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Author Topic: Submit to the Ropes and the Will (Searching for BDSM and Bondage~!)  (Read 26297 times)

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Offline KyubeyTopic starter

The feel of hemp against your oiled skin was a feeling that was so familiar queer. No matter how many times you've been bound,  it always felt so...foreign to you. Like the first time you've been bound. The days of rebellion against your delightful master. Self inflicted agony! Willing self-exile from comfort and pleasure! Such foolishness! Though the bitter taste of the baby oil could be tasted, you feel your teeth dig slightly into the bamboo piece he used as a bar gag, the feel of your saliva dripping from your luscious lips exhilarating when it stroked the smooth, sensitive skin. He had left you without clothing, nipples hardened and breasts well rounded from the breast harness that forced upon your breasts a more luscious shape and an attractive rope work harness. Rubbing your clit against coarse rope left it somewhat raw, an understatement when the crotch rope was considered.

Master always loved crotchropes. Almost central or present in any bondage session, it did a good job arousing your nether regions, even moreso keeping you wet as if the oil wasn't enough. Pussy juices darkening the ropes directly between your clitoris, the knot in particular enough of a bulge to fit between, rubbing with every movement of the upper thighs or the pelvis area, almost giving you control over your arousal despite the obvious bondage!

Ropes snaking in a diamond position, you kneel obediently, head downcast. Your ankles bent in a kneeling position, feet drawn back in an excruciating kneeling shin stretch, bound to your thigh and forced in such an ascetic position. They say Yoga practitioners would get used to the strain it brought still feel the pressure on your shins and ankle. Your arms felt a tingle of coldness, forcing you to clench your hands to give you a little more circulation. They did say a reverse prayer position bondage was brutal and it truly lived opposite to the good graces praying would give: your hands a slightly purple shade, the numbness began to intensify to an extent where clenching and unclenching did little to alleviate the strain. Even worse, another cramping occurred. You tried not to squeal nor shed a tear, but you could not help it, muscles tensing up when you moaned softly, a soft 'A-Ah!' escaping your juicy gagged lips, almost in queue as some drool trickled down to your thighs.

No matter what you did, you could not hide how aroused you are. Your nipples stood erect,  obviously demanding attention to the extent where they literally cried Kiss me please! Worship me! Pierce me! Your pussy was wet not only from the oil, a creeping wetness followed by a warmth within your womb as you fidget a bit. Your breathing uneven at most, drool seeping from your bamboo-gagged mouth as you bite harder, a strand no thicker than a thread drooling from the middle of your lips.

And as always, Master sat watching as you suffered through your bondage.
But the word Suffer? No, that was not it.

You love the bondage...but you love him more.


Despite how inexperienced I am in Roleplaying erotica in general, the above shows my writing prowess. However, though written from a submissive's point of view, I will play most dominant characters, though I can side character as a submissive should the RP call for it. I am solely into bondage. Strangely enough I never did like rape or sex within bondage, especially with extremely well done rope art. Another fetish I have is clothed, bondage erotica. Like undergarments, uniforms and such, the look of the ropes caressing your body is just too much for me.

Some Rules and facts!:

  • I absolutely love gags, especially ones that force drooling. I have a fetish for drooling while in gags, not to mention 'gagged speak.' My all-time favourite gag? A ball gag.
  • Clothed Bondage is a bigger hit to me, than naked bondage. Even more so, revealed bondage. Like when a crotchrope is placed on a schoolgirl and her skirt is folded to show her undergarments...that arouses me more than naked bondage, but that doesn't mean I don't like the latter.
  • Though I will love you for all eternity if you like Kinbaku, I do like other kinds of kink, like light leather, handcuffs, chains and the sort, I just like the looks of rope more
  • I will never dominate males in my RP, even if I play a dominant female character. You can hate me all you like, but that is how it will and how it shall go. tl;dr , don't dominate guys deal with it.
  • I will come up with a plot that corresponds with your fetishes, but I reserve the right to refuse your own fetish. But we can bargain here, but be warned: I rarely will consider anything from my Dislike list and NEVER anything from the well, never list.
  • I have nothing against furries, but I will say this much: 10% or no RP at all. I am simply not into such things. Strictly no bestiality.
  • I am still new to erotic roleplays, so feel free to criticize me. Tips and pointers are always welcome and I won't hesitate to edit things.
  • Lastly: I am more into story-driven RPs, not ones with Rape page on end. Though bondage scenes can take awhile, it would be nice to see how or why X person got into Y predicament. I can do a short-term RP, but I expect you to really convince me on this.
  • Though I may get some flak for this, but...I tend to be pretty photosensitive, as in, what I see in pictures, I envision happening. So, if you have a male Avatar picture, I'd actually refuse. I will play with Males, under these conditions: Their Avatar display pictures must either depict a female character or a symbol of something that is neither male or female (Like say, an Emblem, a Pattern, A cookie, ect;) you don't like it, that's too bad.
  • For reasons I will divulge only to those who I will RP with, I will NOT RP with any sort of Real life pictures or whatnot. Anime or Manga appearances only, please.


10% Furry X Human
An Anthropomorphic Goddess, the creator of the world, had rested once her world was complete and all was content. However...years have long passed when her worship was made public, in this now Victorianesque Age. She returns to the world, seeking to enjoy and see the pleasant state her world is in, only to be caught in a winding adventure with a rather unlucky young man... This RP is more deep and would be more Story Driven.

Willing Slave X Unwilling Master
Ever since the couple tried out Bondage, she couldn't get it out of her head. Though they had been in love for quite some time now going into College, their lack of sensual intimacy coupled with her curiosity has led them to attempt bondage. Daydreaming about ropes and the knots which tie, how will she convince her otherwise tame and modest partner, otherwise the 'master' in their little erotic play, to go beyond just mere scarves and handcuffs?

Noblewoman/Commoner/Priestess X Demonic Entity Every soul that passes through the maw of Cerberus always has something good to say about the world. Even Mephistopheles seems to be more than obliged to 'leave' the fiery chasms to trick humans in the surface world. Has he grown bored of mindless torture and inflicting Agony to hapless souls? Maybe so. As their boredom at repetitive routines as the Nobles of Hell began to wear at them, eventually even the more reserved of the Demons in Hell ascended into the Mortal world, taking man's souls for themselves to keep them entertained. Posing as mysterious butlers and or servicemen at a time of great need, those who love life find themselves bound to an infernal demon of great power...and a boredom that wouldn't be easily sated.

Noblewoman/Commoner/Priestess X Lovecraftian-esque God
The Oldest One emerges from his slumber, only to see a perversion of his original creation. The universe around him had developed far beyond its primordial cradle of Fire and Ash to give host to water and life. Sleeping for Aeons as he grew dormant when all energy in the world faded, the Oldest One shines brightly once more, ready to engorged in a feast on the life forces of those in the universe. But as he had found, his stasis had dulled his immense power, making him no stronger than the humans he so despised. With no choice other than to descend into the world cloaked in flesh, he wanders the earth seeking to restore his power...and discover what tastes the appetizer brings before the feasts begins...

