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Author Topic: On High Seas: A Game of Pirates (Looking for Female Captives)  (Read 6987 times)

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Online UrbanzorroTopic starter

On High Seas: A Game of Pirates (Looking for Female Captives)
« on: February 12, 2013, 02:13:11 PM »

Ok, so I'm looking to start up a game centered around a pirate ship, it's crew, their captives, and their misadventures/raids/sexy times/etc. That they experience. Ideally this game will be full of action, fighting, drinking, and sex (both consensual and non-consensual).

Should enough interest be shown I'd be open to having more than one pirate ship/crew take place in the story but I'll probably need the help of a co-gm if that happens. That having been said I'm looking to capture a mix of realism, popular conception, and some (small) amounts of fantasy with this setting. Basically think along the lines of Pirates of the Caribbean being rated more along the lines of R/X/NC-17 with slightly lest fantastical elements. If this idea interests you I invite you to say so. In order to get started I'll probably need the following as far as players. Also, I'll be allowing female pirates and we can assume that while not as common as male ones, they are still not exceedingly rare in our setting.

Captain(Urbanzorro):The man/woman in charge of the crew.

1st Mate(Kokaine): The second in command of the crew. Has command of the ship when the Captain is not aboard, and is normally charged with leading other members of the crew. This one needs to be filled

Master At Arms(Master At Arms):The crew-member in charge of instilling discipline and order aboard ship. I'll need someone to fill this role as well.

Quarter Master(Flaming, Pending Completion): The crewman/woman charged with steering the ship during most situations.

Boatswain(Open): The deck chief charged with making sure all the deck hands do their jobs correctly.

Assorted Crew Member/Officers(TheRaven): Doctors, gunners, etc.

Assorted Crew Member/Officers(Open): Doctors, gunners, etc.

Captive of the Crew(Open): Someone taken by the crew during a raid or about to be taken during the game's opening. We'll need at least one of these but hopefully more.

Captive of the Crew(Open): Someone taken by the crew during a raid or about to be taken during the game's opening. We'll need at least one of these but hopefully more.

Captive of the Crew(Open): Someone taken by the crew during a raid or about to be taken during the game's opening. We'll need at least one of these but hopefully more.

And here is our character sheet.

Code: [Select]
[b]Image[/b] Please provide an image for your character
[b]Name[/b] What's their name?
[b]Gender[/b] Female? Male?
[b]Age[/b] How old are they?
[b]Position[/b] What part of the crew are they? Are they a captive? If so are they already caught or do they yet need to be?
[b]Personality[/b] What's their personality like?
[b]Biography[/b] What's their personal history?
[b]Weapons/Equipment[/b] Is there anything specific they have/use?
[b]Character's Orientation/Likes/Dislikes[/b] What does your character like/dislike sexually? Not to be confused with your actual ons/offs. For instance your character probably won't like NC sex but you may like NC scenes ;)
[b]Player's Offs[/b]: Given that this game has the potential for certain characters to be very much at the mercy of other characters are there any limits you feel need to be stated up front so there is no confusion?
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Offline Kokaine

Oooh.... I like this. What do you think about a female Master at Arms?

Offline Flaming

Interested. I'll take the Quarter Master role if is available!

Online UrbanzorroTopic starter

At this point all the slots other than captain are open and I don't feel that any of them need to be gender specific :-)

Offline Dashenka

Bloody pirates... why's the rum always gone?

I'm in of course. I'll be playing a female but I'll wait a bit with the roles. I wouldn't mind playing a captive but seeing how they tend to get too plentiful in games like these, I won't mind playing something else. Therefore I leave it open.

Online UrbanzorroTopic starter

Glad to have you aboard :-)

Offline kckolbe

Hmm, I am in a pirate game now that seems to have died, still interested in being a part of one.  I was playing a passenger, having paid to boarding while observing the life to write about it.  Would something like that work here?

Online UrbanzorroTopic starter

Sure, I'd say that fits as an assorted crew member.

