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Author Topic: The evil genius' stories (M/F F/F and Futa/F)  (Read 11641 times)

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The evil genius' stories (M/F F/F and Futa/F)
« on: July 08, 2009, 12:50:44 am »
Hello and welcome, I am Brandon the Evil genius of Elliquiy and you have come into my Roleplaying games thread. Here you can get a look into my mind and personality but never assume that you know me until I say you know me. In my games you will find a story, you will find erotic scenes of varying types, and you will find dedication from me. I will never leave or quit a roleplay without letting you know all I ask from my writing partners is that you do the same.

If you see something that catches your eye, send me a Private message about the roleplay.

Alternatively you can contact me via Yahoo instant messenger (YIM) but be sure to identify yourself as someone from Elliquiy or I might accidentally block you (I get a lot of cam spam to anyone who doesnt identify themselves ends up blocked unless theyre very lucky).  Anyway, express your interest and ask any questions that come to mind. I will try to work with you to form an enjoyable and memorable game. I am always looking for people to play with but if nothing catches your eye here and if you have a story idea that you think might interest me then send me a Private message about it. The worst you will get is a polite no.

The games in this post are far less plot oriented, not everything has to be a grand mystery that I spent 3 months writing. Still these are shorter stories with overlaying yet short plots that can be built on with capable writing partners. To Explain further on, in the second post of this thread you will find mystery roleplays which are far more plot oriented and require more then a PM saying "Hey I want to play in this game with you". In the third post you will find pairings. In the fourth post you will find a variety of characters that I will play in stories. Hopefully you will find something you like

1) Reality isn't real enough - M(dom)/F(sub) or F(dom)/F(sub)

One night when a young woman goes to sleep she has a number of unusual dreams unlike anything she has ever thought of. She spends the night as a slave in this dream world, at the bidding of a powerful master who she loves with all her heart and soul. When she wakes she can think of little else and as the days and nights progress she experiences dreams that are similar to it and feel more real then reality itself. What she does not know is that a modern day mage has tapped into her mind and has begun manipulating  her dreams to turn her into a perfect servant for both his study of Arcana and his personal needs

Notes: I could adjust this one to be a F/F mix but I originally designed it to be M/F. The story has a strong element of the supernatural in it mainly dealing with magic but also dealing with otherworldly beings and forces. The story could be light and cuddly, or dark and extreme, I'm up for negotiation of either

2) Lies and subterfuge - F(dom)/F(sub) with fantasy and BDSM elements

In the surface world a maiden is taken prisoner by slaver's and forced underground. Weeks later she finds herself for sale in one of the Dark elf cities and is sold off to a powerful matriarch as a sex slave. The matriarch intends to break her will and use the elf as a tool to further her house's position in the city hierarchy as well as her own personal needs. However over time a real relationship forms between Matriarch and slave

Notes: This ones a fantasy setting in which I would be playing the Matriarch. It has a lot of promise with room for political intrigue, sorcery, unrequited love, and secret romance. It does assume for a F/F and BDSM pairing with myself as the dominant

3) Lessons in obsession - M(sub)/F(dom) with BDSM elements

A shy young man (my character) from a wealthy family returns home after having spent several years in an all boys school overseas. Now he has only one semester left till graduation and has enrolled in the city's most well respected co-ed private school. However before the first day of the semester can even end a female classmate takes a liking to him, lures him away and takes advantage of him. Her desire isn't a one time thing though and soon it turns into an obsession with wanting to make him her personal pet

Notes: This would be me playing a submissive character but a male one this time. I would prefer lots of bondage to go along with it, including collaring, chains/ties, whips, strap on's, etc

4) Stealing her heart - F/F (Currently taken by Rayne Bluestone)
A wealthy woman comes across a rare piece of art (a painting, small statue, or whatever seems aesthetically pleasing) that's worth a ton of money and she intends to keep it in her home. However not long after a female thief comes to take the piece away from her. The night she comes to the woman's home she catches the owner off guard, subdues her, and leaves her bound, blindfolded and gagged on the bed while she goes to work on stealing the piece.

While she gets her prize easily instead of just leaving the thief instead decides to take advantage of the owner which leads to a night of lesbian sex which is so good that the owner begins to desire more even after the thief has left. After only a few days the thief returns but rather then coming to steal another piece of art she begins to come back night after night to pay her new lover long and erotic visits. The thief always keeps her identity secret, shows up in different disguises, and can always seem to slip through the heaviest security with ease. Can the owner catch this expert of her trade to stop her or does she want to catch the woman just to experience much more of her touch.

Notes: I want to play the thief in this one. I'm hoping that I can find a writing partner that's interested in telling an unrequited love story between the pair. This is a F/F pairing with possible bondage elements but it could be light and romantic as well

5) Your very own pet - Male(dom)/F(sub) or F(dom)/F(sub) with Neko's and BDSM elements

A young man with a demanding job has recently lost his girlfriend and everything else that really makes his life worth living. One day he finds the following ad:

Do you come home after a full day of work, exhausted, hungry and craving company?

Well than our product is perfect for you!

We offer a wide range of newly created, neko's.

Choose from a variety of colors and qualities, you would desire in a pet and it shall be delivered....for a price.

He decides to take the opportunity,thinking that if its a hoax he will at least get a laugh out of the company and if not a lot of things will change for the better. When he finally has her the thought of having a new woman in his life forces him to live out some dark fantasies on her.

Notes: I want to play the owner in this case which can be either a male or female. My writing partner would be that newly created neko that arrives on his doorstep. Finally credit has to be given to Undisclosedtoyou because she originally wrote up this story idea, I just put my own tweaks in there after we ended it

6) Chosen of Luna - M/F and tentacles? I'm not sure what else

He didn't know what he had gotten himself into. He didn't know how he got there. He didn't know why he stood nude in the stream. Nor did he understand why he was aroused to such a heightened level. As he looked down stream he saw her a beautiful woman in white robes, her features elegant and yet in some way primal standing upon the water

He was about to speak before he felt something slithering up his legs. His green eyes looked down to see black tendrils moving up them and over him, wrapping around his body and holding it tightly so that he could not move. He was forced to his knees, hands behind his back, and head forced to look at the lady in white. He didn't fight, for some reason he didn't want to fight, not yet at least. Even as he felt a tendril wrap around his hardened flesh and another work its way inside him. They moved in unison and held him as tightly and gently as a lover till his eyes closed. He breathed deeply again, this time trying to speak once more but only a deep passion filled moan escaped his lips before he felt himself climax

Before slipping into unconsciousness the last thing he heard was "You are now mine, chosen of Luna"

Notes: This is based on a dream I had awhile back. I don't know what to make of it but it seemed very erotic to me both when I had it and thought about it later. That said, I figured I would post it here in case someone wanted to play it out further. I don't have a clue where it could go but the Chosen of Luna part gives me two distinct ideas. Hes either a werewolf or a Lunar Exalted (from the Exalted setting). I recently came across a picture that I thought represented the woman in my dream pretty well so I added that in, perhaps it will give more direction for where the story could go

7) The Pact - M/F and werewolves

In medieval times there was a vampire lord that ruled his country with an iron fist. The village was helpless against him and the land grew wild and almost uninhabitable. The ancient lord however did not plan for the local pack of werewolves. The pack never asked for much, they only wanted him to stay out of their hunting grounds and to leave them be but the lord refused. For a decade it was a cold war between the pack and Lord, fighting over seemingly meaningless things but eventually he offended them so greatly that it turned to war. His minions stood no chance against an organized assault by the wolves who used not only their skill at hunting and killing but also at Shamanism. With the spirits by their side the pack crushed the lords army and then tore the lord apart and scattered his remains as a warning to all who chose to offend them.

Their alpha was proud and ambitious, handsome and yet primal when he walked on two legs or four. He came to the village and created a pact with them. In exchange for the packs cooperation and protection the village would betroth a maiden to the pack once a generation. Fearful of becoming slaves to another vampire, or worse yet offending the wolves, the village agreed

Notes: There is a few different ways this could be played. The most obvious of course is a maiden being forced to marry to the pack alpha. Another option is that one of the wolves may have taken a female vampire as a play thing to be used however he/she likes. The third, and most interesting to me, is to fast forward several hundred years to modern times. The only woman to be born in the village within a generation has left for greater things (college or a job?) but the pack once again comes calling for what its owed

I should also note that this is not a story where a pack of werewolves rape a girl over and over again. I want it to be far more personal and emotional as a young woman gets thrown into their world

Modern setting details
The modern setting has been without a doubt the most popular and due to that fact Ive taken the time to write out a fair bit about the pack and their home town of Ironhome Montana (a fictional place). This is not set in stone but at the same time a lot of work did go into writing all of this. Im open to changing a few things if it still makes sense for their society and environment

History of the Iron scar pack and Ironhome
The Iron scar pack was originally named in honor of a small stretch of mountains that locals call the Iron scar range. It was originally given its name in the late 1700s because of the heavy iron concentrations that were found there and from the unnatrually sharp edges that the ore usually had. Miners that worked in these areas were called Iron scars to denote how tough they were and eventually everyone that came from the area was reffered to as an Iron scar.

The village of Ironhome was founded in 1802 as a mining village that grew after a huge boom in ore and mines. While many of the ores dried up over the years iron continues to be the most commonly found ore in the range of mountains.

Unknown to the history books during this time a vampire lord ruled over the town and built a base of power selling the ore that was taken out of the mountain and giving the people nearby little more then the basics for survival. However the vampire soon met his end when he challenged and underestimated the Iron scar pack. His skull still stands on a pike in the local Ironhome graveyard as an omen to anyone that threatens the pack.

After that day the Iron scar pack made a deal with the villagers of Ironhome. They would allow the villagers to do and live as they wished, observing a few taboos here and there. The pack would protect them and make sure they continued to prosper and all they asked was that every generation a single female would be given to the pack for breeding. When she had a child of each pack member she was free from them if she so choosed. Women who were taken for this lived in a variety of ways, some no better then sex slaves but some as godesses among the wolves. Over the centuries the pack has created a town with a huge amount of wolf blooded humans and because of this the Iron Scar pack has had fluctuating but reliable growth as wolfblooded go through their first change and realize that they are more then human.

The pack have also bought a forty acre stretch of land just outside of town in which they have established a ranch that breeds cattle, horses, dogs, and has minor medical and vetrinary capabilities. Only werewolves and wolf blooded that know their secret are allowed to work there for lengths longer then a single season. The ranches biggest secret is the fact that when fields meet mountain ranges there is a verge, a small space where the spirit world and mortal world bleeds together until anyone may pass between the worlds. This is both a blessing and curse to the pack, giving them unlimited access to the spirit world to hunt their ancient prey but at the same time allowing even the most dangerous spirits easy access into the mortal realm

The iron scar pack itself has made it a point to reveal themselves only to city councilmen, mayors, and other important officials when needed. That said, few citizen's of Ironhome know of the Iron Scar pack and their history but its a rare person that believes everything is completely normal. People know that something behind the veil of the night stalks and protects them but they don't want to know what it is, they dont want to ask questions because in the backs of their minds they know they might get an answer.

Superstition plays a large part in Ironhome, mostly brought about from the existence and manipulation of the Iron scar pack. For example it is forbidden to carry silver, punishable by fines and imprisonment. Those that carry weapons made of silver get firmer fines and increased jail times if brought to court but they more often disappear within a week and are never found or heard from again.  Wolfsbane however is a commodity that many people hang over their doors as a form of tradition and considered a way of blessing ones home.

The Iron scar packmembers

Name: Daniel Scott
Deed Name:
Age: 24
Role: Face man of the pack

Background: Danny is the face man of the pack and if a person knowns anyone in the Iron Scar pack they know him because of his flawless charisma and silver tongue. He is a ladies man without peer and one can often find him in the local bar flirting with women or shooting pool.

Danny grew up just like most of the kids in Ironhome, working on the various ranches and making trouble like most kids. When he was 18 and on the road to the state rodeo he went through his first change right after a long night of kinky sex with his girlfriend. Luckily for her he had still been chained up in the back of their van, otherwise she might have been murdered in a fit of rage. Unluckily for her she could never get over what she saw and now lives on her family's farm, catatonic from that night.

Danny still cares about her and has used his connections and charm to make sure she gets the best care she can but he's written her off as ever getting better and moved on. Now he uses his talents to spot new werewolves, pair wolf blooded humans with the pack or other wolf blooded as mates, solve issues with local authorities, and negotiate with spirits.

