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Author Topic: Matronit's Institute of Discipline and Education (NC, BDSM, M/s) Interest thread  (Read 1636 times)

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Offline kazTopic starter

Welcome to Matronit's Institute of Discipline & Education (M.I.D.E)

Matronit's Institute is a specialist school where we train the wives, girlfriends and partners of the richest and most powerful men in the World.  These men want a certain kind of woman and here at Matronit's we cater to that demand.

Our young ladies begin their Year with us at the age of 21.  They are sent to us by their parents or future husbands.  Occasionally scholarships are granted to young women who show potential (or who do not come from wealthy families) and with our special care and education will make valuable additions to the wealthy families of todays society.

Our young ladies are only accepted after a lengthy selection programme.  They are expected to have a naturally submissive streak, any women referred to us who is found to be dominant will be referred to other institutions.  Here at Matronit's we only teach those with submissive natures.  Our 'kittens' become highly valued and are sought after by the rich and famous.

The year they are with us they will learn the things needed to turn them into the proper wives and girlfriends that today's discerning man requires.  They learn how to be the perfect Lady.  Hosting parties and planning events, they will learn how to look after a house, from selecting staff to actually running a house themselves.  They will learn how to behave whilst out and about and how to dress.  They will receive tuition in how to look good, what to wear and how to wear it.  They will attend fashion shows and lectures given by leading designers.

They will also understand their roles as submissives and slaves to their Masters.  Their education will also include sex, bondage, all areas of BDSM and D/s relationships.  They will be required to understand how to please their men and the consequences of not doing this.

All our staff have the best qualifications and the men on the faculty are all experienced Masters and Doms who want to mould the next generation of Kittens.  Kittens will also study dance, drama and music.  They will be shown everything they need to make them successful as wives and partners. 

There are balls and dances held during the year and a grand graduation celebration when all family are invited to attend the school.  Future husbands and partners are welcome to attend for a weekend, special guest suites are on site for such visits.

A Matronit Kitten learns the skills to last a life time.


Needed Characters

Institute Director – male, a strict Master.  Knows what is needed by todays rich Master. (On hold)

Teachers (they must all be able to teach a selection of subjects)
Maximum of 4
All male, strict, not bullies

Matron (If interested please PM me)
Female, switch – teaches dance and movement

12 kittens are accepted each year

Maids and other staff
Probably NPC.


Character Biography

Position applied for:



Appearance: (Both an image and a written description)


Sexual experience:

Special Educational notes: (IE Dancer, singer, anything educational)


Reason for attending Matronit's:

Other Information that might be helpful: Any specialities that she needs to be trained in, etc

I will not be accepting any guys playing girls or vice versa.  This is just a personal preference of mine.

If you are interested please let me know here and PM me your completed character sheets.  I will be selective in my selections.  This is from experience.  And nothing else.

More details will follow once I see how the game is received.

Code: [Select]
[b]Position applied for: [/b]

[b]Name: [/b]

[b]Age: [/b]

[b]Appearance: [/b] (Both an image and a written description)

[b]Personality: [/b]

[b]Sexual experience: [/b]

[b]Special Educational notes: [/b](IE Dancer, singer, anything educational)

[b]Background: [/b]

[b]Reason for attending Matronit's: [/b]

[b]Other Information that might be helpful: [/b] Any specialities that she needs to be trained in, etc
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Offline Meister

Letter of interest submitted.

Offline kazTopic starter

Welcome for sure.  I will get a character thread up soon.  Glad to ahve you with us :)

Offline Keaira

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Wonderful idea kaz, I think I may try and work out a CS woon.. I think playing a naturally submissive for a chanfe will be great!

Offline kazTopic starter

I do lie the idea fo some of the girls not knowing they are submissive and struggling to begin with.  I want to explore their education in all aspects here, not just the sexual side ;)

Offline minerva7790

Wow, I love this! I'll get a CS to you soon! By the way, I love the term 'kittens'. It's very endearing, methinks! ;)

Offline AllOrNothing

Not confident enough to join but this looks really excellent, good luck! :D

Offline Caela

Hey Kaz, this looks like fun! Will write up a character sheet for you!

Offline LimitlessNikkie

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Great Idea Kaz might put up a CS later tonight or later in the week.

Offline HerKitten92

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Love your idea. I will be getting a CS to you soon =]

Offline kazTopic starter

Hey guys,

Got some wonderful characters appearing.  This will be a good game I hope.

I will get threads up in the next week or so,Links will be posted here and PMed to you.  We need some more teachers, and there is room for more Kittens.

Thanks for the interest

K x

Offline rpgirl85

nice idea..will try to work out a char sheet soon..

Offline Isengrad

kaz, like all your ideas i have stumbled upon this is really to good to pass up. A shame the head master is on hold, a firm hand and a quick crop in hand. Ah well, Ill certainly be making a teacher instead, perhaps a Exercise instructor as well as a lesson in proper slave behavior.

Offline Qt

Definitely interested, will draw up a teacher CS soon.

Offline kazTopic starter

Glad to see such interest.  I will get a character and OOC thread up later.  This will be placed in the NC section.

Offline Qt

Okay, PM sent.

Offline Caela

Hey Kaz, are you still wanting to do this game or are things just too hectic for another game hun?

Offline Apraxia

Ooh, this looks like fun. Totally interested. Shame players can't play another gender though.
My ignorant feelers showing, but just so we're on the same page, what exactly does 'kittens' mean? What would their roles entail?

Offline Isengrad

Hey Kaz, are you still wanting to do this game or are things just too hectic for another game hun?

I was wondering this myself