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Author Topic: Thesunmaid's musings and ideas (all genders and experience welcome)  (Read 2506 times)

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I would please ask people to PM me rather than answer here

I play through the forum and email. I do have messengers but between work and my muse Forum and Email are how I play.Can be convinced to play through PM so long as we keep the rp pm's separate from the chatting pm's

Communication is always important no matter what the scene so PM or add me on your skype,Discord or googlechat.(if you cannot see it on my profile feel free to PM and I will give you the name to look for)

Some of the things I find interesting might be offensive.I have played out things that some people might look at me strangely for but I like to sort of dig into my own head and see how far I can go.

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Re: Thesunmaid's musings and ideas
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2014, 10:45:43 PM »
To my rp partners

Communication is a good thing. If real time steals you Or if your muse is cranky this I understand. But I don't chase people for posts. I will not get mad if you lose interest. I am not to everyone's tastes. Totally get that. All I ask is tell me..How am I supposed to know I am doing something wrong is no one ever tells me right?

But the way I do do posts and rp's if I have not heard from the player (non RP threads I am not going to hold against)
Partner is posting to other rp's but not ours
If I have not heard from a partner in 1 month I will assume that the partner is no longer interested and I will delete the bookmark and move on
Partner is not posting to other rp's including ours
If I have not heard from a partner in 1 month I will move the rp to Inactive and If I have not heard from the player with in 2 months I will simply assume that the game is dead and delete the bookmark and move on.

I will keep my A's and A's updated(barring losing internet or I am not able to sit upright) and I will make sure to post back to you at least once a week unless I say otherwise in my A's & A's and I would ask any partners to do the same for me.

In Regards to character pictures
I am not one to go hunting for pictures for characters. (I will occasionally do this on a whim for some games with pictures I already might have or if I feel that a picture would help illustrate something) And I ask you to not go picture hunting for me.(see Big turn off number 5)Sometimes I might have ones from an HTML room I used to own But I am not one to go hunting down pictures.
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Re: Thesunmaid's musings and ideas
« Reply #2 on: April 05, 2014, 01:48:50 PM »
 My story idea's and On's and Off's are below in the signature as well as if someone is interested in seeing an example of my writings and games. I have links to all the current games if you wish to read.

I am also looking for a balance between plot and smut.

I play male,female and characters in between.I am not opposed to original characters*which must be 18 years of age or older*I do not care about the gender of my partners.

I like plotting out plots with my partner and I look for long term rp's as well.

Here are some of my Non fandom plots and pairings

Mental illness
A young couple meets in a hospital. I would like to play a delusional character who thinks she can see aura's and sees another person. (your character) and seems to think you are the one she has been waiting for.They escape and hijinks ensue.

Kindness of a stranger
I always liked the idea of some stranger who might start off with intentions of using someone else who is in need of help and then it ends up as they start to care about the one who they are helping. I would like to play a runaway teenager/street kid who has to steal/sell themselves or perhaps a neighbor who is helped by a single older person in their lives in some way.

Hidden parts
A transgender person (MtF or FtM) lives in a building and develops feelings for a neighbor who is in a bad relationship with someone. IE an verbally,emotionally or physically abusive type who is horrible for them.

Other non fandom pairings
In no particular order but some I will bold my preferred role for that game. I don't have any specific plots for any of these but would would be happy to think some up with you.
Drow/Human or normal elf
Anything that would be considered an Odd couple in some way.

Now onto the fandoms!

Collar 6
FxF FxM or Fx (insert here)
This first one is from a webcomic that I read called Collar 6. I don't know if anyone else has read this but I have been reading it for about a year now. I would like to play Mistress sixx and this could be a game with one or more subs. The comic does have a mostly female cast but I could play her having a male or anything in between sub if someone wants to play one.
Here is the link to it...even if someone does not want to play the plot I still recommend it as an entertaining read. (it's now on tumblr. Thank you Ket for reminding me the link was out of date.)

