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Started by Empyrean, September 20, 2010, 11:32:44 PM

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Hey all!

I've been getting an itch to play some Scion. Scion, for those who don't know, is a White Wolf game where players take on the roles of the children of the ancient deities from the pantheons of many world cultures. These children are modern-day descendants of the ancient Gods and Goddesses, caught up in a war for the fate of reality against the Titans, distant ancestors of the Gods. More can be found here:  and at the White Wolf Scion wiki here:

I'm not sure if I'd like to play or be a co-ST. I know that my strengths lie more in the fluff than the mechanics. That all said, I was just wondering if anyone shared such an interest and wanted to get a group going.


Could be all kinds of fun. I think it would work out splendidly with a few dedicated people. I for one would love to play a titan or a god. Makes no difference to me. I just think it could be really cool. So sign me up pronto.


I'm a big fan of scion, if you can get a group together and someone to run, I'd be interested, though my preferences for play are at the demigod and god level as far as it goes.


Rukio: Titans can't be played I'm afraid. :/ However, it is quite possible for a Scion character to ascend to become a God or Goddess in their own right. :)

Kolbrandr: A Demigod or even God-level game sounds pretty interesting to me. I've gotten to Demigod once (in a campaign that started at Hero-level), but never to God. I'd be pretty interested in playing or co-STing a God-level game myself.


Ive always loved Scion, so count me in as a player. Ive got a ton of different characters of various pantheons that could fill just about any role in the group.
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I noticed. I looked up more about it. I'm thinking a Shinto character would be perfect for me. I love the Japanese stuff.


My pen and paper game has risen from Hero to Legend 6 demigod. I'd need to sit down with the God book and see how the game style shifts at that point, but I'm comfortable playing at Hero or Demigod. I normally like playing my ass kicking and name taking son of Sun Wukong, but I have a couple of other characters I could level up easily enough, depending on what characters others wanted to play.
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Legend 6 is as far as the game I was in got to as well. :)

So it sounds like everyone's wanting a Demigod or God-level game. Cool with me. I'd be happy to come up with a plot for us and handle the fluff side of STing if someone is willing to help with the crunch side of things (and if no one else wants to ST). And given the nature of pbp, perhaps it would be best to increase the amount of xp gained on a per session, per number of posts, or per week basis so there would be a greater chance of people getting to expand their character growth. 

Incidentally, I'm also a big fan of the Amatsukami, and if I got to play I might bring back and/or update my old Shinto Scion.


If there is still room i would like to put my hat in for this game as well...
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Yep. Still room. :) 

I'll get started on a plot for the game and post it up here to get ideas for characters going. :)


I can help out with the mechanics. We would want to discuss house rules too.
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I've started talking with Harry about house rules and the like and putting together a plot. Given the preferences of the group I'm thinking we'll either be starting at anywhere from mid-range Demigod (about Legend 6 or 7) to low-range God (Legend 9).


Maybe legend 8? We're at the upper end of Demigod, and it will allow people to ease into the characters, while we work up to some suitably epic storyline to becoming a God.

In my pen and paper game, our ascension from Hero to Demigod had the band trying to stop Rasputin from enacting the Darkhallow ritual (swiped from the Dresden Files) in Volgograd, which would have drained the life from hundreds of thousands of people in the city and turned him into a God. The magic drew on the countless deaths of the soldiers who had fought there in WW2, so had the ghosts of thousands of Wehrmacht soldiers defending the ritual site (Nazi = good bad guys, therefore ghost Nazis = even better  ;D ), and the PCs leading thousands of ghostly Red Army.

Highlights include the party tank (Scion of Dionysus) finding out that ghost panzers don't weigh anywhere near as much as real ones, and using one as a club, and the Scion of Hermes leaping into the air to engage a flight of ghost Stukas, jumping from bomb to bomb on the way up, and roundhouse kicking the pilot right out of the first one.

It ended with the band battling Rasputin atop the 80 meter tall statue at the site, and the Scion of Hermes jumping up with Rasputin in a clinch, and impaling him on the statues sword. Cue the ritual coming apart, lightning falling all around and the Highlander 'there can be only one' moment *grins*

The only problem is now I'll have to come up with something even better for when we're ready to move up to God ;)
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Legend 8 sounds good to me and I'll plot accordingly. :)

Could everyone please submit outlines of their characters? It would help with determining what type of game you guys want to play (i.e. combat, mystery, adventure, all of the above, etc.).


