreed and the raffle was announced. The results were overwhelming as out of the total male population of the school, 300 guys ranging from freshmen to seniors, over a thousand tickets were bought! On the night of the raffle, the stands were nearly packed with students wanting to see who got the 10 cheerleaders… and as each ticket was pulled from the tank by a cheerleader, the winners were brought down to the 50 yard line and stood with their cheerleader… including  Brian Warner, our hero.

The date, planned for the next Friday Night, went surprisingly well for Brian and his cheerleader, Amy Miller; a pleasant dinner with a thoughtful and excited geek, a movie that he asked her to pick out… a chick flick… and a stroll around the park and actually interesting conversation to make it all seem like a successful date. But, it was just the one date and Brian understood that.

When they pulled up to her house, he walked her to the door, like a gentleman and the moment of truth… the one that Amy had been dreading all week was at hand. Her intention was a quick brush of lips and a hurried “Good Night.” But what she got was… something else. Brian wasn’t going to let things end on a lack-luster peck… he had always had a crush on this particular cheerleader and when the moment came, he threw everything that he had into the kiss! Was it natural talent? The surprise? Or maybe something even special would be the question on both of their minds as their lips finally parted and the only thing holding her up was his arms and she had no trouble telling that he was excited. As they leaned into each other… “Holy shit!” she thought and pulled away and with a shaky breath whispered good night.

Amy was plagued by dreams and thoughts all night over what the kiss had done to her… he hadn’t been the only one excited when they had parted… and wondering what it might be like to kiss him again… who would of guessed that a geek could kiss like that!

An Office Affair
Content: Human, M/F, ORAL, VAGINAL, POSSIBLE ANAL,  light, possible romance, cheating, various kinks

At an office party, two co-workers are drinking a little too much and trying hard to not remember that their spouses had more important things to to be there with them. As the drinks flow and inhabitions lower, they find themselves together in an office. Frustration leads to hot, furious and surprisingly satisfying sex on a desk. In the days and weeks that follow, an affair develops and romance blossoms. The question is… can they hide it from their spouses?

Full description
It’s the first of the holiday’s office parties at the advertising offices of Bergman, Long and Short. The alcohol is flowing and the company throws a pretty good party so things are getting a little rowdy. Two of the exec’s are hitting the punch a little harder than usual as their spouses had “more important” things to do than an office party with their spouse. So, it’s forced them to either stay home, or go stag… But, if they don’t go, that potential promotion to partner may well become a dead-end career for one or both.

When the alcohol flows so freely though, anger and frustration can turn to inhabition and wreckless passion

In an empty office, the two co-workers find themselves complaining in the beginning… then a heated kiss just to say “There!”… and before either of them knows it, they’re half naked and laying over a desk in a heated, passionate embrace and the smell of arousal and release is thick in the steamy air.

When they’ve solbered up, the realization of what they’ve done comes crashing down; they may not of just screwed each other, but their marriages and careers! After all, the firm takes a very dim view of work-place relationships and the boss is more than taking a casual look in their direction.

But, once the genie is out of the bottle, it’s hard to put it back… One great romp is rarely enough and the temptation is more than ever as they work closely together… can they resist the attraction of someone who might have been the perfect match in different circomstances? Do they really want to? With two marriages already on the rocks, who do you turn to when things become too much… and you know that they look damned good naked!

Oh… My… GOD!
Content: Human, M/F, ORAL, VAGINAL, POSSIBLE ANAL,  Ageplay, affair, large penis, lactation, possible romance and potential kinks.

A new neighbor discovers a younger, well-endowed man skinny-dipping in her pool. Left alone and untouched for weeks, she surrenders to her desires and the lure of a viril younger lover.

Full Description
Our hero is a fairly typical teenager with fairly typical problems that all teenagers have. Parents that want to know too much, teachers that he hates, a car that was made in the last century, and a part-time job that pays next to nothing… and a problem that most teenage boys wished that they had; a cock that would make a porn star envious. The only problem with having a huge dick was that girls may want to see it and touch it, but… “You want to put that where? Don’t think so!” Even he had to admit, it was daunting to think about squeezing what he had into something that small.

Our heroine, the new neighbor, is a fairly typical MILF; mother of a 6 month old little girl and a stay-at-home wife of 5 years; life is both great and sucks the big one. Her husband works too much, is away more than he’s home and all but stopped paying attention to her needs at about the 6 month mark of her pregnancy… So, while there’s plenty of money these days, she spends most of her time alone in the big house and has to sneak attack her husband to get any loving at all.

So, in a typically predictable way, when our hero sneaks into the neighbor’s back yard for a little skinny-dip, he gets caught by the new neighbor’s wife and his not so little surprise is in it’s full glory. Our new mother hasn’t been touched in weeks and the thought of such a lovely dick relieving all of that pent-up frustration is just too much to bear. She can show him what all of those teenage girls could never; it’ll just be their big secret!