Once Upon a time
I love this show and I especially like Rumplestiltskin..I have always like the actor Robert Carlyle but there's something about him playing Rumple that's hot. I would love to play Belle in a Rumple/Belle pairing. I was thinking a sort of different twist on her being taken to his castle instead of just cooking and cleaning he starts wanting a bit more than that. And go from there. This can be a non con scene at first but I would like to have teasing and bondage in this case. But it would move towards warm fuzzies if not kinkyness ensuing.
Another Idea I had was I always liked Regina..What can I say the outfits she wears are just hot.I was also interested in a Regina/Rumple pairing while he was teaching her magic. I could see having fun with a Regina/some other character pairing. I would also be willing to consider some female pairings as well. Or maybe even a m/m game.

FxF FxM FX(insert here)
Yes I do love this show and my favorite character is Abby Sciuto. She just makes me smile with all her antics and with this plot I could see a pairing with pretty much any character on here.I could see Abby being a switch since she does not seem like the full on sub with that bit of an attitude but she is also has  got that eager to please sort of feeling to her that would not make her a full on dominant.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
FXF FXM MxM FX(Maaaagic....we can make things happen)
I am a joss weadon fan girl. I admit it...but my favorite is Buffy. I would like some kind of game where I could play Spike(in a MxM Game) or Willow in a what ever pairing...sorry although I love Buffy herself I never seem to be able to pull her off.So something here would be interesting. But one thing I will say. Willow I will be keeping a human and a witch. I tried playing her as vamp willow and it just did not work for me. Sorry..

I am craving this a bit I admit.There are rumors flying about that there will be a sequel and I just hope they keep the puppets because...well Jim Henson is the man. I would like a Sarah/Jareth pairing here...but with Sarah not being 14 years old..maybe a return to the labyrinth? Anyone want to don the tight tight pants and be the only man that can make glitter look hot.

FxM FxF Fx(insert here)
I like this universe as well and I would like to play out some plots here. My Three favorites are Wolverine, Deadpool, and Rogue.But any pairings could be fun.I would like to play Rouge in this game. We can also figure out a if my partner decides to play someone else. But I will put this in here. I am not looking for a nice guy to play off of. I want someone who can throw a punch and be generally a badass. Give me a bad boy I can punch in the face and then kiss.

The Breakfast Club
FxM FxF Fx(insert here)
Yes I know this is an old movie but I do dearly love it. Angst! Oh the lovely teenage angst...for this one I would dearly love to play Allison and would love to be paired with someone other than Andy. Heh bender would be my preferred role for my partner but Claire or Brian(always thought Brian should have gotten a girl..he was too cute not to) could be fun as well..or even an original character could be fun as well.

Harry Potter
FxM MxM Mx(insert here) Fx(insert here)

Would very much like to get a good MXM game going here. But any of these would be nice.

Harry Potter
 MXM Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape ,MXF Severus Snape and Bellatrix Lastrange ,(I Don't have a plot idea for these speficially MxF Severus Snape and Hermione Granger,Lucius Malfoy and Hermione Granger)

With this game I am not going to be picky about the ages of the two of them. We could play the marauders era,Pre war when they become death eaters,after the war when they are free to be together.Pretty much any time from the age of 17 on I am good with.Any of them I would very much like it that they would be starting or admitting they have feelings for each other over the course of the rp.

Marauders era MXM - I was thinking that we could have them getting to know each other. Perhaps Lucius the pretty boy he is, is also failing at potions so the professor assigns his prize student to tutor him and things go from there. Or perhaps Lucius sees James potter and his pals tormenting Severus and steps in of course if anyone asks he is only doing it because it is one of his house mates...not that..he really cares or anything. :P

MXF - This could be that Severus and Bella had a secret attraction. This would be before Bella was stuck in Azkaban so not quite as crazy as she was in the movies. They could be stuck together on a school project or they get stuck together because of Lucius and Narcissa being together a lot and Severus being Lucius's best friend and Bella being Cissa's sister

Pre war -MXM Perhaps they both receive a dark mark at the same time and then are sent on some sort of mission making them work together and grow closer. They could have to hide out in muggle London to escape the aurors and Severus has to show Lucius how to live as a muggle for a time or maybe one of them was injured and they are not able to get to a place where they could be healed and the other had to care for them. Maybe one or the other is assigned to kill the other because of some small mistake and the dark lord wanted them gone. Then the other could not bring themselves to go through with it.