Name: Melissa Scott
Deed Name: Starlight stalker
Age: 18
Role: Expert Hunter and tracker

Background: Melissa is the youngest wolf to ever change in the history of the Iron scar pack (at age 13) as well as the sister of Daniel Scott. Melissa took up hunting as her past tie of choice when she was 10 and hasnt looked back since. Her tracking and stalking abilities rival even veteran wolves and she always makes the quickest kill with the least effort using either her jaws or her rifle.

Since she just graduated high school a few months ago she has put forth her free time into online classes, trying to earn her PHD in medicine between nightly hunts.

Name: John Harvolt
Deed Name: None
Age: 23
Role: Warrior

Background: John is the warrior of the pack, the first one to wade into a fight and the last one to come out. Early on he was always a troubled kid having far more anger then he should of (even for a werewolf kid) and it forced him to get into fights, many of which he won through pure determination. He changed later on at age 20 and quickly took on a warrors role if only to help himself deal with the immense anger in his heart.

In the four years hes been fighting and bleeding for the pack John has recieved numberous scars all over his body that he covers up with intricate tatoos. He is often the first to have his wounds treated after a hunt and the other pack members give him a large measure of respect for his sacrifices.

Name: Jonus Malovochi
Deed Name: Deathspeaker
Age: 32
Role: Pack occultist & spirit expert

Background: Jonus is the oldest living member of the pack and the longest that has gone through his first change. Like many other people in Ironhome he was brought up as a ranch hand but where he differed was in school. Early on he proved himself to be a genuine genius and graduated from college by the time he was sixteen. However a lot of his academic hopes were trashed when he turned 14 and learned his was a werewolf.

Since then Jonus has made it a point in solving the hardest of mysteries, namely figuring out the spirit realm and its inhabitants. Jonus backs the pack up with rituals and spiritual gifts proving that intelligence and problem solving is his greatest weapon. On the side hes a craftsman as well and makes some of the most beautiful furniture people have ever seen but he also uses that talent to make the most potent weapons a werewolf can wield.

Other notes

I expect many people to look at the pack bio's and think that I may be talking about the kind of werewolf that only changes from human to wolf and back again. That is incorrect. In truth my werewolves have five forms two of which are featured for both characters. Then there are the near forms that remain primarily wolf or human in shape but have other frightening elements that reveal hints of the true apex predators of the world. Then there is the form humans know which is half and half, though this form exists the werewolves refer to it as Gauru or the war form for a very good reason. Its one in which unleashes the pure rage burning in every werewolf's heart but this rage is blind. A werewolf who takes on the war form does not know anything but the moment as he or she claws and rends opponents without reason till exhaustion overtakes them.

Why a normal/wolfblooded woman instead of a werewolf woman?: Werewolves are creatures of duality and entrusted with a sacred duty of maintaining the delicate balance between the mortal realm and the Shadow (spirit realm). Their duality is both of man and wolf but also of flesh and spirit. Two werewolves mating results in a painful kind of birth that they call the black birth. These children have no bodies and are formed of pure ephemeral essence, neither do they have the reason or minds of humans. They are the embodiment of pure instinct in spirit form. Spirit children, or Unihar, always disappear into the shadow where the parents never see them again not until the creature grows into a near unstoppable spirit at which point they return, ready and eager to feast on the flesh of werewolves, mortals and wolves. This is the reason why werewolves only mate with humans and the wolfblooded.

8) The capture of Kuri, the wild beast - M(sub)/F(dom) and Neko's

Based on this picture (I know it looks more feminine then masculine but it fits for the look I want)

Long ago in another world there was a proud race of Neko's. The men and women were sought for play things, companions, and labor by the other races and they lived up to those expectations without fault. Kuri was different though. He looked weak and unable to do much but he fought like a demon. Slavers had found him able to destroy their small groups and after a few seasons he had even removed many of their leaders from power through sword or claw. His name was heard by many as a rebel and many more as a liberator. His fury was legendary rivaling the gods and it earned him the infamous nickname of the Wild Beast

As time went on he continued his raids and freed many people but he also grew overconfident. The dull slavers could never best him and his raids but what he didn't notice was the noblewoman who had taken interest in him. She was intelligent, cunning, and ruthless and used the slavers as fodder to set her trap. In one final raid he had murdered the slavers but as he unshackled the people they rushed him and drug him down to the ground. He had never expected that the people he wanted to help would be his downfall. Before Kuri knew what happened she had caught him, caged him, and chained him down. The wild beast was hers now, and she intended to break him

Notes: A little different from my normal submissive male stories who tend to by shy and inexperienced. Kuri is a character who will fight back however he can. I'm looking for a powerful woman to take control of Kuri and force him to submit time and time again. Should they fail he will be the one in control but if they succeed he will be their willing plaything, till he gets his next chance

9) Exalted: The Ancient Bonds - M/F themed from the Exalted setting

Deep in the north at the edge of creation where snowfall is the daily forecast a Lunar Exalted has built a small fishing village called Farlia. He has watched over them, using them for his study in civilization advancement so that one day he and the rest of his Lunar allies can form a golden age for themselves and humanity. He is seen as a wise god among the people who genuinely cares of them and works hard to help them survive the harsh climate and predators of the mountain range and seas.

However one day a small ship crashes into the shore, most of its inhabitants murdered except for a single woman in the debris. From the moment he looks upon her he can feel a supernatural bond between the two and decides to take her back to the village to recover.

Notes: The woman is a newly exalted solar and the exploration of the supernatural bond between a Solar and their destined Lunar lover is what this story is about. Its something that Ive always found interesting. The bond between them is so strong that he can not help but be the most faithful of lovers even if he begins to despise her. I want to leave this one open to a more natural and freeform feeling and let things develop as they will. I also wrote this out to be a M/F pair but it could be changed to a F/F pairing if desired

10) Yes master - M/F or F/F

We all know the stories of when a man finds that ancient lamp out in the desert. The one that is of unparalleled craftsmanship and with all sorts of artistry and gemstones set into the old brass lamp. However no matter how beautiful it is it always has the single little scuff on it. He rubs off the sand and scuff marks and then before he realizes whats going on it shakes and summons the genie and grants him as many wishes as he likes. When Shawn found the old lamp at that Egyptian dig site it was much the same. He picked up the lamp, took it back to the lab for testing, and when he went to clean it up she appeared. The genie of the lamp, ready to serve her masters needs no matter what he asked. Though she also longs to be free of the bottle and her calling

Notes: Pretty straight forward story with our master taking advantage of the genie. I see this one as more cute and cuddly but I suppose it could be dark as well. This one could be changed to a F/F pairing if desired

11) Revelation - M(dom)/F(sub) and F/F/F with bondage elements

A young woman is sold off by the family that hates her to the black market so they can cover their debts. The market plans to murder her and harvest her organs but just before they cut her open a young man purchases her. She is sent back to his home under the premise that she will be a sex slave for his desires.

While he does use her in this manner he also hires her as a maid, letting her pay back the debt to him before he allows her to leave and create a life for herself. He also keeps two other maids who are under similar circumstances but have chosen to stay once they repaid their debt.

Notes: Primarily a male/female pairing with possible additions of additional females that could be played by me or other people who are interested in the game.

12) Spring shower - M(sub)/F(dom)

In the middle of spring an ordinary camping trip turns deadly as a young man (played by me) looses his way in a sudden downpour. Separated from his friends he tries to setup a makeshift shelter and wait out the storm. However the rain turns the seemingly stable ground into a mudslide forcing him into the river and swept miles downstream. A dominatrix passes by him and chooses to tend to his wounds at her home, where she hears of a local search going on for a man meeting his description, giving her no way to really hide him from the authorities. Eventually she seduces him (whips, leather, restraints, and toys are all welcome) and uses him in so many ways, even takes a liking to him and desires him as a full time pet. Can she convince the young man to stay of his own free will or will her very nature drive him away and back to his home?

13) The reason - M(dom)/F(sub) or F(dom)/F(sub)

In the not to distant future a Robotics and artificial intelligence engineer begins designing the worlds first robot. However after a very successful marketing phase humanity begins desiring robots to be designed purely for sexual release. Wanting to please past and future customers the engineer begins designing upgrades from lifelike skin to fully functional body parts and orifices. To make the best designs the engineer of course requires constant R&D and takes up testing the robots themself

Notes: Obviously I'm playing the engineer in this and looking for someone to play my robot partner.

14) untitled - M(dom)/F(sub) (game is closed at this time)

A superheroine who has kept the city/planet safe for years has been taken notice by a truly monstrous villain. After months of planning he sets his people into place and holds the entire region hostage. His only request that she become his willing sex slave. Can she make subtle enough movements to tear apart the villains plan or she doomed to be his pet for all eternity?

15) Aboard the Starchaser - M(dom)/F(sub) with bondage elements

A dashing and handsome pirate captain boards a nobleman's boat and after a fierce battle forces them to submit to him and his crew. He takes all the jewelry and good his ship can carry before noticing the nobleman's daughter. Rather then let such a beauty waste away in a life of mediocrity he takes her aboard as well, intent on making her a slave for his needs. Punishing and pleasing her each night till she no longer knows the difference between the two

Notes: This ones open ended. I like the idea of a romance growing between them and then them becoming equal partners (maybe even have her be the 1st mate) but only on deck. I'm open to other directions though

16) Summer nights - Futa/F

Catherine seemed like an ordinary girl her whole life, from kindergarten and all through high school no one ever suspected that she was anything more then a normal girl who was into girls. However at the end of her senior year her best friend catches her undressing and finds out that she has a penis as well as a vagina and before she can act Catherine catches her peeping.

Notes: Another one that could go a multitude of directions from romance to blackmail. I like the idea of the two experimenting and then growing into a relationship later on but I'm open to other ideas

17) A knights role - F/F

The country had been fighting a cold war for the last five years. Their enemy a land of slavers, built on the backs of those they captured and abused. It was common for them to raid border towns and take whoever they could before leaving before the military could response. One night the princess was spirited away by the enemy as part of a clever plan made to bring their kingdom to ruin. Her destiny would have been that of a sex slave for the rest of her days if not for a lone undercover knight of her kingdom who was in the right place at the right time.

He/she managed to save the princess but it soon became clear that escorting her back to their homeland would be an epic journey in itself but to complicate things more a replacement had been put in her place and prepared to assassinate the rest of the monarchy.

Notes: A story about a kidnapped princess and a Knight turned personal bodyguard out to end the aggression of a foreign power. The story has potential for a long journey, political intrigue, and most interestingly a romance between Protector and protected. Now the game is labled as a F/F pairing because the knights personality, look, and demeanor I have in mind is, in my opinion more feminine them masculine but I could be convinced to play her as a Male or Futa if the person gave me good enough of a reason

18) For a price - F (dom)/ F (sub)

A young woman is hired into an office of a large industrial company, her job is to more or less be a secretary and coffee girl. However only a few hours after she's hired she causes a major computer glitch or power outage on the floor and forces the entire section to loose weeks or work setting the company back in several hundred thousand dollars.

The boss of the section, a powerful woman of peerless professionalism and ability, discovers the girls mistake almost instantly but instead of firing her decides it would be more fun to blackmail her into a sexual relationship both in and out of the office. It starts off simple with light caresses and brushes as she serves coffee or walks by but as time progresses things grow much more serious. Eventually making the girl hide under her desk and lick her during meetings, spend nights at her apartment, and even taking her along on "business trips" which are really just reasons to tie her down to the bed and use her as the woman see's fit.