Wandering Gun Slinger X Town Girl
The only law in Crescendo Heat? There are no law. The Lawless East, which the Crescendo Heat comprises most of, is a paradise for the lawless: bandits and brigands roam free, corrupt officials stand by as thugs extort from the honest, lawful citizen. Much of the technology in the world comes from Mining 'Techdumps' , deposits of scrap metal and occasionally, working machinery. With no idea how such treasures ended up underneath the sand, technology remained in general rather low, but weaponry and anti-personnel technology reached such heights that even laser technology and Plasma weaponry, though poorly understood, came into the hands of many. A small town girl, having lived in Mar Siel for all of her life, has known violence all of her life. With her village pitifully defending itself time after time against Bandits, desperate for help they seek to request the aid of a Lone Gunslinger travelling alone in Crescendo Heat. If they were not to surrender and hand themselves over as property to be sold as slaves, they would be all killed without hesitation. But what could the Wandering Gunslinger desire?

Wartime and the Future
Mechanized war had always been the life for anyone who lived in Arunafeltz or Carcino. Having waged a war for almost a century without pause, warfare transformed the distinct societies of the two kingdoms, the call for conscription leading away many young ones with bright futures into certain death and endless misery. The Endless Stalemate never ends along with the endless reports of senseless brutalities, atrocities and slaughters. As a soldier, you come across...a young civillian. Trapped in Enemy territory as the last remainder of your company, what are you to do? (This RP can go both ways, I can either be the soldier or the Civillian, your choice.)

Experiment/Test Subject X Other
T914. Not even a name, just a designation number. No memory of where you came from, no memory of the past, only the recollection of the many horrible, horrible things they have done to you in the Laboratory. Designed in part as a guinea pig for the testing of the Nyx antidote, a supposed cure for Cancer, what ended as a failure gave birth to something horrifying: you. Your body flows on your whim, regenerating lost limbs and even your head if you desired it so. You could assimilate non living objects and incorporate them into your body, all while keeping the visage of a normal young lady. Abused and tormented, your anger grows out of control one day as another scientist wants to examine your 'body' as an excuse for Rape...

Suicidal Girl X Normal boy
Your father died on an accident in a business trip. Your mother broke down and divorced leaving behind a broken you and a lonely household. You used pity to have the young man who had a crush on you make love to you, only to have him stroke your hair and abandon you. All alone and fed up with life, you prepare to take your own life, that is until you are interrupted by a stranger. Would you still feel the need to live in a world so cruel? Only time can tell.

Geek  X Troublemaker OR Normal Guy
Detached from society, you take solace only in your research and ventures in Self bondage. After talking with a Guildmate from an MMORPG you've been playing, you odd connection about. Even after a bit of Erotic Roleplaying, you are surprised to hear that he lives just in the same city as you! Excited, you feel confident enough, in due time, that you could meet. But the person behind that facade of a charismatic leader turns out to be not quite what you were expecting, in a good way!

Female Rebel X Princess/General + Other
The year is 1743 AD(After Deliverance). The Armies of the Belereaux Empire seemed to crumble under the rule of Britannia's own Rose Queen Gertrud, a fine general who made quick work of Belereaux's armies during the Century's Strife. Determined to spread the dominance of the Ascended Throne to the Frankish lands of Belereaux, only through the intervention of a lowly female Squire - Riel La'Fontaine, under guidance from God, had routed the Britannian forces on their way to Montague. The renewed offense almost entirely destroyed, Riel then went to liberate much of the land held by Britannia. But, what tricks will the Rose Queen and her Subordinates pull to destroy what hope Belereaux has?

Kidnapping gone Horribly, Horribly wrong!
Two bumbling criminals must have had it lucky. They kidnapped a rich young lady, the daughter of a Haughty billionaire! Wanting to hold her for ransom, they were surprised when her very own father simply called them personally and said "Take her. You'll find she's not worth the Million Dollars, kid". Surprised at this turn of events, that quickly becomes apparent: she never ceases to stop complaining, feisty, arrogant and extremely violent in her own way. Not to mention that the Police, her Brothers and sisters are still chasing after you and your much worse can your failed kidnapping attempt go?! (This will be more story driven at first, barely any sex in the original storyline. But this can be changed into a Sex driven RP where she is simply used as a Sex toy after.)

Time, it is running out!
You have a crush on a young man at school. Handsome, athletic and smart, what a dream boy! One day in the heat of Summer vacation, you are prepared to go confess to him before a freak car collision had hit you. You awaken in the hospital, just at the start of the School semester. You do not know this, but...that boy you wanted to confess to, had died in an Airplane accident. Crushed, you meet an older woman, who then offers you a deal: You have all of Summer vacation to have the young man fall in love with you, to avert the disaster. To do this, she holds your hands and brings you back to the past, right before that crossing that would have brought you to the coma. What will you do then, for time is a-wasting! (More story driven, be prepared for some very odd twists in the story.)

Things not meant to be seen.
You were a naturalist, taking a photo of a very rare bird, the Double-banded Argus, rumored to still have a very, very few within the island of Openeogo.  Despite your guide telling you not to come close to the isolated outer islands, you still insisted and went alone, promising to meet the boatman by sun down. Making your route, it was the cry of a gagged girl that got you compelled. What started out as a quest to picture a supposedly extinct bird ended in the discovery of a slave shipment, the very acts of human smugglers and slavers, supposedly a myth, right before your eyes! Forget birds, this could be the article of the century! As you engrave their faces in the camera, for sure the moment this is released justice shall be served and these evil (And perverted) men would be put to justice! That is, can you keep yourself from being caught? (Very much so sex driven. After the Islands will come the dillemma of the Global slave trade, if you play your cards right.)

Stuck...with you?!
Oh look. Your house burned down. Bummer, isn't it? Though for sure the assessment for damages will proceed, everything you own, razed along with your hopes for a simple life when most of your assets were leveled to the ground along with your house. Desperate for a place to stay, you decide to share a room. At first the roommate wasn't that bad...he was a very handsome man of a few words. But find out his entire place was decorated with bondage equipment, manuals and sex toys, even. Though he does assure you he is a civilized man, you still...feel the weird vibes about. That and...natural curiosity. Will you have the guts to ask him? (The Roommate's personality can be changed to your desire.)

The Being of Hell commands.
"Take me in. I'm bored." A random young man appears to you, out of nowhere, for no given reason in a puff of black smoke, yawning. He literally wants you to take him in because he was bored. That and he was literally sleeping in the middle of the sidewalk when you struggled to find an answer. Upon interrogation, it turns out that the person before you is called Dolor, the sum of all Sins, the manifest of the possible evils the world possesses. Every day of the week corresponds to a specific Deadly Sin, making life with him all the more harder! How will you treat this new factor into your life?! (It can be reversed: the Female can play the Demon, and I the male.)

