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Author Topic: AHS: Coven / Brother Brandon's School for Exceptional Young Men{MxMxMore Rp}  (Read 13117 times)

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Offline TeacupTwinkTopic starter

Brother Brandon's School
For Exceptional Young Men
Inspired By
American Horror Story: Coven

Years ago in Salem, the witch trials took place. However, all the real witches fled while they had the chance. Different forms of craft had been known about the world,  from voodoo to wiccan or pagan practices.  However, a descendant of one of the witches whom had survived built a safe-haven for those blessed with the powers of being a witch. Knowing that they must tame their craft among the modern world so not to end up like their people had years ago. The burnings had scarred many and had reflected upon most of the modern world. The school had originally been an orphanage where parents whom were cursed or blessed with their gifts left their children so that they could learn.

Originally being founded by a woman , however soon after her death taken over by the Catholic church and reformed as a school in the later years. Thus making the name change to Brother Brandon's School For Exceptional Young Men. Since his death, Brother Brandon's school has become the only witch school still existing in America.  Since the school has been first made, even from when it was an orphanage - numbers have dwindled. Those carrying the magical blood line making a choice not to reproduce and dying off so that their children would not have to carry the gift they chose to treat as a burden. However there are still enough students to keep the small school up and running. Having not only high-school age students but college age as well. Those wishing to learn to be a teacher or whom were a bit of a late bloomer in their magic and also wish to have some form of a college degree though most of what they'll be doing is magic related. These students all still do regular schooling, however it doesn't mean that they do it as much or like they should.

There are three floors. One is the attic, a small space only able to fit one or two beds at the most along with a desk. There are eight bedrooms, one used by the now owner of the school and one used as a storage room. There is a room mate or dorm system to where the rooms closest to the Supreme are actually  the higher ' grade ' or college students and or teachers of the school.  There can be up to four boys for a room however, usually only 2-3.

♦ The Enemy ♦
There is a Christian school not too far and in fact the students of the school often must pass Brother Brandon's to get to it. Called the School of the Immaculate Conception, their students and staff seem normal though... arrogant.  However this is not your ordinary Christian / Catholic school. This place of education is strict, demanding and has been around a long time. The southern born school relies heavily on religion and many of its staff are of those whom have burned many witches in the state. The parents of the children are often those whom used to be students, thus the religious school has such power in the community. Including holding some minor records of witch families that had descended away from Salem before they had the chance to be judged.
| Directory |
AHS: Approved Character Thread
AHS: OOC Thread
The Roleplay

♦| The School |♦
The school is a large, white mansion. Dark, nearly black wooden floors glimmer down its mysterious halls. The entire school is kept white, every wall trimmed with the same dark wooden lining. Every piece of furniture, white and serene. A clean, calm appearing place that could send chills through many. The school is nearly ghostly, large hanging chandeliers glistening from the ceiling. Odd oil painted portraits of past owners, the council and the supreme. Past portraits of the group of a school from when the school had just begun, many odd - old antiques remain within the school. It contains eight dorm-like bedrooms. Each room containing 2-3 beds.  Some of these dorm rooms have been converted into an extra class room or storage, therefor rooms are shared between the students.

The dining room contains a long table able to sit sixteen at a time. Due to the very few students that reside there, the school is rather spacious, almost empty. Lush, expensive furniture that has been there for years a polar bear rug and more decorate the house.  Often making most uncomfortable when first coming, obviously well taken care of by a butler and or maid? However there are no girls allowed within the building that are not family or council. This is due to the fact it is believed the boys will get... out of hand.