Notes: This is a looser idea that grew from my Maid mansion character concept and developed into something different. Obviously its lots of tight business attire and a bit of blackmail which is something I don't do very often. Applicants should be alright with spankings, bondage, sex toys, vaginal/anal penetration, and oral sex. There will be lots and lots of kinky fun to be had

19) Studio B - M (dom)/F (sub) and Bondage

Michael (my character) is a young man who makes his living as an erotic photographer. One day he gets a lucrative opportunity from one of the many sex toy companies. The job is simple enough, just get some models together and take pictures of their products while in use. Not knowing anyone who's into bondage he turns to some of the popular women's magazines and places an add, explaining what the job entails and the starting pay is almost to good to pass up. Not long after the ad is placed a young woman decides to take the job and after the photoshoot the young woman finds out how much she likes being dominated and before she can even suggest it Michael decides to keep her

20) Howls in the darkness - M/F and werewolves

She had heard enough of the old Romanian legends and set out to an abandoned town that people supposedly abandoned because of a werewolf moving into the area. She has come to prove that the village was safe and that there is no such thing as Werewolves. On the first night she begins to explore the village and encounters a young man who tells her to leave while she can before he disappears into the darkness. When she refuses she finds herself the prey of the wolf in the darkness

Notes: What would you do if you found yourself stalked as prey by a creature of myth? That's the central question of this game idea and I've left it open ended so that it can be played in a variety of settings and time lines. I would like to play this game out as a developing romance between prey and predator that can be developed over time

21) The Summoners journey - M/F and themed from Final fantasy X

Long before Lady Yuna made her journey other summoners made their pilgrimages to destroy Sin but unlike Lady Yuna's journey these summoners affected the world in other ways. One particular pair, a summoner and guardian from a century or two before Lady Yuna's time walked the world. They created new Aeon's, new tactics to fight Sin, and buried secrets that threatened Spira. This story is about their journey

Notes: 1 summoner, 1 guardian (both original characters) making a journey of epic proportions that has a lot of room for a variety of different stories. I would like to play the guardian but I could be convinced to take part as the summoner if I was given a good enough reason and I would also like to play out a romance between the pair.

22) Red riding hoods revenge - M (sub)/F(Dom)

based after this NSFW picture:

After being caught by the wolf time and time again red decides to change the story once and for all. She finds the wolf deep in the forest one night and seduces him but it isn't long till the story takes a new turn with the wolf as her pet

Notes: This is a story that's not really a story so much as a twisted take on fairy tale that's told time and time again. It could be modified to include a furry theme but my personal preference is to keep it as tail and ears added onto a human form

23) Within the walls of castle Wintershiven - F(dom)/F(sub) with BDSM elements

Castle Wintershiven has stood as a testament to history for the last thousand years. Located in England and nestled deep in the mountains a family has owned and controlled the historical monument for centuries. The owner has passed on from old age and the deed and responsibility of running the place now falls to his grand daughter, the only family he had left. When she first comes to the castle the only consistant employee, a maid (my character) greets her and tells her of the castle's history and of how it was run by her grandfather. However what she doesn't know are the secrets buried inside its walls and that this maid has decided that its time to become more then an employee

Notes: Kind of a french maid turned against employer story.

24) The naughty student - F(sub)/F(dom)

A young girl transfers to a new high school to finish her senior year. However one day in her math class she makes a comment about the teacher, who overhears it and proceeds to bend the girl over her desk and spank her. Both of them end up embarrassed and surprised but its the student who suddenly finds she wants to be put into that position again. Secretly, the teacher wants to put her into that position as well"

Notes: I would really like to take on the position of the student and have this turn into a story about naughty after school detention or something of that nature

25) Her dirty secret - M/F

Richard (my character) was never a popular guy in high school yet he wasn't hated either. Mostly people just overlooked him as nothing more then an average guy that never stood out one way or the other. Yet people recognized his masterful photographs in the school paper. He had always paid special attention to the cheerleaders though and on the side he sold pictures of them to other guys, making him a rich man.

However, there was always one cheerleader that treated him like he was worse then dirt and one day he manages to snap a picture of her doing something shameful (what I leave to your imagination). Rather then destroy the picture he decides to use it, partly to get a little revenge and partly to satisfy urges yet unfulfilled.

Notes: Sort of a blackmail game with a variety of possible story arcs to extend from. However i want to leave it pretty open ended for now so interested writing partners can add in their own twists

26) Lady Luck - F/F

Dianne had always been  an excellent card player, being the daughter of a notorious gambler. She followed her fathers footsteps and traveled with him around the world, making her own fortune as a gambler early on. She payed her way through school and eventually bought out a casino in Las Vegas with her winnings. She always enjoyed the risks and challenges but disliked the seedy underbelly of organized crime that all to often brushed against her life's choices

One night during a private poker tournament at her casino one such mob king bet his own daughter on the hand and lost. Now Dianne finds herself the owner of some poor teenage girl. What will happen between the two?

Notes: This one could be light and cuddly or dark and foreboding. I prefer the former but I'm not opposed to other approaches depending on the writing partner.

27) Forbidden fantasies - Male (Sub)/Female (Dom) and possibly with a second Female as a sub - Bondage elements, sex toys, and possibly incest

Andrew grew up as an  outcast due to his effeminate appearance and shy personality but the one person that made humanity worthwhile in his eyes was his sister (who I will tentatively name Eva and can be changed). Like most siblings of close age they got along well and stayed close through out their lives.

As they grew into adults and separated they grew apart, partly because of distance and partly because of Eva's girlfriends. Andrew stayed focused though and saw to his education, living in the college dorm without a care. However, four years later when he had completed his degree and earned the right to practice as a mental health professional he found that job openings were few and far between. Having almost no money to support himself he had little choice but to turn to Eva till he could find something

When he first comes to Eva's home he has the opportunity to meet her girlfriend and a night of fun as the trio gets to know each other once again. When it gets late everyone retires to their rooms but Andrew has the opportunity to pass by his sisters room as the pair are having sex. After watching them go at it for so long he wanders back to his room and finds himself fantasizing about being in his sisters position as he masturbates. What he doesn't know is that in that moment of temptation Eva's girlfriend hears him moaning her name and decides that he would make a great addition to her (and possibly his sisters) sex life

Notes: This ones based on a dream I had. Basically a young effeminate boy, down on his luck, moves into his sisters home and her lover ends up making him into her slut boy. I think it would be interesting to bring the sister into the action after awhile too but I don't want to make that a requirement since its hard enough to find a dominant female, let alone one that is also bisexual

28) untitled - F/F

In the days of Rome a Gladiator was once brought into the coliseums and showed unparalleled promise in the events that took place. However unlike the other gladiators this one was a woman by the name of Rida, sentenced to death by the law after she defended her village from a small group of raiders but rather then being burned at the stake by the jealous military her home town managed to convince the soldiers to instead let her die by the sword or claw in the coliseums of Rome.

However as she came to the coliseum she soon found the place distasteful as the other warriors present did all they could to party before their eventual deaths. They were especially brutal to the woman tasked with being a whore for the men. Just before the next brutal raping can occur Rida stepped in, forcing the men into submission through a mix of violence and her commanding tone. Rather then risk the girl to the men's needs later on she took her as her own, befriending the young woman.  It wasn't long till the deadly battles coupled with constant protection of the girl sprung a romance between them but the question is is their relationship  fated to end with Rida's death in the coliseum? or can they escape?

29) Where no one has gone before - F/F or M/F or Futa/F and Star trek themes

Twenty years after the dominion war ended tensions between the Klingon and federation are still going on, but now in full scale war. However one ship, the Bastet a deep space science vessel has encountered a wormhole in Bajoran space that leads into not another part of the milky way but another galaxy all together. After doing an initial scan of the region they found a solar system with boundless resources that had never been touched and Starfleet quickly took the opportunity to establish an outpost to make use of them.

An escort class ship is sent to the region partly to patrol and partly to help establish ties with new cultures in this galaxy. However soon a second conflict brews as the federation finds itself on a preserved sector of space and essentially pillaging the resources. Now the lone escort ships captain and crew must handle delicate negotiations with a race they know nothing about and are ready to go to full scale war.

Notes: I thought it might be fun to do a captain and first officer space romance but also keep to that old trek feel of exploration and potentially dangerous encounters. Fair warning, I'm not a huge star trek fan. If you want to stick so closely to canon that we cant do anything outside whats already been established then I'm probably not a good writing partner for you

30) untitled - M/F and dragons

Deep in the wilderness there is a portal to another reality. A place where the undead not only roam but thrive in the darkness. One day a dragon with silver scales finds the place and sees that it must be kept out of mortal hands and lore for their own safety. He knows he is a formidable opponent by himself but not even he could stand against massive armies of undead  from inside the portal and from armies that might wish to claim its power. Knowing this he funnels huge amounts of his treasure to build a keep guarding the place with the intention of siring hundreds if not thousands of half bloods which in turn would give birth to Dragon blooded humans, creating a cycle that could watch over the gateway for eon's even after he is gone.

He had the money, the talent to train his children, the will to do what was right, now he just needed a woman to bare his children. With the ability to take the shape of any race he could easily become the perfect man or any woman and he found her easily enough. Strong in mind but not to strong to put her needs above the needs of the "lesser" races. Now he seeks to court her and claim her as his wife so he may set the final piece of his plan into place

31) Cursed- M/F and demons and the supernatural

She had always been the popular girl in school, always desired by all the guys and nice to the people she could tolerate. Yet in those days there was a social outcast who had a crush on her and made it known. He had asked her out a few times, always being rejected because he was the nice guy and seemed a bit off to most people but the truth that she knew was he was just as normal as everyone else but didn't know how to express himself.

Eventually they grew apart, what seemed like a crush faded and as many schoolmates do they parted ways for several years. Yet during college she fell into a strange crowd herself and dabbled in what many would call occult arts. One night she summoned something into earth expecting to be granted power but instead the demon tricked her. Her desires that were granted were soon stolen away and eventually when she confronted the creature it imprisoned her in the body of a cat.

A year passed and she had adapted herself, to live in this new form but one night at a local rave she spotted the same young man from her human life. She didn't know why he was there or what he was doing but she soon found an astonishing realization as he walked up to her and greeted her by name, asking her how she has been and then asking her to dance. Everyone else looks at him odd as he asks the cat these questions but she knows he may be the key to lifting the demons curse

Note: This was based off a dream I had as well. Its one of those odd ones where Im not really sure it could or should go but Im willing to talk about it with potential partners

32) Family Traditions - M/F

Over two decades ago David was born into wealth as the only surviving heir to the Branston family's fortune. Their lineage going back all the way to traders in the Mediterranean circa 1500. However the Branston family had also always been occupied by the Williams family, who had served the Branston family for all those centuries. Friendships between the families were common and sometimes lovers as well but they were never allowed to marry because of the family stigma. However a secret often hidden away from the youngest ones was the Williams family were really slaves, sworn to the Branston family centuries before in return for safety and prosperity. Both families had grown proud of their symbiotic relationships with each other.

As David grew into a man he was held to a high standard by his parents and grand parents. Always being forced into nothing beyond perfection in their eyes. The situation wore on him over time but luckily the Williams family had a girl who grew up with him and provided the needed friendship and social connection to humanity that he desperately needed. They grew up together like siblings, gaining the same education but being held to different expectations

Just recently he had graduated from college, specializing in business and thanks to his grandfather has been given a nest egg to start his own business. However what was kept from him is finally revealed, now he must take the Williams girl as his servant.

Notes: OK I tried writing this a dozen or more times and I just cant seem to make it sound good or at least good to me. Anyway, I'm looking for a partner to play the Williams girl as she and David are thrust together, bound by centuries old duty. She's expected to be the most devoted companion and lover as he starts to make his fortune. Yet because of the past family bonds they can never marry, a fact that David himself might be willing to forget to be  with someone he cares for so deeply.

So I'm sure you're wondering. What do I want out of this game? Well I want a romantic game where the two live out their lives, being able to indulge their physical needs but never their emotional needs. I also want their relationship to form a bondage lifestyle, having the maid as the submissive. Ready and willing to serve his every need.

As to sexual elements I want to explore in the game, well here's the list off the top of my head: Bondage, collar and leash, piercings, sex toys, anal sex (I expect this to be giving and receiving. Giving with fingers), oral sex (giving and receiving),  public shows of affection and sometimes sex. Ill be open to other elements, and I'm sure I didn't list them all that Ill want to explore but that should give potential players a good idea of what to expect

33) The Last human - F/F

In the not to distant future a young woman designs an engine that changes the potentail to travel in space entirely. Within a year after its unveiling humanity reaches out into the stars for the first time since NASA was closed in the 2010's. The ship is simply dubbed the explorer and rockets the crew (along with its designer) out into the vast reaches of space.

However what they believe will be an exploratory mission allowing them to see previously undiscovered phenomena of all kinds changes when just beyond the rim of the Sol system they find a vast alien civilization. Space has clearly already been discovered but not by humanity. Peace talks ensure and create and uneasy but sustainable peace as humanity is let into the intergalactic community. Trade bustles between earth and dozen other species overnight but within the first few months the creator of the original engine that made exploration possible notices something odd. Slave trade of humans begin as people sell themselves off, having nothing to sell but themselves after hard economic times hit earth and its clear to her that alien lusts for human beings has only one inevitability: Open war and the enslavement of the human race.

