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Author Topic: Dasha's Corner of Games and Characters.  (Read 2964 times)

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Dasha's Corner of Games and Characters.
« on: February 27, 2015, 05:01:20 PM »
Part I

Hello and welcome to my own little dating site. I've rounded up a few girls looking for both male and female players to play with. I've asked them if they wanted to describe themselves and tell us what they like and don't like. Please, take your pick but always treat the ladies the way they want to be treated.

What do our girls ask of you?
- Correct use of capitals and interpunction.
- No godmodding unless discussed.
- If you get tired or bored of the game, just tell. They won't mind if you tell them but they will mind if you just disappear.
- They are always open for discussion so if the game is not going to your liking, just let them know.
- Give them something to reply on. They don't need six paragraphs (if you can please do) but they need you to be able progress the game as well.

What do they give in return?

- They will always try to progress the game.
- An interesting character and plot.
- They aim to please

Once you have found a girl you like, contact her. If you have a nice game idea that you would like to play with one of the girls but it's not on her list, we encourage you to contact her anyway and see if you can work something out.

Note: NONE of the girls are available for group games.
Note II: DO NOT REPLY this thread, send the girls a PM.
Note III: At the bottom of this page are some game ideas that might be interesting for ANY of the girls.

Veronica Downing
Age and Birthdate: 24, 11-11-1986
Height and Weight: 1.75 (5'7) 53kg (116lbs)
Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual

Hello all,

my name is Veronica. I'm in my mid twenties and in the prime of my life. To the world I look like a pretty and sweet blonde who's a bit of a slut and perhaps I am. But there is more to me than meets the eye. I'm witty and very intelligent and I am very keen on good manners although I sometimes forget mine.

My parents died when I was young so I was soon left to fend for myself and because of some choices I made, my family abandoned me. The drugs and alcohol damn near killed me but I got off it and I'm now clean. Then there is my sex drive. God I can do it all day. I like it rough, really really rough.

I'm looking for a job after recently moving to the capital. I got a nice small house near a lake and a park and I've even picked up sports. People say I'm a massive flirt and one day, that could land me in trouble, however I don't see it as flirting. I'm just enjoying my life and having fun.

What kind of games am I looking for?

- BDSM related sex
- Gangs
- Sex at work
- Seduction

Potential Character

Amber Redford
Age and Birthdate: 23, 22-04-1990
Height and Weight: 1.73 (5'7) 54kg (119lbs)
Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual

Howdy yíall.

Iím Amber Redford, 23 years old and the daughter of George L. Redford III, governor of Texas. For years Iíve been in the shadow of my deeply republican parents who forbid everything that God had said. Funny how I grew to like all that which God had forbidden.

During my time in university, I wanted to stay in the campus dorms but my dad said no and bought me a nice condo downtown. The parties were wild and chicks were even wilder.

I failed my finals and ended up dating a girl and then another and another, etc, etc. Obviously when my parents found out, I had to leave my condo and was basically banished from their very existence. Recently Iíve started a job in a small roadside diner. It doesnít pay much but Iím happy. Iím a social and friendly person so serving people is something I really enjoy doing.

When Iím not at work I like to be around friends, party a lot and have a good time. Iím also a fanatic hiker/camper and I love going out with nothing but some basic gear and a tent and wander around the country.

Do you like my profile so far? If you do and the next list ticks some of your boxes as well, please drop me a line.

- Roadtrips/Hikes
- University plays
- Lesbian exploration

Staicey Walker
Age and Birthdate: 29, 18-10-1984
Height and Weight: 1.80 (5'9) 50kg (99lbs)
Sexual Orientation: Gay


my name is Staicey Walker, Iím born in the Netherlands, moved to Italy, Singapore and just recently to Staten Island, New York. Iím what they call a restless wanderer, moving from place to place until I find what I am looking for. If only I knew myself what that was. There really isnít much to tell about myself without being boring.

I own a car shop where me and a small group of employees, restore, modify and repair cars and when things are quiet, we like to work on our cars. When Iím not working on cars, I like to run and work out, to keep my body in shape. Many people say Iím too skinny and too thin for my height but I want to hear none of it. Iím healthy and feeling fine.