♦| Approved Characters|♦
Looking currently for enemies from the Religious School and staff for Brother Brandon's!
Students of Brother Brandon's
♦ Eli Cadence - { TeacupTwink }
♦ Alex Connors { CurvyKitten }
♦ Matthew Evens { CurvyKitten }
♦ Aiden Daley { Stygia }
♦ Tarquin Bell { YaoiRolePlay }
♦ Brennen Steel { BoyBlue23 }

♦ James Kauffmann - Head Of School { TeacupTwink }
♦ Reid St. Paull - Teacher{ Orange Marmalade }
♦  Lucian Than Valdis - Teacher { Faustus }
♦ Philip Henry Lebasque - Manservant / Butler { Twisted iN Tux }

Students / Staff / Followers of The School of Immaculate Conception
• Bryce Hart - Student { Boyblue23 }

Room Mate Board
Just because a certain number of slots are there for the room doesn't mean some can't be added or deducted from them or others.
Room # 1
♦ Eli Cadence
♦ Alex Connors

Room # 2
♦ Aiden Daley
♦ Tarquin Bell

Room # 3
♦  Tracy Peter Stanford
♦ Brennen Steel
♦  Matthew Evens

♦| Powers |♦
This is not only a list of powers, but a chart and understanding informational guide to how this will work. If there is not a power on here that you had in mind message me and it just may be added. I can not think of EVERY power that there is. Therefor please feel free to ask to have one added.

Students of high-school level will get 10 skill points to spend. [ No more than 3-4 powers ]
Students of College school level will get 13 skill points. [ No more than 4 Powers, but they can be stronger ]
Students training to be teachers will get 15 skill points. [ No more than 4 powers but they can be stronger obviously. Possible exceptions to 5. ]
Teachers will get 18 skillpoints to spend. [ 6 total powers at the most. ]

The powers themselves with a cost depending by level will be listed.

Soul Tapping - Holding the ability to steal energy from another through the sense of touch.
The minor level of this power can steal energy around 2-4 hours of sleep to energize them without hurting the victim. Average level can steal good 10 hours of rest and only make the victim light headed or faint. Major can kill a victim if they are not strong enough or guarded.  This energy theft is also known as Vampirsm, often teasingly calling those who use this power above minor vampires.
Minor: 2 points, Average: 3.5 points, Major: 5.5 points

♦ Telekinesis - The ability to move objects or matter with the mind. The minor level of this power can lift between 0-25 lbs no more than 5 pounds over even for someone pushing the boundaries of going to Avg. - Average level can lift 26-150 lbs - Major level can lift 101-1200 lbs in extreme cases. However what is considered the avg of the major of this power is 500 lbs. With this skill one can acquire levitation at avg even if over the weight limit at times due to the power being more centered within ones body.
Minor: 2 points, Average: 3.5 points, Major: 5 points

Telepathy - The ability to send thoughts or images to another. This ability
Cost: 2.5 points

♦ ShadowShade - The ability to disappear and remain unseen or undetectable within the shadows or night if that is chosen.
Cost: 2 points

♦ Pyromancy - The ability to control fire. Also known as fire bending and pyro summoning.  This power can be extremely difficult to control. Minor examples of Pyromancy can be snapping ones fingers and lighting a cigarette,  starting small fires like lighting a candle. Average level pyromancy can set a bed on fire in as easy as a stare. Major Pyromancy can set an entire tree on fire with a single stare.
Minor: 1.5 points, Average: 3.5 points, Major: 5.5 points

♦ Fireproof - This is nulling ones self to the element completely.
Cost: 5 points

♦ Immortality - Immortality, the ability to be unable to be killed or achieve death.
Cost: 8 points

♦ Plant Manipulation - The ability to move plants as well as possibly revive them and make them bloom yet again or wilt.  Average can make plants touch people. Such as tree branches of poison ivy. Major can force tree branches to grow or extend a bit, grab and bind victims.
Minor: 1 point , Average: 2.5 points , Major: 5.5 points

♦ Animal Affinity - While in a minor level it can make animals of all kinds love your character and tend to it as one of their own, this power has no help in battle until average level. At average level the animals grow angry if near violence near the one sworn with this affinity and can attack. At a major level, these animals can be called to the rescue.
Minor: 2 points , Average: 3.5 points, Major: 5.5 points

