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Author Topic: Dasha's Corner of Games and Characters.  (Read 7420 times)

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Dasha's Corner of Games and Characters.
« on: February 27, 2015, 05:01:20 PM »
Hello and welcome. Privet i dobro pozhalovat'.

So good of you to have come to my little lair of fun, games, and characters.

Who am I?

I am an experienced female roleplayer and have been part of the Elliquiy community for almost a decade. Time does fly when you are having fun. Over the time my interested changed and will continue to change. This means that something I liked in the past, I might not enjoy anymore or vice versa. That said however, I'm usually pretty easy going and open for a lot of things as long as the setting is right.

The setting?
Yes. The setting to me is more than a location. It's the whole package. What is the story? Who are the characters? Who are the players? Etc. I can be picky when it comes to this but I guess over the years I have learned what works for me and what doesn't.

Good, good. So what does work for you?
What works for me is a good plot. Something interesting and something that can keep us going with a player who knows what he or she is doing and can take the game to the next step and keep the momentum going. Repeating after what I wrote is alright once or twice if you hit an inspiration low but it won't last for me.

In terms of 'settings', I prefer modern day games, but if the idea or game is right, I will consider sci-fi and fantasy. Only rarely will I play historic settings.

I love discussing games and plots and ideas, even if I don't participate in the game so if you have an idea but you need somebody to spar with, you can always send me a PM. I'm open to a lot of things and few things shock me. Yes, go on. Try me!

So in a nut shell, my Ons and Offs.

On: (no hard necessity's)
- Lavisly long and detailed posts. If you can describe a simple kiss in three full paragraphs, I love you already.
- A good, strong plot, mixed with a healthy dose of smuttiness and kinkiness.
- Partners who can take the game forward. I cannot stress out how important this is for me.
- Interesting characters with a lot of depth and thought put into them.

- One liners. Seriously, if you want me to stop writing with you, just tell me. Don't insult me with a one line reply.
- Historic era's. I don't know why, it just doesn't interest me.
- Vampires and Werewolves. I know this is a big thing but I will stay far away from it.
- Anime or Hentai. Just a quirk I have against it.

Besides these things, everything is open for discussing as long as they abide by the Elliquiy Forum Rules.

Below is couple of posts with things that might be of interest. First of all, there is my Game Ideas. There you will find ideas I have had that need a partner or partners. Have a browse and send a PM if anything tickles your imagination.

Next is a rather elaborate list of characters that I have played in the past or would love to play.

Last, but not least is a post with active games I am currently involved in. It gives you a good idea on my writing style and it might inspire you to play out an idea with me as well.

I would very much appreciate it if you can keep this thread tidy. Any questions, ideas, or other things you want to say to me, please do not post them here, but send me a PM. I usually reply within a day.

So without further ado...
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Online DashenkaTopic starter

Re: What's Dasha doing?
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2015, 08:27:33 AM »
Part I a

Game Ideas - Idea based

The Asylum

She has been through a lot and after having been kidnapped for a long time, having been tortured, humiliated and raped, she was finally released. It soon became apparent that she could no longer function in the normal world so she was put in a psychiatric ward of a hospital to help her. But will the doctors really help her get ready for the normal world? Or will they take advantage of her state of mind?

This is open for a lot of changes as we please. It could vary from a die hard extreme game to a loving romance. PM me if you are interested and we can work something out perhaps?
The Sexuologist

The sex doctor or sexualogist her job is to help people with their sexual problems. This could be anxiety, inexperience, the famous 'headache' or just wanting to learn a bit more from an experienced person. You'd play the female client, I'd play the female doctor.

Clones (loosely based on Orphan Black)

Twenty four years ago, a private institution managed to find a way to make human cloning happen. Because of the public opinion, the institution kept the whole project a secret but the military, who had sponsored a lot of the project, began to use the clones for it's own, sinister, purposes. Now, as two clones accidentally meet, the project is coming to light and with it, the terrible secrets it holds.

