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Started by zemo8801, September 08, 2010, 03:25:04 AM

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Welcome to the Darker Spice
   A place to socialize or to indulge your darker desires.
The public are for socializing, and enjoying the company for those around you.
We have talented DJ’s the keep the dance floor
the place to lose yourself in the music.
The kitchen is staffed with the top local chefs.
The food is exquisite every time your plate arrives.
The bar is staffed also with topnotch staff.
They not only can make any drink you want
(or any thing you can think up)
They are a show in and of them selves.

We also have an exclusive VIP Club for your darker passions.
This portion of the club can only be accessed with the owner's,
Wednesday Black or his manager's express permission.

Through the doors of the private club,
you will find just about every sensual desire can be full filled.
This side has all the same amenities as the public club:
the socializing, food, drink, and a dance floor.
There are mini stages through out the club
with dancers to watch for your enjoyment.
The staff is trained to see to your needs,
including arranging a willing slave for the night.
There are private rooms for entertaining
your willing conquest for an hour or for the night.

The private club is also equipped with a fully equipped Dungeon, for the darkest of pleasure and pain.  These rooms are by invitation or by permission by only the owner Wednesday Black, ONLY.


Wanted to work the club
   DANCERS for entertainment
   SLAVES for both D/s and BDSM
    And for
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Name : Narya Fae
Player Name : Fae
Age : 23
Sexual Orientation : Depends on Wednesday's orders
Hair Color : Icy Blond , Blue eyes
Measurements :  5ft 5 , 130 lbs , 36C
Tattoo's : crescent moon on her lower back, right above her crack line 
Talents – Plays piano, sings, expert at dagger mastery, catching people's eye

Personality –  Can be testy, feisty, but ultimately has a sweet attitude underneath it all. She can have a bit of a mother hen attitude towards the other girls, and therefore will try slaughtering any that hurt them. She wears what she is told to where, of course her orders being from Wednesday and only Wednesday.

Background : Unknown, she leaves her past to herself.  All that is known, is that she had been purchased for Wednesday's pleasures, and is completely trained by him.

Current :  The favorite of her master Wednesday, she works for him and only him unless he gives special permission for someone else to have a go with her.  She will always be seen in a blue satin choker with a W on it, signifying that she is Wednesday's property.


I'll post a character later, this sounds like it shold be fun.




Name: Wednesday Black
Player name: Zemo8801
Age: early 30's
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Hair color: Black or multi color depending on Mood. Eyes:Black
Measurements: 6"4, 163 lbs. (if you want to say it you can.)
Tattoo's a number 13 on his left shoulder a skull on his right shoulder.
Talents: plays guitar, sings, a touch for the best taste.

Personality- Wednesday is a bit of a cruel man to the people who don't know him. a dedicted worker for the goal of his dreams or for his love of the high life. gave up all the problems of his past to a wondering spirit who gave him the gift of eternal luck. With the cost of his physical touch, and body. His clothing style is tight muscle t's and black slacks at times can dress out in a uniform.

His history is too bad to bring up so he never talks about it.
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NIce one z,.I'll help out with any unfilled postions
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use my ims only for role-playing- ask me here first, thankx


@Jarod Looking forward to seeing your profile!

@LKD Thank you for the sweet words!
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Name: Conrade Oliverios
Player Name: pendarious
Age: 27
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Hair: Black
Eyes: reddish brown
Measurements: 190 lbs 5"11 feet and inches btw
tattoos: None
Talents: prides himself in catering to others swiftly and efficiantly, Managing staff and Funds

Personality: he is calm and cool most of the time and seems friendly. He's actually nowhere near as friendly as he seems. he's a dark person by nature but is good at masking it. He tends to all the public business in wednesday's stead.

History: he deems it pointless to talk about the past.
Psycho Mantis: You must spend every day pretending to act like you're falsely letting on that you aren't not unbetraying someone you don't not purport to allegedly not work for but really do! How do you keep all this shit straight without having an aneurysm?
Revolver Ocelot: *shrug* Practice.
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Name: Amelia Johnson
Player name: Jarod1
Age: 24
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Hair color: Auburn, brown
Eyes: Emerald Green
Measurements: 5”5, 143 lbs.
Talents: Dancing, singing, martial arts, good at following commands and pleasing those that she is with.

Personality-  She enjoys her job very much.  When her clients are happy she is as well.  She enjoys having others tell her what to do, but if one of her clients does something she doesn’t approve of she’ll let them  know and if they don’t back off after being warned they are likely to find themselves twisted up into a pretzel.  He dress accents her form.  When she is working but not with a client she is often seen in a corset with stockings and stilettos.  When she is with a client she usually isn’t wearing anything at all.  Though she does occasionally she like to wear a full dress but thats usually after hour.  She works mostly as a submissive for Wednesday, though from time to time she will work as a slave when the need arises.

