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Author Topic: [Interest Check] Rules Cyclopedia D&D aka Old School Dungeons and Dragons  (Read 3418 times)

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Offline TransgirlensteinTopic starter

I'm just curious if anyone would be interested in an old school D&D game?  I would only be interested in taking 3-4 players and it might not always be fast moving (due to school) but it could be fun to do.  I don't have many ideas yet (though I was talking about possibly giving out XP for successful whoring) so I would be interested in hearing what kind of ideas, themes or type of game you would be interested in.  if you want information on Rules Cyclopedia D&D than let me know (or google it ;) ).

Offline London

I would be very interested in this one. I've been playing D&D for a long time. I would like to get some more information on Rules Cyclopedia. I'll start thinking of a character for when this takes off.

Offline RubySlippers

Oooooooo if I recall that was when races were CLASSES, I never played the Cyclopedia but did play at a Con the boxed set.

I'm in.

Online TheVillain

You know, I learned DnD on 3.0E. This would probably be good for me. Consider me interested. Though personally, I think XP for successful whoring should only be given out if it makes sense for the character. A chaste paladin type should get just as much XP for not whoring.

Offline TransgirlensteinTopic starter

I would be very interested in this one. I've been playing D&D for a long time. I would like to get some more information on Rules Cyclopedia. I'll start thinking of a character for when this takes off.

Essentially, in RC D&D you have only three alignments: Law, Chaos and Neutral (or 'Meh').  Obviously, just because your Lawful doesn't mean your good.  Just means you won't break the law (but bending it might be ok).

Classes are:
1.) Fighter
a.) At 9th level Fighters can get a keep OR Lawful Fighters can become Paladins, Chaotic Fighters become Avengers and Neutral (or any of     the above) Fighters can become Knights.  Each get different abilities.

2.) Clerics
a.) Clerics can become Druids at 9th level or can become wandering clerics or can build their own church/monastery/temple

3.) Thieves
a.) Thieves can either become Guild Thieves or Wandering Thieves at 9th.

4.) Magic-Users
a.) At 9th level, Magic Users can build their own tower and dungeon or get a job with a local ruler.

5.) Mystics
a.) Essentially Monks.  They can only go to 16th level I believe.

6.) Elves
a.) Elves are essentially Fighter/Mages

7.) Halflings
a.) Halflings are essentially Fighter/Thieves, though their thieving abilities only really work outside.

8.) Dwarves
a.) Dwarves are really good fighters with some of the best saves in the game.
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Offline Kunoichi

And suddenly I find myself wanting to be a Chaotic Elf...

...If there's room. ^^;

Offline TransgirlensteinTopic starter

Well right now it's an interest check and seeing if people have any idea of what they would like in a game.  So yes, there is currently room before I put up a request for people to join. :D

Offline Kunoichi

Alright then. ^^ In that case, consider me interested.

Edit: And since you mentioned not having many ideas in the opening post, I think we should do something involving a dungeon and a dragon. :P Well, or at least a dungeon, anyway.  Maybe a city built on top of the ruins of a bunch of older cities, so there are opportunities for adventure all over town...
« Last Edit: August 25, 2010, 03:39:02 PM by Kunoichi »

Offline London

Thanks Transgirlenstein, that helps alot. It's set up more like basic D&D which I loved.

As for what I would like to see in a game... I agree with Kunoichi that a dungeon would be great. Also I would like to see something in a city.

Offline bigwad73

Ooh, fighter!  Oooh, oooh, Mis-TER KOT-ter!

Offline TransgirlensteinTopic starter

Okay, essentially this is how it will work.  I will accept 3-4 players.  I'll post a template later and what needs to be done to make a character.  I'll pick the 3 (or 4!) that stand out to me.  The things I look for are 1.) Decent spelling and grammar.  It doesn't have to be perfect, however I need to be able to read what you wrote without scratching my head and trying to decipher it, 2.) No ultra powerful or perfect characters.  You don't need to be a Shakespeare character but your level 1!  Your not Gandalf the least not yet, 3.) No lone wolves.  It's a group game.

So start thinking of concepts and I'll post the template up later! 

Offline TheWriter

Adding to the interest check.

Offline Kunoichi

Hmm, so we've had more than four peope show interest now.  I guess that means I'll have to come up with a really good concept...

