Is youtube embedding no longer allowed on E?

Started by Galactic Druid, January 10, 2013, 02:09:36 AM

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Galactic Druid

Either I forgot how to embed a youtube video in a post, or something chanced on either E or youtube. I can't figure out how to put a video in a post anymore to save my life. If I can do it, how do I now?
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All I did was use the URL tag and it worked fine for me.
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Galactic Druid

Huh, that's strange. Turning the address bar back on and copying from that works just fine, but if I copy from the links yourtube provides under the video, it shows up as a link. Weird.

Thanks Blitzy!
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If the address is https, it will not automatically embed. If the link is http, it will automatically embed (usually).


I believe that the "share" links underneath the Youtube videos don't work because it is a true link, and not a "watch video" link. The URL needs to have the /watch?v= followed by the unique video code in order for Elliquiy to embed it properly.
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Galactic Druid

I guess I got used to the way a video sharing site I use does it. If I share the /watch link in the submission page, my submission always is broken in the hopper, and viewers have to use the 'original link' option. I guess I got so used to using youtube's 'share' link I didn't realize I had it backwards here.

Anyway, thanks everyone for your answers. It's nice to actually understand how to make it cooperate.
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Teo Torriatte

Also, some videos are set to disallow embedding, and I haven't figured out a way to tell except just to try it and see that it didn't work.  :P


Usually, those will put up a message in the link saying 'This video's owner has disallowed embedding' or something.  One thing I noticed with the links provided under the Youtube videos is that they have an extra '.' in the middle of 'youtube' - I think it's something like instead of the regular spelling.  I'm not sure if the 'codes' at the end are different.
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