Offline Kdyami

I'm interested in the Boatswain if no ones called the position. I'll try and have the character sheet up tonight :)

Online UrbanzorroTopic starter


Offline Kokaine

Decided to give 1st mate a try (worse case she gets bumped back down). Its still a bit of a work in progress but yeah...
Working on a suitable image

Name: Lady Charlotte DuPont - "The Black Tigress" (sometimes called Charlie by those she likes)

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Position: 1st Mate

Appearance: Charlotte stands 5'8", with a curvy and athletic build that is strong enough to withstand her current lifestyle. Most often she dresses like a man unless there is a specific reason for her not to (like playing a role). However, her curves are usually still visible to some degree leaving no doubt that she is indeed female. She is not one to fuss over clothes and how lady-like she might look but her hair is probably her most prized feature and she takes quite good care of it despite being at sea.

Personality: With Charlotte what you see is not exactly what you get, though usually that is her intention. She excels at getting others to see what she wishes them to see and obscuring what she does not wish to be known. She is not above lying, cheating, or stealing to get ahead and is good at telling people what they want to hear.

Despite her privileged upbringing Charlotte is not afraid of hard work. She enjoys getting dirty and will always do her best to be number one. She is fiercely competitive and never gives up, even if it requires her to demonstrate great patience and endure much suffering. She is shrewd, intelligent, flexible, resilient, adventurous, and thinks well on her feet. Once her respect is earned, she is both loyal and trustworthy. She can be very mischievous and playful and is often mistaken for someone younger due to her youthful, laid back, devil may care attitude, but make no mistake--Charlotte's years at sea and learning to survive by her boot straps have made her as tough as any hardened pirate and those that get on her bad side are made well aware. She is often described as possessing rather dashing qualities by man and woman alike.

It should be noted that Charlotte is not a fan of taking prisoners so if one finds themselves at her mercy it is best to prove yourself useful.

Biography: Born to two high born Nobles, Charlotte quickly grew weary of the restrictions placed on her. Her brother, with whom she was very close, was allowed to run free and do as he wished as long as it brought no shame to their family but even the most ordinary things were often forbidden to her thanks to her father's over-protective nature. She craved freedom and adventure more than anything and the thought of being married off to suit her parents' needs was sickening to her. Still, she was smart enough to learn to play the part decently well, only sneaking out at night to pester their groundskeeper to no end. It was he who taught her how to properly care for and wield a sword as well as defend herself and it was he who filled her impressionable young mind with tales from his days at sea.

Finally when Charlotte was 14 she could take no more. Her father promising her to a spoiled and most unpleasant Duke was the last straw. Stealing some of her brother's clothes and some food, Charlotte disguised herself and ran away. At first she could get no father than the next town over, which was tricky since her father had sent out his men to search for her almost right away. She was very nearly caught a handful of times and indeed when her brother did manage to catch her she thought she was done for... only, he hid her away until the search party rode on and then released her promising that they'd see each other again. He handed her his weapons--the ones gifted to him by their father--and a small bit of coinage to help her. Lastly, he handed her a map and a note from their groundskeeper then left her.

Following the directions in the note, Charlotte found her way to the sea and instantly fell in love. Her first voyage was as a stowaway upon a smaller vessel and when she was inevitably discovered she was immediately put to work as the crew simply thought her to be an eager young boy by the name of Charlie. She would spend 3 years aboard that ship being mostly mistreated, over-worked, and underfed but she loved every minute of it. Every time they got into a scrape she was right there to join in the madness despite being shoved away or told to hide. Unfortunately, that crew was not the most successful and would eventually be picked apart by sickness and incompetence. When finally only Charlotte and a few others remained alive aboard their ship a desperate act would lead her to her first meeting with the Captain.

Weapons/Equipment: Carries two multi-barrel pistols (given to her by her brother), a cutlass (stolen off a dead Naval Officer), and a dagger in her boot (also her brother's). Sometimes carries a bullwhip.

