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Author Topic: The Red Corsair: Tyrant of the Scarus Sector (SciFi, Pirate, Bon, Non-Con)  (Read 9625 times)

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Online Drake Valentine

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In Space, no one can hear you Scream. ;3

Played by: Drake Valentine

Name: Test Subject XIII
Race:  Biological Humanoid (See Species Information)
Age: Appears Twenty-Five (Unknown Age)
Occupation: Classified Weapon
Rank:  Escaped Lab Rat

Skills:  Adaptability: One of his greater of factors of staying alive, and a reflection towards other aspects of his biological makeup. He is capable of adjusting to any terrain he ventures within if it is livable. His genes will automatically stimulate themselves to allow his body to endure most planet life. This also makes tracking him harder as unlike many humanoids, he doesn’t need special attire to fit the climate(again as long as species can biologically live within it.) His body is also more resistant to common place illnesses and diseases. If a drug should affect him, it may also be a one time deal as the next go around his immunity to it might kick in. 

Evolution: He is a biological weapon, the primary role of being alive is to evolve and push himself to his limits. Although he is far from being complete and as a result he must treat other living beings around him as prey to better his DNA code. How does he go about doing this and the results that follow? The main method is feeding, although his is far different than how most species may traditionally eat their meals. He prefers to bite into a living creature, much like classical vampires may be portrayed. On the contrary of this, his internal organs push themselves to allow a powerful suction in which he consumes every little droplet of blood in the shortest periods of times, leaving behind nothing but a carcass of meat, bones, and dried organs. This allows him to focus on one of four traits. Healing: The most common of ones, but he can take the excess of blood to allow himself to regenerate most wounds as long as a body part may not be severe, If that is the case he may have to go to some extensive eating and borrowing as far as victim’s limbs go. Permanent Information Gathering: If someone possesses something that he wishes to know, maybe a skill to better himself or if he wants to learn how to use other things to his benefit, such as weapons, he can prey on such an individual and retrieve all information of their life that they may once possessed. The off on this one is that it may create a bit of madness on his part and possible multi personality complex. DNA Hijacking: Or better known as, temporarily identity theft. He can perfectly camouflage himself as another individual, but it is strictly time limited. The plus to this is that he can assume their role in image, voice, and even mind alike. The drawback is also that he takes upon any of their weaknesses for that short period of time, usually a couple of hours at max as far as lasting. And finally the prime role of his evolution. Gene-Shuffling: Molding the DNA, he can take away things and improve upon himself in different ways. Such as making his body limber, faster, stronger, alternating his taste, hearing, sight, smell or something else to physically adapt himself; however he can only do these one at a time and can’t strictly strip a being of everything to boost himself. There is also only so much he can gain from hunting the same prey over and over, to evolve one must always set sights for stronger species and not only that, but with the multiple racial aspects of his creation, he needs parts from everyone to become the 'perfect' biological weapon.

Character History:

How did you come to the Scarus Sector?:
What are your characters plans?:
Additional Information: (Extra space for describing your custom weapons, armor, and pics of your character)
Species Information:
A chemistry of everything, he is one of the more successful experiments by mankind, the downfall is the fact that he is far from being complete. He possess a little bit of everything, some might think of him as a freak of nature, the bastard outcome of the universe by mad science, but such wouldn’t bother him. There are many more like him, men and women alike, and they all come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. The most distinguishable characteristic that  they all share is their eyes, they normally possess a rather primal animalistic aspect to them. It is unknown if this factor also plays a role into their personalities, although they all share a similar purpose to life and that is evolution.

Aliens, humans, various species life that may inhabit the galaxy, it doesn’t matter to them, they are all hunters and predators and these experimentations aren’t pass killing and devouring one another to improve themselves. Ideally they all prefer the latter, killing in itself for them is a waste as every droplet of blood is considered highly valuable and prized on their destined prey. Also when marking a candidate of prey, they will stop to nothing till they merge that being's DNA with their own.

Domination, Torturing, Raping, Killing, Feeding
Weak species. Androids. Any other Robotic Beings. (Seriously, if he can't eat it, what is it's purpose?) Fluff Stuff.
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Online Kimera

This looks like an interesting game. Looking for more?

Offline VostroyaTopic starter

Of course!

Offline ShadowFox89

 Picture isn't appearing. I would suggest using tinypic or E's wiki to upload your image first.

Offline Clio

I might invent a race or even make a human down the road to work for or against the Corsair, but just so everyone knows, I will be making an Asari who is either a part of the brothel that Lily runs, or some sort of slave.

Yes, I know it's unrealistic that any Asari would have red instead of blue 'hair,' but we're also in a universe that isn't strictly Mass Effect, so I figure that she can just be very rare. Perhaps that's one reason that Lily buys her or something.