The Red Dress
Content: Human, M/F, ORAL, VAGINAL, POSSIBLE ANAL,  Flirting, Possible Romance and Potential Kinks

A Man is caught staring at an irresistible woman in a red dress at a party. When their paths cross, sparks fly.

Full Description
It’s the big social event of the season and of course, you have to attend… it’s both expected and almost mandatory when you’re involved with the big names of the community… Even if it’s so boring that you would rather watch golf tournaments. The same old people, the same old chit-chat… the same old rubber chicken and dry rice… Except...

The crowd parts for a moment and your eyes lock on the red dress among all of the same drab outfits and your head turns so fast that you’re surprised that you don’t hear bones breaking… She’s stunning… no, not just stunning… she’s literally breath-taking!and your head stops in it’s scan of the room… your

Long, silken blonde tresses fall down a bare back and deep, dark blue eyes meets yours a moment before she throws her head back in a full bellied laugh that leaves a long, slender neck taunt… Full, perfect globes of flesh cupped by the strapless dress… a narrow waist that fills out into full, rounded hips and a rear that would of made blind men drool.. and the legs… wonderful, long, beautiful legs… It’s no wonder why you can’t take your eyes off of her as she smiles almost shily at you from across the room.

Then, she’s moving through the room toward you; hips swaying with a feline grace as her legs eats up the floor. Full red lips sip at a glass of champaign as she meets your eyes again, “Do you always look at strange women like that?” she asked and the once shy smile turns into a grin that promises much more than a polite interest, “That could get you into all kinds of mischief…” Her grin turns mischief, “Do you like mischief?”

Roomie Snafu!
Content: Human, M/F, ORAL, VAGINAL, POSSIBLE ANAL,  college life, reluctance, Possible Romance, potential Kinks.

A female university student unexpectedly finds herself sharing a dorm room with a male student and isn’t happy about it… but you know about Snafu… it goes to fubar faster than a politician to a reporter!

Full Description
It’s Samantha’s big day; the point that she struggled for 4 years to reach… the first day at University! After a 5 hour drive, she’s finally out of her parent’s house and standing on campus all on her own.

Admittedly, the hour and a half wait to get her room assignment and key wasn’t particularly thrilling… nor was searching for a parking spot less than half a mile from the dorm… Come to think about it, climbing 3 flights of stairs with her arms straining to drag 3 bags and a laptop really didn’t rate at the top of the list of great experiences for that matter… But she stood outside of her door and that was what counted, right?

When she slips the key into the door, the door is suddenly pulled open to reveal an utterly gorgeous guy standing there with a beer in one hand and a poptart in the other… wearing nothing but a pair of boxers with dozens of little Scooby-Doo heads all over them… which is worse? The guy in her room… or that he’s wearing those ridiculous shorts?

Danny had finally gotten his room assignment and with his bags dumped on the bottom bunk of the dorm room bunkbed set, he’s sweaty, tired and all he wants is a shower. He’s just tossed his jeans onto the bed, a towel almost in hand, he jumps as a shreak fills the room. He spins around and blinks at the girl standing in the doorway with an armload of bags… She’s kinda cute, but she should be in Hollywood doing horror flicks with a scream like that! “Can I help you?” he asks in a friendly tone.

“What are you doing in my room!” Sam demands in a not quite calm voice at the mild question. Her bags hit the floor with a thud as her hands finally give out… thank God the laptop is on a strap!

“Your room?” Danny asked politely; he was already getting the idea here… it wouldn’t bother him, but apparently it was upsetting her… time to have some fun! “This is my room, I was assigned to 327 and-“ He looked at the number on the door, “-this is 327.”

 “That’s impossible, I’m assigned to 327 and… well, you’re a guy…. You have to go.”

Danny arches an eyebrow, “Nope, this was the last room on campus and I’m staying…  Then he smiles, “They must of misspelled my name, I’m sure that it’s an honest mistake. We’ll get it worked out tomorrow.”

“What!?” Sam yells, “You can’t stay here, you’re… well… you’re a guy and we can’t share a room! I’m going to call them now and get this fixed.” She wonders off in a huff to make a call.

2 hours later and the best Sam could get was that she was free to come into the admin offices tomorrow afternoon and try to get a new room assignment, but pickings are slim and she would likely have to go on a waiting list. Just suck it up for 1 night, she tells herself and bites the bullet She can handle 1 night in a dorm room with a boy… as long as he doesn’t try to pull anything.

But Danny is already thinking about the cute ass that’s dragging in her suitcases.. [/justify]

Redemption Can Be Hell!
Content: Human, M/F, ORAL, VAGINAL, POSSIBLE ANAL,  gender transformation, romance and potential kinks.
Note: In this story,I would prefer to play the role of Joe.

A mob hit man is killed at the wrong time and is sent back in the body of a young, married woman. Confusion, hijinks and adjustments to a new bodyfills a story about redemption and saving a soul.