Like everybody, I like sex and I even like the BDSM and D/s stuff. In a previous relationship, weíve explored this a bit and I did find out Iím a dominant girl. Like every girl, I like my men good looking, polite and manly. Unlike other girls, I like male things. Cars, NASCAR, racing, rebuilding the house, submissive girls, I love it.

Please contact me through PM when you like a girl who is into boy things and weíll see if we get a click.

- Cars
- Racing
- Techy

Potential Character

A punky emo girl
Age and Birthdate: 19, 07-02-1994
Height and Weight: 1.60 (5'2) 50kg (121lbs)
Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual


itís so hard to tell people about yourself but Iíll give it a try anyway. My name is [please fill in your name] and Iím almost 20 years old. Iím not a social person and prefer to do things alone or with some very close friends. Filling in this form is difficult for me. Not only because Iím shy but because I have to be at the McDonalds to have internet. I donít really have a house. Or well, I have a house but no address. The building is completely worn down and most of the apartments are empty. Thereís no flowing water and electricity and in winter I share the flat with a friend and some stray dogs to stay warm.

Iím not sad or bitter or anything, I really enjoy my life I just wish I had a little more money so I could afford a real house. Everytime I see the dogs happy when they come into my place and cuddle and curl up against each other or me on my crappy worn out couch, I feel like the happiest person in the world.

I like computer games and a good friend of mine lets me play on his computer frequently in return for some services. Like cleaning and stuff. Not for sex of course. That would be wrong. Heís a popular guy in school and has enough money and sometimes I can even stay for the night.

In terms of my style, I guess the word is emo. Or punk. I donít think I know the difference myself.
If you want to send me a message, please keep in mind that Iím not always at a computer so donít be mad if I donít react immediately.


- Blackmail
- Lies
- Old/young
- Pregnancy

Potential Character

Amilia Dahl
Age and Birthdate: -
Height and Weight: 1.70 (5'6) 50kg (121lbs)
Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual


Iím living proof that money canít buy love. Iíve tried though and although the sex was great, the girl was a bit too stupid for my taste. Thatís right, Iíve offered a girl money to be my girlfriend. It didnít really work mostly because I found she was after my money, which on hindsight wasnít the biggest surprise in the world.

So Iím here now looking for fun and maybe more.

A bit about me then. My age isnít really relevant but Iím a young woman, I think Iím quite good looking and have a nice body. Dadís loaded and Iím his only child so once heís dead, Iíll get it all. Most people my age have different interests but I love the opera, a museum and strolling down galleries.

Iím not afraid to spend money and I have a nice house, nice car and when I go shopping, I really go for it.

Iím looking for people that want to help me explore my other interests and perhaps give this girl what she wants.

Are you up for it? Send me a PM.



- Sex,
- Rape
- Living it large
- Humiliation

Potential Character

Sarah Hudson-Willis
Age and Birthdate: 26, 14-03-1988
Height and Weight: 1.68 m (5'6) 50kg (110lbs)
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Hello girls,

Yes it is really me. I've played in many Hollywood movies and got nice and rich. Money is nice to have but I would like somebody to spend it with. Don't believe the press though, me and Justin Bieber never had anything together. Maybe he wants to but we certainly haven't.

I'm looking for a nice and pretty girl to be my girl. I'd pamper you, spoil you rotten and give you a life of luxury yachts, planes and automobiles. What do I ask from you? Simple. To come with me to my basement from time to time. Obviously I'm making long hours at the studio and go to a lot of places in the world so when I come back I do need some time to unwind.

My friends call me bossy and although I can be just that, I'm really a very friendly person with a manual on how to treat me. So, are you a bit shy? Do you have a nice body? Do you have a desire for luxury and do you want to explore my basement and most of all, are you not afraid of a dominant female?

Overcome your fears and contact me today!


