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Author Topic: The Red Corsair: Tyrant of the Scarus Sector (SciFi, Pirate, Bon, Non-Con)  (Read 9641 times)

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Offline VostroyaTopic starter

We are just now starting to get some steam with recruitment, so it is really up to you about what you want to play.

Offline ShadowFox89

 Well we've got a Madame and I'm working on an ace pilot/wing commander.

Offline Strifesblaze7

Well of it is cool, I have a badass Vanguard I haven't got to use in a Mass Effect role play O_O

Offline Caela

Sorry, I get the two terms confused sometimes.

Nothing to be sorry for. Lots of folks get confused by the distinction or just use the terms interchangeably. :) It's all variations on a theme anyway lol.

Offline VostroyaTopic starter

Well of it is cool, I have a badass Vanguard I haven't got to use in a Mass Effect role play O_O


Offline ShadowFox89

 I'll probably use the STO alien race creator to make the image for my gal... which means she'd be CGI a bit >.>

Offline VostroyaTopic starter

I'll probably use the STO alien race creator to make the image for my gal... which means she'd be CGI a bit >.>

Thats fine  :-)

Offline Strifesblaze7

Would he be alright?

Offline VostroyaTopic starter


Offline Strifesblaze7

Okay, I'll try to get him posted tonight but my like 6 paragraph bio on another character kicked my ass today, lol. It may take a bit.

Offline Nataleigh

I'll be making an Asari, you bet your boots!

Or at least a species very very similar to the Asari. ;P

Offline Strifesblaze7

I'm going to work on posting him soon, anyone who wants to work out a possible pairing?

Offline Strifesblaze7

Name: Aiden Rian Cross
Age: 25
Race: Human, Cybernetic implant(Biotics)

Bio: He is a prodigy of a military plan to ruthlessly make the most efficient soldiers anyone has ever seen, he in in the best shape a man can be, all of his abilities are at their peak and to add to that he is an incredibly powerful biotic, a man to be truly feared by all around him when he enters a fight. He left the military after he was forced to do a mission he didn't want. He was tired of being treated as a simple weapon and not the person that he is so he took his abilities to the enemy so to speak and is now in the Corsair Consortium. He likes to have fun, meet new women and make friends.

He grew up alone in the world and was taken into a military school at a young age, he was trained to be the best soldier he was able to be. He was given the best training a man could be from a very early age. He has never learned how he was left at the orphanage. He never really cared to much to know either. He wasn't interested in much other than his training. He threw himself into it all as deeply as he could.

He didn't interact with many people outside of his training and work, those he did were usually there for something, sex or money being the most common things. He is a friendly guy but can be angered quickly. He likes to go to bars and party.

Outside of the military he was lost. He couldn't and wouldn't keep going in there after being forced to do what he did. It was evil but he had to blame something or someone. He did both, he hates himself for his failings in the mission and he hated the military for leaving them to die because of a piece of equipment. He left the first chance he got after that and has never looked back for a moment.

Powers: Shockwave, this is simple to describe, he slams his fist into the ground and sends a shockwave to knock people of balance. Charge, using biotic power he propels his body forward and slams into his target to do massive damage. Slam, he lifts his target and slams them into the ground. Throw, he uses his biotics to throw whatever the power hits away.

Affiliation: Consortium member, 2nd in command to Red Corsair.

Recruitment: This is simple, he was an out of work badass soldier who decided to play for another team so to speak. He found a way to get into the Red Corsair's gang and has been happily a part of it ever since. He finds it much more fun anyway. He rose through the consortium at a good pace for two reasons, he was fast and efficient with his missions and did all that needed to be done without really questioning the orders. Now that Red is away, he is temporarily in charge of both the ship and the group in his absence.

Weapons: Shotguns, assault rifles, and pistols. As well as his hands and biotic powers which are quite impressive.

Personality: Smartass, hot blooded, friendly, sarcastic, always ready to fight, bit of a joker at times.

Hobbies: Sex, sleeping, training and fighting.

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Offline Strifesblaze7

There is his start.

Offline Nataleigh

Played by: Nataleigh

Name: Taia Nakmor

Race: Asari
Age: 297 (lifespan can reach 1000+ years)
Consortium Occupation: Security Chief
Consortium Rank: High-Level

Skill set: Asari Huntress - Taia devoted 50 years of her young life to this profession, studying martial arts, dedicated to sharpening her mind and body for that one purpose. When she retired, she already held an alarming proficiency for killing. One-on-one a huntress is a devastating foe, possessing profound tactical insight, a hunter's eye, and a dancer's grace and alacrity. However, large firefights prove a weakness to them as they usually form very small groups and use little armor, preferring a more ninja-like approach to battle than a head-on all-out war. Huntresses are adept at ambush, infiltration, and assassination, demoralizing and defeating their enemies through intense, focused guerrilla strikes. (Taken from here.)