Full Description
Joe Costa was good at his job; you might even say one of the best in the world. He had a reputation that even his ferocious competitors respected. Unfortunately, it also tended to make for some positively lethal competition. Joe, you see, was a hired killer. He worked for anyone who could pay his fee. The mob(s), governments, wives of rich husbands, spoiled little rich girls… anyone.

It was, of course, the last category that put him into his current mess. One snotty little rich boy gone to a drug over-dose and Daddy dearest took matters into his own hands. Joe was heading home from the airport several months later when he punched the button to his car’s lock… and the minivan beside him exploded. With a flash of white light, the hit-man was on his way to… a subway train?

When Joe opened his eyes, the clickity-clack of wheels on tracks came to him first, the nearly full subway car was next… and the knock-out blond sitting beside him didn’t take more than a couple of nano-seconds more to notice. “Hello Joe, whatcha know?” she asked with a positively angelic smile on her full lips. “Heavens, I’ve been waiting for ever to say that!” She said with a soft giggle.

Joe looked at the woman, met corn-flower blue eyes and couldn’t stop his eyes from traveling down over generous breasts under a white t-shirt, or the long, lovely legs coming out of a pair of running shorts. Right down to the bright white keds on her feet. “How do you know my name?”

“Oh, I know everything about you Joe.” She said and leaned in close, “The Big Guy gave the briefing himself.” She made a general wave in the air with a slender hand, “It’s my job to know Joe.” She winked playfully at him, “Joe Andrew Costa, born December 7th, 1985 Mother Julia, father Larry. Two siblings, Margo and Frank… no kids and you like action-movies, red-heads with blue eyes, long legs and not much in the brains department… oh, and you have a weakness for dogs.”

Joe scowled, “Big deal, not exactly classified information.”

“You’re also responsible for 22 deaths, prefer a silenced .25 semi-auto Smith and Wesson, and drink Glen Livitt with a slice of lime… what’s up with that? And have been a really bad boy since the age of 13…. You’re first time was with a girl named Wendy, who was 15 years old and you had a puppy named Vince when you were 7…. The file is quite complete.”

“Who in hell are you!” Joe asked, real concern entering his voice now, “And where in hell am I?”

“Purgatory Joe, not Hell… yet… and I’m an angel. You see Joe, I escort lost souls to Hell and saved ones to Heaven… you’re kinda in between for the moment.” She paused as the car stopped with a squeal of brakes and a door opened. A woman who looked remarkably like the blonde beside of him walked a boy in gang colors to the door and out into darkness. “That’s Emilio, he got a non-stop ticket.”

The angel looked at Joe then, “Ok Joe, time to get down to business. You would normally have gotten the same ticket, but things got… confused… with you. You see, you weren’t supposed to die for another 3 weeks… Someone made a deal with Lucy and knocked you off early. There’s every likelihood that in that time, you would have done something to save you from your fate, but you can’t do it now… So, we have a problem. The Man Up Stairs sees something in you to redeem but you’re bound for Hell… in 3 weeks.”

Joe looked at her, “I don’t believe in this shit, There’s no God, no Satan and no Hell.”

Angel sighed, “Belief is not required Joe, only acts count. And, you might have done something to save your soul… but we’ll never know. So, you’re getting an offer that hasn’t been given since… oh… probably Charlemagne’s time. You can go on to Hell or…” she smiled again, that angelic smile, “Or, we can send you back and see if you can redeem yourself…. Wait!” She said and held up a hand, “There’s terms and conditions to going back.”

She held up a finger, “Your body is gone, so you’ll go back as someone else. You’ll go back as whoever’s body is available at the instant of your decision.” She held up a second finger, “You’ll have one year to redeem yourself. If you don’t, you go straight to the big bar-b-cue in the basement.”

Joe felt a headache coming on, “And?” he asked without much enthusiasm.

Angel held up a third finger, “You must find love.” She quickly held up a fourth and fifth finger, “You must bring light into a lonely life.” She held up a sixth finger, “And you must provide, protect and nurture a life.” She looked at the six fingered hand, “Cool trick, huh?” she asked and laughed softly. “So, what’s it going to be joe?”

Joe didn’t really think twice… well, not three times at least. “Give me the shot… doesn’t sound so hard.”

“Ok Joe, back you go.” And she slapped him so hard that he saw stars, “You bastard.”

When Joe’s vision cleared, he was looking up at a water-stained tiled ceiling, the sounds of beeping coming from his left and the sound of a male voice from the right. “There’s good news and bad news Mr. Harris.” Joe faded in and out for a second, -he’s going to be ok, the injury was not life threatening, but don’t be surprised if-“His head ached badly and he felt strange… he supposed that it was a new body, but breathing seemed a little difficult… a weight on his chest.

“-he doesn’t recognize you immediately. Some memory loss is normal… it was a bad explosion and while the other cars acted like a shield for the flying metal, the blast caused some swelling of the brain. It was touch and go for a couple of minutes, but-“The sound of movement and Joe turned his head to see a doctor standing beside the hospital bed, a young man standing there looking down at him. “-Oh, you’re awake Jo, good. We’re glad to have you back again.”