- D/s
- Two girl relationship
- Opening up the shy girl in you

Potential Character

Alexandra Hedrick
Age and Birthdate: December 27, 1988
Height and Weight: 1.57 m (5'2) 53kg (117lbs)
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Hi all,

recently I have discovered that I'm having strong feelings for women. The problem is that my parents will not accept it so I'm really trying to hide it from everybody but it makes me unhappy. I want to be happy and people to accept me for who I am. The loud girl with a small heart. Music is my passion and I sing in a band. The guys are sweet but I don't dare to tell them about my feelings. I'd love to meet a girl here and explore my feelings more.

I've had some boyfriends and even had sex with a guy a few times to 'make sure' I really like girls so I'm desperate to try it once. Obviously I'm not just looking for sex, we could just go out on a date or something? I know it sounds a bit lame but a movie or a nice restaurant?

Currently I'm in my last year of college and I work a simple job in a theatre to get some money but I'm done with being lived. I want to live.

Are you that girl who can teach me a little bit?


- Romance
- Forbidden love
- Teaching the shy girl

Potential Character

Ava Handfield
Age and Birthdate: 6 December 1986
Height and Weight: 5'10 (178 cm) 57kg (125lbs)
Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual


for all you girls and boys out there, I'm not as self conscious as I look. I fact I'm a bit of a loner. Sure I have friends but I don't go out clubbing every night or shopping every weekend. I'm most happy while out in nature. Walking with the dogs, hiking through the bush, it all makes me a happy girl. So it shouldn't come as a big surprise that really, I'm a country girl. Big cities scare me as do masses of people.

I was raised rather conservative but that doesn't mean I never did anything unruly. I've been drunk a few times, kissed a few guys but never slept with one actually. So far in my life I've been having fun and enjoying my freedom but I feel it's time now to settle down and start thinking about my future.

What I don't want, is to become a model, so if you are modelling agent, don't bother, I don't like it.

Help me settle down please?


- Romance
- Post Apocalypse
- Survival
- Hiking/Camping trips

Potential Character

Lucy Bassett
Age and Birthdate: 24, 18-07-1987
Height and Weight: 1.73 (5'7) 54kg (119lbs)
Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual


My name is Lucy. I'm a bit loud and a little awkward at times. My hobbies are surfing and spending a lot of time on the beach, it's basically my second livingroom. Or maybe the first. I like boys and I like girls as long as they are fun and at least a little outgoing. Sex is nice but not important and I'm definately not interested in the hardcore stuff.

I was crowned Miss Malibu Surf in 2010, a title that earned me a small sum of money I still haven't spend. I'd love to spend it on a nice holiday with somebody who likes active holidays. Friends and family are important to me. They always tell me how I cannot sit still for an hour. I like to do things, explore the world and try everything out.

If you are looking for the smartest girl in the world, please don't bother. I'm not stupid or anything but after high school I had enough about schools and study so I quit and focussed on my surfing. Don't contact me for deep and heavy conversations, but if you're up for a night at the beach with a campfire and some beer and having loads of fun with friends, I'm your girl.

Kisses and hugs,


- Romance
- Island survival
- Sports

Zoya Semenova
Age and Birthdate: 19, 30-05-1995
Height and Weight: 1.73 (5'7) 54kg (119lbs)
Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual


Thank you for taking time to read the profile. You must have dug through quite a few before coming here? So I'm Zoya Semenova, professional athlete. I was born in the Amur region of Russia. It's a tiny place with not a lot of facilities so my parents saved up all their money to sign me up for a scouting day where I was discovered and offered to train with the country's best in St.Petersburg.

Training for any discipline in Russia is tough and full time and I don't have much spare time but when I do get some, I like to read and spend some time outdoors. I haven't really met a lot of people because of my training but I'd really love to.

Recently I've heard that we're going on a training camp to a foreign country and I can't tell you how excited I am. We're obviously training a lot but our coaches told us we can have some time off as well to explore the country.

I would really like to meet some of the locals and local traditions. Please! Contact me. I'm really outgoing, a bit naÔve and a bit of a geek but I can be lots of fun as well!