My preference would be my resident ass kicker, and son of the Great Sage, Equal of Heaven; Sun Wukong. Luke Xiang is angling as a sort of noble warrior God, the epitome of the wu xia hero. Heavy on the epic physicals, a smattering of other stuff, and a pick'n'mix from the purviews.
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You too one day shall die
I know a thing that will never die
Fair fame of one who has earned it.


Real name: Watanabe Yuriko
Player: Avorae
Nature: Not sure at the moment
Calling: Hacker
Pantheon: Amatsukami
God: Amaterasu
Title: None

Height: 5'1"
Weight: 90 pounds
Eyes: Blue
Hair: black with red highlights
Skin tone: Japanese
Build: Petite
Date of birth: 9-12
Age: 21
Other distinguishing features: Has a tattoo of a black cat with blood red eyes on her right ankle.

Character description
Yuriko is a rather short female, standing only 5'1", with a petite build.  Her skin is a healthy Asian tone, her beautiful face topped by a nimbus of shoulder-length black hair with red highlights and set with a pair of rich blue eyes.

Her clothing style can best be described as that of an updated ‘50’s bad boy with hip hugging low-rider jeans which allow the band of her black thong to peek through and a simple white midriff Hello Kitty tee graces her chest. Of course you can not forget the piece de resistance the monogrammed black leather jacket. This in her case is a Picture of Hello Kitty riding a Harley Fat boy.

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Hairy: Sounds good. :)

Avorae: Yuriko seems cool, especially considering what I have in mind for a plot. Without spoiling anything, I can say that having a daughter of Amaterasu around will provide some interesting opportunities. :)


Yuriko it is then...  ;D
Life is a hard game but the rewards are sweet if you know where to look.


Real name: Alerik O'Donahue
Player: Rukio
Nature: Not sure at the moment
Calling: Fighter
Pantheon: Tuatha Dé Danann
God: Lugh
Title: The Bear

Height: 6'2
Weight: 194 lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: red
Skin tone: Pale/Irish
Build: Thick and muscular. Like a tank
Date of birth: 06/18
Age: 26
Other distinguishing features: Tattoo of a bear paw on his back

Character description
Alerik is a very large man. He is often called The Bear due to his size and demeanor. He had vibrant red hair which he keeps very short as well as bright green eyes. His skin is kinda pale, but that's only because, being very Irish, he burns easily and doesn't like being out in the sun. Alerik also has several bear-like qualities, including very thick, claw-like finger nails, fangs, and a lot of hair all over his body.

It's very unusual for Alerik to be found wearing a shirt. He feels that it restricts his movement, but it's mostly because he thinks they're uncomfortable. He typically wears cargo pants of verying dark colors and materials and big, black combat boots. He does, however, cary a spear around all the time. It's not anything special, but he weilds it as a tribute to Lugh.


Theres only one character that I really want to play right now so, feel free to look over Johan. I made him awhile back but have never really had much of a chance to play him. The sheet below is his hero form, once we figure out xp and house rules Ill apply them and the demigod template

Name: Johan Hartmond
Age: 24
Height: 6’
Weight: 165
Scion of Hades

Description: Johan stands a full six feet tall with an average build for a man of his size. He keeps his blonde hair short and trimmed and his deep blue eyes shine with intelligence and cunning. Normally he wears simple clothes that allow for freedom of movement and the ability to blend in but he’s almost always seen with a gym bag at his side or on his back. Inside he keeps a deep blue business suit, an FN P90, and a few clips of ammunition. Whenever he is in his business suits or wearing a jacket it’s almost a guarantee that you can find a holster with his Glock and several clips of ammunition under it

Personality: Johan is unlike almost any of Hades children. He is bright, manipulative, and generally a fun and caring guy to be around. He is uncomfortable around his mother Lisa as he feels she is only there to take advantage of him and his father but deep down he does want to love and care for her. However, he deeply loves and enjoys the company of his father, Hades, a god who he respects and looks up to.

Johan puts everything he has into finding the Titanspawn and ways to deal with them. One day he knows he will have to ascend into the Underworld to assist his father in imprisoning them once again and he wants to be ready when that day eventually comes.

Background: Johan’s story begins in the warm summer months when Persephone left the side of Hades as she does every six months. In a fit of depression as his queen left Hades entered the world of mortals once again, intent on taking a short few weeks of vacation from his eternal job as lord of the dead. On the beaches of Florida he met a young woman (Lisa) in a local bar and the two hit it off changing the mood of the god of gloom and doom. The few short passionate weeks of his vacation turned to a month and then two before it was almost time for his queen to return but by this time Lisa was pregnant. Being a responsible god Hades made a pact with Lisa to support her and the child and in the summer months would be a presence in the child’s life.