The man leaned down and kissed him lightly on the forehead, “Jo!” he gasped and nearly sobbed, “It’s ok Baby, and you’re ok.” His hand was squeezed lightly, but the doctor stepped in, “Now, Mr. Harris, your wife needs rest and we need to run some test. But, I don’t see any reason why she can’t go home in the morning.”

I Need A Hero!
Content: Human, M/F, ORAL, VAGINAL, POSSIBLE ANAL,  pulp action, world-jumping, romance, humor, potential kinks

When an established writer faces her ex-husband’s’s debt collectors, who break bones for the interest, she’s in deep trouble… until her fictional hero appears behind her and cleans house. Unfortunately, with a fictional hero, things never go quite the way that you expect!

Full Description
[justified]Lindsay Miller is the author of a surprisingly successful series of books featuring a pulpish hero named Rick McKnight, a dashing, daring good guy with a little bad added in just for flavor. He’s good with a gun, good with his fist and good with the ladies, but he’s bad at staying out of trouble… Needless to say he’s the new Dirk Pitt of fiction andLindsay’s never been happier. Well, there is that thing with her ex-husband’s gambling debts that she’s paying off… and that blow-up over the dog… and she can’t seem to remember what happened to her birth control pills, but who cares when you have a hundred bucks in the bank and a deadline!

Unfortunately, things have a way of biting you in the ass when you least expect it and guess what? Yep, you’re least expecting it in about 10 minutes. A knock on the door and then some banging and yelling. “Big Dan Mann wants his money and either you cough up the 50G’s,or we’re takin’ it outa yer ass girl!” You need a hero and you can’t be too picky, can you? Be careful what you ask for and all of that though.

Then, out of no where, in steps a hero… literally, out of no where… well, maybe it’s your bathroom, but since there’s only one way in there and you’re positive that no man had gone in there, it might as well be nowhere. A man that’s filled the back of your mind for nearly 5 years… You don’t know how, or why… but Rick himself slides his hand about your waist and with a muttered, “Let me take care of this Babe.” He squeezes her ass and wades into the two goons like they were a couple of guys from Bestbuy’s Geek Squad. But, things go from bad to worse as Rick simply refuses to leave and you get dragged along for the ride since he’s hell bent on taking care of you and that means taking you into his world… Heaven Help you![/justify]

Friends With Benefits
Content:   Human, M/F, ORAL, VAGINAL, POSSIBLE ANAL,  romance, possible pregnancy,potential kinks.

Two life-long friends turn to each other after failed relationships for sex and discovers that there’s much more beneath the surface than either wants to admit.

Full Description
They had been the best of friends for as long as they could remember. They grew up next door to each other and even though they were boy and girl, in many ways, they were closer than siblings.

They had the first experimental kiss with each other when they were 10; played house and show and tell when they were 12. When they turned 16, they tried dating and it was... well disaster might of been too mild of a term. Still, they remained best friends and had few secrets from each other.

Perhaps it was just a bad break-up, or a hard divorce, but they find themselves single and dreading another try in the dating pool... but the itch still comes up and neither have ever been into one-night-stands... so what do you do? Maybe your best friend could help you out with some no-strings attached sex? What could it hurt?

The down side is that nothing is ever without strings...

Your What?!?
Content: Human, M/F, ORAL, VAGINAL, POSSIBLE ANAL,  high-school, pregnancy, slice of life, romance, potential kinks.

A teenage couple discovers that there’s been a little boo-boo when they had unprotected sex; She’s pregnant and what are they going to do about it? A slice of life story that deals with an unexpected pregnancy, stress and what they do to try to keep it together.

Full Description
It’s the night of the big game, the state championship and there’s scouts in the stands. A lot rides on the outcome and it’s down to the last 2 minutes with the score tied… at the last second, the home team pulls it out and takes the championship! In the aftermath and under the stars in a clear sky, two teenagers celebrate on the 50 yard line. The passion runs high and the young lovers don’t take precautions… but they’re young and in love, and is it really that much of a big deal?

A few weeks later, the answer is a very definite yes! She’s just discovered that she’s pregnant and he’s about to get the shock of his life right on the heels of his acceptance into a good university on a scholarship. The question is, what will they do?

Paying Off Her Debts
Content: Human, M/F, ORAL, VAGINAL, POSSIBLE ANAL,  ageplay, D/S, Bondage, possible romance, kinks/fetishes, lactation.
Note: In this story,I would prefer to play the female role.

A young mother turns to her employer for a loan to pay off some medical bills and receives an offer too good to pass up. All of her medical bills paid in exchange for 6 months as his submissive. Although she’s never been a submissive, the chance to get herself out from under crushing debt is one that she accepts… but does she know what she’s in for? (Note: I would prefer to play the submissive in this story)

Full Description
Toni Evans stepped into the office of her boss shortly after 5 in the afternoon and felt dread fill her belly anew. The recent mother of a bouncing 2 month old, the 22 year old woman was in desperate straits and this would be her last chance. She and her boss, the president of Well's and Associates, had been a good employer for the paralegal and while they had a good working relationship, what she needed would be a step beyond the professional relationship that they shared. After 3 years of working for him, she was still struck by how handsome that he was... so refined and polished.

