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May 28, 2017, 05:18:06 AM

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Author Topic: Seeking something Epic and Extreme (F seeking good RP)(Mostly EX/NC/Fantasy)  (Read 1616 times)

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Offline AllisonTopic starter

Cravings, Plots, and Pairings
Looking for new RP Partners!

Sensual  :-*
Sensual for me is a rather grey area. Everything from sweet and romantic gestures, to sensual play that includes blindfold and the lighter side of bdsm. Kissing, long oral session, playing with food and feeding each other, suckling on breasts, massages.. the works.
Extreme  >:)
All things considered "extreme."  This includes, but I'm sure isn't limited to, body modification, transformation, monsters, tentacles, death, vore, gore, mutilation, extreme pain, bondage, beastiality (sentient and non sentient), incest, fisting, extreme bondage.. and anything else you can think to throw at me. The only exception to this is that I prefer to keep scat play at a minimum (though it can be included).
Submissive  ::)
I prefer playing characters that are submissive. That doesn't mean that they dont' fight, squirm, squeel, and challenge authority.. what it does mean is that my characters have naturally submissive tendencies. Whether a more traditional S/M relationship should form in the story, or if you simply want to show me what I really am in a more subtle manner.. or a more extreme manner.. I rarely if ever take on dominant roles with men, I prefer f/f dominant roles if I ever get in the mood, but it eats away at my muse.


Snuff Movie
Not related to anything specific, but I have a lot of dark fantasies as of late. This one is about being the unwitting star of a snuff movie.

I haven't really delved into the plot, the backstory of who I'd like to play.. this is something I would love to flesh out with a deep, sadistic roleplayer.

Doctor Who?
I've recently gotten very into the revamped Doctor Who series. I'm loving it so far and would love to do a sexualized fandom of it. The Doctor always has a companion, and they tend to get very attached and want to be with him. He even has a wife at one point. What I would love to do is to explore beyond the current Doctor Who to a twisted version of him, where his love of life is fading and he wants something.. else. Ideas are welcome!

Saw Again
I know.. I had this up at another time as well. I am a huge fan of saw. I would love to roleplay something like it with a more sexualized theme. Just as graphic.. just as painful.. but much.. much more sexually torturous.

I have this thought about running with a captive who slowly succumbs to stockholm syndrome. I would love for it to be torturous (recurring theme here methinks) and for it to be sexually graphic. A twist as to why the man has taken her would be awesome, but not required. Looking for explicit, graphic, bloody, extreme here.

The Bite
Outside of my traditional realm, I've found myself a bit enthralled with Vampires lately. Not the shining, teen-angst variety but those that are truely gritty and brutal. The kind that have blood slaves that they feed upon, abuse to no end. These blood slaves are essentially slaves to the vampire they feed (or vampires). They would do anything for the euphoric sense they feel upon giving their blood, including various tortures for the eternal, bored beings who keep them. This is open for discussion on plot twists or variations.

Gangbang Fantasy
They've been married for years, and have been very open with their sexuality. He knows she's wanted to star in a gangbang since before they took their vows, but it's always been hard for him, considering she wants him to be the camera man and not active. This cuckold scene/scenes are well outside my dark side, but it's something I definitely want to explore.

Time to Stretch
A single woman has been experimenting with herself. She's spent the last year learning how to be single and enjoy life. She makes regular visit to adult shops now, picking up various toys to play with. As a laugh, she picked up a larger toy but is too scared to use it. She meets a man that is intent on stretching her out (this could be an online playmate or the adult store clerk or even a man she meets at a bdsm mixer). This plot is definitely open for discussion.

I've found myself quite enthralled with this movie. So much so that fantasies have spawned. It's a french horror film that is thought provoking and yet a bit sad. It is a bit disjointed at times as well. But this is the overall premise:

A child is kidnapped and tortured for an unknown amount of time and escapes. She leaves someone else in the dungeon she escaped from and the woman dies. That woman haunts the girl through her early teens and beyond, a figment of her imagination that forces her to cut and beat herself up time and time again. A friend of this girl helps her find the people that tortured her. The girl gets her revenge, but it comes at a cost. The imaginary woman that beats her up doesn't go away, and she ends up killing herself as well, leaving the friend to clean up the carnage. While she does, she discovers a hidden chamber beneath the house where the murders happened, and a woman who had undergone years of torture as well. After she frees the tormented woman, a cleanup crew from the organization the torturers came from kill the escapee, and imprison the friend, who they torture as well in the name of seeking martyr status. The plot is shown as a group of women, tortured until near death, in hopes that they will see beyond death to the world that awaits. In the end, they skin the girl alive, and she survives, seeing exactly what they'd hoped only to cause the head of the organization to kill herself at the realization of what lay beyond.

Now.. like I said, a bit convoluted. However, I would love to explore a torture scene where the intent is not death, but to bring the intended victim to see what lies beyond it. I am seeking to play the torturee, who is beaten, raped, starved, and in the end, slowly, sadistically skinned of my flesh and left in stocks to acheive this level of "martyrdom" as they call it in the movie.

M/F, M/M/F, M/F/F, F/F, F/F/F, M/M/M/M/M/M/F.. you get the drift
Vampire/Corruptible Girl
etc etc etc

Picture Plots (Look at your own peril.. [EX])
More to come soon

Quite basically, what I'm craving, wanting, seeking.. is a good epic roleplay, that goes deeper than sex and involves intrigue, desire, mindfucks and more. I want long descriptive posts of at least 2 paragraphs or more, I want consistant postings, and I want depravity. Plot twists, changes in the characters over time, and a no limits attitude.

Are you ready to challenge me?
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Offline AllisonTopic starter

After a -LONG- break, I've come back. I've changed a few cravings, added a few ideas and revamped this space a little. I am not limited to these ideas however, so please feel free to PM me or leave a message here with your own plots after looking at my O/O's.
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