Character's Orientation/Likes/Dislikes: Bisexual - likes both being in charge and having control taken from her, though this is not something one should attempt lightly as she'll quickly put you in your place if you've not got the stones. She also likes big, strapping men, shy women, creative lovers, rough sex, spontaneity, and touches that remind her she is indeed a woman. She dislikes being treated like a common whore, selfish lovers, being drooled over, being treated like she's fragile, and rope burns.

Player's Offs: See my O/O's ... some things may be negotiated for plot but most of them are hard limits.
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Offline immabanana

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A badass-badmouthed female quarter master? I think yes. :3
Throwing my interest in.
I'll have a profile filled out in a bit.

Offline Haloriel

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* Haloriel squints at this game.

Sounds ... interesting.  I will add this to my bookmarks and keep my eyes peeled.

Offline TheRaven

Well, since I was considering starting up a Skulls and Shackles Pathfinder AP, I guess this will sate my piratical sensibilities for a little bit. Let me pop on a little bit of Alestorm and hand this in.

Image See left.

Name: Boniface Borgia

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Position: Rigger, ship's bard in the evening

Personality: Boniface is quite pleasant for a pirate. He tends to give off the impression that he's a lithe sort of person (which is fair, considering that he's packing quite enough muscle to handle the rigging and fight on his 6'1" frame) without the physical bulk that others aboard the ship seem to have acquired, whether a more attractive bulk from work, or a gut acquired from a little too much rum in port. He's somewhat of a coward when it comes to a real fight and prefers to use distractions, dirty fighting, and whatever other advantages he can muster. Boniface drinks hard, his preferred liquor being rum. That said, he's not particularly picky and will drink almost anything so long as it has a bit of a kick to it. He mostly just enjoys the rigging duties because it means he gets to climb up higher on the ship, and hasn't strayed from that position for that reason. His dry sense of humor, when directed at his fellow crew members, sometimes forces him to climb the rigging rather quickly to escape if the joke's taken poorly.

Biography: Boniface is one of the more recent additions to the infamous Borgia family by an unimportant Italian bastard, destined for unimportant bastardom himself. Boniface sought out his fortunes beyond the shores of Italy when he was 17 by stowing away aboard the vessel of a merchant ship leaving Venice bound for the Iberian Peninsula. From there, he hitched a ride to the Caribbean, where he could successfully hide from his family's legacy. While he was indeed discovered on the crossing, the smugglers aboard were more than happy to share a cut with him when they learned that he could play the violin, and would be able to help reduce the stress of long voyages in the evenings while working in the rigging during the day. Considering that it got him away from the city-states gradually sinking into the mire of corruption (and instead seeking corruption and adventure rather than just corruption), Boniface was more than happy to lend his talents.

He bid goodbye to the sailors after their arrival in the Caribbean and stepped off the boat into the nominally French port of Tortuga. He made a decent wage there as a young man, wooing tavern wenches with his music and his good looks. While he occasionally had to visit an apothecary for a little... troubleshooting, Boniface largely eked out a fair wage in the port with his violin. Admittedly, the tales that the pirates brought back with them from their voyages were sorely tempting him. After all, he had survived the crossing voyage, hadn't he? He signed up with the captain's crew at the tender age of 19 and hasn't looked back.

Weapons/Equipment: A wide-bladed cutlass and a pair of long-barreled pistols. When repelling boarding actions, it's not uncommon to see him pick up a blunderbuss, however. Keeps a bronze knife, since it doesn't corrode, handy for rigging duties and preparing fish tucked away on his thigh. Has a violin that he keeps locked up in his footlocker except in the evenings when he plays.

Character's Orientation/Likes/Dislikes Straight - he likes his woman with some bite to them. He enjoys the hunt as much as he does the figurative kill, and frequently employs his musical skills to help him in that regard. He prefers to remain in control, but is willing to fight for it like any proper pirate. Boniface also enjoys putting some of his rigging skills to work if that's what pleases a lady.

Player's Offs: Bathroom play

Offline Kdyami

Sorry all new project at work cant take on a new game :(  Hope everyone enjoys

Offline Warlord Zanyl

I'm interested in playing the Master at arms in this.. I'll work on a CS soon.