Not quite a joke...
A young man feels down...a normal occurrence, really. After being refused to be granted entry into an Arts School he desired, a young man, now a shut-in, is more depressed than ever. Though his other working friends care much for him, they decided a prank would be great to get him back on his feet. Of course, it had to be a joke...the rumors spoke of a place where they would sell actual slaves and deliver them to their doorstep. It had to be a joke, what was it like, a prostitute in a birthday cake? Calling up a friend, they tell them the address and his credit card number (They had stolen it from him). Thinking it was just a joke they confirmed an order. Woe be to that young man when the package arrives. Even so....can he really pay back the price? (Your character would be a 'slave' sold to the random, almost uninterested young man. Slice of life as well when he would try to earn back enough to repay his new found debt!)

Death's beckoning Call
Many would see their lives flashing before them before they leave this world...others simply see a hooded man standing before them, sycthe at hand and his thin bony palm open, calling them forward. He would ask but one question 'Do you have any regrets?' before he ferries you off. don't want to leave. Making a deal with death itself, you decide to stay in this world, but with a catch: you must be the acting Grim Reaper for the Duration of this world, eventually to succeed him! As a Junior Reaper, as he says, you find out life isn't quite the same with a lazy, ex-reaper lounging about while the souls of the Fallen require harvesting. Worse so...the truce between Heaven and Hell is slowly falling will you live out your crazy new life?! (You will play the one with Regret. Expect more action and Story than actual Sex in this Plot.)

Doll's Judgment, the Master's Smile
In an alternate world, at another day, there is a Story that goes around within the Kingdom of Arafeltz, occupying modern day Luxembourg. It speaks of a demented craftsman known as "Cannibal Corpse" or CC , whose artistry is renowned throughout the world as a master sculptor, who makes mannequins so life-like it disturbs many onlookers. No joints, plastic smiles...the eerie silence tells many much, but some speak about ill-fortune to those who buy his exquisite handicrafts. One thing is common. Every Mannequin cries every midnight, their tear-stains lining their cold plastic bodies, the more ludicrous witnesses claim they would whisper 'Please, help me...' in lonely, dark nights. The number of kidnappings and disappearances of young Ladies have reinforced the Urban Legend of CC, devoured by 'demons' that he had contracted with...will you expose the mystery of Cannibal Corpse and let the light shine upon the disappearances? (You will play a kidnapped Refugee from the Baltic Republic [Russia of this Alternate timeline] who will meet CC.)

The Last course: You!
You work at a Dim Sum restaurant, hoping to leave your hard life and the nightmares you suffered in the Mainland behind...but once a victim, always will be one. Employed in a luxurious restaurant at the Red Light district, Liu Mei Feng, a curvaceous beauty whose charm swooned many a customer, would have her own fortune change one day, when the district's Mafia Godfather, owner of most of the Red Light District and of course her restaurant, was charmed by her looks. And for sure, the dessert was to come! How will she endure the Mafia Don's 'special' desires? (You will play as Liu Mei Feng, a hostess/waitress at the restaurant. Very sex Driven.)

Catching up with the past couldn't get any deadlier!
Young Willard faintly remembered a childhood young and innocent were they, embracing and speaking of marrying each other someday. During your age, people spoke about cooties and tended to stick around members of their own gender, but you didn't mind holding hands or kissing each other at the cheek. When her parents would get into fights, he would always be there to embrace her. They boasted that they slept together in bed many times: sleep overs where he would hold her hands to keep her safe from the monsters underneath his bed took place often. When you were moving out, you promised that you would be with her forever, to rescue her from her miserable life as her Knight in Shining Armor...yet many years passed, the neighborhoods once so familiar to you now but a haze...after completing his education abroad, Willard returns to his home city only to find much have changed, yet that one special person remains very dear to you...that is, until, a young lady grasps your hands, throws you to the ground as the roar of gunfire rip the atmosphere...he may have found that 'one special person' , but he has also found a new life with her her bodyguard, against the many who seek to take her rightful fortune from her! (Very story driven, you will play the Young Heiress of the Fortune her Grandfather had left behind. The classic cold-hearted hostile young lady would be played, as well as a premade.)

Romance within Section A-L
As a young intern at a Public library, you lose yourself in the world of books, convinced that the real world is inferior compared to what your imagination spins. Though eccentric at your work, you worry that you are slowly growing old at the age of 25, with no boyfriend or possibility of marriage! Lately, you've come to notice a frequent customer. He is rather handsome and you've been working the courage to speak to him. But then, comes one special are running the rental counter and he comes right up to you. Then, lo and behold...he places down a bondage manual and a how-to-do-it-yourself guide for Bondage. There is one catch: You're not into the kinkier side of sex, straight out penetration is all there is for you! really want to come closer to him, so will you try to engage in Self bondage to impress him, or let down this possible hook up with him upon finding something you can get into? (You will play as the Librarian who is looking into Bondage to strike a conversation with him.)

The Life of a Dog
"That's right Bitch, I own you."
Cruel, just horrifyingly cruel words. You watched as your very own sisters were killed by your own hand, convinced that if you had killed them yourself, you would have spared them a horrifying fate at the hands of carvers. You were taken as a man's pet, a dog in his own words. Chained, shackled, abused, humiliated. Tortured. This man was not a sane man; he reveled in your misery and despair. Many a times you've tried to kill yourself but to no avail. After all, he did own you. Scarring your body both mentally and physically, the wounds healed yet the sorrow in your heart refuses to wane. A Body branded with the mark of a dog, she was slashed at the torso to form an 'X' as a human reminder that she belonged to the man known only as X. Now, years have passed and you, with all the brutal treatment and the morbidly entertaining training (Which consisted of Arena-style death matches between starving victims) made you a cold and efficient assassin. Yet, no matter how many times you've proven your are still a Dog to that man, as long as that X remains on your body. One day, you hear that a trace of the man known as 'X' could be found. Enter the dark underworld to discover the truth amongst the lies. (Sort of Kill Bill esque, your character is an Assassin, cold with very little morals yet is efficient, quiet and refined. There will be bondage and story portions here.)

Part time blues
Rejected from every avenue of work, with your interest rising, you had no choice but to swallow your pride and apply to the last place you could apply. An Adult store. Minimum wage you feel was below your talents, you were too arrogant and concieted to work in a team. Manual labor to you was a no-go and you hated being around 'middle class simpletons'. A girl with a Princess attitude that carried over even when her parents fell upon hard times, your attitude got you fired everywhere. You thought for once that the man behind that counter was a total pervert, but my, what a surprise when you truly look at him! How would you handle working at the Adult Store with a professional man like him watching your every move, waiting for a slip up?! (You will play a Private School student who has been turned down. This is a premade, sex driven RP with plenty of bondage and whatnot.)