She cleared her throat and walked across the room to stand before his desk, "Mr. Wells... I was wondering if I might have a few moments of your time?"

Robert Wells looked up from a legal brief that he had been studying and nodded, "Of course Toni, have a seat." He watched the lovely young mother settle onto the edge of a wingback chair and bite her full lower lip, "What can I help you with Toni?

Toni took a deep breath and decided to rip the bandage off fast... it might not hurt so much. "I... I need to ask for an advance on my pay, Sir... A big one."

Robert's eyebrows rose, Toni was a good, consistent and hard worker; his best paralegal and potentially the best in the firm. He paid her well, but this came out of left field, "How much of an advance and I'll have to ask why. You know that we really don't do advances."

She nodded and bit that plump lower lip again, "Well... Mr. Wells... The hospital bills have started to come in... you know, from Emily's birth... They're a lot more than I can afford and a lot of it is due now... I mean, the insurance covered a lot, but the emergency care... the surgery..."

Robert held up his hand, he knew about the difficult and premature birth of her daughter and what had happened as a result. "That's more than an advance Toni, I could advance you a years pay and you wouldn't cover it all... and what would you do while you weren't getting paid?"

In spite of her promise not to cry, her eyes began to well up, "I tried getting a bank loan, but ..." She sighed, "I was turned down 3 times. My parents won't help because they wanted me to get rid of the baby and I refused..."

Her boss thought for a few moments, "I'll make you an offer Toni. It's an unusual situation and it will be highly unusual, but I'll make you the loan. Afterall, I know where you work." He smiled a little at that and she laughed.

"It's $50,000! I can't pay that back Mr. Wells... not in anything like a reasonable time."

Robert chewed the inside of his cheek then, "As I said, highly unusual... I'm in need of a new assistant... well, I might as well say it plainly. I'm in need of a new submissive. If you agree to a 6 month term as my sub, I'll consider the loan paid in full and no one will have to know that it ever happened."

Toni's eyebrows rose, green eyes looking at him, "A sub, Sir?" she asked, not entirely sure what he meant, but suspecting. There had been rumors for years about Mr. Well's... lifestyle, but no one spoke of it in the office and no one had ever experienced it. "You mean... sex?"

He paused, "Yes... but not just sex. There will be other things required... You'll attend events with me and so on.... there would be some over-night stays and short trips. I would arrange for Emily's care on such events as well, with your approval, of course. I would not interfere with your needs as a mother."

With little other options opened to her, she simply nodded. "When do..."

Robert looked at her, "This weekend. I'll have the check for you in the morning."

She nodded again and pressed her palms into her stomach…[/justify]

Unexpected Connections
Content: Human, M/F, ORAL, VAGINAL, POSSIBLE ANAL,  incest, ageplay, cheating, D/S, bondage, kinks/fetishes

When two people make an on-line connection in an ageplay chatroom, things turn steamy as they begin long chats and move into fantasy role-play via IM. Daring images are shared and while they are careful to keep their identities secret. Eventually, they give in to the temptation and arrange to meet in the flesh for a night of D/S passion… but there’s a surprise waiting for them when they see each other!

Full Description
It all started in a chatroom; an older woman taking a walk on the naughty side... a young man indulging a kink... Then it moved to private chats and IM's. Late night meetings on line where fantasies were shared, secrets revealed and flirting was safe because it was just a name on a screen. It was mutually agreed that nothing personal was asked for or given... it would spoil the fun and safe flirting might become something not quite so innocent and fun. In time, it became a game of sorts as at first they traded pics of entertaining body-parts... then the first image of actual flesh... a nipple... a pair of red lips... an impressive penis... it got bolder and more explicit as they moved into sex-chats and more...

Then, one night... "I want to meet you... "

What would she do? She was married with a teenage son and... it seemed so exciting to play-act... with her lip between her teeth, she replied, "Ok."

They settled on a public location and if things worked out, perhaps something less public. She knew what he wanted and a part of her wanted to feel it too... so she told a lie and went out that evening to meet her cyber lover... maybe for the real thing.

She stood at the rail and looked out over the crowd below; the mall was public, safe... so she had worn something a little sexy and, after being asked three times... she had left her panties in the car. She felt so wicked... so aware of the lack and wondering if one of the young men strolling with their girlfriends would look up and see under the skirt. She had her hair pulled back in a red ribbon... that was how he would identify her... she knew how she would know him; he would just walk up behind her and slip his arms about her and whisper in her ear.

Then... it happened. She felt the presence behind her... hands moving about her waist and a very male form press against her lower back... "Hi Sexy." a soft voice whispered and she turned to see her cyber lover-


Oh no...

