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May 27, 2018, 03:16:38 AM

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Author Topic: Searching for Strategy Game Minded Partner (Fantasy, N/C,M/F, M/M, AND F/F)  (Read 431 times)

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Offline NessyTopic starter

Hi All,

Normally I don’t take much of a GM/DM role in my games. I find the weight of the responsibility to be incredibly one-sided. I am still looking for someone creative, willing to put in a fair amount of work and effort and not just “along for the ride” in this game, but I also realize there is a fair amount of effort that will be required on my part beyond my usual role.

Inspired by the strategy games like Crusader Kings, Kings of Dragon Pass, The Guild 2 and more, I am inspired to try and take these kinds of games into an erotica/text environment and see how it goes. I’ll need someone willing to come up with ideas and is intrigued by the possibility plus not hindered by certain limitations. Nonconsensual scenes are a must. This is not a "well I can weather through it" sort of thing, I want someone who enjoys nonconsensual scenes and doesn’t spend the whole game trying to get out of them. I want someone who enjoys M/F, M/M AND F/F pairings. This is not OR, but an AND situation. This means I don’t want someone to tell me they enjoy these things and then right before we start posting tell me oh by the way, I don’t like M/M scenes, or that you only play males.  ARGH!

I also want someone who likes playing more than one character, as in an ensemble of changing characters because the game takes place over a large expansive of time… characters will be born and die. This means characters should be varied, not the same character in a different skin or

And while you’re at it, have a look at my O/Os.

Now if you are still with me after all that, here is the idea:

Your role is basically a chief of a clan that has been outcast from a larger empire and exiled to a wild, hostile area with a limited amount of resources, almost no knowledge of the surround environment and with one goal in mind, survives. That’s the current goal anyway, as time goes on, goals will change.

This game is basically a series of choices/decisions, living with those decisions and playing out some scenarios.

For example,

One of the first choices you would make is what race your clan is. Human is one of the easier choices, as they populate faster, work well with livestock, can clear land for building and are general put in a more neutral position with other races.  Other choices could be something like elves, which can live easily in forest areas, live longer but repopulate slower, have resistances to disease but don’t do well with livestock or trade. 

Another choice would be the god your clan worship, the favors and sacrifices received from and required from that deity.

There will be basically 5 seasons in this world, the 4 basic seasons we’re all familiar with and a shorter season known as a sacred time, time for worship and homage to the gods.

Another example would be:

A powerful bull is discovered amongst the herd over night. Do you instruct your people to capture the animal and sacrifice it to your god, do you leave it alone and let it strengthen your herd, what if is demonic and causes more harm than good, maybe you capture and gift it to neighboring clan as a peace offering.

Point of View would be 3rd person, and sort of a zoomed out and zoomed in view.  Zoomed out making these decisions, big and small, zoomed in when we decide to play a scenario.

Because its RP based, I am leaning away from an actual math/number system and leaning towards a descriptive (good, very good, high, average, and medium) that sort of thing.

Yes, I know this a complex idea that isn’t for everyone. If you think it’s worth a go and are willing to help/build on the idea, drop me a line.  Not much is set in stone at this point.
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Offline Doomsday

Hey nessy, this sounds like a very unique and interesting idea. Would you send me a pm?