Offline AurelieCatena

I'm interested to play a rebellious captured rival captain (female) or maybe a captured Spanish female captain.

Online UrbanzorroTopic starter

Both characters posted so far are approved. I should have mine up either today after work or tomorrow morning. Can't wait to everyone else's characters too :-)

Offline xPeachyPuff

I would be interested in taking a Chef or Doctor position aboard the ship if possible. I'll look into creating a character sheet soon (:


Offline Flaming

Name Fincher
Gender Male
Age 37
Position Quarter Master

Personality: Fincher is a pirate, what else needs to be said? He is a ma full of passions, likes to do what he wants and the fewer the people that can boss him around the better. He lives in the now and here, and doesn't give a fuck about anything else. He is not a long term planner and a life at sea, grabbing whatever he could, is the perfect expression of who he is, and he also gets to maneuver a ship!
That is probably the best part of it: shouting and cursing against people while at the helm. He has a knack for it: feeling how wind, waves, sail and hull interact, instead of understanding why. He could set the ship to sail smoothly and safely conducting it even in dangerous uncharted waters. He would spend his day at the helm, constantly harassing crew members for a better set of the rigging, while waiting to hit port and unleash himself to well deserved excesses.
His ability at the helm has sprout the rumor he could sail a ship across a rock, this is clearly an exaggeration, but who is he to spoil a legend?

Biography: The now pirate had always trouble getting along with authority and his destitution origin didn't help him growing a law abiding citizen. Having been in trouble with justice since early age he found himself facing a forced embarkment as a crewmen, the other option being jail. He fell in love with the sail, but the discipline was still too much for him, so he jumped ship at the first occasion but stayed a sailor ever since. If he is in a good mood, that is quite often, like any sailor who deserves the name, he would start telling one of the innumerable anecdotes he collected in his long years at sea.

Weapons/Equipment: Fincher is not the kind of man that gets sentimental over stuff, he has the usual pirate equipment, three pistols and a cutlass, but to be true he is never in the first wave of a barding.

Character's Orientation/Likes/Dislikes: He is not a sophisticated man, he would stick his cock in whatever hole is given to him, and would take a few that aren't just 'cause he can. For him is not a matter of quality but quantity and excess.

Player's Offs: Can't think of anything right now.
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Offline Chreestafer

Definitely interested in this :) possibly as a another pirate that is a prisoner or something ill mull it over and post a character tonight :)

Offline MagicalPen

Id be willing to be a Male Captive if there are some Female Pirates who want to take advantage of him ^-^

Offline Warlord Zanyl

Name: Shoutin' KeelHaul "Slaughter"

Gender: Male

Age: 31

Position: Master At Arms

Personality: A glimpse is all it takes and many could already tell that KeelHaul is a pirate best not be reckoned with. He enjoys doing what needs to be done and rarely does he demand for clarification or rewards to do them. In fact, he's even willing to convince the rest to do the same. Renowned across the seven seas for his insatiable lust for blood and sadistic ways when interrogating with the captives, the mention of his name alone sends shivers down the spine of even the most sturdiest of men. Standing at six feet two, his intimidating physique is also the result of his disciplined nature.
KeelHaul is an observant, competitive, brave and a confident pirate but he's also arrogant and bold. Despite of the rumors where some of the crews may think he's likely to stab their back during a crisis, those that'd known him would have no doubt on their safety around the "Master at Arms". Chances are, with the "I'll save you now so I can kill you later" attitude, they might just live a day longer to see the end of his whip.

Biography: Son to a General of the Naval fleet, KeelHaul have had the luxury of being on countless of voyages across the seas at a very young age. For a General as a father, he was brought up under harsh disciplinary routine and had inherited the man's arrogance along with his authoritative demeanor where his father's men was also the brat's own. Despite so, the soldiers were not shy with imparting their knowledge on swordsmanship with the boy. Perhaps they'd noticed something within him that burns when he either wield a weapon or held up his fists.

