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Author Topic: Ideas from Bigwad (M for F)  (Read 3581 times)

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Ideas from Bigwad (M for F)
« on: May 13, 2013, 03:25:29 PM »
Placeholder post.  Ideas in the next post!
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Re: Ideas from Bigwad (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2014, 11:12:44 PM »
Hey there!  I'm fairly experienced with board-based RP.   (Which is what I prefer over IM, definitely, or PM, usually.)

I've got room for a couple more RPs.  Note that I usually get to about two to three posts per week.

Oh, and, don't respond to this thread.  PM me, if you would?

I'm interested in many things, but ones I'd like to try are (with red denoting current high-interest desires, and strikeout denoting low-interest ones):

*A M vampire moves into a town, not killing anyone (not yet, at least) but choosing several females as targets, using his hypnotic abilities on them, draining them of small amounts of blood, having sexual encounters with them.  Slowly, the women fall deeper under his sway... and so does the town.

*M magician/hypnotist has a show where he has two women volunteer to assist him, and he leaves suggestions for them to come back later for further... assistance.

*M supervillain vs F superheroine--probably some sort of domination game between them, with the female on the (slowly, or, not so slowly :) ) losing side of the struggle.

*M master and F djinni or other magical female (somehow controlled by the master)--some wish granting, some erotic sex, some bringing in other characters for threesomes at times--modern setting.

*M non-human shifter or human wizard in fantasy city, seeking a female companion, both for pleasure and adventuring.  "Hey, meatshield-ess!  Get your lovely ass up on the line while I whip up a fireball spell!"  Again, may involve other characters, and is set in a city like (but is not necessarily) Waterdeep from D&D FR.

*M starship captain travels to regressed colony, winds up saving a slave girl at a market.  Now she's his, and he has to explain society to her if he wants her to someday be free. (ever read Heinlein's Citizen of the Galaxy?)

*M summoned demon (or other magical being, summoned either by the F or by another, before the story starts) in a fantasy setting (ruined city, dungeon, tower) and a female summoner/wizardess/sorceress, with the demon slowly worming his way into control of the female.

*Any kind of D&D or Traveller setting, or other types of RPG settings, like GURPS anything, though I'm more in favor of the setting usage than the rules, to be honest.

*An AI forms on the Internet, but it's heavily influenced by pornography sites, unfortunately.  The first person it encounters becomes a sort of female Renfield for it, and it gets her to build an interface that it can use to interact with living beings, and even modify their behavior.

*Spelljammer.  If I have to describe it, you won't get it.  :-)    Seriously, sailing ships in space, with the standard fantasy races crewing them, adventuring, trading, etc. between worlds.

*Always on the lookout for a good wish-granting/magical girlfriend kind of thing--genies/djinni, a magic user that has to serve someone, a summoned and bound demoness, or something else entirely.  While I may be in one or two of these, I'm willing to take on more!

*I've always liked Kaa/Lamia/Hypnotic Tentacle RPs.  Avoided playing them here because I was on another board for them, but that board is down to a few posters and a lot of lurkers, so...

*Drains. from MC Comics:  Nefarious hypnotic tentacle monster taking over a campus, person by person.  If this interests you, I can provide a link to the comic.

*A variant on the magic girl RP above--using her powers to take over a small kingdom, sort of in the manner Jafar (from the Aladin movie) was using the blue genie to do.  Of course, the sultan of the kingdom has a daughter or three...

*A future RP, where a small ship captain (a human) goes world to world to kidnap stunningly beautiful women (models, holovid stars, etc.).  He uses very advanced technology, even more advanced than the existing tech interstellar humanity uses.  The "Why?" of what he's doing isn't clear, at first, though.  And he doesn't mind using the women, sexually, though he's not cruel.

*A university student stumbles upon either authentic magic or a computer that can reprogram reality--in both cases, he uses it to get revenge on women who have (in his eyes) caused him grief at the university.  (This may involve multiple female characters, though not played at the same time...)

*A wizard from another world has traveled to modern day Earth.  He's got a dark purpose--perhaps he wants to steal something or capture a certain site, and he's using his powers to control others to do it.  And get a bit of personal enjoyment out of it, too.

*A group of modern explorers (mostly female) are exploring an old temple and encounter some sort of ancient horror--a lich!  (It's a magic user that traded his life for eternal undeath and power.)  This powerful wizard isn't interested in doing them in, though, but more in capturing them and converting them to his followers.  Think bad SyFy movie, but with hypnosis/mind control/transformation instead of death.  Alternatively, this could be a haunted house kind of scenario, instead, with a demon or naga, or some other kind of supernatural critter.