The Ideal gift
The form asked for the ideal girl of your dreams. That was a no brainer: Asiatic descent ,speaks fluent English, curvaceous body and a kind personality. No big deal, right? A newly-recruited sales ambassador to Jillian-Heimlich corporation, a global retailer in Fresh water and water purification systems, had come all the way from Germany to Hong Kong to discuss the possibility of improving irrigation systems in rural China as well as to move their brand into the Motherland. Upon arrival, he is greeted by a few men donning fedoras, asking him to 'enjoy' his present upstairs. When he slowly realizes that the girl bound and humbled before him did not do this at her own will, he will surely find himself entrapped in the dirty dealings of his company and the many illegal enterprises that populate Hong Kong's underworld (You will play as a slave who will be bound and presented to the businessman in his hotel. Appearance is pre-determined.)

Forget the Fuzzy cuffs
Crescendo Heat...the lawless, expanse in the West. Untamed from across the endless frontier, fortunes are made here and graves are dug often for the intrepid spirit seeking to earn a quick buck. Bounty hunters and the lot wander these lands. A Desperada, a famed gunslinger known more for her...natural guns strides into Newport City, who will she encounter there? (Various ideas; New Sheriff , Captured for Bounty, Capturing another Vagabond, Sold to slavery, Accused of a crime, Robbing a Train, ect; Much freedom is available for plot variation.)

The Dominant One
An experienced Dominatrix comes to a bar, drinking her worries away. Ripe at the age of 24, you look forward to the future and see nothing more than the moans of men swooning over your beauty, insults by way of men asking for you to make love to them and the worries of age taking your reputation away. You fear the younger, more curvaceous rookies, rising stars in the industry. You strike up a chat with a man beside you, whom you find out to be a famed Rigger and Rope Artist until an accident claimed the life of his beloved Submissive. Sharing in your insecurities, he strikes up something that was just too exciting to miss out: with your curvaceous, killer body, bound in rope, drooling and begging for reprieve...the idea of being a submissive did dance in your head for a few years now, comes the opportunity to try it out, no harm done to the reputation! What starts off as a simple Bondage sessions grows into a fuller romance shared by two incomplete peoples. (You will play the Dominant, who tries being a Switch this time around. The Appearance is premade.)

No back-up plan for this!
Ever since you would tie your wrists together with scarves and pretend to be a damsel waiting to be saved by her Knight, you always had that...thing for Bondage. As times changed, from idyllic games with your friends you began to explore the more mature and dark side of bondage. Having performed self-bondage plenty of times, though you had a few stuck moments, you were still able to wriggle out, somehow! Feeling a little braver than usual, for a fantasy to relive the idea of a Knight in Shining Armor saving a young Princess, bound spread-eagled as 'dragon bait' , you set off to fulfill your own childhood bondage fantasy. But...what happens when a Knight in shining Armor does come...and he's more excited towards helping himself to a compromised you? What will you do? Will you escape? (Basically, you play a character who is well into self-Bondage. Some experience on this is quite needed for the RP. I shall play a lucky(?) fellow who happens by your character during an outdoor self-bondage escapade.)

The Piecemaker of the Hourglass world
Anatoray, the bottom of the Hourglass-world Alrun5 was plunged into sudden warfare when the overworld region of Disith, passing through the Great Narrow attacked with ferocious weapons. A people who knew not the art of war having lived in tranquility since their founding, the war seemed fixed to Disith's favor. But, the future of Anatoray rested within one person: the solitary mechanical genius, Desaros the Piecemaker. Reluctant, he created the Infinity Scale, a spiral clock-piece engine that harvested an endless supply of energy from its linear rotation. Using this as the basis for his Warmachines, he went on to create a potent arsenal that Anatoray had used to defeat the Disith, battle after battle before its very invaders fled back into the Upper World. Even though the 'war' had ended, countless Piece, machines driven by an Infinity Scale are still used, whether as for convenience or even as weapons against each other. Recent news of Berserk or dangerous Desas, or Clock-work humanoids that operate on an Infinity Scale had been noted, the corruption of war unfolding as man was exposed to greed. They say the Great War against the Disith had ended twenty years ago. But the relics of War still remains, a reminder of the horrifying ingenuity used within that time. Rumors speak of a second Disith attack, but for a world that has once known peace, it would be impossible to turn back. (Gearpunk, steampunk with a Last Exile reference. Very open world, you are free to discuss anything about this RP.)

Can you Love a Subhuman?
For over Sixty Years, Humanity languished. Having deployed the dreaded Biological weapon 'Disbelief Syndrome' on the peaceful streets of Washington DC, the disease known to cause severe dementia and hallucinations, all while eviscerating the internal organs spread much too quickly, leaving only desolation, chaos and slaughter in it's wake. After trying to declare defeat over Capitalism, little did they know that the Disbelief Syndrome adapted itself to the cold weather, having previously ravaged France, Brussels, Poland, Ukraine, slowly leading up to Russia itself, where the virus killed an estimated 97% of the entire population in the event that was known as 'White Moscow outbreak', the time when the Disbelief Syndrome was at it's highest point, travelling quickly through the orient, killing off almost 86% of the Population there. The mass destruction and loss of lives have ingrained into humanity the horrors of War, with the people declaring 'No More' as the remnants of humanity rebuilt themselves in tower Metropolises locked from the outside world where the Disbelief Syndrome still ravages the world. In a quasi-futuristic world, the 'Seven Shining Stars' , mega cities that remained even after the Disbelief Syndrome rocked the world, building isolated from the outside world, often ruled by Mega-companies that have played or influenced a major part during the Cold War. In these cities, there are people called 'Borners' , children of the Poorer Classes whose ancestors were genetically modified to decrease Fertility, yet managed to still give birth. These children are extracted from the womb and raised in laboratories, where they are modified in many ways and used in various fields. Some become 'Pleasure Ilie' , submissive pleasure partners who seek only to submit and please their master after the installation of the 'Idea Engine' , a setting that affects neural signals to control their personalities. In a world where some are considered to have No rights, the question remains: can a stalwart defender of Eugenics ever love a Subhuman? (You will play as a Borner or a citizen, depends entirely on the plot idea. Very open to any other plot elements. School Life? Action? Political? Experiment? Anything at all!)

Breaking Rebecca
Rebecca, a very skilled dominatrix with plenty of experience with a very beautiful body, played along with a bet that she had made  a bet with an old friend during a Reunion of their old highschool class. After a few martinis, their interest in each other flared up, soon enough they found themselves dating. However, during this time, the young man, found out about Rebecca: during daylight hours she acts as an Art Gallery receptionist, at night she was a much-wanted dominatrix. What was once a joke became a serious bet: if he could break down Rebecca in a week's time within the constraints she had given him, she would act as his Submissive. If he loses, however, he has to act as her Submissive. How will their little bet end? (You will play as the dominatrix Rebecca.)

