In a perilous garden... [Male, Female, Futa]

Started by NornSavant, December 14, 2009, 02:06:56 PM

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...dangerous thoughts grow.


What I want
I am looking for a partner who can be dirty AND creative. I will cheerfully overlook some spelling problems, some grammar problems, time constraints, tendencies to vote republican and leaving the seat up if you can be dirtily creative and creatively dirty.

I want a smart partner who can deliver the descriptions well and is not afraid to get dirty or even messy but doesn’t get bogged down in the repetitive nature of sex scenes. And they can be repetitive. I don’t even mind the euphemistic approach as long you aren’t trying to avoid the mention of pussies and cocks and cumming. No fear.

Although I have some plot ideas, take a look at my ons and offs. If you see something there you like, lets talk about it.


How I want it
Third person past please. It is a standard writing viewpoint and I think it makes for better reading after the fact. I know that tense may shift from time to time and, while I wont be dropping the English teacher hammer on you, I just ask for third person past as much as you can, please.

You don’t have to throw down five paragraphs, but I do ask that you cover the subject well. If you are describing the throes of passion, then let’s hear it. I want to really know what is going on. If you can make that happen in a few lines then that’s fine, but take the time it takes to put it down please. I will be doing that for you.


Where I want it
I play by post. If you just have to keep it a big ‘ole secret then we can play by PM but please don’t ask for IM contact. That just ends up being a big problem for me.

Did I mention that I play everything in the Extreme Forums? I ask that you don’t kill the RP, but if you want to get a little crazier then go for it. I mean none of this is real; we are all here to get into things that we will never see in real life, so run down the plank and jump, let’s see what happens. I am all about talking it over and communicating but don't hesitate to suggest things not on my NO's. If the story can take it then lets try it.


Whom I want
Even though a plot says it is only open to females and you happen to be penis enabled or vice versa, don’t despair. I’m only talking about the character. If you can write a good male or female, or herm or trans or multi or libidinous goo, well come on down. I am not really very hung up on the real plumbing; I’m way more interesting in the writing. I can work with you.


When I want it
I will go through times where I can post with the speed of a tail-chasing crack-soaked chihuahua, and then there are times where I will have to let a few days go before I can get back to you. I will not always be able to let you know about these times. I apologize in advance, but I can be somewhat entertaining so don’t give up on me.


Plot ideas

The Surrogate ( birth fetish, orgasm control, sci fi, space opera )

The Surrogate
In the far future the universe has been rocked by a cosmos shattering war that has left many races genetically debilitated and trying to recover. As a result, some surviving races were modified into the perfect surrogates able to bear the children of other races. Their duty to undergo the process of pregnancy and birth expedited by nano-technology and genetic relocation 

You can be either the new surrogate just beginning her exotic duty and I will be the experienced companion assigned to keep her safe and render such aid as she will certainly need. Or you can be the inexperienced companion just assigned to the surrogate, learning their erotic duties.

Denizen - Fantasy - Many fantasy races

Welcome to the strange high fantasy world of Denizen where a thousand different fantastic species roam, centaurs, minotaurs, elves, amazons and sprites all shopping in the cobblestone market or brawling in the mead inn.

Despite the diversity there are really only two sort of beings in Denizen, Vessels and Magi. Vessels hold magical power; their bodies produce it and store it. But vessels cannot use magic. Magi have the ability to channel and focus magic from the vessel into powerful magical effects but they can produce none of their own.

The best way to get essence from the vessel is during orgasm and the sort of orgasm they experience affects the sort of essence granted. Oral sex might produce fire essence suitable for big explosions while anal sex might offer up translocational essence allowing the Magi to teleport wherever they wish.

The lowest caste of them all is the blank, a being with no magical talent and no essence.

Because the world of Denizen and there are so many fantasy races to choose from there is no need to tie ones self down to a single one. We could decide on a pairing to start with and then switch to another pairing if you wanted to, to try out something new. I would rather you play the vessel at first, until you got the hang of how the magic works. Then you can try your hand at being a magus.

Note that a vessel cannot use magic but they can do almost anything else, sing and dance, be a swordfighter, martial artist, wealthy, nobility. Just because you are a vessel doesn’t make you a damsel in distress (or dat dress *snort* )

Some more fun facts about Denizen

Any and all fantasy races are present but not really any half breeds, most races breed true if they breed at all.

Denizen is the name of the world and the name of the capital city, an ancient sprawling creation many times the size of New York City,

Mages are races that can channel and mold magic to do certain things but they have no magic of their own and cannot make any. They can only get their magic from vessels.

Vessels produce magic in their body but they cannot mold or access it.

Blanks neither produce nor control magic, in Denizen they are lower than dirt.

The best way to get magic from a vessel is during orgasm especially slightly delayed orgasm.

What the magic can be molded into depends on how the magic was obtained, what sort of orgasm and what the vessel felt at the time. Different combinations of position, place, body state, and length of orgasm denial lead to different spell types.

