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Started by Sarena, January 09, 2009, 01:19:57 PM

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If something here strikes your muse or curiosity, send me a PM instead of posting here.  Please take the time to check out my O/Os here and here before contacting me. 

Currently Craving:  Something quick and dirty.  Not quite sure what, but if you're up for some rapid fire posting to a story that doesn't necessarily need a whole lot of discussion or major plot, then maybe we can work something out. 


This list is basic pairings that I'd like to try a one-shot.  Some of them have the potential to a longer story, but for now, this is where I'd like to keep them.  The pairings are like this

Male/Female Character(yours/dom) and female character(mine/sub)

Doctor and overly whiny hypochondriac patient **TAKEN**
Dirty Cop and thief that breaks into his house
Club Owner and the shy new (maybe very reluctant) stripper
Psychiatrist/Psychologist and the patient with secret fantasies
Patient with a Dark Secret and the psychologist
Patient and the clumsy nurse
Boss and secretary
Lawyer and client suing her boss for sexual harassment
Defense Lawyer and the client up on charges of homicide (maybe she's innocent, maybe she's not)
Gangster/Crime Lord Client and the unlucky lawyer assigned to his case

A couple of Dom/Dom (characters on equal footing, power-struggle) type pairings I'd like to try out:
**Either of these roles could be written by either of us**

Bounty Hunter and the Career Criminal
Pirate Captain and the Prisoner Spaceship Captain (can be switched so that the Pirate Captain is the prisoner after being captured by the Spaceship Captain)
I can go from southern belle to ghetto thug faster than you can say "Bless your heart".
Status:  All caught up and loving it!


Plot Title:  Undecided at the moment
Possible Setting:  Fantasy, Modern Fantasy, Medieval
Possible Pairings: M/F
Plot Category Possibilities:  Human:  Light, Bon or NC
Main Character Possibilities:  Soldier and the daughter, Mage and the daughter, Father and the female mage

Plot Summary:

The mage is a renowned and feared figure to the people of the nearby town, and he has his sights set on the beautiful daughter of town’s leader.  The mage has offered untold wealth in exchange for his daughter.  He has offered to make the town prosper beyond the father’s wildest dreams.  Each offer has been refused.  The father loves his daughter, of course, and would never want to turn her over to man such as this feared mage.  But the mage has very little patience and when the first two offers are refused, he threatens the town’s leader.  Have his daughter delivered to the mage’s door within a certain amount of time, or the town will be struck by a famine and drought that will bring destroy it and everyone living there. Her father has little choice.  He has one of his most trusted soldiers deliver her to the mage in order to save the town (or kingdom, nation, village; this all depends upon the setting).

Possible Variations: (in no particular order)
-The daughter is delivered to the mage.  Is he as evil as everyone thinks he is or has he really fallen in love with the daughter?  Have they secretly been seeing each other and she wants to be with him.
-The daughter is delivered to the mage and he is every bit as evil as believed, only wishing to possess her and own her. 
-The trusted soldier, knowing about the threat to the town, decides to keep the daughter for himself until the town has reached a critical point. That’s when he would step in and make a power play to take over the town by striking a bargain with the mage. (This would be a bit longer than a one-shot)
-The soldier has discovered the daughter and mage have been secretly seeing each other and holds her captive in order to extort power and wealth from the mage.
-The soldier has long loved the daughter and when he is ordered to deliver her to the mage, he cannot bear it.  Once alone with her on their journey, he declares his love for her and begs her to run away with him.  Does she go?  Or does she fulfill the terrible bargain her father has struck with the mage?
-The mage is a female and has her sights set on the town leader or possibly his son.

Plot Title:  In Service of the King or To Kill the Queen
Possible Setting:  Medieval or Modern or Futuristic
Possible Pairings:  M/F
Plot Category Possibilities:  Human:  Light, Bon, NC or Extreme
Main Character Possibilities:  Female assassin and the King, Queen and a male assassin

Plot Summary:

The queen has fallen from grace.  The King has discovered a secret from her past that could humiliate him if it were ever discovered.  After confronting his dear wife with this secret, there was a huge fight.  The queen promised him that if he left her, she would make sure the entire kingdom knew of the secret, and she would reveal all of his as well. To divorce her would cause an incredible scandal at a time when his country could not withstand such scrutiny.  No, the king had to come up with a more creative way to handle this problem, and so, he hires an assassin to kill his once beloved wife.

Possible Variations: (in no particular order)
-The king hires a female assassin but she blackmails the king once the job is completed.  He cannot kill her, so how does he keep her quiet? 
-The king hires a female assassin and falls in love with her.  Do they consummate the relationship or does she even return his feelings?
-The king hires a male assassin.  Just how does he do the job and what does he do to the queen before finishing her off?
-The king hires a male assassin but when he comes face to face with the queen, he finds he just cannot do it.  Does he convince her to run away with him or tell her what her husband has done and offer to kill him for her?
-Flip the script and the queen could be the one to hire the assassin to kill the king.

Please keep in mind, I would prefer to write for the female character in the stories we write together and it matters not whether the person behind the male lead has girl or boy parts.  Just so long as we can have some fun writing a great story together!
I can go from southern belle to ghetto thug faster than you can say "Bless your heart".
Status:  All caught up and loving it!


The Hunted

Content:  NC Human-possibly extreme due to the possibility of violence...though not including bestiality. This is up for discussion with potential partner.

The Hunter stalks his prey, learning her routine and when she is most vulnerable.  When he is ready, he lies in wait for her to come home, sedates her, and takes her back to his hunting ground (this could either be a large wooded area that is surrounded by a 10 foot high fence or a secluded island).  Once there, he leaves her alone with a note that holds the simple instruction:  Run.

When she wakes up, the game begins, and he spends the next days or weeks hunting her day after day, when he catches her, he may take her right there, or drag her back to his home, but when he's done, he does kills her.  When he is finished for the moment, he again lets her go and tells her to run. This can go on for a while, until the finale (which we can discuss later if someone shows an interest in the story idea).

My Character:
Sarah leads a rather normal and somewhat dull life, regular M-F 9 to 5 job.  She loves to go out on the weekends with her friends, and do things to break up the monotony of the week.  When The Hunter chooses her as his next prey, her life is forever changed. 

Male Character:

I prefer a guy to write for this role.  I'm looking for someone with a wild imagination with an evil or sadistic streak and the ability to bring something new and exciting to each encounter between Hunter and Prey.  There are three possible ways that the story could eventually end and if you PM me with an interest in the plot (which is tweakable to a degree), we can discuss the ending a little at that time.

I don't like to plan out every detail of a story, but I do like to have a plot fleshed out a little bit so that we have a basic direction to go in.  If you're interested, shoot me a PM!

I can go from southern belle to ghetto thug faster than you can say "Bless your heart".
Status:  All caught up and loving it!


I can go from southern belle to ghetto thug faster than you can say "Bless your heart".
Status:  All caught up and loving it!