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Started by zemo8801, March 01, 2010, 05:00:19 AM

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First of all plots can be talked about if something is not liked. Second if you want to talk about something that is like a off of mine just ask me like in the since you are talking about and I will tell you yes I can handle that or no I would rather not do it like that. 3 IM open to most ideas expect for me like being a furry

So other  then that Here are a couple of ideas that I have put up before but nobody really wanted to do these and they are still in my head so I would like to find some players.

1.    Looking for a female (bon+NC or  Ex)
Ok basically the idea is this I'm a loyal bf who has thought he has found the perfect girl. He soon discovers that she is not all honest with her deeds. He was planning on make this one his pet and his wife. So It was a night on the town when he asked her to meet him because he was going to ask her the question that was going to change his life. In short I'm looking for a person to play out the girl that is suppose to be his wife and turned slave when she stabs him in the back. either talk here or pm and we can discuss out more in pm if someone is interested?

2    Looking for a female (type can go in many different ways still a working thought.)
We have been child hold friends and have loved at the same two houses for years and we have all ways been close people all ways say we are like two peas in a pod but why is that He all ways wondered why was that? He all ways eat with her an her mother. Since his father had to spend most of his time at work. She would care for him and treated him like she was his long lost son. The odd thing was why could they both feel each other and know when the other was in danger or something like that. So I guess I am looking for a person to help me finish squaring away this plot. I was thinking more of a drama or a think tale or choices.

3.    Looking for a female (mostly NC or ex )
This will not have much sex there Will be some but not a lot. My idea is this I am the new person on school looking to join some frat house. And everyone is talking about one (name can be discussed) Well its pledge week when I start school so I try to find a member who can get me into said frat house. I happen to come across a very pretty girl who can be a director or maybe a girl friend to one of the higher ups. Knowing on every way to get in. She says there are quite a number of ways to get accepted you can go and steal a set number of items or show your willingness to obey? in terms what I am looking for can either be a group or just a bunch of one on ones Here is what I'm looking for the girl who helps me get in but for the final test he has to choose kill the person he falls in love with or take his own life.
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