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Author Topic: Show Me Strong and Sexy [M seeking F]  (Read 5881 times)

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Show Me Strong and Sexy [M seeking F]
« on: November 25, 2011, 10:44:04 pm »
Firstly, Hello and welcome. Please, do not post on this thread. Instead, I would like for you to send me a lovely private message.
Also please know that I enjoy a mixture of quality and quantity in replies.

This will be my ongoing, always updated thread for searching for some great one x ones. If you are interested, you can check out my on and offs. If all is well, then splendid. Let's get down to business.

I prefer paragraph responses, no less than three good paragraphs. I understand in the midst of a conversation in the role play or writers block might have you stumped. That's okay once in a while, but I believe we are all creative enough to conquer writers' block. Normally I average four paragraphs per reply. The type of role plays I really enjoy continue back and forth with three-four solid paragraph replies. I also adore twists. By twists I mean don't ask first, just throw in something crazy like a wild ex-boyfriend or something like that. Have the cops come out of nowhere!

Aspects I like in a role play:
- love/hate relationships
- rough sex
- bondage
- light humiliation
- blackmail
- teasing
- forbidden relationships
- adventure
- fantasy

Really craving something to do with vikings. I fully blame the tv show, Vikings.

She Has It All
A strong woman like her doesn't get picked up at the bar. Her career remains a priority in her life. She is strong, but not muscular. Instead mentally she is dominant with a striking personality to match. Her perseverance furthers her status in the company she works for. She makes a name for herself. Besides the fact that she is an independent woman, she is stunning. Her beauty draws in every man's eyes, but the aura of confidence keeps them at bay. With her friends she rarely goes to the bar. Watching her friends parade around, being the object of a man's attention causes her to yearn for that. It does not happen. Instead she leaves the bar, going home alone.

After what seems like a great deal of time, this strong woman finally gets convinced to go out again with her friends. They go to a bar and like always, no guys approach her. On the other hand, her friends are dancing with guys that seem to flock to them. Midway through the night a man sits next to her at the bar. He's more interested in the football game for the moment, but they speak. He is handsome and unfazed by her confident demeanor. She tells him about her great career and he tells her that he owns his own business. Right away it is obvious that he is oblivious to what every other man seems to be intimidated about. [I want her to be a lawyer or something equivalent. A high pay, highly respected career is what she should be in. Maybe she even desires to go to the top and own the company she works for. He on the other hand is a medical marijuana grower, someone who lazy and a typical stoner, yet seems to have so many things going right for him. His carefree attitude clashes with her seriousness as a relationship develops.]

teleporter vs telekinetic (I play the teleporter)
Two assassins, rivals in their business, meet when he has a price on his head. She thought about killing him, even without a reward. Now that money was involved, she decides to hunt him down. She can read his mind, just like any other victim of hers. She is also a very precise and calculated in her moves, all while he has such a laissez-faire attitude. He doesn't care so much about his next move and that makes her job hard. Yet in the end of their little battle, they reach a stalemate. Unfortunately for them others were privy to where he was and with the price so high for an accomplished assassin, a private army shows up. The two are forced to escape in the same direction, enough for their higher ups to assume that they were working together. Just like that, she's paired with and not against her greatest rival. [I want this game to include a lot about what my character thinks, so that warps her opinion of him, since she can read minds.]

the bet Craving
For as long as he could remember, Dax Rebaut shared his life with a young girl who's parents were involved in the same business as his parents. Because their fathers were business partners, they sought to it that their families be very much intertwined. No one told the children that the reason for this was not only to enjoy the company of like minded people, but also to get their children to marry each other. The plan goes haywire when at even a young age, the two children hate each other. They always had problems sharing toys, which evolved into a rivalry that leads them both to be very good students. They excelled and fought to achieve the better grade just to oust the other. Since their advanced level classes had fewer students, it even forces them together even more. To put the nail in the coffin, the parents decide to purchase an apartment for the two high school graduates, right next to the esteemed college both were going too. They move in and without parents or any teachers to stop them, they fight a lot. Eventually Dax makes a bet with his female rival, winning the bet means she becomes his slave for a week. They are both so sure they will win, but in the end Dax wins and she is forced to do things she'd never imagined. How humiliating could it possibly be?