♦ Necromancy - Making the dead rise and become undead. The undead have no thought process and are controlled by their necromancer. This is not to be mistaken with resurrection.
Cost: 5 points

♦ Resurrection - Bringing the dead back to life, the resurrected maintain the same thoughts - memories - powers and so on as before their death.
Cost: 6 points

♦ Healing - The uprising of a lower state of the physical body returning it to a previous normal form. Minor healing can heal cuts, bruises , scratches and bites. Average healing can force bullet wounds to close and heal without scarring, heal stab wounds and even mend some bones. Major healing can mend any bone, stop a heart attack and even heal a disease if caught on time. Those with the power of healing are nearly immune to illness and heal themselves nearly on instinct. 
Minor: 1.5 points, Average: 3.5 points, Major: 4.5 points

♦ Aero - The control of the air, minor can effect small breezes or gusts. Average can be strong enough to knock a person down and major can even cause a wind storm though not quite a twister.
Minor: 1 points, Average: 2.5 points, Major: 4 points

♦ Weather - The control of mother nature can go to some heads. This power can make it rain, shine, sleet and snow. However only for small distances, it can not however change world or more than city wide weather. This power at Major level costs 5 points and comes with minor control of aero and Lightning. The Major level can completely make a heavy storm over a city, strong enough to shake and tremble any not so strong shacks. It Lightning and Aero are both acquired than one may also get Weather. The minors of this power control only light rain and the movement of a few clouds along with possible temperature change and barely noticeable breezes. The average of this power can make a small distance rain or snow at a light to medium level for a short distance.
Minor cost: 2.5 points, Average Cost: 3.5 points, Major Cost: 5 points

♦ Lightning - The ability to shoot bolts or control the movement of the storm. At a minor level, one can not do much more than zap someone with a touch. At an average level this zapping can cause burning to the flesh. At a major level one can cause lightning to strike from the sky.
Minor: 2.5 points, Average: 4 points, Major: 6 points

♦ Tremor - The ability to control the ground. This power is rare but does not cost many points. Tremor's minor can catch someone off balance and maybe make them shift about or fall within a short range. Tremor's average power can make  the ground shake within a short distance, enough to make people fall and the heaviest of furniture to tremble. The major power can shake and crumble the ground's surface and possibly break down a house.
Minor: 1.5 points, Average: 3.5 points, Major: 6.5 points

♦ Shapeshift - The shifting of the body into animals and possibly other people. Minor shifting can make certain body parts change or distort smaller or larger. Such as changing an eye color or giving ones self pointier ears, more toned arms or abs. Avg shape shifting, one can turn into animals and change complete appearance except height. Major shape shifting can turn one into anything they wish, if they can imagine it they may shift into something that has never existed.  However these shifting spells in higher power can be draining and nothing more than minor can be held onto more than a few hours. 
Minor: 2 points, Average: 4.5 points, Major: 6.5 points

Code: [Select]
[b]Occupation:[/b] [ Student Or Staff? ]
[b]Powers:[/b] [ Choose 1-3 small to medium powers. I will decide if your character is too over-powered for its own good or not. You may have a powerful warlock, but I will decide if worthy. ]
[b]Between The Sheets:[/b] [ Top/ Switch/ Bottom ]
[b]Role:[/b] [ Dom / Switch / Sub - feel free to use percentage scale.]
[b]Turn On(s):[/b]
[b]Turn Off(s):[/b]
[b]Extra Pictures:[/b]
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Offline TeacupTwinkTopic starter

Expect to see me playing the son of the Grand Supreme as well, hopefully someone might be interested in playing Andel. If not I might have to play him as well, 3 characters? Pshh sure I have no life might be fun.  ::)

