Clio's Cravings [F for Any]

Started by Clio, February 25, 2012, 03:40:24 PM

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Clio's Cravings

Some of my tastes have changed, so please check out my O/O first. Also, please PM me with interest or story ideas. Please don't post here.

CURRENT: Tentatively open to stories. Please only message me if you think we'll make a good match. If you're new to me, I won't automatically want to change all my preferences for you. There are a LOT of writers on this site, and you can almost always find someone who wants similar things. You can check my recent posts and see an example of my usual writing. Unless it's in the red light district, in which case the posts are obviously shorter. Also, if you message me, it would be nice for you to start the game. And vice versa. Of course, sometimes that won't make sense, and we can chat about that. :)

For Your Consideration...

1. Character Gender: I prefer to play women, and although I hope to explore F/F in the future, I am more experienced with M/F and that will likely be what I prefer if you are a new partner messaging me. That said, I am fully a rainbow writer and accept all sexualities, genders, etc. I don't care who you are behind the screen, as anyone can write a good story.

2. Desire: I want my character to be lusted after. Wanted. Maybe even loved or obsessed over. That doesn't mean that you can't be a cruel and evil bastard to her, but there must at least be some attraction there or I get bored very quickly. If you don't like curvy redheads (usually human), then don't message and ask for something else.

3. Post Length: As far as post length goes, I'm not excessively anal about it (although I do like anal), but I do want some substance. No one-liners please. Even if it's just dialogue, there can at least be a few sentences and some actions or reactions as well. I can write anywhere from 1 nice paragraph to a short novella, so it honestly depends on the story and partner. I usually try to match you, but the shorter posts with no plot lose my interest quickly. However, the same goes for overly long and needlessly flowery posts. I love description and good writing, but if you're just trying to be pretentious and show off, I'd rather not play along. Super long posts also can veer into god-mod territory, and that's not enjoyable for me. Just shorten the post and let my character react. RP is collaborative. :)

4. Grammar: Please use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. Now, I understand typos or the occasional mess-up. Heck, I know I do it too, but if you're not putting effort into the posts, why should I? If there is a disability or English isn't your first language, then obviously I am much more patient.

5. Character Appearance: You will notice that most of my characters are curvy redheads. This doesn't mean that I'm unwilling to play anything else ever, but that is usually reserved for people I know and have written with before. If you say anything like, "Well, I like curvy but not TOO curvy," then we won't be a good match. I also rarely request help with choosing my face claim. I am not picky about your character's appearance, but please don't send me what you want my character to look like. I will often offer a good list of options, so as long as you like curvy redheads, you probably won't have a problem. I usually prefer to play humans as well, or at least humanoid elves. I rarely have a desire to play a monster girl. Love playing against monsters, but not really playing them myself.

6. No Minors: I do not play any ages below 18. I take pedophilia very seriously, and even though I know that 16 is allowed on here, I don't like it and will never play it. I will not play with ANY characters below 18 either. Everyone needs to be an adult physically, mentally, and legally. I prefer to play a character from mid-twenties to mid-thirties.

7. Role: I prefer to play the submissive role, but not a doormat or naturally submissive girl. Someone who is smart, feisty, and capable in her daily life and submits in the bedroom. After all, this is what most subs are like IRL as well. Just because we like to submit in the bedroom doesn't mean we are looking for sexism or disrespect in real life. Obviously non-con is a different story, but I am much more picky about that now.

8. Real Life vs. Role-Play: THIS IS RP. I am not your submissive, nor am I looking for a Dom. I do not like the whole "alpha/beta/sigma" myth, and if you act like an arrogant asshole OOC, I will not want to play with you. I don't mind developing friendships, or even flirting a bit if I'm close to someone, but I am not your girlfriend or property.

9. Age: I prefer my girls to be between 25 and 39. Not virgins. A bit more mature than someone straight out of high school. I do not want to write forceful deflowerings or an innocent girl who knows nothing about sex. THIS SAID, apparently I need to specify that just because someone isn't a virgin does not mean they are automatically promiscuous. Also, older characters aren't necessarily experienced. The purity culture nonsense around virginity only hurts society.

10. Humiliation: I am strict about humiliation. Please no extreme degradation or insults involving weight, appearance, or intelligence. NO BODY SHAMING.

11. Realistic Injury: I'm okay with non-con, but if you injure her, she will need time to recover. I am not into snuff. You will have to nurse her back to health or get another character to. On that note, I LOVE Hurt/Comfort. The guy hurting her badly and then showing some kindness by treating her wounds and maybe even showing some twisted regret. That doesn't mean that he won't just do it again, but the comfort part gets me every time. Also, if bad things just constantly happen to my girl, it gets old. There has to be some light at the end of the tunnel, or I don't want to play.