Sex degrees of Separation
A female Undergraduate Professor is known to many as the Tiger. That meant, a single minute late meant deductions on your paper and a locked door if you weren't inside on the hour. A tough and extremely stringent teacher, you are feared by many and admired for your beauty, even though your fear outweighs their fantasies. A friend has taken note you have been rejected by the 9th attempted date to this time. Of course, frustrated with the lack of a social life, you take your friend's offer: discover new things and join a yoga class! Problem is...she tricked you to attempt and sign up for a Bondage lesson class! While you easily saw through this facade, you sign up anyways, wanting to excite your life in some way. However...things get quite awkward when you find a student you put on the spot and thoroughly humiliated attending there too! As if that wasn't awkward enough your friend, an instructor, pairs you up together! How will this awkward little show end? (You will play as the young female professor. The age gap isn't that high.)

Writing the Future
A skilled Bondage fiction writer disappeared from her home with evidence of a break-in. The police are on a search to find the woman, but she remains elusive to them. Unbeknownst to anyone, she was already 'sold' to a client in North America, kidnapped from a small home in Liverpool, found almost half-way across the map. The challenges she faces from a person who had read her 'writings' bent on breaking her into his toy, will she give in or ultimately fall into the fantasy world she herself had written? (You will play the kidnapped Writer.)

Ninety-Nine Nights: The Creeping
July 28th, 2034.
The day that a dreadful Virus, the Disbelief Syndrome was released in New Alperton. Built upon the ruins of the 3rd World War, civilization is once again facing indignation from nature. Over one million people trapped in the city bounds perished, leaving only a handful of survivors. Many of those who perished...simply disappeared. What had happened to these people? How will those survive inside the quarantine zone? Will they discover a shady plot or vanish like the others affected? (You will play as a person in the Quarantine Zone. Any occupation is alright, but mediate it with me to give a rundown.)

A tale of two Lovers
He was such a kind master. To think that he had taken her into his stead during her darkest hours...he had bound her body and soul to his command, effortlessly manipulating her body to gain the reactions he desired. Strict and kind, he let her wander and do the things she pleased in the day but forced her to wear the collar at Night. At school she had met an endearing young man who, despite his rough exterior, has a soft heart and a crush on her. With him as the Man of the Sun and her Master as the Lord of the Night, how will she tread the fine balance between her Lover and her Master? (You will play the girl stuck between the two choices, let us discuss more on this at PMs.)

In a Matriarch's world
After the bloody Civil war, the kingdom of Albion, ruled by Queen Getrude of Leicester, imposed the Edict of Roses: from henceforth, all men lost their rights, treated like slaves. Despite a few outbreaks of disobedience, roughly 10 years since it's passing, the Edict is strictly adhered to the point where a young boy wandering the streets could be kidnapped and sold as a slave. At a time of great Social and Political upheaval within Europa, Albion stays in an uneasy peace with its neighbors. How will this story unfold? (The general idea is EXTREMELY open. This is also my first RP where I play a submissive. Let's take it to PMs and we'll discuss possible ideas! Very expansive, I have many ideas in store.)

On a cold October Night...
Cold, hungry and desperate, a Runaway girl finally increased the distance between her paternal figures and herself, but at what cost? Wandering the streets hungry with no roof above her head, yet the young lady knows she cannot turn back. Unable to answer to a shady man's request for her...peach, driven by desperation she attempts to rob a young man walking down the street. How will their interaction ultimately shape their lives? (Many variations, discuss with me for potential plot ideas!)

The Darkness Writhes
"...Help me..."
1908. The Glorious Year of Steampower, London remains protected by the Impossible Reign of her Highness, Queen Victoria. Revolutionized by Steam-powered engines, technology leapt forward. The skies above darkened to a perpetual grey, the sky 'lost' to the current generation. At a time when even a single ray of light within the streets of London was considered a miracle even by the Pope himself, the shadows dance. Rumors regarding terrifying creatures that attack London at night, bodies found floating in the Thames surfaced, a murmur that sends chills to those who incline their ears. When your friend is attacked by a terrifying creature of the night, just how far will you go to save his/her life? (Basic Steampunk, Lovecraftian horror story with a little bit of intrigue and such. Sadly, there is only a premade character selection for this.)

I thought she was okay with it!
So dating her was going well. He had gotten to know about her family. They had quite the high expectation for their daughter's husband, already he could hear the words his father spoke to him about working hard. Despite this, his group of friends frequently egg him on. Goofballs, they were, but good friends regardless. One time, at a bar, talking about the rough treatment he got from her parents. Then, one day, they suggested a dare to him: kidnap his fiancee-to-be and treat her to a night of bondage! At the time it sounded like a stupid idea, but slowly, he came to give it a try. How will this little escapade turn out? (Could go many ways, let's talk about it!)

Not quite the person you thought him to be!
Introverted and quiet, a young man you had known for a bit continues to work his best even today. While college is going by well, you harbor a few feelings towards him, having known the young lad since you were but a dreaming girl. While your friends urge you to make a move, for a group project you are invited to his room, only to discover a few magazines and manuals relating to bondage. Suddenly, that drab young man is no longer that boy who occupies the corner of the library...he would be your personal master! (Quite open, the ideas can be reversed with the submissive being the introvert, ect;)

Some Secrets are best left as Secrets.
His father must be a holy man! Atleast, that was what you thought of as the reason why he was 28 and unmarried. He was a very handsome man who always had his doors open to any student that wished to come inside. Thankfully, much to the delight of others he is not married, the young teacher often smiles and even accepts tokens of admiration from others. Determined to look into the young man, you follow him only to discover a terrible secret: in his home, you find him burying the corpse of a woman with her throat slashed. Soon enough, to realize who this man was: the Saunterville Slasher, a devious murderer who emulates the depraved works of Jack the Ripper. What will you do when you hear the footsteps slowly coming closer? (Quite open, just the premise of an older love interest being a murderer or a murder enthusiast. Quite open for reinterpretation!)

The Doctor of, not that kind!
This young person is gifted in a way different from others: he (or she) can see how people will die. The specters of brutal murders, graphic car crashes and lethal altercations haunt their mind. Depending on their resolve and their past, they can make use of this power. How will they make use of it? Shall they use this gift for the greater good or abuse it? That, my friend, is up to you to decide. (The RP idea is about people who can see how people will die. This RP is very open, it can either be the partner or I who can be the Death Doctor. One plot idea is, perhaps he/she will try to stop the unjustified deaths or some people, maybe?)

Opening up through the work of the ropes
A reclusive girl, a smart young lady yet agoraphobic, lives her life shut into her own room. Her parents have long passed, traumatized by a car accident that claimed their life she resides in her one room apartment. Obsessed with academic excellence, as it was their last wish she carries on studying by herself. Studying advanced subjects many grade levels ahead, she subsists only on microwavable food she stocked up on, mathematics and an MMO. To quell her...needs, she performs self-bondage, often to relieve herself and to imagine her body being watched by another pair of eyes. Craving even a shred of interaction with people, she plays a Fantasy MMORPG. A guild member she had met, one she frequently talks with, seems to be getting along with her. One day, by accident, she links a bondage website to that same friend. Flustered, what will his reaction be?! (Just an odd pairing between a genius shut-in girl afraid of the outside world with a young man. This RP idea can be discussed.)