No two vessels are alike. Mages take time to learn their vessel and they don’t like losing their vessel or using any other vessel. They will occasionally kill each other’s vessels in power struggles.

Not all mages are terrible but many are earning the whole profession a reputations for being dangerous and unpredictable.

Most of the beings in Denizen have slangy nicknames, Goblins are called squeaks, Amazons are sometimes called Toughs or Bows, Humans are called Skins, and so on.

Slang in Denizen is almost a language of its own, it’s called “cant” or “street cant”

Some cant names for mages are snaps, dooits, weavers, or tinkers

As You Wish ( djinn, puzzle, mysticism, modern )

As you wish

Having found the huge brass urn at Farsea Imports, she brought it back to set in the corner perfectly complementing the end table and the carpet. But it would be so much nicer with a few cattails in it or some dried grasses. So she pried out the lead sealed stopper.  In a sudden whirling of winds and rush of spiritual fire there stood a being, a woman, naked and marked with symbols painted onto her skin.

That’s right, you now own your own Djinn, only they don’t really work the way they do in movies and story books. You will have to ask some questions to get the real story from you lovely slave

You will have to learn how to exert power over the Djinn but once you do, her abilities will be at your command.

I will be playing the Djinn.

Prisoner of War ( sci fi, programming, puzzle, robot/synth/gynodroid )

Prisoner of War

You ordered the personal synth because the prices were finally a little more reasonable and you have been doing okay at work. The war with Elusia was still raging full force but that was an ocean away and the whole conflict was automated anyway so its not like you would ever be drafted.

When the syth arrived though, it was nothing like you expected. It was nothing like it was supposed to be. What was this strange lovely creature? Being a coder you tried to get a better look only to find it was utterly unlike anything you had ever seen. Can you work out how to command your new synth? Can you work out its true purpose and its strange history?

You will play the initially hapless owner of a strange changeling of a synthetic being. But your coding skills will give you access to some of its internal structure and with some work you might be able to make her into anything you desire.

  A Life Sentence ( super hero, sci fi, control )

A Life Sentence

Mankind had exploded onto the cosmos with the understanding of the Gellar engine, a series of protocols that allow “ghost travel” moving humans from their diminishing blue jewel into the depths of the void to populate planets and moons and build foothold at the very limits of probability itself. But in the darkness of every shining ark there were rats and with the advent of the Gellar engine, the discovery of “layer worlds” which exists in and out of reality and the sheer power of wedging open the secrets of the universe human kind had taken an unforeseen step into the fires of chaos.

The Angelus Effect: (Disc. Dr. Francis Charles Angel) A syndrome in which a single human’s observable quantum existence has been reinitialized into a distinct and stable plateau in which classical physics behaves in a consistently divergent manner.

Humans had powers. And for the first time since the long remembered “war on terror” and its terrible denouement a single human suddenly had the ability to be indescribably dangerous. Several thousand lives later the Conference of Leaders acted. Their action was as swift as it was harsh. Technology was the weapon, the hound and the judgment of the Quantum-typical. And within months the universe had become a field of hunters and hunted. The foxes, for all their powers, could only run and keep running as the near endless might of fearful constellations snatched them from the board piece by piece.

Things looked bleak for their kind until some enterprising criminals came to understand that these foxes, these angels, were one of the last untapped resources in existence. The term “fate worse than death” became a point of contention once more.

Angels were offered a way to escape their pursuers, to disappear into the underworld as sure an any soul from a Greek play. Anonymity, life and protection in return for servitude, degradation and prostitution. It seemed as good a deal as they would ever get and it was just that. Any angels that did not satisfy their employers were simply set free. And freedom was a death sentence with no reprieve.

Now the dark corners, the seedy belly and the rancid hideaways of the spotless world held beautiful rats, lovely and terrible like forbidden fruit passed from privileged lips to tattered glove alike. Each with the understanding that a life sentence was still a life.

Angel Categories from 0 (the most dangerous) to 5 ( the least dangerous)

0 Mentalists of any sort
1 powers which physically affect others in a large area
2 powers that physically affect others in a small area
3 powers that only affect the target
4 powers that have no physical effect but are demonstrable
5 powers that have no physical effect and are not demonstrable

The Long Walk – (open to male,female or futa characters)

This is meant to be a Warhamer 40K storyline but by keeping its chaos element, it can fit any sort of time frame or setting.


The chaos storm rages in the sky, day or night I can’t tell. If there is a sun up there then the purple white blare of chaos has eaten it. If there are stars then they are lost behind the veil of the whirling vortex, the blaze of life and death all wrapped in on itself.

I have a prisoner. Separated from my unit and miles behind enemy lines one of us thought I would be an easy target but one of us was wrong. She tried and failed and now I have the business end of a slug-thrower ready to spit her alien brain all over imperial soil... if I ever find imperial soil again.

