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Hobbit's Hoard of Hopes

Started by lilhobbit37, October 18, 2012, 03:42:10 PM

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This is currently under construction. More ideas will be added as they pop into my brain. Feel free to contact me with ideas if you think you have one I'd like to try!

First off, be sure to read my O/O's thread to make sure we are compatible as partners:

Also I don't care what your gender is, as long as you can convincingly play your character. I have left all my ideas open for various character pairings. I am willing to go F/F, M/F and willing to try M/M as long as my partner is aware I've never written M/M pairings before.

Note: I have been away from writing for a few years. In some ways, writing is like riding a bike, once you know how, you never forget. But good writing does require practice and use, both of which I am slightly out of. I do plan on putting my utmost effort into anything I write and do not anticipate a second-rate product, however, I do feel it is only fair to warn my potential partners that there may be some cobwebs which need to be cleaned as we start up.

Plot Ideas

Love Heals
CharA is in an abusive relationship with (man or woman-npc). CharB is either CharA's friend, or meets CharA. They fall for each other, and CharB looks for a way to help CharA either get the confidence to leave the abusive person, or finds a way to protect him/her. I'm looking for this to be CharB helping CharA heal from his/her bad relationship, and show him/her that love doesn't have to hurt sort of thing. I'm leaving it vague and open so that whoever might choose to do this one can help come up with original ideas to make it unique for both of us. I'm willing to play either character on this one.

Learning to Live Again
CharA is in the hospital after an attempt to take his/her life. CharB is a nurse who is fighting to survive (some kind of disease). CharA falls for CharB while in the hospital. CharB could possibly fight against the attraction (maybe not having been attracted to women before or because he/she is sick and doesn't want to get involved with anyone). It can go a lot of ways. I'm willing to play either character on this one.

Fallen from Grace
CharA was an angel. But he/she did something unspeakable, something that caused him/her to fall from grace, to have his/her wings revoked, to be cast back down to earth. He/She fell in love with a human. This broke every rule in the book. His/Her punishment was to be cast out, with no memory of who he/she is, or who ne/she loved. And the one he/she loved no longer remembers him/her either. Somehow they again meet. Begin new. But can an old love be renewed when the people who loved have changed? I'm willing to play either character on this one.

The Adventure
This rp could go a lot of ways. I'm seeing it as a medieval but could easily be changed setting-wise depending on the partner. What is in my head is this (alter as you will, feel free to change/manipulate/etc the idea to make it yours too): Char A is a traveler. Could be a knight, or a bard, but some sort of person prone to traveling, never staying still. Could even be a thief. Char B is someone who has never left home. Maybe a farmer, or a prince/ess, or something of that nature. They meet, and Char B joins Char A. By his/her own will? Because he/she must? To save him/her or to kidnap him/her? As I said, this is very open in the idea, but I am currently craving some sort of adventure. I'm willing to play either character on this one.