Name: Eli Cadence
Age: 18
Alias: Incubus
Race: Human, Caucasian
Height: 5'7"
Body-Type: Toned, lean sculpt
Body-Hair: None
Tattoos: None [ yet ]
Piercings: Hip piercings, sometimes nipples , multiple ear piercings, sometimes lip studs.
Personality: A smooth, sultry flirt. Quiet and at times timid acting, however it's all a game of cat and mouse for Eli. He's pretty intelligent, but refuses to study as much as he needs to be a grand supreme or one of the council like his brother wishes for the both of them and they dream. He enjoys company, male company far too much. Often hinted at being an incubus despite being 100% human due to giving into his desires and getting others to do the same for him.
Likes: Photography, art, music, tattoos , piercings, shopping, flirting , clothes, crafting and or creating things.  Talking men, usually older men into buying him things and or giving him stuff. Has a love for ' sugar-daddies '
Dislikes: Being interrupted, being denied, being ignored.
Occupation: Student
♥ 10 points to offer , 10 points used
Minor Telekenesis - Unable to lift anything over 15 lbs yet. However he's definitely working on it. ( cost of 2 points )
Telepathy - The ability to send thoughts and images through an exchange of the minds. ( Cost 2.5 )
Shadow Shade - The ability to blend into the dark and remain unseen. ( Cost of 2 points )
Average Soul Tapping - The ability to steal life force or energy through the sense of touch. ( Cost of 3.5 points )

Between The Sheets: 70% Bottom, 30% Top
Role: Switch, 60% dom 40% sub
Turn On(s): Hair pulling, spanking, sadism, s&m , leash & collar, being groped - praised and worshiped. Giving oral, receiving rim jobs. Having his body licked, kissed, pinched, smacked or beaten. Choking, piercings, tattoos , body-hair.  Power-bottoming, being double-stuffed , multiple partners , exhibitionism, voyeurism, recording / videotaping / photography.
Turn Off(s): mutilation, death, cutting , electrocution , urethra play, castration.
Extra Pictures:
History: Eli grew up in a decent home at looks, however at a young age he could feel that he was never meant to be fully loved. Not unconditionally, something was always a little off with the dark-haired child. A fear of swimming, large depths of water. Visions filling his mind when staying too long within the bath or shower. Odd flashes of imagery from a past he didn't remember or think was real until they grew more vivid with age. He had managed to keep them as under control without effecting him in public as much as was possible. Going to a private Catholic school, the young teen was not used to being come onto by both students and student teachers if not actual teachers themselves. That was a given, however eventually his visions and powers growing making themselves known as they had been unused as of yet unknown of even being there were taking a toll on him. Growing through an emotional state at the age of sixteen going on seventeen.

His mother had been going through a mental illness at this point, just four years prior she had been on top of the world it seemed. Onto her second marriage, a beautiful ceremony and being quite the socialite on the scene. However something had been haunting her as well. Though no one was sure what specifically, the boy's step father during this period had taken advantage of Eli. Using him for sex and stress release during the troubling time dealing with his mother and more. Eventually putting her in a mental institution, romancing the young boy. Sending passionate trembles through his thighs and buying him handpicked gifts almost as if to be dating his stepson. Unable to resist the temptation that was the dark haired twink himself. However, as time passed it just became a heated romp and a toss of his card telling the boy to buy himself something because he had to work.

Regardless of this, the boy felt guilty. Stopping by the mental hospital to visit his mother with flowers, he arrived and had a conversation with her about her garden and a few other minor things.  An unexpected conversation on his powers coming up. Not certain how she had known, rarely using them and just newly discovering them in truth during this time. Not able to do much else outside of remain unseen in the dark, levitate small objects and things he truthfully hadn't used much of nor could they be seen. Once it had been explained he was going to an all boy's school for Warlocks it had been made obvious that she indeed was also a witch.