the pool boy raped me!
The most expensive, lavish homes are all located in one grand neighborhood. There a young woman lives with her parents. She's a spoiled brat and often times complains until she gets her way. They have a huge pool, which the young woman frequents. Over the years as she grew up, the boys who came by to clean the pool were fired one by one. Some of them the girl slept with, others that she did not like were fired. Most of the time the girl just complained to her parents, making up wild stories each time. Now that she's home from college for the summer, the young woman returns to the pool just as often as she did growing up. This time there was a young man who came by to clean the pool, someone she actually went to college with. They didn't know each other but she knew his name, considering that he was one of the star players on the football team. Since she knows the guy and doesn't want him checking her out in her bikini, she makes up the ridiculous story that he raped her. Her parents do not believe her. Once he hears that wild story, he decides it's a great idea to get back at this spoiled bitch by raping her.

craigslist brings together a strange couple
A simple craigslist add describes a young man who is more than willing to tie a girl up and have his fun with her, advocating that there will be some pain and some pleasure, an equal balance. Instead of advertising with a picture of his face, there are too pictures. The first picture displays a rather thick, rock hard cock. The other picture is the contents inside a briefcase. Inside the simple black leather case is a cane, riding crop, three different vibrators, nipple clamps, various weights, a wooden paddle, rope, silk ties, handcuffs, a blindfold, two different ball gags, and cattle prod. All of these items are so simply arranged, and yet it appears to be oh so organized. To get his approval, pictures were to be sent to his email address in reply to his advertisement. When he sees who replies to his add, seeing the very woman who he hates the most, he is eager to reply. The following day he's supposed to visit her at her home. They'd created this hatred really out of nothing during high school. Now they were miles away from their small hometown, yet being in the same college meant that they were both doomed to see each other from time to time. She had a place all to herself. He comes to the door and we will see what happens next. [I want non-con, heavy bondage, and blackmail (using all of the pictures she sent him), that develops into a very twisted love story.]

repo men knock-off
In the future where anyone with the right amount of money can get a mechanical organ, there are those out there who work hard their whole lives to surgically put in and remove these devices. My character is one of them, but unfortunately for him he was caught working a black market organ trade while in medical school and was therefore kicked out. With his knowledge, he opens up his own black market hospital, giving people mechanical organs for the right price. Then comes along your character, a tough young woman who buys and sells these organs. One of her new customers to purchase items from is my character. But what happens when a deal goes bad? What happens when both of them are caught red handed and they have to fight and run from police to survive?

i think he's gay
She desperately needs a roommate, to the point where accepting a male has come into play. She's single and just needs someone to help pay the rent without making things complicated. She also wouldn't want some strange guy coming in, making a mess of things and otherwise making her life hell. My character has recently broken up from his girlfriend, Alex. He tells her that he has recently gotten out of a relationship with Alex and he does not want to talk about it anymore. Immediately she assumes he's gay, when really Alex is short for Alexandria. So time progresses and she gets very comfortable around him, especially after she "tests" him by walking around in revealing clothes. He doesn't hit on her or her friends. She thinks it's perfect. So time goes on and eventually she feels free enough to walk around in a pair of panties and a tank top. He doesn't even ogle her, or say anything. Eventually she finds out he's actually straight, then the drama begins.

the body guard and his Queen
The young adults, in their own nation in a medieval fantasy, hate each other. One, a young woman born to royalty is destined to be Queen someday. A young man his same age is destined to be a general like he father. Before then, he is given the meticulous job of guarding the fair princess. His interest is not in war or swordplay at all, but instead magic. He carries no weapon, instead conjures one if need be. The Queen dies early in the princess's life. The princess herself is very bratty and does not take kindly to the fact that her father has designated a man her age to watch her, nearly all of the time, to ensure her safety. The two hate each other from the beginning. He finds her attitude repulsive while she worries that this uptight soldier will ruin her easy life.