Offline bigwad73

*prepares for the conceptual smackdown!*

Offline RubySlippers

I'm going basic "meat and potatoes" old school I think and take my chances its Cyclopedia so go for the grounded tested characters - with the fun naming convention.  :D

Offline TransgirlensteinTopic starter

Class: Fighter, Thief, Cleric, Magic-User, Mystic, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling
Alignment: Law, Neutral or Chaos
Skills: Things such as tracking, magical theory, cooking, craftsmanship
Deepest Wish/Desire or Goal:

For stats, roll 4d6 6 times and drop the lowest of the 4 dice.  So if you roll a 1, 1, 4, 5; you would drop one of the 1s and have a 10.  A good idea might be to roll your stats before describing your character.  Keep in mind that Charisma does not usually equal Appearance.  Charisma is your personal presence or social skills.  If your a slimy backbone character like Golem, you probably have a low Charisma.  If you have an 18, your James T. Kirk.

Some classes get additional XP for having a high score in their main stats.  Which class gets what is listed next to the stats.  Note:  I did most of this by memory, the only one I'm not sure about are Mystics.  Changes will be allowed if I messed up.

Strength: Fighters, Dwarves, Elves and Halflings.
Dexterity: Thieves and Halflings.
Constitution: Dwarves.
Intelligence: Magic-Users and Elves.
Wisdom: Clerics and Mystics.
Charisma: No class gets a bonus for Charisma.  Charisma allows you to sweet talk people or hire henchmen/women.

I would either use E's dice roller and send me the numbers or put them in your post.  I will be HIGHLY suspicious if everyone has an 18 or no stat below a 15.  I reserve the right to ask someone to reroll.

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Offline RubySlippers

Name: Calamity Dakota
Gender: Female
Class: Fighter
Skills: Riding, Surviveal, Swimming, Wifery (profession of)

Is of above average height and a bit voluptuous and tends to favor lady-like armor that is dresses with armor around it and designed for her figure, but being a fighter the heavier the armor the better. She doesn't like shields favoring the heaviest primary weapon she can carry,  some daggers and hand axes for some ranged combat options.

Biography: Born in a mercenary camp to the wife [Wendy Dakota] the youngest of five and the only girl of at the time a mercenary sargeant [Bob Dakota] she was raised around fighting so learned the trade, although her mother insisted she learn to be a good wife so can do the wife things pretty well. But made her effort to master fighting to earn her living like her father and brothers. Left after her apprentice tour with the Companies of the Spiked Fist in good standing decked out in what she acquired and is now looking to hone her skills and make her fortunes. She figures she can always rejoin the companies later on if she has to do so. She is someone experiences although she guarded the wagons she did fight orcs and goblins, and even used a bow on some attacking ogres once.

Deepest Wish/Desire or Goal: Not overly ambitious but would like to have a nice job maybe a constable/sheriff of a town, find a wife, adopt some children really there is no need to desire more is there? But will take what fate offers if she's to have a higher postion. Would not rule out a postion in the Companies of the Spiked Fist well down the road mybe commanding a garrison fort or something.

Turn-ons: lesbian sex (human partners only), romance is not into one night stands unless paying to play - keeps it business like - but wants to fall in love someday
Turn-offs: usual site-limits, sex with men (all races)

Strength: 16
Dexterity: 16
Constitution: 15 
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 11
Charisma: 13

Alignment: Neutral

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Online TheVillain

[Don't have access to the book at the moment so I can't actually build anything yet- but just to inform all of you I'm thinking a thief. I'll let you know it that changes.]

Offline Kunoichi

Name: Ephiel Pathfinder
Gender: Female
Class: Cleric
Alignment: Chaos
Skills: Hunting, Pathfinding, Medicine, Herbalism, Religious History
Appearance: Of somewhat above-average height for an elf, (a little on the short side, compared to your average human,) Ephiel's appearance belies many, many days spent working and training in the forest, under the hot sun and away from the shaded areas.  Shoulder-length blonde hair has been bleached a significantly brighter shade by the sun, while tanned skin gives way to tan-lines around her shoulders and thighs.  A simple, sleeveless tunic is what she prefers to wear beneath her armor most of the time, with a wide-brimmed hat covering her head and shading her green eyes, and a pair of simple leather boots over her feet.  Lacking the necessary dexterity to use a bow, she prefers to fight with her sword, and use her spells when she has need of a ranged option.
Biography: Raised in an elven village in the middle of the forest, Ephiel was brought up in the usual elven way, trained in the arts of swordplay and magic and taught the family trade, pathfinding.  The intention was that she would join the rest of the family in guiding travellers through the treacherous elven woods and help to earn extra income for the village, but at the same time she was being trained, she was also brought up on her grandfather's stories of his days as an adventurer, a few centuries before he helped found their little village in the middle of the woods.  Naturally, this conflicted somewhat with the wishes of her parents, who tried to teach her that most adventurers never hit it big or become rich and famous like her grandfather did.  When her training was complete, she was left to make her own choice about how to spend the rest of her life, and she chose to leave her little village behind her, and set out to make her own name as an adventurer.
Deepest Wish/Desire or Goal: To be able to return to her village having amassed fame and a considerable fortune, and prove to her parents that leaving the village to become an adventurer really was a good way to help support the family.
Turn-ons: Actual beds (is used to a hammock), taller partners, partners willing to let her take the lead.
Turn-offs: Overly-controlling partners.