What these purposes are and how we split the roles is all open for discussion. My preference is something dark and extreme but I'm open for suggestions, as always.
The Elder Scrolls

After the succesfull rebellion of Skyrim, the Empire is on the brink. Other provinces start to rumble and rebel.

Slave traders all across Tamriel are trying to secure their businesses by desperately trying to sell off slaves or strike deals with rebel leaders to ensure that if or when the Empire falls, slave trading will still be profitable.

This could go in many directions but I'd like to play a slave in any form or shape. In very rare occasions I might be convinced to play a more dominant role or slave trader role.

Survival of the... Richest?

She runs a small company that organises survival trips for the inexperienced. Two weeks in the wilderness with nothing on them but clothes. Sometimes even less. She is a veteran survival expert, her clients usually are not. Her job is to make them comfortable and help and coach them through. Sometimes it's just her and the client, other times it's a group or a couple.
The Study

You would play a a world renowned expert in the field of advanced social science and sexual psychology who owns and runs an institute. The institute had demonstrated time and again methods to subdue crowds, increase populace productivity, happiness and social harmony. Their experimental research studies, while occasionally controversial, had saved the state millions in policing, health and infrastructure costs as they applied the findings of the Institute to reduce crime, graffiti, littering, binge drinking and drug use. Because of this the authorities were increasingly open to the Institute’s studies, facilitating them however they could.

The latest study is one called 'sexualisation of society' and is focussed on discovering just how far you could openly exhibit sexual behaviour and what effect that had on the population that saw it. The subjects would stay naked for a period of time and the impact on them would be monitored but also on those around them. They would go out on the streets naked, asked to perform all kinds of tasks like simply go to the shop for a bottle of milk to making out with one other on a bench in the park. At all times, the subjects would be monitored and their rooms in the institute had camera's everywhere. To make it worth the subjects time, the rooms were super luxurious and there was a substantial financial bonus at the end.

The Hunt

You would play one of a (or the whole) group of ultra rich people who are organising a hunt on one of their private islands. They have managed to somehow acquire a group of misfits, petty criminals and homeless youngsters and brought them to the island. On the island, the youngsters are stripped of everything they own and given a message. They are going to be hunted. Once they are captured they will be at the mercy of whoever captures them, before they are going to be released again only to be hunted again.

At the end of a certain timespan though, unknown to the youngsters, they will be awarded money and/or a job and living in with one of the rich people or they will be killed.
A new career

A young woman in a small town desperately wants to leave the rural life and do great things. She finds an add on the internet, promising a great career in a big US city. Blinded by the opportunities, she sets off to the city only to find that life in the big city isn't as glamorous as she had expected. High rent, no friends and a job that hasn't turned out to be what they had promised force her to live in a not so nice area of the city and she has to adapt quickly or get lost in the city.

A boytoy

She is in her mid to late thirties, has a nice job, a good career, maybe a bunch of kids but what she doesn't have, is a sex life. All the dates with men her age turn out to be flukes until one day she realises that what she wants, is a guy to make her feel younger again. A teenage boy. After posting an add on a rather dodgy website, she soon learns that she is spoiled for choice and starts seeing young men.
Lost and Found**

She wakes up, having no memory of what happened or even who she is. All she does know is that she under a bridge, wearing nothing but a pair of knickers and that it's raining.

World of Warcraft

She is the bastard child of Admiral Proudmoore. Raised and trained in Stormwind, she is finding her arrival back at Kul Tiras less than welcoming. After what happened to Jaina, she doesn't want to reveal herself yet, afraid of suffering the same faith. On the other side however, Sylvanas has learned of her existence and is going to great lengths to capture her in an attempt to bring Kul Tiras to it's knees and turn the tides of the war.

Really this could go anywhere but the idea that I had was Ashe's operation growing and growing. At some point she takes hold of a noticable Overwatch hero (Tracer or Dva or something). When Morrison or Sojourn comes down to negotiate the release, Ashe makes a deal, wanting to trade Sombra for the Overwatch hero.

After all, knowledge is power.

Part I b

Game Ideas - Picture based

If any of these pictures take your fancy and/or give you an idea you'd like to play out, let me know your idea and maybe we can work something out?