Lost in the world of Art
His life-like! The way he sculpts figures in different poses seems to preserve the vigor and impetus of each action depicted! Whether it be clay or wood, his ability to sculpt life-like figures entrances you in ways you thought never to have been possible. Eager to talk to the artist, you are excited to hear that he has found interest in you to be his source of inspiration! Haphazardly signing a contract, you walk into his studio only to find his true secret...will you remain lost in his world of art? (You will play an Artsy student who falls for his artistry, only to end up signing away her freedoms for a few months as she becomes his 'art-slave'.)

Kill the Saint, Crown the Demons
In our world...the creatures of the Night co-exist with the folk of the day. Born from a bloody betrayal, peace is finally restored after a turbulent war. With the records of the war against the darkness blotted out, many continue to live unaware of the existence of the Methuselah - Descendants of the longest-living descendant of Adam, those who sustain themselves with the blood of human beings; Vampires. After the Betrayal and the subsequent purge, a peaceful pact was formed between the denizens of the Night and of the day. However, in this modern time, what starts off as a string of seemingly unconnected murders slowly begin to tear the pact from the seams. Who is behind such gruesome murders of Methuselah? How will the peace remain when their numbers are whittled down without mercy or hesitation? The balance then hangs, perilously teetering to one side. (Very open idea; Just inspired by Vampire Knight. A modern fantasy-esque RP about Vampires, Vampire hunters and betrayals. The original idea was that you play a girl whose love actually turns out to be the murderer mentioned.)

The Intrusion
Year 2058. At the end of the Third world war, society has once again rebuilt itself after a bloody conflict. Cities became mega-metropolises, cities of the future divided into terraces based on Social rank: the poorest live near the bottom while the more affluent and wealthy reside in the Heaven Precinct. The government keeps a tight rein in on every citizen, watching their every move. What happens then, when a person encounters an extremely dangerous criminal within the safety of their home? Chased by the police, a figure, drenched in the rain clutching his/her side looks menacingly at you... How will you respond? (Mix 1984, future Utopia/Dystopia setting, a bit of politics and futurism and this is what you get. Sort of based on the previous idea To love a Subhuman. The intruder can be either male or female and you can choose either to play the intruder or the person.)

Erewa Chronicles: The First
In the world of Erewa, a fragile peace exists amongst the belligerent Ades Federation, whose advances in steam technology heralded the great Trion's declaration of the Artes' decline and the monarchic Kingdom of Turan. Within this peace, small tidings begins in the small town of Rhoendahl: a mining town that had expanded upon the discovery of the area's rich Iron mines, disappearances of anything metal began to worry the villagers. Sent by the League of Adventurers, a mercenary listing that allows anyone to hire adventurers, sends a group. While the mission at hand seems low-key...the group themselves seem to be nothing more than a bunch of misfit adventurers. And so the adventure begins! What trials awaits the mismatched group of adventurers?  (Open world, almost DND-esque. Medieval Fantasy with a little bit of politics mixed in.)

The White rose
What started out as a dare slowly became a journey into passion. It all started when a friend of yours invited you over to a 'party' with them. Sounds innocent enough, no? Imagine the surprise when the friend brought you to an S&M live demonstration. Having lived an otherwise vanilla and 'straight' life, the mere idea of bondage and the 'lifestyle' it illicit seems to turn you off from it, upon sighting the main event, your breath is taken away upon the sight of one known as 'White Rose' , a professional rope artist who drew art out of quivering and aroused flesh. Warmth filling your cheeks, mesmerized by the mystique held by the dashing figure beneath the mask, you tried to seek out the one who had drawn art with the ropes. How this little encounter in the small convention/demonstration is totally up to you!

The Marvelous Misadventures of the Magi!
In this DND-esque setting, many ill tidings occur at the mining city of Dekucht. Weapons are being stolen and even kidnappings are occurring. Sent either by an Adventurer's guild or simply drifting by upon hearing about the reward offered, an investigation has been put out. You, a very arrogant, condescending and curvaceous mage, believes this challenge is beneath your skill and easily takes it. What adventures awaits her as she would slowly get to the truth of the kidnappings? (DND-esque. It doesn't have to be a mage; it can be any female class. Very open!)

Between Duty and Obligation
In the future, wars are not waged to achieve peace. War because, in the words of their leaders, it was 'necessary'. Promising only total annihilation for the other side, both factions fight wars of attrition in a seemingly everlasting stalemate, atrocities piling bodies higher and higher. At a time when war was fought for extermination, two expert soldiers, both wielding experimental weapons known as 'Calamity Breakers' , fight to shift the balance of the war. Over time, these two rivals began to respect each other, while the 'overseers' to the war, the Arbiters, continued to look down on the desolate sky. In this post-apocalyptic wasteland, can their respect grow from beyond admiration? Would anyone uncover the conspiracy held by the Arbiters as they continue to watch the war slay more and more people? (Just a basic Rivals romance RP esque, with a little kink of course! There is a premade appearance for the character here, if you don't mind~ PM me to discuss more!)

Bound in an Adult store!
Despite what many believe, you actually help run an Adult goods boutique. At a time when jobs are scarce, you help out your aunt in operating the store. Despite the perverts here and there, your paycheque is consistent and you find the work relatively easy. However, what happens should a robber break in and take you hostage? With no money to rob, what would he see with two ladies bound up and gagged? (Just a random idea; can be a short story or could be a longer idea incorporating other plot lines.)

Rosa Morada: A home one cannot return to.
Bitter is the wanderer's journey and lonely is their grave. In a world similar to ours yet different in many ways, the path of exile is unforgiving upon those who journey there. The Kaasarovs, a wandering people was repeatedly expelled from many lands, are condemned to forever seek a sanctuary that would never become theirs. Spited for refusing to believe in the Shining Saint, their 'blood crime' became a pretense for pogroms and slaughters against them. In this cruel world, a single Kaasarovian girl, with her parents going before her, is left to wander in this cruel world. Begging in the street corners, hearing the ravings of a mad man, he spoke of a place they called "The New World" , where a beggar can become a rich man and where men are equal regardless of creed or skin. In a world so unfair, will this little one find her sanctuary, her home, the Rosa Morada? Or will she be devoured by the endless despair the world has out for her? (A bit of Steampunk, tragedy, Exploration and Fantasy mashed together. The idea is based on an alternate world: The Kaasarovs are akin to Gypsies and Jews, mostly. It is very open; it can be a quest to find the 'new world' or simply to be enslaved and cruelly treated on the way there.)