MXF - Something similar with Bella and Snape...They have to hide from aurors and they are forced to live together in muggle London or some other place where they have to deal with not using thier wands since it could be tracked easily the more they are used.  Or they could have to work together on a mission of some sort. Perhaps Bella is injured and Snape has to care for her.(Bella does not strike me as the nurse type...but other way around if you would like)

Post war - MXM They find each other again. Narcissa had left Lucius and he was free to do as he wanted. He only married her because she was a pure blood and it was arranged and now with his parents gone and the war over he is free to do as he wishes and no longer caring about what people think.Or perhaps once Narcissa leaves him after the war he goes back to Malfoy manor to be paid a visit by an old friend who some how lived through the attack of Nagini and he is wanting a place to hide away from the press and wanting to continue to let them all think hes dead.Drinks and talking long into the night. Feelings come out..unrequited feelings come up.

MXF  Both of them survive...perhaps both of them are in hiding from the ministry. The person that Molly Weasely killed was a clone or a poly juiced person.. or she managed to apperate away just before the spell hit and left a glamour spell to make people think she is dead. She shows up at Snapes home spinners end because she has no other place to go. Helping her hide feelings come up...or hell they have a good old fashioned hate fuck and then realize they both enjoyed it and continue a love hate with hate turning to love eventually?

It goes with out saying every one would be 18+ for this game So if we have any play with one of the trio it would be set once they hit 18 or they were 18 during the war.Alternate universe we can do that(yes I know Bella and Snape are dead after the final fight...we will find a reason they were not if its after the war.)

FxM FxF Fx(insert here)
I know uncharacteristically girly of me...but I do love me some Disney. I have ideas for Disney and I am open to cross overs and FxF pairings too. I do quite like the idea of an LGTB princess with the whole Give Elsa a girlfriend thing. I also don't require the happy feel good thing of the whole thing. Also we will be playing all characters are 18 or older because...well in the movies...most of them are underage Elsa is the only one that can actually drink legally in the states at 21. And there are only 4 other princesses who are actually 18 or older and can be considered legally an adult. Trust me look it up.)

It's up for discussion where we set the game and if we want to have it follow the movie in anyway..and if my partner wants to play a canon or OC I am still good with this. I am completely open to suggestions for these plot wise.

