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Author Topic: Allison's compendium of Ideas (F seeking good RP)(Huge Variety)  (Read 2201 times)

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Cravings, Plots, and Pairings
Looking for new RP Partners! Please PM, don't post here

Craving is in Green

Doctor Who? *Taken*
Doctor Who?

You: The Doctor
Me: The Companion
Type: Fantasy, Fandom

He's known throughout the galaxies, gallivanting all over space and time and he's been the Doctor twelve different times. In the thousands of years he's lived, he's taken on an innumerable amount of companions, and we have yet to hear all of his stories. And indeed, we've yet to hear of all of the monsters he's encountered. The doctor has found his newest companion in the most ordinary of ways, just a regular girl who asked the right question at the right time. And as the story goes, it always does, she falls in love with him. But realizing he would reject her, she has to find release in other ways, having him take her to more and more perverse planets. She sneaks off now and again, finding time when the Doctor has left her alone to fight some catastrophic event to fill her ever growing needs. Eventually he may find out and either shun her and kick her loose, or maybe, he'll find her antics interesting.. entertaining. Afterall, he's been around a very.. very long time, and is incredibly bored for most of it. His new companion may be just what he needs to bring spice back to his life. So many places, so much variety, the things they will do would make you blush.

I've recently gotten very into the revamped Doctor Who series. I'm loving it so far and would love to do a sexualized fandom of it. The Doctor always has a companion, and they tend to get very attached and want to be with him. He even has a wife at one point. What I would love to do is to explore beyond the current Doctor Who to a twisted version of him, where his love of life is fading and he wants something.. else. Ideas are welcome!

Saw Again

You: The environment/The saw killer
Me: The victim
Type: Horror, Non-Con, Extreme

Do you want to play a game?
Waking up to find yourself strapped into a device is terrifying enough. But imagine the depravity that comes with the kind of person that would strap you into a bear trap helmet and demand that you do a variety of unspeakable things. Things you could never imagine wanting to do. And only a limited amount of time to do it in! What would you do to live through this horror. Hurry up, choose who lives, who dies, and whose cock you ride in order to survive. Even if you survive the first test.. will you survive the next?

I am a huge fan of the Saw movie series.  I would love to roleplay something like it with a more sexualized theme. Just as graphic.. just as painful.. but much.. much more sexually torturous. The idea of this one is definitely NC, EX and Horror themed. If this isn't your cup of tea, probably best to look at the other ideas :)

The Bite

You: The vampire
Me: The bloodslave
Type: Varying, Possible Non-con, Victorian, BDSM themes

He was so charming and mysterious. He made her heart pound in ways she couldn't describe just by talking to her. She was enthralled, and didn't even know it. His smooth as butter voice made her quiver in ways she'd only imagined late at night and alone with her fingers. But how could he have his grips in her so tightly already. She'd just met him tonight! And yet, as she looked at him, her knees trembled and her fingers shook and her heart fluttered. And her neck.. ached. It was all like a dream really. Thinking back to earlier, she vaguely remembered protest as their innocent kiss turned into more. And then the soft whimper as he gently nipped her neck.. turning into a yelp as he bit her. She could almost feel it again, but as she looked into his eyes.. she forgot herself again, forgot what thought was there.. was there a thought? All she knew was she wanted him, more than anything. She wanted to feel his lips against her neck once again, feel his fingers grazing against her flesh. Oh how she ached for it...
Outside of my traditional realm, I've found myself a bit enthralled with Vampires lately. Not the shining, teen-angst variety but those that are truely gritty and brutal. Think more Vampire the Masquerade, Underworld, Interview with the Vampire, Dresden Files and less Twilight. The kind that have blood slaves that they feed upon, abuse to no end. These blood slaves are essentially slaves to the vampire they feed (or vampires). They would do anything for the euphoric sense they feel upon giving their blood, including various tortures for the eternal, bored beings who keep them. This is open for discussion on plot twists or variations.

Gangbang Fantasy

You: Husband/Various Men
Me: The Wife
Type: Cuckold, possible BDSM

They've been married for years, and have been very open with their sexuality. He knows she's wanted to star in a gangbang since before they took their vows, but it's always been hard for him, considering she wants him to be the camera man and not active. How long will it take for him to give in to her desires. He didn't want to admit it, but he loved the idea of watching another man take his wife. And once it happens the first time, will he be the one to suggest more? She's a thrill ride in the bedroom, open to anything and she's been begging him to go to mixers, eager to try to coax him into a safe version of what she's always wanted. Maybe he'll finally agree to bring someone (or more than one) home to play with her. She is, afterall, delicious and deserves to be filled by as many cocks as she can take, right?