When the engineer speaks of this she is seen as mad at best and ridiculed at worst by mankind and the intergalactic community so she takes steps into her own hands.  Spending all of her fortune she redesigns her engine for even greater speed and power and commissions several arks to take hand picked crews and samples from earth even beyond the intergalactic community's reach to found new colonies and if possible to one day return to retake earth, by force if necessary. The project is secret, only known to those in the project

The engineer planned to go with them but in a freak accident with her personal ship she finds herself drifting off in an escape pod, kept in stasis. Time passes and her suspicions are proven correct as the lust for humans eventually brings warfare and enslavement. As the decades pass new mortal STDs develop making breeding in humanity impossible. Cloning becomes inviable for producing new humans. Four hundred years after humanity makes first contact they are declared extinct.

A century after the last human passed, a ship comes along and finds the engineers capsule. She is alive and the last known human to exist. A unique specimen for the captain, whether she be a pirate, military, privater or something else. This is where our story begins...

34) The raider and the regulator - M/F, F/F, or Futa/F and Themes from Fallout 3

Over 200 years ago nuclear war broke out but where many thought it was the end of the world soon found that it would only be the catalyst to the next chapter in humanity's violent history. Mankind divided itself into tribes and towns as animal life from all over mutated or evolved into dangerous monster like creatures that added man to its list of prey.

You are a woman who grew up in the capital wasteland, the remains of washington DC. A woman who grew up in one such violent tribe who fell into the vices that commonly dragged down the average person. Your raider gang, while powerful has drawn the notice of particular group of wasteland do gooders called the regulators.

When the fight breaks out the regulators catch your gang by surprise but you all fight with everything you have for the sake of survival and in the end only you and a single regulator remain standing. There isnt a round left in the camp and neither one can even lift a combat knife. Its a stalemate but neither is willing to give up so where will our story go from here?

Notes: Fallout is a post apocolyptic setting based around a popular game franchise. This story revolves around the idea of frontier justice being excersised to take down a group whos been causing murders and misery in people for years and when two people are pulled together through extraordinary circumstances, what direction are they forced to take? I see this story as the kind where two people who hate each other are forced together and in one momentary lapse of judgement end up getting involved into that heat of the moment, angry as hell, sex which opens the door to possibilities that niether would have thought of before

35) Forever together, forever apart - M/F

Deep in the frozen north where the tree's and ground are always covered in a veil of white there is a place where the border between worlds thins. Sometimes a glimpse of another realm can be seen for a moment, letting the people of other worlds bleed through for only a few moments before the border returns to normal. Yet sometimes if a dream is powerful enough the border does more then thins, it shatters for a time. Allowing the inhabitants to not just see one another but interact.

Sergei was a man who had always been seen as an outcast to others. Despite his handsome face and overpowering sense of presence he could never be one with society no matter how desperately he tried. One day he gave up trying to belong and retreated from everyone and everything. He moved north and built a cabin in the snowfields of Siberia. His only company became his loyal Wolfhound Prizrak and literature. Still it was only a few months before his mind begged for something more.

One night after checking his traps he noticed something he had never seen before, or rather someone. A woman stood in the snow covered by thick black wool clothes. Her hair as black as the night, her skin a fair shade of pink, eyes as blue as freshly fallen snow, but the thing he noticed most were her full blood red lips. As their eyes met he began to speak but a moment later the wind and snow blew hard, forcing him to shut his eyes. By the time they opened she was gone.

It would not be long before he saw her again...

Notes: This is one of those games where I see a very rough idea and then have no clue where it could go next so I require a partner whos going to work out a lot of the details with me. I see this as a romantic game that plays out over a long period of time. Its possible they are seperated by distance, by time, both, or their worlds could literally be different dimensions. Obviously Sergei has chosen to live out in the wilderness, dozens of miles from the nearest civilization. I suspect the woman he sees is in a similar position.

At first they're granted glimpses of each other as the storms lessen, but are only granted a few minutes at a time. Slowly growing to know each other. As time moves on and wishes and dreams for more time with each other grow in their hearts the border between words breaks granting their wish to do more then just talk for a few minutes.

Can their wishes remain a reality or will the border between these worlds eventually part them again?

36) Queen of the jungle - M/F or Futa/F

Off the explored rim of our galaxy there is a world similar to earth that a sole explorer has come to look at in detail. However just as he begins his orbital scans there is a meteor slams into his vessel, throwing it off its orbit and forcing it to be pulled down to the planet. The ship crashes in a massive jungle on one of the southern continents leaving the sole crew member to fend for himself.

However he is not alone. A woman has also been trapped on this world for years, perhaps decades. She notices him and from the distance watches him as he builds a camp and tries to survive in the fierce enviroment. However something more calls her to come closer and get to know him, years of no social contact have left her lonely and years of sexual furstration have begun to push her towards ideas she may never have thought of before

Notes: This is a tarzan-esque game only with the woman being the Tarzan. There is no intelligent life on the planet and the region they're in is probably highly volcanic, leaving several hot springs around the area. I would like there to be a language barrier between the two to start
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Re: The evil genius' stories
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2009, 04:47:13 pm »
The games in this post are not for everyone, not because of ons/offs but because they require specific kinds of players to be a success. These games require dedication because they are based on a central plot that is more important then any other aspect of the game. They are mystery roleplays that try to put forth questions to the player and the goal of the game is to explore and solve them. While there is room for erotic scenes of varying types remember that it is always the story that comes first here if you want Pure smut fests then I can not stress enough that the roleplays in this post are not for you. I have other smut-fest friendly RPs

Past players have left me somewhat jaded about these plot oriented Roleplays and Ive come to the conclusion that I have not been stringent enough with choosing who I accept into them. If the story cant be told right then or is detracted from I would rather not play it at all. Keeping with the stringent acceptance process Ive decided to take the same approach as I did with Nocturnal reverie to find worthwhile writing partners. That said, anyone wishing to participate in the roleplays of this post (and only this post) please do the following and send it to me via private message: Take some time to write something like why the story intrigues you, why you think you're the best person for it, what you want to experience in the game, and what you will bring to it. If you do that I can consider you a serious applicant and if you cant, I already know that you are not the right person for these games

1. Nocturnal reverie (Game permenently closed)

Deep in the wilderness of Romania there is a castle that is still owned and occupied by a wealthy lord. In the relatively nearby town of Elba (some 20 or 30 miles away) a young woman comes across a job opportunity of a lifetime as the lord decides to hire a maid to help clean his castle. After their initial meeting and her tour of the estate he offers her a place to stay while she works there. On her first night there she accidentally knocks over a suit of armor and opens a hidden passageway. Curious she decides to enter and from her first footstep inside everything seems like a daydream.

She wakes in her room as the rays of mornings light cast over her bed from the open window with only fragments of her memories after entering the hidden passageway. A few of those fragments are of the master binding and taking her in the night but also of something darker and more sinister that she cant quite put her finger on. Wanting to know the truth she decides to continue exploring the castle while she does her work as the maid, trying to find what the truth behind the master is.

Notes: This is likely the most popular game idea Ive ever placed on Elliquiy, Ive literally had dozens of submissions in the past and yet found no one to get past that first night. I will be playing the master and need a female role to be curious and inquisitive. She needs to be willing to look into the mysteries surrounding the mansion and master plus have the resolve to keep looking when strange things happen. The story has a large hint of the supernatural within it that includes the master and goes back several hundred years into the history of the castle

2. Sliepner

In the distant future mankind has traversed the stars and colonized much of the galaxy. However governments tend to keep military and police forces in their home systems which has created huge areas in space where Pirates are free to do as they please and private citizens without a government over them have become outlaws.

Risa Starwing and her partner/lover were just two ordinary women trying to make a living in space. Their choice of business was selling solutions to almost any problem that an outlaw had. What they didn't bargain on was coming into possession of a starship that became a complete mystery. Its not a model that is built by any military, company, or pirate group but they soon find out that several governments want the ship for an unknown reason. What is the secret behind Sliepner and why does everyone want to get their hands on it?

Notes: In case you didn't notice I prefer this one to be a female/female duo and would prefer Risa (my character) to be the submissive one (if not a willing slave to her lover) in their relationship. Risa is an expert on technology and probably the brains of the duo as well. A partner with a domineering personality and experience in security/military/front line situations would be ideal. Moral choice is a big thing in this story as many uncomfortable situations will come up, having to choose between the easy way out and keeping ones conscience clear wont be easy

3. The hand of time

The village had been plagued by an ancient dragon for centuries taking a maiden from it every year to devour. However when Yuki's turn neared she chose to fight rather then be a willing meal. A year before she and her little sister journeyed into the forbidden shrine and took hold of an ancient blade known as the hand of time. With it Yuki was able to kill the dragon but she paid two prices. The first was the loss of an eye to the dragons claws and the other was that she was imprisoned. Frozen in time for ten years

When the seal was finally broken Yuki's heart began to beat again and she returned to the village but her memories were all gone, except for the battle with the dragon and the face of her sister. Things grow even more complicated when one night Yuki sneaks into her sisters bed and it turns into a night of forbidden passion. When the rays of sunlight break through the curtains in the morning commotion begins as a monster tears through the streets. With the hand of time Yuki easily defeats the beast but it utters a terrible curse from its lips fortelling that the hand of time will be the catalyst to the regions destruction. Fearing more monster attacks the two set out to discover the hidden purpose behind the hand of time and their only lead is the shrine from which it came a decade ago

Notes: Not as well written as my previous two, I know, but interesting all the same. It was inspired by the picture above. I see the sister as being roughly the same age as Yuki when she breaks out of the prison so in her 20s when the story really begins and likely around 8-10, maybe a little younger or older) when they first found the hand of time. Obviously this is an incest roleplay (something new for me) and I'm looking for a player that will fit as someone with the drive to try and find the answers to the question above.

4) The iucunditas of filiolus

A young woman starts her thesis for her Linguistics major however as she gets into the various books of the college library she begins to think that this major might not be for her due to its difficulty. When she drops one of the books on the floor and kneels down to pick it up she finds and old leather bound, hand written book sitting between book cases, its title is iucunditas of filiolus. Curiosity piques her interest so she sits down to read it.

After the first words are repeated in her mind she is captured by a spell of the book. Obsession sets in as she is compelled to decipher its secrets from the rare language to the ancient materials it is made of. Yet its not long till she realizes that there is some entity in the book but also in her mind and her body. It demands she continue to decipher the language pushing her body into a state of arousal until she performs acts of great debauchery or continues her research. She can not escape it for it lives in her as much as the tome nor can it escape the near maddening pleasure it gives her when she does well or fails to translate the book

What is the iucunditas of filiolus and more importantly what is the entity that has invaded her mind? Is it a spirit? A hallucination? Or perhaps the personification of the book and what is written in its leather bound pages? No one will know till the last word is deciphered and she will never be free from its maddening torments till she has translated everything, perhaps not even then.

Notes: This is a very different roleplay because it eliminates the need for a second character, or at least a physical form of one. I see this game idea as being a very public display because anytime she is not working on the translation of the book she can feel "it's" hands, lips, tongue, or other body parts touching her, arousing her, and taking her.

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Re: The evil genius' stories
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This post lists a number of pairings since thats what people have been posting more lately then actual story ideas. Keep in mind that while the games/comics/movies listed are settings I like I dislike canon characters. So if you've got some fantasy about Cloud and Yuffie from Final fantasy 7 getting together Ill have to say no thanks

My character X Your character
* notes a game that could be done in the opposite way. Such as a Photographer X Model pairing changed to my partner playing the photographer and me playing the model

"Normal" pairings
Male X Female
Female X Female
Futa X Female
Master X Slave
Slave X Mistress*
Best friend X best friend
Boss X Secretary*
Boy next door X girl next door
club owner X Dancer*
Doctor X Patient*
Fey X human*
Guy nextdoor X Stalker girl
Mage X Apprentice*
Martial arts master X Student*
Photographer X Model*
Super hero(ine) X Super heroine
Teacher X Student*
Werewolf X human*
Werewolf X Vampire
Werewolf X Werewolf

Comics settings

Original settings/characters

Anime settings
Chrono Crusade
Death Note
Elfen Lied
Full Metal Alchemist
Last Exile
Outlaw Star
Steel Angel Kurumi
Witch hunter robin

Game based settings

Final fantasy 4, 6, 10, and tactics
Legend of Dragoon

Finally Im going to add in some random scenes that I think would be fun to play out when added into a plot driven story

A female knight being taken by a group of Hermaphroditic water sprites
A woman being given over as a sex slave to a dragon
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Re: The evil genius' stories
« Reply #3 on: July 16, 2009, 06:36:32 pm »
In this post I will list out characters that I have used in past roleplays and that might be used in future ones. If one of them interests you and you would like to play with them, feel free to let me know. The only constant that you will likely see is that all of my Female characters are Homosexual and all my male characters are Heterosexual. They are all separated into the categories they fall in whether its setting specific like Scion's or freeform time periods.