My armor is wrecked and my flack vest will kill me from the heat. If you get my recording, know that we are marching south, the xeno and I. South until we run out of land, until we find the lines, until we both get swallowed up in the whirl of chaos. We have water and food but I am out of slugs. She doesn’t know that.


This story is about a prisoner and her captive. I would prefer to play the captive. I am fond of Warhammer but it doesn’t have to be that specific if you are worried about lore disparities and such. There is, however, a huge force of chaos raining down change upon them and they are on a march, a travel from where they first found each other toward some place of safety at least for one of them ( but which one will it be?)

The beauty of this story is that we both get to suggest changes to the other., things brought on by the the chaos. These are temporary thing that occur and then vanish as the energies of the chaos rift pass through us. It can be funny or gross or sexy or whatever you want. So While we are encamped I might suggest that your clothes are all slowly becoming a living thing complete with eyes and mouths (super creepy!) and in return you could suggest that I might grow a prehensile tail for a while.

While I might be playing the captive, don't think that means you have to be the dom. We can work that out but the story arranges itself such that I can be in control. Or if you enjoy the top position, you can do that too.

This is a candidate for the Extreme boards and may include light potty play, humiliation, dirty talk, desperation, watersports, and or squirting of many sorts. We can talk about it ahead of time. Other extreme kinks like birthing, impregnation, oviposition and harder kinks available upon request.

  To Save the World ( super hero, humiliation, orgasm control )

To Save the World

The Jade Empress has ruled the villainous underworld of Universe City for years. Others have fallen to her intrigues, her machinations or her brilliance. Who teams of super heroes have been challenged and swept aside by her plots. Only you have managed to consistently foil her designs, sometimes through careful planning and sometimes through dumb luck. But you have been the hero that has stood between Universe City and the ruling glove of the Jade Empress

Now she has called you out, invited you to her secret lair with a promise of no tricks, no attacks, just a parley on the future of the city and the world. No way you can trust her but this is too good of an opportunity and if she does try something, you will be ready.

Universe City needs you and so might the world.

You can play your original creation hero for this bit of modern heroic erotica. If you have a mind to use an existing character we can talk about it. I am always fond of your creations though. No serious limit on powers but it would be a kindness if you edged away from shape-shifting and the like.

  The Cold Queen Commands ( Fantasy, various, open to female )

The War is Over

The last battles for Thuria have been fought and the nightmare queen has won. Her dark forces have rampaged across the world, every island, every land. Great walls and towering Fortresses have fallen to her horde of heartless creatures.

They spilled forth like a plague of terror from the icy northern wastes of Vella and nothing could stop them. Only the Queen’s fathomless power could direct them, only her will could stay their ruthless claws.

When the conflict began in earnest, a powerful firebrand King from the South land of Maria united the many lands against the onslaught. This High King fueled the many fraction lands to pool their nobility, their courage and their wills to stand against the terrors descending on them. It was a glorious time when the people of Thuria came together top be the best that they could be.

And it wasn’t enough. Kings, Rajahs, Pashas, and Emperors watched their mighty borders crumple and fall, their people die screaming and the finest of their troops fall to be devoured by the monsters of the icy north.

When the High King personally took his phalanx of armored paladins to the very gates of Icehold and shattered the huge door that keep the dark castle from the snows, everyone thought that good and light would finally prevail.

But when his body was flung from the highest parapet into the endless fissures of the shifting Icemarch. All hope was lost. One by one they all bent the knee, succumbing to the nightmare.

Now the lands of Thuria are united nuder the fist of the Dark Queen. But her conquest is not over. The daughter of the High King is rightful ruler to a United Thuria. The Nightmare Queen has summoned her to Icehold. What awaits for the future of the world? Will the princess be able to turn the will of the Dark Queen? What awful bargains lay in wait?

You will be the Princess and I will play the queen, mainly because there is a story and I know how the story goes. So fair bit of RP with this one. there is some opportunity for humiliation with this one if that's something you want. It fits veeerry nicely into this scenario.


Some other areas in which I am interested…

Warhammer 40k
Warhamer fantasy
Twisted Disney Princesses
Super Heroes
Anything in my ON’s


And finally

Don’t post in this thread, I won’t be looking. I mean you can if you want to I suppose but I won’t care. I’ll be looking for PMs, so whisper to me sweet.


If you have good ideas for what the djinn's secrets are and want a partner who's pushy and persistent in uncovering them, I'd love to try out the djinn story with you (though I can't promise a time commitment).


Added some fun facts about Denizen

So job up yer skellie skins, and scratch a bit. I'll spec ya tha lobbins if yer squeeze enough.


Added a little info to clarify just what the open designations mean. Yeeesh, I might have to clarify what that last sentence means as well, holy obscure english batman!


Added Experimental Protocol because I was mind controlled to do it @.@


Heroically added "To Save the World"
Added "Prisoner of War" now to study its code hmmmm...
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