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Started by Barbarian, February 02, 2013, 09:21:57 AM

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Hello and welcome to my request thread!

Currently desiring to start a few new stories so I hope you may find something of your interest here. Please take a look and see if anything catches your eye. I'm pretty easy going so if you think we could do something together but not the way they're written here, just PM and we can find a way.

I can make around 3-5 posts per week with 3-4 good paras. Hope you can make the same. Anything not less than once a week is ok for me.

With some rare exceptions, I usually play male characters with my partners playing females. Real gender can be any. Also, RP is RP for me. Our real life relationships shall be only friendly, no matter our roles here. I can do pretty much any kind of RP, can portray a slave or a master; same for my partner. Know that in OOC, I just need you to have a friendly, easy going, respectful relationship with me...

My stories tend to be 50-50 plot vs smut. Again, exceptions can be made for right partners for more plot or smot oriented stories.


So these are just pairings, no idea for now. If you like one, come on, let's discuss, find some plot we shall both like and play :) Sometimes it just doesn't hit a plot right away but when someone asks me about a pairing, I may end up with a good plot. Of course, if you have any specific story about a pairing in mind, just tell me and we'll try to work it out.

Boss x Employee (can play both)
Student x Teacher (can play both)
Any mafia story (rival vs rival, rival vs detective etc)
Mom, Aunt x Son (MC)
Daugter, Niece x Dad (MC)
Sorceress × Demon, Fiend (MC)
Familiar, Demon x Sorceror (MC)
Master x Slave (can play both)
   *This one is tricky, I don't like BDSM or sexual training stuff. It should be a realistic master x slave relationship. The slave's main purpose may even not be sexuality. Anyway, I think you got what I mean.
Actress, Model, Singer x Bodyguard (MC)
Cult Leader x Disciple (can play any)
Loving Side x Cares only Fucking side (can play any)
   *This can also go many ways but what I have in mind is that one side is deeply loving the other whereas the other is just interested in sex.


Zombie Apocalypse
   *Could be the story of two survivors. Maybe they don't get along well at the beginning but they have to protect each other. We can also fit this story into a cannon universe like TWD but play as original characters.

Medieval Ages
   *Cruades, Vikings, Mongol invasions, feudal Europe, bring it on. Possible story could be of a princess married to a stranger lord in return for the protection of her father's lands or a spy girl entering the court of a lord as an escort.

Eastern Europe, 13th to 18th Century
   *I just love the political instability in these lands at that period. The battle of Russians, Swedes, Germans, Polish, Cossacks, Mongols, Ottoman and Crimean Turks, Austrians, Hungarians and many more factions just fascinate me. Our characters may be mercenaries fighting one day for one lord and next the other.

Modern, no fantasy (pretty straightforward)

Modern, low fantasy
   *Enter vampires, werevolves, sorcerors and such. Any story and pairing is fine, just no pure vampire-werewolf love stories.


Hi  :-) I was looking over the plot ideas you have and I am interested in several of them. I am a fan of the Harry Potter books.  I like Magic is Power, The Queen's Decision and the Slave Elemantal.  I have not roleplayed for Harry Potter before, but I have done some fanfics, which I created for fun but haven't posted.  I have a small army of characters. I could play a Gryffindor witch opposite your Slytherin since those two houses have had the greatest rivalry.

I have experience roleplaying fantasty and supernatural based rps.  I could play an elven queen, as I have the most experience playing elves.  Send me a PM, we can discuss further ideas.


Quote from: Barbarian on February 02, 2013, 09:21:57 AM
Sacking of Rome (roman x barbarian)
I would very much like to play a Roman general, trying to defend the traces of the Republic and I'm in need of a barbarian princess. She could be a captive in Roman hands or a war-leader to inspire her tribe, we could discuss more if you're interested.
This one interest me and i am more then willing to play a barbarian Princess in captivity. If you are interested in playing with me just PM please
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