For ease of looking (because I know this is extraordinarily long) the categories are Bleach characters, Exalted characters, Freeform and Contemporary characters, Freeform Any time period, Scion's, Super hero's/villain's, and werewolves. More categories and characters will be added as time goes on

Bleach characters

Name: Armal Utsutemei
Age: 74 (looks about 18)
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual


Personality: Armal is often distracted, looking off into the distance at something that no one else can perceive. When people can get him to focus he often seems kind and intelligent for a few moments before falling back into his old habits. However when a battle ensues he takes on the facade of a devil. Showing determination, control, and murderous intent till his foes fall to the ground.

Background: Armal like many humans died when he was young in a car wreck but even before that the soul reapers new that he had special powers. He could see the hallows yet do little to fight them on his own. He worked with the soul reapers in Izumo and lead many hallows to their deaths. It was a shame that for all his work he passed away when a drunk driver crashed into him as he pushed his girlfriend out of the way.

The moment he was brought to the soul society the soul reapers knew he was different. Like them he felt hunger and fatigue so the reaper that brought him to the society also pointed him in the direction of the Soul reaper academy. Like in his true life he excelled at the school and passed the exams on the first try with some of the highest marks in the academy's history. He was quick to learn swordplay and spirit chants and became a prodigy among the reapers. Like a few before him he went through the training in a single year, a feat that often took five to ten years, and was assigned to a position within the first of the thirteen court guard squads.

Armal experienced only a few years under the head captains command before things changed. He had talent but he was inexperienced for the mission that would change him forever. He was assigned a position with his Lieutenant and sent out to hunt a powerful hallow in the world of living. After six months they found the hallow and exorcised it. When the gates of the underworld appeared before them the last remnants of the hallow reached out like greasy black tentacles and engulfed many of the squad, trying in vain to keep a hold in the world of the living. Armal saw an opportunity and split each tentacle, freeing his squad members but was pulled into the underworld himself along with the hallow.

He lived in the underworld, surviving by the use of his sword and the clever deals he made with the underworlds Devil nobility for his survival. Yet he also walked the wasteland looking for a way to escape the underworld. When he came to the den of an underworld dragon he first met Kage-Ryu, a massive dragon made of Darkness, entropy, and pain and who was said to be the wisest and most intelligent of beings in the underworld. He made a deal with the dragon, and told him that if he helped him escape that he would grant the great beast a gateway to the other worlds where he could destroy Armal's enemies and further serve his purpose. Kage-Ryu agreed but told him it would take time and that Armal would have to achieve even greater power. Armal could only agree to the terms and he trained with the dragon and against the denizens of the underworld.

He spent fifty years in the underworld till the gates parted once again, opening into the Soul society. Armal stepped out of the red mist and the soul reapers who saw him could not believe their eyes that someone had not only returned from the underworld but gained such great power in the reality. Armal was reinstated to the first squad immediately. Armal trained daily, sometimes disappearing for days at a time and his power could be felt miles away in the mountains as entropy overtook the land he trained in. No one knows for sure what was going on in this time but speculation says that he and Kage-Ryu fought each other for dominance.

Once day he returned and asked all of the captains to fight him one on one so he could test his strength. Only a few agreed to fight him because they figured at best he was only a third or fourth seat, they were very wrong. In the first battle with the captain of squad 12 Kage-Ryu and Armal's coordinated assault nearly killed him even with his bankai's protective abilities. With the power of a captain apparent for everyone to see Armal was granted the only free captains seat at the time, squad 11. He has served since then, standing as both a mystery and the pinnacle of survival. A man who embodies what a soul reaper can survive if they maintain determination and hope.

Zanpakto info:

Shikai (Kage-Ryu): Armal can raise his sword to the sky and open a gateway between the world he is in and the underworld. At this time the shadow of the sword animates and becomes the essence of nightmares. The blade turns as black as pitch and the dragon comes to full life.

Picture of kage-Ryu:

Bankai (kootei no Kage-Ryu): No one but the head captain has seen Armal's bankai and lived. The truth is that the shadow dragon that is summoned through Armal's Shikai is but a shadow of the true beast. The bankai however releases its full power into the Dragon and Armal himself. The blade retains its black color but also warps reality around Armal making his hair turn black and his skin turns as white as snow. When in this form the area around him is flooded with entropy, breaking down everything nearby until its nothing except dust as well as giving him the ability to summon the Underworlds demon armies or Devil nobility to fight. Finally During bankai Kage-Ryu's true form is brought out, a dragon made of shadow that stretches across the sky and brings darkness no matter how brightly the sun shines.

Exalted Characters


Caste: Twilight

Motivation: To wipe out all disease from Creation

Intimacies: Protecting people that cant protect themselves, doing what he thinks is right, and an appreciation/respect for those that help him and his work. I dunno might add more later.

Character Background [Non-Played Prelude]: As a boy Vestin was the son of a pair of hunters that lived deep in the arctic lands. Often only being at arms length from civilization. During those years he learned several arts in survival, hunting, fighting, and tracking. However his true interest was in the use of both herbs and animal organ's and fluids which were used in Medicinal ways.  By the time Vestin was 16 he had discovered many different ways to cure diseases and poison's but soon found that as he gave that knowledge to others more came to seek it out and use it for their own good. Eventually he moved deeper into the arctic wilderness and built his cabin where he continued to offer treatment free of charge but would never give his medical knowledge to others again.

The nearby village supported his efforts as he cured the sick and treated the wounded, giving him many gifts for his service even though he often declined them. Occasionally his mother and father stopped in to see him and to chat before returning to their hunts but for some time he remained there to treat those that came to him and to find new cures to plagues he had only heard of in the distant lands.

His transformation into a solar was one of tragedy. Another solar came to him, seeking a treatment to a poison he had contracted in the deep jungles. Vestin did everything in his power to help the exalted though eventually time won out against his superior knowledge and the exalted lost his life. Still he refused to give up, taking samples of the man's blood and flesh he deligently spent months of work and finally developed an anti-venom. That same night as he placed the anti-venom on a shelf a group of outlaws burst into his home and began to raid his belongings. In defense to his own life and life's work he grasped the exalted weapon, a grand goremaul, and his anima revealed itself. Knowing that others will always come to seek his knowledge Vestin has taken up to traveling the world and treating those he finds.

Stats & Abilities: High mental and physical stats but lower social since he has been a hermit most of his life. As far as abilities a 5 in medicine and 3 or 4 in melee but I'm not sure beyond that at the moment.

Appearance:  Vestin stands 6 feet tall with a well muscled frame. Short black hair, tanned alabaster skin, and sparkling blue eyes only add to the seemingly handsome man's features. His clothes often vary though he usually wears a simple shirt, trousers, boots, and gloves although all of that is often covered by the deep scarlet hooded cloak he wears.

Backgrounds: Artifact: Grand goremaul and I don't know what else yet. Maybe backing 1 or 2 to reflect the villages assistance


An interview with Vestin

How old are you?: 22

What was your family life like?: We traveled the lands of the north like nomads for years. My mother and father took each day to teach me something in the hopes that I would become a good hunter or at least that I would be able to survive in the wyld. Everyday the training was different sometimes being focused on dressing an animal, other days honing my skills with a blade, and even other days learning which of the rare winter herbs and animal organs were used to treat which wounds. Even though it was always a harsh life it was filled with love and motivation. Even though Ive traveled for some time and met many women I have not found one that special one yet. One day I would like to find love and raise a family but as of yet I have neither.

Where are you from?: The distant arctic wastelands of the north. I lived at arms length from the village of Shoonie throughout my time as a boy though as I started my research into medicinal treatments I moved further away, though still assisted them as best I could.

How were you exalted?: It happened soon after my first encounter with the exalted. An older gentleman of that nature came to me, seeking a cure to a poison he had contracted in the west. It had already taken its toll on him though I did my best to find an anti-venom to the spiders bite. Eventually he passed on, leaving his equipment and name here. I lacked the knowledge at the time to save him though I still refused to give up. I took more samples of his flesh and blood before burying him and that eventually helped me to find an anti-venom that broke up the poison. In my short sightedness I placed the vial on a bookshelf while collecting more ink for my notes. That's when they came...a band of outlaws, men who had visited me a few times in the past but who always left when they found me more then a match for their groups. This time though they came in a large group and raided my home. They began to steal what they could and planned to burn my home to the ground, along with my work and that's when it happened. I wasn't sure what it was at first but a blinding golden glow illuminated my body as I took up the solar's weapon and began to fight. In the end, there were no survivors.

When did you meet your companions?: Ill have to work that out with them still

Has power changed you?: No, or at least I don't think it has. At first it was frightening but later I grew into it, learning new things about my reborn self. I was given a gift with medicine to help people and to survive. It is no different with this power. It is a gift to help others like I have always wanted to do. I could crush entire nations if that were my desire but I do not have a right to rule over people who were no different then I at one time.

What do you think of mortals?: Not all mortals can defend themselves and yet some can. Not all mortals choose to help others as best they can yet others will. This leads me to believe that mortals are just different from person to person as we exalted are. That said, if mortals need my help I will help though they should try to help themselves first.

What motivates you to be a hero?: The fact that I believe in doing the right thing. I always try though I do not always succeed. Helping people is just something that comes naturally to me and I do take some amount of pride in knowing that my efforts have made lives better in one way or another.

Who or what do you worship?: Nothing in particular. The unconquered sun has never revealed himself to me, nor has any other godlike being that I deem as worthy of my worship. A better question might be what do I believe in? The answer is, I believe in doing what is right. It sounds simple but then its not at the same time. Let other beings look at me as they will, as long as I follow my goal then my conscience is clear.

What would drive you to commit murder?: I have no qualms about removing people from power through such means but I try to make sure the ends justify those means. Everyone has the potential to fall from grace, so to speak. It is one of my goals to guide them back and away from evil so that they can redeem themselves. However, if they choose not to do that then I have little choice but to remove them from this world if to simply protect those that can not protect themselves.

Development: Since Vestin began his journey he has done much in the world. He has cured countless villages of plagues and poisons, defeated a Death Lord in single combat and reduced his army to dust, forged an uneasy peace with some Dragon blooded Exalted, and taught countless civilizations how to prosper with his knowledge of the first age.

Freeform and Contemporary time period characters

Allison O'conner

Age: 20
Gender: Futanari (she has a cock and vagina but no testicles)
Year: Sophomore in college
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 125
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Description: At first look Alley doesn't seem that much different from any other girl. She pretty average in height and build for any active woman of her size. She does wear her light brown hair long and it falls down to her butt and has it tied at the end with a single green ribbon. She also always wears glasses but this is the only constant in the variety of clothes she wears. She can be seen wearing anything from a bikini (always 2 pieces) to a business suit but she tends to favor hot and vibrant colors like reds and oranges.

Personality: Alley is a mischievous and energetic person who likes to get out and move around as much as she likes to sit down and work on a computer. She likes to play pranks on people but keeps it as all in good fun, never taking to a point past minor embarrassment. When not out with friends or when running around she's usually found on her bed searching the internet, looking at old newspaper clippings and any history she can find at all of her home town and the area around it. She's admitted a few times that her constant search is to try and find the family that gave her up and on some level to find herself and where she really came from.

Background: Alley doesn't really know where she comes from since she grew up as an orphan in a small town in upstate new york but she seems to know where shes going. She was always the top student in school and even graduated Valedictorian of her high school class. She entered the university to work on her masters degree for computer science and programing (she completed her bachelors while in high school).

Due to smart investing from her high school career shes easily one of the most wealthy youths in the country and she has plans to one day start up her own business and give microsoft some decent competition for the various products out there.

Around campus she's known as a genius for science and mathematics. Mostly due to the rumors she offers tutoring for a variety of subjects and only takes "favors" as payment for her time and work. Many party students and people on academic probation have turned their entire semesters around due to her special tutoring ways

On's/Offs: In addition to my signature and due to a bad past experience Alley is incredibly scared of allowing any kind of bondage scenes to take place with her as the submissive.