Incubus Dreams
Content: Human/Demon, M/F, ORAL, VAGINAL, POSSIBLE ANAL,  Affair, Potential D/S, body alteration, mind control, potential bondage, potential kinks/fetishes, potential pregnancy and lactation, public/risky sex.
Note: In this story,I would prefer to play the female role.

A happily married and successful woman is seduced by a demon and is slowly changed into his perfect lover.

Full Description
Gwen DeLauro has pretty much everything that she could want in life; a great job teaching high school history at the Catholic school, a wonderful marriage to a good man, a fine house and circle of friends. At 28, she's feeling good about herself and life.... so why did she suddenly go to bed with a man she met at a friend's party? She couldn't understand it... sure, he was gorgeous, witty and had a smile that would melt hearts of a lesbian... but within a couple of hours of telling him her name, she had been in the mist of the most incredible sex of her life with a man who just couldn't stop!

Afterward, life suddenly started going odd for Gwen... sex with her husband couldn't satisfy her... her bras seemed a little too tight, her clothes didn't fit quite right and she couldn't stop thinking about Him. She kept sneaking off to see him... ride him... experience him... When she saw him, nothing could be denied and she ached to feel him between her thighs... between her lips... for the first time, between her cheeks. Before she knew it, she would suddenly discover in the middle of the day that she had completely forgotten her underwear... again... and her skirts were a little shorter; her tops a little tighter... She was drawing looks from men who had never really looked at her before; lustful looks. She felt younger, sexier, hungrier. She never realized that the man she was obsessed with wasn't even human, nor what he was doing to her and her body... but she couldn't stay away.

He was an incubus and he had locked onto the girl-next-door teacher weeks before and he was determined to possess her and make her over into something... perfect. Little changes, but big changes that would bind her to him for the rest of her life... a pure soul that he could feed off and darken for decades as he turned her more and more into the sex-starved creature that he intended her to be... a woman who would do anything he desired... She couldn't even realize that she was the only one who could see him when he walked into her classroom and teased her mercilessly...

Teaching The Teacher
Content: Human, M/F, ORAL, VAGINAL, POSSIBLE ANAL,  ageplay, blackmail, bondage, public/risky sex, kinks/fetishes, potential interracial.
Note: This is a story concept that I picked from another request thread and added my own twist to. In this story, I would prefer to play the female role.

A divorcee finally gets to take the vacation that she has dreamed of for years and lets an attractive younger man pick her up for a night of wild (she hopes) sex. During the next couple of days, she confesses a secret fantasy and a kinky fetish that not even her ex knew about… After a great weekend, she returns to her normal life and it’s all a fond, sexy memory… until her one-night-stand appears in her classroom as a new student! When she tries to make sure that he knows that what happened must remain in the past and better forgotten, he has plans of his own… if she likes it or not!

Full Description
Lisa Monroe was going to have the time of her life and it was about time! With her divorce finalized a year ago that week, she planned her first vacation alone since before she had graduated with her degree in Education and History. For the first time in far too long, she would spend 10 days doing exactly what she wanted to do… hell, she might even pick up a guy for a vacation fling!

For 8 days, she did just that, she skied, and became a 30 year old snow-bunny, she attended parties and flirted with a dozen men… but always stopped short of going to bed… time was getting short and on an impulse, she did it. She let a young man pick her up Friday night and she went back to his room for a night of wild, amazing and mind-blowing sex. Between the heated couplings, she admitted things to him that only her ex-husband had known about her… that she got the biggest orgasms when she was tied up… helpless to her lovers demands…. And that she had a rape fantasy.

The next day, they spent the day and night with her tied to his bed while he claimed her body… he did things that she would never of done otherwise and she came so hard that she passed out once… But, all good things end and knowing that she would never see him again, she went back to her own room Sunday morning to prepare for a flight home… School started in 3 days and she had a lot of work to do.

But, she couldn’t find her key and after getting a new one, she walked into her room and found a hand over her mouth… another hand pulling her back against a naked, hard body… A part of her knew what was happening, but another part paniced as her lover took her forcefully, repeatedly… and nagain, she came so hard that she thought that she would loose her mind. She almost missed her flight, and it was a long 3 hours as she sat in her seat and his cum leaked from her abused asshole…

3 days later, she sat in her classroom, the memory of the amazing weekend flowing through her mind… her ass still twinged at the thought, but it was in pleasure… Once her students were seated and roll called, she stood before the class and started to speak… until the door opened and a councilor walked in with a new student… Him! She froze for a moment as memories flashed through her mind, but she hid it well as she welcomed him and he took a seat.

After class, he approached her and she dreaded what he might say… he merely slipped his phone to her and the sounds of very familiar screams came from the small speaker… he had recorded them! Suddenly, she knew what he wanted and she had no choice.

When Boy Meets Girl
Content: Human, M/F, ORAL, VAGINAL, POSSIBLE ANAL,  Romance, Slice-of-life, potential kinks/fetish.

A Slice-of-life story about a guy who meets a gal and the relationship that blossoms between them.