Name: James Kaufmann
Age: 32
Alias: Wolf , Blackwell
Race: Human/ Caucasian/ Warlock
Height: 6'2" 1/2
Body-Type: Broad shouldered, toned and tight. Just a few steps above a runner or swimmer, staying slightly more on the lean side.
Body-Hair:  Dusted down the center of his chest fairy, under his arms and down his belly forming a happy trail to what he'd call the holy grail.
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Personality: A seemingly normal man, sly and sarcastic he has a mocking humor. Though he's constantly making those around him feel as though they are beneath him. He knows what he's doing, he's not cocky and doesn't talk about himself too much. However there is something about his smirk that has a certain haunting arrogance. He knows how to get what he wants and is rumored to be one of the most superior witches in the world.  Though there is no sure way to tell outside of starting a witch war, he finds himself well respected and highly recommended by the council.
Likes: Chocolate, fireplaces , art, violin, cello, piano, classical music, cigarettes, cigars, critiquing, respect, tailored suits.
Dislikes: Improper speaking, slang, sagging, disobedient students, repeating himself.
Occupation: The head of the school as of now.
♦ Being the head of the school means he gets extra points. I'll be giving him 22 of them and allow him to have extra powers. If he's going to be teaching them he'll need to be powerful.

♦ Shadow Shade { Cost 2 points } - Mastered
♦ Major Soul Tapping { Cost 5.5 points } - Struggles to use as it also takes energy to replenish it. Soul tapping means he has to use at least two fingers, the more fingers or even palm the faster and better the tap.
♦ Major Telekinesis { Cost 5 points } - His strongest / most used. Perhaps along with his soul tapping and healing the only spells that give his fighting worth.
♦ Minor Tremor { Cost 1.5 } - Fairly weak, one of his most minor spells. Not as much control of it as he'd like. Does not frequently used, shamed of its low power.
♦ Major Healing { Cost 4.5 } - Strong, but not to the highest of high.
♦ Average Shape Shifting { cost 4 points } - Preferred forms include a wolf, raven, doberman, rottweiler, black cobra. He has mastered few animals, only ones that he could get his hands on and study long enough to become them.
♦ Average Aero { cost 2.5 points } - Strong swift winds strong enough to knock an enemy off their feet.

Between The Sheets: 100% Top
Role: 95% Dominant
Turn On(s): Disobedient boys, pulling their hair, twinks, femininity, small cocks, sadism, choking, bondage, pet-play, dressing them up , s&m , cross-dressing, toys , magic play , degradation, humiliation, cock - ball and muscle worship , receiving oral, facefucking, giving rim jobs.
Turn Off(s): Scat, mutilation, electric play, burning, older men, taller boys, more than his own muscle tone or weight.
Extra Pictures: 1
History: James Kauffman  is a descendant of one of the Salem Witch trial's accused. In fact, the man burned at the stake was burned at a well near the center of the town and supposedly they bare a striking resemblance. Some thing that it may be the man burned reincarnated as the modern playboy before them today. That well still existing, no matter how many times it has been cleaned -the waters turn black. Often earning James among the council and other well known noble warlock and witches as Blackwell. Known for being sly and at times untrustworthy due to both his womanizing ways and trickery.

James was born and raised in America, by a single mother. Going through school and studying business wanting to prepare for college, it was then that his powers had begun acting up. Since he was fourteen he had felt odd, only odd things dropping unknowing they had been levitating in the first place whilst studying. It continued and grew out of control til he was sent to the UK to attend a now closed school. The place burned down in the late 90's after his and many other's attendance. Before long he had gotten his dream job, only to be called upon by the council. The council knowing of his powers and being the highest graded among those still alive. He was asked to teach, figuring the school would be in the UK he denied only to find out the school was in the U.S.  Forced with offers he couldn't turn down, now two years later he was still there. Taking over the young minds of today and unlocking their powers to their true extent.
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Offline Orange Marmalade

I think I might still make some changes (need to flesh out history a bit more particularly), but here's a teacher!