So here is the list of Disney princesses I would like to play.
Mulan:How can you not like a kick ass lady who saved an entire country? Sorry But I like strong ladies as a general rule. Maybe she is found out that she is a woman sooner? Or perhaps one of her co soldiers thinks Ping is hot and things can go from there.
Jasmine: I was thinking for this one she might have not met Aladdin maybe...perhaps something with Jafar? Or perhaps she did not come back to the palace after she ran away and found a way to support herself in Agraba or she made her way out of the city and leaves the city all together.
Belle: She was always my favorite because well she likes to read and I was told when I was little I should go outside more...when really I just wanted to be left alone to read. But maybe in the end she might end up with Gaston because the beast is actually that...a beast.(maybe a slightly less obnoxious version?) Also...I know the whole Stockholm syndrome me she did not become some mindless follower...Beast became a better person for her...and she would tell him to stop being an asshole in the movie...she still kept her mind and I plan on that being how I will play.
Rapunzel:I do like her sort of wide eyed innocence sort of thing with her. I mean everything is new to her and she wants to experience everything.I sort of see this as a sort of maybe someone teaching her about sexuality and or taking advantage of it. I don't tend to be one for some day my prince will come types but..I will also not be playing it as her going wow I have breasts! what are those for?! She will know some things about her body. So yeah don't worry if my partner plays a male she will not whip out the frying pan when he takes his pants off.
Tiana: I would prefer this to have her as a human..Sorry but frogs to me as just not inherently sexy?  I always loved the sort of sassy take no shit attitude she had.Plus that dimple and curls are too sweet for words. Although I sort of hated her blonde friend Charlotte at first...but in the end she did turn out to be sweet. But..still sort of my opinion Dr. Facailier is one of the best villains and has one of the best villain songs.
Merida:I really enjoyed this movie and I like Merida being a bit of a tomboy..So for this one I could see her maybe have to protect her kingdom or perhaps she is getting kidnapped by one of the rival clans. But they will be having an easy time with her.
Elsa:Yes yes she is a queen I get it not a princess..move on. But in this one...I quite like the idea of Elsa being gay...or if my partner wants to play a male...perhaps he has fire powers? Or he is jack frost and teaches her how to use her powers before the coronation.(I am not interested in playing Anna but if my partner wants to play her and have some hot incest fun..I could see that.)
Now onto non official Disney princesses but still I like them.
Esmeralda: I liked her attitude and well who cannot like a hot gypsy babe that can go toe to toe with the captain of the guards?She can flip and spin and do acrobatics. I think thats awesome. did annoy the shit out of me when she ended up with the moral of the Disney story was..if you are brave and a good person you will get to be the side kick to the beautiful woman who falls for the hot blonde guy...(and I know the book ending..lil morbid so no.) So why not have her end up with quasimodo or have some other adventure.(and no...fucking gargoyles please?)
Megura:Hades in this movie was awesome...and I loved Megura..but I always kind wished she had stayed in the underworld with Hades because he was infinitely more awesome than Hercules who...well in my opinion was about as interesting as a plain rice cake. So maybe a Meg/Hades thing maybe?

Sailor Moon
FxM FxF Fx(insert here)
Yet again..another show that some who know me might be surprised that I enjoyed...Yes I liked sparkly magical girls. So much sparkling...squee.

This is one of the settings I think it more towards the F/F sort of setting but I am open to male characters too.
The sailor scouts I would like to play is as follows. (and yes I am using the Americanized names because this was the version I watched) And I never saw past the main 5 sailor scouts. So yeah I know nothing about the
Lita (sailor Jupiter) I always thought that the pairing she would be best with is Amy(sailor Mercury). I think those two would be adorable together.
Rae (sailor Mars) I like her spunk and attitude. I think she would be cute with Amy (sailor Mercury)or Mina (sailor Venus)
I don't see any kind of pairing with Sailor Moon...because that type of girl (whiny underachievers who are as dumb as a brick) just does not interest me.(wonder why.) But I would not be opposed to other pairings with either male characters or even villains.

FxM(insert here)
This is one of the few ones I would like to have a F/M pairing. I quite liked this show a bit and I liked the idea of Dr. Watson being a woman. And although they did not have Watson/Holmes paired up romantically. I like the idea of Joan and Sherlock or Joan and Mycroft. I am a    Rhys Ifans fan and he was a double agent in this show. That made me happy.In this I would be willing to play Sherlock or Mycroft as well.

Gilmore girls
FxM FxF Fx(insert here)
Another sort of girly sort of show I enjoyed. I would like to have a Lorelei/Luke sort of play.But if you want to see some other pairing I am interested in hearing it. I like the whole love/hate thing they have sometimes...sexual tension makes me happy as well. And well with her rebelling against the rich parents thing..I could see her having some sort of naughty tastes hidden away.