Deadman blues
It is the year 2079. An attempt to bring back a loved one unleashed a pandemic in the world. It was harmless to humans and animals, yet it brought back those who have died to a state of undeath, where they do not decay further yet slowly 'degrade' as if aging. Despite being everything opposite of the flesh eating monsters popularized by very old cult-classic movies, the world refused to acknowledge the 'Risen' as people. Unable to get rid of them, many cities simply opted to make outer cities or underground complexes to house the 'dead'. While there is a high chance of reincarnating, life is quite bleak amongst the 'Risen'. Among these is a young boy with a strange heart condition. With the worst symptoms mimicking death itself, he seemingly 'died' despite  being alive. Thrown out of society, he awakens to a new life as a 'Risen' , though he is determined to go back into the outer world. Just how will the underground city change him?. (Just an open idea...this is playing against the idea of Zombies being mindless cannibalistic monsters. The principle of the 'Noble Savage' applies here. It is somewhat of a slice of life with his day to day life living in the Underground city for the 'Risen', with a bit of comedy here and there! There is NO Necrophilia in this story, just mostly a casual comedy and slice of Life-esque RP.)

The White Rose of Rhoendahl
The rise of the Federation was swift and cruel. From the ashes of a humiliating defeat, a powerful figure arises from the shadows: a man who calls himself Augusta, the one who took the reins of the country Rhoendahl, renaming it 'Magna Germania', seeing it to be a name 'fitting' for a ruler. Awash with hatred, Augusta claimed that the loss was because of the minorities within Magna Germania: the Darcsen, long frowned upon for their crimes in the past. A young boy and girl grew up in such troubling times leading to the present, yet continued to live happily to some degree. Having lived together since the start of the First Great War, the two developed a budding relationship. As the rise of Augusta became more apparent, the young man joined into the infantry corps, the S-2, a brutal engine of repression that harassed the Darcsen populace. However, what will the young man do when he finds out that his close friend joined the resistance movement, the White Rose? (( Based on an alternate reality World War 2. Yes, the idea is mostly that of a boy who joins the Hitler Youth and eventually the Gestapo, while his childhood friend joined the White Rose movement. This is an alternate reality, so there is more leeway for things.))

But I swear he's not my father any more!
Naturally, any young man without a father would obviously be interested in finding out just who was their father. Not in his case, however. Having lived with only his mother in the past, while the thought occurred to him he never bothered to ask his mother. Having barely gone through his first year in College, the young man tries to work towards becoming an Accountant in his post-secondary path. As of late, crime has been on the rise: extortion of big businesses, corruption and murder had been on the rise and the young boy did much to dislike it. One day, however, he was nearly caught on the wrong end of a gun barrel when assailants tried to shoot him down, just when he barely got out alive. Met by his friend, he then came to realize the truth: that his father was indeed the cruel and territorial mob boss Don Enzo. To make matters worse, other mafia groups are specifically targetting him and most of his friends turns out to have mob ties to the same groups trying to kill him! How will this little story end up? (Basically, a play on the Mafia genre. It can go many ways, either a comedic route or a grittier, serious route.)

Hi ho, Silver!
The Cannonball run Race begins under the sponsorship of a conglomerate, known as the Morrison-Steele business conglomerate. Racing across American for 50 million dollars, many from around the globe gather to participate in this momentous race for their share in the prize money. Under the sponsorship of the current President, Benjamin Harrison, the race covers 9 stages from San Diego all the way to New York city. Many from around the globe join to race in what seems to be the event of a lifetime. However, beyond all this lies dangers beyond the enviroment that they would be travelling in. Murders and mysterious powers arise from amongst the racers, with the president ultimately seeking something beyond the race. Will your character survive the Cannonball Run race? (Based off of Jojo's Bizarre adventure: Steel Ball Run. This plot has Supernatural powers and a bit of combat, all while learning about racing and trying to make it out to the other side.)

Be careful of what you wish for!
A couple who had just gotten into bondage has come to a friction: the submissive desires a more extreme edge to their plays with the dominant wants to take it slower and perhaps a little gentler as well. Arguing with him time and time again, the submissive tells her master that she feels she is ready for something harsher. Wanting to prove to her just how naive she is, he makes a bet: she cannot withstand complete slavery for 4 weeks and would beg for it to end before that. Reluctantly she agrees, with her master 'passing' her over to his mentor, the man who had shown him the kinkier edge to BDSM. How will the submissive hold out? (Just a standard slavery and BDSM RP. It could also end up being non-consensual if you desire it.)

Biting off more than you can chew...
A runaway girl is a part of a few girls who play 'the game'. They would pretend to be interested in lonely people willing to spend so much cash on them. However, before putting out in bed, the girls would steal some of their money and run away. Dancing between the fine edge of legality and arrest, the girls find not only sustaining cash but also enjoyment, a thrill in their otherwise ruined lives. One such girl, a runaway girl who smoked at an early age, tries to steal from a young doctor, unaware exactly how deep she got herself into when she realized that the man she was pretending to date happened to be more than she expected he would be! (Could either be extreme with the patron being a murderer, smutty with an erotic twist as the man overpowers her or even just a romantic one when the person she steals from turns out to be a very nice person. Very open idea~! Based on The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor~)/size]

Shadows in the Rain
Whether intended or not, you witnessed something that you should not have; the Rain Men. An underground society that governs the underworld with an iron fist, these men are reputed to kill any man they are assigned to do, leaving no trace except their handiwork: the target's corpse. One rainy night, you receive a call from your parents, telling you to flee if you valued your life. Is there a safe haven to run from these mysterious men? Or would her discovery embroil her into a deeper conspiracy that would rock the underground? (Basically, a kidnap and bondage RP of sorts. Can be smutty or adventurey-ish.)

A boy found awash in the shoreline...your maids told you to simply leave the boy to die, but unable to see him perish you take him in and nurse him to health. Without a name, you give him one: Triton, the lord of the sea and the seafarer. Unable to forget this debt, he promises one day that he will whisk you away into a life of adventure, vanishing without a trace as he ran away. As you grow and soon forget his name, you are raised into a Matriarchal society (Or perhaps even develop an superiority complex towards men). Groomed in manners and in fine education, one day, before your proposed marriage which you didn't feel too opposed to, a buccaneer sweeps in, ties you up and takes you away as his 'booty'. And thus, the past comes full circle when the pirate 'believes' he saves you from an unwanted marriage. (Can be a myriad of things, from comedy to adventure or even slavery. Life at the sea and adventure~)

Paradise lost
At first, you believed that your slavery was a curse: sold from a rich family, you became another woman's slave and her partner. Yet even with her firm hand, she showed you a soft and almost...gentle side. As you begin to become more accustomed to slavery and servitude to another woman, another tragedy begins at your life: your mistress is kidnapped, with the perpetrator showing videos of her grueling bondage torture day after day. Determined to find her, you try to seek out where she is. Will you risk your life to find your beloved mistress? (Smutty, mostly BDSM and such. Will ask if you can play two characters.)