Name: Reid St. Paul
Age: 24
Alias: None
Race: Caucasian
Height: 6'2
Body-Type: Toned athletic, somewhat thin
Body-Hair: Moderate
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Personality: Reid is at times a little energetic, sometimes overly friendly. He's always active, moving, and often talking and he loves to help make people feel at ease. He's always loved kids and knows he'll never have any of his own which is part of why he loves teaching. He does have a bit of a temper and a sadistic streak, though he tries very hard to keep them in check. He also has a bit of an old fashioned romantic side which people might expert more than his other side due to his generally friendly and easygoing nature.
Likes: Men, fitness, computers, learning, teaching, kids, fast cars, motorcycles
Dislikes: Slow people, kids who don't want to learn, people who don't take witchcraft seriously, being alone
Occupation: Full time staff (General education and witchcraft)
Powers: 18 points
Telekinesis - Major (5)
Shapeshifting - Major (6.5)
Pyromancy - Average (3.5)
Healing - Minor (1.5)
Unspent: 1.5

Between The Sheets: Switchy Top
Role: Switchy Dom
Turn On(s): Rough sex, partners who know what they want, passion, masculine partners, romance, pain/really rough sex/don't tell anybody!
Turn Off(s): Lazy partners, overly timid partners, scat, excessive blood play, broken bones, bestiality, femininity, long hair
Extra Pictures:

Reid comes from a family with a whole lot of money, though generally speaking you might not realize it unless you saw his car or  how freely he seemed to spend money at times - not that he wastes it but rather his skew of what is a 'lot' is off by most people's standards.

His family has a heritage of having magic along his mother's side, and so when he first started exhibiting early indications of magic his mother knew exactly what to do and found him a school where his needs could be met. He excelled at his schooling and magic training, and he found that he enjoyed helping others learn as well. In fact, he liked it so much that he decided to stay on as a student teacher while he was in college earning his MBA which he just completed.

Now, fresh out of college, he's decide to come back and be a full time teacher - much to the chagrin of his family who felt that once he was done with his magic that he would move on into one of the many family businesses.
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Offline TeacupTwinkTopic starter

I love this season too, I'm hoping I can peak some interest in the rp and get a few students and staff. I don't mind playing 2-3 characters but, I can't play the whole school. :P

Offline Stygia

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This looks super cool. Count me in for a student slot. I'll get one made soon-ish. :D

Offline TeacupTwinkTopic starter

Excited and can't wait to see. :]

I'm making spaghetti. :'d

Offline Stygia

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I'll post him up tonight when I'm home, teacup. <3

Offline TeacupTwinkTopic starter

Great, he's adorable.  :-)

Offline YaoiRolePlay

I'm just posting to say I'm interested. If more people chime in I'll put up a character.