One night, an unfortunate event occurred. Their vessel was boarded by pirates and all hell broke loose. Each men was fighting for themselves. KeelHaul's rage on board the ship had caught the pirates' attention, especially their Captain. They observed how he'd managed to take down a couple of men twice his height as they slowly surrounded him with the boy's father as hostage. Right in front of his eyes, KeelHaul then witnessed how powerless and pathetic the General truly was. On top of that, he was deeply wounded when the man got down on his knees and pleaded for his life. When the Captain laid down his terms, KeelHaul's father immediately agrees without the slightest of hesitation. The General and his men were then spared... in exchange for the son.

Angered and hurt, KeelHaul followed the pirates and grew up to be the man he was today under the late Captain's charge. He'd picked up many valuable assets of life along the way as well as a few more skills under his belt. It wasn't until half a decade ago that he'd finally found a new pirate flag to follow and dedicate his services to it's Captain. What'd happened to the previous crew? Rumor has it that it was KeelHaul himself who'd slaughtered them. They believed it was his way of ensuring that history would not repeat itself. What about the horrifying shout then? They'd then added that it was the man's way for diminishing his sense of guilt. So was it all bygones with what his father have done to him? Or was he involved in the General's assassination that'd happened about a decade ago? Was the General's whereabouts obtained through the countless of interrogation? Most would likely believe so..

Weapons/Equipment: KeelHaul carries a whip by his side and two boarding axes crisscrossing over his lower back.

Character's Orientation/Likes/Dislikes: Heterosexual - KeelHaul loves dominating a feisty lady. He is just as rough in the bedroom as he was in the interrogation room. Only this time, they might be coming back for more.

Player's Offs: View my Role Play Preferences.
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Offline immabanana

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It would be nice if the crew openings were updated... JS.

Offline ElCapitan

Count me interested, though some updated crew availability would be great.

Maybe a captive Naval officer. With a dark past.  And a parrot.

Together, they fight crime.

Name Nathaniel O'Callahan
Gender Male
Age 27
PositionRecently Captive Naval Officer

Personality Nathaniel is a survivor who values his freedom above all else.  Strong as a horse, and tougher to break.  He is tall, well muscled with a curly mop of dark brown hair that nearly covers bright green eyes.  A naturally gentle man unless pushed, Nate has learned to let others step first and learn from their mistakes.  When pushed, his steely resolve shows.

Biography Born a farmer's son, Nate was destined to follow in his father's footsteps until a few bad seasons forced the family to sell and move into the city.  Without the fields to work, Nathaniel found himself with a band of street toughs, and then on the wrong side of the law.  When presented with the options of prison or duties of a cabin boy, he opted for the jail with sails.  From the first voyage the boy was hooked.  Years passed and he grew into a man, climbing rank and eventually becoming the First Mate on a Royal Navy clipper.

The years of service had been conflicted.  The wind and water were the essence of freedom, but the regimented life with orders from a throne were the anti-thesis.  Months were dragging on as Nathaniel began to question his life.  His prayers were answered with a black flag and cannon fire.  A pirate ship had over taken them, resulting in a short but fierce battle.  Beaten, bloodied, and forced to his knees, Nathaniel watched as his Captain spit in the face of their captors.  The pirate woman standing over the commander drew the Captain's own sword, ran him through, and kicked the dying man overboard.  When Nathaniel's turn was up, he looked into the woman's eyes.

"Mercy, lass. I promise ye won't regret it."

The last thing Nathaniel saw was the pommel of his Captain's cutlass, then darkness.

Weapons/Equipment Had a full regalia, including cutlass, boot knife, and flint lock pistol.  I doubt the crew is rookie enough to have left anything pointy on his person.

Character's Orientation/Likes/Dislikes Straight.  Consensual sex in the missionary position between a legally wed husband and wife for purpose of procreation.  Rough, devil may care passion.  Light pain like hair pulling and spanking.  Turning the tables, or being turned.  Dominating, but he wouldn't admit it.
Player's Offs: Gore and bathroom play.  Anything else within reason is on the table.
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