Biotics - Taia has mastered four biotic abilities: Pull -  Used to generate a mass-lowering field, which levitates enemies into the air. While aloft, enemies will slowly drift towards the biotic, allowing any allies to finish them off effortlessly. The biotic can also combine the Pull effect with a Throw or Biotic Charge to send enemies flying higher into the air. Pull inflicts a small amount of damage on foes with protection. Throw - Mostly used in combat to keep opponents at a distance, by either launching them away or knocking them over, rendering them helpless when they land. In certain areas Throw will knock enemies off ledges so they fall to their death. If used near destructible objects, Throw can break them and hit enemies with debris. Any moveable boxes can also be Thrown into them, injuring them further because their shields cannot absorb the damage. In enclosed quarters, throw is strong enough to punch enemies against walls and cause significant damage. Biotic Charge - Smash into a target while encased in this biotic barrier, leveling your opponents. Invulnerable while this power is in effect. There are no obstacles between you and your target, be it height or distance, except perhaps solid objects. Nova - Nova is a close-range shock wave power. While expending your biotic barrier, Nova inflicts a high amount of damage to surrounding enemies, pushing them back and sending them soaring into the air. It can be used whenever you have any amount of barrier remaining.

Diplomacy - Because of their long lifespan, Asari tend to have a "long view" not common in other races. When they encounter a new species or situation, the Asari are more comfortable with an extended period of passive observation and study than immediate action. They are unfazed that some of their investments or decisions may not pay off for decades or centuries. Matriarchs can seem to make incomprehensible decisions, but their insight is evident when their carefully-laid plans come to fruition. In interstellar relations, this long view manifests in the unspoken policy of centrism. The Asari instinctively seek to maintain stable balances of economic, political, and military power. (Taken from here.)

Character History: Born of an Asari mother (Yulani) and a Krogan father (Nakmor Relyx), Taia was predictably raised on the much more stable Asari homeworld of Thessia. Most of her formative years were spent here with her mother, father, and sisters. But her mother and father fought often, and he would disappear for a few months at a time to cool off. Sometimes, he would take her with him. This is how she came to see the Krogan home planet, Tuchanka. And how she learned to love battle.

When she became old enough, Taia joined the Huntresses. Nothing pleased her more than learning to fight, and using the skills she had learned.

((still working on history))

  • Level-Headed
  • Manipulative
  • Calm under pressure
  • Calculating
  • Independent
  • Maternal
  • Aggressive
  • Blunt
  • Flirty
  • Promiscuous

Taia is an interesting case. Due to her strict Huntress training (and her unusual parentage), she has developed something of a split personality to help her deal with the kind of work she was destined for. In day to day life, she's maternal, flirty, and always-smiling. Just a sweet person to be around, who likes making friends and relaxing with a good book (or a little nookie). When on the job, however, she becomes aggressive, manipulative, and cold. Her emotions get packed neatly away, hidden behind her calculating mind. More than once, Taia's friends have been surprised to find out that she and that strict Asari shouting orders over the intercom were the same person. Some still don't believe it when they see it with their own eyes.

How did the Red Corsair hear about and recruit you?: She's been with him from the beginning. After retiring her service as an Asari Huntress, Taia did a little freelancing, and eventually ended up on a security team working for the Confederacy Military, specifically providing security for the scientific staff. It was a boring job, but the pay was good and Taia wanted to slow down and enjoy life a little. She started chatting up the other guards and scientists during her shift. It wasn't hard, and she got to meet interesting eggheads like Cass Seradin.

Then one day he came back from a big meeting with the brass. He told her they'd loved his ideas, but didn't seem to be celebrating the success. She was concerned. So she prodded him for days until he finally told her what was actually bothering him. His dream. And Taia decided to help him fulfill it. You know the rest of the story. Now she works as his Chief of Security, and is fiercely loyal to him.

