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Author Topic: Nataleigh's Cravings  (Read 700 times)

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Nataleigh's Cravings
« on: May 30, 2013, 01:53:43 AM »

Hello! My name is Nataleigh, and I'm a new member of Elliquiy. I've got over 15 years of roleplay experience, off and on, and although I may be a little rusty right now, I know I can get right back into it in no time! But first, let's take a little sidetrack to play up my past experiences and maybe lay out a few of my most deep-seated fantasies. Maybe some of them will fulfill someone else's desires as well. :)

FYI: The gender of the person roleplaying with me is irrelevant. You could be a dude who plays girls, a girl who plays dudes, or a frog who plays rainbow monkeys. I don't mind as long as the character you play matches with the character I play. :)

Characters I Play
General Rule: I like the penis. If your character has one and mine doesn't, we're good. If my character has one and yours doesn't, we're good. If we both have one, we're good. If neither of us have one, I'm afraid we have troubles.
Styles: Regardless of the gender I play, I tend to be most comfortable with non-dom/sub archetypes, where the role of both partners is fluid and malleable to the situation at hand. I haven't had much serious experience with dom/sub stuff, but am definitely willing to give it a shot in either direction, if given the right pep talk about what is expected of me. ;)

  • Humans/Elves - My most commonly played characters.
  • Vampires/Werewolves - I'm comfortable with them. I've played them often enough in the past. The traditional version. Not Twilight versions. Screw Twilight. And not in the good way. :I
  • Anthros - I've played rabbits mostly, with a few unique scalie species I created for fun. Not much else. Always up for exploring new species. ^_^
  • Angels/Demons - I've only played one or two, but I sure enjoyed it.
  • Females - Always straight or with hermaphrodites.
  • Hermaphrodites - Interested in any gender.
  • Males - Interested in any gender. Haven't had much experience when playing men yet, but I'd really like to learn. I like variety and being able to fill roles as needed. ^_^
  • Other - Interested in any gender. Only real experience with the "other" category was a neuter character I played once that was a shapeshifter that could become male or female or hermaphroditic, but in her natural state she was neuter. Her species reproduced asexually. It was interesting to play.

Settings/Genres I've played
  • Medieval - The setting I have written for the most. I love medieval times. Knights. Damsels. Arthurian magic. Swordfights and bards singing battle hymns! It's just a wonderful experience. :)
  • Fantasy - Settings that don't revolve around specific Earth timeperiods, like Middle Earth, movie/tv worlds or the like.
  • Modern - Not much experience playing it. It's a little too "real" to be fun for me unless there are severe differences between it and our reality. Like magic, or aliens, or more advanced technology because we never had the Dark Ages.
  • Sci-Fi/Futuristic - Not much experience with this. I've never had a successful roleplay in this setting. It tends to die due to inactivity. :C
  • Post-Apocalyptic - I rather enjoy playing in Fallout-type settings. Seeing the wreckage of the world we fucked up. It's a lot of fun to see the world in a different way.

Systems I've Played
  • Diceless/Freeform - Most of my RP experience is in freeform systems. Honor systems, I like to call it. Requires a lot of trust that the person you roleplay with won't dodge your punches during fights, hog all the glory, or otherwise godmod just because they can. Sometimes I'm disappointed, but I haven't had a lot of people truly godmod on me.
  • Dungeons and Dragons - I haven't memorized the system, but I've played it before. Original and Star Wars versions. Both tabletop, not in forum RPs. Open to trying it on the forum, though.
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Re: Nataleigh's Cravings
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2013, 01:54:16 AM »
Story Ideas I Crave

1. Male Vampire, Demon, or Supernatural Being / Female Human (me): Very loosely, I play a normal human girl who either is walking home on the wrong street, visiting the wrong tavern, or otherwise stumbling into a chance meeting with a (insert species here). Can be medieval setting or modern setting. Whether she knows he's a (insert species here) or not when she sees him, whether she lives or dies at the end of the roleplay, and whether the (insert species here) "has his way with her" somewhere in there all depends on how my roleplay partner would like the story to go. I'm rather open, and don't want to nail down specifics unless asked to do so. :) My only stipulation is that I prefer vampires to any other species, and the vampire needs to be a real vampire. Not a twilight vampire. I give artistic license to make the vampire capable of sex, but otherwise I like them to stick to the traditional mythos.

