How can I get better in roleplaying?

Started by NinjaNinja2013, November 02, 2013, 12:54:28 PM

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I'm having a hard time with role playing. Problem is that I am having a hard time with sex scenes because I have never experience, watch(only very, very rarely) or read about it. The non sex scenes ok, but they are still might not be good enough for the other user. I could really use some advice here.

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Writing about something you know little or nothing about is difficult.  Getting a feel for erotic writing without actual experience is usually done by reading as much as you can about the subject.  Watching movies and videos helps with finding ways to describe actions. 

I would suggest reading some of the stories in our Light Human Solos forum to see how sex is handled in some of the mildest ways on our site.  Many of the writers who have stories there are also great for finding examples of good writing skills.

I'm sure others of our members have more suggestions and possibly even certain authors of erotic literature they can recommend to help you.

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I find it very helpful to read other peoples RP and pick up things from that. It's also helpful I've found to read non RP sex stories. On (and others like it) they have a large selection of user written sex stories with every genre, kink, and category imaginable.
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There are also a number of non-RP stories up in our 'Storytelling' forum, of a variety of rating levels.
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If you're looking for something kinda vanilla with some amount of plot, might I recommend the DarkHunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon?

Also, the internet is your best friend. :)

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By diving headlong right into it.

No, not trying to troll, but seriously, you will not get better at anything unless you do it or make the attempt; which in this example, is writing.

I never did any of the former mentioned above, I just jump right into roleplay when I was younger.

Of course, I guess it helps having a decade or more experience of writing under ones belt(presently); but, we all have to start somewhere.

Also, somewhere back in that day, I had to write smut from scratch; it wasn't easy as I was in a similar boat. But I winged it. Sucked at it. Continue at it. Improved at it. Such things fall under all factors in life, we are never good at anything starting out.

I am also sure there are plenty of people here that will help you in partnering, if you are aiming to add erotic flavor to your writings; but remember, you will not get anywhere unless you put forth the effort.

Edit: Also note you have to have a desire to do whatever writing you are doing. You should never feel forced into anything that you may not like doing or want to do. There are many things I don't like writing about, so in general it just falls down to the individual and their preferences. If erotic writing is something that interests you, just go for it. *Shrug* And keep going at it till you get better, it takes time and effort.

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If it would make you more comfortable, add a note to your requests explaining that you are currently learning to write sex scenes. I did so that my partners are aware of what they are getting into and I'm more comfortable to explore and enhance my writing skills. It is a good way to find patient writers who have no issue in helping you and being patient with you.


Practice :) Also talk to your partner about what they like...every one is different and might have different expectations. I used to suck and actually my first attempt at playing on E in the chat with someone they were impatient and well an all around ass saying I should just quit playing because I was very new to online RP as well as erotic RP. But I met some really nice people on here and they encouraged me not to quit and I am glad i didn't. So give it some time :)
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