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Author Topic: The Red Corsair: Tyrant of the Scarus Sector (SciFi, Pirate, Bon, Non-Con)  (Read 10341 times)

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Offline Nataleigh

You can call me that or just Nat. I don't mind my name sounding like a little fly. ;P

And of course I'll stay! I want this RP SO BADLY. xD It's like all my favorite things rolled into one!

Offline Strifesblaze7

Well I'm in. Definitely want a chance to use the guy I made for this.

Offline Caela

I'm still in as well. I have no ME knowledge but am willing to help out with Trek info and LOVE that Christa has said we can use some Whovian races too...gies me a few more ideas for my "girls"! lol

Need to work out a few NPC's to help out Christa's girl or she'll be seriously overworked! :D Especially since Lily has 3 different houses on varying levels and with varying themes.

~bounces off to work on a few NPCs~

Offline Cthonig

I know Star Trek and Dr. Who so I can help too. But I don't know Mass Effect or what the overall plot was to be which is why I didn't offer to run this even though I have run quite a few (tabletop) RPGs.

Offline ShadowFox89

 If we want to set up a setting... can I suggest heading to the world-builder subforum and starting a thread?

Offline Strifesblaze7

Probably a good idea. Does one need to be posted?

Offline Caela

If we want to set up a setting... can I suggest heading to the world-builder subforum and starting a thread?

Vos left us with a setting, We've got a space station and a ship to play on!

Offline Cthonig

If we want to set up a setting... can I suggest heading to the world-builder subforum and starting a thread?
    I was puzzled by this because, as Caela points out, Vos set up the setting. What we don't have is an overall plot that I know of - although that is the GM's pervue.
    Or were you and/or Strifesblaze7 indirectly suggesting junking Vos' setting and creating something new? If that's the case, why not just start from scratch?
« Last Edit: June 23, 2013, 11:50:42 PM by Cthonig »

Offline Strifesblaze7

No, I'm suggesting getting the group going. I think we have enough people to start. So if you wanted to do a bit of planning to open the story I was suggesting doing that.

Offline Drake Valentine

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I may still be here, just haven't had time to work on charie sheet/complete it. Again, I don't do much Scifi, so I am branching out here. I'll conclude things by Saturday if I want to linger or not, assuming I am not done with the sheet by then. ^^`

Offline Kdyami

Lol I'm kinda a scifi nerd. I know most every scifi universe, at least well enough to fake it so I'm game to help wherever I can.

Offline Nataleigh

I gotta finish my character sheets too... been a long, unproductive weekend (on E, anyway). xD

I'll get on that asap.

Offline Clio

I'm thinking with so many people offering to GM, that perhaps Vostroya should choose two so that he can still control how his game goes a bit. I'll PM him and see when he can respond. I'd suggest holding off starting and changing anything until we get the OK from Vos. Just out of respect.

Offline Strifesblaze7

Hmm, maybe so. Christa you should pm about our other group game.

Offline Caela

I'm thinking with so many people offering to GM, that perhaps Vostroya should choose two so that he can still control how his game goes a bit. I'll PM him and see when he can respond. I'd suggest holding off starting and changing anything until we get the OK from Vos. Just out of respect.

I didn't get enough sleep last night, so I apologize if what I say come across as cranky/mean/'s not meant that way, but I'm not as diplomatic as usual today.

I don't see any need to wait for Vos' input. In his last post he gave up control of the game and said he had no real idea when he'd be back to pick up the reins again. Certainly I don't think we should stray uber-far outside the setting and idea that drew us all in the first place, and Vos should totally be able to co-GM if/when he returns (if he still has interest) but I don't think it's in any way disrespectful to pick up a game he discarded and make it our own in some fashion. It may not look exactly like he envisioned it when he gets back, but them's the breaks when you give up creative control to something.

Offline Nataleigh

I only like the idea of waiting for a response from him because it gives me time to finish my character sheets. :P

So.... just a tad selfish there. ;)

Offline Clio

Played by: Christa McGinn

Name: Arysa Moran

Race: Asari

Age: 200

Occupation: Prostitute

Rank: Low


 Although she was sold into prostitution, Arysa soon learned the tools of the trade. If she wanted to ever get out of the life, she needed to rise through the ranks and hopefully earn enough respect to someday buy her freedom or convince a client to do the same for her. Because of her determination, she soon learned the ins and outs of sex. She trained by listening to Lily and the other girls, as well as reading and experimenting with customers. Once she'd developed her sensual abilities, she used them with clients and she became more popular. Now, with her red scalp crests, she is very rare in the Asari race. This, coupled with the fact that she was able to enjoy acts that most girls didn't, made her quite expensive. She is now one of the highest earning whores in Lily's brothel, although deep down she knows she wants more with her life.