Emily Malre'

Name: Emily Malre'
Shadow name: Morgana
Age: 21
Sex: Futa
Sexual orientation: Women only

Description: Emily stands a full six feet tall, making her tall for a woman and has a lithe and flexible body type for a woman of her size. Many might say she has a goth look due to the dark clothes she usually wears and her long, black as night hair that seems to flow freely as if a testament to her untamed nature. Even more beautiful is the pair of deep green eyes that seem to shine with a mix of intelligence and cunning. In contrast to the usual color of her clothes her skin is pale and she carries herself with confidence and sensuality.

Her clothes vary but she wears black most of the time because she thinks it looks good on her and forms a unique contrast to her skin and eyes. Whatever she wears, its always low cut, giving a good look of her cleavage which draws more then a few eyes to look at her all the time. A fact she loves dearly and considers a sign of personal power. The only truly constant thing in her style of dress is that she always wears a long blue ribbon around her neck and lets the tails of it fall over her shoulder and down her back.

Personality: While she carries herself with confidence and has an air of superiority about her secretly Emily is few of those things. She enjoys being in control of others but also finds that all to often it prevents her from getting close to someone on equal terms.

Due to her unique gender and her art she has undergone a bit of gender misidentity over the years. She thinks of herself as a woman and, purely to experiment, has lived in the body of a man and a woman at one time. However she cant deny that in truth she is both at the same time. That fact seems to haunt her at times, especially when she desperately wants to curl up against someone who truly accepts her for what she is

Emily's powers as a witch however empower her personality. She is a prodigy within her coven and has unique understanding of magic and hexes that even the oldest witches don't seem to grasp. However where she understands hard to grasp concepts she lacks the experience in using her art. As such she often experiments with her powers and observes them in action, learning from them much like she were a scientist running an experiment

Background: Emily was born in the one place where no one would expect to find a witch, Salem Massachusettss. Coven's of witches have existed in the place for centuries but none have ever been discovered and as mankind moves away from traditional beliefs and accept science as the one and only true explanation for the world, it seems they never will.

She grew up in a small but happy family with her mother, father, and younger brother. From the time she could walk her mother taught her the the art of witchcraft and brought her into the world of true witches. It wasn't long till the covens found that Emily had a gift for witchcraft that only one in perhaps a century might possess. Where a normal witch might be able to control a minor spirit after forty years of study, she had summoned and bound the very spirit of Salem itself to her will at the young age of six.

She quickly became a object of pride and hate within the coven's of Salem, breeding a mix of immeasurable jealousy and uncontrollable desire for her powers. All of the coven's found themselves disappointed as she grew older and instead decided that school was her decision rather then to stay in Salem and continue their influence throughout the state and country.

Emily entered the college two years ago and began her major in Psychology. It has already served her well as it gives better insight into the human mind. She fully intends to open up a practice after she graduates and intends to set up shop in Washington DC, the perfect place for her to change the world to her whims and remain hidden from the eyes of normal humans.

Freeform any time period

Risa Starwing

Age: 20
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 125
Sexual orientation: Homosexual

Personality: Shy and somewhat introverted Risa is a girl that few people can get to know without trying. She tends to stand in the background calculating risks, dangers, and profit when presented with problems. She is also very down to earth and always looking for ways to put a little extra money in the pocket of herself and her lover(s). She's a hard worker and takes great pride in the work she does for customers or the businesses she runs.

Background: Risa was born years ago into a military family with both her parents being part of the Navy. From a young age she moved from ship to ship as your average military brat and lived a fairly normal life with her grades excelling in technology repair, design, and creation.

At the age of 15 as she and her parents were moving duty stations they were attacked by Pirates. With little chance of survival each family member ejected in an escape pod and let them have their small transport ship. Risa was rescued by a group of outlaws who brought her to the space station known as the Haven and gave her a job as a tech specialist. A few years later she decided she wanted to move more toward legitimate business and left the outlaw group taking the few credits she had to start a business that sold solutions to almost every problem. At first she specialized in vehicle and equipment repair but as more dangerous jobs came down she began looking for a partner and recruited her first lover Sarah.

During a salvaging job Risa and her ship were thrust through a spatial vortex that threw her either across time or across to another reality altogether. She continues to be thrown from one time period or reality to another with no control over it, yet she always seems to find a special woman of some kind when she stops in a time period. She has been a lover and plaything to a Supernatural queen of the desert, a lustful Faerie queen, a mighty dragon priestess, and the Greek goddesses Artemis and Aphrodite at the same time. No matter where she ends up she is eventually hurled to another place to once again become the submissive plaything of the woman or women she is destined to meet.

Freeform fantasy

Name: Kas Mordelle
Alias: The Emerald mage
Age: 22
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual

Description: Kas is a mountain of a man, standing six foot three inches tall yet he looks like he is quite skinny in most of the clothes he wears. Still when his clothes are removed everyone can see a perfectly toned body that seems odd for the little amount of exercise he does. His hair used to be as red as the sky when sunset comes but an encounter with an enraged ghost made him experience such fear and dread that it has turned every hair on his body as white as snow. Even twelve years after, not a single strand has regained any sense of color. Still he wears his hair long and lets it flow freely, showing a mix of his flighty and untamed personality. Oddly his skin always seems to keep a tanned look despite the time he spends indoors and its no surprise that he has handsome features. However, his most prominent feature is easily his Emerald green eyes that seem to sparkle with intelligence.

While his clothes vary he often wears a light green robe, fixed with small and lightweight pieces of armor and it is made of a durable and flexible fabric as well as boots and gloves that compliment his look. Underneath the robe he wears form fitting trousers and an undershirt, all made of silk and that reveal some of the muscle mass that's usually hidden from plain sight.

Personality: Kas is an oddity within mages of the world. While most mages seem to let their personal power go to their head Kas instead doesn't let it control him or his actions. From his point of view his power is a gift that allows him to do both marvelous and terrible things but it does not make him any better then any person. As such Kas tends to be polite and thoughtful much of the time which makes even the most zealous mage haters reconsider their bias. However he is highly opinionated as well which puts others off

When spells have to be slung he isn't afraid of wounding or killing in the defense of himself, his allies, or innocents but he's also quick to give aid. His conscience will not allow him to let people die unless it is in the heat of battle and even in such cases he makes it a point that they receive the appropriate last rights.

Background: No one, not even Kas himself seems to know his origins. His first memories are of fighting and destroying a memory sapping ghost, the same restless spirit that turned his hair stark white. While this creature robbed him of his memories it could not rob him of his instinctual understanding of magic. Due to his ability, and his young age, he assumes that his parents or some other guardian taught him magic from an early age.

For all the uncertainties its easy to say that Kas has no idea of where he came from but he does seem to know where he is going. Ever since that battle he has been looking for lost lore and insights into the world around him. Only a year afterwards he hooked up with an amazon as her partner and with her formed a small group of specialists trying to make their way in the world as adventurers. He spent years wandering the countryside with his allies and did much good as well as caused a little harm now and then but overall he was able to make a huge fortune and commissioned the construction of Kal Meltrun, his tower.

Kas had known of the instability between dimensions of existence in the Raker mountain range and designed the tower for three very specific reasons. The first to serve as his home and base of operations, the second to stabilize the dimensional fragility of the mountain range, and third to create a single point in the range where one could step across into the other world. The first two he managed to accomplish but he soon found that the crack in the barrier that separates realities would only open for a short time on the Darkest hour of each Moonless night

Since construction was finished Kas has been pouring all manner of tomes, looking for new challenges in magic and its application so he can one day make everyone's lives a bit better.


Name: Ryli
Age: 19
Sexual orientation: Homosexual

Description: Ryli stands a full six feet tall and has a very muscular build for a woman of her size. Every inch of her body sports the strong and worked muscle of a naturally sculpted athlete. Her face is open and friendly, sporting pouty pink lips and a pair of brilliant sky blue eyes. Her hair is a mane of pure snow white fibers that flows as if it is a testament to her own untamed nature yet she does tie it back with a single strip of fabric giving it a look similar to a pony tail.

Ryli wears few clothes at all due to the heat of the volcanic lands she lives in but also because she considers the human body, her in particular, as a beautiful thing that should be revealed and basked in like a work of art. She feels the lack of clothes and the looks of desire that follow that choice, give her a personal power over others that she enjoys. The few clothes she does wear tend to be tight against her skin and hard to grab onto as well as having bright colors like reds, oranges, and whites. Finally she has several tattoo's over her body, each one having tribal significance to her allies

Personality: Ryli is an active and adventurous woman who has a thirst to experience the world and all it has to offer. She is mostly known as an explorer but also a fierce warrior when the time comes. She dislikes fighting but she doesn't lie to herself and knows that fighting against dangerous predators in her homeland and enemy tribes is a necessity for survival.

Background: Ryli was born almost two decades ago as the daughter of two explorers from some far away land that she has never been to, and knows little about. As she understands it she was born on board the ship and a few days after her parents ship was blown off course by a major storm, their ship crashed into the great coral reef that extends along the coastline, and they were stranded here. 

Ryli's parents were not ones to give up and they quickly salvaged what they could from the ship and built a small protected settlement in the cliffside caves overlooking the bay. Of course the land was dangerous with the massive dinosaurs wandering the land but they all perservered and Ryli herself took strength of body and mind as her guide to survival. She grew up in a harsh world learning whatever her parents could teach her and by age sixteen she was an accomplished woman who had discovered much of the coastline.

However two years ago the family unknowingly committed a taboo of some kind to one of the many local tribes and before they could work things out they were attacked by the Muangi tribes warriors. They managed to kill Ryli's parents, however the cunning girl lead the majority of their forces into the hunting grounds of an Allosaurus, giving them a bloody end and her a tinge of revenge.

Ryli hasn't looked back since then, she keeps moving from place to place to avoid Muangi while exploring the land and sharing what she has learned with tribes in exchange for goods and temporary safe havens. She is enjoying life to the fullest because she knows that it might end any day, either at the hands of a Muangi or the jaws of a dinosaur


Name: Adonis
Age: 24
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 176 lbs
Race: Neko
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual

Description: Adonis stands just under six feet tall and at first glance seems small and frail yet his body shows true definition in his muscles, especially on his limbs and chest. While he is clearly of Caucasian decent his skin has a tanned appearance and except for his head is completely void of body hair and the most notable feature is the large manhood between his legs that is almost always hard. His lilac colored hair is cut short and arranged in layers that give it a spiky yet layered look and his long cat ears extend outward yet usually seem to droop downward. Beneath the mane of hair on his head are a pair of beautiful sapphire blue eyes that show intelligence and obedience. The few times he is allowed to wear clothes he likes to dress in casual garments with dark colors of blue, black, and gray as well as earth tones. The only piece of clothing he wears often is a metal studded collar around his neck with a silver bell.

Background: Adonis was not a person that evolved into a neko, rather he was made that way. He is the first successful fully breed of his kind and it was thought that when a female came of age they would sire thousands more for slavery. However that did not come to pass, the company handling his breeding and education quickly went bankrupt and had to abandon the project. Adonis was sold to the highest bidder

Since the moment of his birth Adonis has spent a lifetime learning about the world and to obey whoever holds his leash. He was taught early on to be more then a fuck toy but how to be a lover and intellectual. As a child and through his teenage years he studied cultures, science, philosophy, art, and sex. He was given his name due to his resemblance to the figure of the same name in ancient Greece, both in knowledge and beauty.

Skills: Has a college level training in Medicine, astrology, and Mechanical engineering. He also speaks several languages (most of them fluently) including English (with an American dialect), French, German, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, and Swahili.

Likes: Being petted, discussing intellectual pursuits, reading, being tied up, being whipped, being humiliated, anal sex (giving and receiving)
Dislikes: Drug paraphernalia, smoking, rape (really all you have to do is ask), and males

Name: Ashley Merrow
Sex: Futa
Age: 22
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 108 lbs
Sexual orientation: Women only

Description: Ashley stands almost six feet tall with a lithe build for a woman of her size. She has long pink hair that falls down to her butt. She has black colored fur on her cat like ears and long tail. Her clothes vary but she likes revealing clothes with natural feels like furs and leathers.

Personality: Ashley is a fun loving Neko and just like her kind she enjoys the simple things in life like good food, being petted, and nuzzling with people she likes. She distrusts scientists and people in shifty business suits, which seems odd since she owns and operates one of the largest banks in the world.