Star Trek
FxM FxF Fx(insert here)
I have been a trekkie since I was little Blame my dad. My first celebrity crush was Mr spock. lol Here is a list of characters I would like to play with thier shows.
Original series

Next Generation
Deanna Troi
Jean Luc Picard

Deep space Nine
Jadzia Dax

Katheryn Janeway(this one is dependent on the pairing and plot if I will be willing to play her)
The Doctor
Seven of Nine

And yes I am aware of the newest really did not interest me and I really don't want to play anything from it.

Scy Fy's Alice
I have loved this miniseries. It made me happy that they had a sort of modern grown up Alice and she was pretty capable and kick ass. And well Andrew Lee Potts is adorable as the Hatter.I am willing to play either Alice or Hatter I would very much love to play out a plot with these two. Either something along the line of the plot in the series or we can make up our own. (and no i am really not interested in the movies the animated she is a kid and the other...although its johnny depp...hes sort of nightmarish and Alice has the personality and emotional range of sandpaper.)

FxM FxF Fx(insert here)
 Alot of people will have no idea who the fuck this is...but it was part of my teenager hood? If that's a word? I used to love this show and I would love to try my hand at Dariah or Jane. I just found this show extremely amuseing.

FxM FxF Fx(insert here)
I loved this show when I was younger...It was sort of darker than I was used to for a kids show and I found that interesting and It had a few of the star trek cast.  I would like to try and play either Demona or Elisa..perhaps even Goliath. I admit I thought the last season was kind of dumb so I would prefer not to play that out unless there is a good idea for them to go traveling like that.

Batman Villians (for the most part)
FxM FxF Fx(insert here)
I would be interested in playing a FxF pairing with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. I would be interested in playing either side of this pairing. Perhaps Ivy would be rescuing Harley from the Joker being a bastard getting sick of her being his punching bag. Maybe Harley breaks Ivy out of Arkham and they run away and hide out somewhere...or they become the queens of crime and start thier own little spree. I would also be interested in a Joker/Harley pairing but...(yes yes roll your eyes a bit here) Like they were in suicide squad. He actually seemed to care about her in his own twisted way and kept coming back for her.(I can't see these two just having a normal non kinky sex life really) Or I would also be interested in a Batman/Harley pairing Where perhaps Batman helped Harley on her road back from crazy town. I liked how in the cartoon Batman tried to help her and the line."Nice guys like you shouldn't have bad days." I like the idea of him perhaps helping Harley but this does not mean we can't have some kinky play there as well.

FxM FxF Fx(insert here)

Link to the comic here
This is a web comic I have been reading on and off for the past few years of a young woman who is basically a halfing who goes on adventures and discovers a world outside of her small village. Her mother tries to protect her but she wants to leave.

I would like to play Alfie and be paired with a larger creature of some kind. This setting has essentially D&D races and such. So humans and elves and tieflings ect. So I am willing to talk about the race someone might want to play. I am putting a limit on size though. Tall human sized or so. We are not going ridiculously large like your sock is the size of her entire leg. (it's in my on's and off's not a fan of ridiculously large cocks in the first place) I am looking for a bit of a size difference and maybe fantasy races would be fun to play with. The race Alfie is looks to be about waist height on a normal human and they are a bit stockier than halflings. Think hobbit with out the hairy feet? Anyway even if you are not interested in rp I do recommend it as a good read. :)

Below Are Links to request threads I have posted as of late.

Email games request thread.

Ideas thread with fandom cravings.

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Re: Thesunmaid's musings and ideas
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Bump cause its been a while.

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Re: Thesunmaid's musings and ideas
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Re: Thesunmaid's musings and ideas (all genders and experience welcome)
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Re: Thesunmaid's musings and ideas (all genders and experience welcome)
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Re: Thesunmaid's musings and ideas (all genders and experience welcome)
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Re: Thesunmaid's musings and ideas (all genders and experience welcome)
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It's been quite some time...see if I get any responses. Feel free to PM if you see something you like or have an idea of your own.

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Re: Thesunmaid's musings and ideas (all genders and experience welcome)
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Bippity boppity bump.