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Author Topic: Christa's Cravings {F for M and/or F, NC, BDSM, EX, CON, etc...}  (Read 954 times)

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Christa's Cravings {F for M and/or F, NC, BDSM, EX, CON, etc...}
« on: February 25, 2012, 03:40:24 PM »
Christa's Cravings

I was here over a year ago, but I really want to make a fresh start. Therefore, I'll put some cravings and ideas down here, and you can decide if you'd like to write with me or not. Here are some things you should know, though:

For Your Consideration...

1. I really prefer to play women, and I like to have one main female protagonist that the men are attracted to. I can play other men and girls for the story, but I'm selfish in that I like to have a heroine that is wanted.

2. To go along with that, I want my character to be lusted after. Wanted. Maybe even loved or obsessed over. That doesn't mean that you can't be a cruel and evil bastard to her, but there must at least be some attraction there or I get bored very quickly.

3. As far as post length goes, I'm not excessively anal about it (although I do like anal), but I do want some substance. No one-liners please. Even if it's just dialogue, there can at least be a few sentences and some actions or reactions as well. I can write anywhere from 1 nice paragraph to a short novella, so it honestly depends on the story and partner. I usually try to match you, but the shorter posts with no plot lose my interest quickly. However, the same goes for overly long and needlessly flowery posts. I love description and good writing, but if you're just trying to be pretentious and show off, I'd rather not play along.

4. PLEASE use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. Now, I understand typos or the occasional mess-up. Heck, I know I do it too, but if you're not putting effort into the posts, why should I? I've played with 18 year old's who don't even speak English fluently who can write well and use proper syntax. There's no excuse for anyone on here, basically.

5. You will notice that most of my characters are young, curvy redheads. I like to play virgins or inexperienced girls as well, but that's not necessary. If you don't like curves or red hair, then I'm not for you. That's not to say that I always have to play that, but if I know you don't like redheads and prefer skinny girls, I will never want to write with you. Sorry.

6. I do not play any ages below 17. I take pedophilia very seriously, and even though I know that 16 is allowed on here and younger is requested in IM, I just don't like it. It makes me sad.

7. I like playing the submissive, but my girls are never naturally submissive. They will always fight and be stubborn for a very long time, and the normal threats won't work. So if you want a doormat or easy conquest, they aren't for you. However, there are certain ways to make them behave...we'll just see if you can find them. ;)

8. I can play the dominant on occasion, but it has to be a good story for me to.

9. I only do M/F or the rare F/F stories. No M/M. Sorry.

10. I don't like playing the older woman. I love big age differences, but it has to be the man and a younger girl. However, the same age works just fine.

11. You won't find many things that turn me off. As long as you stay away from Scat and Snakes, we're usually good. I can get pretty extreme, but I can also go fluffy and vanilla. Both are appealing to me, and everything in between.

12. I like to play Canon Fandoms sometimes, but I usually put my own spin on the character.

13. I love my girls being raped, humiliated and tortured, but not ALL the time. If you keep treating her like shit day after day, she will try to kill herself or get sick of natural causes. I will write what is physically believable, so don't expect to beat my girl up until she's black and blue and expect her to walk around the next day all happy-go-lucky. You will have to nurse her back to health or get another character to. On that note, I LOVE Hurt/Comfort. The guy hurting her badly and then showing some kindness by treating her wounds and maybe even showing some twisted regret. That doesn't mean that he won't just do it again, but the comfort part gets me every time. Also, if bad things just constantly happen to my girl, it gets old. There has to be some light at the end of the tunnel, or I don't want to play.

14. I LOVE historic settings. I have a BA in History, so I love historically accurate (to a certain degree...I mean, I can be flexible) RPs. Fantasy and supernatural are good too, as are modern settings. Not into futuristic sci-fi so much, but I can play it if the game is right.

15. I don't play system games. Sorry.

Alright! Now that I'm done with the ridiculous list, I'll add some more! Also, just because you see a lot of extreme things on my list doesn't mean I have to be anything beyond vanilla with you. I like fluffy romance as well.

Non-Con, Coercion, Rape, Bondage, Vanilla, Romance, BDSM, D/s, Kidnapping, Torture, Teasing, Sexual Tension, Anal, Vaginal, Oral, M/F, F/F, Orgies, Multiple Penetration, Historic Settings, Hurt/Comfort, Obsession/Unrequited Love/Stalking, Older Man/Younger Woman, Sexual Slavery, Intelligence, Grammar, Capitalization, Proper Spelling, Twisted Love, Vampires, Blood Play, Incest, Humiliation, Exhibitionism, Spanking, Pain, Being a Kept Woman, Force, Forced Prostitution, Powerful Men, First Time Scenes, Medical Scenes, Bestiality, Multiple Partners, Men Abusing Authority, and much more! Just ask.

Scat, Snuff and Snakes

Fandoms & Settings I Like:
Phantom of the Opera
Harry Potter
Anne Rice
Christine Feehan
Days of our Lives
Criminal Minds
Fairy Tales
Twilight ( has to be a good story, as I prefer other vampires)
Trinity Blood
Pirates of the Caribbean
Ancient Times
Colonial Times
Anything Historic
Rural Areas
Supernatural Beings
Romance Novels

Pairings I Like:
Boss & Employee
Vampire & Victim/Blood Doll
King/Ruler & Subject/Mistress
Werewolf/Shapeshifter & Mate
Mafia Boss & Girl
Client/Pimp & Prostitute
Serial Killer & Possible Victim
Teacher & Student
Stepfahter & Stepdaughter
Stepson & Stepmother (same age)
Father & Daughter
Brother & Siter
Uncle & Niece
Grandfather & Granddaughter
Older Brother's Friend & Little Sister
Nerd & Popular Girl
Villain & Virgin
Doctor & Patient
Devil/Demon & Angel/Saintly Human

Fandom Pairings I Like:
Erik & Christine (PotO)
Raoul & Christine (PotO)
Snape & Lily (HP)
James & Lily (HP)
Tom Riddle/Voldemort & Lily (HP)
Death Eater & Lily (HP)
Lucius & Lily (HP)
Harry & Ginny (HP)
Tom Riddle/Voldemort & Ginny (HP)
Lucius/Draco & Ginny (HP)
Snape & Ginny (HP)
Death Eater & Ginny (HP)

And I'm always open to new ideas and suggestions. Below here I'll put a list of possible ideas that I have, or pictures that inspire me. You can reply here or PM me to talk about a possible game or just to get to know me. I'm a nice person, I just figured I'd get warnings out. And I can be long-winded, obviously.

Current Game Ideas:

The Mother of his Children
He had always known that he wanted children, and when he met her, he knew he'd found the ideal mother for them. He pursued her in the polite way first, but when she spurned his advances, he grew more angry and desperate. At first he didn't know what to do, but then a plan formulated. If she wouldn't come easily, then they'd do this the hard way. He was financially able to buy a large house in the country with all the luxuries and privacy precautions he needed. Then he just needed the girl. Kidnapping her was easy, as was keeping her hidden away in the paradise prison he'd created for her. Raping her was just a bonus, and the necessity to do it over and over again was not unwelcome to him. However, getting her to agree to be his kept woman and obey him...well, that was another matter entirely. He could get her pregnant, but he couldn't make her care for him. She'd love the children, of course, but he wanted all of her.


Visual Inspiration:

Click to see the images...

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Re: Christa's Cravings {F for M and/or F, NC, BDSM, EX, CON, etc...}
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2012, 09:28:05 PM »
I added some visual inspiration, as well as a story idea. "The Mother of his Children."