Typically I wouldn't do a scene like this, but something about it has me kind of enticed. The taboo nature of the wife/husband dynamic mixed with the bull/cuck has me intrigued. It's set up to be fairly light in nature, though things are definitely open for discussion and details are definitely able to be changed as needed.

Time to Stretch *Taken*
Time to Stretch

You: Manipulative man
Me: Naive single woman
Type: Possible BDSM/Non-con

A single woman has been experimenting with herself. She's spent the last year learning how to be single and enjoy life. She makes regular visit to adult shops now, picking up various toys to play with. As a laugh, she picked up a larger toy but is too scared to use it. She meets a man that is intent on stretching her out (this could be an online playmate or the adult store clerk or even a man she meets at a bdsm mixer). At first he seems quite sweet, and intrigued by the new toy she bought. But as time goes on, he gets more and more insistent that she try it. She's reluctant, but eventually gives in, trying out her new toy, and she doesn't regret it. Fortunately (or unfortunately), she tells him all about it and he's thrilled. Infact, he offers some suggestions and he seems to have an endless supply of larger and larger toys. But as she becomes a size queen, he begins to ask more of her, withholding his collection until she does various things for her. How much dignity is she willing to give away to fulfill her need to be stuffed by larger and larger toys?

This is a personal fantasy of mine, one I've had for a very long time and I would love to play this out with someone.

Mister J
You: Joker
Me: Harley

I'm sure this theme has been hit many.. many times recently but it's always been one of my favorites. Harley and the Joker are two entirely dysfunctional people who somehow become a couple. Whether it's a light comedy or runs with super dark themes, I am always.. always up for this one.

Sword Art Online Fandom *Taken*
Sword Art Online Fandom
You: A character or environment (up for discussion)
Me: A character

The idea of being stuck in a virtual world (and knowing it) has always been interesting for me. Once I found SAO, I became hooked. I've only watched the first season, and am gearing up to watch the second, but what I've seen lends itself to some seriously awesome story telling potential. If anyone is up for a collaboration on this, I'd love doing it. Seriously, give me that geekgasm.

The Writer
You: The Writer/Any extra players you wish
Me: Variety of Player

Loosely based on the TV series Once upon a time.  The premise is that a man with a magic quill and ink has the ability to write anything he wants and make it true. To change the fate of any and every character in a story, to force them to do something they don't want to do, or to change who they are entirely. From hero to villain and back again. Nothing is off limits, nothing is too much. What kind of twisted tales will the writer create?

You: Guidance Councilor
Me: Geeky Girl

A geeky girl has found herself wanting to be more than just someone the jocks copy their homework from. Nobody gives her a second glance in the halls, she blends in better than a gecko on a leaf. She's spent all of highschool being a nobody, and now that senior year is here, she's ready to be more than what she is. Perhaps she's watched one too many transformation movies. Though try as she might, she can't seem to stand out. In a desperate attempt, she tries out for cheerleading, this is the last year she can afterall. Much to her surprise, even after what she thought was an awful audition, she makes the cut and finds herself suddenly slammed into the spotlight. The problem is, even though she thought she wanted this, she can't handle it. The girls are nice enough, the boys have started catcalling her, and even some of the teachers give her untoward glances. She breaks down, going to the guidance councilor, who is kindly and sweet at first. But slowly his advice seems more and more strange. How far will he guide her, and what are his true intentions? Will she survive her last year of high school, or will she suddenly disappear, seemingly dropping out of school and running away?

General Pairings
M/F, M/M/F, M/F/F, F/F, F/F/F, M/M/M/M/M/M/F.. you get the drift
Vampire/Corruptible Girl
etc etc etc

Picture Plots (Look at your own peril.. [EX])

Sticky Wasp Rape
Faceless sex monster w/girl
Centaur Kidnap
Interesting fisting
Party's plaything

More to come soon

Quite basically, what I'm craving, wanting, seeking.. is a good epic roleplay, that goes deeper than sex and involves intrigue, desire, mindfucks and more. I want long descriptive posts of at least 2 paragraphs or more, I want consistant postings, and I want depravity. Plot twists, changes in the characters over time, and a no limits attitude.

Are you ready to challenge me?
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Re: Allison's compendium of Ideas (F seeking good RP)(Huge Variety)
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Changed format slightly, added Mister J, Sword Art Online Fandom, The Writer, Cheerloser.