Times change when her father dies by the hands of an enemy nation. Their surprise attack follows an attack on the castle that she says. The bodyguard, knowing the magic he does, commands guards and uses them to repel the attackers. His magic revolves around controlling the mind of not only his enemies, but the friendly soldiers around him. He strikes fear in his enemies and gives immense strength and moral to the castle guards. Shortly after, the bodyguard becomes the general. Now, after the princess and the newly appointed general must depart, there is reluctance. By now the two young adults have feelings for each other. But he has to leave. (I would simply love if you would like for the princess to know some magic too, or she learns some magic to help her country. I would like to start as the two meet when he is simply the bodyguard.)

the unlikely duo
Being unprepared in a zombie outbreak is one thing, but having to cope with the issues with a stranger could make things much harder. During an outbreak at a college, two students decide to hide away in a small office in one of the classrooms. There they have enough things to barricade themselves in and wait out the initial outbreak. The problem is, as they both dash into the room and close the door behind them, it's the first time the two have met. Once they're done making sure that they were safe for the time being, they have to introduce themselves. [I want to put together two people that normally wouldn't have to get to know each other. Be it a cheerleader and a guy who likes rock music and fixing cars, or maybe he's a jock and she is a band geek.]

genie x new master
Whether you play the new master or I do, you must be imaginative. I will play either way. The plot involves a 20-22 year old college student who lives in their own apartment, has an elderly aunt die. Unfortunate, but the aunt wasn't close. But it's odd that she would give a box specifically labeled for her favorite nephew/niece. In the box are a few old pictures of the aunt, nothing special. But the final piece to be found is a bottle. It is dark and curious, the bottle is opened. Out shoots a thick mist that clouds the room for a moment and then a genie appears. Of course, this is startling. The genie is gifted the knowledge of the times, although they have been in the bottle, on vacation, for twenty years. Maybe the student finishes all of their work early and they go on a vacation on their own. After stressing so much about exams, it would be nice to go on a cruise, or fly to Japan.

zombie apocalypse reunited strangers
The virus spread, and soon the world was taken over by zombies. Within six months zombies were scattered across ever piece of land on the world, aside from small isolated islands. A year after the apocalypse, the strong-willed humans remaining either stick to groups of traveling convoys or on their own. In certain parts of the world, living off of the land was easier than expected. Plus having abandoned cars and buildings everywhere sometimes made it easy to survive. Our characters meet during this time. Maybe they work together to rid a grocery store of zombies, they take food, and go different ways. Now a year later, when even less humans roam the earth, our characters meet again. They don't even know each other's names, but meeting twice seems to be too strange to pass up. So they decide to go in the same direction through, since they were both headed that way anyway. I suspect their second meeting can be at the outskirts of a city. This is definitely a role play with more plot than romance. In fact, I am a little against romance in this plot. I want more zombie killing and surviving.

you... role play?!
Two roommates in college work so well together. They are both nerds and since they first met freshmen year they have been good friends. When they're both at home, it's not strange for them to disappear into their own rooms and be on their computers for hours. They typically don't date, and any dating that either of them do doesn't last. They're at college to get an education, not necessarily party and have sex. Both roommates have a secret. They both role play. Since they are sure no one wants to hear about how they enjoy writing about crazy sexual adventures, they keep their secret safe. Then the roommates start up a role play together. The content of their role play is sexual from the start, graphic and non-con. Their characters fuck like rabbits and bondage is definitely included. What happens once the two roommates find out that they're been writing all of these dirty posts with someone they live with?