Full Description
It's a simple (relatively) slice of life story. A boy asks a girl out on a date. Things go well and maybe even a good night kiss at her door.  A relationship is born and who knows where it'll go. Will they make it? Crash and burn? Will true, or at least a not false love be found? Only the game of  Life will know for sure but it's in our hands to discover how it all ends.

Content: Human, M/F, ORAL, VAGINAL, POSSIBLE ANAL,  ageplay, possible romance, potential kinks/fetishes, potential interacial.

A lonely divorcee turns to the internet for companionship and to stave off the long evening hours. When she meets a younger man in a chatroom for “Cougars,” a steamy on-line romance begins and it isn’t too long before she’s asking her cyber companion for a meeting. What happens after that is something only we can say.

Full Description
Alexandria Whitney is approaching her 40th birthday much too fast for her own piece of mind. A successful ad executive with a 17 year old daughter and an ex-husband who’s aftershave still fills the bathroom, she’s having a crisis that she needs to do something about quick! Wary of the dating scene and finding men her own age outside of a bar (or in a bar for that matter), she turns to the internet to keep her mind occupied.

One evening, she comes across a chat room called “Cougars” and out of curiosity, she checks it out. After several shocked minutes, she begins to type as just a way to pass some harmless fun; flirting on line with younger men who like older women. A couple of weeks pass with some steamy emails and chats with this seemingly sweet guy and she’s embarrassed to be exchanging revealing photo’s with him. Another week and she shocks herself by asking if they could meet.

The Bosses Daughter (or Wife)
Content: Human, M/F, ORAL, VAGINAL, POSSIBLE ANAL,  Possible ageplay, possible romance, possible affair, potential kinks/fetishes.

During a party, a new employee meets a vivacious woman and before he knows it, they’re sneaking off for some wild sex. When it’s over and they’re cuddling on a sofa, he sees a photo of the woman… and his boss! He’s ready to run and hope that he never sees her again, and his boss doesn’t find out… but she’s a determined person who is determined to enjoy him again and doesn’t care if the whole world knows!
Full Description
Jack Sullivan might not of been the newest executive at Sabre Inc., but the creak of the new leather office chair hadn't worked itself out yet. As the newly promoted department head of the company's Accounting Department, his first task was to straighten out the books after the man he replaced had cooked in his theft of nearly a million dollars. It wasn't an easy job and Jack had spent far more time behind his desk than learning the company gossip around the executive water cooler. He was simply too busy trying to figure out who had been cheated and how bad the situation was in the client records. A task that was taking more than the three weeks that he had been on the job!

When the invitation to a company mixer at the CFO's mansion had appeared on his desk, he had at first dismissed it... then, he thought better of it and took the time to give the best impression that he could. Snubbing the boss, after all, might not be good for his long term career prospects.

The last thing that he had expected when he had arrived and enjoyed a few drinks was to find a vision of loveliness paying attention to him... flirting and making some very suggestive implications with the banter... He was only human though and when they had ended up in the bosses home office having passionate sex on the desk that he would glance over and see a photo of the boss... with the woman who had justbitten him on the shoulder to muffle her scream... What had he just done!

Things only get more complicated when the woman in question starts to appear at his work and home with designs on getting even closer. How can Jack stay out of the hotbox when she's so... persistant and he's only human?

The Morning After
Content: Human, M/F, oral, vaginal, possible anal,  incest, possible ageplay, possible romance, potential bondage, public/risky sex, potential kinks/fetishes.

This story concept skips the awkward and often thread killing first time in an incest story. When our hero wakes up, he has distinct memories of the night before and what happened between him and the heroine beside of him… erotic and kinky memories that’s far too taboo for the light of day. But, can he and his sister/mother resist the attraction of the forbidden acts, or will they fall into each others arms again now that the ultimate line has been crossed?

Full Description
"Well... shit..." he said as he realized where he was and considered how he had gotten there. It didn't help that the sun was shining through the window with a particularly happy seeming morning light, but the big question was the girl laying asleep in the bed beside of him. At the time, it had seemed like a good idea, a great one actually and while it didn't say a lot for his state of mind or morality, he had agreed to it without too much persuasion... or had she agreed to it without too much persuasion? He really couldn't remember at the moment. Maybe it was the stolen bottle of brandy that had done it... or maybe it had been brewing for months and the alcohol had just dropped the last barrier.

Yeah, he had slept with her and they had done things that Penhouse Forums would of been happy to publish in their next issue... but he looked again at the sleeping form beside of him and thought again about how good it had felt and now... how was he going to live with her? There was no doubt that it would happen again and he knew that both of them knew it; but fucking your sister(Or mother) was usually frowned on by society...

Truth or Dare
Content: Human, M/F, ORAL, VAGINAL, POSSIBLE ANAL,  incest, rrisky sex, possible romance, potential kink/fetishes.

While stuck in a no-tell motel, a brother and sister engage in a game of truth or dare to decide who gets the bed and who gets the sagging couch. Things get out of hand as the dares get racier and the stakes build.