Where am I?
Just Chillin...

The weather is so nice

Hard Labour

Live at the farm
Home Improvement

Open Games

For these games I have written the opening post but left the rest open for you. Does it sound interesting? Drop me a line and we will see what we can come up with.

Hunted Extreme
Obedience Bondage, D/s, S&M

If you have any ideas you think I might like, just send a PM and we'll see if we can make something work.

If you are not interested in my roleplays with others, please do have a look at some stuff I wrote alone. It's an ongoing project I have, describing a random woman's masturbating adventures. She goes to different locations, strips naked and masturbates.

Or some extreme stuff, from a long time ago Or perhaps, some more olden days extreme stuff.
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Online DashenkaTopic starter

Re: What's Dasha doing?
« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2015, 08:32:54 AM »
Part II

Hello and welcome to my own little dating site. I've rounded up a few girls looking for both male and female players to play with. I've asked them if they wanted to describe themselves and tell us what they like and don't like. Please, take your pick but always treat the ladies the way they want to be treated.

Veronica Downing
Age 24

- BDSM related sex
- Gangs
- Sex at work
- Deep humiliation

pic 1 pic 2 pic 3 pic 4
Staicey Walker
Age 29

- Cars
- Racing
- Techy
- Shy

pic 1 pic 2 pic 3
Amilia Dahl
Age 25

- Sex,
- Rape
- Living it large
- Humiliation

pic 1 pic 2 pic 3
Sarah Hudson-Willis
Age 26

- D/s
- Two girl relationship
- Opening up the shy girl in you

pic 1 pic 2

Alexandra Hedrick
Age 20

- Romance
- Forbidden love
- Teaching the shy girl
- Music
Alexis Handfield
Age 27

- Romance
- Post Apocalypse
- Survival
- Hiking/Camping trips

pic 1 pic 2
Lucy Bassett
Age 19

- Romance
- Island survival
- Sports
- Road Trips
Zoya Semenova
Age 21

- Holiday romance
- Sport
- Rape
- Older men

pic 1 pic 2

Darya Michaels
Age 28

- Escort/Prostitute
- Romance
- Living it large
- Exhibitionism

pic 1 pic 2
Mackenzie Williams
Age 18

- Parties
- Teenage Life
- Teasing
- Breaking
Kelsey Norwood
Age 22

- Rough Play
- Very Lesbian
- Metal Music
- Casual Sex
Amanda O'Connor
Age 21

- Light BDSM
- Emo
- Avid Writer
- Casual Sex

Rory Styles
Age 32

- Geek
- Scientist
- Inexperienced
- Casual Sex
Nell Jones
Age 33

- Sci Fi
- Computer Nerd
- Inexperienced
- Space Exploration
Emma-Lynn Taylor
Age 24

- Apocalypse
- Biker
- Goofy
- Flirty

pic 1 pic 2
Melissa Ferguson
Age 27

- Street Wise
- Abusive Father
- Diamond in the Rough
- Flirty

Victoria Rivers
Age 20

- Model
- Blackmail
- Rape
- Humiliation

pic 1 pic 2
Marly Linssen
Age 20

- New Lesbian
- Highschool
- Wrong place, Wrong time
- Quiet girl
Alessandra Flores
Age 19

- Dancing
- Urban Middle Class
- Sports
- Active Life
Margaery Harrison
Age 23

- Urban Exploration
- Gangs
- Intimidation
- Homeless

Charlotte DeLorean
Age 24

- Nerd
- Cosplay
- Rape
- Humiliation

Jamie Mendez
Age 28

- Rebellious
- Lesbian Exploration
- Family
- Settling Down
Laura McFadden
Age 24