Restaurant: chef x server
The head chef comes in early. The best server comes in early. They do their own prep work. They spend more time at the restaurant they work at than home. They are the two people who are there that most make the most money. They also can not get along. The chef creates specials and the server changes the special. He cooks the food for the table and sometimes they get to arguing because something isn't right. They argue on a nightly basis. It gets to the point where the managers ignore it. The chef and the server always seem to handle their own business without getting anyone else involved. They hate each other, but need each other to make money. Our role play starts when the restaurant does a party for the staff and everyone gets drunk. What happens when pent up aggression turns into or is mistaken for sexual tension? [I'd like to discuss playing this scenario in different ways, whether we include non-con or not, the tension aspect can't be changed. We can figure out how we really want this to play out. What I want is for the couple (our characters) to be a dangerous and potentially violent, alcoholic/drug abusing pair who always seems to be in a fight about something. ***You need to have some experience working at a restaurant***]

Rum Rations Makes a Pirate Fight Harder
A pirate's life is never easy. Plundering requires a crew. A crew requires a ship. A ship needs a captain. Francis Lacazette, a french privateer captain, finds himself without a complete crew in the harbor of New Orleans. A part of the crew defected, along with his first mate, who rounded up followers to leave and attempt to command their own pirate ship. Francis spends some time in New Orleans, recruiting new members of his crew, which he decides that he will use to take command of his own pirate ship. Throughout the day French naval ships came and went. His plan was to take over and sail away in a ship during dusk, then he could immediately head south into the ocean. Tonight is the last night to recruit more members, which he had his crew working on. They'd been able to stay in a few warehouses, affording to live by subtly stealing from the French ships. It was his last night in the French port, so he wants to go with a bang, going to the local tavern with a part of his crew, to have a grand time before pulling off the daring feat of stealing a ship. [This is where I want something along the lines of a bar fight involving your character and mine. She's not necessarily dressed like a woman, since women aren't typically allowed on pirate ships. They fight and she is especially tough. The next day she happens to witness the stealing of the ship and she either barges in during the act or sneaks on. I want to discuss a lot of this as far as how we have her join on, then Francis finds out she is a woman later on.]

Taken plots:

None :)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
the vampire and the demon
An extremely powerful female vampire rules the land. Her power increases daily. She has found no enemy. While living on her own, she grows bored. Years pass by, and all she wishes to find is a male who can provide for her. Instinctively, vampires seek other vampires, attempting to mate with them to eventually create their offspring. What happens when she thinks a simple prey is really an extremely dangerous demon? She has no idea that he is a demon, considering he is very good at disguising his species from her. She has no idea, her mind clouded by the fact that she thinks nothing in the world can hurt her. The moment she lurches forward to claim his neck, his hand slams into her throat, stopping her. He gives her a look. His incredible power is so  great compared to hers. In seconds she transforms from the most powerful vampire to the a demon's pet. Worst of all, she cannot do anything to stop it.

- Bolded characters are the characters that I play.
- Level of desire to play by *

nerd x slut ***
rich businessman x high class call girl ****
boss x secretary ***
teacher x student **
anything Skyrim related **
werewolf x human ***
werewolf x vampire ****
vampire x human **
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Re: Makizushi's RP Fantasies & Desires [M seeking F]
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2012, 11:33:26 pm »
The bet seems like a good one, I'm up for it, if you still are. :]

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Re: Looking for feisty submissives [M seeking F]
« Reply #2 on: September 29, 2012, 03:36:46 pm »
I would love to try something with a sexy alpha werewolf and a human female :D

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Re: Looking for feisty submissives [M seeking F]
« Reply #3 on: October 02, 2012, 07:45:40 pm »
So I will let you choose.
Vampire x Werewolf
Both have caught my interest.

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Re: Looking for feisty submissives [M seeking F]
« Reply #4 on: December 31, 2012, 01:22:13 am »
I'm pretty interested in the post apocalyptic plot line.