Offline Stygia

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Name: Aiden Daley
Age: 18
Alias: Red, nature-boy, and “Who? Oh…that guy? What’s his name again?”
Race: Northern European (Irish)
Height: 5’9’’
Body-Type: Slim
Body-Hair:  Very little overall, some on forearms and legs, and a bit on his groin, kept trimmed.
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None (though he might be able to be convinced at some point)
Personality: Aiden is an extraordinarily shy young man, with very little self-confidence or charisma. Having grown up in a single-parent home with a very pretty, very talented older sister, Aiden is used to being in other people’s shadows, and has grown accustomed to not getting any attention of his own. The only thing that he got that his sister didn’t was the magical powers passed down from his mother’s side of the family…but we don’t talk about them. Sweet and introspective, Aiden is a gentle, quiet spirit who finds himself more comfortable in the woods than in a mall.
Likes: Being outdoors, plants, animals, classical music, interesting textures, books, the idea of romance.
Dislikes: Crowded buildings, loud noises, pop or rock music, fried food, people with no brain-mouth filter.
Occupation: Student
Powers: 9.5/10
-Animal affinity (major): Aidan has a latent affinity with predatory beasts – bears, eagles, mountain lions, etc. They tend to treat him as family, which may at times include being groomed, or expected to join in when feasting on a kill. He can call them to help him if he is in danger.
-Plant manipulation (average): From urging clematis vines to grow only in a certain direction, to coaxing a new bud to open, Aidan seems to hold some control over the movements of plants. He can make thorned vines reach out and grab onto people, but the stronger plants like trees are still out of his area of control.
-Healing (average): Aidan can heal stab wounds, bullet holes, and smaller bones without scarring.
Between The Sheets: (Virgin) Bottom
Role: 95% Sub
Turn On(s): light bondage, romance, sensation/texture play, outdoors sex, a man who knows what he wants and what he’s doing. As Aidan has never been with anyone, this is all speculation of course…he may turn out to be a firecracker with the right partner.
Turn Off(s): Pain, blood, vomit, toilet-business, ginger-hate.
Extra Pictures:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
History: Aidan and his older sister Aerin grew up with their father, having very little memory of their mother. Whenever they asked about her, their father would shut down the conversation, saying “Some people aren’t what you think” and leave it at that. As they grew older, Aerin, always charismatic and outgoing, became their father’s favorite, their classmate’s favorite and their teacher’s favorite. So when Aerin was out with her friends or at a dance recital, Aidan was in the woods around their house, playing with wild animals, and tending a garden. He didn’t know that there was anything unusual about foxes choosing to use his lap for a nap, or for bobcats to seek him out for a good scritch now and then.

When Aidan was twelve, he was cleaning out the attic and found his mother’s diary in a box of old books. Curious, he read it, and found hints of darker things…of magic things. It detailed spells gone awry, reprimands from some sort of council, and ended on an ominous note regarding her bloodline…and by extent, Aidan’s bloodline, and the tendency for their tempers to make magics…unpredictable.

Once he came to terms with the abilities he inherited from his mother, he didn’t mind playing second-fiddle to his sister’s beauty and popularity. And when an invitation to a special school came for him in the mail, he knew that he had no choice but to go.
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Offline TeacupTwinkTopic starter

Beware Stygia, even though this isn't just centered around sex like Secrets - regardless of whether Gingey is attracted to him or not Eli will come onto him and flirt with him hard. He's a sexual character, so watch out. I think that goes for everyone, even if I'm not going to try and have Eli sleep with them he's going to be very flirty and well... you'll all see.  ::)

Offline Stygia

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Haha, consider me warned. Aidan will likely be confused and a little freaked out at being hit on though. Poor boy is a bit lacking in the self-confidence department.

Offline TeacupTwinkTopic starter

Well, maybe Eli will raise his " confidence "  ::)

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Powerlist and chart added, removal of grand supreme. There will be no Grand supreme in this so that no one can say anyone went power hungry with him.

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Ooh neat! I'll have to come in and adjust Aidan's powers when I have some time.

Offline TeacupTwinkTopic starter

Same here. :]

Offline YaoiRolePlay

What is this immortality thing about? I have a character in mind who may be interested in that.

Also, you said 10 points for students right? So I can fill out the abilities with 10 points worth?
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Immortality - unable to die

and yes 10 points worth. I may up it or reward more as the rp goes on. So this is just a STARTING point.

Offline YaoiRolePlay

Yeah, I get that part. :P

I mean you said this:

"This one is one I will RARELY Give out. Ask for it and ask about it. This one can be free of cost or could cost 8 points."

Offline TeacupTwinkTopic starter

Mmm... I'll give it to you for 5 points but, don't over-use it and plan on Godmodding obviously. Not saying that you will, just figured I'd toss that out there. Immortality doesn't mean he can't get hurt or close to death.

Offline YaoiRolePlay

I wasn't planning on using it now. It's something for him to work towards learning and mastering. He's going to be a bit of a creepy boy, I can tell you that much right now. ;D

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*laughs* Creepy boys are awesome.

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Sounds great, dimension is needed. :]

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Versatility, difference between characters. Broadening the horizons of what all we have?