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Author Topic: Thesunmaid's musings and ideas (all genders and experience welcome)  (Read 1720 times)

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I would please ask people to PM me rather than answer here

I play through the forum and email. I do have messengers but between work and my muse Forum and Email are how I play.

Communication is always important no matter what the scene so PM or add me on your skype or googlechat.(if you cannot see it on my profile feel free to PM and I will give you the name to look for)

Some of the things I find interesting might be offensive.I have played out things that some people might look at me strangely for but I like to sort of dig into my own head and see how far I can go.

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Re: Thesunmaid's musings and ideas
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2014, 10:45:43 PM »
To my rp partners

Communication is a good thing. If real time steals you Or if your muse is cranky this I understand. But I don't chase people for posts. I will not get mad if you lose interest. I am not to everyone's tastes. Totally get that. All I ask is tell me..How am I supposed to know I am doing something wrong is no one ever tells me right?

But the way I do do posts and rp's if I have not heard from the player (non RP threads I am not going to hold against)
Partner is posting to other rp's but not ours
If I have not heard from a partner in 1 month I will assume that the partner is no longer interested and I will delete the bookmark and move on
Partner is not posting to other rp's including ours
If I have not heard from a partner in 1 month I will move the rp to Inactive and If I have not heard from the player with in 2 months I will simply assume that the game is dead and delete the bookmark and move on.

I will keep my A's and A's updated(barring losing internet or I am not able to sit upright) and I will make sure to post back to you at least once a week unless I say otherwise in my A's & A's and I would ask any partners to do the same for me.

In Regards to character pictures
I am not one to go hunting for pictures for characters. (I will occasionally do this on a whim for some games with pictures I already might have or if I feel that a picture would help illustrate something) And I ask you to not go picture hunting for me.(see Big turn off number 5)Sometimes I might have ones from an HTML room I used to own But I am not one to go hunting down pictures.
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Re: Thesunmaid's musings and ideas
« Reply #2 on: April 05, 2014, 01:48:50 PM »
 My story idea's and On's and Off's are below in the signature as well as if someone is interested in seeing an example of my writings and games. I have links to all the current games if you wish to read.

I am also looking for a balance between plot and smut.

I play male,female and characters in between.I am not opposed to original characters*which must be 18 years of age or older*I do not care about the gender of my partners.

I like plotting out plots with my partner and I look for long term rp's as well.

Here are some of my Non fandom plots and pairings

Mental illness
A young couple meets in a hospital. I would like to play a delusional character who thinks she can see aura's and sees another person. (your character) and seems to think you are the one she has been waiting for.They escape and hijinks ensue.

Kindness of a stranger
I always liked the idea of some stranger who might start off with intentions of using someone else who is in need of help and then it ends up as they start to care about the one who they are helping. I would like to play a runaway teenager/street kid who has to steal/sell themselves or perhaps a neighbor who is helped by a single older person in their lives in some way.

Hidden parts
A transgender person (MtF or FtM) lives in a building and develops feelings for a neighbor who is in a bad relationship with someone. IE an verbally,emotionally or physically abusive type who is horrible for them.

Other non fandom pairings
In no particular order but some I will bold my preferred role for that game. I don't have any specific plots for any of these but would would be happy to think some up with you.
Drow/Human or normal elf
Anything that would be considered an Odd couple in some way.

Now onto the fandoms!

Collar 6
FxF FxM or Fx (insert here)
This first one is from a webcomic that I read called Collar 6. I don't know if anyone else has read this but I have been reading it for about a year now. I would like to play Mistress sixx and this could be a game with one or more subs. The comic does have a mostly female cast but I could play her having a male or anything in between sub if someone wants to play one.
Here is the link to it...even if someone does not want to play the plot I still recommend it as an entertaining read.

Once Upon a time
I love this show and I especially like Rumplestiltskin..I have always like the actor Robert Carlyle but there's something about him playing Rumple that's hot. I would love to play Belle in a Rumple/Belle pairing. I was thinking a sort of different twist on her being taken to his castle instead of just cooking and cleaning he starts wanting a bit more than that. And go from there. This can be a non con scene at first but I would like to have teasing and bondage in this case. But it would move towards warm fuzzies if not kinkyness ensuing.
Another Idea I had was I always liked Regina..What can I say the outfits she wears are just hot.I was also interested in a Regina/Rumple pairing while he was teaching her magic.