So as autumn and winter came Hades returned to the underworld and basked in the happiness and warmth of his true love Persephone and in the summer months he would return to the world of mortals to be a father to the boy Lisa named Johan and to support the woman and his son. As the years past Hades developed a company called Hadey’s manufacturing, dedicated to weapons design and manufacturing but when Johan grew into a young man with his fathers sense of business and responsible personality Hades turned over the company to him, content with continuing to visit Johan in those months that Persephone was away.

Through Johan’s ability the company took off rather well in his high school years and after his graduation Johan entered college, leaving the company to Hades hands once again as he majored in business. Years passed as everything was going well and then suddenly the Titan’s returned and almost immediately their children took notice of Johan. The attack was quick and precise when the Titanspawn attacked his main office of Hadey’s manufacturing. Using some of the more powerful firearms that his company had ever made Johan managed to fend off most of the attackers and when the smoke cleared his father showed up, convincing the local police and military that it was all an act of terrorism. Johan soon found out otherwise.

Hades was quick to take his boy away from the office and showed him a path into Hades itself. Deep in the palace of the underworld Hades explained to his son the real reason for the attack as well as his new role in the world and then gave him his birthrights. Johan has eagerly accepted his role and intends to turn all of the world against the Titan’s as well as drag all of them back into the depths of the underworld

Character sheet

Name: Johan Hartmond
God: Hades
Nature: Architect
Calling: International businessman


Strength 2     Charisma 3           Perception 2
Dexterity 3    Manipulation 5       Intelligence 5
Stamina 2      Appearance 3         Wits 2

Epic Charisma 1
Epic Intelligence 2
Epic Manipulation 2


Academics* 4
Animal Ken
Athletics 1
Awareness 2
Brawl 1
Command* 3
Control (Cars) 1

Craft (Firearms) 3
Fortitude 2
Integrity 2
Investigation 2
Marksmanship 2

occult* 1
Politics 2
Presence* 4
Science (Computer) 1
Stealth* 1

*notes a favored ability

English (native)              Swahili
German                         Japanese
Spanish                         Greek
French                           Arabic

Followers 5 (20 zombies)
Relic 2 (Gloves of Death)
Relic 2 (Bloodstone ring)

Takes one to know one (Manipulation)
Overt order (Manipulation)
Inspirational figure (Charisma)
Fast learner (Intelligence)
Math genius (Intelligence)

Arête: Craft 2
Night Eyes (1 dot darkness purview)
Death senses (1 dot death purview)
Safely interred (1 dot earth purview)

Expression 2
Intellect 4
Valor 2
Vengeance 1

Willpower 6/6
Legend 3
Legend points 9/9
Soak 2B 1L A
Dodge DV: 3
Health levels

0  []
-1 [][]
-2 [][]
-4 []
I  []

Experience spent


FN P90 (4 magazines of ammo)
Glock 20 (4 magazines of ammo)
Cell phone

Bonus points (22 total)
Legend 3 = 7 points
Followers 5 = 4
Relic 2 = 2
Academics 4 = 1
Presence 4 = 1

Bloodstone ring (2 dot relic)

-Access to earth and Darkness purviews

Gloves of death (2 dot Relic)
These thick black leather gloves are finely made and have an embroidered pair of crossed scythe’s sewn into the palms. Johan usually uses them to channel his death boons but on occasion he can also place a hand on the ground to make his zombie followers rise from the earth.

-summons zombies
-access to the death purview
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I want to throw my hat into the ring but I will be away for  over a  week so I will stand back if it is already full when I return.
My character concept is either a scion of the Morrigan or a former psychologist a scion of Tlazoltéotl.

A bit braindead at the moment so please excuse longer wait times then usual.


Scya: Sounds good to me.

Everyone, I have an early appointment tomorrow but I'll try to post up House Rules and all either in the morning or later tomorrow. But yes, we are going to be starting at Legend 8 so please plan accordingly. :) 


How many players are you looking for?

I might potentially be interested if you still have room, but the Scion mechanics can get awfully messy (and niche protection is really, really difficult).  Still, there's been a lot of material released since I last played that I'd like to give a try...


I don't want to go too big, so, including you, I'm thinking one or two more open slots.


Hmm...I'm sort of thinking about playing a Scion of Paul Bunyan, but I keep coming up with new ideas (and I'm curious what house rules you're going to use).