2. Fantasy Universe RP: Dresden/Stargate/X-Men/Mass Effect/Fallout 3/Darker Than Black... I really like these universes, and would be up for playing almost anything from them... with a little research in the case of races/powers/classes I don't have a comfortable level of knowledge about. Genders and storylines are negotiable. Other universes are ALSO negotiable. It'd take me forever to list all the shows I've seen or books I've read. Let me know what universe you're interested in and I'll let you know if I know it. :)

3. A Fast-Paced RP: Nothing against roleplays taking awhile, it takes time to make something good, but I'd also like to come to E and see at least one of my RPs has moved a tad forward every day. ;P So if you're capable of posting at least two/three times a week, give me a buzz and tell me so.

4. Black Butler-Based RP (with adult characters, of course): The basic idea is someone summons a demon to grant them a wish. If they form a contract, the demon places their "mark" upon the summoner and become their servant, doing whatever their master asks of them (especially if directly ordered). When the wish is finally fulfilled, and the contract satisfied, the demon's reward is getting to eat up the soul of the summoner... as gruesomely or cleanly as they like. In the anime/manga, the wish is often for revenge on someone or something, but I assume it can be anything. Also, in more than one case a demon is abused by their master, one even losing an eye, without complaint. They consider any hardship they suffer simply "seasoning" for the meal to come. I'd like to play the demon, as I would very much enjoy making macabre inner monologue as I follow orders without a word. Plus the delectable twist of dragging my master down to hell when all is said and done. ;)

Pairings I Crave
Pairings are listed as you/ME unless otherwise stated.
Blue - Reversible pairing (I'll play either role)
  • Vampire/Vampire
  • Vampire/Werewolf
  • Vampire/Human
  • Vampire/Blood Doll
  • Vampire/Victim
  • Werewolf/Werewolf
  • Werewolf/Human
  • Werewolf/Victim
  • Supernatural/Supernatural
  • Supernatural/Human
  • Supernatural/Victim
  • Demon/Demon
  • Demon/Human
  • Demon/Victim
  • Demon/Angel
  • Experienced/Virgin
  • Master/Slave (resistent)
  • Student/Teacher
  • Human/Human
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Re: Nataleigh's Cravings
« Reply #2 on: May 30, 2013, 10:45:44 PM »
Current RPs