This is all, of course, only if Caela is okay with that. I'm flexible. The reason I haven't gotten my profile up yet (when I'm technically supposed to help Vos in a more co-GM sort of position) is because I was trying to familiarize myself with ME again. I'd played a bit of ME1 and ME2 ages ago, but not enough to remain super familiar with it for this long. So I've played a bit more ME1 and am now playing ME2 because I got too frustrated with 1 for now. Lol. I think I feel more comfortable with it now, and I figured I'd watch a few Star Trek episodes tonight, as I've never seen any of it.

And yes, I know once I do, I'll be hooked. It's a risk I'm willing to take. ;)

All of that is to say that I will get a profile up tonight or tomorrow, and I'm "studying" for the game by playing ME2. ;) Such hard studying...

Offline Kdyami

Lol nice.

Offline VostroyaTopic starter

While we wait for characters and people to come in I was thinking about making a thread for the opening matches of "Total Domination". Where I would describe two contestants and in the thread there would be a poll. Whomever contestant gets the highest amount of votes will win the match to be written by me or someone else. What do you guys think?

Offline Caela

Christa, I am totally o.k. with your girl being one of Lily's whores! :) Was thinking I'd have to make a few NPC's (still might depending on people's interest in recreational activities, in which case I can design girls to suit individual players needs) but having someone else play a PC would be far more fun! When you have her fleshed out a bit we can work on her backstory with Lily and what limits she might have. Lily is very concerned with her girls limits and abilities. Good merchandise isn't cheap and people are really NOT cheap...she takes excellent care of her property!

Offline Clio

Awesome! I just have to pull myself away from Mass Effect 2 to make a character based on ME2. Lol.

I was thinking her red head crests might be rare enough for Lily to have pursued her for hire (or maybe someone else suggested it when my character was in dire straits), and maybe even make her one of the more expensive ones.

I will definitely talk to you. Playing an Asari prostitute will be very fun. :)

I've got her whole story in my head, I just need to pause the game...and it seems impossible. :)

Offline Kdyami

Picture isn't appearing. I would suggest using tinypic or E's wiki to upload your image first.

Thanks!  That should have fixed it.

Online Kimera

Does a race have to be humanoid?

Offline VostroyaTopic starter

No it does not  :-)

Offline GingerOne

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I hope everyone has fun. I'm sorry, but I'm going to withdraw.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Offline VostroyaTopic starter

Sorry to everyone involved for the following. Due to circumstances beyond my control, namely a emergency in the family, I will have to leave my home for an undetermined amount of time. I will only have my phone with me, so creating a thread with any sort of quality would take to much time and would not be fair to each of you. If one of you would like to become the new GM and run the game in my position I would welcome it. I do not want to keep you guys waiting for what could be a week up to a month or two. I have to say once again sorry.  :'(

Offline Strifesblaze7

Well I could assume ship commander. But I wouldn't be able to do threads well with from a phone..

Offline Kdyami

I definitly dont want this to die so count me as up for co-gming but I dont have the experience to run it myself.

Offline ShadowFox89

 I've already got enough on my plate as far as running things, or I would definitely jump on this :/

 I can help with the setting and working up space ships though.

Offline Strifesblaze7

well I'm down to give it a shot if our lady friends aren't leaving.

Offline Clio

I was going to co-GM it with Vos to begin with, so I'd be willing to still co-GM. Kdyami, are you super familiar with Sci-Fi and everything? I'm familiar with Mass Effect, but not Star Trek.

Offline summoner2183

Is this still open?

Offline Nataleigh

I can also help if anyone needs Star Trek knowledge. I'm not a guru, but I've seen plenty of the TV series to have a good idea of what's acceptable and what isn't. :P

Yes, I think we're still open Summoner. ^_^

I'm gonna get back to work on my characters. I got a little distracted with real life, but now it's time to write some backstory. >:)

Offline Clio


Vos, I'm so sorry, and I hope everything turns out okay. *hugs*

Like I said, I'd be willing to co-GM this and handle the Mass Effect parts of the environment. I'm also a Whovian, so using the Doctor Who alien species and planets would fine. Just no Time Lords. Lol.

If Vos is okay with it, I'll help while he's gone. I just don't want to be the only one.

Offline Strifesblaze7

Well I'll co-gm and take the ship leader spot while he's gone. I know a good deal on Mass Effect but I'm no Whovian or Trek knowledge haver.   O_O

Offline Nataleigh

I'm hesitant to co-GM anything because I'm still getting used to E. But I'll help where I can. :)

Offline Strifesblaze7

Well thank you, Nats, if I may call ya that. And I'm glad you're willing to stay as well Christa.