Arysa, like most Asari, has a high aptitude for diplomacy, tact and interpersonal relationships. It's one reason why she's good at her job. She knows the mind and how to manipulate people and ideas. The men who sleep with her tend to think she considers them as more than just a customer, although she rarely does. She was headed for government when she was kidnapped by slavers, so she still has the training and ability to work with people.

Although most Asari are intelligent, Arysa is a good example of that fact. She has always been bright, and that is one reason that she dislikes her 'career' at times. People tended to think that whores were always dumb, slutty and trashy. She was far from any of those, although she was forced to be a slut...obviously. She knew she was more intelligent than half her clients, but she had to suck it up and pretend that she admired them. That they knew best. It hurt her pride, but she was an expert liar. She didn't like lying, but it was a prostitute's duty to lie and make their lover happy. She hopes to get out of the life soon and go back to somewhere that appreciates her intellect and skill set.

Although she is a biotic, she hasn't honed her skills for anything military. Like most Asari, she is skilled at stealth, spying and one-on-one, but she's nowhere near as advanced as most Asari. Perhaps one day she can train and become a better fighter...especially as a biotic...but for now, the skill lies mostly dormant.

Character History:
Arysa was born to a beautiful Asari woman, Deahra Moran, and a Drell father, Ronas. Her father was rarely in her life, but that wasn't uncommon for the Asari. She was a precocious young girl, and she always had more interest in studying and the mental exercises over training or sport. Her red crests made her a prime target for bullying, as no one else had any crests that weren't purple or blue. Her mother always told her that being different was never a bad thing, and that being unique would one day please her. Therefore, Arysa tried her hardest to never let the insults bother her...although they obviously did. When other girls started training to be huntresses, Arysa instead turned to more in-depth government study. She spent quite a long time talking to Matriarchs, and she always had a book open.

Arysa was born on Thessia, but during her maiden stage (that she's still in), she decided she wanted to travel. Therefore, she bought passage on a ship and headed toward the citadel. On the way, though, pirates hijacked her ship, and although she fought hard and fiercely, she was taken in and sold as a slave. At this point, she had no sexual experience, but the slaver she was sold to changed that quite quickly. He raped her and although he had wanted to keep her, he (a cruel Batarian named Solan) found himself at the end of a Turian's gun. Apparently, he owed the Turian, Tarek, a great deal of credits, and was caught without enough. Although the Turian was ready to kill him, he said that he had a rare Asari slave with red crests. The Turian didn't believe him, but soon two of Solan's henchmen brought the struggling Asari up to present to Tarek.

Suddenly he pulled the gun away and told him that the Asari would do and take care of his debt. She was taken again to a different ship, but this time, he headed to the Scarus Sector. He forced her to bed him until they arrived, and soon she was forced out of the ship at gunpoint...chained and displayed in a slutty dress. The first place Tarek took her to was Lily's brothel. He sold Arysa to the human woman for a much larger sum than Solan owed him, thereby making him the winner in the situation.

Against her will, Arysa found herself a whore, and she felt like it was little better than a slave. However, as the days went on, and the brothel trained her and 'tamed' her somewhat, she realized that this was actually a unique opportunity. She had access to powerful men of all kinds, and pillow talk could be very beneficial. She began to file away all information that she received, and soon would 'sell' it to other clients that it could benefit. This earned her their loyalty, as well as a higher tip.

She still regrets not devoting more time to fight training, as she feels like she might not be in this situation if she had more combat experience. Unfortunately, the past is the past, and the past 5 years have been spent honing her 'skills' in the bedroom. Every day she hopes that an opportunity will come to lift her out of this place...although she has made friends and no longer hates her life. It can be enjoyable at times (as she discovered she REALLY likes sex), but she still wants to be an independent woman with a respectable career and everything else she'd grown up planning to have.

Because she sleeps with men for a profession, it would take a lot for her to actually have true romantic interest in someone. She can fake it with the best of them, but any promises of a future would be to get what she wants...not the truth. It would take something stronger to change her opinion.

  • Adaptable
  • Creative
  • Curious
  • Determined
  • Hot-Tempered
  • Intelligent
  • Kind
  • Loving
  • Manipulative
  • Maternal
  • Passionate
  • Protective
  • Sensual
  • Unpredictable
Arysa is a mess of contradictions, which is partly due to her double life. The real Arysa, and the prostitute Arysa. She can appear experienced, seductive, manipulative and sneaky. However, the true Arysa is still the innocent young woman that left Thessia 5 years ago. She is kind, generous, friendly and over-protective. She distrusts men quite a bit, but who wouldn't in her position? She pushes the experiences on the pirate vessels to the back of her mind, not wanting to deal with them.