I am also willing to play rumple in this game as well.

FxF FxM FX(insert here)
Yes I do love this show and my favorite character is Abby Sciuto. She just makes me smile with all her antics and with this plot I could see a pairing with pretty much any character on here.I could see Abby being a switch since she does not seem like the full on sub with that bit of an attitude but she is also has  got that eager to please sort of feeling to her that would not make her a full on dominant.

I loved the actor that plays Dexter since he was in six feet under.(he played the most adorable uptight gay mortician. If you have not watched...go watch awesome show.) But anyway yes..I would like to play Rita in this game and perhaps she was attacked by her ex husband again and she wants to get rid of him and Dexter reveals his secrets to her and she is not horrified but fascinated.

Or another idea the sort of sexual tension between Dexter and Deb might finally come to a head and they realize it was not fully incest since they are not technically blood related.

What can I say I always liked the grumpy smart types. In this game I would very much like a pairing with House and someone else...It can be any one of the characters with me. I am willing to play House himself or Cuddy in this game.This one can be a bit fluffy but as always I am willing to go dark as well.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
FXF FXM FX(Maaaagic....we can make things happen)
I am a joss weadon fan girl. I admit it...but my favorite is Buffy. I would like some kind of game where I could play Spike or Willow...sorry although I love Buffy herself I never seem to be able to pull her off.So something here would be interesting. But one thing I will say. Willow I will be keeping a human and a witch. I tried playing her as vamp willow and it just did not work for me. Sorry..

I am craving this a bit I admit.There are rumors flying about that there will be a sequel and I just hope they keep the puppets because...well Jim Henson is the man. I would like a Sarah/Jareth pairing here...but with Sarah not being 14 years old..maybe a return to the labyrinth? Anyone want to don the tight tight pants and be the only man that can make glitter look hot.

Harry Potter
FxM MxM Mx(insert here) Fx(insert here)

There is a few pairings I would like to try Snape/Hermione, Draco/Hermione , Snape/Lucius Malfoy ,Bellatrix/Snape ,Lucius Malfoy/Bellatrix It goes with out saying every one would be 18+ for this game So if we have any play with one of the trio it would be set once they hit 18 or they were 18 during the war.Alternate universe we can do that(yes I know Bella and Snape are dead after the final fight...we will find a reason they were not if its after the war.) I would like to play Snape,bellatrix or Hermione in this game.I like unlikely parings for this.

FxM FxF Fx(insert here)
I like this universe as well and I would like to play out some plots here. My two favorites are Wolverine and Rogue.But any pairings could be fun.I would like to play either Wolverine or Rouge in this game.

Batman Universe
I am a batman fan. I am looking for a joker and harley plot. I have a soft spot for the darkness of the stories and such as well. This sort of goes along with my fascination with delusional and crazy characters.I enjoy dark settings of this and a bit crazy with the things that happen.I mean you have to be a bit nuts to dress up like a giant bat..a cat..a joker or a jester right? lol. I would like to sort of delve into one of these...and well..i admit playing a super hero or a villain sounds like fun. I would also be interested in a Harley/Poisen Ivy plot or hell why not Harley/Batman maybe some sort of twisted hate fuck sort of situation.

The Breakfast Club
FxM FxF Fx(insert here)
Yes I know this is an old movie but I do dearly love it. Angst! Oh the lovely teenage angst...for this one I would dearly love to play Allison and would love to be paired with someone other than Andy. Heh bender would be my preferred role for my partner but Claire or Brian(always thought Brian should have gotten a girl..he was too cute not to) could be fun as well..or even an original character could be fun as well.

Below Are Links to request threads I have posted as of late.

Email games request thread.

Ideas thread with fandom cravings.

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Re: Thesunmaid's musings and ideas
« Reply #3 on: June 13, 2014, 06:50:20 PM »
Bump cause its been a while.

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Re: Thesunmaid's musings and ideas
« Reply #4 on: December 15, 2014, 08:30:34 PM »
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Re: Thesunmaid's musings and ideas (all genders and experience welcome)
« Reply #5 on: March 10, 2016, 10:06:31 AM »

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Re: Thesunmaid's musings and ideas (all genders and experience welcome)
« Reply #7 on: November 20, 2016, 10:45:25 AM »