History: She doesn’t talk about it, much.  The only thing that is known is that she owes Wednesday a debt.  If its money, or just a debt of gratitude is speculation to all but them.

Currently:  She is multi-talented and as such provides a variety of services at Wednesday or his manager's order.


@Pen very good bio.

@Jarod beside the small double words and the typo for her its fine when I post up the seciton for bios I'll move the ones up.
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Name : Nikkie
Player Name : LimitlessNikkie
Age : 21
Sexual Orientation : strait
Hair Color : red
Measurements :  5'5 103lb, 32B
Tattoo's :  filigree pattern framing a star on her lower back.
Talents : able to talk to anyone, charming, can find the bright side of anything, and she can dance.

Personality : A bubbly and happy girl who enjoys every pleasure in life. She is talkative and outgoing and always ready to have a little fun. She is of a submissive nature in that she takes pleasure in pleasing others as best she can. She loves daring clothing and colors that bring out her natural beauty when at work but at home is comfortable in shorts a tanktop and flipflops.

Background : She had an normal life went to school got good grades and graduated as the home coming queen. Her life was laid out for her she'd go to collage, major in something vaguely interesting graduate and have a charmed life. But the very idea bored her. She went to collage for 2 years and was predictably bored. She had more fun going to parties then attending any of her classes. half way threw the third year she dropped out and went on a road trip with a few guys just so she could see some place that wasn't picked out for her.
She went to the Darker Spice with them and fell in love with the place, something about it just drew her in and she didn't want to leave, that night she applied and got a job and she's never looked back.

Current : working as a slave in the VIP room


( the  crappy internet I have wont let me look at any pictures, but I'll put one up when I get to a better computer)

Name: Alexis May, but everyone cause her dolly and most people don't know her real name.
Player name: Abandoneddolly
Age: 22
Sexual Orientation: bi
Hair color: dark brown
Eyes: blue
Measurements: 5”2. 100pds.
Talents: can sing dance, knows a bit of martial arts and can also pick locks, not that she uses the last one that much.

Personality-  Very playful, she always seems to be teasing or flirting. She doesn't let a lot of things get to her so she is slow to anger, but if you get her there she can be a bitch. She likes to wear skirts or dresses or whatever Wednesday tells her to wear.

History: Is better off left in the past.

Currently:  works with Wednesday and only Wednesday



Name: Chloe Jones
Player name: Chloe
Age: 23
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Hair color: Pink and Black
Eyes: Chocolate Brown
Measurements: 5’7, 140 lbs.  38 D
Talents: Drawing, painting, serving whole heartily and dancing.

Personality- She a shy, quite, and to darn cute for anyone to pass her up. She loves her work, and will do anything Wednesday asks of her. She submissive in nature, and takes pride in serving, and doing a great job at it to boot.  She does enjoy dancing, but her shyness some times gets in the way, so she only dance in private unless Wednesday orders  her other wise. After getting to know people she was very open, playfully and flirty, even though some times she didn’t always realize she was flirty which gets in trouble at times. Though she is shy, and she can be a bit naïve at times even though she very intelligent women,  but she doesn’t always let that show.

History: She keeps your past to herself, but she works for Wednesday because he had gotten her out of many tight spots in her life, so  this is the least she could do for him.

Currently: She takes order from Wednesday and him alone.


((anyway here's my guy from the tavern... needs approval... I enjoyed this character the best))

for his real pic...

Name: Vern Hoss
Date of Birth: August, 21st, 1981
Date of Change: June, 1st, 2001
Age:  9, 29 or 4,791 depending on when you’re asking me dear
Place of Birth: Timonium Connecticut, or Thracia.
Species:  human-bonded with spirit
Play By: Ironwolf85
Five words that describe Vern: playful, soft hearted, feminine, masculine, honest
Eyes: light green
Hair Color: Gold
Height: 7’9
Build: thick and muscular
Tattoos: So you’ve gotten Ink done?
the original spirit symbol was supposed to mean Strong of heart, but like the spirit it changed when fused with Renard,   
Piercings: Modification is just a memory
none, why would anyone mar their natural beauty like mine 
Birth marks: Born with the best
Scars: They’re just tattoos with better stories
none, I heal much too fast for such things 
Facial hair:
white fur around the muzzle 
Body hair:
completely covered in gold… and it feels magnificent 
Clothing style:
white silk underpants. Though the bulge always protrudes 
tight white dungrees occasionally wears a white shirt and necklace with an Eastern Cross on it 
It’s who I am and who I want to be
Personality Traits:
personable, (gets along with almost everyone) 
incredibly protective of others, even at risk to himself
supernatural stamina 
incredible strength
supernaturally persuasive 
vulnerable to some magics 
Vain, taking his appearance seriously  
unable to restrain his libido at times, and can be minpulated 
love IE: consensual caring sex 
high culture (art, philophy, music)
and a good apple martini now and then 
being restrained or forced to do something against his morals
Bio  when The ancient Thracian (ancient nomads north of Greece) spirit of valor and protection was looking for a new host, it found a strange match in Renard Haroldson. A tourist from san-Francisco found himself transformed and fused with this ancient spirit's. from the spirit came anchent magics, memories of the anchent world, beauty, and physical power. From Renard came personality, intelligence, cultural sophistication, and the memories from the modern world. The result was the creature now known as Vern Haroldson. Vern is essencally a heroic warrior spirit fused with a san fransiscan fruitcake. As a result, Vern loves everyone, in both senses of the phrase, and would die protect the people he loves.
Vernon's calmed down over the last few years, and though still a party boy, has begin to invest his money, and build a small botque on the south side of town. He moonlights at The Spice for relaxation. He even dances now and then, though this is volenteer, and it is unpaid. Vernon has a reputation as a party boy, and loves to live it up.
Prudence, justice, temperance, courage, faith, hope, love...
debate any other aspect of my faith these are the heavenly virtues. this flawed mortal is going to try to adhere to them.