She is smart, adaptable and skilled at diplomacy and interpersonal relationships. Almost naively fearless, yet largely untrained in combat, she is more likely to rush into something without thinking...unlike most Asari. Although she can manipulate her clients, she is not a bad person. In fact, she normally wouldn't hurt a fly...but after the kidnapping and selling, she's a bit less trusting and more willing to fight given the chance. She still wants to travel and make a career out of the government, but that requires getting out of the brothel first.

How did you come to the Scarus Sector?: Arysa was kidnapped and sold twice. Once to a Turian, and once to Lily and her brothel. She is here against her will, but for now, she stays without attempting to escape. She wants to get out for good when she does.

What are your characters plans?: Leaving the brothel and making a respectable name for herself...showing that she's not just a whore.

Additional Information: No weapons.

Species Information:
Asari. The Asari are an all-female race that have their homeworld on Thessia. Skilled diplomats and stealth huntresses, they are a sophisticated and beautiful race that is admired for their sensual grace and intelligence. They are generally tinted blue or purple, and instead of hair, have tentacle-like scalp crests. Asaris can adapt and meld to any species or gender to produce children, although the children will be Asari. They can live to be upwards of 1,000 years old, and have three main stages. Maiden, Matron and Matriarch. Maiden is the first stage that starts at puberty, and that is where they explore and live their young life. Deciding what they want to do and such. Matron is generally where they start a family, and this goes from 300 to about 700. The matriarch stage is the most respected, and is similar to a human in retirement age. They are considered wise, and this goes from later life to death.

Link to Mass Effect Wiki description of Asari.

On’s: MaleDom, Being Dominated, Men, Oral Sex (giving and receiving), Vaginal, Anal, BDSM, D/s, Multiple Male Partners, Facials, Hurt/Comfort, Pregnancy, Pain, Double Penetration, Cuddling, Sleeping in a Lover's Arms, Teasing, Roughness, Submitting, Fingering, Handjobs, Anal Play, Choking, Hair Pulling, Passion, etc...

Off’s: Scat, Underage Characters (under 18)

Offline Nataleigh

Played by: Nataleigh

Name: Lea'Dadd nar Shellen

Race: Quarian
Age: 20
Consortium Occupation: Engineer
Consortium Rank: Low-Level

Skill set: Tech Specialist – From simple programming and maintenance work, to repairs, opening malfunctioning/locked doors, and overloading enemy shields, Lea knows her way around electronics. Growing up on the Flotilla has imbued her with a healthy curiosity and respect for technology which has followed her wherever she has gone. And if she doesn't know the answers to a problem just yet, she will. No one enjoys learning about new things more than a young Quarian on her Pilgrimage.

Hacking – Lea is rather talented at hacking artificial lifeforms (robots, etc), alarm systems, and computers with her omni-tool. Need a strong encryption system? Or someone to decrypt enemy transmissions? Lea can help you out with that.

Automated Security – Tinkering around on her free time has led this little Quarian to a newfound respect for sentry turrets. Being weak in battle, and over-protective of any ship she calls home, Lea has found it quite fortuitous in recent months to use them in a fight. Mostly because they cause less collateral damage if she is forced to fight on her home ship, and are much more accurate than she could ever be. So it is rare for her to go into battle without a few.

Character History: Much of her life on the flotilla was satisfyingly normal. Lea grew up with her mother, father, and two sisters on the Shellen, and spent her days learning what every Quarian learned. How to fix the ship, flotilla economics and laws, the importance of community, etc. When she left on her pilgrimage, Lea was actually quite hopeful. She knew exactly where she'd go, exactly what she'd do, and had a fair idea of what she could bring back to the Flotilla as a tribute to her new life. Too bad she never got that far.

On her way, her transport was hijacked by pirates and she was taken prisoner along with the other passengers. Luckily for her she made herself useful while onboard, saving everyone from imminent death, so the pirates let her go on Xion instead of selling her into slavery. Counting her blessings, Lea soon made the station her temporary home while she tried to earn enough money to continue her pilgrimage. She wasn't sure if she had a guardian angel or not, but no one tried to enslave her once she was there and she counted her blessings. She did odd jobs, repairs, and maintenance work, never really setting roots, not thinking she'd stay very long. She just had to earn some money, and get on her way.