Alright! Now that I'm done with the ridiculous list, I'll add some more! Also, just because you see a lot of extreme things on my list doesn't mean I have to be anything beyond vanilla with you. I like fluffy romance as well.

Impregnation, Coercion, Bondage, Vanilla, Romance, BDSM, D/s, Kidnapping, Teasing, Sexual Tension, Anal, Vaginal, Oral, M/F, F/F, Orgies, Multiple Penetration, Historic Settings, Hurt/Comfort, Obsession/Unrequited Love/Stalking, Twisted Love, Vampires, Blood Play, Exhibitionism, Spanking, Pain, Being a Kept Woman, Medical Scenes, Multiple Partners, Men Abusing Authority, and much more! Just ask.

Non-Con, Torture, Sexual Slavery, Incest, Cheating (very rarely...and only with a really good reason)

Scat, Snuff, Amputation, Body shaming, Infantilism, Extreme Ageplay, Bestiality and Snakes

Below here I'll put a list of possible ideas that I have, or pictures that inspire me. You can reply here or PM me to talk about a possible game or just to get to know me. I'm a nice person, I just figured I'd get warnings out. And I can be long-winded, obviously.

Current and past games can be found here.

Fandoms and Settings I Like:

Ancient Times
Anne Rice
Christine Feehan
Days of our Lives
Fairy Tales
Harry Potter
Phantom of the Opera
Rural Areas
Supernatural Beings
Trinity Blood
Viking Age

Pairings I Like:(YC listed first)

Boss & Employee
Devil/Demon & Angel/Saintly Human
Doctor & Patient
King/Ruler & Subject/Mistress
Mafia Boss & Girl
Professor & Grad Student
Stepson & Stepmother (around same age)
Vampire & Victim/Blood Doll
Villain & Good Girl
Werewolf/Shapeshifter & Mate

Fandoms and Canon Pairings I Like

Phantom of the Opera:
Erik & Christine

Harry Potter:
Death Eater & Lily
Lucius/Draco & Ginny (HP)
Lucius & Lily
Snape & Lily
Tom Riddle/Voldemort &  (older) Ginny
Tom Riddle/Voldemort & Lily
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Roleplay Requests

These are just very basic ideas, so I'm happy to expand on them if we talk. Also, the pictures are just for looks and inspiration. Nothing is set in stone. If a story is "taken," that doesn't mean I'm unwilling to do it. I'm just more likely to want the untaken ones.

Brothers at War (The Originals)

Genre: Fandom, Supernatural, Vampires
Possible Content: M/F, M/F/M, Jealousy

If you're familiar with the originals, you'll know that Elijah and Klaus are vampire brothers with very different personalities. I'm willing to play an original character opposite one or both of them. Perhaps they're rivals for a woman? If you're not familiar with the Originals, that's fine. A couple of ancient vampires after the same woman would be ideal.

Doctor Knows Best

Genre: Horror, Slice of Life
Content: Dub-Con, Non-Con, Drugging, Gaslighting, Medical

A woman in a psychiatric ward is kept much longer than necessary due to her doctor's obsession. After she is ready to be released, perhaps he gaslights her into believing she needs him and maybe even drugs her. Themes of abuse and non-con.

His Angel of Music

Genre: Fandom, Historical, Romance
Possible Content: M/F, M/F/M, Dub-Con, Non-Con, Jealousy, Pregnancy

I always want Phantom of the Opera stories. Perhaps she had Erik's child but tried to pass it off as Raoul's, who is furious when he finds out. Or maybe Raoul dies and Erik comes for her once more.

Alien Breeding

Aliens have recently discovered Earth, and they are looking for viable human women to bear their offspring. Their women are all infertile, so to further the species, they are taking human partners. The leader eyes a woman with particularly child-bearing hips and claims her.

The Mandalorian's Bounty

I find the Mandalorian super sexy. I'd love it if he finds either a woman who was formerly enslaved by a bounty or perhaps she has a bounty on her for something misunderstood. Either way, he doesn't want to kill her or turn her in, and instead she becomes a sort of nanny for Grogu. Adventure and sexiness with the mandalorian ensues.

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Overhauled the O/O section, "For Your Consideration" section, and added some game ideas. :)
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Added ideas for the Mandalorian and the Originals. Took away the Mafia's Kept Woman, Regency, and Fallout.
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