Culture: the ability to carve an intricate and beautiful bowl from the skull of a fallen enemy.
Civilization: the ability to put that psycho in prision for killing people.


Name: Cinnamon

Player Name: Leighdy

Age: 25

Hair/Eyes: Dark Chocolate Brown/Dark Honeyed Brown

Height: 5'9"

Weight: well that's just a lady's secret  ;)

Measurements: 34-28-38

Talents and Hobbies: Dancing of any kind, Drawing, Painting, Animal and Human Rights Activist, Poetry and is a Student

Personality: She is a strong and determined woman who knows what she wants and how she can get it. She's not afraid to let you know if you've done something to piss her off, but she can buite quite the reverse as well, choosing to bite her tongue if necessary. She is fairly easy going for the most part and get's along well with most others.

History: She was born in Eritrea, but was brought to the states at a young age. That all that need be said for now.

Currently works as a dancer and takes orders from the owner and his management.

((Ooc Comment: I will be putting up a A/A thread up very soon. Between kids, work and school I will have some very busy irl instances that will obviously take precedence. I will try to keep up with at least my A/A thread letting anyone who looks know of any times i may have to take a leave of absence for an Especially busy day or week, sometimes longer. I appologize ahead of time, and if this may be a problem please let me know now. Thank you very much ^.^ Much hugs and kisses Z I hope you like my character ;)

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Kissin Kate

Well this do seem interesting. I have some questions so I'll pm them to you Z ;)
Oh lord I've been away forever! Sorry everyone!!! :D Have a good time you guys!!

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Kissin Kate

(Unless anyone says otherwise this is what she walks around in)

Name: Anything the customer or anyone else may prefer
Real name: Liza James
Player Name: Kissin Kate
Age: 20
Hair: Dark and curly, with blonde streaks in
Eyes: Brown

Personality: Works as a slave at Darker spice, loving her work completely. Having everything she wants right there, to her there is no better place in the world to be. She's a happy and outgoing flirty girl. Loving to show off her body in anyway possible. She started with this already in her younger years and has no intention of ever stopping. Will do most anything with anyone or to anyone. Has no real sense of guilty or that words can hurt more then actions sometimes. Takes what she wants, even if punished for it. Will often get into trouble for her behavior, but she can also be sweet and charming. Which makes her that much more dangerous.

History: Comes from a very uptight and conservative family, and because she went here one night (returning home only in her underwear and a silk robe) they disowned her (two years ago)and she came to stay here. So anything the manager wants she will do (except for watersports, feet and vore).

For the customers she will do anything they want her to, be anyone they want her to be. Force her, cuff her, punish her. She doesn't really care, she loves it all. As long as there is no permanent damage.
Oh lord I've been away forever! Sorry everyone!!! :D Have a good time you guys!!

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(How many of y'all would be willing to do a little side task just till we find players to fill those spots."
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I can work on another character.  Probably a client of some kind, at least until we get a few other people then I'll probably stick with Amelia


I was thinking like at least a person to work the kitchen and maybe do a little bit of the cleaning crew for right now since I think the first day will mostly be getting to know everyone meetings for people and maybe some getting to know a little more about each other.
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I can write up a cook or a waitress or something.

Kissin Kate

Well I could probably come up with someone if that is needed ;)

Just tell me what you need and I'll see what I can do.
Oh lord I've been away forever! Sorry everyone!!! :D Have a good time you guys!!

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I think a cook, and maybe a cleaning staff member will be enough to get us started till people ask about those places.

But the cook will need to handle the menu and the specials of the week and like run the kitchen.

The cleaning crew will be in charage of keeping the rooms neat and stocked full of supplies and make sure that is all in order.
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I can help out too, I a real time Chef so I can help with anything that has to do with a kitchen and what not if you'd like :)


That would be great maybe you an Nikkie or Kate can run the kitchen for now.
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I don't mind either way, it's up to Kate if she wants it more she can play it.