Full Description
Jack and Jill are siblings attending the same school. When they finally get a break for the holidays, they are excited to be heading home for a couple of weeks. What they aren’t looking forward to is the 4 hour drive to get there in the middle of winter. The mountains roads are rough during the best of times and that’s in the summer. When they hit a snow storm in route, they’re forced to hunker down at a motel for the night and sit it out. Unfortunately for them, there’s just one room and all it has is a queen sized bed.

With little to look forward to besides watching news reports on the storm or porn, they settle on playing a harmless game of Truth or Dare; the winner gets the bed and the loser ends up on the lumpy sofa. The combination of good natured sibling rivalry and a competitive streak soon exerts itself and the game gets more and more daring as one tries to find something that the other will not do. Then, suddenly, there it is. “I dare you to…” and their lives change forever.

In the aftermath, how will they deal with the fact? Will they want to continue their new relationship or pretend that it never happened? Can they really do it? Only time, my partner and the story will say for sure.

Content: Human, M/F, ORAL, VAGINAL, POSSIBLE ANAL,  adultery, seduction,ageplay, potential bondage, risky sex, potential kinks/fetishes.
ageplay, affair,possible romance, potential bondage, potential kink/fetish, potential public/risky sex.
Note: In this story,I would prefer to play the female role.

The wife of a prominent senator has a weakness for young men. When she learns that one of her son’s friends is an aspiring artist, she commissions a painting for her husband; a particularly erotic painting. Are her plans innocent, or is she trying to seduce the young artist?

Full Description
Alison Mason is a stunning 38 southern belle, former Ms. Georgia and member of the Savanna Elite. The wife of a state senator and mother of 2, she fills her time with a social calendar that might make some people tired just to watch her. But, Alison has more than a few dirty secrets and more than one weakness when it comes to self-gradification. To say that she shouldn’t of worn white at her wedding might have been an understatement… but she’s very careful and subtle about her hobbies and not even her husband knows her most secret vices.

So, when Alison decided that she wanted a portrait painted, she commissioned the efforts of a young, aspiring artist that her teenage son is friends with to do the work… but she wants two paintings done. One of her in a fasionable and expensive gown… and another in almost nothing at all. Can she seduce the young man into her bed? Or will the prospective lover believe that he’s seducing her into his?

To The Victers
Content: Human, M/F, ORAL, VAGINAL, POSSIBLE ANAL,  incest, bondage, blindfold, potential blackmail, high-school, public/risky sex, potential kink/fetishes.

When the cheerleaders of Brook Valley high promise to give the football team a night of wild sex if they win the state championship, naturally, the guys are going to win. But, there’s a pair of siblings involved and no one expects them to end up together… except for the head cheerleader and her plans to record the event… if he can’t resist the opportunity to be an anonomous lover.

Full Description
Chris Evans has a big problem; it’s on the hotel room bed and he’s feeling more than a little tempted… Lisa is a cheerleader. She’s got a great little body, long, glossy sable hair, and bright green eyes and as he’s just found out, an ass to be worshipped… her last name is also Evans. Not to put too fine of a point on it, she’s his younger sister. The only thing that keeps things from becoming totally uncontrollable is the fact that she’s wearing a blind-fold and doesn’t know that he’s the one staring at her bare ass.

How did this little issue occur? Well, it’s kinda funny actually. Chris plays on the Brookvalley football team and Lisa is on the cheerleader squad. At the start of the season, the head cheerleader made a wager with the quarterback and things kinda blew up from there. If the team won the state championship… for the first time in 20 years… the cheerleaders would drop their cute little black and gold pleated skirts and the guys got a fun time. No one expected that the siblings would end up in the same room from a random drawing… but Gina; the head cheerleader has a warped sense of humor and rigged the draw. It might even be fun to film them being all embarrassed and everything… considering that Lisa would be bared ass, you know?

So, what is the problem? Chris could just slip back out, right? Well… he’s finally noticing that his little sister is a girl and that she’s going to get screwed by who knows how many of the football players… and he’s tempted to take advantage of the situation. She would never know, right?

Well… yeah, she’s going to find out when Gina, being the vindictive little bitch that she is, shows her the film!

Elements that I want to try but don't have storie concepts for
Breasts/nipple play/bondage
Incest, Father/Daughter
Original characters in fandoms
Regency Era
Super-hero romance
And many that I haven't thought of yet.

About Characters
I've recently adopted a new point of view when communicating with prospective partners. One of the first questions that I will ask will be "Tell me about the character you want to play?"

This is not a request for vital statistics or a couple of lines of the character's connection to the story. I want to know about the character. Give me some thoughtful imput, a little depth and view-point. This tells me that you've given some thought about the story and the character and that you're putting effort into the process. Characters are, to me, the lifes blood of the story; what makes it all worth writing and if the characters are shallow, the story isn't going to stand up to the test of time.

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Just a bump. It's been a while and as always, if something looks interesting but not quite what you want, I'm happy to make changes and fit it to your interest.