- Naive
- College
- Sporty
- Outdoor
Elizabeth Bennett
Age 31

- Army
- Dominant
- Lesbian
- Tomboy

pic 1 pic 2 pic 3 pic 4

Amy-Lee Morrow
Age 18


pic 1pic 2
Samantha Jameson
Age 35

-Age gap
-Slightly Dominant
-Slice of Life
-Healthy life

pic 1pic 2
Jolene Rutherford
Age 39

-Corporate Life

pic 1
Olivia Horton
Age 18

-Small Town
-Porn Career
-Family Issues

Cleo Lundgren
Age 23

- Futa
- Assertive Character
- Mechanic
- Non-con
Adult Material
Elza Nabiyeva
Age 25

- Cultural Difference
- Exploration
- Forced
- Blackmail
Adult Material
Giula Marchesi
Age 22

- Romance
- Family
- Sporty
- Middle Class
Adult Material

pic 1
Abigail Hunter
Age 21

- Humiliation
- Slavery
- Rape
- Older men
Adult Material

What do our girls ask of you?
- Correct use of capitals and interpunction.
- No godmodding unless discussed.
- If you get tired or bored of the game, just tell. They won't mind if you tell them but they will mind if you just disappear.
- They are always open for discussion so if the game is not going to your liking, just let them know.
- Give them something to reply on. They don't need six paragraphs (if you can please do) but they need you to be able progress the game as well.

What do they give in return?

- They will always try to progress the game.
- An interesting character and plot.
- They aim to please

Once you have found a girl you like, contact her. If you have a nice game idea that you would like to play with one of the girls but it's not on her list, we encourage you to contact her anyway and see if you can work something out.

Note: NONE of the girls are available for group games.
Note II: DO NOT REPLY this thread, send the girls a PM.
Note III: At the bottom of this page are some game ideas that might be interesting for ANY of the girls.

Keyword Game Ideas:

Because all games should be open for debate there has been decided to keep it simple. If any of the game ideas appeal to you, please PM the game idea to the girl you wish to play with. If none of the girls suits your needs, please contact the owner of the website to place a search and we will do our best to find a girl that suits you better.

Fall from grace
All girls party
Fast and Furious
Daddy's little girl
Hidden secrets

Pictures with no bio yet:


The candidates and the owner of this website hold the right to refuse requests when they do not match their interests.
All girls are carefully picked and profiles are made with the greatest care. We are in no way responsible for inaccuracies in the character profiles.
Some of you have experiences with group games and have plans or capabilities to keep group games running. ONLY you have permission to ask the girls for group games. Other requests for group games will be ignored.
All pictures are merely for show. The girls can look like that, or different but the general looks should be according their profile.

OOC: The model used to portray Veronica Downing is verified by staff to be of legal age.

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Re: Dasha's Corner of Games and Characters.
« Reply #3 on: November 19, 2017, 06:04:47 AM »
Revamped the whole topic.

Looking for games.

*Throws out fishing line...*

Online DashenkaTopic starter

Re: Dasha's Corner of Games and Characters.
« Reply #4 on: January 04, 2018, 07:15:05 AM »
Four new characters... Yes you read that correct... Four!

Two brand new game ideas to take me out of my comfort zone a little bit....

My goodness 2018 certainly started well :D

Limited availability, will be picky...

Online DashenkaTopic starter

Re: Dasha's Corner of Games and Characters.
« Reply #5 on: June 10, 2018, 05:20:47 AM »
So I have some open slots for games.

Aside from the afore mentioned game ideas and characters,

I'm currently in the mood to play a dominant female character versus a submissive female character.

If you have any ideas, let me know. If you want to play but have no ideas, drop me a PM anyway saying what you are looking for and what you are definitely not looking for.

Online DashenkaTopic starter

Re: Dasha's Corner of Games and Characters.
« Reply #6 on: April 29, 2019, 05:46:48 AM »
Long overdue...

But I've updated some game ideas.

Have a look, drop me a line, don't be scared :) I'm very picky but I won't bite..

Online DashenkaTopic starter

Re: Dasha's Corner of Games and Characters.
« Reply #7 on: September 23, 2019, 09:26:01 AM »
Back and looking.

Oh and updated.

Online DashenkaTopic starter

Re: Dasha's Corner of Games and Characters.
« Reply #8 on: November 28, 2019, 07:35:48 AM »

Being picky, as usual.