- Holiday romance
- Kidnapping
- Sport
- Rape
- Older men

Potential Character

Darya Michaels
Age and Birthdate: 28, 11-11-1986
Height and Weight: 1.73 (5'7) 54kg (119lbs)
Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual

Hello you,

I'm not very good at telling stuff about myself. I think I'm an intelligent person with a good job but I'm pretty tired of spending my time alone. I'm a submissive person but that doesn't mean I'll blindly follow orders or do as you say. You have to earn my respect first. I'm prone on manners. Travelling is my hobby, my job and my living.

I'm looking for somebody who can handle my moods, who doesn't mind me being a know-it-all and snotty from time to time. Somebody who cuddles me at the fireplace when I need it but gives me roughness when I need that.

Sorry for not being more elaborate. I'm a little mysterious but once you get to know me, I promise I won't disappoint you.



- Escort/Prostitute
- Romance
- Living it large
- Exhibitionism

additional pictures

Cutest spy in the world

Age and Birthdate: -
Height and Weight: -
Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual

Last best?

So Iím the last on the list for now. Goody. Iím a secret agent, in other words, a spy. I travel a lot and have seen a lot of the world.

Friendly and warm towards my friends and family. When I see them, we always have a good time, watching a movie, shopping for clothes, the normal stuff.
Cold and lethal towards my enemies. My aimís pretty good but that is certainly not my only skill. I can be very persuasive as well and over the years Iíve learned to extract information in more than one way.

Obviously I cannot tell you my name, or Iíd have to kill you but if you think you can handle me, by all means, surprise me.

a spy

- James Bond style games
- Military games
- Lost at the enemy (torture, slavery)

Keyword Game Ideas:

Because all games should be open for debate there has been decided to keep it simple. If any of the game ideas appeal to you, please PM the game idea to the girl you wish to play with. If none of the girls suits your needs, please contact the owner of the website to place a search and we will do our best to find a girl that suits you better.

Fall from grace
All girls party
Fast and Furious
Daddy's little girl
Hidden secrets

Pictures with no bio yet:


The candidates and the owner of this website hold the right to refuse requests when they do not match their interests.
All girls are carefully picked and profiles are made with the greatest care. We are in no way responsible for inaccuracies in the character profiles.
Some of you have experiences with group games and have plans or capabilities to keep group games running. ONLY you have permission to ask the girls for group games. Other requests for group games will be ignored.
All pictures are merely for show. The girls can look like that, or different but the general looks should be according their profile.

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Re: What's Dasha doing?
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2015, 08:27:33 AM »
Part II

If you are not interested in my roleplays with others, please do have a look at some stuff I wrote alone. Or some extreme stuff. Or perhaps, some extreme stuff.

Don't read too much into my Ons and Offs. They are guidelines and if the game allows it, I'll play anything. Literally. So if you have an idea or see a character or combination of the two, please do let me know and we'll see if we can work something out.

Active game list:

Solo games

Everything's allowed in prison.
A young woman who's been sentenced to prison ends up having her own, real life, internet porn show in prison. Gang bangs, group rapes, it's all caught on camera and the prison gets paid top dollars. The woman gets some extra privileges and meets up with a secret admirer, played by TheDoctor46.

Note: This is going to be interactive. If you are interested in playing out a session with Veronica, please contact TheDoctor46. Anything goes from my part. No limits except permanent scarring and death. Please do not contact me. I want to be kept in the dark.

Everything is still allowed out of prison

The follow ups of the previous game, after her escape from prison.

You can still sign up for a session in the prison game!

What surprises may arise
Mackenzie the owner of a novelty shop in the local mall is quickly falling in love by a frequent customer, Ashley, played by BeckyAnnn. The problem Mackenzie has is that although she looks female, she has certain parts of her body that aren't so female. How will she tell Ashley and how will she react?

The Hunted
While on holiday in Rio de Janeiro, Daria Michels is being drugged and kidnapped during a night of the carnaval. When she wakes up, her freedom is forfeit and after she is thoroughly trained, she is being hunted for sport by her new owner, played by Arkaniel.

