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June 12, 2021, 04:13:32 pm

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Author Topic: The Galactic Hub - Druid’s Depository of Ideas (M for any, last updated 2/19)  (Read 1064 times)

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Thanks for taking the time to check out my thread! After 6 years on E, I’ve started to feel a little disorganized with the amount of idea threads I have floating around out there. This Hub is an attempt to get all my story ideas together in one place so I can keep them organized and have one place to reach them all linked in my signature.

If you’re interested in knowing what I look for in stories, co writers, or what kinks I’d enjoy writing, a good place to start is my Ons and Offs page. Not everything in there is set in stone, mind you, and if something in my O/O page conflicts with a story idea, it’s very likely the idea takes priority. For example, I’m generally not a fan of stories that involve violence or cruelty, but there’s also an idea on this page that involves a Dexter-sequel serial killer or revenge fantasy where I GM a world for a partner. That particular restriction wouldn’t apply for that story.

Links to Genre Specific Hubs

Other Ideas Big Enough for Their Own Threads

Business and Pleasure - A Series of ideas involving playing a pair of characters that take over a brothel.

”Harem” Game Requests - A Thread dedicated to ideas in which I’m seeking writers who enjoy playing multiple characters against one of mine.

Alura, A Fantasy World of Reversed Gender Roles- If you’re looking to play a brave warrior rescuing the Prince in Distress from the dragon or a mananizing rogue, this is where to look!

Non-Human Ideas - If you’re looking for furries, aliens, or other exotics, look here!

Serial Killer/Revenge Fantasy Ideas - A few ideas in which I GM a world, small town, or other setting in which my partner’s character is on a rampage. EX Themes ahead.

Breaking The Seal - Ideas from several different time periods in a version of Earth where magic was suddenly reawakened.

Virtually Irresistable- A collection of ideas that either revolve around or take place in Virtual Reality.

The Second Cycle- A post Apocalytic world reclaimed by nature. Potential for fantasy elements as well!

General Ideas

YOUR Ideas - I can’t emphasize this enough. If you like an idea of mine partiall, but want to change something. Ask me about it. If you don’t like any of my ideas, but think we’d gel as writers, let me know! If you have an idea that you want to know if I’d be interested in, please PM me and let me know about it! I love hearing from potential partners about new ideas I wouldn’t ever have thought of on my own!

By the time I went through all my old threads, tore them apart, and files them into my various categories, I don’t actually have any uncategorized ideas left to share, lol!

General Things of Interest to Me

These are just general things I enjoy, if we share a similar interest, I'm sure we can find a fun story to revolve around it!

Settings I like

Modern, historical, and high fantasy
Sci - Fi
VR and ‘trapped in a game’ scenarios
Fandom-based worlds
Steampunk and Dieselpunk
Post-apocalyptic scenarios in which there’s still hope for the future
Crazy mash ups of genres; a Fairy tale horror? A Sci-fi Spin on Aladdin or Beauty and the Beast? A fantasy Retelling of Star Trek? Yes please.
Fish out of water stories - where one character travels through time, to another world, or just finds themselves in a different society, often with comic results

Adult elements I enjoy...
Casual sex, or settings where sex isn’t a taboo to begin with
Rough sex when and where it makes sense
Pretty much any form of sex- oral, anal, and of course traditional
Light to medium bondage with a purpose - Tying up a character their first time in a romance makes little sense to me, needing to keep a character bound at night because of a magical power they’re having trouble controlling that leads to other things? Much more fun
Incest pairings - can’t explain this one, would definitely never be something I’d do RL, but writing it is fun, may have something to do with casual sex and this next one...
Taboo relationships - doctors hooking up with patients, incest pairings, romance between the upper and lower class in fantasy settings, basically, any pairing where society or even common sense says it shouldn’t happen, but it does because love or lust win out.
I’m not against writing smut for the sake of writing smut, but I do like at least a little plot there. Even if it’s just assumed backstory we don’t write out, I need something to be there so there’s a character to go off.

Plenty More! - There’s only a few kinks I will give a hard pass to, which I’ll explain below. There’s a lot of things that I either didn’t want to advertise as a sole discussion point, or am very fluid on, that I’ll happily include in a story with an interested partner.

Things I avoid

NC for the sake of NC - There’s plenty of possibility in a point, say, in a fantasy game where a character is captured, used, etc, while the other characters attempt to rescue them, and I’m willing to entertain the idea of such arcs. What I’m not interested in playing a single character that commits some form of rape on another, and that’s the entire story. It’s just not something I’m interested in.

The sudden death, torture, or other mutilation of primary characters - In a lot of adventures, it’s inevitable that some characters in the story will be injured or die. It’s not uncommon for my poor characters to see a lot of abuse, but before anything major happens, like the loss of a limb or the death of a character, I’d prefer to discuss it with a partner. On that same note, unless it’s some kind of story where a character might be able to travel back in time, reset a VR experience, or otherwise get a second chance, I tend not to be interested in ‘BAD END’ scenarios.

Hopeless post apocalyptic scenarios - if the world sucks so much that there’s really no good reason for humanity to even bother trying to stay alive, I’m not as interested. Good examples of PA stuff I enjoy include Mad Max, The Last of Us, Fallout, or Revolution

Canon Settings/Characters - I mentioned I like fandom based stuff, and I certainly do, but I do not like playing specific canon things. I’m more than happy to play a fantasy adventure in a world heavily inspired by Final Fantasy, for example, complete with all the magitech and mythological beings that go along with it. We could even throw in your favorite cities! But I don’t want to be tied down to only writing the specific settings or characters that appeared in the game, I much prefer to be able to write my own characters and expand the world in the way my brain likes. For the record, if you like to write canon characters, I’m happy to write with you, and will enjoy your take on Terra, Zelda, or whoever, as long as you’re comfortable with me writing my own character.

Fandoms I love:
Anything Zelda
Final Fantasy
Mad Max
Anything that feels like a Disney Saturday morning cartoon (human characters preferred, but a setting like Tale Spin or Rescue Rangers would be a lot of fun)
Star Ocean
Anything in Namco’s “Tales” Series
DnD/Pathfinder style worlds
Anything that falls under steampunk or Dieselpunk
“Magitech” style settings - Ebberon, Final Fantasy, Ravnica (Disclaimer: I know very little about MTG lore)
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