Strength: [6,6,4] = (16)
Dexterity: [3,3,3] = (9)
Constitution: [6,4,3] = (13)
Intelligence: [4,3,2] = (9)
Wisdom: [6,5,5] = (16)
Charisma: [6,5,4] = (15)

Link to rolls
« Last Edit: August 28, 2010, 02:30:10 PM by Kunoichi »

Offline TransgirlensteinTopic starter

Forgot to add Alignment.  Please add to any profiles (though alignment isn't as important as in later editions).

Offline TheWriter

Willing to rewrite into a male character, if anyone has a problem with cross-RPing.

Name: Caterina Lancastello
Gender: Female
Class: Magic-User
Alignment: Law
Skills: Alchemy, Magical Engineering, Detect Deceit, Survival (woods), Gambling
Appearance: A comparatively unassuming appearance for a mage, not terribly short but with the typically thin stature of one not accustomed to physical activity.  Travels in well-used silks underneath a woolen robe lined with cotton at the neck and hood, colored the washed out navy of her family crest but broken by her own personal touch, a chevron of white.  Inside the robe is sewed a series of pockets and light straps, designed for holding components and vials, the fruits of her research.  Her pale complexion has recently made way for the makings of a tan, her hereditary blonde hair tied back in two tails.  Concealed in the hood is a light sheet, stained in splotches of dirt and grass, designed to fall over the robe.  The cotton shoes she had left the keep with, having long fallen into disrepair, have been replaced with a sturdier pair of leather boots, which she's still been growing accustomed to.
Biography: An apprentice of her parents, having been brought up in the safety of their keep, steadily fueled with the research and tutelage as part of the typical mage's education.  She was the pride of her family, showing a near-prodigious knack for magecraft.  Years ago, however, her research unearthed a frightening possibility: an entire branch of her studies unmentioned by her parents, a realm of untouched territory for her studious mind to explore, inspiring her to shift her focus to new practical applications of magic.  This brought about a rift between teacher and student, as her studies shied away from what her parents would teach her.  Eventually, satisfied that her parents could not or were no longer willing to teach her, she left their care, relying on her studies to make her mark on the world.
Deepest Wish/Desire or Goal: Caterina wants nothing more than to prove her own findings, see her hard work used to change the world, and prove to her parents that her conviction was well-placed.
Turn-ons: Warmth or heat, demonstrations of power (her own or others), equality
Turn-offs: Manual labor, brutish behavior

Stats: (dice rolls sent to Trip, YEOWCH two 6s)
Strength: 6 [222]
Dexterity: 11 [236]
Constitution: 10 [424]
Intelligence: 17 [566]
Wisdom: 15 [564]
Charisma: 6 [312]
« Last Edit: August 28, 2010, 07:04:32 PM by TheWriter »

Offline RubySlippers

You do know magic users can't wear armor in the earlier DnD unless the GM makes a house rule, just so you know.

But GM if we have a MU in the group having five characters may be a good idea, especially with a low physical stats but I love the players moxy not bitching about it I think that is nice for a change.

Offline Kunoichi

Are elves able to wear armor and do spellcasting?

Offline RubySlippers

Not sure I would think that would be likely though check with the GM. I would think so however as a personal biase.

I chose a fighter just because the stats wear good for that with one swap out with Int to raise her Dex, and fighters are easy.

And come on all old school games need the fighter with the big sword its so classic.

Offline TheWriter

Like I said to Trip in the SB, I don't know much about D&D before 3rd Ed, where I'd normally burn a feat for light armor proficiency anyway.  If it's that much of an issue I can switch it out for something else, but it wasn't my intention to pass it off as leather armor.