This wasn't included in the package!
A normal night in a hotel, what could possibly go wrong? After quite some time in this foreign country, you decide to retire for the night. However, within the hotel room you have rented, aside from the hastily replaced sheets, there was a rather large briefcase set there. Curious, one man opens it...only to find a girl bound and gagged, enduring a vibrator as she squeals for help. A victim of a kidnapping and slavery ring, just what was set to happen to the victim? (You will play the girl. Again, a mostly smutty idea)

Not just any other photo-op!
A photographer is down on her luck when suddenly, she answers a correspondence about a photo shoot that is 'unique', curiously wondering why the man asked how old she was. When she does appear, a few handshakes there and she proceeds to sign alot of documents then enters into a room where a woman kneels, demurely. The three talk for a moment, waiting for the girl to prepare her very first paid shoot only to realize that the other woman soon stripped and held her hands behind her back, ready for the man to tie her up. When it turns out she had signed herself up for a bondage photo shoot, will she have the guts to get through it? (You will play the photographer.)

Can you take his life away?
No matter how many times you had been mistreated, you owe all your life to him. No matter how far into the abyss you go, you are always willing to obey him. You were once a dead person, now you had been given life: an abandoned child taken in out of hospitality, you now serve the heir to a wealthy family. Even though he mistreats you severely, you follow his every command, wanting nothing more than to prove yourself to him. As his connections with organized crime deepen, you are then tasked to take the life of a young man who seemingly had no connection to the mob. Will you be able to pull the trigger and
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Re: Submit to the Ropes and the Will (Searching for Kinky females~!)
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2011, 12:19:46 PM »
I loved your writing and your secnario even more. I have been looking for a long time for someone who is into Japanese rope bondage and would be very interested to RP with you.

For some samples of my writing please look at: and

These are a little old but for I seem to play a man in all my RPs these days!

All the best


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Re: Submit to the Ropes and the Will (Searching for Kinky females~!)
« Reply #2 on: April 16, 2011, 12:50:07 AM »
Hm! I would much be delighted! Let us talk more in PMs!

On a side note, updated List and Current Cravings. If it has bondage, feel free to suggest it to me!

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Added a 100 Years War-esque Fantasy RP. Come get some~!

Protip: Gertrud is insincere, has an obsession with roses and has two servants: Adelbert and Anthony. If anyone gets this reference, I'd lol.
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Re: Submit to the Ropes and the Will (Searching for Kinky females~!)
« Reply #4 on: April 29, 2011, 05:58:03 PM »
I may be willing to do something with you in a fantasy setting, I haven't done much real bondage RP, as I tend to be into the more lighter end of the spectrum, but I really want to try something like what you described, please send me a PM if I am appealing to you.

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Re: Submit to the Ropes and the Will (Searching for Kinky females~!)
« Reply #5 on: April 30, 2011, 12:15:15 AM »
Is that so? Then I shall!
Many thanks for dropping by the thread!

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Re: Submit to the Ropes and the Will (Searching for Kinky females~!)
« Reply #6 on: April 30, 2011, 03:20:33 AM »
I'm always up for some fantasy and medieval Europe/Japan are fun too.

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Re: Submit to the Ropes and the Will (Searching for Kinky females~!)
« Reply #7 on: April 30, 2011, 08:36:43 AM »
Many thanks, all! I will send you a PM right away.'

Updated: Kidnapping gone wrong plot.
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Re: Submit to the Ropes and the Will (Searching for Kinky females~!)
« Reply #8 on: May 01, 2011, 06:03:38 PM »
Kidnapping gone wrong sound really fun. If you are willing to try out a newbie, Pm me.

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Re: Submit to the Ropes and the Will (Searching for Kinky females~!)
« Reply #9 on: May 02, 2011, 03:04:15 AM »

Suicidal Girl X Normal boy

interested in this pairing if you are still seeking a partner for it

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Re: Submit to the Ropes and the Will (Searching for Kinky females~!)
« Reply #10 on: May 02, 2011, 11:23:52 AM »

I would be honored! I have sent you a PM!


I've been searching for someone with this! I have replied to the PM sent!

Update: Added Time is Running out! RP idea.
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Re: Submit to the Ropes and the Will (Searching for Kinky females~!)
« Reply #11 on: May 03, 2011, 09:55:50 AM »
Your writing is very good:)  Stephie

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Re: Submit to the Ropes and the Will (Searching for Kinky females~!)
« Reply #12 on: May 03, 2011, 10:15:08 AM »
Many thanks for the Compliment!

Protip: Added the Things not meant to be seen RP idea.
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Re: Submit to the Ropes and the Will (Searching for Kinky females~!)
« Reply #13 on: May 06, 2011, 12:51:59 AM »
Protip: Added the Stuck...with you?! Plot idea.

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Re: Submit to the Ropes and the Will (Searching for Kinky females~!)
« Reply #14 on: May 10, 2011, 09:24:38 PM »
Protip: Added the Being of Hell commands Plot idea.

Offline Arcadia

Re: Submit to the Ropes and the Will (Searching for Kinky females~!)
« Reply #15 on: May 10, 2011, 09:50:58 PM »
And I'm liking the Being of Hell Commands idea! I'd be interested if it hasn't been snapped up already.

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Re: Submit to the Ropes and the Will (Searching for Kinky females~!)
« Reply #16 on: May 11, 2011, 09:23:26 AM »
Hoho! Is that so? Just hot off the thread and already, someone hooked!
I would send one PM your way immediately!

Protip: Kind of lusting for an Elven Slave RP of sorts...any ideas?

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Re: Submit to the Ropes and the Will (Searching for Kinky females~!)
« Reply #17 on: May 12, 2011, 10:05:37 AM »
Protip: Added the Not Quite a Joke... RP plot idea.

Hm. I should determine whether I need an update or clean up of the above Plot ideas.

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Re: Submit to the Ropes and the Will (Searching for Kinky females~!)
« Reply #18 on: May 19, 2011, 12:15:46 PM »
Protip: Added Death's Beckoning Call RP plot idea.

Just finished Angel Beats! and if anyone has any ideas regarding this, talk to me!

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Re: Submit to the Ropes and the Will (Searching for Kinky females~!)
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Protip: Added Doll's Judgment, the Master's smile RP idea.

Hm, anyone here know Gosick? It's based partially on it, particularly Episode 9.
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Re: Submit to the Ropes and the Will (Searching for Kinky females~!)
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Protip: Added The Curious case of the Wandering Painter and the Witch-to-be.

Nothing to say here, could look for a good source of inspiration if anything~!

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Re: Submit to the Ropes and the Will (Searching for Kinky females~!)
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I'm liking the looks of the Stuck...with you idea you have.

Haven't done any sort of bondage rping before.

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Re: Submit to the Ropes and the Will (Searching for Kinky females~!)
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Hm, unfortunately I already have someone with that RP.
If you don't mind choosing yet again... many thanks.

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Re: Submit to the Ropes and the Will (Searching for Kinky females~!)
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I saw you mentioned something about a elven slave RP. I'd be interested in speaking to you more about that if you are still interested in that. I may be new to the RP, but I'm willing to learn and give it a shot.


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Re: Submit to the Ropes and the Will (Searching for Kinky females~!)
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I have sent you a PM!