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Author Topic: Serra's World of Stories.... (F characters for Male Characters)  (Read 948 times)

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Offline SerraphynaTopic starter

Serra's World of Stories.... (F characters for Male Characters)
« on: September 05, 2012, 09:37:47 PM »

ღ Hello and Welcome to Serra's Idea's for Role Play ღ

Before we get started, perhaps we should go over a few things to ensure we are both a good match for one another to write together. Here is my On's/Offs. Take a look and read it over. Don't worry I'll touch briefly on what is there here as well for those that do not wish to go look.

For those that do not wish to click over, I prefer ~Story~ over sex, if you are looking for sex from post one to the last, please look else where. Sex should come because of the story, through the actions of the characters not just because. Give me a story, depth, character development, and a story that I can fall in love with and I'll be yours. Also I play females, and I will only rp with Male characters; that does not mean I care what sex you are personally. Also on a last note to touch on before moving on, I will play either a Submissive or one that doesn't involve into that - never will I pick up a dominant female I prefer a Dominant male.

Posting length, I post several paragraphs if not more for each post, I prefer the same given back. If you can not at least post three paragraphs in return on a fairly consistent basis you may wish to consider looking else where as well.

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Pairings and Worlds
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2012, 09:49:29 PM »

ღ Here I will go over basic pairings and different settings ღ

                    ❦ Pairings
Prince/servant (Princess, Lady...etc)
Knight/servant (Princess, Lady...etc)
King/servant (Princess, Lady...etc)



                    ❦ Settings
Fantasy (high - low)
Medieval Times
Ancient Greece
Wild West
World of Warcraft
Current Time
Current History


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Stories for your enjoyment
« Reply #2 on: September 05, 2012, 10:25:55 PM »

ღ Here are the RP Ideas I have ღ

To tame a Cowboy is far from easy and hard for most anyone. He's loyal, but far from the settling down type. The freedom of the land calls to him, the long days on the back of his trusted horse, working in the barn and shoveling manure are all more desirable to him then finding the right woman. That doesn't mean he refuses the one night stands or the use of the brothels, but they are just that nights to ease his needs. This story picks up in the old west. Where women wore dresses, handled the house and men were the ones that went out and worked from sun up to sun down. Although I think perhaps we can modify this a bit, she comes into the ranch as a worker, although trying to keep the fact she is a woman a secret. Another ranch hand, working along side him. Desire flares, but can she give up her secret. Will she be able to tame the untameable? Craving

For this I would love to do an arranged marriage. She the innocent Princess or Noble from the neighboring Kingdom, and him the Prince or Noble. Neither see the other till they are announced Husband and Wife. Both or one perhaps are in love with another, and is not happy with this arrangement but again neither have the choice. War is approaching on the front, and alliances must be made. With the war ever drawing closer, and a marriage built on anything but love, I think this could be a rather interesting rp. Perhaps he is cruel to her? Perhaps she still is pining for her lost lover, or he is. There are many different ways I see this going, perhaps together they save the kingdoms and fall in love or will it be another ending? Id personally love to see a bit more cruel Prince she is forced to wed. Craving this one.

This could be two different Rp's revolving around the same picture I used for inspiration for this. The two characters are shown they started out as a warrior and the Sorceress perhaps rivals as they fight for perhaps the same thing but neither agree with the other tactics or methods. Maybe he doesn't like magic? Perhaps she thinks she doesn't like 'brain-less warriors'?

ღ perhaps this is before they are turned to stone (which we never have to actually rp out so the rp can continue as we wish ) The meeting, and turmoil of the relationship, a Sorceress perhaps just coming into her magic and the warrior who perhaps hates magic and everything it stands for finds themselves thrown together on a adventure. (Perhaps even a GM of this? I'd be open to it!)

ღ The other one that could is when they wake up from the stone slumber, now in another time and place, do they still have their memories and what has changed in the world? Between them? Do they still find themselves drawn to one another or will they go different ways?

This picture struck a cord for me since I saw and I've been beating around several plot bunnies since. I have settled on this for a plot but I'm quite open to discussion if there is another you would like to play. I see two people that never should have been allowed to fall in love, perhaps an elf and a human? A King and a peasant? Prince and the servant? That did fall in love, they ran off and ended up getting wed, perhaps they were allowed to live together for the shortest time, a week? A day? Or perhaps they were found before they even could have a wedding night. Forced into the life they should have had, but always leaving their heart with the other. Now suddenly a turn of events and they find themselves together once more. Was it childhood love? A heavy dose of lust, or was it true love? How much has the other changed? Can they survive together or will they be torn down?

  They had a love story that should have been told for ages. The dashingly handsome Knight that was set to prove his worth to the Princess. She as beautiful as the stars in the sky and just as unreachable, each smile reserved for just him.  He had slayed dragons in her name, anything to prove his worth to prove he was worthy of her hand. Yet she remained aloof just outside his grasp, although she continued tugging him along, almost as if she was playing with him.  Finally she sends him off on what she promised was the last test. But here he finds himself a lost, captured elf. Slave to the people he was sent to release, possibly to his own death. He is taken captive and this is where the story unfolds. Two slaves, clinging to one another, different races, each desiring freedom for different reasons but slowly perhaps they come to care for one another. Perhaps forced into breeding, or laying with one another for the pleasures of the Captives.
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« Reply #3 on: September 05, 2012, 10:49:30 PM »

Pictures that I would like to play or that I'm working on stories for



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Rp Ideas that are used or Put to Rest for Now
« Reply #4 on: September 05, 2012, 10:52:45 PM »

RP Ideas put to bed

These I am either no longer interested in or has been taken

Letters From HomeThey met only hours before he left, her a waitress unhappy in her lot with life - wanting and needing more from it all. Him a solider off to war with only a few hours to spend, no friends and no family in this part of the city it was just him. Together they spend the last few hours he has before he goes off to war, perhaps window shopping or sharing a small meal and just talking. Before he gets on the train she offers her address, a way for him to get in touch or to keep in touch. Perhaps she is a bit smitten already with her Solider. But away he goes...

This is where the rp would turn a bit different, I'm looking for the letters, bit by bit getting more intimate more emotion filled. Together they come to care for one another, hoping for a chance to see each other again.

This can go many different ways...and I very much wish to see this one done.

Again this one could take a bit before it gets to the sex, and when it does get to that point it can be light to something else. But again the story leading up to them meeting again is what will set the pace. Be prepared for a bit of time to pass before they see each other.
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Re: Serra's World of Stories.... (F characters for Male Characters)
« Reply #5 on: September 17, 2012, 12:23:28 PM »
Updated with several more plot bunnies.

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Re: Serra's World of Stories.... (F characters for Male Characters)
« Reply #6 on: October 03, 2012, 02:12:32 AM »
Updated with the fourth story idea.