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Started by Meister, December 17, 2010, 09:58:56 AM

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Extreme non-con, just about everything but snuff, incest/pedophilia, and mutilation/vore.

This does include scat/urine, bestiality, massive torture and blood, and semi-public humiliation and degradation.

I and rpgirl85 are in the process of working out a play, but got to talking about making it into a group thing. We are looking for a Fem or futa/herm Dommes, and any sub regardless of sexual anatomy or identity.

The scene itself revolves around the Domme and I working for an underground porn ring, specializing in kidnapping beautiful young people and subjecting them to all manner of torture and dehumanization. Some 1on1s, some threesomes, some orgies, along with lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of really sick stuff that would make the average person lose their faith in humanity to learn that hundreds of technically-humans pay some $200 a month to watch this.

First two to provide a character sheet that looks grounded in reality and a promise of being able to make at least one post a day get in. Assuming that's met, I'll get things started in the Extreme board this evening. If you want details, talk to me or rpgirl85.

EDIT: So apparently the original fake domain name is actually a real domain name. Before you perverts flock to it, it is completely unrelated to anything I posted. Sorry.


Name: Alexis Weston
Age: 19

History: Weston Family was one of the richest families  in the whole state and Alexis along with her elder brother Richard were the heir  to an empire of nearly 500 million dollars. Born with a silver spoon, Alexis had  so far enjoyed a very easy life so far. Her parents showered her with love and  she was one of the most popular girls in her high school. Though she wasn’t  particularly bright in academics but the influence and money of her father had  gotten Alexis in one of the top art colleges in the country.
Personality: It won’t be wrong to say that all this money had gotten to her head. For Alexis, the earth revolved around her rather than the sun.  She was very stubborn and usually got what  she wanted. She dated the guys that were good for her social image in her past.  She dreamed of being the chairman of her father’s empire one day ahead of her  older brother Richard. She always remained eager to show her father how capable she was in every opportunity she got, being it organizing small events in the city for his company or helping him in devising publicity strategies.


Plato Greeley, the very embodiment of everthing pornography had made possible, from VHS to literature, and moct certainly the Internet. He joined Obscaena shortly after highschool. The Dominatrix he replaced after his audition with her is in a persistant vegetative state. He is arguably the sickest fuck on Obscaeana's payroll, and considering that his colleagues include another Dominatrix who bathes her slaves in piss and shit, that is saying something. He delights in casual cruelty and is generally a disgusting person to be around, but he's too damn good at what he does for anyone to dare complain, lest he turn his eye to them. His business with Alexis goes back to highschool. She had her chance to make a friend of him several years ago. It's too late for her now.


Name: Chrissy Barnes
Age: 25

History: Chrissy was a military brat from the start. She enjoyed living her life, and although she wasn't always popular because her opinionated mouth, she did get plenty of mention around school when she was younger.. and now around town. She considers herself to be normal, though her appetite for things isn't quite as normal as she would think. Chrissy is always looking for more.. bigger, better. She found herself drug addicted by the age of 21, a whore by her 22nd birthday to pay for her vices, and now at 25.. she's recovering from the follies of her youth. Jaded and headstrong, she has a strong sense of self, and inflicts her pain upon others. She had stumbled into a job.. if you could call it that.. as a sexual switch for a small, ragged little store that did business in the shadiest part of town. Changing between dominant and submissive for little more than pocket money didn't sound all that bad.. but she felt empty in her dealings. She wasn't content with her life, and went searching, once more, for bigger and better things..
To have someone give you control of their body and mind, to be entrusted with the responsibility to take care of them, to have someone willing to suffer for you, to forsake pride and dignity to please you... what other gift in this world can possibility equate to that? And more importantly, what makes you worthy to receive it?

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Name: Misty Weatherford

Age: 18

Hieght: 5ft6in

Weight: 122lbs

Personality: Misty was always a shy, quiet girl.She was a bit of a recluse, but a big movie buff. She was smart and extremely academically inclined. She was the girl that the jocks always wanted to be with because she was indeed HOT, but she concentrated on her life. Despite her shyness Misty was pursuing a path to be a model so she could pay for her college.

History: Misty came from a middle class family. Her father was a drunkard and bearly kept a decent job through her childhood. Her mother was always working and never home. She had a brother that died at a young age so she decided to get through the hell on her own.

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IC thread posted.

Ok, so, haven't heard back from the lady who wanted to play a Domme. Hopefully NornSavant will reach us soon, if she actually is still interested. In the mean time, we can at least get some introductions up. I was hoping you girls could RP getting captured with a partner, so don't let your characters get too comfortable. Just depends on how long it takes for Norn or her pinch-hitter to come in. If no one is on by the end of the week, we'll just have to see what we want to do.

Not that I mind having three lovely ladies all to myself for a while  ;D


I'd consider playing a male sub if a Domme came along.


Marion Ryan
Age – 18

With a history of mental illness stretching back into her family Marion never really had a chance. She grew up as a normal little girl in her foster homes never knowing anything about her real parents.

When puberty came upon her so did the psychosis, the desires to harm herself, the urges to do terrible things. They invade her dreams, her waking moments.

For a while, the medication helped but things were so complicated and she never had enough money. Living on her own for a year was more difficult than she ever imagined and she couldn’t afford the medication or much of anything else now.