How do I set up My Role Play Preferences.

Started by makizushi, May 15, 2012, 02:57:51 AM

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In your profile, you can click on that link and it shows all sorts of info of what that person does in their role plays. How do I get to setting my up my own preferences page?


You need the 'Ons & Offs' button at the very top of the screen. Edit away (items with a + are expandable menus), and don't forget to save your changes before exiting!
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Michi no Sora made this excellent tutorial about it, BTW.

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*chuckles* No worries makizushi!  I had trouble figuring out how to edit mine too.  I always scroll down to what I'm looking for and never saw the buttons at the top for the first year of membership!   ::)
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