That mindset changed the day she saw The Banes' Shadow pulling into port at Xen. Just its sheer size and beauty mesmerized her, setting her imagination on fire. She wanted to see it closer. Explore its inner workings. Be a part of it. So she made it her new mission to get onto its crew.

Now, she works in the belly of the beast, a low-level engineer just getting familiar with all the advanced technology at her fingertips, salivating at her good fortune for being able to be a part of it. Sure, she was working for a pirate conglomerate (and her family would surely be upset if they found out), but she was working on something beautiful. It was a work of art! And whenever she felt overwhelmed, Lea could crawl into one of the access panels and find a quiet place to just listen to the ship breathe. If there's one thing that's certain about Lea's loyalties? It's that she will do anything to protect this ship and those who serve aboard it.

It is her home now.

  • Logical
  • Formal
  • Determined
  • Intelligent
  • Curious
  • Naive
  • Awkward
  • Lonely
  • Excitable
  • Kinky

Lea is young and inexperienced, in many things and many cultures. This makes her rather shy, formal, and somewhat resistant when confronted with new experiences and people. It also makes her feel lonely, being the only Quarian in the sector that she knows of, and awkward when forced into social situations. But she's an intelligent, curious young lady who loves learning more than anything else. So after her initial gut reaction, she can sometimes make a complete 180 and become excited with the idea of trying new things and getting to know new people. She's also very determined when she puts her mind to something. She won't stop until she's satisfied.

How did the Red Corsair hear about and recruit you?: Lea was very lucky. Only two years ago, she left the safety of the Flotilla on her pilgrimage. But before she even made it to her first destination, her transport was hijacked by pirates hailing from the Scarus Sector. At first, they planned to sell her into slavery along with the rest of the crew and passengers that survived, but when her quick thinking saved their ship from a massive power overload that would have killed them all, they changed their minds. Showing more gratitude than is usual for pirates, they allowed her to go free once they docked at Xen, and her continuing prowess with technology led her into the service of the Red Corsair.

Additional Information: Lea's bodysuit provides her with light armor enough for most battles, and has been customized to give more protection against possible breaches that would open her to infections. She carries a M-5 Phalanx, a semi-automatic heavy pistol with high accuracy and high recoil that is great against armor but has trouble with shields and biotic barriers. It's also equipped with a laser sight, which Lea needs in order to be anything near an accurate shot.
Species Information: The Quarians are a nomadic species of humanoid aliens known for their skills with technology and synthetic intelligence. Since their homeworld was conquered by the Geth, the Quarians now live aboard the Migrant Fleet, a huge collection of starships that travel as a single fleet.

Biologically, Quarians are shorter than humans, but are mostly humanoid in form. What distinguishes them is that they have three thick fingers on each hand, three toes, and their lower legs bow back much further than humans or Asari. Also, they have virtually no immune system, which forces them to live their lives in highly sophisticated enviro-suits to protect them from disease and infection. Typically, Quarians will never remove their suits without good reason, except in special “clean rooms” – for sexual intercourse or giving birth – as even with immuno-boosters, herbal supplements, and antibiotics, they will often get sick. (Read more about them here. It's a lot to type out.)

On’s: Men of any species, Teasing, Rough Stuff, Force, Intelligence, Sex/Petting with clothes on.
Off’s: Incest, Watersports, Maiming/gore/vore, F/F.
« Last Edit: July 03, 2013, 09:41:14 PM by Nataleigh »

Offline ShadowFox89

 Are we using the Trek-verse or a mashup of various 'verses....?

Offline Nataleigh

Well... our space outpost is from Mass Effect and the ship our leader captain's is a star trek ship...

I think we're pretty mashup. But as long as we don't take any one thing too far, the universes shouldn't have trouble living together. ;)

Of course, we can change that if we want, but no one seems to mind a few things from each coming into play.
« Last Edit: June 24, 2013, 07:15:39 PM by Nataleigh »

Offline Kdyami

We appear to be multiversing. I see tons of mass effect and star trek but my character is a multiverse; has asimov, star gate, and generic scyfy thrown in as well. Plus some whovian elements around so mash up i would say lol.

Offline ShadowFox89

 302's for our fighters then? :P

 With a Chiss leading the squadrons.

Offline Clio

Yeah. It's multiverse. Mainly Mass Effect and Star Wars, but as I'm a Whovian, I would love to add some of that as well.

Just no time lords. :)

So any sci-fi fandom would work, probably.

Offline ShadowFox89

 All ships are required to have stairs leading to secure systems!

Offline Strifesblaze7