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June 22, 2018, 06:32:28 AM

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Author Topic: What might currently intrigue me.  (Read 2590 times)

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What might currently intrigue me.
« on: March 20, 2010, 10:23:53 PM »

I am currently: Looking... ;)
Be advised that my posting rate is often varied from rapid fire to VERY long pauses. I'm talking a month between posts or more.
Real life takes precedence.
Be sure to read my Ons and Offs page here: O/O's!

Please do not post in this thread, send me a PM instead if something strikes your fancy. :)

If you have read my O/O's and you have a story idea that is not listed here, please venture it to me!
I look for literate writers, posting speed does not matter, but descriptive, multi-paragraph, writing -does- matter.

Be aware I check post history before agreeing to a game.

Changeling the Lost How life changes, once you're taken. Some are replaced in the real world, some are simply forgotten. You change into something that is alien, something that you don't understand... you survive and tear through the Hedge and back into the real world only to find that it's been years. Or maybe only seconds... I -love- Changeling the Lost. I really, really want to play this. I want a partner who is going to immerse me into the world, either from a Storyteller aspect about what happens to my character, or being a partner in it and we explore together.

Werewolf the Forsaken Draw me in. Be my storyteller. Show me the tragedy of a lone wolf who is struggling through the Hisil. Her pack murdered, her soul in tatters, and show me the growth that can happen. Show me that she can become stronger. That her connection to Luna was not severed. Show me...

Other Ideas!

A story based around a brother and a sister.
The brother has wanted his younger sister for years, but she was too young and it was not allowed to begin with.
But one day, an opportunity arises during a masquerade party that he cannot refuse.
She is there, flirting, laughing, drinking...
And he decides to take what he has wanted: her.
He robs her of her virginity, cloaked in a way so that she will not recognize him,
 and after it is over she runs to her brother, her 'savior', to get his opinion.
From there, the story can go numerous ways... This can be set in Roman/Greek times,
medieval times, or some fantastical combination we create.

Helpless. Restrained. Chased and captured.
There was nothing she could do. He'd won.
And by winnning, she was his. Completely.
She was his prize... his blood, brutalized, scared prize.

There is no love in this scenario. Perhaps he's an ex who wants to punish.
Maybe he's simply a stalker who chased her.
A rapist who just found a jogger and decided to show her why she shouldn't run alone.
Does she survive?

They looked like nice, respectable men.
Polite, kind, well-mannered.
They were nothing of the sort behind closed doors.
Mobsters, killers, who had chosen her to share.
Or, perhaps, to corrupt...

Hysteria was the diagnosis.
And what is the treatment?
Something the good Doctor was all too willing to administer.

Currently Taken Plots

More Than She Bargained For.
She had wanted to see what all the fuss was about, sleeping with a black man.
So she approached one of the men who flirted with her all the time at work. She didn't expect him to bring friends.
Nor did she expect to have no say in what they did to her.

Requiring a person willing to play 2-3 male characters and I also require you to be a multi-paragraph writer who loves details.
This is a story I am highly craving and I want it to be right.

How had she ended up in this predicament,
tied up and stripped down, while he watched her struggle.
It's not like she was a weakling...
but he was just so much stronger.
Why had he done this?

I am actually seeing this as a werewolf who's kidnapped his future mate.
 He wanted to prove he was strong enough for her.
This would definitely include some elements of bestiality, fucking in wolf and werewolf form, just to see if she could handle it. --- Plotting with marauder13

Newest idea

He watches. He is always watching.
He protects his Master even in those times most men are least on their guard.
But something changes when he sees her.
She is a new acquisition for his Master and to him she will simply be one of many.
But there is something in her the guard cannot resist.
He must have her.

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Offline BlitzyTopic starter

  • In a world full of color, I'll always be black and white.
  • Dame
  • Enchanter
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  • Join Date: Jan 2010
  • Location: In the deep dark forest...
  • Gender: Female
  • Howling's Baby
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Re: What might currently intrigue me.
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2013, 03:27:01 AM »
Updated to move one game to the 'Taken Plots' section. :)