*Rakshasa are devils, but they are more interested in collecting power and status than souls.  They are powerful beings, knowing methods that allow them to shift their forms into that of human and humanoid races.  They also possess powerful mental abilities, and magical abilities, and those abilities can grow over their long lives.  Their natural form is that of a tiger-headed human, but with light fur bearing tiger coloration.  Notably, their hands are "backwards," with the palms facing out instead of in (imagine rotating your hands 180 degrees at the wrist).  They like living a life of luxury, and seek power over others, though clandestinely, from behind the scenes.

I'd be interested in playing my male Rakshasa against a variety of females who are in the power structure of a fantasy or modern city--a council member's wife, the daughter of a prominent banker, the female second in command of the city watch or police force, a sorceress on the mage's council/a powerful political broker, etc.  My Rak would use a variety of control methods--outright mental domination against the unskilled, physical domination against someone who might be intimidated into being his slave, magic spells against non-mages, or powerful artifacts against a mage.

This could also be done using a powerful drow or human mage, or a shape changing dragon.

*Similar to the above item, if someone is interested in:
--a fantasy setting (somewhat like Pathfinder or D&D, but with the flavor, not the rules)
--multiple characters being played (though one at a time, not group scenes)
--playing females interacting with some sort of vaguely monstrous humanoid (a male Drow, Rakshasa, Vampire, etc.) played by me
--use of magic, transformation, mental control, and other kinds of arcane tomfoolery
--a somewhat strategic RP about an attempt to take over a town subtly

I had an RP going that had quite a bit of backstory flushed out (  Perhaps a Vampire has arrived at Stormhaven and has decided to begin enslaving women of power in the town?  Maybe a Drow party has moved in, and is setting up shop under the town, and they need topsider spies and slaves.

*A picture and idea!

An mutant illithid has moved into a town and is slowly establishing himself as the new clandestine ruler, using his mental abilities to enslave females and then using them to establish his power or to influence males so that he becomes more powerful.  Fantasy-ish, sort of D&D world.

*In a high magic fantasy setting, a powerful wizard had found a magic tome that details methods of creating djinni and other servant beings from human females.  He decides to use the magic to create a djinni first, using a female that he hires as an apprentice.  Other females would become a bound succubus, or some other kind of sexy slave females.

*A mage with skills in shapeshifting and enchantment has somehow combined himself with a mimic (yes, the monster from D&D), and now he plans to use his powers, plus the mimic's abilities, to gather power and servants,   He's set himself up in a small castle and is now seeking to bring others under his sway.  The setting is fantasy, and this would involve soft vore, mind control, and some harem collection of women visitors.  Male visitors will most likely just get swallowed up to add to the mimic's abilities...

*A non-pokemon universe human encounters a humanoid female that looks vaguely like the pokemon Umbreon ( and proceeds to collect her, perhaps using other skills! (Say, what's that red and white ball over there? I wonder if it would be useful for collecting her?) Maybe he could run into other beings, too? (

*A human watches some sort of flying spaceship crash and when he gets to it, he discovers the humanoid pilot is nearly dead.  He's able to stuff the pilot into some sort of stasis chamber.  But then he discovers that the ship is capable of making androids, humanoid duplicates of people.  And he has a flash projector that he can incapacitate someone with to make them follow him and then make copies of them.  What will he do with this newfound power?

Also, if we have an RP, and you want to end it, don't be shy!  Please just let me know.  I'd rather know than be left hanging.
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Re: Ideas from Bigwad (M for F)
« Reply #2 on: February 11, 2017, 03:55:06 PM »
I've lost a couple of partners recently, so I'm looking to pick up a new RP or two.  If you see something interesting, drop me a PM!

Note that sometimes I'm a bit of a slow poster (like 2 or so a week) but sometimes I go faster, too.

Anything in red is something I'm very interested in!  Anything lined out is on the standby list, and not a priority.

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Re: Ideas from Bigwad (M for F)
« Reply #3 on: February 21, 2018, 10:20:17 AM »
I'd like to pick up one more RP--something light and not too demanding.  If anything here interests you, drop me a PM!

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Re: Ideas from Bigwad (M for F)
« Reply #4 on: April 19, 2018, 03:12:43 PM »
Made a couple of changes in the post that has my ideas.  If you are interested, drop me a PM and let's talk?