Additional Information: Taia wears no specialized armor. She doesn't feel she needs it. However, she carries one of two guns into battle, depending on which type of battle she believes she will encounter. For long range, she carries a M-98 Widow. It has a one-shot clip, but is viciously powerful, capable of killing one or more targets if aimed correctly, as well as piercing light cover between her and her target. For short range, she carries an Acolyte. Not a typical heavy pistol, the ammo for this particular model is explosive in nature, which has a devastating effect on shields and biotic barriers. The specialized nature of this weapon means she can't pierce armor effectively, but her biotics make up for this shortcoming.
Species Information: The asari, native to the planet Thessia, are often considered the most powerful and respected sentient species in the galaxy, and are known for their elegance, diplomacy, and biotic aptitude. This is partly due to the fact that the asari were among the earliest races to achieve interstellar flight.

A mono-gender race, the asari are distinctly feminine in appearance and possess maternal instincts. Their unique physiology, expressed in a millennia-long lifespan and the ability to reproduce with a partner of any gender or species, gives them a conservative yet convivial attitude toward other races. They favor compromise and cooperation over conflict. (Read more about them here. It's a lot to type out.)

On’s: Men of any species, other Asari, Power, Domination, Rough Stuff, Teasing, M/M/F.
Off’s: Incest, Watersports, Maiming/gore/vore.
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Offline Clio

The character I'm working on is an Asari too. :)

Offline Caela

Added some general Whorehouse Rules at the bottom of Lily's profile hehehe...she is very protective of her property!

Offline VostroyaTopic starter

Looking good Nate!

Offline selfexiled

I hold interest in this I'll see what I can rangle up in my brain for a char.

Offline selfexiled

Played by: Selfexiled

Image is a close approximation. Just imagine with actual scales and no ears for starters. Then add two frilled ridges starting at the top of the forehead and slowing coming together as one ridge at the base of the neck and trailing down his spine. No tail though. He is a dark forest green but the ridges are an electric blue. He had Yellow slitted eyes. Well muscled, a few scars. Generally wears little, mostly a loincloth studded greaves and bracers. The studs are silver and worked into elongated ovals, the greaves studs are also pronged like a rose's thorns.

Name: Woaden

Race: Kritozek
Age: 36 rains
Consortium Occupation: Boarder
Consortium Rank: Captain of boarding squad

Skill set: Very high level hand to hand combat though barbaric in some circles. Highly skilled in boarding actions and security protocols.

Character History: Raised on his kind's homeworld of Seldonsk Woaden was marked as a warrior from birth. As many ancient 'heroes' of his people bore the characteristic blue ridges. He was raised and trained to fight and one day took to the stars on one his people's ships. He worked for the shipmaster first as a simple boarder and moved up in the ranks to command his own team and then on to the security officer of the ship in charge of all boarding teams and the safety of the ship itself. The shipmaster, a Sekloden, a large chameleon looking creature was overly interested in filling his coffers and his belly causinf utter disdain to grow in Woaden for his commander. He decided to leave one day while the ship was docked at a space station for repairs from a recent boarding action. He took with him all his possessions and personal slaves he'd aquired over his time and sought a new life be under a more 'honorable' commander or as a commander himself.
Personality: Slow to speak but certainly worth hearing when he does Woaden while being a warrior at heart and loving action he not short on wisdom. Being a security officer instilled a need for all under him to obey him as was his due. His slaves understand this well. But he is not harsh, if they do as they are told when they are told he might be considered kind, but they fear his wrath.

How did the Red Corsair hear about and recruit you?: Given that Woaden was looking for work and had found his way to the Corsiar he looked for work while aboard and knowing people rarely take you at face value produced reports from his previous ship of all he had done solidifing the truth of his request and earned him a place in the ranks.
Additional Information: More fond of melee weapons than firearms he keeps only a basic blaster on hand. His other weapons are varied and most of his prized ones hang on the wall of his quarters. Favoring to use standard issue weapons that are expendable for basic duties.
Species Information: All the same species his peoples are varied in size and appearance but they all have a few things in common, they are reptilian and they are more accustomed to a higher density air. Basic humans would consider the air they breathe stifling, hot, humid beyond measure. So often they must wear a breather when dealing with humans since human air is so 'thin.'

Will add these later on.

Offline VostroyaTopic starter

Looks good! Welcome!

Offline Cthonig

I'm interested but have an unusual idea for a race so I'm PMing you the info for your approval.

Offline Jayna

I am interested! Still have room?

Offline Strifesblaze7

Think I'm done. How's he look?

Offline Nataleigh

The character I'm working on is an Asari too. :)

YAY~! Another Asari! :D