Innocence Lost
Sarah is a young (but legal) teenage girl who's exploring her kinks. She meets a wealthy man, played by Arkaniel, easily old enough to be her father who's willing to train her and teach her the ropes.

Group Games

The Motherland Calls
A group game about an alien invasion. They harvest humans, use them as energy source or breeding machines. A group of survivors is trying to find a bigger group of people who promise them supplies and the chance to fight back the aliens and claim back our home.

Queued game list:

None yet.

Games on Pause:

Killing me softly.
A very extreme game, definately not for the faint hearted with Caitlin. A psychopatic maniac lures a girl into a trap to make her into his sex doll. Plot twists and intense scenes. Read at your own risk.

Bad times begin in Moscow
With Caitlin, playfullchick76 and gaggedlouise. Three seemingly random girls end up being trapped, captured and sold off in the human trafficking industry.

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Re: What's Dasha doing?
« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2015, 08:32:54 AM »
Part III

I've decided on something new. No idea how or if it will even work.

Basically I will list a few game openers here. I have made the first post and if you're interested, you can be my roleplay partner. That means there will be no plotting. You need to have an idea what you want and to be able to steer the game in that direction. I will follow your lead. Anything goes. Except: Poop, Vampires, Werewolves and Children.

The other limitations are the boards the openers are posted in. When I post something in extreme, I expect it to be extreme. When I post something in light bondage, I expect that. Makes sense right?

This is first come, first serve, however if a game is taken by somebody but you really want to play as well, make your post in my PM and if it's promising enough, we'll do a parallel game. If a game dies for whatever reason, I will open it up to restart, if I'm still interested in it myself obviously.

The other thing is that when I leave the gender of your character(s) open, you are free to make your own choice. When I specifically mention the other sex, please stick to it. I do prefer females or lieges playing females and males or lieges playing males.

I will prefer the pictures used in my opening. If no picture is used, we'll pick one together after we got started.

Any questions, please ask. As I said before, this is new for me and I have no idea how or if this system even works :)

So please, have a look and join in if you want.

Open Games

Hunted Extreme
Obedience Bondage, D/s, S&M
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Re: Dasha's Corner of Games and Characters.
« Reply #3 on: March 17, 2015, 11:54:49 AM »
New game started. A Sticky Mess

Room for one more game.

Online DashenkaTopic starter

Re: Dasha's Corner of Games and Characters.
« Reply #4 on: May 04, 2015, 07:10:29 AM »
Added The Study and The Minder.

Also added Darya Michaels to the characters.

Looking for 1 more good, interesting game.

Online DashenkaTopic starter

Re: Dasha's Corner of Games and Characters.
« Reply #5 on: August 30, 2015, 07:48:28 AM »
Updated. Closed some of the girls as they are currently not of interest to me. Feel free to suggest something and if the idea is superduper amazing I might be convinced.

Looking for one more interesting play.

First come, first serve.

Online DashenkaTopic starter

Re: Dasha's Corner of Games and Characters.
« Reply #6 on: October 24, 2015, 09:58:30 AM »
Big update on games list and overhaul of characters.

Room for 1 more very interesting game. Contact me in PM with ideas. I will be extremely picky.

Online DashenkaTopic starter

Re: Dasha's Corner of Games and Characters.
« Reply #7 on: January 20, 2016, 01:53:04 PM »
Added a few more pictures. Looking for one or two more games.

Online DashenkaTopic starter

Re: Dasha's Corner of Games and Characters.
« Reply #8 on: March 10, 2016, 10:57:23 AM »
One slot open. Bring your own ideas :D

Online DashenkaTopic starter

Re: Dasha's Corner of Games and Characters.
« Reply #9 on: March 29, 2016, 11:31:21 AM »
Update again. New games list.

Looking for one, maybe two more games.

If interested, I'd also like to play a scene in Everything's Allowed in Prison. Anything goes, the more messed up the better. Contact TheDoctor46 for more info.

Online DashenkaTopic starter

Re: Dasha's Corner of Games and Characters.
« Reply #10 on: April 19, 2016, 11:13:08 AM »
Added a new part, Part III *yay*

Please have a look.