One-on-One Roleplays

  • A New Home: Stargate SG-1 RP with Janeilbennett
    My Character: Pella Norris, an auburn-haired native.
    Kinks Involved: M/F.
    A tale about a member of the Taur'i settling down off-planet with a native woman. Centers around him getting used to living within the community she's grown up with, and her getting used to a man from far away who has many seemingly magical devices she's curious to learn about. :)
  • Denarians and Wizards: Dresden Universe RP with Arkaniel
    My Character: Belicia Lancaster, a young sexually-inexperienced wizard.
    Kinks Involved: M/F, M/F/F, Erotic tension, First time, Rough Stuff.
    After Harry Dresden dies (basically an alternate end where "Ghost Story" doesn't happen), a power vacuum is left in his territory of Chicago. Enter Anthony Hollowfield, a wizard of impressive power and a secretive past who swoops in and begins setting up shop. Are his intentions pure, or does he have something sinister up his sleeve? That's what the white council wants to know, and that's why they've sent Belicia Lancaster to check up on him. Their meeting and future encounters could be what saves Chicago from its newest and greatest threat.
  • Ancient History: Stargate SG-1 RP with Arkaniel
    My Character: Freya/Anise, a Tok'Ra operative.
    Kinks Involved: M/F.
    Freya/Anise of the Tok'Ra has taken a sabbatical after the treaty of cooperation between the Tau'ri and Tok'Ra is signed... and the death of Martouf. During her time away, she has grieved over his death, feeling personally responsible, and begun searching for signs of Ancient technology deep in space. What she finds is an Ancient in stasis. Is this the greatest discovery of her career? Or something more important than that?
  • Birth of Hope: X-Men/Superhero RP with Arkaniel
    My Characters: (1) Rogue aka Anna Belle, an X-man with the power to absorb others' abilities. (2) Shadowcat aka Kitty Pryde, an X-man with the ability to phase through walls and other solid objects.
    Kinks Involved: M/F, Bondage, Teasing, Rough Stuff, Public.
    Based on the setting of the cartoon, X-Men: Evolution (Basically, the X-Men are mostly teenagers and have to deal with puberty as well as learning to control their powers). The X-men have been hearing reports of a mysterious teenage boy who has been saving peoples' lives in several southern states, so they've set out to find him and ask him to join them at the Xavier Institute. Never could they believe who they would find. Will he be able to help them stop the Brotherhood of Mutants? And what romances will blossom in the meantime?
  • Crossing That Line with BadBadHarvey
    My Character: (1) Mary Parshall aka Strike Girl, a control freak with a lot of issues who fights crime vigilante-style.
    Kinks Involved: M/F, Kidnapping, Bondage, Humiliation, Rough Stuff, Non-Con.
    Mary is a girl who craves control. Ever since her mother's death, it's the only thing that makes her feel safe. But as she roams the nights as Strike Girl, doling out justice, she begins to enjoy the thrill of cutting it close. The excitement of almost being overtaken and triumphing in the end. Exactly how far will she go to taste her next high? And what will she discover about herself along the way?
  • The Blood Pact with Drake Valentine
    My Character: (1) Lara Hatshepsut, a vampiress with a lust for blood and vengeance.
    Kinks Involved: M/F, Vampires, Werewolves, Bondage, Blackmail, Non-Con.
    Lara was betrayed by her coven, imprisoned below her own home, and left for dead. When she was found, it wasn't by villagers who would at least give her a quick death, it was by a pack of werewolves with much sicker ideas in mind for her. Will she ever be freed from this living hell? If she is, God help those who put her there. She'll stop at nothing to get her vengeance.

Group Roleplays

  • None active at this time.

On Hold/Dead RPs

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
  • A Proper Young Woman's Guide to Anal Etiquette with Vostroya & Others
    My Character: Dr. Grace "Xiu Ying" Lai, a Chinese woman surgically altered to be a hermaphrodite.
    Kinks Involved: M/F, F/F, Incest, BDSM, Bondage.
    A themed roleplay based around a patriarchal society and anal fetishes. It follows the Wilder family, headed by a man named Dr. William Wilder, and involves incest as well as heavy dominance and submission.
  • High-Scale Pathfinder (Still in Development) with Kolbrandr & Others
    My Character: Not yet created.
    Kinks Involved: M/F, F/F.
  • The Red Corsair: Tyrant of the Scarus Sector with Vostroya & Others
    My Character: (1) Taia Nakmor, an Asari. (2) Lea'Dadd nar Shellen, a Quarian.
    Kinks Involved: M/F, F/F, BDSM, Bondage, Non-Con.
    Mixing several sci-fi fandoms (Star Trek, Mass Effect, etc), this story centers around a man in charge of an entire sector of space. A sector known for slavery, pirating, gangs, and chaos. No one knows what he has planned for the future, but they don't test his patience either. Give your loyalty to him, and you can do whatever you like.
  • St. Jude's Youth Academy (Needs more teachers & students!) with PhoenixPhyre & Others
    My Character: (1) Safiya Kabibi Harris, the English teacher. (2) Rachel Judith Tenbrook, a student and Prefect for the girls.
    Kinks Involved: M/F, M/M, F/F, Teacher/Student, Student/Student, possible Non-Con.
    St. Judes is a school where parents send their troubled teens to get straightened out. The problem is, because so many of the students are troubled, acting out is greatly frowned upon and discipline is extremely strict. The backs of hands being hit with rulers, bottoms being hit with paddles, and other punishments abound. Some teachers take advantage of their position, and some students get a little naughty together. But will they get caught in their indiscretions?

Completed RPs

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
None as of yet.
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