Background: Like Adonis, Ashley Merrow was a genetic experiment created as a breeder for future generations. However everyone in the company knew that female would be easier on the eyes so they created a hermaphrodite neko with mostly feminine features, able to breed with the females of her kind. Unfortunately they underestimated Ashley's cunning and she managed to escape from the company.

Ashley was able to escape the life and servitude that she was originally bound to and hide herself amongst the people. She gained friends in the underworld and used them to educate herself and it was only a few years of hard studying and work till she was able to buy out the stock of a bank. She took hold of the bank and used the financess to fund herself and still does to this day. Yet because of her natural desires to mate she constantly seeks female neko's to take into her home. Sometimes using them as lovers but other times freeing them and putting them into jobs that benefit her in the future.

So far a few companies have learned of what shes doing and none of them like it.

Likes: Being petted, reading, anal sex (giving and receiving), oral sex (giving and receiving), dominating her partners
Dislikes: Drug paraphernalia, smoking, rape (really all you have to do is ask), and males

Scion's (aka Children of the gods)

Masato Kurigami

Age: 20
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 125
Scion of Susano-o
Sexual orientation: Homosexual

Description: Masato is a young and beautiful woman with a muscular and flexible body for a woman of her size. Her light brown hair is kept short and straight and her light brown eyes sparkle with cunning and strength. Although her clothes vary, she often wears a black and red jumpsuit that's common among motorcyclists. When more traditional clothes are needed she wears a simple pair of blue jeans, a tee shirt, and a red and black hoodie.

Personality: Masato is passionate in all things from falling in love to showing off. She is a daredevil at heart, often taking chances at dangerous tasks just to prove that she can do them when others are watching. She has a love-hate relationship with her father, hating him for leaving her as a child and letting her mother die and loving him for the kindness and warmth she remembered in the days before he left. Deep down she hopes that the warmth and kindness she remembers proves to be his true self.

Background: It began a long time ago when Susano-o and her mother Yuki Kurigama met. At the time Yuki was working as a waitress in Tokyo. Unrest was running rampant in the citizen's of Japan over every little thing, most of it caused by Susano-o himself. Like many meetings theirs was fated as well when Susano-o took a seat and the young woman came to take his order, it was love at first sight. The couple spent little time dating and after a mere three months Yuki learned she was pregnant. Many more months passed when both tragedy and miracle happened. Masato was born into the world but at the same time the difficult pregnancy left permanent and debilitating scars in Yuki's body. More time passed as the couple and their daughter lived lives of normal people till Masato was five. That year Yuki's condition took a turn for the worse and she died.

Masato remembers the night of Yuki's death quite well, a night where her father held her in his arms and wept with her. Only days later she found her father had disappeared and she eventually wound up in the care of family friends. For a long time she lived with guilt, thinking she had not only killed her mother but driven her father away as well until it was eventually forgotten in her teenage years when she got into street racing. More time passed as she lived a normal life, or as normal as any Scion can live. Growing into a woman of beauty, grace, and intelligence and finding a love for theatre and acting. At the age of eighteen Masato finished high school and enrolled in Yale's school for drama which readily accepted her. Two more years past as she focused on her studies and made friends till a fateful day in the summer.

By this time a titanspawn that worked in the schools area had noticed Masato and plotted something special to rid the world of the Scion. It began with a simple bet that she could not jump a nearby gorge with her motorcycle, a challenge that Masato readily accepted and prepared for. Just as she was riding up the ramp the giant forced a small earthquake, cracking the ramps supports and forcing Masato to plummet into the gorge. When she woke she found the giant standing over her with a revealing grin and prepared to crush her with a boulder. Yet without knowing she acted Masato shot forward like a bullet, slamming into the beast and taking its head off in one blow. Her first encounter with the titanspawn soon turned to what she thought would be her last as the blood covered the stones and she passed out.

If not for divine intervention Masato would have bled to death on the rocks but instead she awoke in a home with her mother standing over her and her father sitting on a throne. When she stood Susano-o and Yuki welcomed her, and explained the titanspawn and the war that was coming. Masato was amazed and when she first found hatred for her father leaving instead found understanding for his position. Knowing what was to come Susano-o gifted Masato with the Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi ("Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven"), the sword he took from Orochi's tail. A weapon that is as important to Japanese mythology as Excalibur is to great Brittan and appointed a Kitsune to help guide her with her wealth and knowledge of the titanspawn and their progenitors.

Just like anyone would be, Masato was confused and unsure at first but eventually with sword in hand and understanding in her mind she set out to battle the titanspawn, fully ready to sew chaos in their ranks and bring their plans to an end.

Johan Hartmond

Age: 24
Height: 6’
Weight: 165
Scion of Hades/God of Darkness
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual

Description: Johan stands a full six feet tall with an average build for a man of his size. He keeps hisblonde hair short and trimmed and his deep blue eyes shine with intelligence and cunning. Normally he wears simple clothes that allow for freedom of movement and the ability to blend in but he’s almost always seen with a gym bag at his side or on his back. Inside he keeps a deep blue business suit, an FN P90, and a few clips of ammunition. Whenever he is in his business suits or wearing a jacket it’s almost a guarantee that you can find a holster with his Glock and several clips of ammunition under it

Personality: Johan is unlike almost any of Hades children. He is bright, manipulative, and generally a fun and caring guy to be around. He is uncomfortable around his mother Lisa as he feels she is only there to take advantage of him and his father but deep down he does want to love and care for her. However, he deeply loves and enjoys the company of his father, Hades, a god who he respects and looks up to.

Johan puts everything he has into finding the Titanspawn and ways to deal with them. One day he knows he will have to ascend into the Underworld to assist his father in imprisoning them once again and he wants to be ready when that day eventually comes.

Background: Johan’s story begins in the warm summer months when Persephone left the side of Hades as she does every six months. In a fit of depression as his queen left Hades entered the world of mortals once again, intent on taking a short few weeks of vacation from his eternal job as lord of the dead. On the beaches of Florida he met a young woman (Lisa) in a local bar and the two hit it off changing the mood of the god of gloom and doom. The few short passionate weeks of his vacation turned to a month and then two before it was almost time for his queen to return but by this time Lisa was pregnant. Being a responsible god Hades made a pact with Lisa to support her and the child and in the summer months would be a presence in the child’s life.

So as autumn and winter came Hades returned to the underworld and basked in the happiness and warmth of his true love Persephone and in the summer months he would return to the world of mortals to be a father to the boy Lisa named Johan and to support the woman and his son. As the years past Hades developed a company called Hadey’s manufacturing, dedicated to weapons design and manufacturing but when Johan grew into a young man with his fathers sense of business and responsible personality Hades turned over the company to him, content with continuing to visit Johan in those months that Persephone was away.

Through Johan’s ability the company took off rather well in his high school years and after his graduation Johan entered college, leaving the company to Hades hands once again as he majored in business. Years passed as everything was going well and then suddenly the Titan’s returned and almost immediately their children took notice of Johan. The attack was quick and precise when the Titanspawn attacked his main office of Hadey’s manufacturing. Using some of the more powerful firearms that his company had ever made Johan managed to fend off most of the attackers and when the smoke cleared his father showed up, convincing the local police and military that it was all an act of terrorism. Johan soon found out otherwise.

Hades was quick to take his boy away from the office and showed him a path into Hades itself. Deep in the palace of the underworld Hades explained to his son the real reason for the attack as well as his new role in the world and then gave him his birthrights. Johan has eagerly accepted his role and intends to turn all of the world against the Titan’s as well as drag all of them back into the depths of the underworld

Space settings (could often be considered science fiction)

Name: Sedon Imal (Pronounced: Say Don)
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Alpha Centuri
Marital Status: Single
Specialization: Warrior and Xenobiologist
Brief Bio: When mankind was first exploring the galaxy and jumped into Alpha Centari the Bastet found what might have been the one of the earliest encounters with extra-terrestrial life. Back then the bastet found a dead ship floating just out of sensor range of Alpha Centari. They came across it purely out of coincidence when the captain went to look around the neighboring planets. A group of people were sent over on an exploration mission and found a dead race of creatures similar to invertabrets but with bladed appendages. Soon a few of the creatures awoke and attacked. They killed the group easily and made their way back aboard the bastet, and a long bloody day took place as the few creatures and crew fought. Eventually the last few of the aliens were killed but with major loss of life.

The captain returned to Alpha centari and soon retired. It wasnt long till he founded a philosophical institution and taught men and women how to fight the creatures that invaded their ship. This group would later be known as Meyans, people trained in close hand combat able to stand toe to toe against any alien no matter how deadly its body makeup was. However Meyans also became curious explorers and innovators that designed tech of all kinds. However years later as political situations in Alpha Centuri solidified the Meyan's became outcasts and even traitors thanks to a few key political figures. As they were once hero's amoung the people, now they are at best considered secret society and in Alpha centuri some still think of them as traitors to the coalition

Sedon is one such Meyan born just twenty years ago to his father Kel, a doctor, and his mother Mila, a security operative. At an early age Sedon was brought into the Meyans and taught the way of war against aliens as well as the basics in medicine. He showed an innate talent with swords and other slashing weapons which proved useful in confined spaces like ship interiors, but he also became a crack shot with a rifle, enabling him to pick off people from hundreds of meters away and with pin point accuracy.

Sedon has never seen one of the aliens he was trained to fight but he has reservations about it. If a fight breaks out he has no doubt about his ability or commitment to keep himself and his crew alive but at the same time he wonders if the aliens first encountered by the Meyans had mearly been driven mad by isolation or other reasons beyond human understanding.

Super Hero's/Villain's


Name: Amy Collins
Alias: Ghost
Race: Human
Sexual orientation: Homosexual
Age: 27
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 136
Eyes: Green
Skin: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Clothing (dress up and causal): Amy dresses very casually and never goes to more formal functions. Her normal attire includes a simple white blouse, jeans, and sneakers.
Costume or work clothing: Amy's costume is a normal gray spandex body suit that covers everything up to her neck. She wears nothing to cover her head.
Other physical description: Amy stands 5 feet, 8 inches tall and Weighs only 136 pounds. She has long brown hair, her curves are very noticeable and her body seems smooth with few large and noticeable muscles. Her breasts are C cup sized, her butt seems tight and small and her entire frame seems quite flexible

Goals and motivations:
Family, friends and entourage: Amy's mother and father travel the world on a regular basis so she rarely has time to talk or see them. Her younger brother Jason, attends college in California and studies thermodynamics. Her best friend is John Holland and who is also the Blue meteor (though that info is unknown to her)

Work or Profession (other than being a super ): Night club partner/bartender/waitress

Background history: Amy grew up in New york city and attended high school there. For the most part her life was uneventful but as she matured into a woman occasionally odd events that could not be explained would happen. After she graduated high school she left for college at Syracuse university in new york. While in college Amy discovered her true sexuality and at first she had a very hard time accepting it. No matter how many men she tried to date and like the tender touch of a woman's skin and the look of a woman's body always turned her on more and she even began to hate a mans touch.

On her 21st birthday she was out with her girlfriend when a simple flat tire ruined their entire life. It wasn't long till a group of drunk college guys stopped to "help" them but that help soon turned into attempted rape. In desperation to protect herself and her lover Amy's latent psychic power came out and she forced each of the men to murder eachother. She has never been the same since.

Amy began to test her powers on people to find what her limits were and so far it seems she has none. 3 years later she graduated college and moved to Feedom city to work as a bartender while she continued to work on her masters degree. She soon met John Holland and learned of his plans to begin the Liquor dome. Deciding that his plan was sound she placed down a large payment for the Liquor dome in exchange for half its profits and a working job there. Today she is the sole partner of the most successful night club in all of Feedom city but this is only her life as Amy Collins.

Regarding her other personality Amy is neither a hero or a Villain. She does what she has to to survive. She preys on women for sexual gratification however she opposes pure chaos and theft that many villians seem to condone and engage in. To each party Amy's motivations and position seem unclear and as such she is accepted by both parties but with some suspicion.

Other details

Describe your characters powers:

Psychic Domination: This power forces the effected beings personality into stand still and gives Amy complete control of his/her body. Once the effect is over the person knows that someone had control of them but does not necessarily know who the person was.

Psychic Suggestion: This power sends a powerful suggestion into a targets mind as, to put it simply, a suggestion. The target is free to choose to follow the suggestion or not. However the suggestion always seems as if it is from the targets mind so decisions to go against such suggestions are unlikely. The target believes that the suggestion is from their own mind and will not determine in any way that it came from an outside source.

Invisibility: This power gives Amy complete invisibility to the targets she chooses. Unlike magical Invisibility or cloaking devices it removes all sensory input of her including sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell.

Memory wipe: This power allows Amy to tap into the memory of her target. Once she does this she can change specific memories or completely wipe them from her targets mind. She often does this to the women she preys upon so they have no memory of the rape or believe that the sexual acts they committed were with their boyfriends/girlfriends.

Probe: This power can only be used on a target while they are sleeping or unconscious and it does not work on deceased targets. Touch must be made in some way but when contact is made Amy can force herself and learn everything about her target. She gains the persons memories and when searching for answers she knows what the truth is as the target knows it. Although probing a persons mind can be a powerful form of interrogation the knowledge she gains from the probing fades after 24 hours.

Psychometabolic Regeneration : This power allows Amy to instantly force someones body (or her own) to to regenerate at an amazing rate. Such regeneration removes all harmful substances such as poisons, bullets, and disease and leaves no scars, burn marks, or any type of marking to show the injury

Telekinesis: The classic power. The ability to move things with a persons mind. Amy can use this ability to push opponents away, punch them, lift objects of great mass and/or density and other such feats. This power also gives her the ability to fly and seemingly hover in place by holding her own body in that position.

Clairvoyance: This ability allows Amy to see things that are not around her. It works much like a mobile security camera. She can see what her far away eyes see but her own visionary organs go on standby during this process. Additionally while she can see whats going on, she can not hear the surroundings. Clairvoyance and Clairaudience may not be used at the same time.

Clairaudience: The exact same as Clairvoyance only it applies to sound.

Psychoportation: Teleport: This ability allows Amy to go anywhere she likes. She must know her destination fairly well or have it in Line of sight for the teleportation to be successful. If such conditions are not met the teleportation does not go off.

Psychoportation: Teleport Other: This ability is very similar to teleport regarding its use and restrictions only it applies to others. Once a target is chosen she may teleport that person to her or another area intirely. Opponents know the conditions in which they will be teleported to as the teleport begins but if the target is unwilling they are entitled to an attempt to resist. If the target is successful they are not teleported, if they fail they are teleported to the chosen destination.

Inertial Barrier: This power allows Amy to form a protective force field around her that resists all types of attack.

The Blue Meteor

Real Name: John M. Holland

Male or Female: Male

Age: 27

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual

Physical health: Excellent

Appearance: A young and extremely handsome man with long flowing blonde hair and a very athletic figure. He stands 6 feet tall and has deep green eyes along with tanned skin. His clothing varies but he usually wears a simple pair of blue jeans and either a normal tee shirt or tank top.

Intelligence: High school diploma, Bachelors degree in business, and above average intelligence

Diet: John is a normal guy and enjoys a lot of foods but due to his body hardening practices he makes it a point to eat a lot of vegtables and fruits. They help him to maintain the hardening arts easier. His favorite meal is roast beef with mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables.

History: John grew up in an orphanage in the slums of Eden city. After spending years in the hell hole he managed to land a scholarship to Yale and got his bachelors degree in business. After some cleaver investing he opened a night club called the liquor dome which has been quite successful to date. As a body builder John spent a lot of time working on his body and after years of determination and persistence his physical abilities went beyond a normal humans. John then took up crimefighting as a side job but soon found out how hard it was with no real defenses other then his speed. This was when he began learning the arts of Keigieko (Iron skin). Through careful diet, constant working out, and pure determination John has become a very tough powerhouse intent of dispensing justice to those the normal law cant handle.

Religion: Agnostic. While John does not follow a religion he does believe that there is something more to this world then meets the eye.

Income: John's club pulls in almost $32,000 a year profit for himself. He often only keeps what he needs to keep the club running and to live off of. The rest often goes to charity and currently his favorite charity is disease research. He believes that finding a cure for the plagues of today is extremely important.

Occupation: Night Club manager/bouncer and crime fighter on the side

Education: Bachelors degree in business

Sense of Humor: Normal

Family: John has no known family

Friends: Amy Collins, the bartender of the liquor dome and his closest friend. She is a silent partner of his business and its quite obvious that John has some feelings for her that go beyond friendship. David Sheb, a contact within the police department and the only one who knows who the Blue Meteor really is. David keeps quiet as long as John stays out of the small crime ring and helps them out when he asks for it.

Psychology (intro/extrovert, etc.): John doesn't say a lot. Usually hes the kind of man who only speaks when something important needs to be said.

Goals and Dreams: Johns main goal is to make a good living for himself and settle down. Crime fighting is more of a responsibility to him. He believes that he should use his innate talents to help the people but again he tries to stay away from the minor crimes so the normal authorities get the credit they deserve.

Powers: Super Strength, Super speed, Super leaping, and nearly invulnerable skin

Werewolves(aka Uratha)

Lisa Le'duc

Age: 25
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 123 lbs
Sexual orientation: Homosexual

Auspice: Crescent moon (Ithaeur)
Tribe: The Bone shadows

Description: In her Hishu form Lisa is a bit of a Goth girl. Wearing mostly black colors all over her body though she keeps her makeup light like any other normal girl. She wears her hair short though its fiery red color and her pale skin offsets her clothes.

Personality: Lisa is first and foremost curious about everything. Knowledge and understanding of all things whether they are part of life or legend is the one things she covets more then anything else. Mythology intrigues her but the one thing she desires to know the most about is the occult, especially since her first change.

Being a complete book worm Lisa is known to spend hours piling over old tomes without a word to anyone all in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding. Though away from her pursuits and books she lives a life of sorrow and regret based around her lost loved ones.

Her feelings about being an Uratha are mixed. She likes the power and the lore of Uratha society. Though she is extremely scared of loosing control in any aspect and even more frightened of entering Gauru form.


Before the first change: Born into a wealthy family as an only child Lisa lived a life of luxury and class for most of her life though it was never a life she really enjoyed, or wanted. While she had everything a person could ask for the one thing she wished she didn’t have was her parents. Both of them were occasionally abusive at times and while she hated that side of them, she still loved them.

Before she learned of the supernatural side of the world Lisa was a simple college student, majoring in mythology and history. She got along with few girls and even fewer guys because of her focus on study and of her anti-social personality. Though the one thing she always took comfort in was the study of odd things in history and legends. It always intrigued her and pushed her to find out more. Though even as it pushed her away from people there was one special person, a young woman named Stephanie Garis

Throughout her first and second year in college Stephanie had been there for her, sharing in the things she looked at with genuine interest and feeding the social niche that she lacked. At the end of the second year they began seeing each other and eventually their relationship went beyond friendship and grew into true love.

Her third year in college was when she noticed the odd things happening. She would see glimpses of ghosts or other paranormal phenomena from time to time but her first real brush was a night out on the town with Stephanie. Outside the movie theatre a werewolf in Urhan form waited for her and attacked, biting deep into her shoulder and running off. The attack was quick, precise, and it gave her the scare of her life but thankfully the hospital told her not to worry so the event was soon forgotten...until the night of the crescent moon.

Lisa's First change: The night of the crescent moon Lisa and Stephanie had come to her parents home for their first meeting and it was the first time that Lisa had come out about her homosexuality. It was a formal get together but as her mother, father, Stephanie, and her stood at the stairs talking a fight broke out. Her father telling angry with the revelation that his daughter was gay. Without warning he struck lisa, yelling at her, scaring her in front of everyone and she remembered that feeling as a child.

Sweat dripped down from her brow and it seemed that her heartbeat slowed in those moments. A feral growl escaped her lips startling them all into submission but it was already to late. She was already feeling the years of rage and fear welling up inside her until it was to late to turn back. There was no way she could possibly understand how but soon she felt another louder growl escape her lips and it seemed like she had grown a full five feet higher. As everyone looked at her with fear in their eyes she knew that if she wanted to be safe from her family's wrath, if she wanted to be with Stephanie, all she had to do was tap into the inner beast she felt in those moments...and she did. What happened next was not for mortal eyes to see or for mortal ears to hear, all one needs to know is that the group of forsaken that found her were too late. There were no survivors. In those moments of rage, she lost everyone she ever loved and cared about. All because of her though officially it was told that a wild animal attacked and killed everyone except Lisa.

When she awoke she found herself lying on the cold concrete of her driveway. Covered in
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Re: The evil genius' stories
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Is the Hand of time one taken?

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Re: The evil genius' stories
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Past players have left me somewhat jaded about these plot oriented Roleplays and Ive come to the conclusion that I have not been stringent enough with choosing who I accept into them. If the story cant be told right then or is detracted from I would rather not play it at all. Keeping with the stringent acceptance process Ive decided to take the same approach as I did with Nocturnal reverie to find worthwhile writing partners. That said, anyone wishing to participate in the roleplays of this post (and only this post) please do the following and send it to me via private message: Take some time to write something like why the story intrigues you, why you think you're the best person for it, what you want to experience in the game, and what you will bring to it. If you do that I can consider you a serious applicant and if you cant, I already know that you are not the right person for these games

To answer your question, no no one else has expressed interest in the Hand of time. However I will not deviate from the selection process Ive put in place for mystery roleplays. Everyone that wishes to get into those games will have to go through that process. Yes its extra work on the part of the writing partner but Ive done a lot of work on those plots myself and I dont think its asking a lot to make a truely phenomenal game.

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Re: The evil genius' stories
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PMed you about 5) Your very own pet ^^

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Re: The evil genius' stories
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I'm really interested in 15 if it isn't taken. I think it has amazing possibilities. :-)

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Re: The evil genius' stories
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14) Untitled - M(dom)/F(sub) If you feel like doing this i would be your partner, i think the plot could be developed to good things, message me if your interested.

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Re: The evil genius' stories
« Reply #9 on: June 07, 2010, 08:57:54 am »
meh if we can ger more players I think the Drow setting might appeal to a lot of elliquiy.
persionally I might want to try a mind flayer.... haven't done one of those in forever

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Re: The evil genius' stories
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I understand... I just had a whole lot of ideas I might do that

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Re: The evil genius' stories
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I like the sound of number 20 in your list =)
I hope I'll be ok for that role

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Re: The evil genius' stories (M/F F/F and Futa/F)
« Reply #12 on: May 29, 2011, 01:57:04 am »
Well since the last time I bumped this Ive added two games, the last human and the Raider and regulator both found in the basic roleplays section found in the first post. Ive had a few others open up by I cant for the life of me remember what was taken 2 months ago and open now

Anyway, I am looking for some excellent roleplayers who write quite a bit and will challenge me to write more and more importantly better. Ive got a ton of game ideas already and if you think something sounds fun the please send me a private message to discuss it. Also if you have one that you think I might be interested in please feel free to send me a private message to discuss it.

I hope to hear from you all soon

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Re: The evil genius' stories (M/F F/F and Futa/F)
« Reply #13 on: May 29, 2011, 09:40:30 am »
I would love to play 'Forbidden Fantasies' with you. I've sent you an add request on YIM as well.

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Re: The evil genius' stories (M/F F/F and Futa/F)
« Reply #14 on: May 18, 2012, 02:06:36 am »
Its about that time to start looking for good writing partners again. There are now 40 different roleplays (I added 2 since the last update) up so there's something for just about everyone. If you see something that interests you please contact me via Private message (please dont post in this thread). Express your interest, throw out your own vision for the story, and ask any questions that you have. We will form the game from there over several PMs

That said, there are two ideas that Im craving a lot lately. Those being Studio B and Your very own pet

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Re: The evil genius' stories (M/F F/F and Futa/F)
« Reply #15 on: May 19, 2012, 10:44:39 am »
I am extremely interested in "Your very own pet". I sent you a pm with a little more detail.

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Re: The evil genius' stories (M/F F/F and Futa/F)
« Reply #16 on: July 18, 2012, 02:24:28 am »
Ive had 2 games open up since the last time so its time to look for more great writing partners. If you see something that interests you or havea  game idea that you think would interest me please send me a Private message. Please do not post in this thread and if you have posted here please remove the previous post

I have a few games Im craving right now so feel free to have a look at these: Your very own pet, Studio B, Forever together forever apart, queen of the jungle, family traditions, forbidden fantasies, Summer nights, and lady luck

Im also itching to do a spy fiction kind of game with two other women. Im not sure what this plot could entail but Im sure the right partner(s) could get my creative juices flowing
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